Monday, September 14, 2015

Didn't Blog But I Did Write

I took a long weekend off from blogging but I didn't take the weekend off from writing. The weekend unfolded so beautifully with wonderful finds both of the natural and of the spiritual. The weekend began with and continues in the feeling of fall. As I write the temps are in the 40's this morning. It is also very foggy and that is something else I learned about this weekend. You count the August morning fogs and that is how many snows you'll get in winter. It seems like we had a lot of foggy mornings. Note to self, count the August fogs next year. Also the color of woolly worms can tell you what kind of winter it will be this season. I don't know if I have seen a woolly worm or not but I am told they are everywhere in the fall. I better Google woolly worm.

Friday morning was hair cutting appointment day. I like the direction Christine is taking my hair but I need to tell her I do not like my bangs being this short. We were in the midst of conversation and I did not pay attention. On my last visit I gave her a Flow magazine. It is a magazine for paper lovers and I do love me some paper and cards. When I was at the bookstore I picked up two copies really not knowing why, but just followed that lead. I was hesitant to give it to Christine because along with paper and cards there are articles and this one leaned kind of heavy toward new age stuff but I gave it to her anyway trusting it would be okay. One of the first things she said to me was how much she loved the magazine and how she was using it to encourage her children. She asked me on this visit if I meditated and I was able to share with her that I did but not in the eastern religion way, but I meditate on God's Word. That opened the conversation up to tell her the Good News and by the length of our conversation and the depth, we will talk again. She is searching and she wants something or really the Someone for not only she and husband but her children. Thinking back I am so thankful that I didn't fly off the handle because of all the mess ups on their part when I first started going to the salon. It is hip and trendy and this little old lady who still owns her own hips and kind of know what is trendy now has a field white unto harvest in front of her. And if the price for her to coming to know Jesus is too short of bangs, then I happily sacrifice them for the sake of the Gospel but I will be ever vigilant on the next visit.

There was a little bit of time before La Cantina opened for lunch so I walked down to the Southern Art Craft Guild and did a little window shopping. Next door though was my haven...a t-shirt and hoodie store with all things Asheville. I may or may not have bought a sweatshirt while there because Lord knows, I need another sweatshirt. Since I didn't resist temptation in there I knew better than to go to the ultimate paper store nearby. After my delicious lunch I headed over to The Screened Porch to walk about and check things out. Again I had that inclination to go and I am so thrilled with what came home with me. There are several booths there that are just fabulous and attract me because I love me a good rustic metal look along with old wooden crates and such. There in that corner booth that holds a treasure trove of delightful rustic objects stood the table I knew would fit perfectly in the kitchen as an island. Old re-purposed wood and a galvanized metal top that is taller than a normal table and more square than rectangle.  The cost was fabulous too, $125.00. A couple of old hymnals came home too. It was a great day at The Screened Porch.

Since it was a beautiful day, I drove through the Biltmore Estate. The gardens are bursting with color and the summer crowds have dissipated and it is too early for the fall crowds to invade. I stopped in at the garden center and got some wonderful gardening/tree advice. While at the garden center, I got to meet the potter whose work is sold there at the Estate. She is married to a vice president at Biltmore and they live on the estate. She took some of the seeds from last years sunflowers and used them in her pottery. I bought several pieces as gifts although one piece may have to stay local. Word was the Mercantile in Antler Hill Village had a better selection, so I headed that way. The drive home was so peaceful and the table wasn't too hard to maneuver by myself into the kitchen and it looks like it belongs here.

Saturday morning the Women's Ministry had Breakfast on the Porch. There was a good turn out even on a Beth Moore simulcast Saturday.  Lois has a huge front porch with gorgeous views. Her road is right behind the camel and bison farm that is so fun to drive by. She said that one morning her neighbor had a camel coming up her driveway. The food was delicious and we all had a great time sitting on the porch laughing and talking. There really is something redemptive about porch sitting whether it be alone or with others. When I got home I made the executive decision to drive over to Waynesville, stop at Barbers Orchard, go to Robin Blu and to try out Haywood Smokehouse which advertises Texas Brisket. They did not disappoint. I love pulled pork BBQ but sometimes you just need what you were raised on. I got to enjoy a second brisket lunch yesterday eating my leftovers after church.

For the second week in a row Sunday School quarterly blowing me away.

Last night after returning home from choir I just sat here overwhelmed, in the good way, by the kindness of goodness of God to me. I am blessed! It is good to have long time friends, notice I didn't say old, and it is good to have new friends that feel like long time friends. In just a short while I will get to introduce long time friends to new friends and vice versa. I am blessed with friends who text you out of the blue just to tell you that they miss you and then you get to have a great text message visit, thank you CourtneyS. I love God's timing last week with Peggy. The trifecta texting with Lisa P as she is in Cali for a WOF event and time with friends...and of course I had to text her I Love the Lord photo from the radio. We do but I love that song! Now just looking forward to the 21st day of September...cause do you remember?

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