Friday, February 23, 2024

Life Continues in the Mountains

 The Feral Fam, The Boys, Roy and I have had our breakfast on this chilly morning. It is warming up into the sixties this afternoon. The generator people will be in our area today and will be doing the spring maintenance this afternoon. Guess the countdown to spring is on but it seems likely we will have a winter blast in March or April. 

Yesterday, was the follow up and mole patrol appointment with the dermatologist. Originally, we planned lunch and such before the appointment but with Roy's new found interest of easing into a day, we just went to the appointment. The staff there is so nice and they get you in, looked at and out in a decent period of time. Had a skin biopsy of a place on my arm and had some pre-cancerous places on my upper lip. Those got blasted. So probably in a week or so I will know the results of the place on my arm. In my heart of hearts I feel that it is all good. The places I pointed out to her that I was a bit concerned about...yay, nothing! The spot she biopsied, didn't even get a blip on my radar. So thankful the traffic coming and going was manageable. I am also thankful that the close call with being side swiped by a huge truck and horse trailer along with being pinned in by a cube truck was escapable, barely. I did get ahead of the back end of the trailer as the truck changed lanes. Whew! Thank you, Lord!

GMoey is really doing well. He is playful and has energy. We've only had one throw up or clean up on aisle 9 as we call it. That was our fault cause we didn't notice that he got into Mr Mo's dry food. Stomatitis is one of those things that have no cause in why certain cats develop it. GMoey is becoming more and more of a lap cat, yay, and Mr Mo will actually come to you when called, mostly...he is still a cat. Willie is still the wild child but little by little, we are making inroads with him. He is not a study buddy yet, but he naps under the daybed when the other two nap beside me in the afternoons. They sometimes influence me into taking a short nap.  


We have punted original plans till tomorrow. Not feeling it to mess with the bandage on my arm cause of the bleeding. Ugh! This afternoon though, I will have to deal with it but not so much in a rush. 

Roy has his new camera choices down to one or two choices. He saw the camera he really likes is cheaper at Walmart than Amazon. For the first time he is leaning toward a non Cannon camera. His favorite camera was stolen during his ordeal in Mobile...ooh, that rhymes. He just isn't that happy with the one he bought for here. Once he makes his final choice, I am excited to get out and about in spring. Cause we will be looking for scenes and places for him to practice his photography. 

We braved the old people at Publix on Wednesday. If you arrive a little bit before the horde, traversing the aisles is much easier. Especially since I am married to a cart blocking kind of guy. He is working on that but if he sees a deal, he is off to the races to the deal. Thus, I have just identified us as older types. We hit Ingles as well cause Pepsi products are on sale...and Ingles has a great selection of Easter candy. We also did another old person thing, Roy set off the alarm upon returning home. At least it was not the panic alarm and I was able to cancel the call before time ran out. Our regular routine got upset a bit and thus the alarm debacle. 


The big reveal in changing the bandage on my arm was last night...yuck! That's all I am going to say about that but so yucky, I just stayed upstairs and didn't watch the first part of the LSU Auburn women's basketball game. I do think I am having a reaction again to the adhesive. I think Roy might have watched till halftime. I fell asleep rather easily last night after loosing a couple hours of sleep the night before. I had a nightmare and couldn't go back to sleep. I don't usually have bad dreams but have had three nights of having them. Last night, no. So thankful. 

With our day beginning rather foggy and now changing into rain, we will probably stick around the house today and get several projects finished up. Roy changed to a CBS night class from early Friday mornings. It makes it an much easier Friday morning that's for sure. 

For some reason a FB group that FB thought I would be interested in showed up in my timeline. You know...basically it is about being boring. Well, I guess to some there might be the thinking that truly, truly life now is too basic and too boring. The funny thing about the FB group is I think it is a cheap front to meet others cause why would you add at the bottom of your boring post, your dress size and shoe size or your age or fuzzy status. Not all do that but some. Now, I am not admitting to be being a boring person with a boring life. In fact, I totally feel the opposite, well about life. I can't help it if some fine me boring just like some find me a bit too much. 

Monday, February 19, 2024

He Still Overachieves But Now Starts In The Afternoon

 Good morning on this coolish but sunny Friday morning. Roy has an eye doctor appointment and I have the plan of taking the unorganized notes for the lesson on Sunday and putting them in a notebook in some kind of order. 

The flash of two cats running and chasing flew past the desk just now so I think it is safe to say GMoey is on the road to recovery from his dental procedure. He really is doing well. The vet was able to save his canine teeth but everything is gone. She said the teeth came out easily because they were in such bad shape. I am really thankful for those Penny videos of her stomatitis journey. GMoey, once we figured out how he needs to be fed and with the surgery is playful and active. He still takes the best naps in the afternoon but playing with toys and with his cuzbros has returned. He is not too crazy about his anti-inflammatory meds but he gets a churo treat as a reward. 

Once again, we ordered hamburger meat from Troyer's. A lovely drive through the farmland of East TN but there are several new homes being built in and around the pastures. All the fields looked like they are ready for the beginning of planting. One of our favorite barns is in the process of being torn down. Glad we got pics when we did several years ago. Beside the old, falling in barn, a row of old junky cars that must have been in the barn line the back side of the property. We arrived at Troyer's just before the busy part of the day begins. We picked up a few more goodies and then headed toward Erwin. It felt like Friday all day yesterday because our trips over the mountains into TN are mostly on Fridays. Stopped at Walmart and Food City and then rewarded ourselves for jobs well done we got burgers, fries and shakes from Pal's. On the way to TN we saw people working in one of the big flowerbeds at the NC Welcome Center. Over the years different flowers have graced those beds but my all time favorite is the poppies. 

Just looked out back and two unknown cats are sitting in the yard. A black and white I've never seen and a ginger cat that looks a bit like Charlie. Roy's presence scarred them off down the gravel road.  We have converted another feral cat to the fold of those who trust us. The last litter, the runt of the litter has watched us with Fido, Cha Nay Nay and Beanie. He started hanging close by and he meows a little squeaky meow. In the past week he now runs to us for pets and has his own little dish to be fed right next to Fido. I was calling him Boo Boo Kitty, but Roy's name for him has stuck, Squeaky or Squeak.  


It is 9:21 on Saturday morning and we are already below freezing. What a difference a day makes. A cloudy day at that but our grass in the front yard is so green. Mike the Mower Man fertilized it at the end of the season last year. With all the precip, it is doing well. Roy continues to prep the beds that tomatoes will be planted in this spring, well in May. We are considering another raised bed to grow another vegetable, but we are still in the discussion stages in that, mainly what would we like to plant. 

Got the roast in the slow cooker and I can take in the delicious fragrance of veggie and meat slowly cooking. A great accoutrement with a cloudy and chilly day. The forecast for March, April and May is for milder temps with above average rain. Might be the last roast of the season and I have the makings for one last round of taco soup. My winter mainstays for suppers and leftovers for lunch. 

Once again it is time to teach on Abram, Sarai and Hagar. This whole week I have thought of them in the terms of being on the Dr Phil Show or other shows like that. Both Sarai and Hagar being spicy and salty with their words.  


We made it through the Abram, Sarai and Hagar scriptures yesterday. I told the class we were supposed to be in chapter 17 but I thought this portion needed to be looked at because we all need to remember and know that He is the God who sees me. Also since the least preached portion of scripture preached by men is the woman with the issue of blood, I figured I would give circumcision a pass in the 17th chapter. 

Roy was kind of down for the count Friday afternoon. The combination of eye drops dilating his eyes were stronger this time. He had blurred vision almost all day. I am so happy he made it home cause he said he shouldn't have been driving. Usually, there is not a problem with this. 

We are both easing into the day. I love how Roy has embraced this concept in retirement. Oh, yes, he still overachieves but starts in the afternoon. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Food, Fun and Tooth Extractions

 Just finished looking at FB memories for February 8th throughout the years. In no special order, it was the day I was released from PT when I broke my hip, meaning I was ready to pack up and head back home to the mountains. In PT we were doing cane work and I came up with the name Cane-Nan because I was going to the promised land. It snowed on this date several times throughout the years. The memorable event of February 8th, my last babysitting job and I failed miserably. Peggy at home recovering from knee replacement and someone needed to be there to answer the door when PT came. I brought her breakfast from McDonalds but I accidently dropped her McDonald Coke while bringing it into the house. Like she said so many years ago, you get what you pay for...I don't remember if I left to get a replacement or not. 

We met our neighbors across the road yesterday afternoon. We were out picking up broken branches in the big flowerbed that I want to return to grass. Jessi and Mila were in front of their home and we waved. Why did Jessi and Mila cross the road? To get to the other side and meet neighbors. Had a pleasant conversation of this and that. They bought the lot next to them so they can garden and build a garage. Funny, until we met, I would say well, I guess the new neighbors are seeing first hand how loud the road traffic is. Last night traffic seemed especially noisy and I was concerned that Mila, a toddler, might have trouble going to sleep. Hmm...just meeting them changed my mindset. We talked about the beautiful sunrises and of course I had to tell her about produce stands etc. Jessi said, I am sorry we ruined your view and you know there was a day I was upset about that. Not now though. I have come to terms with that and I am learning to find and notice beauty other than in the obvious places. The two story house next to them is under contract and it looks like another house or two will be built higher up and to the right across the way. Our trees cover that view for most of the year, so that's good. 


Christy's Crafts, Pig and Grits and Lamp Post Vintage Market were the destinations yesterday and we almost made it home in front of the rain, but alas we hit a couple of rain showers. I am really excited about the purchases at Christy's. Even in her area commercialism is rearing its head. Not houses being built but the quest is for rock. While we were there a neighbor came by and they were discussing the dilemma in their area. The new wrinkle for us is, someone has discovered muffler less cars and their joy of running those cars in the evenings and in the middle of the night. Our neighbor called the sheriff to see what if anything could be done. Until 4:00 am this morning, they had taken the night off. 

So, about was so fun! We tried lunch at Pig and Grits and it was fabulous. They have country fried steak which in Texas lingo is chicken fried steak. Pepper gravy, awesome. But the finishing off of the meal was the banana pudding. The best I think I have ever had. Oh my we left stuffed. We don't eat big meals like that anymore and my stomach reminded me that it needed advance notice before I stuff myself. Also more fat content than I eat and so last night I was getting pretty sleepy.  

And just like that it is Monday morning. Supposed to be a rainy day and that is fine by me. Rainy days and Mondays do not get me down, neither does the month of January but I have always marched to the beat of a different drummer. 

After church yesterday we had a senior adult Valentine lunch. Gosh, it still feels weird to think of myself as a senior adult. Soup and salad and great desserts. Oh and baked potatoes. It was such a good time of visiting with friends around the table. We don't get a whole lot of opportunities to do that. Oh and there was banana pudding for dessert, so it was all good. On the way to church the clouds laid on those mountain tops and valleys in such a unique way. I wish we could have stopped to take a pic  but as it is, rural roads have very little opportunity to find a pull off spot. 

It is that time of year and guess at that time of life where we have options from all kinds of tours geared toward the older set. Doesn't really appeal to me but see above paragraph referencing senior adult lunch. I'll never forget seeing some tour groups of the older set touring through the Biltmore Estate. Looks like they had been to the house and were in Antler Hill Village. Most of them were carrying the three bottle box of wine that they used to use from purchases at the winery and they were sitting at the Creamery wondering when the bus would return so they could go sit on the bus. None of them talked, just a way off stare of searching the parking lot for said busses. And most of the women wore white pants. What!? The risk of spillage goes up. 

It is Tuesday. Roy just took GMoey for this tooth extraction. GMoey has been feeling so much better since we feed him small meals throughout the day to keep him from vomiting. It is so encouraging to see his energy return and to rough house with his Cuzbros. Mr Mo and Willie were well behaved this morning upon learning breakfast would not be served until GMoey left for the vet. Willie hit that food bowl hard but Mr Mo ran upstairs just in case we decided to take more kitties. Think he has finally calmed down. 

Yesterday, both Roy and I took an easy day. Neither one of us was productive although I did some studying for this coming Sunday. Prone to ponder, Lord I feel it. 

Looks like all the rain has left and now we it is a coolish day. I like em like that. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Authors and Books

 I just saw on FB a picture of 1967 cheerleaders at the junior high I attended. Back then junior high school was 7th, 8th and 9th grade so these cheerleaders would have been nineth graders when I was in seventh grade. What struck me about the picture was this, almost all the cheerleaders had long hair which had become the dominate look for the late 60's and into the 1970's. Just one cheerleader kept the teased bouffant or as we joked about the look back then the bouffant-y. Even then just kind of knowing fellow seventh graders, stories abounded about the one girl's look and that roaches had been seen coming our of her hair in home ec class. The roaches thing was an urban legend story told all over the country. Just one out of the eight cheerleaders. Seems like she kept the look all through high school as well, according to my addled memories from high school. 

My reading tastes have changed and what has felt like a desert of wanting to read has found an oasis at least one for the right now. Several times on FB the ad for Mildred Budge books would be in my timeline. A friend mentioned she had read some of the series and she has great taste in books as well as music. I ordered three of the books. Started the first one, good but it felt like the author hadn't found her dynamic, rhythm and timing. Upstairs I had one of her later books and it flows along and while being entertaining it also tells deep truths in the story without feeling like being preached to. Just some thoughts thrown out there, held together by strong characters, and some laughter. What I read last night hit me deeply. The reaction of a character named Belle is wonderful when called by a syrupy sweet member to see if she would like to come to the small group Bible study on Monday mornings, studying Leviticus and would she bake some cookies for the first meeting. She is asked all of this when the caller knows her situation with a husband who has dementia. Bella responds, no I am busy on Mondays, I don't want to study Leviticus and don't want to make cookies. A little time goes by and a deacon shows up at her house, just happens to be the husband of the lady who called. He interrupts her changing out cam lights in her ceiling. Mumbles something about he should help her but goes into the purpose of the visit. Wouldn't you know the husband with dementia is having a lucid day and carries on a conversation with the deacon, who just happens to be working toward becoming an elder before he is forty. The husband is now an elder emeritus and they have served in their church for years.  As a final insult to Belle, he brings up church attendance, she has missed five weeks in a row and then leaves her a card with the plan of salvation on it. Boom! It feels more spiritual to do those churchy le femme things but the spiritual thing would have been to help that lady change out the remaining light bulbs.   

With temps in the 60s, we worked in a flowerbed this afternoon getting things cleared. Roy also put more egg shells in his tomato beds. We also got The Garage on the Catmore Estate cleaned out a bit. Two of Camo's kittens have moved in with their cuzbros and The Feral Fam has taken them in. The third kitten of Camo was hit by car or got into something at the junky house down by the road. We found her a couple of weeks ago but hadn't written about it. We took care of her as she had already crossed the rainbow bridge. 


Roy was home from deacon's meeting early last night. I like it when they have short meetings. The Boys sat with me as I read but when Roy entered the house all tranquility was abandoned. The chance of treats or supper hung in the air. GMoey is doing good with his expanded time wise meal plans. 

I read last night that one of my favorite authors had passed away January 30, 2024, Ellen Gilchrist. She made short stories into art form as well as a unique approach to novels and fiction. She had some of the best observations on tennis. Ellen Gilchrist was 88 years old. That only leaves Gail Godwin in my early trifecta of southern writers, the other being Ann Rivers Sidon. 

This morning Roy made the decision to put the other blockers under the refrigerator so that the never ending number of small pinecones can remain unhidden. The Boy hit those pinecones under the refrig and then sit there forever trying to extricate them. Roy had helpers this morning, Mr Mo and GMoey. Helpers is a relative term. 

I finished up the book I referenced earlier in this post. Laughs for sure, wisdom and lots of insights. I have started another one of the books which is short stories. Liking it as well. Very fast reading. I have also a couple of spy and WW II novels to read. Hopefully, I can latch onto something in those books that will keep me coming back. 

Had one of those nights where I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. I read a little more for the lesson on Sunday. I feel a little better about the direction the lesson will go. 

Roy is upstairs yelling at The Boys, calling them meatballs. He calls them meatball, overgrown sardine can or fruit loops. They must be wanting to help him on his computer. 

Monday, February 5, 2024

Gifts Plus More

 We were talking yesterday about gifts. More specifically gifts given with words and actions. When Roy was finishing up law school, we could not afford to send him to either Bar review classes offered. He was just about to give up going to at least one by selling so many class applications. Most of his fellow night class students surprised him on that giving up night by buying their registrations from him. He was able to attend that and a friend of his gave him all his notes from the bar review class. As per Roy style, he passed on his first time taking the test. Over the years he has mentioned several times the kindness afforded to him by those long ago classmates. 

It happens all too often in gift giving and receiving, the aside look that tells those who catch it, the delight in the gift or the snide private joke that passes between others. Saw this happen one time where the "joke" of the gift look was seen by the giver to another at the party. It was a wonderful gift and could be exchanged because it came from a generous return policy store, so the look didn't need to be used. The giver, whom I am guessing made sacrifices to afford the gift looked a little deflated for the rest of the party. You know, I wanted to go over to the person and console them but it wouldn't be right to do so cause it might be more embarrassing that someone else saw the look. 

Today will be a fine tune of the lesson for tomorrow. We are studying Abram/Abraham and his journey from UR to Haran to Canaan. We are to look at Abram and Lot as well, but think we will cover that in next week's lesson. After studying and researching I like to read Charles Swindoll's view on the subject matter. He fills in between the spaces of cultural and historical importance. He is also a great applicable teacher. 

We upped our Sam's membership to Plus a few months ago and I'm telling you that before 10:00 am shopping is the biggest asset for us. We are able to get in and out in under an hour and that includes browsing time. The main purchases are cat litter and cat food but our list included some stuff for us. We stopped by Jessi's Cakes on the way home. I have watched her on FB grow her business and a treat to come to the store. Her Banana Pudding Cake is delicious! We bought one of the smaller servings you can get instead of a whole cake. I know where my next dessert purchase will be for church functions. When we got home and got everything put up we headed to the front yard to do some maintenance. We had let the sunflower stalks and such in a pile for decomposition and easier  to get bagged up. We used some of the debris for flowerbeds but we were mainly clearing the area because the stems of daffodils and tulips are breaking through the ground. This week once or twice we heard the sound of a lawnmower. We are not at that place but wow! That's not surprising in Houston but it is here. I think we will be able to get back outside this afternoon when it has warmed up a bit. Still lots of winter gardening which translates clean up to do in preparation for the arrival of false spring, then winter, then spring and so one. Roy has been putting the eggshells in the garden beds for the calcium needed especially for tomatoes. 

I think the boys have settled down for maybe the second time this morning. We keep a close eye on GMoey and his consumption of food. Therein lies the key to his keeping his digestive system on an even keel. We have just had two accidents and clean ups on aisle 9. He has a lot more energy and is interested in playing. That is a good sign we are on the right path for his health. In a couple of weeks his teeth will be removed because of stomatitis. That should be a help as well. 

A friend recommended the Mildred Budge series of books. I started on the first one last night. Oh my goodness, fun stories of church women probably in my age set. Kind of corny but kind of fun. I am really tired of gratuitous whatever thrown into stories to help them sell. Really, maybe just having a good story is a great selling point. Probably not because I am not in the age range publishers are trying to reach. Being a boomer is kind of like being a cuss word these days. 

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Memories, Money Spent at The Vet Office and Feud

 On this very foggy morning while looking through FB memories a picture taken long ago at my grandparent's home came up. The scene, their dining room. In memories eye, I thought that was the biggest and grandest dining room ever! We could squish in and several immediate families of the family would eat together over Grandma's fried chicken and her homemade yeast rolls. The kitchen was abuzz in preparation, with grandma, aunts, and my mom getting everything together and finetuned to present on the table. Over in the living room, all the men sat around talking, waiting for the call to approach the table. Us kids, I don't remember where we were but I do know we knew enough not to get underfoot. Once we were around the table my grandfather or uncle voiced our prayer. Don't think my father ever prayed before the meal with all the family. I don't remember any of the women praying or giving thanks before a meal, but I will tell you when I prayed. If I was in the car when my grandmother drove. Whew! Always left the car with some bruising, being thrown into the passenger door with her wide swinging turns and not so smooth braking. You could get the whiplash. Nobody was wearing seatbelts back then. I don't think they were even installed yet in cars. When I was younger and the meal was just my grandparents and me, Grandma while frying chicken told me that hers was so good because she was from Kentucky and that the Colonel Sanders had stolen her recipe. You know, I believed that for years and years.  

After several hours at the Vet office, Roy and GMoey returned home a little tired. X-Rays, bloodwork, and the like revealed nothing but maybe an upset stomach. They gave him some meds and Roy brought home a free can of cat food. I would like it duly noted that was an expensive can of free cat food. This morning GMoey is lively and of bright countenance. Hasn't thrown up. We are regulating his dish time. I think that is the one thing that a rescued feral cat will not give up, eating like there might not ever be another meal. Willie while always being a friendly cat with us, really hasn't until recently sought us out except when he thinks there might be food involved. Within the past week or so, he comes to us for a little bit of scratchies and pets. It is a beginning. He is the only one that is difficult to catch or even find if there is a trip to the Vet involved. He was so little and on his own because his mom died. He kept to himself because she kept him separated from the other cats. The morning I picked him up and put him inside my jacket I knew he had to come inside. He didn't fight me or be sassy, he just leaned in like he had finally found hope. 


A trip to Hendersonville yesterday on I 26 was rather pleasant. You don't get to say that very often. Not too much traffic. While Roy was seeing Dr Andy, I went over to Southern Chicks. Boy, they have beautiful lamps which are out of my price range and they had a beautiful stretched canvas picture of sheep in a pasture but we don't have enough wall space for it. I ended up with a couple of mugs and a wooly sheep. Then I ran over to Ingles for Pepsi Zero. Timed it perfectly cause Roy was finished about the time I was paying for the Pepsi. We went back to Ingles on our way home to pick up some orange drinks, then came on back home. It had been such a good temperature in Hendersonville that we talked about doing some outside chores but when we got home, it was windy and rather cool, so we punted those plans to the curb. 

It was a strange night in that with rain and other outdoor sounds, they kept me awake. I even woke up Roy once, and then he kind of dismissed it all, so....  I realized a little later a lot of the sounds I was hearing, not from outside but inside. The Boys in the bonus room and the snores from Roy in our bedroom. Roy was especially snoring, loudly. He doesn't snore that much anymore but when he does...I certainly know about it. He asked me last week what I thought about when someone uses the term alert, other than breaking news alert. My response, when your wife hears a noise in the middle of the night, the husband, goes from deep sleep to very alert. Well, he didn't particularly like that example and now I know why. 

GMoey is doing well and we have discovered the best way to feed him is little meals throughout the day. He only had one accident and that at night when he could get to Willie's and Mr Mo's food. He is playful and engaged in chasing and playing. 

We got our haircut and then ran over to Publix. The aggressive old people must have been there earlier. Not too bad of a shopping trip. Quick stop at Ingle's and we returned home. Yes, we live the high life. 

I want to stay up and watch Feud, Truman Capote and the Swans he betrayed. Feud is being like the Original Housewives, but these rich and socialite women couldn't be construed as housewives. I know I will not make it and hopefully it will be on demand sooner than later. We don't have Hulu or I could watch it there. I have read a couple of books about this time in social history, very 1960's. The interest for me is the social dynamics and the power of small groups over many. The bait of course is wanting to be a part of the group. Over the years I have observed some of the best and some of the most haphazard small groups command and dominate. What is inevitable is this, all that comes to an end and picking up the pieces is difficult for some while others go out and create another group in which to have a coup d'etat, which isn't really the correct usage but that's all I've got mentally today. I just read reviews of Feud and they aren't very good. Slow moving plot is one of the chief complaints. Glad, I went to sleep instead of pushing through to stay up. Eastern Time Zone is difficult at times.  

Monday, January 29, 2024

Distractions and Discipline, Might Have to Attend Bad Sunday School Teach School

 Our Monday already has some distractions to contend with but mostly laugh at. There is a little bit of snow falling, won't stick, but when really small flakes fall I noticed something. Notice is my One Word for the year. In the midst of these small flakes a larger flake or two make appearances. Instead of the gentle fall those bigger flakes come in like bomb divers. Falls straight to the ground without a whiff or a waft. 

GMoey was a tad lethargic yesterday and even before we left for church we had to do a clean up on aisle 9, the stairs, of cat regurgitation, translate that from GMoey. He has stomatitis and his teeth will be removed in February. We keep dry food away cause he swallows it whole, then we see it later in a different form as what went into his mouth. This morning we called the vet and he has an appointment later this afternoon. I was able to get some of those treats that come in a tube...liquified, in him. He has kept that down, so he is getting some nutrition. Calling the vet to talk about getting him an appointment, I was calm, gave facts and kept emotions on an even keel.  When they called back with a time, that is when I went into my nervous Nellie voice...then apologized cause I realized what I was doing. Almost, yes, almost held it together. 

Our other excitement didn't involve me except trying to help Roy figure out what the ruckus and noise was in the kitchen. This mechanical roar came from under the sink as he was fixing his coffee. He is pulling out cleaners and such while I got a flashlight. I think garbage disposal when weird noises come from the sink/dishwasher area. Finally, Roy realized his size 14 foot had tripped the in house vacuum cleaner that we never use. The plus is reorganized side of the cabinet and consolidating a few bottles of carpet cleaner. 

We studied Nimrod and the tower of Babel yesterday. Got a later start to the lesson so I kind of rushed through it but I also got us distracted by taking a bunny trial that may or may not get me sent to bad Sunday School teacher school. Cause there are times even though I be older, I have a childlike  I mean a childish sense of humor. Maybe I will share that, maybe not. Anyway, it is entirely different when one focuses on building the city being the main point. It wasn't the tower. The city kept the people from doing what God had spoken, disperse, go populate the earth, not gather together in a city not wanting to leave those social confines. The tower of Babel does have a spiritual sense in that it was considered a religious building to meet God on the tower, in the air...if He was needed. The tower was a distraction, a way to unify the people, one common goal and played on the age old fear of, God might not keep His promise. That tower was waterproof, you know, in case of flood, climb tower. Nimrod's spirit and influence is still at work today. Unify, distraction, and God cannot be trusted. Now, here is where I took the turn...I was talking about a conference and a noted SBC type had attended. Not the type of conference you might find a SBC type...much less a woman SBC type. So, let's see how can I say this without really saying it. Hay, my favorite fragrance in the fall. Yes, hay...Hay. What do you use to keep rows in your garden straight and weed free? Why of course you use a hoe...Put Hay with the h*e and that is the last name. Mentioned the sing songie chant you can hear at concerts or games, Hay....hoe.... Or even better yet, say as in a greeting or shouting across a distance, Hay....h*e. I am so glad the class was laughing...cause I specifically prayed, this week, asking the Lord to give me strength, not to make fun of a name. But, being the immature elderly woman that I am, "Oops, I did it again!" In our class we have lots of laughs and yet we learn God's Word and His truths. Yes, the name was a distraction just like the tower...ooh, good spiritual turn there Nancy. I am thankful that when we talked about the oven fired bricks and that the people were kind of proud of their invention, I did not sing...they made a brick house, they were mighty mighty...only Nimrod was called mighty three times in Genesis and once in a minor prophet who escapes my remembrance right now. 

This came up in Memories on FB. 

Broken hip recovery fun.
I am having fun and keeping myself amused by talking to realtors who want to re-list the house. Uh no...we love Courtney Wade McEachern! Then the telemarketers. Just now a call came in about our factory warranty on a car we don't own anymore. I start the conversation with a very weak hello. So this guy goes right into the spiel and as he is talking I start to fake cry and say, they told me you wouldn't ever call me back but you have and this means so much to me and gives me great hope. That is when you start reeling off fake instances of very bad break ups and the fake things that broke your heart. This guy is trying to break in my crying letting me know I have him confused with someone else. My response? My one true friend said you would call with a disguise at first to see if I will take you back. I will but in all fairness I need him to know I've gained a little weight topping the scale at the highest ever about 402 pounds and my good leg ain't working well. I have just three more payments and those dentures will be mine again. Silence on his end. I think he must have hung up. I have always had the ability to entertain and keep myself amused.

Ah, recovering from hip replacement surgery can make one a little bit crazy. This happened in 2017. As you can see, my maturity level is still....the same as it was only now I know it is wrong. Okay, I knew it was wrong talking about the hay, hay, hay name. 

Last night our church had the member business meeting. Roy had to fill in to give a report cause the chairman was recovering from surgery. Lots of business to take care of  and all the while a football game was being played. Many in that room had the thought in the back of our minds. If the meeting had gone on any longer I might have taken advantage of, "does anyone else have a question?" I was prepared to ask, for church minutes in perpetuity, if snacks would be served anytime soon. They would probably revoke my re-up being a Sunday School teacher for the new calendar year or be sent to bad Sunday School teacher school. 

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