Friday, August 29, 2014

ABC-Antiques, Biltmore and Creamery

Good evening from the back porch.  It has been a good day, came home exhausted but a good kind of exhausted.  I got a later start to the day but still was out the door around 10:30.  My first stop was a revisit to the antique district on Swannanoa street.  First stop The Tobacco Antique Barn.  My goodness, that place is huge!  I brought my little portable fan with me today, so I was able to stay longer and pretty much go up and down every aisle.  Happily, I resisted temptation and didn't buy two things that might have made the trip home a little crowded.  Saw some great pieces there and also down the way several more stores are in another warehouse type building.  Great stuff there too.  Then because I haven't spent enough time in Barnes and Noble, I went back to the one in the mall just for a quick stop.  Hey, I was in the area, so why not?  Biltmore Village is in the neighborhood too, so after a long time looking for a parking spot, I finally got to go to La Cantina and have some Mexican food.  It was delicious!  Salsa that is worthy of overeating.  After late lunch, I walked over to the craft guild shop in Biltmore Village.  They have some of the same things as the one on the Blue Ridge Parkway and they also have different items.  It was a great place to spend some time marveling at how creative people are with materials, fabric and wood.  So while I was so close to the Biltmore itself, I decided to go hang out with the sunflowers again.  The beauty of those flowers made me think I had better have some ice cream, since I was so close to the creamery.  As always I got a black cherry waffle cone and a Diet Coke to take away some of those nasty calories.

My whole Biltmore experience was nearly ruined today as I accidently got in the middle of a group that spoke German.  I was having PTS and got the heck away from them.  Yes, I ausfarted which means exit.  I exited as far as I could from the group and beat them to the line for ice cream.  I got back to the cottage a little later than usual.  The traffic was really bad in Asheville today.  I don't think it was all the extra Aggies hanging around because by that time they should have all been on the road getting to the game tonight.

Last night in the middle of the night I got up and looked at stars.  The sky is full of twinkly lights.  It was breathtaking.  I noticed a little change in the leaves today.  There are some red and golden leaves among the lush green ones.  Signs of coming fall.

Today I had a minivan encounter of the stupid kind.  Lanes clearly marked only one lane can turn left, so the lane has a long line which Mr Minivan thought he could cut into.  Ha!  He did not know he was dealing with no retreat Nancy today and apparently there were other no retreaters in the lane.  Poor minivan, made it over finally and then drove 25 mph.

I am getting excited that Roy will be here on Saturday.  We have a house sitter for Buddy.  Yea!  It will be my first time driving in the dark on these backroads.  Well, I need learn how to do that sometime.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Porch Rocker

It is a lovely evening tonight out here on the back porch.  The sun is below the mountains and the pink hue of the sky is fading.  The cows have moved on to another pasture that has lots and lots of grass.  I had such a fun day out and about and I am thinking of returning to the antique warehouse tomorrow.  I'm on a hunt for a desk.

I headed out about 10:30 and went to The Moose Cafe for lunch.  I promise you the waitress looked like Cindy Pitts!  Now Cindy, I know you read my blog from time to time, but do you have relatives up here?  She is the spittin' image of you but she is the mountain image of you.  I tried so hard to take a picture but she never turned where I could take a picture without her knowing.  Had veggies like usual today and then I went to Biltmore Park.  After that I headed back to Waynesville to go back to Robin Blu because it is such a fun store and of course if you are going out to Waynesville, one must stop at Barber's Orchard for a few necessities.  I drove all the way back to the cottage without Google Girls help.

Many years ago on a trip to Amish country south of Nashville, Dena and I with our Amish map in tow, drove through the area seeking out this and that to buy.  On the fences in front of their homes, handmade signs tell you what they sell.  When you pull into the drive they come out from house and greet you.  Well, sometimes greet would be too happy of a word, but they will sell you their products.  One home had the sign porch rocker.  Not plural but singular, porch rocker.  It might have been all the Amish poison we had consumed that day, carob covered peanuts and peanut brittle, or it could have been just a moment, but we laughed so hard about that.  I just want to be a porch rocker.  Well, I finally have a mission statement after all these years, porch rocker.  Well, I do have a real mission statement that Dena wrote for me but I will add, "and be a porch rocker" to it.

Now it is a lovely morning out on the porch.  My cow friends are in a new pasture way over yonder.  Way over wonder is a technical term used here on the farm.  Actually, there hasn't been a lot of rain the past few weeks so they needed to move the cows to a pasture with more grass.  Or maybe the cows complained about my moo-speak.  Think my plans for the day will include the antique warehouse and maybe a little walk through Biltmore Village.  Ugh, the thought of next Thursday is sneaking into my thoughts a lot because we will use that afternoon and evening getting packed up and ready to leave on Friday morning.  But, I chase out those thoughts and remain in the moment of right now.  Listening to and watching the birds, enjoying a cool breeze and contemplating my choice for breakfast.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It Was A Noisy, Foggy Morning

Google Girl took me into Weaverville yet another way and what an enjoyable and profitable drive it was.  I was going in just to pick up Roy's shirts from the cleaners but on the way I saw this cute shop Sanctuary of Stuff.  So after getting his shirts, I stopped in to take a look.  Oh my goodness!  What a wonderful place.  Most everything in the shop is made by local artisans in the area.  There were also a few antiques.  But the store is set up like an antique mall, but it all flowed and you would think it was all one shop.  The jewelry was fabulous and they had some of the best cards.  I spent time and a little change in there.

I have met some of the friendliest people on this trip.  Yesterday in the cleaners, the lady working behind the counter and I had a wonderful conversation.  She had retired from working at the Biltmore two years ago.  She was in charge of a large portion of housekeeping and she worked with all the brides whose weddings took place on the estate.  She said she helped open the Inn but she missed being with her family on holidays, so when her husband retired, she retired.  Now she works a couple of days of the week just to get out of the house for a bit at the cleaners.   Also in Sanctuary of Stuff everyone in the shop whether they were working or shopping were just so helpful and delightful.  Conversation after conversation has confirmed we are being watched over by God and I am so thankful the other people made a stronger offer than we did on the house near Waynesville.

The ways of the cows are past understanding and finding out.  Those boogers can move when they want to.  They have been rather vocal this morning and maybe I have mooed a couple of times with them.  So I go in  to make another cup of coffee and fix toast and those cows are clear across to the right...far away field.  So, I dine alone.  No, some birds are keeping me company now.

Yesterday afternoon I went over to see Vivian.  She had knee replacement surgery the second week I was here.  She is doing great, no pain but she is ready to get out and know cabin fever can do that to you.  What a delightful afternoon full of laughter, conversation and maybe even a few tears.    As we talked of our friends the other one has yet to meet, we both would say, you are going to love_____!   While I was there her brother called that just lives across the fields on the farm.  He looks like Tom Selick...sorry girls, he's married.  Anyway, last night he got out his tractor or as Roy calls it God's Tractor, meaning it is a John Deere and went about the fields.  It makes this great putt putt putt sound.

Roy and I will look at the last two houses for this trip on Tuesday afternoon.  I read a verse in Proverbs the other day that truly speaks to our quest, "Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house."  Or I might even say, before buying your house.

The fog is burning off fast and since my cow companions have moved on to another field, I should probably go get ready for the day.  I'm tempted to moo out a goodbye to my cow friends, but I bet Vivian is on her porch next door and she might think, who is that crazy lady in my cottage next door?  I would just answer, it's me know your new friend who likes to talk with the cows.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Story of Mountains, Sun, Biscuits, Books and Hope

The morning is a crisp 54 degrees, with little mountain fog.  The sunset was majestic last night and the sunrise this morning rivals the majesty of last night.  The sun over the distant mountain and the beams through the mist act like spotlights on the trees.  The pastures look like they are set for the play to begin.  The distant crowing of a rooster and the singing of birds welcome me to this Tuesday morning in the mountains.  These days here have been so invigorating.  Physically, I am a different person up here.  It as if I have been rebaptized into life, not only spiritually experiencing His abundance, but in the daily, ordinary ways of life.  It dawned on me this morning we might not make a home purchase on this trip.  OK, I knew that going in but it as the days wind down it is becoming a reality.  The process is on hold until Roy gets here.  So in the waiting I pray and thank God for His wisdom in this process and decision.  And what a glorious waiting room!

Along with a good cup of coffee this morning I am having my Appalachian biscuit from the Biltmore.  Oh my, delicious!  Edward even put in some of their homemade strawberry jam.  I want Roy to go back with me so he can take pictures of the sunflowers and do them justice in showing their beauty and magnificence lined along Antler Hill and on toward the mountains.  Yesterday on the walking path in front of the sunflowers I met all manner of people.  There was a professional photographer who obviously was in sunflower heaven capturing the moments of flowers and bees, with the whole pollen and honey thing going on.  She asked me the time and when I told her she could not believe the morning had passed so quickly and it was now afternoon.  There was an older gentleman and his dog.  The man set on his walker seat while his dog ran through the field of flowers.  He told me it was worth every inch of climbing back up that hill to sit there this morning, taking it all in.

I am trying to save my books whose story whether it be fiction or nonfiction, is set in this area for when I get home and I am pining for the mountains.  I truly now understand what John Muir said long ago, "The mountains are calling and I must go."  So I am slugging along in a beach read and I have just about decided to try another book.  The author is introducing so many characters in these first chapters, I am having a difficult time keeping them straight and who goes with who.  So, I'm going to look through the ever increasing stack of books to find another one that might keep my interest.  This is why I don't fly here.  I bring back way too much stuff.

Last night Dena called and it was so fun to get caught up and also discuss NC houses with someone besides Roy.  I continue to do research on the area trying to know where you want to live and where you don't want to live based on well water etc...  These things I have never thought about before in my life.  One of the houses, if it is still active when Roy arrives, has a block foundation.  So, I did my research on knowing what that means.  There are very few slab foundations up this way.   My mind keeps drifting back to the ranch home across from the farm.  With a finished out basement and a kick butt backyard....the ordinary ranch style front would mask a beautiful retreat.   Roy sends me his work safety moment each day.  We kind of have a running joke about them because his comments in the prelude to the body of the email are hilarious.  We both have noticed that these last few safety moments have had a direct impact on the decisions we are making.  Again, being more practical than is usual for me, I have to think about the year or two after all the newness of having a house up here wears out on friends back home and the trips begin to shrink.  Then we have a lot of space we aren't using.  It is also thinking of things health wise too.  So what if the bathrooms aren't huge, really how much time does one spend in a bathroom?  Well, I guess it depends on each individual.   But I think our time in Blue Ridge Ga in a home meant for guests that had lost its appeal for the owners.  It is for sale, on the rental list, with the barest of necessities.  The home we made an offer on is really a great home for guests but we are keeping in mind, the house up here is going to become our home when Roy retires. Who wants to traipse about in a big house when you can feel cozy and at home, feeling like a retreat in an ordinary ranch style home.  Heck, and if friends do come a lot, there are tons of B&B's we can put people in.  Yea!  No cooking involved for me!!!  We shall dine on the finest of pizzas from the gas station and fill up on pretzel rolls and Lusty Monk Mustard Butter at Cedric's in Antler Hill Village!  We can order chicken legs from Arby's, I mean KFC!

Monday, August 25, 2014

God's Kindness

I know I am having mountain know how you can get movie emotions or church emotions.  Oh yes, and funeral emotions.  You make those vows to yourself or loudly to others that you are going to change, things are going to be different and life comes around and after a few days to a few weeks, life goes back as it was before making a declaration.  I must admit life is much simpler up here.  Gas station pizza that rivals any pizza I've ever had and a pace that is a bit slower except when someone is racing up and down the road.  Since I've been here I have turned on the TV zero times.  Now, I have watched a little bit of the Texans and House Hunters on my iPad but I get all the news on Twitter.  This evening I sat outside on the back porch and watched the clouds move and form a perfect covering for the mountains in the distance.  There wasn't a light on in the cottage when I came back in and it was pretty gosh darn dark in here.  Sometimes when we find ourselves in beautiful scenes we think we will hear God a little clearer but I think it is more that we begin to experience His kindness thus express thanksgiving for His creation and goodness.  I am really blown over by the kindness of God on this trip.  I think the shyest person at church was the first to speak to me last week and she came back over again today and we got to visit just a little.  A kindness of God.  Driving these back roads and watching the birds and the cows and horses and donkeys play and eat....I am reminded of the kindness of God.  Surely there is territorial feelings here and there.  I know people get mad and cut one another off in traffic but it is difficult to stay upset because in the same view of a little bitty car is the majestic mountains and clouds...there too is the kindness of God.

We talk of love and joy, yes even peace but rarely do we express anything about God's kindness.  Sure we talk about compassion's new every morning...but most of the time in our work or play while we are in the familiar with demands and dislikes, we rarely stop to know or be used in God's kindness to others.  We act and react out of insecurity.  There is mistrust and unrevealed agitation and secrecy toward people but what about kindness?

Many have asked do you know anyone up there?  No.  Do you have family there?  No, just in Tenn.  It's going to take a long time to meet anyone...maybe, maybe not.  God is funny like that and He has already shown great kindness to me with new friends.  His kindness has saturated Sunday mornings here.  I thought I would probably go to three different churches while here, but in His kindness, I have only visited one.

It is now early Monday evening.  The kindness of God has been all over the day.  There wasn't a bit of fog this morning, so I got ready and headed over to the Inn for breakfast.  It takes about 25 minutes from here to there.  Scrumptious was there and I got two really big hugs from him this morning.  He is getting ready to go home to Romania for a month in September, so as always it is so good to see him.  I also spotted my first A&M fans from Texas.  I talked to the two ladies while the husbands checked in.  They had Texas personalized A&M license plates.  Their first time staying at the Inn, so I answered questions and helped them make plans for the day, since they are only spending one night and then heading into Charleston.  Edward and Erin were both there today at The Dining Room.  Edward had been on vacation when Erin, Nancy and I went.  Usually Erin (Biltmore Erin) is off on Mondays but she was filling in for a co-worker today.  Had a delicious breakfast and got to try the Appalachian biscuits and the new juice smoothie the chef is offering.  Who knew that spinach, carrots, mango and something else could taste so good and be so refreshing.   The sunflowers are blooming on the estate and I took some time to take a few pics and walk the path in front of them.  Very refreshing to do when it is 66 degrees outside.  Then I drove over to the gardens and strolled through them and ended my garden time...where truly I did come to the garden alone, but there wasn't any dew on the roses....because it was like noon.  Anyway, I ended my garden time with a delicious DC in the shade in front of the greenhouses.  Originally, the plan was to go back to the antique warehouse district but I thought it might be a good time to try to go to Mast General Store in Asheville.  Three times around looking for a parking place, where I didn't have to parallel park.  I wasn't blowing a trumpet or anything but on that third time around, a parking place open in the customer parking lot for Mast behind the store.  Kindness of God!  I had $50.00 in gift cards that I wanted to use before we leave next week.  Mission accomplished!  Once again Google Girl chose a back way to the cottage and the scenery breathtaking!  The little glimpses I got here and there.

The cows have gone home back to the barn.  A man's voice carried throughout our little valley and at first I thought it might be just some kids playing around, but it was the owner calling the cows home and fifteen out of the seventeen obeyed quickly, there were two  lolly gaggers who waited until they absolutely had to go.  Such rebellious cows!  

Now to go taste and see...peaches....for dessert after a delicious dinner of crackers and cheese.  Also, I have one cat head sized biscuit to eat this evening.  For sure God's kindness!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Evening Breezes and Feeling Fine

It dawned on me this afternoon that I have less than two weeks here in God's country.  I wish I could describe the patterns that the sun in creating on the distant mountains.  I've not seen that before.  We are expecting a low of 54 tonight and cooler days going into the first of the week.  This evening I can feel that tinge in the breeze.  The goats are crying out for me to go down to the fence and feed them some apples but I am content to sit here on the back porch, listening to the leaves as they move with the wind.  The cows have been in the far field for most of the day and the ducks have settled in on the pond.  It is a lovely evening.

This morning I went to Newfound Baptist Church again.  Saw familiar faces of people I spoke with last week.  Even saw Beth Moore, well via video but she did make me feel welcomed.  A group of ladies from the church are going to the simulcast event in September and they wanted to make sure everyone knew about it.  Even as I was going out the door afterwards, a woman called out my name and invited me to the ladies Sunday School class next week.  I nearly cried at that kindness and then explained that Roy will be here next week.  She then told me where the couples class meets.  While in line at the KFC, more on that story in a minute, a gentleman from church called and thanked me for visiting.   Part II of Genesis 14 was great and the choir number was wonderful.

So, after church I went to the Shell station in Weaverville to fill up.  Shell must have the same monopoly here as they have in Rancho De Five.  Anyway, fried chicken sounded good for a Sunday lunch, so I started out for the KFC.  Now here's the thing, I am using Google Girl less and less but sometimes in Weaverville I get a little confused about several of the highways because they feel counter intuitive to the direction I need to go.  So I grabbed Google Girl to get she takes me down this street and says turn left and your destination is on the left.  The colors of the building were red and white...the very same colors of KFC.  So, I pulled in and waited my turn at the drive through.  Some fast food places give you a little time to read the menu while you are in line but it was not the case, so I ordered chicken legs, biscuits and slaw....just then noticing all the roast beef offerings.  The girl asked me to repeat my order, give me some legs, biscuits and slaw...she asked me did I want the chicken sandwich...uh no...legs, biscuits...slaw...  She told me they didn't have any and they didn't serve biscuits, to which my response was something ran out of your main stock of chicken?   You ran out of biscuits and that is when she told me I was at Arby's and KFC was next door.  Uh, oh, well, sorry to take your time.  I was laughing so hard!  I totally embarrassed myself.   So off a little weaker and a little more humbly I approached KFC and got my legs, biscuits and slaw.   Siri probably put Google Girl up to that because yesterday Siri told me she was having a problem communicating with me.  I was asking her to discontinue the instructions to the DQ because she was going to take me 25 minutes into Asheville for a Blizzard.  I called upon Google Girl and they were both talking to me at the same time.  Google Girl won.....   That's when Siri gave me the what for.  Siri has gotten me lost so many times...she even used my name when she spoke to me.  Wow, that was kind of disturbing.

We've been given the opportunity to purchase a home that is not on the market yet.  It is totally different from the houses we have been looking at but I think there is much more livability outdoors.  It is a 60's ranch style home with major upgrades.  All brick with little trim to paint. Beautiful hardwood floors and a full unfinished basement with a wood stove as backup for heating the house if the power goes out.  Because it is a 1960's home, the bedrooms are a little smaller and so are the bathrooms.  And I love the ceramic 1960 tile in the bathrooms.  I know every designer just shuddered.  The kitchen, dining, and family room are very spacious with a gas fireplace in the family room and a huge picture window on the front of the house.  There is also an elevated covered side porch that can be enclosed easily.  The views are long range mountain and views overlooking the farm I am currently staying at.  It is 2 1/2 acres of level back and front yard with a ravine or as they are called here, gullies, and a forest behind us on the rest of the land.  The backyard is quiet and private and would be a perfect place for a gazebo or a firepit or swings or even all three.  The front has a huge flowerbed and to the side of the driveway is a perfect spot for a garden if we decided to plant one.  As Roy and I discussed this home over the phone, Mr Plan Man began to determine a four year plan to do everything else we would like to do to the house.   I am sure by now it is safely put away on an Excel spreadsheet.  A 1960's ranch home is not a wow home like I put on FB but I am telling you there are a whole lot more positives than negatives for loving and owning this home.  It used to be a part of the Sluder farm and cousins of the owner lived in the home.   When Roy gets here, we will go back over to the house and determine then if it is a go.  There wouldn't be a rush and anxiety to close a deal since no one knows about the home and we will be living by kind people who have become fast friends.

I'm thinking that tomorrow is feeling like a Biltmore kind of day for breakfast.  Then a quick look see through some shops and then back over to the antique warehouse since the temps will be much cooler than when I was there before.  Got to make the most of this last week here by myself because when Roy gets here, he wants to meet with our mortgage banker and do a few other official kind of things, then go back to some places where he loves to take pictures.  I am going to miss this place but I will be happy to get back to friends and let me not forget Buddy.

Another Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day on the farm, in the country and I am as stuffed as a tick on a dog.  Tomorrow the cooler temps return for several days although what some consider a scorcher here is called spring at home.   Yesterday afternoon the cottage was feeling a little warm and when I checked the thermostat it confirmed what I was feeling.  So, I reluctantly called Bill next door and ruined his perfectly good Friday night.  He came over and did all he knew to do and nothing worked.  He called and left a message with his A/C guy.  Bill and Vivian were so concerned for me and invited me to stay at their home for the evening, but the sun was going down, the heat was becoming a distant memory and the evening breeze did its healing work.  I opted to stay here and open up some windows.  I slept like a baby.  This morning the A/C guys were here around 10:00 and I left to visit with Vivian and then went on looking at houses by doing a drive by.  I have a list to send to Brian.

What was funny is, Roy has now become interested in the hunt and he is looking on and Zillow now, only I have been looking since April.  He has sent me a few suggestions and I pretty much know the houses he is talking about without even looking at them and knowing I have rejected them earlier in the search.  Today as I am driving around and needing Google Girl to tell me where to go, Roy is on the phone with me looking at the computer so we can discuss what I am driving by.  Sounded good in theory and in reality it did not work.  We got to laughing so hard because by the time he found the house, I was already on looking at the next one.  Then he would talk over Google Girl and I would miss the directions.  He did stump me though on one particular house.  So, I pulled over to a Methodist Church parking lot and Googled the address.  One quick look at the picture of the house...I was so quickly on the phone back with Roy questioning his sanity.  He wouldn't stop laughing, so I had to do it....I hung up on him until he could contain himself.  Quite by accident I went by one home that had our attention and again I will say, someone should tell people what a definition of a mountain view consists of.  First, you need to be able to see a mountain in your view.  This home is one of the higher priced ones in our price range and although it is on a trendy big home street, it is in a don't see no mountain.  There ain't no mountain high enough to see a view.  Or maybe these people are of great faith and told the mountain to move, it did and the house found itself situated in the hollow of the land.

After enjoying a lovely drive, I headed back toward Weaverville and did a drive by the Reem Creek area.  I had the southern gospel Sirius station on.  The song was It Is Just Another Sunday at Mount View Missionary Baptist Church and at the same time I was turning around in a church parking lot of a church with that exact name.  I wonder....

After a brief stop in Weaverville, I headed over to a Mexican food place..It has been since August 3rd that I have had Mexican.  Chips and salsa never tasted so good.  When in doubt go with fajitas and they were really tasty.  Nothing tops off a late lunch of Mexican food like a Blizzard from DQ.  Yep, I'm set for the evening.

Before the sun began its journey behind the mountains, I was feeling like I could go to bed.  So tired but I stayed awake till the decent time of dark I stayed away till 10:00 and quickly slumbered off to nite nite land.  This morning I will get ready for church and this afternoon I am looking at a house that is not on the market yet.  And I awoke to the good news of the Texans win.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Dena!

Yesterday, in all the discussing, planning, and dealing with making an offer on a house, I didn't have the chance to write a post about my friend Dena who is celebrating a birthday.  Now, I would be a horrible friend if I didn't call and sing, text and FB celebrate my friend, so I did do those things.  But this year as it has been my practice to do sometimes, I write a little post elaborating on what makes them so special to me and so many others.   So sorry this is a day late but not a dollar short.

In the grand scheme of life most people including us would not have put the two of us together as friends but God knew.  I remember the first time I met her was at a Sunday School retreat and we briefly talked by the Parrot Ice Machine.  Then in SS our teacher was doing a series on mission statements or purpose or something like that.  To me it didn't mean very much to give this any thought at all and most of the people who got up and talked about their mission statement didn't even register on my consciousness, but I do remember Dena talking about her mission statement.  She was earnest and passionate about what she had learned through the discipline.  Other than someone else talking about earth, wind and fire which to me only registered as a music group (that was not their point), hers is the only one that I remembered although I didn't remember her name.  Fast forward a couple of years and I was invited to go with a group from Sunday School that had August birthdays.  I only came for dessert, but I am so glad I did because it was a start of a beautiful friendship.

We have been friends for twelve years now and I have learned quite a bit from her.  She is a kind and generous friend.  She is a good laughter although many a restaurant has probably spent extra time cleaning off the makeup stains on their napkins from her tears.  After Roy, she is the next person I love to travel with.  We road trip well together.  I think we bonded on our first trip together when we both realized our idea of roughing it is a slow bellboy.  She is a loving and giving daughter.  Dena is a good friend.  She is also about one of the best Sunday School teachers out there.  She sacrifices a lot of what could be leisure time for her working on her lessons for Sunday morning.  

Dena is a good celebrator.  She makes birthdays memorable and special.  She is good at celebrating the ordinary of daily life with a quick dinner someplace or a cards are her specialty.  She is a good neighbor.  Many years our condos were about ten minutes apart and then Roy and I moved to Rancho De Five.  Thankfully, Dena felt the "call" to Rancho life and now she is a neighbor even closer than in Houston.  Guess when you get right down to it, Dena is good people.

Nancy's Monablog