Friday, September 21, 2018

Say Do You Remember?

It is that wonderful day again where we celebrate Earth Wind and Fire's, September. Do you remember the 21st night of September? Okay, I have a confession to make...all these years that I have loved, danced and sang this song, I had no idea until today that the lyric was ba de ya. All these years I have been singing party on...kind of sounds the same but dang...hearing lyrics correctly has never been my thing. For the longest time I thought Whitney Houston ended I Love the Lord with shoulda, woulda, coulda...but alas it is surely I will. Anyway, you can't help but dance to this song and this is an invitation to do so. 

Here is another thing, I am so grateful that we haven't seen a plethora of squirrels or chipmunks or snakes this year. No snakes this summer! Thank you Feral Fam...anyway, I digress but this has been the spideriest summer of recent memory. They seem to be everywhere. Lisa killed a spider in her bedroom while she was here and it wasn't any little tiny thing. I killed one the other night in our bedroom, not tiny, not big just medium. They have built webs that can't be destroyed on the truck. Really, I drove to Charlotte and back and the spider web was still sticking after taking a licking. They are on doorways and on the railings, they are here and there, they are everywhere! And so many of them have been huge! Gigantic spiders which I read recently, most of them won't hurt you, they are good for riding the area of insects. Kind of like when you're told that huge six foot black rat snake is a good snake or when someone asks...what shape is the head or were the eyes slanted when it comes to identifying snakes...uh, not getting that close to confirm. So, I constantly feel like little spiders are on me cause it seems that the constant strand of a web is somewhere/everywhere. I know it looks silly to be swatting at air but there are webs in these here mountains all over and in the air. 

Love keeping up with Mustang Sam on my iPhone. It was very helpful this week with the back right tire. It seemed to be loosing air, ever so slightly. So, I filled it up and by the time I got home, the tire had lost two pounds of pressure. Instead of driving Sam to the Waynesville area, SequishShawn took me on that delightful journey to Barbers, Belk and Blue Rooster. All, the three B's. On the way home I stopped by the tire place down the road and he said if I could get there before 5:00, they would take a look at it. Hurried home, picked up Sam and down the road we went. Sure enough, there was a screw in the tire. They fixed it in just a short matter of time and Sam I Am and me hit the road home. The guys working there told me I should do a burnout when I pulled out. Told them, didn't think so...but circumstances of a large truck blocking the view and a tight window of opportunity did create a semi burnout upon departing. I looked back and they were cheering. Love encouragement!  

At the Blue Rooster, I got to eat lunch with Lora. It was her lunch time and so we had a great time. We found out we might have been neighbors. When we were looking at homes, we really liked one off Iron Duff but to keep the view, we would have had to buy the pasture next to the home. We were at a loss at what to do with a pasture cause I ain't raising no cows or anything, one indoor cat and now a small family of ferals is enough. 

The last day of summer had a fallish feel to it. Hopefully, cooler temps are around the corner. With the rain and heat, think in the 80's, those that are in the know say this will not be a good color year for fall. That's okay, when you have lived in an area that might get a fall type day once or twice, any color, burst or pedestrian, is welcomed. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

It Is Already Wednesday....

Most in our area were surprised with sunshine yesterday morning. The forecasts predicted that rain and wind would loom over the area for most of the day. We were fortunate that Florence made a northerly turn much sooner than anticipated. This morning we've had just a few sprinkles of rain and now that looks to be clearing out. Got the kids fed out back with it just being Riley and Cali this morning. Camo is hanging around out there somewhere. I talked with my neighbor Mary Joyce yesterday afternoon. She feeds Cali and I have forgotten the name she has given her, in the evening. So, now when she just picks at food or walks away, she has probably had supper with Mary Joyce. She had wondered what had happened to the kittens and sadly it was my duty to report that only Riley survived. Mary Joyce told of Cali going down our road, yes, seen that, scares me for her, and then loosing track of her movements. She fears that Cali will get hit on our busy road in front of us. I confirmed seeing Cali do the same and crossing the road over into the deep ditch near the cows. That Cali, she might have been the runt of the litter but she has become the most adventurous. She is the only member of the Feral Fam that comes into the garage beyond the doorway. I let her look around because the need for her to come into the garage one day for safety....well, she is used to coming in and being left alone. Any attempt to get near, she runs for the door.

We didn't experience too much of Florence, not even winds. The rain gauge shows about two inches of rain. Others were not so fortunate, Wilmington is still cut off with supplies running low and waiting for the water to drain. Groups are there ready to help and others like our church are waiting to mobilize. As Dennis told us in church Sunday, you don't have to have any carpenter skills for this trip because it will mostly be deconstruction, ripping out walls and flooring.

Peggy called yesterday morning to check on me and the result of the call was a great brainstorming time for something that she has coming up. Lisa texted me Sunday morning asking if Florence had kept me at, it was a TT Sunday...teaching in Sunday School and tambourining in big church.
Nothing, nothing on the schedule and I am thrilled because this day will include some production but mostly it will be a day to read and write. Yesterday, I had stuff to take care of, like making Ninfa's green sauce for book club. It wasn't my best but the avocados had a lot to do with that. I think everyone enjoyed it and only Cait knew what the real tastes like. Like she said it was good, but the depth to the taste wasn't there...again avocados play a huge role. She told me where she gets hers at a little Mexican market nearby. We liked the book but agreed it was kind of difficult to keep the characters many. Also, my take was everything came too easy for these women... Our next selection is Pat Conroy and recipes from his life. Looking forward to that.

So it is kind of one of those days when obvious summer clothes are being stored for next year and some of them are being put in the bag for Salvation Army. This year I am trying not to store away anything that seems like it hasn't been worn enough or not worn at all. Even in these warm temps the longing for flannel shirts, jeans and boots has taken my attention.

This year I haven't written as much as usual on the good ol' Monablog. I have been working on something that has taken away any extra writing time. It is kind of amusing some of the memories that are coming back and a good laugh is had. Several times I have almost called Doug to tell him what is making me laugh. I told my Sunday School class in the lesson last week about my big plan to get thrown out of church in order to meet the goal of well...not going to church. So, I shared about the time after much planning, but no prayer, that I cussed a blue streak in Sunday School so the teacher would tell my parents, they would be mortified and we would never darken the door again. But God had this Sunday School teacher handle it so wisely, she stopped the class and they prayed for me. Big plans blown to bits. Then everyone in the class walked past me when class was over and said they would continue to pray for me. Ugh!

By nature, I am really pretty much a rule follower but if I think the rules are stupid or useless...a little rebellion kicks in. You can think back to those growing up years, there were rules that were known to the family but not to anyone outside the fam. If there were multiple packages of cookies, only one could be opened at a time...and not until the said cookies had been consumed, could another package be opened. Doug had a friend who thought we were being funny and he opened another package of cookies before the others had been consumed. My father was nice about it but he set Doug's friend straight on how we abide by these things. Sadly, when we really could have had fun times, all the rules invented by our father squelched any bit of fun that could have been had. Sometime I wonder if people who are excessive rule makers, cause they want to control everything, even notice how others feel about all the rules...not even guidelines, but edicts that are declared and expected to be followed. Most people will send regrets after a while. Happened many times when my dad planned different things, never could see if he would loosen his grip and let people be, he could have had a lot more fun.

Well my break is over for now, onward toward moving into least in the closets.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

We Remember But I Also Rejoice For The 2008 Miracle

The proverbial calm before the storm...while our area of the state will most probably experience wind and rain, we don't know how much. I read a brief Twitter thing today that most likely our lives are lived cyclically and not linear as we tend to timelines, etc... I think I am a believer in that concept because this year in particular has had a cyclical feeling to it. Many things that happened in 2008 seemed to have a similar repeat pattern to it. In 2008 I went to a Living Proof Conference, I went to one this year. Dena and I went on an Alaskan cruise in 2008 and we thought long and hard about going on the Living Proof Alaskan cruise this year...I told Dena I was having some doubts about going and she did too, so we didn't go. There are other things that are so similar but I will not bore you with all of that.

Ten years ago today, I went to see a new Dr because I was fatigued, had trouble breathing and felt sick. I had no energy. A short distance might as well have been a mile or a million miles. The feeling was all the chemicals from the construction going on in the worship center at HFBC could be causing this reaction. A doc in the box told me I pleurisy, but my friend Carolyn told me to get another opinion and gave me the name of her Dr. I was able to see her and that is what I was doing ten years ago today. The next morning, the Dr herself called me and told me I was really sick and needed to see a cardiologist. She had gotten me an appointment for an echo cardiogram with a cardiologist she was familiar with. Long story short...Roy came home and took me to get the echo cardiogram and ended up seeing a Dr in the practice.  Only ten percent of my heart was working.

Ten years ago today, we were watching a hurricane that was forecasted to make a direct hit on Houston. Today, while not living on the coast, we await, here in the mountains, what Hurricane Florence will do. When I was in that Dr office ten years ago, normally they would have sent me straight to the hospital but because of the hurricane they deemed me not an emergency, sent me home with meds and wished me the best. In reality, they sent me home to die and were in shock when I showed up a week or so later for my appointment.

Ten years, the Dr told me that he gave me five years and if I made it ten would be a miracle or divine intervention. Tomorrow I celebrate ten years...and I am praising God that He made my heart like new. Very little damage from everything that happened. In the big picture, yes there have been set backs and worries, procedures and surgery...but here I am, ten years later.
Yes, I made it to the 11th. Ten years, Praise the Lord!! He is the strength of my heart. The doctors were stunned that there was little damage to my heart and by the end of 2008, the doctor was calling me the Christmas miracle.

Seventeen years ago, we were supposed to be in New York City and Roy would have been at a conference in the World Trade Center. God kept me stirred up about the trip and I had no peace about us going. Roy listened and cancelled his trip plans.

Thankful today for ten years that the doctor didn't think I would make and for God's concern for us in 2001. I had been doing a study on seeing God in the everyday, He is there more than you realize, just look. So glad for that timely word.

The verse that resonated after 2001 and 2008, Zephaniah 3:17
 The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing

But I also love the NLT version
For the LORD your God is living among you. He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs."

Monday, September 10, 2018

Anniversary, Storm, No Fog and Supplies

Forty one years ago this morning, my mother making coffee early awakened me from sleep. You see on my wedding day, I slept on the sofa bed in the den because my parent's home was filled with relatives for our wedding day. It came to me just a few years ago that maybe for the most special day in my young life, having just turned 23 the month before, that maybe I should have been able to sleep in my bed and bedroom one last time to be rested and relaxed for the coming day's celebration. But there she was, my mom, standing next to the sink, filling the peculator basket with coffee, trying to be quiet but the kitchen light is probably what woke me up because she performed that coffee ritual every morning virtually without making any noise...except maybe for the water filling the coffee pot.

So, on a rainy day in September, with the sun breaking through right before the ceremony, Roy and I were married. Neither one of us had any idea what we were doing. Truthfully, that can be said for almost everyone who gets married. But on that day nothing else matters because two people are head over heels in love and friends and family have gathered to celebrate the beginning of a journey that holds both good and bad, exciting and mediocre, wonderful and devastating and all other littles and bigs of life.

One night this week we looked up the address on Google of the townhouse we bought in 1979. With the oil crisis in 1983, our thriving neighborhood of young couples succumbed to the economy. It didn't take long for homes to be abandoned, luxury condos turning into apartment complexes and crime settling in quite nicely...thank you very much. Our town home was  never broken into but I survived an attempted car jacking, verbal threats made while I walked our dog Tiff and the whole scary "last"summer complete with shootings, police chases and chaos that made it quite clear, we needed to move if we wanted to be safe. When we moved into our new townhouse, the front yard had shrubs and a tree. We put in a flowerbed around the tree and desperately tried to keep some kind of greenery going because the house faced west and the sun was brutal. In the Google view the picture of that townhouse was sad, no shrubs and the tree had been removed probably all removed due to foundation problems. We moved away from there in October of 1993 and rented it to others. Since we sold it in 2004 it has been through two foreclosures. I think the 70's produced some of the ugliest houses and what ugly house wouldn't be complete without ugly 70's furniture?
Ah, Monday and not even foggy. Florence looms out in the Atlantic and numerous other named storms are setting up in a row. Good thing we stocked up on snacks from the  Mountain View Country Store last Friday. Roy and I ate lunch after our shopping spree at The Farmer's Daughter and we decided that would be our anniversary dinner cause once we got home, we had a few last things to take care planting the flame azalea and finishing up with the roses we planted.

When I woke up Sunday morning and still felt the tired and exhaustion, I decided to take a sabbatical Sunday. I hated to miss Sunday School and church but it seemed to be the right decision. It wasn't even a case of being sleepy, it was a case of feeling like I have been pushing too hard lately. So, Buddy and I eased into the morning and then about 11:00, I made a grocery store trip to get the rest of the things I needed to make Ninfa's green sauce for book club.

This morning we had the AC people come and check out one of our units. It turned out to be nothing but got some good advice for this winter. I left out for Publix once they finished to get a few more salads and some fruit. I came home and put up groceries, well the cold stuff, and then headed over to The Fresh Market. Found lots and lots of fun stuff while there. Decided to top off the tank of the convertible on the way home and did the same for the truck. Think lots of others had the same idea. When I first began the morning, it seemed like a regular day but as time and reports from the weather service continued, more people were out taking care of business today. With Florence gaining strength, even here inland, we are hoping for the best but preparing for the worse. We should only get rain and wind but you never know with hurricanes. All the years of prep for hurricanes is paying off as to having a plan and preparation, this is just at a higher altitude. Roy even called this afternoon to make sure I was preparing for the just in case.

There has been a little rain and some thunder but none of this is associated with Florence. In the distance the sound of chainsaws can be heard...there were road crews along a few streets taking care of some tree debris.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Happy Thursday!

Oh Sunday evening, even with a little bit of rain, you are so welcomed here. Roy and I were out watering the flowerbeds this evening and by the look of the skies we thought everyone else in the county will get rain, but not likely our area. Such a pleasant surprise when a few little droplets fell. We had planned to head out on the parkway today but we changed our minds after looking at the radar. That was good because instead of being out and about, I got to take a little nap.

I introduced Roy to Good Wood Pizza Oven yesterday and yes, another satisfied customer who finished up his pizza pretty quickly. We shopped at The Meating Place and brought some steaks home for Labor Day grilling.
We are happy Tigers today because LSU beat Miami. I didn't have a clue that they were rated number 8 and LSU was at 25. We stayed up and watched to the very end and fell asleep way too late. This morning Roy made biscuits, so it was a happy welcome to the morning. Then driven, goal oriented Roy took the time to ease into the morning, which that nearly doesn't ever happen. So, we had a Nancy kind of start to the day by getting to Lowe's a little before noon. Then after loading up the truck, we headed over some KFC buffet and it was a late lunch crowd joining in with us. Publix had White Lily Flour on clearance for $1.41, so we went back for a couple more bags. Wonder why they have put it on clearance. White Lily is usually the choice of biscuit makers around the south.

Sunday morning, our class began the new study and we are back to Genesis. The format is new and not as well liked. Fill in the blanks are now called call outs. Hey, I don't care what you call fill in the blank or Sunday is the same thing. All the writers are young and one would think that call outs wouldn't be the style at all. No one really likes dividing up in always sounds like it is so new...but as Solomon told us long ago, ain't nothing new under the sun. The emphasis at the end of the lessons is our mission...that is nothing new, the old curriculum had the mission emphasis too. Yes, we all need to be on mission, but dang it, isn't there some kind of new snazzy name we could call it?  Seriously, I am not really complaining cause the truth be told, I only use the quarterly info in bits and pieces. That comes from not too long ago when quarterlies were out of touch and just about unusable. Oh Baptist Bookstore, now called Lifeway...come on....
Well, it is already Thursday and time is going by much too quickly. This has been such a working week with very little time for fun and adventures in Mustang Sam. Tuesday morning, Sam had an appointment at the Ford dealership for auto butler service. We dropped him off at 9:00 and were told to come back at 6:00. I cannot even imagine if I had to sit there at the dealership for that very long period of time. Roy and I headed over to Another Broken Egg for breakfast and then went to the Costco in Spartenburg. But before heading south, we stopped in at the Barnes and Noble in Biltmore Park and found a few goodies. We got caught in a huge traffic mess of an overturned eighteen wheeler. Once we finally got through all of that and the roadwork just a mile down the road from the wreck, we got to Costco and did a little damage there. Well, the damage was to our bank account, not Costco. Anyway, we finished up with that errand and headed back to the beautiful state of North Carolina. Because Roy is such a good sport, we stopped at Hobby Lobby and then we at at Culver's. We had heard so much about this place...hamburgers and the best ice cream custard. We like the hamburgers not the custard so much. Since Target was just across the way, we made a Target run and since we were close to the dealership, we thought we would check in with Mustang Sam's progress even though it wasn't six. It was a good news/bad news situation. The good news, just about fifteen more minutes of work, the bad news, you can't make a service appointment for 5000 mile checkups or service. First come, first serve. Wow, in retrospect, I think we might have rethought our purchase if we had known that. Roy then had a great idea, we left Sam and they did the work and we picked him up Wednesday morning. Now, if we can always time the service when we can drop off and then pick up, we will be doing good.

We picked up Mustang Sam Wednesday morning and came home. Then Roy and I headed over Waynesville way for lunch at The Blue Rooster. As always, delicious! We went to Blue Ridge Books and Hazelwood Soap Company...then made our way to Barber's Orchard. We encountered rain on our way home but sadly none made its way to our home. In all these things we have been doing, we have been making trips to Lowe's. The weeds and grass have been winning the war with their diabolical plan of taking over the flowerbeds. Roy's solution instead of hours of weeding, kill them off with lots and lots of mulch. We have made several Lowe's and Sonic stops the past few evenings. This morning while I was getting my hair cut, Roy finished up with the front flowerbed. He did a lot of hard work.

This is becoming too long so for now I will stop. Happy Thursday everyone!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Putting Plan B Into Action

The plans were to get up really early this morning...those plans didn't materialize but that's not a problem. Plan B now goes into effect and that's not too bad of a plan either. The fog this morning is burning off quickly. While Dena was here, fog seemed to be the theme. No brain fog just the real stuff. Whether it was on the Parkway or Grandfather Mountain or the local roads, we encountered the misty clouds just about everyday. In the same thought The Farmer's Alamac just released their winter forecast. They predict that this will be a cold, wet and snowy winter. Better start loading in the pop tarts for those long winter days. In Houston, the hurricane tracking maps put out by the local TV stations, had pop tarts in the food supply picture of things to have on hand in case of a storm, thus now with the change of scenery, make that supplies for winter storms.

Yesterday in Publix, I saw a short woman trying to reach the top shelf for chips and as I am wont to do, I offered to get them for her...well, what do you know? It was my neighbor Nancy. We seem to meet in Publix quite often. When you see a friend in the grocery store and stop for a little visit, in my book that says you are at home where you live. As Dena and I left for Charlotte Monday, a big moving van came up our one lane road and continued up past their gate. Finally, their things shipped from Hawaii had made it home to them. Nancy said there are boxes everywhere but after a longer than anticipated wait, she's not too upset about that. Now comes the fun job of consolidating everything into your new home.

Life around here is slowly returning back to the normal routine. Last night I spent about two hours watering all the flowerbeds that have been neglected the past few weeks. The front bed was especially dry and I might have lost a couple of lilies, but we will have to wait and see. The sunflowers and zinnias by the driveway are hitting their stride of full blooms. What a beautiful sight to behold.
Thursday is beginning like most August days, fog, although it is beginning to burn off. The plans for sleeping in a bit changed when the phone rang. Roy wanted to read an email to me and help him with some wording. Good thing I was kind of awake cause coming out of a deep sleep and trying to help isn't very successful most times.

Yesterday, I made a return trip to Mountain View Country store to pick up a few things. They were out of their gourmet snack mix which was deeply disappointing. I did find yellow eye beans which I experienced a few weeks ago at Blue Rooster. Absolutely delicious! Then being only twenty minutes away, I headed toward the Kroger in Johnson City. Okay, it it more than a twenty minute drive but around here most say, oh...yes...everything is twenty minutes. Dena got a kick out of that and as we took the back roads toward Johnson City when she was here, she was kind of getting nervous about the journey. She would say, is this the road to Kroger? I would respond, it is a road that takes us to the road that will get us to the Kroger. So yesterday, it was a beautiful drive as usual, but it wasn't as fun.  The Kroger in Johnson City is near the campus of East Tennessee University, so it is busy at all times. No exception yesterday but I did find just about everything I was looking for. Dena and I went through a lot of peach Perrier water so I needed to restock. So far, Kroger is the only place that I have seen it. Did an Academy stop, came up empty, then onto Barnes and Noble. Now, I had just been the day before in Asheville but yesterday B and N had all their pens, pencils and markers 50% off. Candy store time for me...I do not need anymore of those kinds of things but 50% off with the additional 10% off for being a member, score! I got back home around 4:00 and had enough time to semi unload the car, eat a salad and then head over to church for the Sunday School training. We watched a DVD called Sunday School Matters....last night the topic was curriculum. The guy said it so much you could have made a drinking game out of it...oops, Baptist church, well, coffee drinking game. Next time we meet, Ben Pritchett is the speaker in the series. I haven't ever gone to Wednesday night church since moving here but since I was there, it seemed like a good idea to stay. Pastor Victor taught on the disciple Matthew. His talk and information was so interesting. I might make a return trip to Wednesday night church.

This time last week we were beginning to make our trip to Charleston. That was a fun little jaunt to the coast. Most of our time was taken with official things which were interesting and fun, but another trip there is in the cards. With the afternoon fading away last Friday, we began making our trek back to the mountains. We got home later than expected and decided on a Sonic stop for supper. We had been invited to Brenda's for breakfast on Saturday but asked for a rain check cause we knew we would be super tired come morning. It was a good thing we had done that because most of Saturday morning and into the afternoon events at home for Dena took her attention and energy. As we have learned in our individual lives, you just do the next right thing. So, she was checking on flights to Houston for Saturday evening or Sunday morning and getting her things put together and packed just in case we needed to make a quick exit. When we learned she could finish up her vacay like planned, we headed out the door for those last minute and rearranged schedule shopping and a late lunch at Stony Knob. By Saturday evening we were both exhausted and so sitting on the porch was a relaxing way to end the day. Funny thing, like I began this post, Plan B went into action yesterday and then on last Saturday. Sometimes Plan B turns out to be better than the original plan.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tuesday, But I Started Writing On Monday

Another trip to Charlotte is in the books and it can be a sad ride but just when I feel rather low those lovely mountains pop up on the horizon and yes, let it be said, they make me glad. It was 93 in Charlotte today. Ugh!

Our Chihuly Night at the Biltmore was wonderful. Not as many people as when Lisa and I went but it was almost about as warm. Knowing how Lisa and I had gone down into the garden to see the displays wore me out for the floating garden Chihuly, so Dena and I did that first after we went through the downstairs of the house. We were betting that with school beginning today it might be crowded but not with lots of little ones running about. No, it was all of us older folk making sure of our steps and hoping against hope we would not fall down or trip. It was a full moon last night and that and the regular features of the Biltmore took my attention. You really only see the house at night during Christmas so this is a rare treat. Before going over to the Biltmore, we stopped in at Turkey Creek for a quick bite of supper. We split a burger and it was so good!
Because I needed to get to bed early last night, blogging stopped early too. It was a 5:45 am wake up call. It was a very foggy morning and it is also the second day of school, so that slowed me down a bit. Got to Dr. Burgon's office for the quick look see at the implants and the abutments they worked on before going to pick up Dena. This was scheduled early in order to get over to the dentist office where the first few steps of winding this up this project begins. I made it to the dentist office with one minute to spare. After Dr Hodges looked at everything he made the decision that my mouth needs another month of healing before the finishing work begins. I'd rather do that than have problems and it seems like every implant I have ever had encounters set backs and problems. No worries, we were able to get the follow ups scheduled. That put me out and about around 9:30. Went to Home Goods and Barnes and Noble, then a quick stop at Ingles.

With all the fog and school buses travel became a bit precarious. A mama deer and her two babies jumped out onto the road in front of the old French Broad School and collision was avoided. A bunch of ducks and geese took their time crossing the road a little ways beyond the deer encounter. Then the turkey family crossed the road a little farther down from the ducks and geese. It was a beautiful pageantry of nature.

I truly felt like an old lady this morning at the oral surgeon's office. My Dr is not there on Tuesdays so his associate looked at the results of the work and the healing caps. He seemed hesitant to release me but thankfully, I am in good hands with my dentist. Just a couple of things I said and the reaction therein, brought on the old lady feeling. Truly, even in the rehab hospital for my knees with several occurrences did not make me feel as old as I did today. Such a random thing, really. There are days I wish we could just wear granny clothes like our grandmothers did cause it would make getting dressed decisions much easier. Although, I'm not quite ready to wear Aunt Bea kind of clothes all the time. Right now I am older than Aunt Bea was on the Andy Griffith Show. Really it is bring on aging and I am writing this for about the tenth time, the wise words of Roy Monarch. On our way home from the Inn on the Biltmore Estate one year, while passing through Jackson MS, he said you deal with looks at one time or another in life. When younger, if beautiful, many things fall right into place for these people cause their appearance has bought them favor that most of us don't get. Then when they get older, there is a great deal of difficulty coming to terms with the facts and not fantasy. You see it in men and women, they stop in the glory years, continue to age but their clothes and hair might say...I am in my 20's. When you are not particularly attractive, this I am so much more familiar with, you deal with your looks much better as you age than in the "prime of life," As a young woman, you know and there are so many who remind you often, you're not pretty...oh maybe cute, but no one is going to turn a head unless they want to make fun of you. But now, being beautiful is not high on my list. It fades away and nothing is more sad than watching an old lady flirt, playfully, with younger men. Now I will admit my personality has bought me favor that others haven't received cause I hate to admit this, but there have been many times I have said things that no one else would get away with, without a ruffled feather or job write up.

So much to do and so little interest in getting it done, but chores await. I was telling Lisa P that my August has been overwhelmingly wonderful with her visit and with Dena's. Just icing on the cake to the friends here that are such a joy to love, be friends with and do life together. God has gifted me throughout life with some of the best friends and love that He is faithful in that in NC too.

Nancy's Monablog