Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Smattering Of Thoughts

Sunday night in choir practice began with the song No More Night. An oldie but goody. No More Night, one of the first songs I learned in choir at Houston's First Baptist so many years ago. The choir sang without sheet music and there weren't any prompter screens with words. I checked out the music to memorize the words for my first Sunday in the loft. Nervous...but thankfully the choir wasn't depending on me for my sure, strong voice. Brought back some good memories as we practiced the song for a later date.

It is looking very probable that I won't be having a cardioversion tomorrow. Fell through the cracks there at Asheville Cardiology but encouraged with the conversation I had with a scheduler this morning. In fact, she just called back and the procedure is scheduled for next week. Once again kindness was the chosen path when feeling so frustrated and uneasy. Proverb reading is helping those anxious thoughts not translate into angry words and attitude. Also telling her the relief of not cancelling a hard to get hair appointment and she laughed and said we must go to the same salon. I'm feeling more at ease now and the valet tradition continues...With all the construction at Mission, valet parking at the heart center is complimentary, which is hospital talk for free! Whoo hoo! Valet parking was the deal maker years ago for me going to the Med Center in Houston.
Ah Wednesday morning....I slept really well. In fact I think it could have been the best night's sleep in a while. Buddy's cooperation is always key for a good night. Also with atrial flutter you don't have the heavy booming feel that robs one of rest. My hair appointment isn't until later so I have the morning to ease into the day.

So far the most taxing thing has been taking the garbage can down to the road. Well, that part wasn't hard, it was just getting me back up our road to the driveway that took a lot out of me and created a rather good sweat. On the way back from a quick grocery store trip, I got the trash can and slid it into the back of the truck. That robs me of the use of the backup camera. So, I had to do it the old fashioned way like I did when I was a kid, backing up five miles in the snow only using side mirrors and rear view mirror. I carefully backed down the driveway and stopped midway to pull the can out, place it to the side and then complete the backup with a camera in full use. Yes, it has come to this, I am writing poetic about trash can delivery and removal. Bet you can't wait for yard waste removal postings.

Talked with Peggy yesterday and we exchanged recipes. No, really, we did. Doesn't happen often but it does take us by surprise when our conversations go in that direction. Lisa P and I were texting all things bird and bird related. She has a feeder now and has a cardinal sighting which can be really special in her part of Texas. I'm enjoying these young cardinals hanging around here. They are beginning to get their coloring now so flashes of red streak across the sky. I have another baby bunny foo foo coming to the backyard. There is a rotation of five rabbits it seems and last night I noticed a mama bunny spending a lot of time in an indentation part of the yard and with the binoculars I can see the tops of the baby bunnies ears moving about in the tall grass.

Well....the day awaits and the sun is peeking through the overcast sky. I have become the kind of believer I thought less of when I was a teenager when it comes to parking in Biltmore Village. Yes, a prayer for a close enough parking spot, not to wear me out getting to my hair appointment, has been included in my morning prayers.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

No Surprise No Waste

I would like to blame Janet Jackson and Publix grocery store for the out of the rhythm heartbeat that has come to visit. Back in the day, when Janet began a song...which one escapes me now, she said give me the beat...maybe it it What Have You Done For Me Lately, which after hearing it numerous times in the grocery store caused me to download it from iTunes. It is only a matter of time for me to break out in full dance mode while pushing that cart up and down the aisles. Good grief, when I have it playing in the car...totally in dancing in the car mode. So far no one has reported erratic dancing while driving.

When I went to the cardiologist in April, I almost went dramatic and thought maybe a small overnight bag might need to accompany me. Such wild afib going on. Came home with a follow up appointment. So when that appointment time arrived yesterday, no thoughts of anything other than routine filled my thoughts. Yes, I had been experiencing a little heart flutter but nothing too major. Yes, I had been a little more tired but attributed to the hottest part of the year here. That annoying heart cough thing had increased, but nothing that had me worried. My ankles not swollen, no extreme fatigue... Since April I've paid more attention to caffeine intake, cutting back sugary desserts, except for coconut cake at The Blue Rooster, and been drinking lots more water. I have turned down Vivian dessert...that tells you how serious I have been! Many meals have been salad, a little protein, and fruit. I've lost weight...been working the appointment results yesterday took me by surprise. The hint...when the stethoscope remains over your heart for a longer time than usual. The other hint, my pulse was 142. EKG, and bada bing bada boom, atrial flutter. Never had atrial flutter diagnosis.  Atrial flutter is a better organized out of rhythm heart maybe there is hope for me with a better organized out of rhythm thing, there is hope for organization for other areas of my life. So, a  cardioversion is in order and will be done next week. This better work I am cancelling a hair appointment for this.  While this totally took me by surprise I know none of this surprises God. So, there is a good chance if the radiology map had been ready for my implants that I would not have had the procedure on Thursday as planned because of my pulse. Yep, no surprise to the Lord.

Where I get a little nervous is a new hospital verses the familiar Texas Heart Institute. A new to me Dr and staff and I am going into the procedure with a lot less information than I am used to having. I can't help but wonder why they haven't done an echo cardiogram. Why so quick to cardioversion, although that is not a complaint.

So, I have done what they told me to do as I left, to keep calm, keep cool and relax. Saturday was a totally relaxing day. I got brave to take my pulse and BP. BP was better and pulse was down somewhat and at times the machine did not detect any atrial flutter. Brenda and her mom dropped by for a minute and brought me supper from J & S Cafeteria. Delicious!  I took BP and pulse before Sunday School this morning and it was good BP but pulse up a bit. I only went to Sunday School even though I heard the A/C had been replaced in the sanctuary. Just visiting a little in the hallway after class, the heat got to me. Angela, associate pastor's wife and friend, called me yesterday to check up on me and see if I needed a ride to the hospital for the procedure. So appreciated that call and she also shared with me that she had visited the Cornell Bird Lab. They made the app I use to call in the birds for Buddy. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit. After Sunday School I headed over to Turkey Creek Cafe for lunch. Today, fresh to order fried chicken was on the menu and I got me some fried chicky legs, fried green tomatoes, creamed corn, collard greens, pinto beans, a little mac and cheese and a little mashed potatoes. Yum! Oh and some fresh sliced tomatoes.

We had a brief rain shower this afternoon and every bit helps. After lunch I headed over to the grocery store because I had forgotten to buy bananas for the next few days. The skies were dark in the northeast when I pulled up and when I came out of the store the skies were a much darker hue, thunder and a threatening look. Weather alerts are going off left and right on the phone. Roy is calling me too and sending me pics from The Nord as he was there buying new shoes to wear to the office. With Nord in town shoe shopping isn't as painful and as time consuming as it used to be for him. 14 narrow is a difficult fit to find. I got home before the heavens opened and for that I am thankful.

Roy was a little disappointed yesterday when he left Bible study. He leads and teaches it now and they are going through Mark I think. Anyway, they were at Jesus and the 5000 men, five loaves and two fishes part. He had suggested that the Elisha and widow woman with sons, who owed creditors story in the OT was a type of the feeding of the 5000. I thought it was an awesome insight when he shared it with me yesterday and last night right before heading to bed I looked all that up. I told him this morning not to be disappointed with the group's understanding of that, but be happy that it meant so much to me. And guess what, this morning as I opened the quarterly to read the lesson for today, it was Matt 14 and the feeding of the 5000. No surprise to God at all and I was able to share what Roy had gotten out of the lesson he taught yesterday. No waste at all.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

There Seems To Be a Theme Here

It is 3:30 in the afternoon and it has been quite the exciting day. From the start, let me be honest with you...I do not like creatures, reptiles, vermin or any other kind of nature. I love cute nature. And there was a day when something like this would have happened and the For Sale sign would be in the yard and I would have packed my bags and headed over to the Inn on the Biltmore Estate to wait for the end results and report.

Last night, right before dusk, I noticed the birds didn't have any water in the birdbath. I got a pitcher of ice and went out to give them water. I also put water in the back birdbath. I think I added a little bit of seed to the front feeder and then I came back in through the garage and shut the garage door. A little later while sitting on the front porch with Buddy, I kind of heard this loud thumping noise. I had brought out the little speaker and just though a bunch of birds were hanging around and making noise cause my bird calls were calling them in. Later in the evening, after coming in I kind of heard a loud thump and thought it was Buddy. This morning while drinking coffee I heard a thumping noise again and I went to see if Buddy had come back in the, but I had pulled the recyclable bag out and thought the noise merely could be the sound of bottles settling. After taking my time and easing into the morning, I opened the garage door to go out and put bird seed in the feeders. Oh my goodness! The corner where the birdseed is kept was a mess. The one night I didn't put the feed back in the container tightly...  I deduced with my citified eyes that things had been thrown to the ground, a fruit fly trap package had been opened and strewn about. Strawberry baskets and been moved...I didn't think this was the job of a mouse but maybe a squirrel, seeking revenge, or a raccoon. I was leaning toward raccoon after my experience with them two years ago. Apparently, my choice of yard decor was not their choice. So they threw it about the yard.  But I am kind of new to all of this and learning my way about. So before I called Roy or phone a friend or text a friend, I called Orkin. The call was recorded for quality purposes. The young woman getting the info and everything else was just so nice and yes...I did the old lady nervous thing...I started talking way too much about everything...then I said to her, I'm so sorry, when I get nervous I talk a lot...without taking a breath...and giving you details that you don't care about because there is nothing that you can do about it. Ugh, I hate when I do something like that. Guess it is kind of was a pride thing because I was so happy that yesterday when the service checking out at Academy was sub par, I almost said...hey, you know Academy began in Houston, TX...and I am wearing an Astros shirt...did you ever think I might be a secret shopper John and Sheila? But I didn't say that and just went on my merry way. So back to this most engrossing I texted Bill and Vivian. Then I called Roy and he said he would order mountain lion urine for me...I thought he had and he said no that was a joke. Hey, I am in dire straights here....come on! He ordered fox urine with expedited delivery. He said, call Brenda because Vivian was at a Mary Kay Director Meeting or call Inez. So, I called Brenda. She and Larry came over, inspected the scene of the crime of unlawful entry and found raccoon, uh...DNA...but I will say this does a raccoon poop in a garage...yes, it does. Then Brenda found a paw print. Larry looked throughout the garage and felt pretty sure it was gone. Then all the snake videos and such came to mind and I asked him, it wouldn't be hiding under the hood of the truck would it? He doubted it but looked for me and showed me no paw prints on the battery or anything like that. I heard from the Orkin guy about an hour ago and they were on their way. They will inspect the attic and crawl space and elsewhere. That will be complete peace of mind for me.

When I talked with Roy he reminded me of a story from the long ago when we were first married. Roy traveled quite a bit and the apartment we were living in had carpenter ants in the linen closet. They lived in the door and nothing got rid of them. So every morning I would get up, grab my Bible and read Psalm 91 to them, letting them know they could not live there and told them they had to leave in Jesus Name. Them I kicked the door to let them know I meant business. I did this month after month. One night, we came home from church and when we turned on the light in the bathroom. all those carpenter ants were out of the door and in and around the bathtub. Quickly, we began killing them. So he said, go out there and read Psalm 91 out loud. A little nervous, I just read loudly through the door and was getting ready to go outside to read when Larry and Brenda to the rescue and detective work.

You know that peace of mind thing I wrote about? It has been anything but.....

It is now Saturday morning. It has been a whirlwind since I began this post. I wish I had never called Orkin but it is what it is. We are trying to determine if what they said is true or not or if they are just trying to do work that might not need to be done. Funny, nothing here ever gets done in a hurry in the area. No push, but Orkin is pushing and I have turned them over to Roy. Here's the deal, Roy is easy going but when someone starts to push him to do something, he doesn't stay all that easy going. When a company tells you there is damage etc to the crawl space and they want $12,000.00 to fix it...well you would like to get a second opinion. This started because a rogue raccoon got into the garage and it has dawned on me, even if there had been a problem, the two guys who came out would not have fixed it. They are just inspectors. They didn't even want to look in the if there is such a problem below wouldn't a look see in the attic bear notice? And why do they want to begin the process so quickly and they kind of poo pooed, seems to be a theme here, the notion that Roy wants our contractor to look before okaying work? One guy said, yep, let a guy from Lowe's come in...they can't even get the materials cause they are not licensed to do so. Uh, no our contractor isn't just some guy standing outside of Lowe's with a sign, will work for money. Gee whiz!

In the midst of all the stress I was trying to keep relatively calm. One of the hottest days temp wise we have had this summer. I think dealing with all this was just the icing on the cake and the stress and heat spilled over...unto the next post....

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Drives, Road Kill, Bunnies , and Matters

We have a new routine around here and it is called Buddy's porch time. She ate her treats, sat in my lap for a moment and then made her way to the front door. This morning I let her out on the porch before all the meowing began. Last night we sat on the porch with the small Bose speaker and called the birds. Our front feeder and around the swing was filled with cardinals and a few tufted titmouse and Carolina wrens. She stayed out there until almost dark, resting on the glider and taking it all in. This does tire her out and she is not as restless before bed or throughout the night. As we are experiencing our warmest temps of the season, we have hit 91, and yes, Houston friends are laughing at me. They have to be thinking 91? 91 is a low temp in the morning. See, I am truly acclimating.

I decided a little trip to Johnson City seemed to be in order yesterday. The drive is one of my favorites, although I say that about almost every drive, and I do miss Academy Sports and Outdoors not being closer. Since it seemed right to also join in another Houston startup, Carrabba's for lunch, the plan was made. To add to the Houston representing, I wore an Astros shirt. Once arriving in JC, the first stop was Barnes and Noble. Mixing it up a little since it is usually the last stop before returning home. Sometimes in a smaller Barnes and Noble there are unique to the area things to find and this store has one of the best Bible selections around. Onward to Academy where I found a few things such as HOT Slap Ya' Mama Cajun spice. Not for me but for a certain wily squirrel. It was time for lunch and it was delicious. There is a Kohl's across the way from the restaurant  and while Kohl's is not usually a shopping stop, it seemed like the thing to do before leaving JC. I found a pair of pink capris deeply discounted to $19.50 and a shirt 50% off and that is without a Kohl's card or coupon. The clerk checking out shoppers asked me if I was from Houston because of the Astros shirt. She was too, in fact her great grandfather was one of the major developers for The Village, River Oaks and Briarwood. For non Houstonians these are some of the most wealthy areas in Houston both in residential and business. I wanted to ask how did you get here to JC and working a register in Kohl's? She was an older lady with classic features and her makeup impeccable. Most of the families involved in development of Houston way back in the day are still around, still own homes in the area they helped develop. The ride back included a brief stop in Erwin to get some cheap TN gasoline and a stop at Publix to get more of the sugar sweet or sugar kiss cantaloupe. My new obsession.

Had a book waiting by the front door, thank you UPS, Wendell Berry's book, A World Lost. I've read it before and gave it away in the book purge of 2011. But a description in the book of Andy Catlett's aunt has ruminated in memory and while I could not remember her name or from what book she came from, going to The Google helped narrow down and eventually find it.

Love these ease into the morning days. Nothing concrete on the schedule, which makes this one quite happy. Tomorrow holds workout and a follow up cardiologist appointment.

I think Janet Jackson and Prince are on a music loop at the grocery store. A little What Have You Done For Me Lately gets me up in down those aisles in style. No, I haven't broken out in full dance mode, but I can feel myself getting closer to that.

One of the groundhogs had gone on to groundhog heaven after becoming road kill yesterday. I think by the size and location of it on the road in front of my neighbors house, it is the little groundhog that sat on my neighbors porch in the mornings. Saw one of my bigger ones yesterday and chased him off with a shout. Not a mighty shout, just a kind of get out of here shout. Last night the baby bunny and a little bit bigger bunny were both dining in the backyard. At first I thought it was Mama Foo Foo but she was in the front yard. Little baby bunny approached the other rabbit timidly...moving closer grass blade upon grass blade. After some tedious maneuvering, they touched noses....held that position for a few seconds and then the bigger bunny made a chase move toward baby and then went back to chowing down on clover. Baby bunny kept following the bigger bunny. Bigger didn't want to hang out with baby. Yes, I might have had a few tears come to my eyes and walked away for a few minutes. When I came back to the window baby was eating by itself. I've gone to The Google this morning to find out more about this bunny behavior. Yes, when one is easing into the day, there is time to read about rabbit behavior and let Buddy spend extended time on the porch. She's inside now as the day is beginning to warm up.

Several blogs I read have been doing a season of life theme. Interesting reading from women of all ages. Have been thinking about this in my daily Bible reading and journaling. Thinking about the season where I am and listening closely. One thing that has come to mind is this, throughout life I have been prone to say, too many times, "I don't care." Most of those times truly I didn't. The risk was worth the consequences. There were times of saying I don't care and yes...there was a lot of caring going on but one has to don the mask. It seems now the don't care has transformed into it doesn't matter. There is a whole lot of difference in those phrases. Well, I have the morning to contemplate. Have a good one y'all!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Random Things

This post might just be filled with random thoughts and questions that might be answered or might not.

A couple of Sunday mornings ago, when the sanctuary or worship center or where we have big church....who knows what it is being called these days, VBS decorations covered the stage and planets were suspended over the congregation or worshipers or here's all the people (from the long ago make a church with your fingers) game (probably some new term that I'm not hip to.) Where I was sitting the perfect opportunity to take a picture of the cross before me, the world behind from the song I Have Decided to Follow Jesus, presented itself. I should have taken the picture after church but I forgot.

Why is it so difficult to find a hammock stand? Peggy gave us a hammock as a housewarming gift. The two trees that we had planned to hang the hammock from had to be cut down due to the fact one was too close to the house and the second tree was a trash tree that was causing all manner of tree havoc. I found a stand at Lowe's but no one to help me take it to the check out and into the truck. I was not wanting a repeat from the whole swing loading time with the not so pleasant person who wasn't too happy she had to help us load the truck. I could order one from Amazon but I fear for the correct delivery. USPS delivers so much of their stuff now, I could see them trying to stuff that huge box in the mailbox. I jest...kind of... Today, we had an Amazon delivery and even now with the easy access to put the box inside the porch or beside the door, scary mailman only puts it in front of the garage door. Most of the time we get notice that the package has been delivered but we don't see it for another few days. I asked the postmaster at the post office about this and as nice as the man is, he had no answer for me. But, I do like they have a candy dish for customers. Really, what a nice touch. We don't know where your package is but have some Smarties. I mailed a package today and when asked if it anything liquid or dangerous or fragile is in the box, I accidentally touched yes on the screen. I feared that agents were going to descend on me for saying yes. Why can't all these terminals coordinate? One kind you have to wait for the green light, one wants you to push this button and another terminal wants you to push another button.  The guy laughed at me and said well...what's in the box. I told him...nothing dangerous at all...and he said we will just say it is fragile then and added he could tell just by my reaction that there wasn't any reason to worry.

Buddy has come in from the front porch which means I can quit air conditioning the whole neighborhood. Buddy has found a huge patch of sun right behind my chair. I reached down to pet her and I noticed that one of the small butterfly bushes was shaking violently. Of course that is a sign unto me that a groundhog, I believe it was Chuck, was right beside my deck, chowing down on a butterfly bush...What! Since Buddy is right here and she cannot be trusted to stay put, I had to yell at Chuck to get the heck out of here. I'm yelling like a crazy lady, get out of here...NOW! No chance to grab a bad lime to chunk at Chuck. I looked for groundhog repellent today at Lowe's. Oh there is plenty to be found for every other known animal but groundhog.  Someone suggested I get bobcat urine or some other predator urine to scare them off. Where does one find bobcat urine? Now that's a job I wouldn't want to have...OK Nancy, go out there to those back cages and see if you can get some bobcat urine in a bottle. Then we can sell it. Sure thing boss!
Roy found mountain lion urine for me. What!? Amazon sells it. Fox urine for squirrels, coyote urine for cats....unbelievable! We did lose one of the groundhogs today...I think Chuck Jr is now considered road kill. God rest his soul.I saw him this afternoon upon returning home. This looks to be the same groundhog that sat on my neighbors porch in the morning.

Buddy has been on the front porch and I have been watching out the back window. I did go out to the porch with my portable speaker and we really called in some birds tonight. Lots of cardinals and Carolina Wrens.

I have had a fun day and look forward to having another day tomorrow with nothing on the schedule but what I want to do. I'll write later about my adventures today.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Songs and Sights

We got out of choir early this evening...not too early though, but early enough for me to run by Sonic with a lot of others who were on the same wavelength to get some ice cream for National Ice Cream Day. I just needed a little taste of the cold stuff on what has been a rather warm day. Since I had ice cream it called for the long way home and the sunset....well, it was just perfect for this day. Buddy and I have been out on the front porch. The fireflies have kept her amused but she'd rather see birds.

Oh happy day that Turkey Creek Cafe is open again on Sundays. Today they offered a farm to table service. I went with the all you can eat offering because I wanted to try all the veggies. They were so good and I had meatloaf but also had the choice of fried white fish, cooked to order, and pulled pork. I love that they are open on some evenings too. I forget about them around lunch time and by the time I think, that is where I'll go...they're closed. Marissa has persevered and she is doing well.

Even though I took two naps this afternoon because chunking bad limes and lemons at squirrels and groundhogs is exhausting, I did have time to get things picked up a bit in my project room. Things were moving right along until I came across one of my favorite books of all time, Walking On Water by Madeleine L'Engle.  Stopped and read just a bit and once again inspired by her words and thoughts.

I can tell something is see, I have this God size dream of having another home here for ministry purposes...not official ministry types, although they are included. I shared with John Bolin what God has placed on my heart but I knew it would have to be something of His doings, I was not going to manipulate circumstances and situations to get a home. The economy has come back around here like gang busters and homes like what we looked at in 2014 have doubled or tripled in price. This week I was about to give away some things that I have planned on using in the dream big house and it hit me, many times when something is near by God's design, is the time I give up or doubt. Yes, I am taking this as a sign unto me that God has not forgotten the dream He placed in us and that I should stand even stronger in thanksgiving and praise, thanking God He has provided.
The sound of Mike the Mower Man is a lovely greeting this afternoon. The grass and weeds have grown with the uptick of rain we have had, although not as much as other regions around the area. I wonder if he has come across any of my thrown fruit in my constant combat against squirrels and groundhogs?

My workout with Taylor was good this morning. Worked on core and balance. He is also helping me keep scar tissue at bay. For this I am thankful. Afterwards I made a quick trip to the bank, Publix and CVS. I am in a salad mood and I am trying to go with that as long as my mood goes that way. I picked up some fresh eggs from Aunt Jenny via Vivian. We are in the warmer days and most afternoons you can find me reading or working on the computer. Buddy has stirred from an upstairs nap and looks to be determining what she would like to do next. She would really like to go out onto the porch but it is too hot to be air conditioning the whole neighborhood.

And now on Tuesday morning Buddy is doing the same thing. Taking a little nap on the front porch. I sat out there a while drinking coffee and conversing with a Carolina Wren. Using the Merlin App, the wren and I had quite the conversation. And yes, I found this to be fun. I am contemplating the day ahead and if I am getting out and about or if I am sticking around home. I'll make that final decision later. For now I will enjoy the songs and sights of the birds.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Conspiracy, Nature and Fun

Coming from a long line of conspiracy buffs it is something I fight off all the time. It seems our family line is gifted with taking minute details, that have nothing to do with each other and weave those details into a fabulous tapestry of conspiracy. Since I am not a practicing conspirator the weaving doesn't come easily to me anymore. Yet, the "gift" lies right beneath the surface of life. There are offshoots to this gift, being able to see past the obvious and there are downsides as well, overthinking things. The other night I had to fight the urge to link these unrelated causes and effects and I knew what had caused the tweaking and aches. I have never been prone to panic attacks but since experiencing heart issues, I've had a few in the past few years and the Doctors have told me it is quite normal. So I aggravated a muscle around my shoulder blade. I knew when I did it and before going to bed I used the detox gel I love and some Bio Freeze. That combination was sensory overload. So tweaked muscle plus over use of gels and sprays plus falling asleep on my arm=thinking I might be having a heart attack...when I knew good and well I was not having one. If you don't fight the theory off you begin imagining aches and pains and symptoms. Upon awakening the next morning all signs of muscle tweak was gone, I did my workouts and that is that but I have to confess I didn't sleep well that night. A friend asked me if I called Roy during the night while experiencing all this, ah no. Deep into the night is not Roy's best conversation time, much less compassion time. No, I talked to God about it all and reminded Him, I do look forward to the day of being with Him but I also thanked Him for letting me live here in God's country and I wasn't quite finished with living here yet, if that was alright...

Thursday, I got to see the work and results of the grand re-opening of the Fresh Market nearby. They certainly made better use of their space and the prepared food/deli has expanded and looks very appealing. They still had some of their spring coffee and I bought a couple of packages cause Roy loves that flavor. Fresh Market closed in Houston much to the sadness of many friends.

I saw a glance of her yesterday morning...there in the mirror. Every once in a while I see my mom in my features. I am kind of a mish mash of family...sometimes I look like both my grandmothers, sometimes I look like my father but mostly if there is a glance to be caught, it's my mom's features. I like it when that happens.

Our area received a welcomed surprise yesterday of an afternoon thunderstorm. The radar, yes I am becoming a weather nerd as well as a bird nerd, showed showers to the north and south of us. Many times rain coming from the northwest gets torn apart by the mountains and the atmosphere kind of makes the rain jump over Asheville and reform once again. Then Black Mountain and surrounding areas get the deluge. Several have told me this area is known to the old timers as dry ridge. I call it the Cinco Ranch split cause the first year we lived in our home there, in the midst of drought, rain would form and split to go to the north and south of us. I was so thankful for the rain for many reasons but specifically I wouldn't have to water the flowers before going to the women's ministry event at church.

Which was a lot of fun, the event last night. We made a square of wood come alive with comforting words. So there was painting, drying, placing our vinyl onto the prepared plaque, painting over everything with another color choice, and sanding and distressing our work. The evening was named Salty and Sweet, so the snacks met every need and gave us the sugar rush to do the work. I have to admit the tedious work, which can put me over on the NancyMon stress scale, was happily outsourced to kind friends who bore my burden so to speak. I would still be there trying to finish up my piece if I hadn't had help.

Before the rain yesterday, the backyard was teaming with nature; two groundhogs, three squirrels, baby bunny foo foo, and about 6-8 young cardinals. Of course the doves were around and a mockingbird came in to make an appearance.

The Anniversary Sale is about to begin at Nordstrom. Well, it actually has for card holders. Long ago you had to be at a certain level to have the early access. This year I wasn't particularly interested but I did a quick look see on Thursday and found much to my delight and surprise that Nord carries the hair products I like, Oribe. Since I love Nord Reward points I ordered what I needed and of course there is the free shipping.

Thankful for an easing into the day Saturday.

Nancy's Monablog