Monday, October 14, 2019

Spanning the Week

Nothing like a little unknown to begin a day. I had an email from Roy letting me know the alarm had gone off in the night...well, I forgot to set the alarm last night so.... I checked the app and I also had a text from the alarm monitoring company but nothing about an alarm. So as I am trying to find information on what all this means the distinct scent of something burning hits me like a brick. Panicked somewhat by the alarm news I try to hunt out the source of the aroma...all the while in my pajamas. Thankfully, it wasn't anything here at the house but across the road where tree debris is being burned...which I thought there was a burn ban but I guess since we have had some rain that  ban might have been lifted.

Early last week I thought I saw a cow in the dormant pastureland right across from us. Then a day or so later it seemed there was another cow and yesterday a herd was confirmed. Not as numerous as in the past but at least ten cows and one baby calf. That is such good news that for now it doesn't look as if that land will be developed for houses. Across from the pasture where the burning is happening, that looks like it might be making ready for development. I sure hope not but the good thing is if it is developed it isn't front and center from the front porch view.

The little family of three is enjoying the cat house and I haven't even plugged it in for warmth yet. Strawyer and Mr McBeavy spend the most time in it but Punky got some house time late yesterday afternoon. I turned the house diagonally to be able to see the front entrance a little better.
Well, there has been a change...make that a family of seven. This morning after Nathan and Andrew finished laying the pine needles, trimming and cutting down the nearly dead plum tree, Punky and Mr McBeavy brought down two kittens from up near the tree stumps. Two black and white kittens and then I saw there was what looked like a gray and white kitten with another black and white one. Punky was putting them in the new house for the cats thus displacing Strawyer who was none too happy about their presence. Mr McBeavy, he has been playing with them and keeping them close at hand. Punky finally brought down the other two. I was planning on leaving but there has been a change of plans on that...more in the next paragraph. Anyway, I went out there to give some treats and Punky didn't seem to care that I was walking amongst her kittens. I hope she is trusting me but after yesterday's mishap, I didn't know if all trust was gone...yet you'll find out in another paragraph.

Punky accidentally got stuck in the garage for several hours. Because of her kittens being alone for those hours, she was frantic in the garage. So a frantic feral means I had some cleaning up to do. She had knocked down food and bowls, things on shelves. She also left a nice chunk of hair on the sticky fly catcher. As I began cleanup her little meow came from behind a few things. She was where Riley would sleep. Punky left in a scurry hurry to check on her fam. She left me with a very stinky garage. Nervous ferals fart a lot I've learned, Riley stunk up the vet office on her visit there.

When I started up the Mustang, the front panel where the speedometer and other instruments was a blank screen. Thought maybe I had hit a button or something. I turned off the car and began looking at Google to see if it wasn't serious and wouldn't have to call the dealer. Well, it is serious and there was a recall on these panels but we never got notice. After spending a whole lot of time on hold I was finally able to schedule an appointment for October 22nd.
Good Monday, yes it has been a while and Buddy is making this more difficult by stretching out in front of the lap top. We might be situated now. The morning temp is 42. A brisk morning for sure. Buddy has been out on the front porch and soon returned inside. I wore flannel for the first time, well outside of home, last night. Hopefully we have made that all important turn into the fall season.

Since the last post my attitude has adjusted about the far out date of October 22nd for Mustang Sam to get into the repair shop. I think I was having a very horrible, not so fun day last Thursday. My attitude was not in a good place. The pace of life is slower here and I need to remember that in the good and in the annoying.

There is kitten news but I think I will make that a separate post.

I am so thankful for our Sunday School class, the Joy Class. Yesterday, we had yet another lesson on idolatry. It's not that I don't think we don't have idols in our lives that need to be gotten rid of, but we have had so many lessons this year on idolatry and rebellion. I studied and prepared but felt like the lesson wasn't good. It was in  2 Kings 17 when the Assyrians defeat Israel and take them into captivity. Three friends encouraged me yesterday after the lesson and those words came at the right times cause I was beating myself up on the inside. I do love the studying during the week for the lessons and I love our class. We are a praying class, a generous class, a laughing class and a noisy class who loves the Lord.

Monday, October 7, 2019


What a beautiful cool Monday morning and the afternoon holds hope of rain. I survived teaching Hosea and the rest of the security cameras will be installed today.

The following is from a blog post I didn't publish last week and most all of it contains old and no news but the following paragraphs are just for catch up.

****We studied Jonah yesterday in Sunday School and this Sunday we will look at Hosea. Now, that is going to be the opposite from yesterday. Jonah, so familiar to us that we can overlook the multi layers to this book of the Bible but coming this Sunday, I don't think I have ever taught Hosea nor can I remember ever hearing anyone teach from it except maybe a snippet here and there. So truly, Hosea is a minor prophet... Last Wednesday when we had a new security system installed, God arranged...which is a major theme of Jonah, for the two techs doing the installation would be believers. I was outside when they pulled in the driveway and from the car came the sound of someone preaching or teaching...After frying and freezing apples I told Chris if they needed me I would be upstairs studying my Sunday School lesson. He asked what is it on and I replied Jonah. wonderful, he and Colin were listening to Greg Laurie in the car who just happened to be teaching on Jonah. So I Googled him up and read some of his Jonah notes and that my friends, turned the direction of how I studied. A great side story to this, Chris asked some questions about the book of Jonah, like he was seeing if I really was studying Jonah for the lesson on Sunday. Answered all his questions satisfactorily.

Last week held success in finally getting out some fall decor. Usually, I am on this by Labor Day but it took a little longer than usual this year. I bought some pumpkins from one of the favorite produce stands and have those outside on the front deck. I did a Johnson City trip last week which included both Amish stores. The new one was out of French burnt peanuts, so you know me and back road didn't take much for me to decide to go to the old store and they had some. Also tried a blood orange sparkling water they carry and yes, it is the bomb diggity. Not acidic like so many sparkling waters.****

On Friday my cousin David called. I don't think David has ever called and we haven't been in touch for years. He and Jan would be in the area and wanted to know if I would like to meet them for lunch on Sunday. Yes, of course, how fun! We had a good time of catching up and remembering. Dave and Jan travel quite a bit with car shows and racing. Not a bad retirement at all and when they aren't pulling trailers for their racing, they are touring about on their trike...a beautiful three wheeler motorcycle. We decided to go to The Farmer's Daughter in Chucky TN for lunch, southern comfort food and we had the opportunity to see if the leafs are changing...the leafs are still rather green with a slight touch of yellow and very few reds.
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In preparation for the cooler temps I made taco soup. Gave some to Brenda and today I will get some into the freezer for colder days. I also fried up some apples so the kitchen was busier than normal. I have also watched more TV than normal with the Astros in the playoffs and LSU playing Utah State on Saturday. On Saturday night I happily went to bed knowing the Astros were up 1-0 and I am happy that they won the game. The ninth inning would have made me too nervous and would have had a difficult time going to sleep. I might have to head over to a local restaurant today to see the Astros since we don't get the MLB channel.

Yesterday, we studied Hosea in Sunday School. I was challenged all week preparing for the lesson. I am so thankful for two books that helped me get it all straightened out in my head and heart and on paper. We mainly looked at God's part in the story but we also spent time looking at Gomer's perspective and it was rather insightful and probably nothing you will ever hear from a pulpit. I had shared with Roy what I had found and he said, that is so interesting, I would go with that but if you were teaching men, I'd say, go the standard way. I reminded him if I was teaching men I wouldn't be in a Baptist church. Roy, the class and I got a good chuckle over that. I also have to write that I teach the most loving and supportive class. They are all such encouragers. Good thing I looked ahead at this week's lesson, which is on idolatry for the millionth time this year, cause the lesson could have gone that way...but it is all saved up for this week.

Collin, with Asheville Security helped, please read mostly did all the work in the set up, me put up the canopy that promised it was a pop up, no problem...I am always taken in by these descriptions. Ha! Anyway, we got the canopy for the little feral fam, I put in the stakes and put together the cat house. So far Strawyer is the only cat that has gone in but I hold onto hope that Punky and Mr McBeavy will go in.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

At What Cost? Not Believed Cause I Wasn't Sporting Texas Big Hair

It seemed eerily familiar although it wasn't anything I have experienced in a while. In the midst of the moment it didn't come to me what exactly was happening...but in hindsight I had encountered a "gang" at the Biltmore Estate. No, not a gang like we think about today where young men and women can wreck havoc in this was a band, an association, a the word would be maybe a sorority of women....Texas women who took over the gift shop with their chaos, entitlement and general disarray that can happen when friends shop competitively and sadly without a whole lot of laughter. Maybe I should start at the beginning.....

Such a lovely day. Breakfast at Corner Kitchen, a little shopping and then a hair appointment at Wink for highlights and color. It was such a beautiful day I concluded that although a Target run needed to be made, it was just the perfect day for a drive through the Biltmore Estate. Note to pass holders, we only have a month or so to be able to drive past the house and through the wall garden...but that is another topic entirely. After browsing in the Screen Door, I headed toward the estate. Lovely as always, stopped in the garden center and then went to the Inn. Feeling a little hungry it seemed a great idea to eat in the Library. Because of good memories of lunch with either Lisa or Dena, I ordered the truffle fries...then added a cup of French onion soup and a cobb salad. I decided to bring the salad home and concentrate on the fun food. There was a group of women at a table seating 6-8 and I think I heard they were from Dallas which reminded me of a group from the long ago that were so rude at breakfast. It is that time of year when the shop there at the Inn should be having a sale and I wasn't disappointed but I did come into a chaotic group of three women who seemed to have the store staked out so that it was difficult to shop. That's okay cause I went to the sale rack first while they messed around with jewelry and scarfs. There was a pecking order to the group and the size 2, older blond lady seemed to be the leader. Her second in command was not as stylish but yet stylish linen or sleeveless blouse like the leader. The third lady was tall, maybe taller than me and oh what a faux paux to be dressed in a stylish track suit but clearly she could not be taken seriously because she probably wore a size 12 or 14. The other noticed item was, she hadn't been the first choice to accompany first and second command. She bought her things and told them she was moving on. The two seemed quite pleased with this news and it was as if they had willed it to happen. They went back to their selections....and wishing for the friend they wish was really there but for some reason didn't make the trip. They decided to buy her a gift but the dilemma of what amount to spend. It seems that they wanted to get something she would love but not spend a lot. How disingenuous from their declarations of wishing she was here, she's that third woman. Meanwhile I'm shopping, speaking with the woman working in the shop and had decided to do another look through when the two decided they were ready to check out, complete with the 25% off one item that hotel guests get. The second lady was ready to check out and motioned to me to go ahead because I was close to the counter. No, she was clearly on a shopping roll, she could go ahead. Somehow, it came up...Texas. I don't remember how. They were both from Houston, only the leader has had to move to another city in the state. Now, it could have been with my haircut and highlights I wasn't blond enough or hair poofed up enough to believe I was from Texas...stylists here just don't understand that Texas hair thing. They asked where I lived in Texas, told them. They added they were from Houston, more specifically West U. West U is a snazzy part of town along with Memorial, Tanglewood and River Oaks. Then I said, well, when my parents first moved to Houston we lived in West U but with the call of the suburbs being so popular we moved to the suburbs. Annoyance quickly crossed their faces and then they asked well, where did you live in West U? Charlotte Street...must be a good street now cause the original house was torn down years ago to be replaced with a McMansion. Their countenance lightened as the secret test had been administered and passed by me. They hoped my parents hadn't been duped like so many they knew from back in the day, moving to moved to Westbury. Where did I go to high school....Westbury. Did I know________? Uh, what year did she graduate? 67. Ha, I said well, I graduated in 72, so I got the I am younger than you punch in. They tested my knowledge of Houston, well known places...passed. I added kiddie land and peppermint park, cause I doubt they went there as the two were they got a jab in, South Main Drive In. No, I was riding ponies not making out. They leaned in, why would you want to move here? Why rural? Why not a gated community? I should have said, cause people like you live in gated communities...haha! I told them we had been tourists for twelve years and loved it here. With my health, it was best for me to be able to live where my health thrives thus I thrive. There are four seasons to life and we have made such wonderful friends here, who wouldn't love it? The pace of life is desirable, food delicious and within an hour drive to see some of most beautiful sights around. They left....the shop and both the sales lady and I were glad.

For a brief moment I defaulted to that kind of conversation of testing and figuring. It is the kind of conversation that can happen, for me mainly happened in tennis, but sometimes it can happen in church world, where conversation is for measuring worth but not value. It saddened me that I can still converse like that so easily. Yes, I am delusional thinking that my road anger had been banished by the Lord only to find it resurfaced the last time I was driving the freeways of Houston. Many times I lament the ability to think on my feet. If I had been thinking about it while talking to the ladies I could have thrown a few names that would have made their knees buckle, but they probably wouldn't have believed me know cause yesterday, I wasn't presenting with Texas big hair, I was wearing dressy camo and for goodness sake, I was wearing comfortable shoes....albeit, cute comfortable shoes. Yes, it is finer to be in Carolina in the morning, afternoon, evening or night. Finer to be in Carolina in any of the seasons, but most especially produce stand season...

*****disclaimer, not all Texans are like these women, Got lots of Texas friends to prove that.*************

Monday, September 23, 2019

Fall From A Distance

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It is the first day of fall and this morning we certainly are experiencing autumnal temps but the morning cannot fool us because today is going to be a day that ends up feeling like summer. But out here blogging on the back porch with a cup of JFG coffee, Buddy on the daybed, and the ferals fed this morning, I can pretend it will be fallish all day.

Speaking of the ferals, they gave me a little scare yesterday morning. I decided I would feed them right before leaving for church. That helps keep them off the driveway while leaving. When I opened the backdoor, they were no where to be found. Whistled the special whistle that announces food several times and no shows. Punky has been the first to the door in the past week because she has had her kittens under the house. I left without leaving any food and hoped nothing had gotten the little family of three during the night. The thought occurred that possibly Punky had moved her kittens. When I returned from church a disgruntled family of three greeted me, no breakfast, no brunch...where was the food? Came into the garage and fixed up three bowls of grub. This made the cats happier but they still carried about that miffed feeling while eating. This morning we were all on time for breakfast and I think while sitting here and watching Punky take a serendipitous route to the gravel road, only to be exposed by the boys just taking the direct route, that she has moved the kittens up there. Hope it turns out okay cause nothing good has ever happened on that gravel road for her ancestors. 

The lesson yesterday in Sunday School wasn't quite the lesson that Lifeway had prepared but that should not come as a surprise. We have this one Sunday to look at the life of Elisha and 2 Kings 6 didn't seem to do justice of the life and miracles of Elisha. He was prepared to be used on the big stage by God but he was equally as comfortable in the everyday, being used by God in so many ways benefiting cities, schools and individuals. We looked at the everyday miracles which seems to be an oxymoron but it isn't. Elisha is mentioned in the NT once and Elijah has 29 mentions. This past week studying Elisha was not only interesting but eye opening to being used by the Lord, today in the here and now. I used Marge Caldwell as an example, being so involved with so many people, mentoring many, specifically Beth Moore, touching people of all ages with her books and talks and in person. Counselor for sure but as each person stood at the podium to eulogize Marge, each speaker began with this sentence, "I was Marge Caldwell's best friend." She made you feel that way. This week we are looking into the life of Jonah. I began studying yesterday evening in earnest because of plans later in the week.
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Last Thursday a group of us from church went to Knoxville for two hour tour, a two hour the weather didn't start getting rough and I don't think we were ever lost but we did have a bunch of fun. Lunch and sightseeing on the TN river. This is one of the few times while going to Knoxville I haven't been driving. It's a beautiful drive. We had a delicious lunch and then we were free to roam about. I roamed about taking pictures cause there were many bridges over the river and I loves me some bridge pictures. I took way too many but that's ok, they will just get deleted in time. Thursday night I went to bed at 8:00 pm. Guess so much excitement, bus riding and river boating just wore me out.

Last night we had choir practice after a three week hiatus. I enjoyed having Sunday nights at home but was ready to get back to work and worship. Our pastor did a Q and A for Sunday night church last night and since I had everything done that needed to be done, I went for that. Very interesting and his approach is so well thought out.

Last week as rain pummeled parts of Houston, Roy and several co-workers were in Ruston La on a recruiting trip for their company. They prepared if they would have to delay their return trip and they did stay an extra night due to the rain and not being able to get into Houston because of flooded roads. They got home safe and sound but this morning Roy said the tales that are being told from co-workers who were not able to get home for hours or ended up getting a hotel room and spending the night downtown are fascinating. Think he was happy to spend the extra night instead of dealing with all that. He discovered Coke, root beer and Dr Pepper floats are at almost every restaurant in town...not all flavors together, though. Cheapest dessert on the menu and he was a happy camper.

Well, I was getting ready to close this post out when Punky came back to the yard. She ate a little more then moved to where a flat rock in the yard is covered by shrubs and butterfly bushes. I had thought maybe this is where she had moved her kittens but then saw her go down the gravel road. The kittens are on that flat rock. Heard little meows and see some movement. I think and I can't see them well, but it does look like there might be an orange and white kitten and maybe a calico. I can't show too much interest because she will move them farther from the yard. So for now, from a distance.....

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

While Cats Nap, Hummingbirds Buzz and I Work

We are anxiously awaiting the cool front coming through tomorrow bringing temps where they normally would be for fall. The little cool front is just a hint of cooler weather to come but it is looking like it will be warm again over the weekend. We got a little bit of rain last week but it looks like I'll need to get out and do a little watering. Buddy and I are on the back porch this morning. It is still in the 60's and the back is still shaded from the sun. The sound of repairs accompanies the birds. Our neighbor, one house away had a tree do some damage to all three floors of their home during a storm in July. Just this week the construction has begun in earnest.

Punky is much skinnier which means she probably had her kittens Sunday night. She came to breakfast yesterday not as big and today, she is back to her trim youthful figure. She and Mr McBeavy played and wrestled last night and she hasn't been doing that too much in the past few weeks. I think the kittens are under the house, not the deck. The Mr is beginning to hang out more with Strawyer and he spends time up on the gravel road which really isn't a good idea. The do stay around here the majority of the time and aren't so prone to you feel it...from the food and shelter they love. I hope they really like the cat house and the covering I ordered. The covering should be delivered this week.

Last Sunday we studied Elijah and Elisha. This week is the only week we look at Elisha and his ministry in just one situation. So, I am researching and looking at all his miracles that happened through God's anointing and power. So we will have a more well rounded look at him.

There is a magazine from the Netherlands that I love and can find if one is fortunate at Barnes and Noble. I have considered a subscription and did that one time but it sounds as if the delivery is problematic. The theme of so many of the articles is on mindfulness and being present in the moment. From the sound of the reviews, customer service is pitiful. No one answers the phone, no responses to email and so the ever looming bad review is posted for all to see on the web. Seems to be somewhat ironic.

On Saturday I made my way over to the Candy Corn Market at the Haywood County Fairgrounds. Doug and I went to the spring market and found some fabulous things. Since I am not one that likes traffic or difficulty in parking, I decided if I went, I would get there around 1:00. The market closes at 3:00. Yes, there was still good stuff available for purchase. There is another one of these in November and I think I will go back to the lady who makes shower bombs. Oh my goodness! A great price and the best I have used so far. I found a Christmas sheep, chenille dog for the other twin bed, dried hydrangeas, and the cutest alpaca socks. It was supposed to be a cooler type day but it was downright hot, so my time is always limited if the possibility of getting hot presents itself.

One of my favorite authors passed away last week, Ann Rivers Siddons. Years ago, when I discovered her books, that was a very happy time of reading. When Ann, cause I know she would want me to call her by her first name, came to Houston at the Ritz Carlton for a book tour that included high tea, my friend Linwood and I were there. Such a delightful time and she took Q and A before signing her latest book. I did get brave enough to ask a question about one of her earlier books and the question so obscure, she didn't remember what she had written and kind of brushed off the question but we were richly rewarded in the book line. Linwood, who had lived in the same apartments after college, she of University that is in Tuscalooser and Ann, of Auburn in Atlanta. Many of the characters of her stories are based on those she met while living at  these popular apartments with the hipsters of that generation. Linwood wasn't a hipster but she did like to be where the action is. So, she and Ann had this great conversation about people they knew from the apartments and that their time had overlapped and what a shame, they didn't meet. Linwood also knew Ellen Gilchrist's mother in Jackson MS. Another favorite author. Linwood's mom played bridge with her on a weekly basis. She got several books signed for me when she went home to visit. The infamous Linwood also went with me to a cancer fund raiser and the speaker was Winston Groom of Forest Gump fame. I have one of the few first editions of Forest Gump and I brought it along for him to sign when he signed his newest book. Linwood brought her University of Alabama yearbook, they graduated the same year and had him sign it. She made the news. Linwood is the most southern woman I have ever met...and I mean it in both the nicest ways and in the "well, bless your heart" way cause southern ladies can be some of the meanest ever but in the most mannered way.

Well, the cats have all settled in for the mid morning nap, that includes Buddy, but Strawyer has been awakened to chase something. As for me, even though I have been up since 4:00 am with Buddy, there are things to do and maybe a few places to go.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Encounters of the Wasp Kind, Junior High and September 11th

Truthfully, I haven't felt like writing lately which is unusual for me. There have been a lot of good thoughts and things crossing my mind but when it came to sitting down behind the computer, that simply didn't appeal to me. Circumstances keeping me busy are the most likely culprit but the fire to write is on a slow burn but it is not completely extinguished. It will fire right up again but for now its a low burn and glow.

I had an encounter with a wasp yesterday. It had flown into the car but I thought I had shooed it on its way. Driving to meet Judy W at church, I literally came face to face with that bugger. The wasp had positioned itself on the dashboard, looking straight into my face. I was glancing to the left and right trying to find someplace to pull over and put the top down on Sam to give it every chance of escape...I was surprised not to have been reported on the scanner site on FB of erratic driving cause that wasp started flying right into my face. 🎝The first time ever I saw your face....thank you Roberta buzzed about my head, not Roberta but the wasp, circled a couple of times and came to rest in its original position on the dashboard. Dang... I rolled down the window, wasp made another head pass and returned to dashboard. A gust of wind got that wasps attention and out the window he went. Thankfully, no going over an embankment or sliding over the line in the road or running into a tree.

This week has also had a junior high school throw back in that I got a zit...sorry not to offend, anyway the kind I used to get back in the day. Hated them then, hate them more now cause this is not supposed to be happening when someone is in their mid sixties. Well, that is also when I was in junior high, so maybe my body and hormones,what's left of them, got a mixed signal. Anyway, I think the worst is over with this stupid thing and hopefully my skin will resolve itself with the help of my skin care products that have rectified the problem over the past few days. Thank you Rodan and Fields!

I have also now realized if something happened to me that would be reported on the news, I would be described as an elderly woman. What? No way! Ugh! Yes, an elderly woman with acne no just one big jr high can that make me be old?

Yesterday some of us from our Sunday School class went to see our friend and fellow class member whose son died on Monday. We took sandwiches, chips, drinks and dessert. We sat there and let her talk and then we all talked. Two of the ladies had sons that passed away and were such an encouragement to her, really to all of us.  The service is tomorrow and the days ahead will not be easy yet we know that God is there and He will carry the family and friends. I rode with Judy W and I shared with her before getting into my car, hearing these stories of people and places here...adds such a rich texture to living here, the sad stories, happy stories and just the stories. I love when all the ladies were connecting the dots of people they knew, who had remarried or were the distant relatives of this one or that one. The pastor that is leading the service tomorrow stopped by and as we excused ourselves so they could talk, plan and pray...I visited with him for a few minutes while waiting my turn to hug my friend. He too grew up in these here parts. I love living here!

It was ironic on September 11, 2019 as we visited that September 11, 2001 wasn't too far from my thoughts. We will never forget! It's personal. Many of you know that we would have been in NYC on September 11th, Roy would have been at Windows of the World that morning in one of the towers at a conference. I never had peace about the trip and God gave me several opportunities before this fateful day to know the not having peace with several chance of a lifetime trips, had no peace and didn't go...each of those trips that I didn't go on had something happen that made me know I made the correct decision. How good of God to give me those chances. I've written extensively on this in prior years, so it is easy if anyone wants to read about this just go back on this date especially in the early years of Monablog. Then September 11, 2008 holds the memory of being rushed to a cardiologist office for an echo cardiogram and finding only 10% of my heart was working. The cardiologist office didn't expect me to live through the weekend, the weekend that Ike hit. God has been so good to me on this date as well... they gave me five years to live, ten years if I was lucky but this is year eleven and I am not lucky but fortunately blessed by the Lord.

We here in the dry ridge area received the quick gift of some rain. The trees of the field clapped their hands but the shrubs were indifferent.

Last week we had a group of scam artists come up our little road. I was going to the Google as I watched their van go house to house. When it came time to turn into our driveway, they stopped and didn't turn in, went on down the road. A little later I called Brenda to tell her about it and so we have a phrase I can use that will let her know, all is not well.  Not that I am anticipating anything, but it is good to be prepared. 

The new heated cat house for winter arrived today. I am not going to set it up yet as it is quite warm but I also need to put up some type of covering over it. It is water resistant but I would feel better with something over them and the door, that way my feet stay dry or somewhat dry.

OK, that's all I have for now....

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Finally, A Blog Post

First of all, something I learned yesterday and not at church but in the kitchen. The room that is merely where I pick up something to drink or assemble something for meals, no real time is every spent there...well except in winter when I tend to cook. Anyway, after zonking out for the afternoon, a big ol' nap, cause Buddy and the heat caught up to me, I began to get the trash ready to go out. I had found some really old blackberries in the freezer and had let them defrost in the sink. The plan was to put them down the garbage disposal but I looked at the container and decided the whole thing could just go into the trash. Well...I put the container in a bag before putting it in the trash bag and went about collecting from the various receptacles around the house. That being done, I pulled the trash bag out and blackberry juice went everywhere...all over the floor, my pants, my bare feet and on the kitchen chairs. Goodness, I carried that bag out so quickly to the garage and came in and attacked the juice before it could stain the hardwood floors which are a light color. Then I realized I was making juice footprints, so put on the old gardening shoes and went about cleaning up the mess. From all the 2020 episodes or Dateline I now see why people get caught when they cause blood splatters in the home or business. That juice was everywhere! I mopped and cleaned up everything and I am keeping an eye out for any missed splatters. So what I learned is, go with the original idea of garbage disposal and then throw away the container.  Better yet use your frozen blackberries in a timely manner.

These past few weeks I have stuck around home mostly keeping an eye on Buddy. Last Saturday I got her into the vet on an emergency visit. They gave me some meds for her and if they worked, they would call a prescription into the compounding pharmacy down the street from them. The combo meds have helped Buddy so much. She has night dementia and really bad arthritis. Looks and acts poorly during the day, comes alive at night with super cat powers. Since she doesn't want to sleep in the bed anymore I don't feel as guilty about shutting the door after she leaves the first time. It has worked out pretty well but there is usually a 3:00-4:00 am window where she cries outside the door. Sometimes I let her back in and sometimes not. No matter the door shuts again or stays shut cause she can't settle at night. The past few days she has seemed a little more lively and that is a happy sign.
Just when I think we might be on the road to recovery Buddy has a bad night. It wasn't the worst night she has had but it did make changes for today. Sticking around home instead of venturing off to where I had planned to venture. So, I will work on the lesson for Sunday and re-mop the kitchen to make sure all the blackberry juice is taken care of.

This past weekend was the studio tour and even though I didn't get to as many sites as in years past, it was a productive day. The past few years I begin at Addison Vineyards where several artists display their craft. My favorite is a self taught blacksmith. I have bought several different things from him over the years and he saw me looking at a gate he made. He asked if I was interested and I always am but big pieces like that are always expensive. In the words of The Godfather, he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Being in the Mustang meant coming back later in the truck to pick it up but I continued on with the day by going out to Sandy Mush. Love the artisans whose studios are out in that scenic beauty. Found a couple more things and had a wonderful visit with the Biltmore blacksmith. Also an herbalist who is new to the tour had her studio open. Very interesting woman. On then to Twisted Laurel for lunch, came home got the truck, got the gate and this morning I finally unloaded the gate. Only thing I put a huge gash on my shin trying to get it out of the bed of the truck. Okay, maybe not huge, but a nice sized gash. I thought maybe it could be used on the front deck but the gate is too wide for that. It is probably going to be more of a decorative thing. So until it gets a home around here, it will be in the garage awaiting further placement.

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Buddy and I were watching the evening playtime of Strawyer and Mr McBeavy last night. Sometimes it didn't look like play with Strawyer but then he would return to his normal personality of gentle giant of a cat. The more I look at the Mr I am thinking his father was Mr Meany. Facially and body type is making me think that but Strawyer includes him and keeps watch over him when danger seems to be in the air. Mama Cat showed up on Sunday after a three week absence. She looked like she has been in several battles. Saw Camo once last week. It's mainly the little family of three. This morning the black and white cat was back and I think that is Cali's son that our neighbors adopted. They try to keep him in but sometimes he escapes into the great outdoors.

Weather alerts are sounding off on my phone and thunder is resounding so now to close this and go check on the skies.

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