Thursday, November 15, 2018

Hand Bell, Sleigh Bell, Bat in Belfry...All Singular

It was very noticeable yesterday that the landscape around here has made the turn from fall foliage to winter. Leaves have dropped to the ground and the ones clinging onto limbs are getting that wearied brown coloring. The day is overcast and holds precip dangerously close. So far just a few sprinkles here and there. Beginning tonight, we are under a winter weather warning with most of the ice forming in higher elevations and along the Blue Ridge escarpment. Yesterday, it seemed like a good idea to make a Johnson City trip with a stop at Mountain View store either on the way or on the way home. This morning with the reports of heavier rain in the afternoon that trip is on hiatus.  Instead it was a trip to the bank, Fresh Market, Publix and the Shell station.

Houston has a freeze warning and was colder there yesterday than here. Roy left the office early to get the pipes wrapped. He had figured to do that after Thanksgiving but sometimes weather plays havoc with the usual. He has the heater guys coming out because the heater there has been wonky off and on. He said this morning the carbon dioxide detector went off but he thinks faulty batteries near the end of their life was the problem. Today is also moving day for him at the office. They are moving on up to the 8th floor. Roy's office is a little smaller than the one he had but he is thrilled that his group is closer to his office and they aren't spread out across the in various cubicals across the floor.
My brother called this morning on his way back to Nashville. He had to take care of some paperwork to finally wrap up all the loose ends from my father's estate. Think he is happy to have it all come to a close. I was telling him about some of the research I have been doing on narcissists and in that research there was a fact that we knew all too well. Besides all the intentional cruelty one could experience from his hand, experts discussed why Christmas is the holiday a narcissist loves to destroy. There are just a few Christmas's that weren't sabotaged by our father. We both kind of moaned and then laughed cause we don't have to deal with that anymore and haven't had to for a long time. It was just nice to read that because it reinforced that we weren't crazy...well, not that kind of crazy.

I also talked with a friend this morning and I am thinking of not doing too much Christmas decorating, especially outside this year. Our women's ministry isn't doing the progressive dinner thing and I usually do an entree and cram a group of twelve into our little downstairs. Might not even put a tree. That is not unusual for us. Many years we didn't even decorate except I do remember our first Christmas together, married. We could buy a tree but didn't have money for decorations. Think Mom gave us some lights and I made the decorations out of that salt dough using cookie cutters. I still have the round ones with our names and 1977 on them.  We can spend half of the Thanksgiving holidays decorating for Christmas and then use three fourths of the Christmas holidays putting everything back up. That's the hard part but at least with Roy helping, he does the tedious things and that stuff gets put up correctly and not just thrown into a box with the thought of, oh we can solve this next, don't. know who does that. But the beautiful sleigh bell from Dena arrived yesterday and that might stay out all year. It must be a sign unto me that playing the hand bell is God's will and the bell was the confirmation. She also sent pics of her new window treatments and wow, they are beautiful!

Today has been a fun day watching Cali and Riley playing and chasing one another across the backyard. It probably helps them stay warm. It is funny that you can look away for one moment and they are out of sight and a small movement telegraphs their position. Camo has been around a little but she is not playing, only watching.

Last night just as I was falling asleep a thought came about the Sunday School lesson this Sunday. I asked the Lord to let me remember it this morning cause if I had got up to check out the passage, it would have taken a very long time to fall back to sleep. He is faithful and this morning a little more work was done on the lesson.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Cold, Rain and A Snake...

It is a brief trip through Georgia when traveling from Alabama into Tennessee. A blip really but on the trip home on Sunday morning, coming out of Alabama into that blip, a huge sign greeted travelers upon the road...Welcome To Georgia, The Peach State. Honestly, I like South Carolina peaches better but that is an aside. Behind this colorful welcome sign were a row of smaller signs. There must have been around eight of them and each one contained a law or a rule of Georgia. So many signs for such a short trip. Yes, others might not be going to Tennessee but line up will be photo worthy on the next jaunt. Oh and after those eight or so signs, a few feet from the line up is a lone sign, like they forgot or since all those other signs were installed, a new law or rule had been put in place. Welcome to Georgia, now here is the law....  I know those signs are needed but they were difficult to comprehend with so much info flying by and we are all reminded by a sign that speed limits are radar enforced. The big greeting covered up all the incidentals. Don't get distracted by a big greeting. Learning that from Genesis and every time Laban thinks he is going to score gifts, money and treasures from a foreign visitor. All those signs behind the big greeting and welcome reminded me times when groups of friends or people have been invited to someone's house but there are so many rules, that well, it is just not worth it to go to the party or dinner or meeting. The list of possible infractions is near the surface of everything you might be thinking or experiencing. Thus the propensity for a rule infraction is much higher just like spillage is at a higher rate of experience when one wears white pants.

Such a bleak late fall but not yet mid winter kind of day. It looks like winter with a cold rain accompaniment. I woke up this morning with a headache, which I rarely have, and a sore throat which is always a sign unto me to slow down a bit and rest. So, I cancelled my workout with Taylor. Hated to do that but one learns through the years.

Maybe the headache was a sign unto me that I would lose the Merry Christmas Darling contest once again to the fourth time, reigning champion CourtneyS. When I saw her name come up on my phone this morning, I knew this wouldn't be a "what's up" kind of call. She barely won catching the last line of the song. Drat, nine hours on the road not one time MCD!

This year everything seasonal wise was about two or three weeks behind but now that the major holiday time is upon us, seasonal has caught up yet I am feeling and still on the three weeks behind kind of thing.  Holiday Warp speed is upon us.

It has been about a year of knowing the Feral Fam. The family looks a lot different these days than from the early days of taking food up to them on the gravel road. With these cold and wet times, I don't see them out and roaming like usual. This morning Camo was there for breakfast but Cali and Riley were absent. That doesn't mean they didn't come later. Cali and Riley have reunited in playing since our neighbor Nancy was able to capture the kittens. Cali hasn't gotten near me since then but does come when I call for supper time or snack time. Riley still gets close but is ready to move at a moment's notice...nothing has changed there. Cali is just a little over a year old and she bears some of those hard life looks yet other times she looks as young as a kitten. Thankfully, she has been back in the yard and Riley isn't too far behind.

The rain right now is dancing on the metal roof but glancing out the window in the distance it looks like snow. Maybe later in the week with some ice but today it is still a cold rain.
We had a whole bunch of rain yesterday and that created a phenomenon in our front yard. Buddy, not taking no for an answer, wanted out on the front porch. So, with that much whining from her, the front door was open for her and she scooted out for a bit and that is when I noticed something like a fountain happening in the front yard right above the new flowerbed. Now, I knew it wasn't flowerbed related and it shouldn't be anything that has to do with our well and it was too far away from our septic tank and I had no clue what the heck was happening. I didn't want to but I put on my heavy winter boots, what a great investment in 2010, and traipsed out to the yard....kind of felt like Moses going over to investigate the burning bush. I took some pics and then with the toe of my boot moved some of the grass and sod away from the opening in the ground and dang it...I stepped on a snake. My first snake sighting all year long. I didn't scream but I made the quick move away from the water and watched that wiggling snake seek shelter once again. Y'all, I would have never guessed a snake...but he probably had made his winter home in that hole and much to his surprise, his home was flooded. At times the flow of water was so fast that the stream arched high, just like it had been planned in the new flowerbed design. I made a plea on FB for answers and then began calling friends. Cuman, to the rescue! He knew what it was and my fear relieved. Sure enough once the rain dissipated, the fountain filled with snake became a trickle and then stopped. Who knew that all the water from the gutters on the house flowed to this place in the yard? I learn more about mountain life every day. Inez called last night and this morning making sure all was well and I hadn't dreamed of snakes. Need to talk to Cali, Riley and Camo to see if they can make rounds out in the front yard. The other night Cali was on the fence between all those dogs as it was getting dark at 5:15 pm. Once again, winter boots to the rescue and I went outside to see if I could distract the dogs for her escape. While doing so my neighbor Josh was out in his yard and he got to see this beauty close up cause I hadn't brushed my bozo hair or put on makeup. My teeth had been brushed, whew! He said that Cali had brought her kittens down to his yard and had them covered by a big shrub. He put out food for her but he said once he had discovered her kittens, they were on the move. Makes me happy that others around here care for the feral and feed them too.

Houston is having sleet and snow. We should have ice Wednesday into Thursday morning. After making a post office trip this morning, I headed on over to the grocery store to pick up a few needed items, not ice related scare items. Got home and fixed orange chicken and jasmine rice. So very delicious! Buddy has gone to nap and that is sounding like a pretty solid idea.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Seasonal Change....Maybe Snow...Most Probably No

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The drive last Wednesday through the Natahala was filled with the vibrant colors of the leaves changing. The yellows dazzled and the reds radiant. Not too many brown leaves but it was a show that can only be done by God. I thought maybe by the time I got back to the mountains the leaves would have already fallen to the ground. Some had but the display was on going. On a trip to Chattanooga and all those years we came up here as tourists, we always stopped in Andrews at the rest stop. Since it has been a couple of years since driving that way the Andrews rest stop has had a makeover and it looks really nice. They also redid the ramp up to the door not making the climb so steep. There are beautiful photo op spots all around there and the trees didn't disappoint. Once you hit the Birmingham area going south the vibrancy of the leaves began to dull and the brown hue more prominent in the trees. It was as if the trees and the leaves were just weary...weary from a long summer of heat.

It is good to be home. I left so many things not done around the house, so slowly but surely things are being done on the to do list. Salvation Army has changed its hours and made it a little more difficult to drop things off, so today it was a Goodwill kind of day. Drive through and easy to do. There were a couple of errands to be run in Weaverville as well.

Tuesday evening our neighbors were able to catch Cali's two kittens. Nancy is trained in kitten rescue so those two cuties are in good hands. Cali but more so Riley, seems to be a little upset with their absence. Cali has stopped coming up close to me but I am sure hoping to win her back. Tonight, in preparation for the cold temps that are to come beginning tomorrow, hay and straw has been strategically placed around the deck and house to help keep them warm. They have been using the tent of napping quite a bit and that includes Big Sissy Daddy. He is in there almost every afternoon. At first I was a little sad that the kittens aren't with Cali but really they will have a much better chance at life. Now to catch Cali and Riley....and mean Aunt Camo, get them fixed and then release them back into their habitat....gravel road and backyard. Camo today earned her snacks by chasing squirrels out of the edge of the yard.
Today is a much needed day at home not so much for projects but for emotional and mental health. I started ardently on Wednesday working on the Sunday School lesson for November 18th. Usually, preliminary work has been done before then and it occurred to me that maybe that lesson prep should come with me to Shreveport, but the logical conclusion won that there wouldn't be time as well as there were other things to ponder and consider on the drive. I don't mind driving instead of flying because it is the best thinking and praying time along the road.

In earnest, I have been looking into narcissistic behavior to better understand my father and what happened in his life to make him one. So, thinking through what I have learned and applying it to understanding our life growing up took up a great bit of thinking time. There is a better understanding of his cruelty and the joy he got from other's pain. His "silent" treatment and his very skilled set of using manipulation to achieve what he wanted and sadly there at the end when his skill set diminished, the straws he grabbed at to maintain and control unraveled. He began to truly believe what he had told himself was the truth. Thinking on this is beyond the why did this happen to us and more the circumstances and decisions that influenced his behavior. His easy use of double speak and his ability to lie and be so believable to others were truly amazing and you know amazing is not an active word in my vocabulary. Since his death in 2017 I am more cognizant of the devices and speech patterns used by narcissists and when those red flag warnings go off inside me, distance, distance, distance is the location, location, location...that is where you'll find me. In the words of Carol King, "so far away."  On the drive I also listened to comedy radio and found myself laughing so hard and for so long. Jeff Foxworthy cracks me up. You can only listen to that when the land is flat and the trees sparse to keep the coverage without blips of interruption.

Overcast and rainy, no complaints here because it is a great way to read, drink tea and do a little writing. The call of sunshine makes exiting the house so easy and so wayward to soul care. Yesterday, Mike the Mower Man mulched the leaves in the yard for the grass to have some nourishment for spring. He is also coming back with his aerator to fertilize the yard. He was hurrying because of the forecast of rain. The rain made him hurry yesterday but the rain today is causing me to slow down and take in the seasonal change happening this weekend. Maybe snow next week, but probably in the higher elevations. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Life In This Past Week Part Two

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Let's see, where were we? Oh yes, we had just left the luncheon after the service. Friends and church members prepared a lovely smorgasbord. We got to visit with Jared and his girlfriend Madeline. She is a CPA so you know that she and Roy had so much to talk about...Jared and I just stared off in the distance dreaming of other conversations. Haha! I wish Sprint would bring back the little alien man that was on the flip phone. That animation could keep me entertained for long periods of time. I talked with Jessica, niece, who is a soccer coach at Florida Tech. She said last year she and her team got "stuck" in Western North Carolina when a hurricane made travel home impossible. They got to use the practice fields for Western North Carolina in Slyva...  They also got to do some hiking. Jason and Jennifer know Jenny J, so it is a small world...Jennifer works or worked for Jenny's long time assistant.

We left the luncheon and not getting to spend much time together...we headed....straight area. What did you think I was going to write? Anyway, since the beginning of time or at least since the beginning of our marriage, I am the main shopper of clothes for Roy. We found some great shirts but forgot to look at pants. Oh well....then we went to the best Home Good Store I have ever been in....the one in Shreveport tops the one in Katy. It is all Home Goods and we found a lot of really good stuff, some of it needful. Anyway, it is always fun to re-introduce Roy to the whole Home Goods shopping experience. The aisles are too narrow, you have to sort through things to find the best stuff and there is an etiquette to the check out line.

Still full from lunch, we opted out of dinner and just snacked. We were both so tired. Lots of emotions to process for Roy. His youngest brother called him in the early evening asking if he wanted to meet him and his older brother at Buffalo Wild Wings, but Roy declined the offer electing to spend more time with me. Now that is a wonderful hubby. On Saturday morning we began gathering up all our stuff. I had brought Roy a lot of Dr. Enuf and White Lily flour for biscuit making. Also a lot of apples. He in turn brought my I Love Lucy pajamas, a red leather jacket and a heavier jean jacket. Oh and a primitive bench that didn't make it here in the last trip in 2016. Then we went to Academy. We found the shoes that Roy has been looking for and we loaded up on a bunch of LSU fan gear. It was a fun experience being in Louisiana on Alabama and LSU game day...and then night came and that is a whole nother story.  We came back to the hotel and finished loading up and then headed over for lunch at El Chico. Yes, more Mexican food and it was sooooo good!

After lunch, sadly...we went our separate ways for now. It was a long drive or so it seemed to Meridian where I stayed the night. In fact I stayed at the same hotel in 2014 when on the last day of my month in Asheville, we talked with a mortgage broker because the offer on the house we now own had been accepted by the seller. We left in the early afternoon and made it to Meridian that night. Now back to the present...Supper was at Cracker Barrel cause it is close by and meatloaf sounded really good. Ironically, the sound for the CBS station did not work on the TV in the room. So I tuned in to LSU would have been great if LSU had won but since there is a seven second delay I watched the play and then had to hear it a few seconds later. That first drive looked good when they stopped Alabama from scoring...but I went to sleep at halftime.

This is the second time I have traveled on fall back weekend and it is confusing to say the least. Been in central time, then an hour back, then going into eastern time the next day. At least the watches I took didn't need changing cause the hour back made ET, Central Time and I had already made that adjustment. Are you confused? I still am. I have not reset all the clocks in the house either.

Sunday morning it was up early and back to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Then on the road. The timing of everything with the weather was a consideration since I would be in between systems. Arrival in Chattanooga was about 12:30. Went straight to the mall and did some shopping at Home Goods, Barnes and Noble, Belk, Academy and a return to Home Goods. That Shreveport store has really spoiled me. Lunch was delicious and at Abuela's. Yes, cheese enchiladas with chili gravy and I think this was the best chili gravy of the trip. Checked into the hotel and slept like a baby. Monday, up early and on the road with a side stop at Merceir's Orchard. Picked up some goodies and got back on the road and arrived a little after noon. Cali was here to greet me only because she was hungry, but I will take it.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Life In This Past Week Part One

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Our cool and overcast morning is transitioning into a beautiful day. Originally, the day's forecast held mostly rain, some of it very heavy at times. That heavy rain happened overnight and I am sure it awakened many. Looking out the bonus room window toward the west, the sun is breaking through and Mary Joyce's home is gleaming in the radiance.

I left the mountains last Wednesday to drive to Shreveport. Roy's younger brother Mike had passed away on the 27th. Before leaving Wednesday held finally, the long awaited follow up visit from the ablation for afib and a-flutter on March, after being postponed twice by the cardiologist office. The visit held good news, great news in fact, probably the best news concerning my heart in a long time. I had some questions for the Dr about what he found and then corrected during the procedure. Five years ago the cardiologist used heat to correct the misfires, but this time here, they used the cold/frozen to correct things. The four places that had been addressed five years ago had become active here's to do you want to build a snowman procedure and that it will last longer than five years. The Dr left though with the encouragement that the skipped beats and slower beats are nothing to worry about....for now....

The next thing on the list of to dos before leaving was taking Buddy over to Lois' home. Had most of everything assembled but decided to give her a chill pill for her first day there. Buddy came out of her crate immediately began exploring upon her arrival. No hiding for a day or so for her. Talking about Buddy, not Lois. Since I didn't want to upset Buddy before leaving, I didn't pull a suitcase out while she was here. So a mad dash home, packed and loaded the truck...then off for the first night in the Chattanooga area. I am a methodical packer but I was a bit remiss in packing necessary items, one of which was a brush. You might think, Nancy, your hair is designed for the messed up look...oh yes, but one has to use a brush at times to get that look. So now, I have along with my dedicated travel bag of product, designated hairbrush and pick that stay in the suitcase until it is go time. We realized when planning the journey that I would not make it on Thursday in time for visitation and provided a stressful release. It is still warm in Shreveport and all the spring/summer/early fall stuff has been put away here and only one winter outfit met the warm temp criteria. Upon arriving in Chattanooga Wednesday night, some of the planned shopping stops were put on hold cause I was dang tired. Ate at the local Cracker Barrel and then checked into the hotel. I had packed an extra day of clothes, so we decided I would add a Sunday night stay back in Chattanooga and use Sunday afternoon for the shopping stops.

Thursday was the longest day of driving but you get the hour back. Things I learned on this eight hour plus jaunt,

  • Now I remember why we don't stop for gas in Gadsden Al. A nightmarish conundrum of trying to find a way back to the freeway when the most obvious way is highlighted by a sign that says no turns. Tallulah Toyota nor Google Girl could find a way I made the illegal turn, over the train tracks, in front of a parked train and hoped that the police were somewhere else. Thankfully, they were.
  • Most of the trip the station was set on the Holly station listening for Merry Christmas be the first to hear the song and claim victory this year against CourtneyS. She has won about three years in a row. Some of those Christmas songs were played up to four and five times a day...Finally, I turned down the sound and just kept an eye out for MCD. Never heard it coming or going.
  • During a hard rain storm while passing through Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, the difficulty seeing large 18 wheelers once again became a hazard. The trucks are usually light in color and even with lights are hard to see in a blinding rain storm. 
  • Driving time is a good thinking/praying time. Many a time when facing difficulties, a drive is prescribed to speak to and hear from the Lord. 
Upon arriving in Shreveport and getting a key for the room since Roy had already checked in and had left for the funeral home, I had two things to take care of that evening, find some cheese enchiladas with chili gravy and buy a hairbrush. Both goals were accomplished and bonus...Barnes and Noble trip. It was so good to see Roy when he got to the hotel. We got one of the last available rooms and we had the advantageous first floor room but it was a handicapped room. Now that is was all good except for the fact that the closet had a low hanging bar which isn't good for tall people but we made it work to hang up our tall clothes. 

Our hotel was one minute away from the church where Mike's celebration service was held. The building used to be a car dealership and it had been converted for the church's needs. Very nicely done. We gathered as a family, right before the service for prayer. Deborah planned a wonderful celebration of Mike's life. Truthfully, I thought the time with Roy's family would be awkward. Roy has not stayed close to his brothers and thus here we are, infringing on their usual relationships. How does all that work? But God was in the midst and Deborah was so gracious to us, me in particular. She invited me to ride in the car with her since Roy rode in the car with all the pall bearers. I will forever be grateful for that invitation. We visited along the route as we were served by Shreveport law enforcement and the sheriff's department of Bossier City. Everyone of those law officers, as they stood by their cars letting us pass without delay, saluted. This began in the church parking lot, all the way to the cemetery. Cars on the other side of the roads, not freeways, stopped. It was truly something to take in. The graveside service was brief. Deborah, Jason, Jared and Lauren had picked a beautiful spot for Mike's repose and because Mike was a compassionate mentor and a lover of family, it was not lost on them that the area across from the cemetery is called Legacy. Deborah and the children took it as a sign that this was the right place. I believe they are right. We all gathered at Jason and Jennifer's home for lunch along with family and friends. It came time to say our goodbyes and we left enriched. Truly Mike and Deborah have a good legacy with their children and grandchildren and all the lives of family and friends and those who came into Mike's path, whether it was briefly or for a long time.

To be continued......

Friday, October 26, 2018

I've Seen Cold and Rain....

Home, after a fun morning and early afternoon. This morning I rolled out of here and made the first stop at The Blue Rooster for lunch. Did the veggie thing and coconut cake to go. Got to see Lora for a few minutes and how the Lord uses us to encourage one another is so refreshing. After lunch I headed over to the Hazelwood area and did a little Christmas shopping, then headed on over to Belk. I had Belk money and a coupon and ended up not buying anything. The Waynesville store has always been a favorite to go to but it was a total mess. It has been that way for a while. Checkouts are littered, no covered with clothes ready to be put out on display. No salespeople to speak of and the lines were long. One shirt kind of got my attention but it was hanging up on the wall, even too high for this tall person to attempt getting one down. The shopping areas are cluttered and messy. Most of the clerks are friendly and nice but there are a few over there in the makeup area that are snots. Glad I don't purchase makeup there. I came home and got on their website but can't find the few things that interested me on sorry Belk, it was a no sale kind of day...the second one that has happened in the few weeks. I considered another drive along the parkway but decided it would be better to get on home.

Rain is in the forecast for later this evening and tomorrow. When I got home this afternoon, I took most of the sunflower heads off their stems and placed them in paper bags. Now to let those seeds settle in for the winter and then they will be ready for planting in the spring and summer.

Cali and Riley were here to meet me upon driving into the garage. They have figured out if they catch me earlier than usual, Camo isn't around to bother them and then eat up all the food. So, they got a few treats and then had their supper fixed for them. I am beginning to think that Cali's kittens didn't make it. They should be about 6 or 7 weeks old and full of energy and curiosity. She spends a lot of time with Riley, I could be wrong and I hope that I am but she doesn't seem like the concerned mama like before. It has almost been a year that these feral ones have become a fixture around here.
With this rainy day I am enjoying sticking around home...doing things that I love. Last night after studying and meditating on the Sunday School lesson for Sunday, I began writing points and scriptures down last night. We will be looking at the story of Issac and Rebecca. There is a devotional called Stepping Into The Story and while not using anything from that devotional, just the title is so good. Mark Batterson really brings to life when he teaches on his podcasts and videos the importance of really gazing into what is written and not think like oh, yes, this is a story...they went from point A to point B, you need to really investigate and think through the journey of going...and sometimes we don't do that when we hear familiar and well known Bible stories to us.

Cali arrived for breakfast when called. With it being cold and rainy, their food is placed underneath a spot that is somewhat dry. Buddy, after being moved several times off my lap when I got up to refill my coffee cup, headed to the bedroom where she once again is using the blanket at the end of our bed to take naps. In the cooler weather she has stayed right by my side at night. We are warm at night with flannel sheets and several blankets and a big comforter is we need it. The ceiling fan is set for we are all set here.

Today, once again to my delight, is a flannel shirt, jeans and boot kind of day. Oh happy days. If the showers let up this afternoon I might go to the Post Office. Have a couple of things to get into the mail but if not...there is always tomorrow....or Monday.

Yes, I made it to the post office and grocery store. It had stopped raining but began once hitting the road. On the way home I listened to Kurt Kiser from way, way back in the day. I mainly remember him for youth musicals that were all the rage my junior and senior year of high school. .He partnered with Ralph Carmichael. It was an instrumental selection and although the songs on the album were more from the late 80's and early 90's but his musical touch made the music that took me back to the 70's. Of course when thinking on the 70's my acceptance to go to Baylor but not being able to go somehow always makes the top ten memories from that era. I used to have a dream about Baylor once a quarter in the year, some were poignant dreams and others downright hilarious and very stupid. Then being an Alumni By Choice (ABC) in February of 2014, didn't bring closure but brought everything from that dream like state of what life would have been like if only I had gone to Baylor. But the reality that the Baylor experiment would have probably only lasted a year if I had actually been able to go. ABC made me come to terms with that. Going to Baylor seemed idealistic in light of the truth that my father would have made it the most miserable year. With that discovery or acknowledgement I stopped having Baylor dreams...until the other night. First Baylor dream where I am who I am right now and at Baylor for a fundraising. If that isn't an adult dream...fundraising. I had totally forgotten about that dream until today in Mustang Sam listening to Kurt Kiser, the Chris Tomlin of the 70's.

That is all for now...

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

And Now For The Sleepies

Buddy and I have settled in for the evening. She had the yips earlier and it has been a while since she has moved that quickly. The past few evenings she has raced me to the couch upstairs but sometimes my destination is not the couch or at least not the first stop in the jaunt of putting things away.

We survived the quick winter blast over the weekend. All the flowers out in the gardens are pretty much done for now. It is time to make that transition into winter with the trees dormant and the landscape shaded by beige, light brown and other autumnal colors that soon fade as the days go by. It is exciting to have four seasons and to be able to appreciate all the amenities that arrive each season.

When the alarm went off this morning, second and third and fourth thoughts of not going to Bible study entertained me for a few minutes, but this has been such a good study and the discussions insightful along with a few giggles here and there. I'm glad I only entertained those thoughts because we encountered a wonderful session. Afterwards, I decided against doing the Costco run to Spartenburg and instead headed over to Biltmore Park and the Target a little further down the road. October is a wonderful month for book releases. Many southern authors have books released in those months. I came home with a few that I have had my eye on. I also found my devotion Bible for next year. In honor and in the memory of Eugene Peterson, The Message is what I'll be reading and this edition is very creative with room to color and to jot down notes. I considered eating someplace there in Biltmore Park but decided I would make the trip back to Weaverville and try Soba. First the Target run and a quick look see in Old Navy and Pier One.

Soba is really good! Delicious Japanese noodles with veggies and shrimp. I have enough leftover for supper tomorrow. Tastes so good but man, your breath is staggering for a bit.
The planned  jaunt I had thought about doing today...well, the thought of next week being full of appointments and places I will need to be, kept me at home this morning...although a quick trip is still in mind for this afternoon. Tomorrow the temps drop and Friday holds a lot of rain.

I did make the quick trip to take pictures of the trees I have been photographing the past several weeks. Next week probably most of the leaves will have fallen. Most of the mountains still look green but if there is any color, it pops. On the way home a quick trip to Tractor Supply was successful. They have some of their Christmas stuff displayed but they don't have as many things like they did a few years ago.

This evening while heading to church, once again I noticed how at this time of year the mountains look chiseled against the transitioning sky. There is just so much to notice and to see and sometimes it seems impossible to take it all in. The last of the season hay cutting is happening and there were a lot of tractors clogging up traffic. I hardly ever mind being behind a tractor or a school bus.

Had a message this evening that our SS party is postponed again until sometime in November. We are putting it together with our mission project of hand lotion with bows for the VA here in Asheville. I'm kind of glad for the rescheduling. I get another whole day of not having a schedule. Although with no LSU game on TV, I'll have to watch other teams play.

Well, the sleepies are overtaking me and I think I will surrender.

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