Friday, May 25, 2018

Travels in TN...My Spelling Ain't That Good So I'm Using The Abbreviation

Today after our visit to the dump we were off to TN. We headed toward Johnson City mainly to go to the Kroger but we stopped at Barnes and Noble and Best Buy first. I had a $70 gift rebate card from buying our tires in October that needed to be used by June. So we decided to stock up on a few things that we can find at Kroger but not our local grocery stores. We were even prepared with our cooler just in case we found something that needed to be refrigerated and yes, thank you, we did. I cannot keep up with Roy's Dr Enuff consumption. So we bought a whole bunch of those...we can get them here but heck, a $70.00 gift card seems to call for someone to have his favorite drink around these parts.

Our plan to have lunch at The Farmer's Daughter, so we took the back scenic way. We had a delicious lunch and then headed over to Mountain View Store to stock up on goodies we like there. When Carole was here, we took a little jaunt on some back roads to Jonesbourgh and saw several places I wanted to take Roy to for him to take some pictures. So after we ate and shopped we prayed that the rain would hold off and we were on our way. I had seen these two churches so close together complete with the cemetery that interested me. So today we pulled into the parking lot and Roy began to take pictures of the two churches. An older man was mowing the lawn and asked us if we would like to see the inside of the church...and we asked oh is this a newer part and he said oh no, these are two separate churches but they used to be one. Both Presbyterian and one is USA and the other one PC. They split back in the 1800's over paying a pastor. The church with the bell paid the pastor. So here are two churches side by side. We learned quite a bit of history about the church and how to get up to the bell...believe me it isn't easy. He said he had climbed up there twice and then told them no more. I said, well you went up once too many times.

We went to the general store that is now a BBQ place and the food looked really good. We are going to return and eat there on another visit. Then we took the beautiful drive over to Limestone TN and that is where Davy Crockett was born. Not too much of the town now but Roy took pics of the old train depot, the downtown where nothing exists and a great picture of a garage filled with all kinds of junk.

One of our favorite produce stands is open, so we stopped in for a quick visit and we left with some fruit...watermelon, cantaloupe and strawberries. So we were busy in the kitchen upon getting home and also doing a bit of watering outside even though it should rain tomorrow.

Nathan and Andrew came by last evening and placed the sod around the new flowerbed and then placed some crushed white rock in front of the swing. Man, we appreciate those two hard working men.

We have a full day tomorrow so I'd better start settling down for the evening. Part of the Feral Fam was around this evening. Always nice for a drop in and dine.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Lots of Driving Around the Countryside

This day has held a little bit of everything beginning with an early start to the day. We got up and moving and out the door before 8:30 am. I have seen the FB ads for Bryant Antique Mall in Otto, NC. So with the threat of rain later in the day we headed that way. We were in for a treat because the scenery is over the top beautiful. So many blooming plants and shrubs. With all the rain this past week the trees were green, no greener, no the greenest I have ever seen around these parts. We saw several little shops and places we would like to return to at a later date. We only did one of the buildings and it is filled with such unusual things. More to see than most antique malls. We only bought one little thing, a wood carving of a modern shepherd. There is an antique architectural place just down the road that looked very interesting and we considered a quick look see but the gray churning clouds kept us focused to continue moving on. We did stop at a produce stand because it is produce stand season and it is just so much fun to do stop and shop a bit. We headed over to Highlands and Cashiers. My orthopedist is from that area and he talked so fondly of growing up there. Our route took us through a tad bit of Georgia, although Georgia hadn't been on my mind. We only were able to stop at one scenic overlook for Roy to take pics. The rain kept us from making any other photo op stops.

We made a stop at Brevard College to look for white squirrels. We found only one that would allow photographs. All the construction and detours are gone now but then I realized I hadn't been back to Brevard since 2015-2016 or so. We also stopped at another antique store and another produce stand. Since we were overdue for lunch we stopped at Twin Dragons and enjoyed Asian cuisine. Still no orange chicken but I am not discouraged in this daunting search. While we were out and about we made a "secret" shopping stop. Then began the journey home.  On the way we stopped at the auto repair shop we use. I had scheduled an appointment for next week but the confirmation gave the date of this Thursday. So, we needed to know which it would be and we went ahead and opted for this week since Roy has a few things to do around here and the A/C guy comes back to fill the coolant level of our old air conditioner to keep it running until we have the new Carrier Heat Pump installed. Thank you Jennell for the message and the advice that was so helpful in making our decision.
Welcome Wednesday and our itinerary today took us to Grandfather Mountain. This is the first time we have been there in spring and I think I like it better than the fall. Y'all, it's all good. Anyway, we hit the road with our first stop being The Italian Restaurant and the food delicious. Roy finally got the chance to experience the pizza while I did the regular of ravioli. We stopped at a church along the way, got down on my knees and pretend to, that's what was playing on the radio when we stopped at this little church that catches my eye every trip up that way. It looked Episcopal to me but it is a Presbyterian Church. Just so beautiful! The little wooden church is surrounded by rhododendrons in full bloom. We went straight to the swinging bridge this trip and it was a beautiful and windy day. The road to Blowing Rock has been compromised by all the rain last week, so lots of detours but that didn't affect us any. After spending a good amount of time there, we did our usual stop at Valle Crusis to check out the Mast General Store. We both tried to buy shoes that had been marked down but alas, shoes didn't fit so well. We began our trip home because we had a few chores to take care of before calling it a day. Mike the Mower Man had made it today so the yard looks great all nice and trimmed. We watered the flowerbeds and the flowers on the deck. Also Roy set up the back hose to use when we get the flowers beside the driveway get planted. We worked on lots of outdoor things and came in for supper. Dessert, one of Roy;s delicious smoothies.

While we were in the high country we got a call from the AC people. They were coming by today to fill the refrigerant up till they get here and install the new unit. Haynes Heating and Cooling is the best! With them doing that, it frees up our afternoon tomorrow. In the morning I am taking SequishShawn to get oil changed and Roy will be working on the deck and a few other things. Now with our afternoon free, we will try and get out and enjoy this weather.

All the Feral Fam has been around tonight. It's nice having them back but Mama Cat threw a fit with Camo.

An early morning awaits....

Monday, May 21, 2018

A Monday Recap

A foggy Monday morning greeted us and so did Camo, part of the Feral Fam. Roy brought me coffee upstairs and also announced I had a cat waiting for breakfast outside. Meanwhile Buddy had already worked Roy for two sets of treats. Our lives are consumed with the bidding of cats.

This morning the A/C guy comes and does the spring tune up for the A/C. Later this afternoon we take Buddy to the vet office for her steroid shot and mani/pedi. In between we will hopefully get a few errands taken care of.

On Saturday morning while most people were watching "the wedding" I was preparing to leave for Charlotte. It was a quiet and non-eventful drive with plenty of time of thoughts and thinking. Sometimes the timing of an airport pickup is difficult but this time went smoothly. Just had a little bit of time in the cell phone lot and I put that little bit of time to good use since I brought my notes for the Sunday School lesson I taught yesterday. Even the pickup at the arrival area wasn't fraught and chaotic...well at least not by Charlotte standards and with that we were off in record time.

I had seen an ad on FB for a store in Lincolnton, Vintage Rescues. So Roy and I stopped in downtown Lincolnton to see the store. Really well done and didn't have that junked up feeling that some antique stores have. There are maybe three or four really cute stores close to one another and we would have gone into several more but the rain caught up with us. We felt like we should start for home. Like all long time married couples....well, short time do this to, but we did the "where would you like to eat lunch" conversation as we headed to I 40. We had several options but it came down to time and tiredness. Roy had been awake and moving since 3:00 am. He was feeling it. So we took our last on the list option, Cracker Barrel. Lunch was good and we were on our way in no time. We made a Publix stop too before heading home.

It hadn't been in my plans but I made it to our Joy class fellowship Saturday night...just a tad late and with no favorite pasta dish in hand. Roy suggested I bring an empty bowl and say I brought my favorite pasta dish, now to fill it. Everything was delicious and Judy and Vivian planned out the time well. We laughed and had such a good time hearing stories that some knew by heart but loved hearing the telling of them again and we heard some new stories that will join the repertoire in years to come.

2010 is the last time I taught a Sunday School lesson partly my choice and partly by opportunities passed to others. Leading a core group in Community Bible Study helped satisfy the itch to teach though. Still frustrating at church not to be used and that is when I knew this had to be laid down at the feet of Jesus and leaving it there for real. Hard to do but it was so freeing and then when Roy suggested we buy a home in NC to retire here and for the meantime have me stay for most of the time due to health reasons, the decision was easier because I didn't have any real ties to hold me. So, here at church, when Gale and Judy asked if I would like to teach in our class once a month, I almost said no because I thought I was being obedient to the Lord, cause you know this love had been laid at the feet of the Lord. But, I said yes. That story is for another post. So yesterday was my first Sunday to teach. What I loved is the preparation, the study and research. During the week things that might have never been noticed now seen in a new light of the topic from the quarterly for May 20th. Details and instances that would have escaped notice made themselves noticeable.  The lesson was on Once Greedy, Now Generous. Gale is so generous in her encouragement and gracious in asking me to participate. The class being so gracious to switch prayer request time to the end since I had to leave early to go to choir.

Our interim pastor preached on hearing God from Psalm 19. Great sermon! Since Roy has become involved in Toastmasters, he notices presentation more than he did before. And he was impressed because pastor's thoughts were organized and he said a whole lot in a short period of time. It really is refreshing. After church we had lunch at Twisted Laurel and I can recommend the fried shrimp. Very tasty! Then we went to the Farmers Market for strawberries but the delight was finding South Carolina peaches. So happy that peach season has started. Once home Roy sliced up two gallons of strawberries and froze most of them for smoothies. We cleaned out the freezers and then he relaxed and I went to choir.

Looks like the downstairs heat pump/AC needs to be replaced. They have sent us three bids so far but our other unit is a Trane and we'd like to stay with the same brand. So they will send that tomorrow. Buddy had her steroid shot this afternoon which both Roy and I think we will change vets. You can't beat their hours but there is so much we don't like about that vet. I'm checking into a mobile vet that has great reviews and was at the Appalachian Animal Hospital that we thought about going to several times. So we shall see.

We had a Lowe's run and dinner at Sonic...well from Sonic at home. We are all tired and it looks to be an early night for all of us.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Night Catch Up and Confession

It is a gentle rain now but earlier the sound of the rain striking the metal roof was rather hypnotic. I believe that is why I slept nearly to 9:00 am, which is not a usual practice for me. Also in the back of my mind I knew there is no agenda for today except for cleaning the house which isn't an agenda thing for me most of the time. It seems like it will be more of a touch up since the is mainly clear, well at least my definition of clear, and just has a few odds and ends that need to find their rightful place here in the home. Nathan was here earlier clearing up the branches that remained from the red bud and plum tree. He and I sat on the porch and visited for a bit but that mainly was conversation about the flowerbed next to the driveway and the flowers I would like to see in it. He came up with a great design of perennials and annuals. It is going to be beautiful!

Looking at the rain gauge we might be at three inches of rain or so since last night. The greens of the trees, shrubs and flowers pop against the grayish white sky. Also the trees have filled in with new leaves and vitality along the fence of horse farm  above us. The layers of greens also make the red roses and whatever those yellow flowers are out there radiate a colorful brilliance that keeps drawing my eyes to gaze out the back windows. In the back of my mind I am kind of keeping a watch out for any of the Feral Fam looking for eats and treats.

Looks like we got three inches here since last night. Got the birds fed and Camo and Mama Cat. MJ and Cali must be on a bender. The birds have been especially cheerful, maybe they have watched Singing In The Rain recently. The flowers out in the front bed in the yard are looking particularly happy after all this rain especially the snowball bushes.
Friday afternoon is proving to be more of clear skies than earlier anticipated. We got two more inches of rain last night into early this morning. It woke me up and that is difficult to do with a ceiling fan going and a small fan for noise on the nightstand.

I worked out with Taylor and then ran to the post office. I came on home and have tons of last minute things to do but I am not that motivated at the moment...things will get done and what hasn't been I am sure will be forgiven. Really it is just piddling things because I have kept up with the bigger stuff.

All the blackberry blooms are gorgeous. Even with three years of pulling ours out we still have a few showing up...which isn't a bad thing. Driving along the river road the side of the rocks have little flowers everywhere. I love spring here in the mountains.

So, I decided to rearrange furniture yesterday afternoon back to the summer arrangement. Roy is happy I was able to do this myself. Getting stronger everyday or something like that. Buddy is not a fan of change and she wasn't too happy to see the desk moved nor the chairs but it needed to be done. 

Yesterday, I had so many things that came to mind to write about and now....gone. But, I will leave you with this little story. During the time I had the upper respiratory thing going on, I got in the middle of the night to put some nose spray up my nose. Without my glasses I felt like I would pick up the right thing. Well, as luck would have it, I did not pick up nose spray but toothpaste that is in a container shaped somewhat like nose spray. Really, I don't need to go into what happened but my nose hairs do look a little brighter these days. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Roads, Ferals and Bird Conversations

The work on our road began this morning. I don't know exactly what they are doing and I was barely able to get out onto the main road with all the scraping and trucks and beeping noises. Almost was late to workout but made it with one minute to spare. I was looking forward to working out today because of a freaky thing that happened on Friday. Instead of doing a lot of core work, Taylor concentrated on my legs and hips...especially stretching the muscles. So it meant a lot of leg lifts and the like and then we moved onto bridges and bug. A little cramping around my hips but that is not unusual. It was time to go to the machines and when I stood up both legs cramped up...and it hurt like the dickens. Taylor thought if I walked a bit the cramping would didn't it had come to the point that I could not feel my left foot which was totally weird. That only lasted a nano second but from that point on I took it easy. Didn't have a problem for the rest of the day or even that night. He did use the DMS machine by my knee where my nerves have only been coming back with feeling from the 2013 ablation. He must have woke those nerves up and they decided to protest. Nothing like that happened today for which we were both thankful and we continued with the work of balance and strength.

Not only is the road getting worked on but so is the post office parking lot. They were out there last week looking at the shifting going on that is making the fence buckle and the poles pull loose.
This morning no Feral Fam, not even Mama Cat. They were around last night and I witnessed something that even if it isn't special, it was special for me. You don't see the Feral Fam like they used to be when the kiddos were kittens. They ate together, nicely, for the most part and traveled in a pack. Cali is the runt and they treated her differently but that little Feral Fam doesn't realize that so much of the goodness they experienced over the winter came from my deep affection for that little Cali. Last night, after putting out food and milk, Cali and MJ ate some and so did Mama Cat. As it was beginning to become night, I could see MJ keeping guard in front of the tent of napping. I could see that a cat was in there and it looked like Camo. MJ and Camo have always seemed close. MJ would sit there and then stick his head in the tent...which made me wonder, oh my is someone giving birth to babies? MJ changed positions and got up on the railing of the deck, with his head low into the bird bath attached to the deck. I thought, he is falling asleep and his head is going to go right into that water. But he wasn't asleep, that cat was on point. I looked out in the direction he was studying and there was a big, looked like a Maine Coon, cat attempting to come up the deck stairs and partake of supper. Before MJ could run and pounce on this big ol' cat, I stood up and looked over him behind the window and that stranger cat ran across the yard and up the embankment to the gravel road. MJ looked at me and his look had a thank you in it....or maybe that was just my imagination. About then it was Cali who came out of the tent of napping, not even aware that her brother had been keeping watch over her. She stretched, looked at the food bowls and then headed under the deck and house. Camo came onto the scene and little chunk cat Camo ate up the rest of the turkey and giblet gravy wet cat food while her brother kept guard, even long into the night after she had eaten and moved on. He has four white stockings in his coloring and when he sits, you see all black but last night he had one foot in the ready position to push off and make a leap. MJ stayed out there a long time and then he was gone...  A little later the sound of paws running across the deck got my attention as I saw just the curls of their tails as they moved over to the other side of the yard and that is the last I have seen of them. It seems like they go off and then come back after a while, maybe when they are famished. They hang around a day or two then run off again to find their fortune or most probably love...or a one night stand...whatever cats do. Truthfully, Cali looks like she is in the family way but I'm not sure about that. When the Feral Fam came into my care many friends suggested writing a book about them from Buddy's viewpoint. Well, her attention to them is short lived and doesn't pay them much mind unless they haven't been around for a while and she looks out the window and watches for them. On the other hand I have learned a lot from this little fam. Of course there is always the wish for the happy ending where they let me pet them but it is looking like they haven't chosen that ending. Oh well, I keep on hoping.

This afternoon I made a tuna fish run over to Fresh Market. Since it was after Mother's Day their roses had gone down in price, so I brought a bunch home. For the smaller vase I cut some of my yellow roses and put them in it. I'm sitting on the front porch watching the sky and wondering if the rain that is in the area will make its way here. So far it is doing the split thing and going around us to the east and west.

I'm also engaged in a conversation with Mr Cardinal. Using my bird songs on my phone. It is an interesting thing to do. Usually, these conversations are with Carolina Wrens but since we cleared out the front flowerbed, they stay in the back.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Needing The Rest And So Much More....

It is a beautiful day, sun brightly peeping through clouds and a slight breeze keeping the temps manageable. I was outside earlier this morning planting some zinnias, some white flowers whose name escapes me right now and finding a couple of spots for hanging baskets with coral colored dahlias. Mike the Mower Man was here today and he took care of a lot of the weeds that have overtaken this part of the world on the gravel road above us...that leads to groundhogs and a colony of feral cats and who knows what else.
I knew if I went out to the yard and watered plants last night that we would get rain today. Yep, we got about a 1/2 or so here. The plants are looking good out there. I have perfected a new system and it seems to work because I didn't return to the house worn and tuckered out...well, more than normal.

Early morning since my hair appointment was at 10:30. Even went earlier than usual and cars in the pay to park lot...hardly ever happens and it was packed out at Corner Kitchen. Thank goodness it was a beautiful day because the outdoor seating was full with a waiting list or getting a seat inside would have been difficult. My hair appointment took longer than usual because with the color this time we I did anything but sit there and read...this great treatment. I have an at home version but the salon one is stronger. Most times there I learn something new about this old hair. We went back to a very simple highlight/low light formula and because my hair tends to be on the warm side, no matter the blond highlights, they did a different glaze. I love that my hair doesn't have the harsh blond look that can come from years of color.

All this hair attention made the appointment go long so I left directly and headed but to Madison County for Margie's funeral. Margie, was in our Sunday School class. Had a great smile and was one of the kindest people I have ever met. It was a wonderful service for a faithful one. Our class represented well. It doesn't matter whether you are in a huge worship center or the small chapel of a funeral home, there are those universal things that happen. The funeral people have such attention to small details and they move about in that concise movement. They took extra care and time as they fixed everything around Margie before closing the casket lid. I guess when they do that, it has been closed for the last time. Her nephew did a wonderful remembrance of his aunt and her love of the Gospel. Pastor Gene and Angela did a wonderful job as well. Sweet quiet Margie, with that mysterious smile. We will miss her but I am grateful to having known her on this side of heaven.
Saturday afternoon. Alexa is playing KHCB and it is by request afternoon. The past two weeks a woman has subbed for the regular guy and me thinks that some of those by request songs you could set a watch by might have been his favorite songs. The past few weeks totally different songs throughout but mainly to start things off. No matter it is good background music and I have heard several Houston's First Baptist recordings.

I got my grocery shopping done yesterday and also picked up my watches from the jewelers. I wondered why the parking lot was full...oh yes, Mother's Day. I had plans to get so much done yesterday afternoon but dang if I didn't do much on my list. Needed the rest cause it was a Buddy can't decide to lie still night, so in all I lost about two hours of sleep as she wandered and tramped about. We are in the transitional time when she gets too hot sleeping on my arm and isn't quite ready to make the summer sojourn to the end of the bed and lie in the hollow of her blanket.

Laundry is being washed and will be up to me in a little bit to fold said laundry. I think I have finally turned the corner on this upper respiratory stuff. Voice seems back to normal and not too coughy. I'll take it!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Morning And Evening...Conversations And Flowers

The first casualty of the storm last night was one of our plum trees. It has fallen and it can't get up. Earlier in the day, it was just fine and this evening, fallen over but only one root is cracked. Roy and I were talking about it when Nathan called to see if we had received rain last night and if not he would be over to water the plants. Funny thing, I had just said his name to Roy when he called...anyway, he will look at his schedule and see when he can come over and cut down the tree. It was a little top heavy even with Roy trimming it this fall. We have plums grow about every other year and the ants, birds and squirrels usually beat us to the fruit. Oh well, I guess the tree was plum tuckered out.
Each day this cold thing seems to relinquish a little more control. I made it through most of the day without a coughing jag but tonight it hit especially hard. I felt good enough to go workout with Taylor yet the few weeks off and the lack of clear breathing hampered the workout a bit. Muscles started cramping up, so he adjusted the workout and finished strong. I ran over to the grocery store to get stocked up again. Came home, ate lunch and then ran to the post office and then made a quick stop at Lowe's for more potting soil. The sky became rather dark and the rumbling of thunder grew closer, so it seemed best to abandon plans to do some plant shopping. The day had tired me and I took a rare nap and it felt good to rest.

Last night Brenda came by with supper and with Brenda, it is as if it is loaves and fishes and it multiplies into several meals. She also brought some dessert, a couple of cupcakes from her famous pound cake recipe. Oh, did I mention she made homemade biscuits? I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that. We talked through the screen door cause I am nervous that someone could get this junk and I don't wish that on anyone.

The afternoon did not turn out the way I had planned yesterday. The all too familiar sound of a bracket coming loose in a closet grabbed my attention and it was one of the ones in my closet. The good thing, it had not broken all the way and I was able to fix it until at a later time. So all my lightweight linen clothes are on that rail. Maybe this is a good way for me to keep going through clothes and getting rid of stuff. Before the church yard sale I had done just that and filled five big bags of clothing. After yesterday's bracket bust more went into a big bag to take to Salvation Army. This inspired me to go through the front bedroom closet and see if there was more to give away and yes there was. Salvation Army doesn't take books or paper goods anymore, they just throw them away, so I will have to be creative. When I was cleaning out things before in the back of my mind was the thoughts and words of the cardiologist nurse that made me go down a path in my mind that maybe I wasn't too long for this world. So it seemed the right thing to do to go through everything with that in mind. Now as we eliminate things off the list of what this could be, I am not thinking so fatalistic. But I did feel like the Lord was saying to me it is time to give this whole having a ton of clothes thing up. It root of this came from childhood because most of my clothes were kind of ugly and I was led to believe from my father that ugly little girls did not deserve nice things. So it has been that "thing" since then I would never be made fun of again because of what I wore. It was an obsession for a bit...okay, for a long time and now it has waned some, but clearly not enough. Who I am is not what I wear and holding onto clothes for a long season, unless it is Flax items cause that is really a prudent practice.
It is interesting to see the battle that is brewing before the Southern Baptist Convention meets the second week of June in Dallas. Seems like it will be a defining battle for the vision and future of the SBC. Years ago when some of these same players back in the day who took the campaign back to conservatism are now involved as the direction could go more Calvinistic as the choice for SBC President is made. All the political overtones are there and so are the strong personalities. Only this time this go around will have more attention because of social media and "little unknowns" can be as informed or as opinionated as they want to be. During that heyday toward conservatism my crazy friend Debbie, who was not Baptist, asked me about the direction of Baptists and what church would I go to? My answer was always the same, the church with a gym. Now that we are located in North Carolina, particularly Western North Carolina, my answer to Debbie's question cannot be answered in the same way because churches up here don't seem to have gyms. There are a few that do but it just doesn't seem to be a needed thing when you live in one of most beautiful places on God's green earth. The emphasis here is more toward space that will be used for meetings yet big enough for church wide fellowships and most churches around here have shelter covered picnic space...which churches in Houston didn't have that. Our church's picnic shelter has one of the most beautiful views. The other value here is a place to be buried....most churches in this piece of the woods have their own cemeteries. So while those that be are fighting it out in Dallas, we be around here have our priorities in order, enjoying the outdoors, enjoying picnics and knowing we have a space on a hill which to die I mean be buried on.

Nathan called this morning and we are on the schedule for tree removal on Thursday. He is also going to go ahead and remove the red bud tree beside the deck that will eventually be replaced by a screened in porch. He will also remove a lot of little scrub trees that have sprouted in the past few years. He also has a blueprint of the newly cleared space by the driveway. I would kind of like to make that a tribute or a memorial to my Grandma B and her friend Ruthie. Friends for years with a large field between their houses. When they were younger, they walked across the field to visit and catch up with one another. As they aged, the telephone became their line of communication. They called each other in the morning and make sure they were okay. I would watch my grandmother sit at her little desk or in her rocking chair so she could look out the window in the direction of Ruthie's home and she knew that Ruthie likewise gazed out her windows at Grandma's house as they was more like yelling. My grandmother had hearing aids as well as a phone amplifier to be able to hear Ruthie. Ruthie yelled although Ruthie thought she was conversing in normal tones. She had a, and this is what they called it back then, wooden leg and she refused to get hearing aids because she said she had enough fake body parts, she didn't need more. Well, that is what she told my grandmother. Ruthie stopped having the field used for farming purposes and let it overgrow with wild flowers. It was a beautiful sight every spring and summer. We found out later and I know I have written about this before...that those weren't exactly wild flowers....Ruthie had that field planted with them every year and had a provision in her will for the field to be kept that way if she died first, for my grandmother enjoyment. Ruthie said, they couldn't meet face to face anymore because of their age but she wanted my grandmother to have something beautiful to gaze upon as they talked, no yelled, with each other every morning and evening on the phone. So, I would like to see zinnias and dahlias and black eyed that area. It will bring much joy to those who look upon it. 

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