Friday, February 26, 2010

THe Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth

Warning!!! This blog post is being written under the influence of Darvocet.

I had an abscessed tooth removed today. Seems like the thing just blew up in the past couple of days. What an adventure!

Always the prepared one, yea right, but I'm usually good to have a book and paper with me in waiting rooms. This morning I planned to work on a post using all the figure skating terms I could to describe the day. Since the parking garage at Memorial City Professional buildings is always a toss up and today no problem parking, I arrived early to the office. So, I thought I was in for a world of wait especially since the waiting room was full. Back to figure skating, I was especially inspired since watching the women's figure skating on TV last night. This post was going to be so full of triple toe loops, double toe, sokals, and the such, but I had no sooner sat down for my Dr. appointment when my name was called to come on back.

Did I bring my x-rays with me? I was asked. No, I cut out the middle man and came straight to the periodontist, I replied. It was fairly obvious something was amiss since my whole left side of my face was swollen. I should have taken a picture because it would be the perfect before and after picture of losing weight...all on one face, at one time. Dr. McCuttie came in and told me that I had an abscessed tooth, with a severe infection and the tooth could not be saved. Happy for me that it isn't a front tooth but one back out of sight. Did I have someone I could call to take me home after surgery? Poor Roy, he had just arrived at the office and had to turn around and come take care of me. I was trying to convince them that I could drive home but no was their only and final answer. After seeing some emails and texts I wrote after surgery, they were right to insist with the no.

It all went so quickly, IV inserted, two shots in my mouth and I don't remember another thing till I started waking up. They had me call Roy to tell him to stop at the Walgreen's in the building and pick up my prescriptions before coming upstairs.

My apologies to those I called and talked to after surgery. I think I called Carolyn to see how Dani was after her surgery. Good news, surgery was successful for Dani.

It is now February 27. This morning I looked under my pillow to see if the tooth fairy had visited me during the night. No such luck. I asked Roy if the Dr had even given him my tooth in order for the fairy to visit and Roy replied a disgusted NO! I'm rather disappointed. I hear the going rate for a tooth under the pillow is big bucks these days. Why...(she says in her little old lady voice) I remember it was a good tooth day if we got a quarter from the fairy. Some teeth were only worth a dime.

Going to try not using Darvocet today. We will see how that goes.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

NORD Rack Opens and I Was There!

Patience is not my strong suite. I have no clue why it is taking my phone so long to send me the pictures I took this morning while standing in line to enter the Nord Rack. The parking lot was full and I took one of the one hour only spots, the only few remaining. The other choice would be to park across the street and take my life and throw it out to be run over by all the traffic on Post Oak. I know how drivers react when they are running late getting to the office... The line was actually orderly and besides the people trolling the line for friends who had gotten there already and procured a place in line, there were few trying to cut in line. When the line began to move, we began to clap. Then, just like they did when Nordstrom's opened, the associates formed a line cheering as we came in. For Nordstrom's I cried when this happened. For Nord Rack, I was trying to eye where the shoes are located. That would be in the back of the store.
OK, one of the pictures made it. I think we were about at the 515 spot, so we made it in with the first wave. When they actually opened the doors the line was around Grand Lux and they had the line snaking it's way to the front. I found a purse that I liked and since I was in line to pay before the 1000th person, I got a neat recyclable bag to put my purchase in. Inside the store it was dodging shopping carts and women on a mission. There were a few brave men, but not many. It was a fun thing to do and I'm happy I forsook Bible Study to come to the opening day at the Rack. Peggy sent me a picture of my friends in Bible study praying for me as I was absent. Wow, good thing I don't do BSF. I would be ostracized or something. Of course I was texting with Lisa P and Peggy while I stood in line. Actually, I would have shopped a little longer in the jeans area and the accessories area but I dislike crowds so much.

This is as I came out. As each person left, one was let in.

Here is the picture Peggy sent from Bible study. Our whole group is praying for me. Our lesson was concerning idols. If you look at the picture above I think Gena, in the tan jacket, changed coats and was at the Rack. Similar hairstyles and color.... Hmmmmm.... Actually, I love each and every one of these praying ladies. I love our discussion, especially if the commentary is good.

I went to the Nord Rack with quite a bit of pain. The left side of my face is swollen. Have an appointment in the morning with one of the cutest Dr's I have even seen! No, not Dr. Provenzano, but Dr. Schroeder. When he did my implant, think tooth not north of the human equator line, I told him while under twilight sleep, that he was the cutest Dr I had ever seen. I noticed in many of his reviews on websites, many other women made that very same comment. I never shut my eyes while he did the implant because I figured he'd never be this close to my face again. Who knows if this swelling and pain is from a dental thing or a virus attacking thing.

I still haven't lost the 100th pound yet, but as soon as I do, a give a way is going to come up on my blog. It's going to be a very good one!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not Growing Weary...Here, There or in Prayer

Many here in Houston are tired of the cold weather...not me. I love that February is actually acting like its supposed to, you know like winter. I've been able to wear my winter togs just a little bit longer than usual and that has been much appreciated. I'm not looking forward to those hot summer days that stretch on just a little too long and they will soon be upon us.

Target must have some kind of secret hypnosis going on in their stores. Why do I always come out of there with more than I intended to purchase? I went yesterday to buy vitamin waters on sale and get a free 8 pack of Power Aid, which Roy drinks. How did I come home with a brand new shower curtain, bathroom rug, towels, no two bathroom rugs, and washcloths? Oh I have forgotten the new liner, rod and rings. How did that happen? All I know is, all the new stuff looks really good in our bathroom. We basically had the same colors going on but it was time for a refreshing. You can tell by this we do not have a free standing shower and separate bathtub. We're cleaning up old school. Roy really liked the new look. He hardly ever notices stuff like this.

Today, I had a truly wonderful new experience. I got a massage...OK that's not new you are thinking. The new is, Stacey came to my home, complete with table and all the accessories that go along with a massage. It was really great to just relax in my own home after she left. I even pulled out my spa like robe to make the experience more meaningful. Meaningful isn't the word I'm looking for...authentic, that's it! I lighted some candles and played the most spa like music I have on my iPod for background noise. The most spa like music I have is music that puts you to sleep. Didn't think that would be wise. So, it was instrumental, Waters Edge. Buddy was a little bit interested in what was happening. She kept standing on her hind feet and patting my head with her paw. I saw what was coming though, she got a little playful and was trying to play with my face looking downward in the headrest on the table. It was kind of funny to see that paw coming through there, but she got bored with the whole thing and went back to sleep. In the days before my appointment I kind of wondered how to handle the differences of she coming to me instead of me coming to her. But wonderful, professional Stacey put my mind at ease before I could even vocalize my thoughts.

Last night Erin and I had dinner at Nordstrom. Her first visit to the Bistro and hopefully, not her last. We had a great time and took care of some nutritional business while we were at it. I worked with Debbie yesterday afternoon. She is helping me regain my functional fitness. Not bad way to start a week and the anticipated opening of the Nordstrom Rack on Thursday, can't forget about that. I sit here with an overwhelming gratitude to God, being able to recover from this two year ordeal and having the best people helping me with the process. Thankful for a loving and supportive husband. Thankful for friends and their encouragement along the way. Then my mind turns over to thinking and more importantly, praying for Dani. Dani is one of my good friends. Her talents in designing and presentation is off the chart good. While I was working for Jason, she saved my ____ many a time in planning and doing the events with me. In this time she and I became friends. I cannot tell you how much I love her. Roy and I both love Scott and Dani. She starts most conversations with, "hey hon." She is in the hospital with heart problems and she needs our prayers. Please join with me and with her thousands of other good friends and family in lifting her to the Lord.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Wonderful World of Helicopters

Roy and I got to do a totally fun thing this afternoon. After church and lunch with a friend...well after heading back home to change out of my new cute boots and wear my other glasses, we went downtown to the George R Brown Convention Center. My cousin Beth is in town for this huge helicopter expo. She works in the helicopter industry. I don't know what she does, but she was busy. We got to grab a few minutes with she and David, her boyfriend who also works in the helicopter industry, and then Roy and I set out on our own to explore all the helicopters. Roy was in man heaven! He sat in all kinds of helicopters and would have probably done some of the virtual flying if there hadn't been such a long line. I was thrilled with the complementary tote/briefcase bag. Awesome! Love those kinds of freebies.

I would write more about our wonderful adventure and learning, but Roy is crowding me about using the computer. Guess, I will relinquish it to him and just blog later.
Thanks Beth and David for a wonderful opportunity. We get to have dinner with them on Tuesday and we are really looking forward to that.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Week in the Life....

Ah Thursday night. It's quiet around these parts. Roy has gone to sub in a bridge game and Buddy is worn out asleep on the bed. I find myself in a very contemplative mood. For one thing I need to write down my thoughts for a list that my nutritionist has asked me to do. The Advantages list. For example, by giving up_______ I will be able to do_____. My slowness in completing this request is that I have thought so much about it and don't want to be "funny" with my responses. A lot of times I do these lists and I do them very flippantly. I regret that decision later on. It is really so much more than I can get my brain around. The thought comes to me at least twice a day, I will never have a day anymore where I can just throw caution to the wind and eat whatever I want. Probably more like, eat as much as I want. A bowl of chips and salsa come to my mind. I also think about my neighbor who is dying from some kind of stomach cancer and he is only eating bananas and soup. I thought he was getting so thin because of his grief over his wife dying an untimely death last year. He would love to be making the decisions I make every day over food choices. Perspective...

On Wednesday I had another appointment with Debbie. You wouldn't believe this, but I am unbalanced. Yea, no shock there. It is hard work trying to regain some functional fitness. I am very nonfunctional right now. There is some improvement though. We did not do the squeeze the purple ball of death and lift the hips at the same time on Wednesday. Guess Debbie just needed the peace and quiet. I think we all did.

I hate Excel. No news there but felt the need to say that.

Roy is taking tomorrow off to go to 2 Dr appointments. He wants me to go with him. Ugh! Well the eye Dr I don't mind cause I would like to help him pick out his frames. I'm thinking I can drop him off and then pick him up and use the time to run errands or go have coffee at Buffalo Grille.

Last Friday was haircut and highlight day out in the land of Sugar. Stevie and I decided to add some red to the caramel undertones and blond highlights. It felt too dark to me. Every time I looked in the mirror I saw ________, un-named person whose hair I don't particularly care for. One day I wouldn't like it, the next day I would think it was fine. I called Stevie yesterday and she could see me today at noon. So, I only went to core group at Bible Study and didn't stay for the lecture portion. Oh, there is much more happiness with my color this evening.

Peggy and I worked out at Lifetime on Tuesday. She ran into a former student who teaches a class there. Once we downloaded all our ailments to her after her kind invitation to come to class, we all agreed, we were better off working out on the machines. My new swimsuit came and it fits! Now I have to work up to actually get in the pool to do my aqua walking. Uh, don't want to mess up my hair color and I don't look particularly attractive in a swimming cap.

So excited that Bunko is a cowgirl theme next month. The rodeo will be starting on March 2.

A week from today Nord Rack opens. I told Gena, our discussion leader in Bible study, I will not be there next week due to the Grand Opening of the Rack. Oh Rack of Ages, clearance for me. Let me find some delicacies.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tina, Wee Wee Like a Wild Woman or Karate Kid?

Saturday night while flipping through the selections on TV, I came across a Tina Turner concert from 2009. She still has legs at 69 but her killer dance moves have been modified since I last saw her in concert. The intricate moves on Proud Mary that Amy Hodge, Peggy Bain, Lisa P and I performed in the Nordstrom parking garage beside Mustang Sally with the top down just a few years ago can now be simplified if we decide to dance again. Then the signature moment from her concert where she stands on a crane like arm that takes her over the audience really got my attention as she walked and danced on the arm of that thing. Apparently she is very functionally fit to make those kinds of daring moves without a railing on either side. And she is in stiletto heels to boot. I only hope to be able to move like Tina when I am 69. Heck, I would like to do that now at 55! There is one thing though that Tina should maybe re-think. Oh yea, like Tina Turner and I are best friends and she would totally listen to me...but I have to say it. Now when she makes those "hot and sexy faces", she just looks old. It looks more like severe grimacing of someone older who is having trouble walking or getting across the stage. Especially when she was walking that sexy bent over walk...that looked so cool years ago.

If you knew me in the 80's, you'll remember how I LOVED Tina and all the dance moves. I could do the "What's Love Got to do With It" walk and knew all the choreography of her popular songs. What's more, I would put on my stiletto heels and stand in the middle of our bed and do the dance moves while watching all the concert videos. Now that I have written that please do not take a train trip to Smutville as I needed the soft "staging" to be able to do some of the dancing.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I can't even keep my balance with one foot barely lifted off the ground. I did what I hate, I made the Monarch face (grimace) and made sounds like I was trying to lift a chair upstairs just to be able to lift my hips a couple of times off a yoga mat and squeeze the purple ball of death between my knees. Mind you all at the same time while remembering to breath. I became that noise making, grunting person in the gym today. Only, I was in the University Room, so maybe that doesn't count. Who am I to make critical observations of Tina Turner? If I were stopped for drunk driving today, I couldn't walk the line without falling off. I would be begging for a breathalyzer test to prove my innocence. Is it a crime to lose functional fitness?

So if you see me somewhere waiting in line and I am doing a flamingo pose; oh think not that I have to wee wee like a wild woman or getting ready to get all Karate Kid on someone. No, I am only trying to regain some of that athletic prowess I had years ago so I can pass a balance assessment. I lettered 3 years in volleyball in high school. I was named to the All American team as a softball catcher. I played USVBA coed volleyball and did well. I had one of the hardest and fastest amateur serves in tennis. Opponents cringed and ran for cover as I came to the net with a swinging backspin volley. Now I want to be able to walk a straight line and not be so unbalanced. As Roy and I were coming home from dinner tonight, we saw an older woman struggling to step off the curb, hold onto a sack and get into a van. Oh, I lamented to Roy, that's me right now. No he said, that's you when you are 110. Got to love the hubs with a response like that.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Sabbatical Day-Nah Just Playing Hooky

I'm playing hooky or as I sometime refer to it, playing sabbatical, from Bible study this morning. Besides this is the kind of morning to stay home, and ease into the day with a hot cup of coffee. I woke up late and felt a tad beaten down. Beaten down not in a bad way, but in a way that is a good companion letting me know all the work is the path to being healthy. Oh and yes, praise the Lord, I lost another pound. Just four more to go to hit a hundred pounds lost.

This week has been busier than usual. Went to the Senior Adult Revival, TO SING IN THE CHOIR, two out of the three times. Wow, what a blessing! At last report I heard that 20 or so have come to know the Lord. Senior adults! That is awesome!! John Bolin talked last night in choir about never losing the wonder of God. Don't take God's workings as old hat, been there and seen it before. Good words that went straight to my spirit.

I love that King of the Hill is on the Toon Network at 9:00 pm. Peggy Hill cracks me up. She states the obvious, like..."in my opinion, breakfast is the most important meal of the day." So many times whether Peggy Hill is competing in a Boggle tournament or a Mrs. Heimlick County Pageant, she refers to those in support of her as Team Peggy Hill. I am so thankful for my Team Peggy Hill. Met with Erin D last night. She is keeping me on track nutritionally. I cannot say enough about her wise wisdom and counsel in all things nutritionally related. And she is so much fun. So mine is a nice problem to have, I'm not eating enough calories every day. It's not that I'm trying to starve myself, I am thinking about CHO, which stands for carbohydrates I found out last night from Erin. In that, I have thrown calories out of my thinking and so that layer needs to be added back so the old body doesn't think it is in starvation mode. Also had my second work out with Debbie B. Wow, I didn't know that innocent looking exercise balls and resistance bands could be so mean. No, actually, it is this, I didn't know I had lost so much in balance and now to use the new term I've learned, my functional fitness is in the pits. That is a direct quote from Debbie. We've got our work cut out for us. Loved that at the end of our time, Debbie prayed for me. Peggy, friend not Peggy Hill, has been so supportive of my journey. We had Chinese food for the Super Bowl at her house so that I wouldn't be tempted to eat too much pizza etc. We also ate veggies and fruit. Love that Peggy has now joined Lifetime and we can work out together. We did a light workout yesterday to get her acquainted with the machines. I have ordered a new swimsuit and as soon as it comes I will join her in swimming. I ordered it as a shot in the dark. Don't really know what size I am. All I know is my swimsuits I have are too big. I've never been a big swimmer but I can mix it up a little with aqua walking and the dog paddle. Or maybe it should be the God paddle, cause I certainly will be calling on Him a whole bunch in the pool. Then I cannot write about Team Peggy Hill without thanking and being so grateful for Stacey, the best massage therapist in the world! No hyperbole, just fact. Of course not many can have the Stacey experience now that she is in management but I still get to experience those healing hands and elbows. Numerous times the Dr's have told me how good massage has been in the healing process and so happy I made that commitment. OK, uh getting a massage once a month is not a hard commitment to keep especially with Stacey. My muscles and my spirit are so renewed after spending an hour and a half on the massage table. Oh back to Team Peggy Hill...there are so many who are praying and encouraging me, too numerous to list. I'm so thankful for all the friends that God has brought around me. Many long time friends and many new companions. In my opinion, we are to make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other one is gold. Bahaha...oh Peggy Hill, you are one of my all time favs!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wake Up and Work Out...Oh and Roll Bunkos

I bought the multi bag of Werther Sugar Free hard candies. They over loaded the bag with chocolate mint, my least favorite. They skimped on the coffee flavor, my fav. I am happy to be able to even lift a sugar free hard candy to my mouth. I just had my first workout with Debbie B. She is a lovely woman and serious personal trainer. I will probably be using her name as a cuss word tomorrow because I have a feeling my glutes and hips are gonna be sore. No, it was really good and I go back and see her on Wednesday.

This morning I sang in the choir for the Senior Adult Revival. I do not consider myself a senior citizen but I do consider myself a choir member. It was fun singing and Brother John brought the Word. Then Cassi and I went to lunch and I introduced her to the wonderful world of La Fiesta. Cassi is so special to me. The Lord arranged our whole relationship and friendship. I love when God knows who we need to meet in life. I am blessed to call her my friend. She is a young friend, but her mom brought her up right on the Carpenters and old movies.

Yesterday, we went out to Bill and Peggy's to watch the Super Bowl. We had more fun and when we weren't distracted by the game or the commercials, we looked through Peggy's high school year books. Now that was fun. I was so glad we didn't flip between the game and the Sound of Music. If y'all have read Monablog for awhile, you know SOM is not one of my favorite movies.

We have Bunko tonight and I need to get my Valentines ready to take. I hope there is still strength enough in my arms to roll some Bunkos. I am so due!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Crazy Phone Call

Late yesterday afternoon our back up cell phone rang. I usually don't answer it unless I know who is calling. We have been getting a lot of calls but no message from one particular number and here it was blinking at me as the phone rang. So, I answered it. A gravely, old sounding woman asked, "where are you?" I asked, who is this? Again she said "where are you?" and I asked again who is this? She then responded, "I'm with your husband!" Oh, I said, are you on the bus with him? She hung up.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Psalms, Creativity and Randomness

Last week I downloaded from itunes Psalms and Proverbs from The Message Bible. The Psalms have been such a welcomed accompaniment during my workouts. This week I have finally arrived at Psalm 119. Always has been one of my favorite Psalms but with the fresh reading of links from bloggers who attended SMT and sharing what Beth taught, has made Psalm 119 very fresh to me in these recent days. These verses have stood out, "I'm single minded in pursuit of You; don't let me miss the road signs You have posted." Also love, love, love this, " Give me insight so I can do what You tell me, my whole life one long, obedient response."

Today's bike ride was with Erwin McManus. He taught on creativity and in such a totally different light from I Samuel 17. Awesome! I will definitely be re-listening to that one. We get so caught up in what the definition of creativity is and mostly we have it so wrong.

Some random things I am enjoying today and the above would be included;
  • Activa Yogurt with Quaker Oatmeal Squares
  • Hard boiled egg- I totally forgot how good those can be
  • Roy taking Buddy with him when he gets up, then closes the bedroom door. Oh those last few hours of sleep are so peaceful with Buddy not in them
  • Got a credit from Amazon because I pre-ordered So Long Insecurity and the price dropped right before the release date
  • Had a fun excursion to the Play Grocery Store. Got my lo-cal tuna salad, some lo-carb peanut butter and Egg Beaters. I could get the Egg Beaters somewhere cheaper but not planning to do any real grocery shopping until Friday.
  • Choir tonight and I'm not even saying that by faith! Choir is always good, now.
  • Nordstrom had a Private Event sale online today. Found some boots...made for walking...

Well, that's it. I need to go downstairs to the office and pick up a package. Hopefully one pair of glasses will be in tomorrow. That would be a random thing to give great praise to God. I'd say I have felt like Mr. Magoo but all but two or three of y'all might even know who I'm talking about.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Plus Monday Recap

The weekend was filled with celebrations. On Saturday we went to Richard and Sandy Bell's 50 year wedding anniversary celebration. It was wonderful! It was so much fun to celebrate with them and hundreds of their closest friends. I so wanted a piece of the cake but I was good. Roy said it was delicious. After celebrating there and catching up with friends in attendance, Roy and I went out to dinner. I am celebrating that I only ate 7 chips when I am allowed 10 when eating Mexican food.

After church and Sunday School Roy and I had lunch with a friend. OK, we had lunch with Dena at the Nord. It was delicious as usual. We had a really fun time. I also took back a blouse, too big and since Roy was with me and he quenches my spirit at times in the Nord, I got out of there with money back in the bank. Usually it goes back in and comes right back out because I have found something else wonderful.

I wish blogger had an " add to dictionary" choice in the spell check.

On Sunday afternoon it was so much fun to celebrate Heather Sproule. She is getting married in March. There was so much love and fun in that room. We would watch Heather unwrap gifts, then get caught up with seeing friends we hadn't seen in a while. Even though most of us still go to First Baptist, you can get on a time track and never see old friends who are on a different time track than you. I loved that afternoon shower full of friends and sweet goodies that yes, I resisted. Praise the Lord!

I have 6 more pounds to lose and I will have lost a 100 pounds. Think there will be a give a way on the old Monablog to celebrate. If only I can lose 6 pounds and have it coincide with the opening of Nord Rack on February 25. Guess you can see what I am thinking of giving away. Oh, actually I could give away gift cards from Old Navy, Barnes and Noble, Grand Lux and Nordstrom. You would never have to leave the shopping center. Any thoughts on this?

Today I went to the opthamalogist and had a very thoroughly extensive eye exam. No retina damage and my eyes look good. Just dealing with inflammation and that is causing my constantly changing vision. Should be settling soon. In fact I don't feel like it has gotten any worse since the end of last week. In 2011 I may have eye surgery so I won't have to wear glasses and won't have to deal with the shifting shadows of vision. Can't think of the name of that surgery right now but lots of people my age do it. All the eye drops were fun this morning. First eye, drops got in fine. Second eye, there was a whole lot of blinking going on which meant multiple attempts to get those drops in. There was yellow dye running down my cheeks. They gave me a tissue to blot it off but I seriously was thinking of leaving that dye on my face. Then when I saw Roy tell him I am jaundiced and can't cook. Oh yea, I don't cook anyway...maybe I should have said I could not perform my wifely duties. That only means I can't vacuum. Since my hysterectomy in 2005 I have been hanging onto the no vacuuming excuse. He isn't buying into that either.

That's about it on the weekend plus Monday recap.