Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Sabbatical Day-Nah Just Playing Hooky

I'm playing hooky or as I sometime refer to it, playing sabbatical, from Bible study this morning. Besides this is the kind of morning to stay home, and ease into the day with a hot cup of coffee. I woke up late and felt a tad beaten down. Beaten down not in a bad way, but in a way that is a good companion letting me know all the work is the path to being healthy. Oh and yes, praise the Lord, I lost another pound. Just four more to go to hit a hundred pounds lost.

This week has been busier than usual. Went to the Senior Adult Revival, TO SING IN THE CHOIR, two out of the three times. Wow, what a blessing! At last report I heard that 20 or so have come to know the Lord. Senior adults! That is awesome!! John Bolin talked last night in choir about never losing the wonder of God. Don't take God's workings as old hat, been there and seen it before. Good words that went straight to my spirit.

I love that King of the Hill is on the Toon Network at 9:00 pm. Peggy Hill cracks me up. She states the obvious, like..."in my opinion, breakfast is the most important meal of the day." So many times whether Peggy Hill is competing in a Boggle tournament or a Mrs. Heimlick County Pageant, she refers to those in support of her as Team Peggy Hill. I am so thankful for my Team Peggy Hill. Met with Erin D last night. She is keeping me on track nutritionally. I cannot say enough about her wise wisdom and counsel in all things nutritionally related. And she is so much fun. So mine is a nice problem to have, I'm not eating enough calories every day. It's not that I'm trying to starve myself, I am thinking about CHO, which stands for carbohydrates I found out last night from Erin. In that, I have thrown calories out of my thinking and so that layer needs to be added back so the old body doesn't think it is in starvation mode. Also had my second work out with Debbie B. Wow, I didn't know that innocent looking exercise balls and resistance bands could be so mean. No, actually, it is this, I didn't know I had lost so much in balance and now to use the new term I've learned, my functional fitness is in the pits. That is a direct quote from Debbie. We've got our work cut out for us. Loved that at the end of our time, Debbie prayed for me. Peggy, friend not Peggy Hill, has been so supportive of my journey. We had Chinese food for the Super Bowl at her house so that I wouldn't be tempted to eat too much pizza etc. We also ate veggies and fruit. Love that Peggy has now joined Lifetime and we can work out together. We did a light workout yesterday to get her acquainted with the machines. I have ordered a new swimsuit and as soon as it comes I will join her in swimming. I ordered it as a shot in the dark. Don't really know what size I am. All I know is my swimsuits I have are too big. I've never been a big swimmer but I can mix it up a little with aqua walking and the dog paddle. Or maybe it should be the God paddle, cause I certainly will be calling on Him a whole bunch in the pool. Then I cannot write about Team Peggy Hill without thanking and being so grateful for Stacey, the best massage therapist in the world! No hyperbole, just fact. Of course not many can have the Stacey experience now that she is in management but I still get to experience those healing hands and elbows. Numerous times the Dr's have told me how good massage has been in the healing process and so happy I made that commitment. OK, uh getting a massage once a month is not a hard commitment to keep especially with Stacey. My muscles and my spirit are so renewed after spending an hour and a half on the massage table. Oh back to Team Peggy Hill...there are so many who are praying and encouraging me, too numerous to list. I'm so thankful for all the friends that God has brought around me. Many long time friends and many new companions. In my opinion, we are to make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other one is gold. Bahaha...oh Peggy Hill, you are one of my all time favs!

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