Thursday, February 25, 2010

NORD Rack Opens and I Was There!

Patience is not my strong suite. I have no clue why it is taking my phone so long to send me the pictures I took this morning while standing in line to enter the Nord Rack. The parking lot was full and I took one of the one hour only spots, the only few remaining. The other choice would be to park across the street and take my life and throw it out to be run over by all the traffic on Post Oak. I know how drivers react when they are running late getting to the office... The line was actually orderly and besides the people trolling the line for friends who had gotten there already and procured a place in line, there were few trying to cut in line. When the line began to move, we began to clap. Then, just like they did when Nordstrom's opened, the associates formed a line cheering as we came in. For Nordstrom's I cried when this happened. For Nord Rack, I was trying to eye where the shoes are located. That would be in the back of the store.
OK, one of the pictures made it. I think we were about at the 515 spot, so we made it in with the first wave. When they actually opened the doors the line was around Grand Lux and they had the line snaking it's way to the front. I found a purse that I liked and since I was in line to pay before the 1000th person, I got a neat recyclable bag to put my purchase in. Inside the store it was dodging shopping carts and women on a mission. There were a few brave men, but not many. It was a fun thing to do and I'm happy I forsook Bible Study to come to the opening day at the Rack. Peggy sent me a picture of my friends in Bible study praying for me as I was absent. Wow, good thing I don't do BSF. I would be ostracized or something. Of course I was texting with Lisa P and Peggy while I stood in line. Actually, I would have shopped a little longer in the jeans area and the accessories area but I dislike crowds so much.

This is as I came out. As each person left, one was let in.

Here is the picture Peggy sent from Bible study. Our whole group is praying for me. Our lesson was concerning idols. If you look at the picture above I think Gena, in the tan jacket, changed coats and was at the Rack. Similar hairstyles and color.... Hmmmmm.... Actually, I love each and every one of these praying ladies. I love our discussion, especially if the commentary is good.

I went to the Nord Rack with quite a bit of pain. The left side of my face is swollen. Have an appointment in the morning with one of the cutest Dr's I have even seen! No, not Dr. Provenzano, but Dr. Schroeder. When he did my implant, think tooth not north of the human equator line, I told him while under twilight sleep, that he was the cutest Dr I had ever seen. I noticed in many of his reviews on websites, many other women made that very same comment. I never shut my eyes while he did the implant because I figured he'd never be this close to my face again. Who knows if this swelling and pain is from a dental thing or a virus attacking thing.

I still haven't lost the 100th pound yet, but as soon as I do, a give a way is going to come up on my blog. It's going to be a very good one!


Stephanie said...

You are adorable. We missed you at CBS tday, but I secretly wish I could have been at the Nord's Rack too...shhhhh...Have a wonderful week.

courtney said...

He took out my wisdom teeth. I was asleep, so I didn't look at him. Plus I was in college and not attracted to older men at the how things have changed!

Marty H said...

I loved this blog - only a real professional shopper like you would have endured those opening day crowds. Good thing I didn't go as I'd have never done it again. I am a weanie shopper - hardly a real woman! Your give away will probably be a Nord's recyclable bag!

Lindsee said...

Oh goodness! I was going to try and go this weekend, but I think I'll wait. That's crazy! So fun, though!