Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday...Sooo Goood!

There is some kind of wild soccer game going on in the kitchen. Buddy has a bunch of her babies in the kitchen and she is chasing and pushing a small ball around them. Who knew she was so talented? Viva Buddy! GOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!! The little ball just got wedged in between the washer and dryer.

Loving the weather today. Went out to Sugar Land to get my hair cut and do the usual Whole Food and Super Target shopping. Scored a really sweet deal on Wrangler jeans for Roy. Academy had some sale racks that had an additional 50% off. So 3 pairs of jeans later, I am only out $15.00. With all the money I saved, I will be able to spend a little more at the Twice Yearly Sale which begins at The Nord on Wednesday. Woo Hooo!

Tonight Roy and I went to Fuddrucker's for dinner. We took Mustang Sally and it was perfect, cool temps with a little help from the heater. Coming home, after a stop at Barnes and Noble and Starbucks, the fragrance was pine with a whiff or two of burning logs in fireplaces. It was great. All that fresh air means we should sleep well tonight.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This and That with Nancy

This has been wicky wacky strange weather today. Lots of heat and humidity. Sunshine and overcast skies. Light showers to heavy showers of rain. Coming back into Houston from Katy this morning I experienced it all. It will be welcomed when this rain heads out of here and we'll enjoy cooler temps and plenty o sunshine.

Yesterday, it was just right to enjoy lunch with Lisa P at Tiny Boxwood. My first visit and hopefully not the last. Before meeting Lisa, I ran over to The Nord to see if there was anything in particular, which really translates pants, that Penny would hold till next Wednesday when the Twice Yearly Sale begins. Found two pairs of pants, one which is one sale. So, I will get double points when I buy them next week.

We were able to grab the last table outside and we had a wondrous lunch and absolutely great conversation.

This afternoon I ran errands in between rain showers. Before returning home I stopped by Corner Books to see what's happening. Their Texas Pecan coffee is truly awesome and almost life changing. Now I will tell you what is life changing Orange Supreme Cake from Moeller's Bakery.

The strawberry cake is good too, but not as life changing as Orange Supreme. When I went to pick these up at least 3 phone orders included orange cake.

Last night I had dinner with a friend at Molina's. Sometimes you just need some of the vinegary salsa. Yesterday was a day filled with great conversations. We don't always experience such depth in conversations and when you get to twice in a day, it is something to take notice of.

The estate sale at Roy's moms is over. It was last weekend and from the sound of it, the sale went well. Saturday, Roy and I stopped at one of the finest jewelers in the Galleria to have some stones appraised. Roy pretty much knew they were worthless because these same stones had been appraised in Shreveport. Nothing like a jeweler giving you the pity look because they think you got taken in buying CZ's instead of diamonds. No, Roy's dad did but Roy needed to get that taken care of to add to the inventory list.

We are studying Elijah in Bible study right now and I have loved the homework. The material is so thought provoking and so assuring that God can use anything and anyone to meet needs and take care of His children. Our discussions in small group is my favorite part. Today I ended up leaving early and it really pained me to do so. I got a little coughing jag and I knew it was from dry throat but I left because everyone is on alert for swine flu. I didn't want them to think that is why I was coughing. Of course as soon as I got into the car, it stopped. I'm so glad Peggy asked me to go with her. It is refreshing to go where you only know one person and there aren't any preconceived ideas of who you are or what you might say. They know I am funny, but they also know I love the Word. I love studying it and my relationship with Jesus grows deeper and deeper. Sometimes at church I think we get into a rut of what a Word lover looks like and if we don't happen to fit in that mold, we are dismissed as just someone funny or someone who doesn't look like everyone else spiritually. I was talking with a friend who is in charge of women's ministry at her church. She said they are working so hard to do away with perceptions that if you aren't a mom or a stay at home mom, or a petite little wispy 89 pound woman or one who speaks in that holy voice all the time, that those are the only women who are welcomed and accepted. She stays away with the stereotypes of homely women, oh yea, they are servants and will serve in the kitchen or any manual work. She doesn't just let the "beautiful teach or lead Bible studies. She and her leadership team look at the heart. novel. Roy would really like to buy a home in West U to be close to Rice University. I'm not that interested in a house or West U. As we were dreaming about what we might like to do in the next few years, I told him if we do buy a house and if it is a large house, I ain't making no stinkin' promise that I will use it for God's glory by hosting events in it. That is a crock promise anyway and I hate to entertain anymore. He must have laughed for 10 minutes about that. Hey, I take those vow things to God very seriously. Better to be honest from the get go. God knows my heart.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Down at All, Even Though it is a Rainy Day and it is Monday

It's a dreary overcast day. I love it! Nothing on the schedule until later tonight. Lots of great reading done today and more on the way. Laundry getting clean and even attempted a bit of housework. Buddy is on her third nap of the day and I am contemplating my first.

Church rocked the house yesterday. 9:30 choir and orchestra gave a small peek into Christmas and blew us away. I'm usually in choir but sat out yesterday since I'm not singing in Christmas Celebration this year. The whole service was so worshipful. Ben Stewart brought it...brought the Word. I have read more Twitters and Facebook status updates with the Ben Stewart sentiment expressed. God's presence was all over 7401.

Roy and I attempted to see a Rice baseball game Sunday afternoon but we left due to no concession stands being open. It was summer hot in that stadium.

Friday I was reading Blue Jesus, fiction, and coming to the critical part in the book where explanations are given and loose ends tied neatly together. The book stopped making sense and it seemed I was re-reading something I had just read. Quick check of the pages and missing from the book are pages 232-280. Saturday morning, I ran over to Barnes and Noble to exchange the book for one with all the pages. I haven't finished it yet because I have enjoyed the story so much, I'm not ready for it to be over.

I cannot get enough of the Old Testament when reading out of the New Living Translation. I love how conversational it is. Elijah and Ahab are popping off the page. It is good to return to a much told story and see it so differently. I love how God's Word is alive!

Can't resist the nap that is tugging at my eyelids.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Must Be the Weather That Has My ADD Up a Notch

Even though I am counting catalogs again this season, one of my favorites to look through is Vermont Country Store. Until today, I have never ordered anything from them but this year I decided to order some Christmas candles that are exactly like ones we had when growing up. I ordered a singing angel, some carolers, night before Christmas and nativity. Of course it is odd to think that Baby Jesus has a wick in his head for lighting use. Somehow, it just doesn't seem right. I also ordered a sheep pin and some Cola Syrup for upset stomachs. My mom gave us that when we were children and it always soothed a troubled tummy. Vermont catalog is such a trip down memory lane. There are products that haven't darkened a store shelf in years that are available. Like the shampoo, Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific and if I really wanted to take it back old school...Evening in Paris perfume. If you don't get their catalog, go online at and have some fun.

It was great running errands this morning out in Mustang Sally. The top down and the choir practice CD blaring. Oh and me singing alto right along with it, well untill I would accidently start singing tenor. Anyway, Creation Sings sounded so good outdoors and believe me there was some worship going on in that car. Plenty good room to raise a hand. Only one hand. Cause the other one had to do the steering. I can use my knee but have slick workout pants on today, so that wasn't going to work.

I think our home is finally rid of food poisoning. I ate ice cream on Sunday night, got sick. Roy ate it on Wednesday night and he became ill as well. So we pin pointed it to that. With all the commercials reminding us to stock up on stuff in case of swine flu illness, food poisoning was a good trial run. Buddy was just about out of food, but we were able to make it stretch for an extra couple of days. Hey, maybe it was just like the song, These Are the Days of Elijah and the Lord made sure there was plenty like He did for the widow at Zarephath when Elijah stayed with her.

The past few Sundays our class was blessed to be taught by Debbie Brown. She's on staff at church as an admin and personal trainer/teacher. She had never taught a Sunday School lesson before, but sure didn't sound like it. With Dena being out of pocket for awhile as she tends to the needs of her family, we have experienced all kinds of teaching styles. Think the style that speaks to me and probably to more is where we can hear the teacher's voice in the lesson. I read last week that it is easier to teach verse by verse lessons and that is why so many lean that way. It is more difficult to teach "felt" lessons where the heart and the hurt of people gets ministered to. Debbie laid her life out and we were ministered to by the Word and her experiences.

I have been reading out of the New Living Translation for my quiet times. Love reading different versions throughout the year. This has been a particularly good version to read the Old Testament. Yesterday I picked up my Bible and began reading Judges 1. I read the whole book yesterday afternoon. What is so neat is, some things that happened in Judges helped me have a better understanding of our study in the Divided Kingdom. Pieces of the puzzle were coming together for me. This Community Bible Study has been one of the best Bible studies I have ever participated in. Life changing in that I actually do the homework and enjoy doing it. I even answer the deeper study questions. Love the fact that it stretches me, meeting new people and meeting in a church I am not familiar with.

Yesterday while channel surfing, I stopped and watched a little bit of Joyce Meyer. It has been some time since I have listened to her. She still tells it like it is and pushes the envelope on getting past the churchy lefieme' stuff. She was teaching that faith works through love. She said we are wasting our time praying in faith if we are not walking and practicing God's love. Preach it!

After going to Target this morning, I stopped in Macy's. I am keeping my eye on a pair of Michael Kor's pants and trying to catch them when they are on sale. Passed by the Dooney Burke and Coach purse areas. Oh my goodness, they had a table of purses 60% off. There were some very cool bags there but I just purchased a new Vera Bradley purse last week and wasn't feeling very Dooney or Coachy. Although there was a muted yellow purse that made me stop twice...

This weekend is the estate sale in S'port. Pat, the estate lady, sent an email out with pics and has already had over 2000 hits on picture site. Supposed to be beautiful weather there tomorrow. is the site if you want to look at what a great job she has done with the stuff, lots and lots of stuff buried in attics, closets, drawers and every nook and cranny.

My ADD is bad today. I am so random. Oh well, steam of consciousness post are always fun.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Catalog Count and Other Stuff

Today I can add 6 more catalogs to the list. Nordstrom (never complain about getting those), Eddie Bauer's SPRING catalog, Randon or something like that, clothes, Macy's, Talbot's and Heifer. My total is up to 18 in two days.

Oh say it isn't so but I am beginning to think it might not have been chicken that sent me to bed for the past few days. This is so difficult to write, but after Roy had a bowl of Blue Bell Ice Cream last night, he once again had food poisoning symptoms. Blackberry Cobbler Blue Bell Ice Cream! I am thrilled that I turned down his generous offer of dipping up some for me. This will not in any way stop us from purchasing Blue Bell, in fact I heard Peppermint is already in the stores for the holiday season.

After several days of crackers, banana and Diet Coke, I decided to plunge back in with both feet into the regular food world. Got some flat tacos from Jack in the Box last night. Oh yeah, they were good. I am so glad I didn't have ice cream last night...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good Night Nurse, It's Not Even Halloween Yet

After being afflicted with the curse of food poisoning for the past few days, I was finally able to make it downstairs to pick up the mail. Our little box fills up quickly with our own mail and now the estate's mail as well. No surprise that the box was chocked full of mail, most of the contents being catalogs. Surely some of these had to be from Rosemary's mail. No such luck, they were all ours. Last year I began to keep count of catalogs I received from November through December. It seems like the catalog business has taken it up a notch and beginning earlier this year. I am going to do the same thing. Starting today, I am going to keep count. Last year in just two months I received over 350. Let's see what this year will bring.

Travel Smith
The Territory Ahead
The Vermont Country Store
Hearth Song
Hammacher Schlemmer
The Art Institute of Chicago

So that is 12. Some of the catalogs I have received in the past few weeks have threatened me with "could this be your last catalog from us?" Of course they want you to order something and I really want to tell them this is the first catalog I have ever received from them and I would love for it to be the last. They lie...they keep them coming.

Who is selling my information? I kind of keep track this way. If I subscribe to a magazine I change the spelling of my name and that way I can keep up with the culprit. Now I will say there are a couple of these catalogs I love to look through, Art Institute of Chicago and Vermont Country Store. Hearth Song, never heard of them and from the cover, it looks to be children's toys.

Anyone else want to keep count with me?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Mean, What Did I Ever Do To That Chicken?

Oh my, I think I may be out of the fog just a little bit. What fog? Food poisoning. Ugh, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Well except for loosing some weight, but I think I would rather exercise. I believe I might just be back on the road to the land of the living. I took a nap and rested most of the afternoon just to have the energy to take a shower. Of course my hair needs to be shampooed but I don't think I was up to wash, rinse, wash, rinse.

Chicken seems to be the culprit, again. You rarely hear of someone getting sick from cake, donuts or cookies. Well, technically they could because of eggs, but really, almost every time someone gets ill, it is chicken.

Other than eating something to take meds with, not too interested in food. Yet, one needs to eat to be restored and have energy. Crackers and Diet Coke will have to do the job right now. Although I did have a vitamin drink with lots of B vitamins. Hope that helps.

Changing into clothes has helped. I cannot believe I spent so much time in that pair of pajamas.

The good news is a new dryer to tackle the germs. On Friday the repair guy came. He came back Saturday fixed the dryer only to realize the heating element would not turn off. Saturday afternoon, new dryer being delivered. We are in awe in how quickly our things are drying. It takes forever up here on the 3rd floor because how the dryer ducts were installed.

I do not want to become one of those people who react to a symptom that can mean so many different things. I had to fight off the idea when the thought of walking from our bedroom to the kitchen included two rest stops on the way meant heart disease. Of course I knew it was from low or no stamina.

Buddy has been so good. She's been asleep at the end of the bed most of the time that I am...asleep, not at the end of the bed.

That's it for now.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mildred and Gertrude

Last night Mildred and Gertrude did their thing for a Sunday School Department from Second Baptist. Of course we always have fun saying the things that everyone thinks about stuff that happens at church. We helped those fine Second folks learn how to have a budgetary Christmas and using your Nativity Christmas cookies all year long to tell other much loved Bible stories.

Looks like we are singing here. Notice John Bolin's influence on our style. OK, we're getting there.
Who knows?
Here is Gertrude coming down the steps stopping Millie from telling the much loved and changed Bible story, Josephine and her hat of many colors.

Gerti showing off what can be done with candy corns for Halloween....I mean Fall Festival Day...or Harvest Festival Day or as CourtneyS daughter calls it Fall Vegetable.

The finished product of our much loved and so delicious, SPAM Turkey. You'll never host another holiday dinner again.

Since the group from Second was having their party at Gerti's home it was great to be able to do our thing and then Ed and I were out the door after I changed clothes. Oh Ed is the name of Millie's husband. Gerti's husband is Charlie.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Costume Bunko-Oh What a Time!

Monday night was Bunko and to put a little fun spin on the evening, not that we don't already have tons of fun, we decided to come in costumes. Having a little fun for Halloween, I mean Fall Festival or Harvest Festival day. Peggy came in as a last minute sub. Really who else would be available to play on short notice complete with costume?

Just for comparison sake, I added this "normal" picture.

Table 1 turnover.

Here is Amanda as a 50's cutie, complete with saddle oxfords. That is Christine next to her and she came as Sloppy Joe. If I hadn't come as a Vegas Mob Doll, I had also thought about coming as Christine's new BFF from East Texas who just happens to be a beauty beautician.

What???!!! Kate plus 8 played Bunko on Monday. No, it is Michelle. I love that since she is a mom to 2 boys, she borrowed the babies from friends who have girls. She played Bunko all night with those babies attached. Or for those of you who remember the sign, she had "Babies on Board."

Cyndi and Dana came as some fierce pirates. Love the tattoo sleeves they wore.

Bette came as Cleopatra and Linda came as an Aggie from Texas A&M. Hey Linda, I thought we weren't supposed to wear scary costumes! Whoop (s)

Again here is Amanda and Sloppy Joe. Next to them is CourtneyS. She came as the Sham Wow guy. Only with her headset and Sham Wow's we thought she was an order taker at a fast food place. We didn't notice the Sham Wow label on her shirt. Fortunately, there was some coffee and water spillage and it was Sham Wow to the rescue...kind of.

Kay wore her, get this and try not to be jealous, oh if you are jealous stop right now confess and repent, now proceed.... Kay wore her MIDDLE SCHOOL track uniform. We made her run a 100 meters and she took .25 seconds off her best middle school time. Wow, after having two babies! According to the pictures I took, we should have voted Amanda most popular.

I put Kay and Amanda's picture right before Peggy and me. Kay and Amanda are best friends just like Peggy and I. Could it be that this is what they have to look forward to when they are in their 50's and 60's? I do recall that Kay's mom, Mary Ann, and I made black moustaches out of construction paper one Sunday morning because we wanted to go to Roger's, Kay's dad, men's Sunday School class that he taught. I don't think the guys knew that two women had infiltrated the class... OK, we didn't fool them but we got to stay.

Peggy and I came as Vegas Mob Dolls, past their prime. Think I will post the rest of our pics together on Facebook.

Of course there was some last minute primping to be done. So Peggy put her finishing touches on in our lobby. Roy was reluctantly there to take some pictures. A man walked through, saw us and continued with his head lowered. Roy stands up and says, "Hey I can get you a date with two hot women tonight!" The man hurriedly but graciously refused.

Peggy wore a dress that her daughter Jenny wore for some Baylor thing and I had on a late 80's cocktail dress. For such a special occasion we both wore mink. Not for long though, it was too dang hot to wear them for any length of time.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

We Won the Half Price Book Lottery but Rice is Still Winless

What a perfect day for football! Unfortunately, Rice had a little trouble playing today. We left with Navy leading 48-7. The highlight of the game for me happened when Matt Nordstrom, number 50 for the Rice Owls, made a play. At least I could think about shopping when his name was called.

This week we have been doing some clutter patrol around here. I had several bags for Goodwill and we had two boxes for Half Price Books. Early this morning Roy took the books and returned home with, get this, $70.00 for two boxes of books and CD's. I had cleaned out a book case in the guest bedroom and Roy had gone through his shelves in the den. $70.00 bucks from Half Price Books isn't half bad. I think the most we have ever received was $40.00. Our tradition is to do something fun with money. So today we went to lunch, bought our tickets for the Rice game, got a new long sleeve Rice shirt, snacks at the game and picked up a pizza for dinner on our way home. I think we even came home with change. Even though Rice lost, we had fun with our fun parley of book money.

At halftime, there was a presentation of a moon rock to Rice from NASA. Lots and lots of boring speeches except for the video clip from 1962 when JFK spoke at Rice stadium and the theme was getting to the moon. In his speech he was talking about hard things we do and one thing he mentions is, "why does Rice play Texas?"...because it's hard. During the short MOB presentation the announcer for the band says, "why does Rice play Texas? It's not because it is hard, we do it for the money." That was a huge applause getter.

It was overcast and cool, but we drove home with the top down. We have had a full afternoon and evening of fresh air. We should both sleep very well tonight.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh Happy Day, O Happy Day

This has been a totally fun day. Right off the mark I took boxes to be mailed to the estate sale lady in Shreveport. Heck, we threw in a few things of ours for the greater good. Then Peggy and I played phone tag until we finally reached each other on my way out to Pearland or as Lisa P reminded me, I should call it the land of Pear. Seems like I go to a lot of lands. Now we need to plan a trip to the lands of Wood. So guess you can tell I went to the land of pear to meet Lisa P for brunch at the rockin' happin' place, Mimi's. I have been craving Belgian waffles and I got my fix this morning. It was so Good and of course our conversation was here, there, everywhere. We talked so much about Bible study last night. So much to ponder and think about. If Beth had taught all 7 of the seals I might still be there at church sitting in my seat. Worship last night was awesome and I am not just saying that because Lisa is my friend. So Lisa and I sat through the non crowded brunch time into crowded lunch time. She went with me to the Academy across the street as I search for the $2.88 shorts for Roy. I procured one pair. Think he is set for shorts now. Lisa and I must have sang parts of 20 songs this morning. That is just so much fun, well for me at least. Singing with Lisa is one of the most fun and best times of my life.

Thinking of worship songs, these days around here we could change the words of These Are the Days of Elijah to These are the Days of Enron. I have been shredding paper like I was Arthur Anderson before the feds served the firm. Fortunately, what I am shredding is nothing like that. But it's time to shred old bank statements and papers from when we owned our townhouse in the hood. Three times yesterday I had to stop because the shredder overheated. I keep myself encouraged by telling myself that by working on closets and storage there will be room for things that sit out now to be properly put away. Roy is so on board with all this cleaning and he has finally thrown away so much JUNK he kept. Of course I am guilty of this too, but hey, it is my blog and I can write that if I want to. And Roy has brought more paper into this home with all his mother's records etc... We are slowly but surely De-cluttering.

I love my Community Bible Study homework this week. I had it finished by Monday night. If you know me at all, I am not too much of a homework person. But I love the dimensional aspect of the study.

Well, it is time to get ready for choir. Love choir! Love that it is not only practice but a real time of worship.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Finally I Get to See Pictures of De-Coy Roy as a Boy

Roy and I have been married for 32 years and in all that time I had never seen a picture of decoy Roy as a boy. He didn't think there were any pictures of him and when he asked his mom about pictures, well she gave her standard answer... I don't know.

So as we have been going through the cleaning out process of her house, my sister in law Deborah has undertaken the HUGE task of sorting and identifying pictures. Wow, thank you for doing such a great job! The family has found tons and tons of pictures that no one knew anything about.

Here is Roy in a suit. Guess he was playing CPA and attorney. Nah, I think they were going to church.

Alfalfa Roy is found below. This pic is from 1958-1959.

Roy is getting his hair cut in front of the chinchilla cages. Yes, chinchillas! Roy's dad had a ton of hobbies all through his life. Roy thinks that is his younger brother Mike coming out from the cages and his brother Tommy in the chair. Roy said Mike used to put his fingers in the cages and let the soon to be coat bite them.

Roy thinks that the picture on the left is not him and I think he might be correct. The one on the right is definitely him.

Here are a couple of pictures of Roy still sprouting the Alfalfa look and the buzz cut.

I like these two pictures as well. I especially like the bow tie look.

Here are the four Monarch boys. Patrick wasn't born yet. So this is Mike, Roy, Tommy and Jackie

This is after the funeral of their mom. Thomas, Roy, Patrick, Jack and Mike
It has been interesting and fun going through all the report cards (Roy told me he had never made a C in his life until law school. His memory isn't that good on recalling grades I've discovered), baptism and confirmation certificates, and other sundry types of childhood achievements or accomplishments. All the other stuff he has brought home hasn't been as much fun as this.

Monday, October 5, 2009

First October Monday Update

Oh, what a lovely lunch. Tuna fish on rosemary bread from the play grocery store. And now I have to tell you about a new food addiction, orange delight cake from Moeller's Bakery in Bellaire. Oh baby, oh baby, it is soooo good!!! This cake will change your life.

Roy came home from S'port with his grandmother's cedar chest in the back seat. We thought we were going to have to rent a SUV or truck to bring it home. I love how one thing can cause a chain reaction. By bringing this home, we worked in the guest room all afternoon yesterday. Roy keeps his clothes in there and two armours and a triple dresser later, 9 bags of clothes for Good Will. Why did we do that you may or may not be thinking. Silly rabbit, we need to move the stationery bike/clothes hanging bike to a temporary spot to get the cedar chest in the room. So we put all Roy's clothes that he wears to the more accessible triple dresser. Along the way I found a couple of things that I had thrown in probably when someone was coming over as a pop in. Now I am going through the bookcase in there keeping a few books and putting many more into the Half Price Book box.

Of course, along the way, I have found sentimental notes or something I had written and never sent. Found two books that were so instrumental in my walk with the Lord from high school. Love to read the margin notes and what has been underlined. Found some Sunday School notes from Cecilia Tally's class. She is such an awesome teacher and was a pretty fine tennis player at one time. Along with those things, I looked through the 1989 pictorial directory from choir. I would blackmail a few people but then the picture of Roy and I is about one of the worst pictures we ever took. I am also covered in book shelve dust. Now I need to go through my duck collection and decide what I am going to keep since I haven't collected ducks in like forever. The the very few Beanie Babies from years gone by. Think I will just give them one by one to Buddy and when she has torn their faces off, I will throw them away.

In all of this, I found my notebook and account for our wedding. The notebook I will keep, but seriously why am I keeping the bills and cancelled checks? Then I think well maybe I should keep them so I can tell those stories every young person, notice how I have gone old on ya by using that term, can hear how we got married and I only had $1200 to use. I have written before how God rescued our wedding expenses by a lady who just happened to be a wedding coordinator for Braeswood Assembly of God. Now that part of the story is God honoring and glorifying. I think if I just keep the bills, it reminds me of the not so good part of the story.

I played sabbatical from church yesterday morning. Of course with the sermon being on temptation, I gave into temptation to stay home. It was a rainy morning, Roy out of town and I couldn't find my small umbrella. Aren't those great reasons to stay home? I did hear the service on the radio and the choir and orchestra knocked it out of the park. Loved getting texts from friends in Sunday School. This week wasn't weird prayer time but awkward silence time. Peggy told me about Darlene's response to sheep not drinking from rushing water. She said, well what if you have a coat that shrinks when it gets wet? That is a great answer cause sheep are just wool balls on legs. Darlene, you are brilliantly funny!

Looks like Roy will not be making too many more trips to S'port. The estate sale lady begins getting everything together tomorrow and Roy signed the real estate papers so that the house can go on the market. Other than arguing with Merrill Lynch, he has most of his assignments taken care of.

I haven't done an update on casserole lady in a while. In May she was very nice to me and offered to let me borrow a pair of beautiful earrings for the wedding I couldn't go to due to short dress. So I thought, hmm...maybe she isn't wishing for my demise anytime soon. A couple of weeks ago her grandchildren were visiting and they stopped in front of our door and I heard one of them say, Grammy, is this where the monster lives? Uh, maybe there hasn't been a change of heart. Last night she saw us carrying out the 9 bags for Good Will and she thought we were moving. Or maybe was it that just I was moving?

Well, I better get busy with sorting and I think Taco Soup sounds really good for dinner.