Saturday, May 31, 2008

Total Random Thoughts

Just some random things and thoughts.
  • What a difference a day makes. Thanks for the encouraging words. I knew it was not a defining moment for me, the tears and I for sure knew it is not a new addition to my lifestyle. Like I wrote, it was a gift from God.
  • This morning while waking up, I rubbed my hand up and down on my face. My wedding band clipped the outer and slightly inner nostril. Soon I was trying to stop a bloody nose. This is the second nose incident lately. Now it looks like I have a little boggie hanging but it is just skin.
  • My swimsuit came today. I tried it on. It fits. Of course I will wear shorts the whole time I have it on.
  • I bought Roy tickets to the Regionals for college baseball this weekend. The games are at Rice. He is one happy camper. He even brought me home a commemorative t shirt last night. That makes me a happy camper. He just called from the game, Rice is beating St. John 10-2 top of the 6th.
  • Every time I hear St John, I think of my friend Patty. She graduated from there. Her choice was another college but her uncle told her it would behoove her to attend St Johns. She said when an Italian man says it would behoove you, you better get behooving.
  • There is a fragrance surrounding is is wonderful. I keep thinking what is this lovely fragrance? It is some lotion from Bath and Body Works, Rainkissed Leaves. It smells right nice.
  • Last night I booked my onshore excursions for Alaska.
  • Tomorrow I give my testimony in Sunday School. I have thought so much of how God arranged the timing. I am thankful that the seed planted at such a young age to love Him was kept warm under all the cold, the bitterness and hurt. His Word melted the cold and that little seed sprouted when the time was right.
  • I saw an "ad" in another church magazine asking the question, How different would your lift be if __________ hadn't been in your life? Of course you are to think of the positive not the negative. God has been using that sentence this week for me to thank Him and give Him the praise for all the people who have influenced me and changed my life. God has been so good to me.

Well, that is all the randomness I have for now. I need to go write my friend Beth Rees. I used to write her a lot more before I began blogging. We have written each other since college and I have known her since the 6th grade. She is the friend who introduced me to Jesus.

Friday, May 30, 2008

What the Heck??????

What was I thinking? I ordered a new swim suit for my trip a couple of evenings ago. Somewhere around here are swim suits but since it has been years since wearing one, I have no idea where I stuffed them or did I actually get rid of them? I have also been working up courage to use our pool again. From the crowds so far we are in a season of young skinny and buff people, so I will have to pick my times when the older set like Fern and Deloris are at the pool. I had a set of exercises I used to do in the pool to help my knee when I played tennis. It would probably be good to start these again.

This morning everything hit. I don't have the equipment to blame PMS and I am on the other side of "the change." It must be catch up with emotions gone wild from the past few weeks. A couple of weeks ago I received a well thought out and weighted butt chewing. It was taking one for the team, cause I got the brunt of frustration over some things that really aren't anything I am that involved with but I was available and took the blow. It took several days for my emotions to right and settle.

It has also been several weeks of fixing things that I didn't break. There have been times I have wanted to talk and have attempted conversation only to be silenced by an unending string of words with no breach for me to even dare speak.

Interests and activities now just seem to be drudgery. Routine, mendacity, and rote seem to be my companions these days. Although insecurity and indecision have made a few appearances.

Being on this medicine for three months has certainly made a change in me. My mind stays focused and single minded on task. It hurts to hear how much more fun it is to talk with me or do things with me now that I am medicated. It has only been 3 months, so what were they thinking all the years beforehand? People usually like to be around me but yet there is something in me that seems to upset and agitate people.

It is difficult for me to watch my mom succumb to a disease that is taking her away. My heart broke when she struggled to understand her choice of beef or chicken at lunch last week. She didn't know what the waitress was talking about. I saw a postcard on Post Secret that said something to the effect, "Alright already, we know you're gay." I am worn out from the struggles and the hurt as my gay sibling wrecks havoc on our family.

When Buddy got sick on Sunday, I scrambled to my knees in prayer for her. I could not face a future without my furry gray companion. This was only complicated by waiting for news on my handsome gray headed companion. We have received the bill for the testing but no word about the results of the tests.

My sister in law called this morning and she and the girls will not be coming to Houston this summer. I am disappointed beyond words.

I go in my closet and can't find a thing to wear...which is a huge lie of the enemy. There is stuff with tags that have never been worn hanging in the closet.

All this and more crashed in on me this morning and I could not stop crying. Even this afternoon I have teared up more than once. It seems to me I should be so happy right now getting to go on a fun vacation and to see the creation and wonder of God through nature in Alaska. But I am too worried about what to take, how to pack and what to wear.

I do not despair and have hope in the One, Almighty God, I AM. But this morning, I needed to let some of the pressure go and instead of saying things I would regret or taking action on situations, I cried. It was a gift from God those tears. So now I am sleepy but not angry, tired but not despondent.

Yet, I ordered a swimsuit...what in the heck was I thinking????

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tag, I'm It

Tag Game- I've been tagged by Courtney. So here goes...

I love the smell of - lavender. Fresh, linen spray, soap, laundry soap, fabric softner and spray starch

People would say that I- am funny

I don’t understand why- do fools fall in love ( a very old song)

When I wake up in the morning - I hit the snooze for another 15 minutes of sleep

I lost my willpower to - say no to cherry turnovers

Life is - crashing in all around me.

My past made me - have a greater appreciation for giving and saying encouraging words, kind words, and gentle actions.

I get annoyed when I - am made to drive slow

Parties are not a good time to -be introspective

Dogs are - friendly and fun

Cats are - fickle, but I have so much love for Buddy I don't really even care. She brings me so much joy.

Tomorrow is - another day

I have low tolerance for - anger that simmers right below the surface of things and can errupt at any time.

I’m totally terrified of - mice, rats and lizzards

I wonder why I thought my life would be- fulfilling

Never in my life have I - wanted my time and schedule back to have fun, sleep late, travel and catch up with my reading

High school was - a turning point in the direction of my life

When I’m nervous- I talk really fast

One time at a family gathering - we all got along.

Take my advice - take good care of your knees.

I'm almost always - happy,too analytical, and care too much about pleasing people.

I’m addicted to - books and Diet Cokes

I want someone to - tell me that I'm good at something other than making them laugh

I am tagging CourtneyS, Lauren, Laurie, Michelle and Cheryl

Cats, Cruises and Quiet

My little Buddy has been ill. She got sick on Sunday and the vet was able to see her this morning. He gave her some medicine, clipped her claws (that was more for me than her), and gave me a schedule of how to feed her to get her back on her newly trimmed feet and be back to normal. One thing that has changed for at least today, her curiosity to go out in the hall. She is good in her crate to go to the vet, but she doesn't like it. So she associates that with the hall and we aren't spending that much time chasing her back in our door. Buddy stole our hearts and when Roy was the first to mention she needed to be seen by a vet, I knew, although he protests, that he loves her too.

Since going to a trip meeting for my cruise to Alaska last week, I am getting really excited about it and I'll be there before you know it. I have never been on a cruise and have no idea what to pack. I know me, I am a mood wearer. I have no clue what mood I'll be in clothes wise on the trip. It seems obvious what to wear on the onshore excursions, but what about those days on the ship. Should I take on a nautical theme? Should I pack some mid afternoon, before dinner lounging clothes? I just know that I pack like I am going to be somebody different on a trip than I am at home.

It is good this is a short work week. I am ready for the weekend. Not that we have plans, cause we don't. I read the other day in an article on predicting trends that quiet is the new loud. As much as I am social, I have the great need for quiet moments. No blaring TV, no iPod playing, oh just maybe the droning of the dryer, but that's about it for noise. Hopefully, I will get to grab some quiet moments this weekend.

We still don't have any results from Roy's tests. A co-worker was asking me about them today and he said, you all must be on pins and needles in the waiting time. Actually, no. It is always there in the back of our minds, but praise Him, not in the forefront. I will confess I am the one who is more likely to bring it to the front, but once I realize what I've done, I take that thought captive to Christ. We so appreciate your kind words and prayers. Thank you.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. I feel like I need another day at home. No matter it won't be too much longer and I will be on vacation. Roy and I have enjoyed the time. He didn't go into the office on Saturday. We met my parents for lunch at Gringo's. Loved the fruit ice tea. It reminded me of Irma's fruit lemonade. My mom gave me a bracelet that my Uncle Charles made her when he was a young man and worked at a machinist shop. It is made out of stainless steel and it is beautiful.

On the way to my hair appointment we stopped at Border's. It was a good stop because I found another scrapbook 75% off. I don't scrapbook, but use it for photos. Roy bought some Consumer Reports magazines as he begins a search for a new car. With gasoline prices, he had decided to postpone getting a Hummer.

After my haircut, we went to Whole Foods and bought some fun stuff. This store is HUGE! If we had the time, Roy would have read every label and box in the store. He loves Whole Foods and Central Market.

We had dinner with Dena at Buffalo Grille. The food and conversation, excellent. It was a nice way to wrap up Saturday.

Sunday we went to church, then to brunch, came home and I took a 2 hour nap. Roy and I worked on a couple of projects in the afternoon. I got some reading in and he got some TV watching in.

Today, Roy has run down to the office but just for a couple of hours. I plan to stick around home today. When we were at Target Friday night, I bought a $2.50 tablecloth in the dollar section of the store. It didn't look like plastic in the package, but it is so cute, I had to put it on the table anyway. It is very cheery, cherry and vintage looking.

You know I have written before about my addiction to books and I have to come clean. I think I am addicted to Bibles. I like to buy them to go with outfits. I know totally a waste and so shallow. But in the shallowness it has also taught me not to be dependent on one Bible where I know where the page is to find the verse I am looking for. New Bibles keep you sharp. So, I have a new Bible and the first verse I read in it is Ezra 8:22-23. Basically Ezra is writing that he was ashamed to ask the King for a band of soldiers and horsemen to protect them because he had told the King the hand of God is on those for good and who seek Him. So, Ezra and the people fast and pray and ask God for this request of protection and God heard their prayers. Prayer is hard work. It is sometimes too easy for us to run around and ask others to pray for us when we aren't willing to do the hard work ourselves. We have stuff on every one's prayer list but how often and for how long have we stayed in prayer with our Father over the situation? We boast of God's power and glory, speak of God's Will, and then unashamedly ask for help from man unlike Ezra instead of waiting to see God's hand. These verses have been rolling around in my spirit and thoughts the past few days. Convicting words that bring life changing power if I heed and obey this. It is a good word for me as I stand to the side, but not in the middle of the power struggle between my loved ones. Neither is willing to do the hard thing but continue looking for someone else to do it so they get the desired results. Not of reconciliation but of conveyed messages.

An update to what I wrote last night about my trip down memory lane. I forgot to mention I met John Denver once in an elevator downtown. Well met is stretching it. My roommate and I were in the same elevator as John and we were trying to decide if the man standing in the elevator with us was really John Denver. Our whispering must have been a little too loud and a little too excited because when we all got off the elevator, he turned to us and said, yes, it is really me John Denver. We were so shocked that we let him walk off without even getting a autograph.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane not to be Confused with Kristi Lane's One Hit Wonder, One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus

I've been taking a trip down memory lane. Oh probably circa 1972-1973. Last night I bought John Denver Definitive all time greatest hits, a few lesser hits, and previously unreleased material. Carol King and James Taylor from that time also bring back good memories. I played all of their music over and over and over on my totally fine avocado green stereo. 8 tracks hadn't even been invented yet. The songs took on such special meaning for me because as a brand new Christian I changed all the words and meanings to the poignant songs they sang and addressed them all to God or about God. Well, almost all the songs. When I first heard Travis Cottrell sing Annie's Song and change one word, Lord, I couldn't worship God like all my sisters surrounding me in Tuesday night Bible study. I remember that song as the chosen "make out" song of my freshman year boyfriend Jim "Hands" Kelly. I was telling this to a friend and she said, say no more. Anybody with the nickname Hands, don't want to know the story. I really wasn't prepared to tell "our" story of Freshman year love at Southwest Texas State University, but I will say, he was a preacher boy in the making, so 'nuff said.

I have great memories of being in Beth Wilkins old Chevy, with all the windows down and we were singing at the top of our lungs when the songs came on the radio. Whoever was in the car and we always seemed to be in her car, joined in and we sang some mean and tight harmony. We all fell in love with Colorado and wanted to marry mountain men when we graduated from college. I don't think any of us found a mountain man to marry and only Marty and Bobby did move there for a bit of time. Marty is a girl, Catha's aunt.

Since I have kept a journal since the fourth grade, it isn't too difficult for me to find my journals of thoughts, longings, and desire to see God's will in my life. When I was in high school. I had a list that I submitted for approval to the Lord of what I would like in my husband. He would be broad shouldered and be very athletic. He needed to be aesthetically pleasing, being able to write a song or a poem for me at any given moment. He would be tall and artistic being able to do woodworking and be able to fix anything that me or our 5 children would break. We would live in the country, living a simple life, but have lots of money to do the fun things in between all our Christ honoring simple way of living life.

Whoa, am I ever glad that God didn't take me up on my list. I didn't even know how high maintenance I am and although a song, a poem, and great cabinetry are wonderful that doesn't always pay the bills. God knew I would fall in love with a man whose shoulders aren't very broad, he can't sing a lick, we hire out to fix anything we break, and well those five children, uh that was my faulty plumbing. I fell in love with a man like David is after God's heart. Roy takes such good care of me and I love him. His seriousness makes me laugh. He is tenacious when it comes to handling insurance disputes or anything that takes a phone call to rectify a situation. In the early 1980's when oil might hit the unheard of price, $25.00, we tried to move to Denver. There were a lot of oil and gas jobs there...and then came the bust. God knew we needed to be in Houston.

John Denver brings back good memories, but life today with Roy and Buddy is everything I need or want from life. Got a man who loves me and I love him. Got a cat that is a little fickle on the love thing and has a bit of a temper, but for the most part she is a sweet and loving companion.

.. I have never even thought this in all the years from now back to my freshman year, but I wonder what ever happened to Jim "Hands" Kelly? I wonder if he married my friend who began dating him after we broke up? I wonder if he became a Baptist preacher? That is all my wondering about him, not interested in seeing him for any other reason. Ha!

Poems, Prayers, and Promises by John Denver

I have to say it now, it's been good life all in all, it's really fine to have a chance to hang around.and lie there by the fire and watch the evening tire while all my friends and my old lady sit and pass a pipe around. And talk of poems and prayers and promises and things that we believe in. How sweet it is to love someone, how right it is to care. How long it's been since yesterday, what about tomorrow and what about our dreams and all the memories we share?Days they pass so quickly now, the nights are seldom long. Time around me whispers when it's cold.The changes some how frightens me, still I have to smile. It turns me on to think of growing old. For though my life's been good to me there's still so much to do. So many things my mind has never known. I'd like to raise a family, I'd like to sail away and dance across the mountains on the moon.

Oh, this Jim isn't the Jim of football fame

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Little Bit of Friday

This weekend has shaped up to be my outsourcing weekend. I had my brows done by Charles yesterday. We weren't in the little salon room toward the back of the cosmetic area, we were front and center at the entrance of the store. There were 4 rows of chairs for potential brow customers to be seated and watch Charles perform his magic. He had a bit of stage fright and for one little tiny moment I thought of screaming really loud when he pulls the wax off my eyebrow. I would have screamed that didn't even hurt, this is amazing! And I wouldn't be screaming lying, I would be telling the truth. Before Charles began my appointment, he was talking with Dan Alvarez, the store manager at Nordstrom's. Charles introduced me to Dan and I hope I acted more sophisticated on the outside than what was rolling around in me on the inside. I think I casually said I love this store and didn't go into details of how MUCH I love the store and that my blog devotes a lot of print to the Nord. I complimented all those who assist me when I am at the store, first and foremost Charles. Well, he was standing there. Dan asked if I would like anything from the Ebar. I played it cool and said just water. Charles had already started working on my brows when Dan brought the ice cold water over to me. We chatted a few more minutes and then he was off. Wow, I have always wanted to meet Dan Alvarez and now I have.

At 11:00 I was in the SPA to get my massage with Stacy. My left shoulder has been bothering me and she worked out all the kinks. It was delightful and I left with the fragrance of lavender surrounding me.

Since it is the Half Yearly Sale, I did partake in some shopping. Found a few items for my Alaskan cruise. I also found a cool watch, on sale.

Then I went to the rug rat Macy's in the Galleria. Not quite the same delightful shopping experience. I have had some of the most interesting encounters with strange and odd characters in the Macy's Galleria. Stood in line forever in the Home store. I stayed around cause I had a $20.00 and $15.00 off coupon. There must have been a spiritual reason for me to be at that store because when I was standing in line, again forever, to buy a couple of tops, I discovered an additional spiritual gift I did not know I had. Let me set this up: I am second in line behind a group of 3 friends who are like me in their 50's. They were buying swimsuits for a girlfriend trip they were taking. The tall one had written a check for her swimsuit and the clerk who seemed to be very hard of hearing was on the phone because the check was not accepted. The clerk was on the phone trying to get some kind of approval number. Now whoever was at the other end of the line must have repeated information 2 to 3 times. The clerk would yell out the numbers, process them at the register and then yell, nope don't work. Finally, the the combination of numbers coupled with the frustration and embarrassment of the woman came to an end. I turned to see how long the line was now behind me and when I turned back there was a woman in front of me with a swimsuit. She didn't belong to the friends, she just had walked up in front of me. I cleared my throat really loud like that was going to do something, it did, she turned, looked at me and smiled. At this point what was another 18 hours, so I let her stay. She begins speaking to the clerk in a foreign language that sounded very Slavic and in between were a few English words that were hard to understand. Hard of hearing clerk turns her head in toward the woman and says, what??? I can't understand you. DO YOU WANT TO BUY THE SUIT? Slavic words....a couple of English words...deaf clerk...repeat, what? Third time wasn't a charm. Same results. I said to the woman and the clerk, I think she wants you to hold the suit for her and she will be back in 2 to 3 hours. Eureka! Struck Gold!! The lady is shaking her head in agreement and the clerk looks at me and says, what? I can't hear you. I repeated it again loudly and so everything was taken care of. Bought my stuff and called Roy and told him I think I know have the gift of interpretation. That's good, because I found out a couple of weeks ago, there is no gift of discernment. I Cor 12:10 actually says discerning between spirits... Seems to me a lot of people who say they have the gift of discernment really have the gift of suspicion. I heard Beth say in Sunday School one time to be careful of those who claim that gift if their discernment is only of negative things. She said discernment discerns positive too. So many just have the gift of judgement. I have to admit though, while being blessed with this new gift of interpretation, it did not negate the need for the fruit of the Spirit patience, which I was in short supply.

Well, this post has gone on too long. You'll have to wait to read all about our trip to Whole Foods in Sugarland. Doesn't have the same drama, but there is a special appearance in this story, Roy.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Little Bit of Thursday

Two days into a long holiday weekend and there have been ups and downs, highs and lows. I took a vacation day on Thursday and the timing was perfect. Wednesday had been one LONG day. My original plans were to run errands on Thursday morning and then go out to Peggy's retirement reception at her school. Upon awakening I realized the morning would be better spent just hanging out around home and taking it easy. Only managed to get to the grocery store, but it was enough.

My phone was on vibrate and missed three calls Thursday morning, two of which I was happy to go to voicemail. Why these loved ones insist on putting me in the middle is beyond me. The past few years I have voiced my opposition to this "vaulted" position and yet there is an insistence from both parties. So on my way out to Mustang, I spent the majority of time on the phone with one of the loved ones. Basically it gets down to this, they want me to do relays of messagesback and forth to the other loved one and it is not my job. It wouldn't do one bit of good. The low, the continuation of these phone calls. The up, I stayed calm. Never upset just tired from keeping the conversation forward leaning. I arrived at Mustang early and used that time in the lobby to read and regain peace of mind. Good timing to have that little respite and Dena and I hit the road to celebrate Peggy.

The theme of the party for the 5 who are retiring was "Oh the Places You'll Go" and the books were there to sign for each retiree.

This is Miss P and Peggy. They have taught and coached together for a long time. In fact Miss P could have retired last year, but she waited for them to be able to retire together. Debbie is Peggy's partner in crime at school and in Katy. When I walked in Peggy yells out, this is Nancy, she is my partner in crime!!! Then when Dena came in Peggy yells out, this is my Sunday School teacher.

After the reception Peggy, Bill and Jaime took us on a tour of the school and Peggy's wonderful office off the dressing room. Nothing like the smell of sweat, tennis shoes and damp towels to bring back a lot of good memories of playing volleyball in high school.

Then we all ate at Hasta la Pasta and Bill, yes Bill, regaled us with some really funny stories. He was on a roll. Bill and Peggy headed home and Dena and I headed to the Katy Mills Mall. I had a coupon for Polo and Roy has been asking me to buy him some new dress slacks. Only found one pair but I found some Ralph Lauren sheets deeply discounted and difficult to pass up.

I will have to post later on other happenings from the weekend, but wanted to share Peggy's great happiness and joy to be retiring from work, but continue living a fun and full life. I am so happy to share my friend with you tonight.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


In the office yesterday the conversation turned to the full moon on Tuesday night. The first few minutes of conversation had nothing to do with the beauty we all saw, mainly it had to do with all the strange ones that came out of the woodwork. Our little area received some of the strangest phone calls yesterday. We attributed it to the full moon.

On Tuesday night I happened to be out of the city and saw the moon in full majesty. God gave a particularly memorable show. He unveiled the moon to me in a very special way. I could only see the tip of the moon because clouds obscured the rest of it. But as the moments slowly ticked by, the clouds dissipated revealing God's handiwork. It was awesome. Since I was in a moving car, I could not get a standard picture, but with the irregularities of the road and not using a flash, the most unusual pictures came about. At first I was a little disappointed but realized God gave me a gift of not capturing the usual moon.

Looks like a dove descending
The moon and lights from cars and homes

Just thought I would share these with you. There is beauty beyond the obvious and I thank God for giving me a chance to experience it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Happy Wedding

Here are some pictures from Victor and Karley's wedding.

The happy couple
The happy friends and co workers
The happy home from Baylor Jennifer and her mom Cindy, HR Director at HFBC. And might I add Cindy does a fine, fine job at the church.
A happy Jordon who is graduating 5th grade
A happy Madi who came home with an arm load of ribbons for her hair.
The happy Aunt Nancy and Uncle Roy to their adopted niece Karley.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

More Conversations with Peggy-She Done Graduated

It won't be long and Peggy will be retired from teaching Jr High PE and coaching volleyball, basketball, and track. People asked her this morning in Sunday School, oops I mean Sunday Bible Study, if she would have a hard time adjusting. Ha! They don't know Peggy very well if they are asking that question. I don't get the impression she hated her job and I know she had a lot of fun doing it. But she summed it up several years ago when she said, the kids stay the same age and I keep getting older. She''ll be busy, probably busier than when she taught. Peggy loves life and enjoys every moment and now she can sleep late so she can stay up later. She has a million and one projects, she and Bill will be traveling and then entertaining during the summer at the Bain Bed and Breakfast. Peggy has been hinting that she would LOVE for me to quit my job. Some days I listen to her more than others.

Since we were celebrating graduations in Sunday...Sunday Bible Study, I thought it would be great to celebrate Peggy's graduation back into the wonderful world of having her time and schedule back. Yesterday, Roy and I went over to the Play Grocery Store and picked up a cake. The Play Grocery store makes some dang good cake. This was chocolate with triple fudge icing.

After church, Roy, Bill, Peggy, Dena and I went out to lunch. Let me assure you, the laughs were plentiful and the stories colorful, colorful in a good way...not bad. Bill and Peggy had been to a wedding last night and that just led into stories of some of the worst weddings we have ever attended. It has been a while since I attended a bad one, but the memories from years ago are still fresh.
Dena and I are going to another celebration for Peggy later this week. And there is another celebration the week after next. We should celebrate Peggy. There is so much about her that most, unlike me, don't really get to see. Of course she is funny and can make the most mundane chore exciting, but she is compassionate, caring, giving, and sentimental. And she has about 110 songs slated to be sung at her funeral, not that is anytime soon.! She added to the list this morning, In Christ Alone. I told her Lisa P does a very fine job with it.
June 2 is her last day at Memorial Parkway Jr. High and June 3, if there is a bright light shining in the West, it is Peggy smiling cause she's free at last, free at last. It's her year of Jubilee, she's the captive been set free...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Furniture Moving

With my ongoing newly produced organization skills that has come as a side effect from Ultram ER 200, I have noticed that we are under utilizing our space here at home. I noticed it before, but with my ADD, I was soon distracted by something else and by the time I came back to this thought, I wasn't interested anymore or something much more fun had my attention. I had planned a week ago that today May 16 would be a me day. Now I know some of you are thinking isn't every day a me day for you Nancy, but the definition today was to stay around home do something or do absolutely nothing.

The day began with a leisurely breakfast and Facebook. It was a nice start to the day and as the morning wore on, my thoughts to move furniture became a reality. If we were ready to do so, I would have begun in the guest bedroom. We are contemplating getting a day bed, keeping the armoirs, triple dresser and getting rid of everything else. It would free up a lot of space and we could move my desk out of our bedroom. Then Roy's closet/den needs to be de-cluttered and then moving the furniture around for a better fit and more usage. Today I rearranged the living room. When I move furniture I laugh the whole time, thus making me weak which results in more time than usual to get the job done. Chairs, tables and couches were moved. And once all that was done and every thing put back into place, Roy came home.

Just a change out of ottomans was the only thing left to do. Roy told me he would do it after he took out the trash. Love a man that can still perform his husbandly duties...trash removal. While he was doing that I started the process of the ottoman empire exchange and it was there the fall of the Roman empire happened. Actually, it was the fall of the monarchy. Just yesterday I was bemoaning the fact that I am not athletic like I used to be. Going through that construction was not hard, but there was a day I would have been all over the place exploring and three flights of stairs would have been nada. But when in free fall, I still have my sports sense about me. My intended landing should have been on the wooden leg of the ottoman, but I swerved in mid air, my stomach avoiding the stake and instead my shins took the brunt. If our neighbors were home downstairs, in that fallen moment, they might have mistaken the fall for an earthquake. My brain is taking damage reports from the rest of my body. The brain reported to me that my shins were probably skinned and bleeding.

I had my phone with me and I called Roy. It would be difficult to get up because I was wedged in between the bed, the flipped ottoman, and the exercise bike that doubles as a shirt valet. He comes in yelling where are you? I answer. He doesn't hear me. I wasn't pulling an Adam and Eve "hiding from God thing." He yells again, are you in the kitchen? No that would be Dinah...anyway, I respond I am in the bedroom...doesn't hear me. Drat the flipped ottoman that must be muffling my weary responses. By this time Roy is running down the hall screaming, where are you? He must have been so intensely driven cause he runs right past me sprawled in the guest bedroom, into our bedroom. He yells this isn't funny. Note to self, Roy needs to have his eyes examined soon. I mean it is not like I am some petite 90 pound darling on the floor, more like a beached whale. He finally hears me and comes to my rescue. My shins are scraped but not bleeding as I supposed they should be. Once I finally come to my fully locked upright position, I realize I hurt. My knees and right hip mainly.

Always an adventure here. Roy and I both are eyeing each other for symptoms of diagnosis. Not that either one of us has anything to go on. We are not going to the land of what if, just yet. My check up on my knees is this Wednesday morning. Roy is praying that I stay on the Ultram ER 200. We have not heard anything from his tests on Monday. Tonight our home could be known as the blind, deaf, and lame home. I am just glad I only am one out of the three.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Touring the Worship Center Construction Zone

Today we got to take a 30 minute tour of the HFBC's Worship Center now under destruction and reconstruction. Everyone was pumped about going in and seeing the progress. Our group had the 10:30 time. We had to sign in and then take a hard hat.

Courtney is adjusting her hard hat so that it will fit yet be fashionable and attractive.
Here is the result of her tedious and meticulous attention to detail. CourtneyS, you look marvelous.
Here is the Ministries crew waiting for our turn to take the tour.
Amy and I showing off our styles of wearing our hard hats. Mine was back and Amy wore hers more forward. That is funny and adopted daughter Becky having fun in the background. We had no clue she was doing this during the picture, but I am glad she did.

This is the clock counting down the time until our first service in the our newly redone Worship Center. They told us right now they are three days ahead of schedule.
This is the tunnel that goes through our front lobby, or Narthex, or vestibule and it takes you right inside.
This picture is taken from the ground floor looking up. That hole above our heads led to wait is called the dance floor. This is the flooring on all the scaffolding in order to work on the catwalks being installed and all around the ceiling. When we got up there we are 28 and a half feet up. It was like walking in the space that is over our heads. I am not doing a good description, but believe me it is awesome.

This section is the median section on the West side.

Here we are on the dance floor. See how close we are to the upside down circles? That is a catwalk in the middle. When we walked the floor kind of gave. The foreman didn't even notice the sway anymore. Said it is like developing sea legs.

The above are the pipes for the pipe organ. I have only seen these from a far and never this close up. The catwalks are wide, it will be like a highway compared to the old catwalk which was pretty narrow.

This is at the curve of where the median and the balcony connect. It was so strange seeing the empty concrete levels with no chairs.

Here is the freight elevator that bring stuff up onto the dance floor. Unfortunately, we had to use the stairs and didn't get to take a free ride.

Here is the tunnel coming back out into the lobby and the passage back to work. Loved the break but more so loved learning all about the construction happening right across the hall from my office.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Karley's Last Tuesday as a Single Woman

Think I should do a little wrap up from a couple of weeks ago before forging into the day's activities. This is a picture after our delicious breakfast at Olivette's at The Houstonian. I got to take all the admins in the Ministries area out to celebrate Professional Administrative Assistant Day in April. Jess is taking the picture, but you will see her later on in this post. We had a great time. Since this picture, Cassi is now the Children's Programming Assistant and Colleen has come to work for Ben. These are some of the most godly, kind, loving, fun and professional women I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with. Since I have an office with a big window looking into the office suite, I get to watch the fun, their compassion, the encouraging, the shoulders available to cry on, their laughter and the music. Mia sings really well. I love them and they have impacted my life. God did His best work when He brought all of us together.

The following picture was smuggled out of a sensitive and strategic Ministries Staff Meeting. If I were to divulge what I am saying to Amy, well let's just say I would have to go Presbyterian if this time sensitive material was leaked.
Today after staff meeting, we had lunch at Goode Company Bar B Cue to celebrate with Karley. She is getting married on Saturday. So, we all went out to celebrate this milestone and joyous occasion. Karley is in the middle there, she is wearing glasses.

Across from Karley is Jess, the afore mentioned photographer. Colleen, the newbie is right next to her.
Here is a posed Becky and a happy Jenea.
I have come to the conclusion Roy cannot watch House Hunters anymore. HGTV is not his first, second or third choice of TV watching, but I love House Hunters. So the other night he watched it with me. Took place in Atlanta and we were correct that the hunter would pick option 3. Now to tell you the truth, I haven't really given that episode another thought. But Roy, he keeps talking about it, only in a way that sounds like we know this woman and the whole history of her home buying. We can be talking and all the sudden he brings up the housing choice and I am trying to think through our friends who have recently bought a home that did not include a bathroom mirror in the price. Then I realize he is still hung up over her choice. So no more House Hunters for him.
There is a lot to learn about Face Book. I have all these pokes and messages in my inbox that I have no clue what to do with. I have been challenged to several Scrabble games, but have no clue how to participate. If you are someone waiting for me to respond, I am not ignoring you, I am just an ignoramus.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friends, Fans, Facebook and Funnies

I am watching one of my favorite old movies Now Voyager. I have never wanted to smoke, but Jerry lighting two ciggies and handing one to Camille is one of the most romantic things in a movie ever. Roy is out walking after doing our usual Saturday night dinner choice Goode Company.

Friday I had lunch with Amanda, Jackson, CourtneyS and Moriah. We ate at the Nord and it was so much fun. Moriah was playing hard to get and only got interested in Jackson when he had to leave. She kept saying bye Jackson, bye Jackson. It was great getting caught up with Amanda and once MDO begins, we plan to do lunch without the tods and ask Jen Hamm to join us.

Moriah had a little mosquito bite on her arm and she accessorized it with a very cute pink bandaid.
Of course after lunch I did a little shopping. Found a pair of pants I had my eye on, now on sale. Also the Nord being very green now has the cutest tote to bring to the store instead of always using paper bags. It folds up in a little square and then you undo it to reveal a cute tote with all the great Nordy drawings on it. Even has little zippers to use for keys etc. Got to love the Nord.

Friday evening Roy and I went to see U of H play Rice at Reckling Park. Since we got the tickets from Lee Hsia who is a Rice graduate, I only thought it fair for me to root for Rice because Roy roots for the Cougs. Rice trounced U of H 13-6. We ate dinner at the ballpark and we were not disappointed. Princess Hamburgers is the vendor and everything is fresh and awesome.

While on staff retreat David Wells encouraged me to open a Facebook account. I have thought about it but never acted on it until last night. When we got home from the game I read the HFBC eNewsletter and learned there is a church Facebook group. That is all I needed and I began the process. I felt for a few moments the apprehension of being accepted not unlike Jr High experiences. I was not disappointed and it wasn't like Jr High, because right off the bat I had several accept my offer of friendship. Emily, who lurks this blog, was one of the first to respond. She even sent a message while in Atlanta on a layover. Pam Young and I after sending a few messages back and forth hit the chat line and had a great time. Pam and Bob used to go to HFBC many moons ago and they are such fun people. We are making plans to meet them for dinner in the near future. That whole conversation just totally made my day. Only thing, I think I am getting addicted to Facebook.

If you have read my blog long enough you also know I am addicted to books. Had that Border text on my phone of 30% off. Found a couple of interesting books. One of which, 11 by Leonard Sweet. It is the 11 types of people you need in your life. All 11 are people from the Bible. I read the intro and a bit of the first chapter. This book fits nicely in with my journaling theme of journey. Also bought a book by Thor Ramsey. He is a comedian and the book is funny, but in that deep kind of Truth way.

Got an email from Jon, the guy doing Stuff Christians Like blog. I had sent him several suggestions and he is going to use one for sure or maybe two that I submitted. I am kind of excited about that.

Roy begins his first step in his medical journey tomorrow by peeing in a jug for 24 hours. Well, now they won't let you pee in the jug, you have to use another container, then pour it in the jug. So, we have been looking for something we no longer use for him to be able to do this. He also had all his medical records from the past few years sent to the DR. He has a couple of other more "complex" tests coming up in the next few weeks. Of course, to me, nothing is more complex than peeing into a container. Frankly, I don't know how females can do this test practically. To tell you the truth, I am not that talented. God is good and His mercies are new every morning. He is my source of strength and He surrounds us with songs of deliverance. My mind and prayers are here at the start of the transition and I have only had to rope them into Christ a couple of times today and I have successfully stayed away from Googling a diagnoses from the scant details we have right now. Thank you Facebook. I mean thank you Lord...for Facebook...uh, for your goodness. His kindness has truly been extended to us.

Roy is in from his walk and he watched the last of Now Voyager with me. He doesn't like the movie much, but we watched together to hear one of the best lines of all times to end a movie, "why ask for the moon when we have the stars." I don't know what that means, but it sounds romantic.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Staff Retreat 2008

This year's staff retreat was at the beautiful San Luis in Galveston. The San Luis knows how to welcome and guarantee repeat business. It was an awesome facility and we found ourselves very comfortable and taken care of. I came home not overwhelmed and on information overload, but I returned very thankful that our staff truly enjoys one another. We had a bit more free time than in the past and we were very agreeable to that.

Here we are after dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. We are deciding what we will do next. Some walked along the seawall, most of us returned to the hotel and eventually the pool and some went to the movies.
Jenea and I had both brought our iPods and there was a docking station in our room. We cranked up the volume on Dancing Queen, Stay With Me Tonight, Solid and The Glamorous Life. It was dance party before dinner. We had a blast and Jenea is a great roommate.
If you would like to read a funny happening from our trip, read Becky's.
Jenea and I are the two unnamed friends.
Something that Adam Mason said was the key point to the time away for me on a personal level. Pain brings change and transformation brings vision. Our discussion times included a deeper level of transformation as a church and as individual Christians. It seems true that we are more willing to change when pain has entered and determined a choice of courses. We are transformed when we have a vision of what the Lord has for us, the kind of lives He so desires us to live.
It seemed strange to be back in the office today. It felt like Monday not Thursday.
Yesterday, we needed to get home so that Roy would have quiet to hear the Dr's report from the tests he had done. The Dr. said there are some abnormalities from the tests and has asked Roy to under go further testing. He told Roy until it is determined it is something or nothing, he would not discuss the future. The Dr said no need for unnecessary worry. So, I did what everyone does, Google it. I had to stop after looking at a few websites. The Dr was right, no need to be concerned until it is known whether or not to be concerned. This morning as I was getting ready for work, I let my imagination take me down a road. Dang, I should have taken the thoughts captive to Christ. Well, I did eventually. I had to give myself the same talk I have said to others, you need to know where you are in transition. There are three parts, beginning, middle and end. We are at the beginning and I keep thinking about the what if of the end. I would ask you to join us in believing God that the upcoming tests would be negative and for Roy to continue to walk in good health. He is standing strong on the Word. I would be fibbing if I told you I am standing as strongly as He is, but having done all to stand, stand even with knees that are feeble and hands that are weak. We would so appreciate your prayers concerning this matter with Roy.
When he got home tonight we went to Buffalo Grille for dinner. I love eating breakfast food for dinner. Roy doesn't share that same love of breakfast, but it is a great place for us to go cause we both get what we like.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Do You Need a Special Touch?

This is my friend Linda. As you can see she has friends who know how to use Photoshop. Not that I don't think she has a holy healing ministry, it just might not be in this TV evangelist form.

Linda and I have been friends for many years and we have shared many a good laugh together. Long ago in a time far away, there was Sunday night church. It wasn't the same service as the morning, it was a completely new service, just not as formal. This service had a relaxed feel for those nights of calling out your favorite hymn page number from the Hymnals in the pews. We had a group of girls that went out every Sunday night after church to the now defunct Ones a Meal on Memorial. Lots of fun and the pecan waffles were not bad. One year, the group decided to exchange Christmas gifts, but they had to be gifts we had made. Oh my, everyone but me was artsy fartsy. This was in the season of popularity of the hand painted t shirts. So I bought some sponges and if a little sponge art was good, a lot would be so much better, so one would think. We had one friend Dottie who would spill food on her outfit each week. Linda made a t-shirt for her depicting all the types of food that had stained her blouses, eggs, bacon grease, syrup, mustard and all other forms of condiments and food. As time went by, our dinners went by the wayside and we learned of Ones a Meal's imminent demise. So we had a reunion dinner complete with table linens and china. Those were some happy memories of time gone by for me.

Linda and I also came up with the term "men's disease." It would take too long to explain here, but if you are married or work with men, you are familiar with it. Maybe you didn't know it had a title.

I noticed she had the curtain and poles taken down this morning before my journey to the third floor for my mission supporting Diet Coke.

We have shared many a laugh at camp, Sunday School, choir, Pageant, showers, work and at lunch. If you don't know Linda, you should get to know her. She is one of the kindest people and when you are loved by Linda, you know just a bit of God's goodness. She knows youth ministry inside out, upside down, catty cornered and every which way. You can find her on the third floor, that is unless she kills me for posting this picture. If she does, you can find her at the Goree Unit of the Texas Department of Prisons.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend Recap

The weekend began by attending the Point of Grace and Selah concert at Second Baptist. It was a girls night out with several friends. Of the 6 of us that went together, I think 4 of us were more there for Selah than Point of Grace. We had salads and pizza at Fuzzy's before heading over to the holy dome church. It is so beautiful on the inside, love all the stained glass. We sat several rows behind some special needs children. It was refreshing to watch their worship and their sheer delight of the music.
Saturday morning I awoke to an attack by Buddy the cat. I was deep in sleep when I felt her jump onto the bed and then onto my head. Think she was mad over being banished from the bedroom Friday night. She would not settle down and was on the prowl on things and furniture and that makes it hard for her humans to sleep. She finds anything to rattle, paper to crinkle and stuff to move off the dresser and does this just for attention. It took me a little time to settle after her attack and to stop the bleeding from scratches on my arms. Thus I was late for Karley's wedding shower, but I made it. Linda and friends throw a great shower. It was mainly her age friends and a few of us lucky older folk in attendance. I sat down to visit with Jaye, Dana M(this is not ventage Dana) and Madelyn. Now Dana loves The Nord just about us as much as me and truthfully, I see her there more than we run into each other at church. Believe me, we are both at church a lot. Our joy of the Nord was getting to Jaye and Madelyn and they left us to ourselves to talk about all the things and people who make life so happy from the Nord. I also got to see Michelle. I really miss seeing her and it was so much fun to catch up with her fun world of Jonathan, Keegan and Jack.
Since the weather in Houston again was so wonderful and breezy, the top came down on Mustang Sally and I took the back streets home with a stop at the Kroger's thrown in for good measure. When I got home, I began using some of the new organizational items I had bought at The Container Store. I took out two bags of trash and stopped to get the mail. When I came in I saw I had missed a call from Dena. Returning the call became a comedy of errors. Either she couldn't hear me or on the next call I could not hear her. Left messages just to call when she got home. Finally, one of her calls made it through to cleardom and we were able to talk. So, we are talking about what a nice day it is and things like that. So I said, hey, would you like to go and get some Mexican food? Of course! I called Roy at the office to see if he would like to go eat Mexican food with us. Boy, I could tell he really wanted to, but he had too much to finish and then a shave and a haircut appointment at the barber. Cut to the chase, I got my Lupe's Tortilla fix. We got the mixed fajitas for two. We were very happy all through and after the meal. Come to find out, Dena hadn't knowingly called but her phone must have. Glad it all worked out. God knew we needed some Lupe's.
Dropped off Dena and then I picked up Roy to take him out for some ice cream. He did such a brave thing while he was coming home. He went to Costco on a Saturday. He bought a roasted chicken and we are having that for dinner tonight.
This morning I subbed in the 6th grade Sunday School. I had a total blast with those kids. Told Allen, he could call me to sub any time.
Today was Roy's first official Sunday morning back to morning church. It was so good to walk into church with him. Friends were asking him about the casserole lady and of course he has no clue that I call her that. We were walking to the car and it dawns on him who I have been writing about. He said if you called her ______ mother, I would have known. Afterwards, he and I ate lunch at the Nord and did one more look see to see if I had missed anything from my Friday visit. Uh, yes I had. Then we walked down to Border's and spent time browsing through books, music and DVD's.
We came home for a nap for me and he finished reading his book. It has been really nice going to church with him and his being around today relaxed and not in the mode of preparing a lesson.
Since I would love to attend my book club tomorrow night, I am going to try and get things together for staff retreat on Tuesday and Wednesday tonight. Have to figure out what I can wear to dinner and then to the beach for our evening session on Tuesday night. But we have free time on Tuesday afternoon and Jenea and I plan to make a run over to the Strand. Ali, that is more shopping. I know, I do have a lot of shop in me.