Saturday, May 31, 2008

Total Random Thoughts

Just some random things and thoughts.
  • What a difference a day makes. Thanks for the encouraging words. I knew it was not a defining moment for me, the tears and I for sure knew it is not a new addition to my lifestyle. Like I wrote, it was a gift from God.
  • This morning while waking up, I rubbed my hand up and down on my face. My wedding band clipped the outer and slightly inner nostril. Soon I was trying to stop a bloody nose. This is the second nose incident lately. Now it looks like I have a little boggie hanging but it is just skin.
  • My swimsuit came today. I tried it on. It fits. Of course I will wear shorts the whole time I have it on.
  • I bought Roy tickets to the Regionals for college baseball this weekend. The games are at Rice. He is one happy camper. He even brought me home a commemorative t shirt last night. That makes me a happy camper. He just called from the game, Rice is beating St. John 10-2 top of the 6th.
  • Every time I hear St John, I think of my friend Patty. She graduated from there. Her choice was another college but her uncle told her it would behoove her to attend St Johns. She said when an Italian man says it would behoove you, you better get behooving.
  • There is a fragrance surrounding is is wonderful. I keep thinking what is this lovely fragrance? It is some lotion from Bath and Body Works, Rainkissed Leaves. It smells right nice.
  • Last night I booked my onshore excursions for Alaska.
  • Tomorrow I give my testimony in Sunday School. I have thought so much of how God arranged the timing. I am thankful that the seed planted at such a young age to love Him was kept warm under all the cold, the bitterness and hurt. His Word melted the cold and that little seed sprouted when the time was right.
  • I saw an "ad" in another church magazine asking the question, How different would your lift be if __________ hadn't been in your life? Of course you are to think of the positive not the negative. God has been using that sentence this week for me to thank Him and give Him the praise for all the people who have influenced me and changed my life. God has been so good to me.

Well, that is all the randomness I have for now. I need to go write my friend Beth Rees. I used to write her a lot more before I began blogging. We have written each other since college and I have known her since the 6th grade. She is the friend who introduced me to Jesus.


Anonymous said...

how i would love to be in that sunday school class tomorrow!

Ali said...

hey Nancy, whats the siesta fiesta thing, and are you attending?

Lisa Pierre said...

Roy and baseball. Just seems right...
Remember to e-mail or text when things are happening for him....Thanks