Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Little Bit of Friday

This weekend has shaped up to be my outsourcing weekend. I had my brows done by Charles yesterday. We weren't in the little salon room toward the back of the cosmetic area, we were front and center at the entrance of the store. There were 4 rows of chairs for potential brow customers to be seated and watch Charles perform his magic. He had a bit of stage fright and for one little tiny moment I thought of screaming really loud when he pulls the wax off my eyebrow. I would have screamed that didn't even hurt, this is amazing! And I wouldn't be screaming lying, I would be telling the truth. Before Charles began my appointment, he was talking with Dan Alvarez, the store manager at Nordstrom's. Charles introduced me to Dan and I hope I acted more sophisticated on the outside than what was rolling around in me on the inside. I think I casually said I love this store and didn't go into details of how MUCH I love the store and that my blog devotes a lot of print to the Nord. I complimented all those who assist me when I am at the store, first and foremost Charles. Well, he was standing there. Dan asked if I would like anything from the Ebar. I played it cool and said just water. Charles had already started working on my brows when Dan brought the ice cold water over to me. We chatted a few more minutes and then he was off. Wow, I have always wanted to meet Dan Alvarez and now I have.

At 11:00 I was in the SPA to get my massage with Stacy. My left shoulder has been bothering me and she worked out all the kinks. It was delightful and I left with the fragrance of lavender surrounding me.

Since it is the Half Yearly Sale, I did partake in some shopping. Found a few items for my Alaskan cruise. I also found a cool watch, on sale.

Then I went to the rug rat Macy's in the Galleria. Not quite the same delightful shopping experience. I have had some of the most interesting encounters with strange and odd characters in the Macy's Galleria. Stood in line forever in the Home store. I stayed around cause I had a $20.00 and $15.00 off coupon. There must have been a spiritual reason for me to be at that store because when I was standing in line, again forever, to buy a couple of tops, I discovered an additional spiritual gift I did not know I had. Let me set this up: I am second in line behind a group of 3 friends who are like me in their 50's. They were buying swimsuits for a girlfriend trip they were taking. The tall one had written a check for her swimsuit and the clerk who seemed to be very hard of hearing was on the phone because the check was not accepted. The clerk was on the phone trying to get some kind of approval number. Now whoever was at the other end of the line must have repeated information 2 to 3 times. The clerk would yell out the numbers, process them at the register and then yell, nope don't work. Finally, the the combination of numbers coupled with the frustration and embarrassment of the woman came to an end. I turned to see how long the line was now behind me and when I turned back there was a woman in front of me with a swimsuit. She didn't belong to the friends, she just had walked up in front of me. I cleared my throat really loud like that was going to do something, it did, she turned, looked at me and smiled. At this point what was another 18 hours, so I let her stay. She begins speaking to the clerk in a foreign language that sounded very Slavic and in between were a few English words that were hard to understand. Hard of hearing clerk turns her head in toward the woman and says, what??? I can't understand you. DO YOU WANT TO BUY THE SUIT? Slavic words....a couple of English words...deaf clerk...repeat, what? Third time wasn't a charm. Same results. I said to the woman and the clerk, I think she wants you to hold the suit for her and she will be back in 2 to 3 hours. Eureka! Struck Gold!! The lady is shaking her head in agreement and the clerk looks at me and says, what? I can't hear you. I repeated it again loudly and so everything was taken care of. Bought my stuff and called Roy and told him I think I know have the gift of interpretation. That's good, because I found out a couple of weeks ago, there is no gift of discernment. I Cor 12:10 actually says discerning between spirits... Seems to me a lot of people who say they have the gift of discernment really have the gift of suspicion. I heard Beth say in Sunday School one time to be careful of those who claim that gift if their discernment is only of negative things. She said discernment discerns positive too. So many just have the gift of judgement. I have to admit though, while being blessed with this new gift of interpretation, it did not negate the need for the fruit of the Spirit patience, which I was in short supply.

Well, this post has gone on too long. You'll have to wait to read all about our trip to Whole Foods in Sugarland. Doesn't have the same drama, but there is a special appearance in this story, Roy.

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Lauren said...

Um, you're going on an Alaskan cruise? I missed that somewhere. Cool! (No pun intended.)