Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend Recap

The weekend began by attending the Point of Grace and Selah concert at Second Baptist. It was a girls night out with several friends. Of the 6 of us that went together, I think 4 of us were more there for Selah than Point of Grace. We had salads and pizza at Fuzzy's before heading over to the holy dome church. It is so beautiful on the inside, love all the stained glass. We sat several rows behind some special needs children. It was refreshing to watch their worship and their sheer delight of the music.
Saturday morning I awoke to an attack by Buddy the cat. I was deep in sleep when I felt her jump onto the bed and then onto my head. Think she was mad over being banished from the bedroom Friday night. She would not settle down and was on the prowl on things and furniture and that makes it hard for her humans to sleep. She finds anything to rattle, paper to crinkle and stuff to move off the dresser and does this just for attention. It took me a little time to settle after her attack and to stop the bleeding from scratches on my arms. Thus I was late for Karley's wedding shower, but I made it. Linda and friends throw a great shower. It was mainly her age friends and a few of us lucky older folk in attendance. I sat down to visit with Jaye, Dana M(this is not ventage Dana) and Madelyn. Now Dana loves The Nord just about us as much as me and truthfully, I see her there more than we run into each other at church. Believe me, we are both at church a lot. Our joy of the Nord was getting to Jaye and Madelyn and they left us to ourselves to talk about all the things and people who make life so happy from the Nord. I also got to see Michelle. I really miss seeing her and it was so much fun to catch up with her fun world of Jonathan, Keegan and Jack.
Since the weather in Houston again was so wonderful and breezy, the top came down on Mustang Sally and I took the back streets home with a stop at the Kroger's thrown in for good measure. When I got home, I began using some of the new organizational items I had bought at The Container Store. I took out two bags of trash and stopped to get the mail. When I came in I saw I had missed a call from Dena. Returning the call became a comedy of errors. Either she couldn't hear me or on the next call I could not hear her. Left messages just to call when she got home. Finally, one of her calls made it through to cleardom and we were able to talk. So, we are talking about what a nice day it is and things like that. So I said, hey, would you like to go and get some Mexican food? Of course! I called Roy at the office to see if he would like to go eat Mexican food with us. Boy, I could tell he really wanted to, but he had too much to finish and then a shave and a haircut appointment at the barber. Cut to the chase, I got my Lupe's Tortilla fix. We got the mixed fajitas for two. We were very happy all through and after the meal. Come to find out, Dena hadn't knowingly called but her phone must have. Glad it all worked out. God knew we needed some Lupe's.
Dropped off Dena and then I picked up Roy to take him out for some ice cream. He did such a brave thing while he was coming home. He went to Costco on a Saturday. He bought a roasted chicken and we are having that for dinner tonight.
This morning I subbed in the 6th grade Sunday School. I had a total blast with those kids. Told Allen, he could call me to sub any time.
Today was Roy's first official Sunday morning back to morning church. It was so good to walk into church with him. Friends were asking him about the casserole lady and of course he has no clue that I call her that. We were walking to the car and it dawns on him who I have been writing about. He said if you called her ______ mother, I would have known. Afterwards, he and I ate lunch at the Nord and did one more look see to see if I had missed anything from my Friday visit. Uh, yes I had. Then we walked down to Border's and spent time browsing through books, music and DVD's.
We came home for a nap for me and he finished reading his book. It has been really nice going to church with him and his being around today relaxed and not in the mode of preparing a lesson.
Since I would love to attend my book club tomorrow night, I am going to try and get things together for staff retreat on Tuesday and Wednesday tonight. Have to figure out what I can wear to dinner and then to the beach for our evening session on Tuesday night. But we have free time on Tuesday afternoon and Jenea and I plan to make a run over to the Strand. Ali, that is more shopping. I know, I do have a lot of shop in me.


Anonymous said...

what book is the book club reading now?

Lisa Pierre said...

got your weekend feeling also with Buffalo Grille wheat short stack breakfast, POG/Selah concert, IHOPping with another couple, crawfish lunch with the praise team, Cold Stone Creamery ice cream downtown around Discovery Green, a day visiting another great church, eating Lupe's, shopping and running into Carolyn O'Neal at the Nord, the Nord Spa massage and a little HFBC thrown in for good measure. Many of these with the plan man, Malcolm....

Nancy Mon said...

We are reading a history book, but I can't remember the name of it. I want to go to book club to see friends.

Profbaugh said...

Selah, huh? I love their stuff, but I've gotta admit I'm a Point of Grace girl, myself!