Thursday, May 8, 2008

Staff Retreat 2008

This year's staff retreat was at the beautiful San Luis in Galveston. The San Luis knows how to welcome and guarantee repeat business. It was an awesome facility and we found ourselves very comfortable and taken care of. I came home not overwhelmed and on information overload, but I returned very thankful that our staff truly enjoys one another. We had a bit more free time than in the past and we were very agreeable to that.

Here we are after dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. We are deciding what we will do next. Some walked along the seawall, most of us returned to the hotel and eventually the pool and some went to the movies.
Jenea and I had both brought our iPods and there was a docking station in our room. We cranked up the volume on Dancing Queen, Stay With Me Tonight, Solid and The Glamorous Life. It was dance party before dinner. We had a blast and Jenea is a great roommate.
If you would like to read a funny happening from our trip, read Becky's.
Jenea and I are the two unnamed friends.
Something that Adam Mason said was the key point to the time away for me on a personal level. Pain brings change and transformation brings vision. Our discussion times included a deeper level of transformation as a church and as individual Christians. It seems true that we are more willing to change when pain has entered and determined a choice of courses. We are transformed when we have a vision of what the Lord has for us, the kind of lives He so desires us to live.
It seemed strange to be back in the office today. It felt like Monday not Thursday.
Yesterday, we needed to get home so that Roy would have quiet to hear the Dr's report from the tests he had done. The Dr. said there are some abnormalities from the tests and has asked Roy to under go further testing. He told Roy until it is determined it is something or nothing, he would not discuss the future. The Dr said no need for unnecessary worry. So, I did what everyone does, Google it. I had to stop after looking at a few websites. The Dr was right, no need to be concerned until it is known whether or not to be concerned. This morning as I was getting ready for work, I let my imagination take me down a road. Dang, I should have taken the thoughts captive to Christ. Well, I did eventually. I had to give myself the same talk I have said to others, you need to know where you are in transition. There are three parts, beginning, middle and end. We are at the beginning and I keep thinking about the what if of the end. I would ask you to join us in believing God that the upcoming tests would be negative and for Roy to continue to walk in good health. He is standing strong on the Word. I would be fibbing if I told you I am standing as strongly as He is, but having done all to stand, stand even with knees that are feeble and hands that are weak. We would so appreciate your prayers concerning this matter with Roy.
When he got home tonight we went to Buffalo Grille for dinner. I love eating breakfast food for dinner. Roy doesn't share that same love of breakfast, but it is a great place for us to go cause we both get what we like.


Anonymous said...

am honored you asked and will say a special prayer for another breakfastfordinner-lover and her man!

Profbaugh said...

Oh I can't wait to meet you in August! And I'm already imagining the stories we'll have from the Siesta Fiesta. Now if we can just stay out of jail (tee hee).

Much love and laughter
Your nutty friend in St. Louis,

Ang baylis said...

I will pray for Roy and that you keep Believing God every step of the way... beginning, middle and end!
(I love how you put that). Glad you had such a good time on your retreat!
In His Love,
Angie xoxo

JAK said...

That girl has some moves! :)