Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friends, Fans, Facebook and Funnies

I am watching one of my favorite old movies Now Voyager. I have never wanted to smoke, but Jerry lighting two ciggies and handing one to Camille is one of the most romantic things in a movie ever. Roy is out walking after doing our usual Saturday night dinner choice Goode Company.

Friday I had lunch with Amanda, Jackson, CourtneyS and Moriah. We ate at the Nord and it was so much fun. Moriah was playing hard to get and only got interested in Jackson when he had to leave. She kept saying bye Jackson, bye Jackson. It was great getting caught up with Amanda and once MDO begins, we plan to do lunch without the tods and ask Jen Hamm to join us.

Moriah had a little mosquito bite on her arm and she accessorized it with a very cute pink bandaid.
Of course after lunch I did a little shopping. Found a pair of pants I had my eye on, now on sale. Also the Nord being very green now has the cutest tote to bring to the store instead of always using paper bags. It folds up in a little square and then you undo it to reveal a cute tote with all the great Nordy drawings on it. Even has little zippers to use for keys etc. Got to love the Nord.

Friday evening Roy and I went to see U of H play Rice at Reckling Park. Since we got the tickets from Lee Hsia who is a Rice graduate, I only thought it fair for me to root for Rice because Roy roots for the Cougs. Rice trounced U of H 13-6. We ate dinner at the ballpark and we were not disappointed. Princess Hamburgers is the vendor and everything is fresh and awesome.

While on staff retreat David Wells encouraged me to open a Facebook account. I have thought about it but never acted on it until last night. When we got home from the game I read the HFBC eNewsletter and learned there is a church Facebook group. That is all I needed and I began the process. I felt for a few moments the apprehension of being accepted not unlike Jr High experiences. I was not disappointed and it wasn't like Jr High, because right off the bat I had several accept my offer of friendship. Emily, who lurks this blog, was one of the first to respond. She even sent a message while in Atlanta on a layover. Pam Young and I after sending a few messages back and forth hit the chat line and had a great time. Pam and Bob used to go to HFBC many moons ago and they are such fun people. We are making plans to meet them for dinner in the near future. That whole conversation just totally made my day. Only thing, I think I am getting addicted to Facebook.

If you have read my blog long enough you also know I am addicted to books. Had that Border text on my phone of 30% off. Found a couple of interesting books. One of which, 11 by Leonard Sweet. It is the 11 types of people you need in your life. All 11 are people from the Bible. I read the intro and a bit of the first chapter. This book fits nicely in with my journaling theme of journey. Also bought a book by Thor Ramsey. He is a comedian and the book is funny, but in that deep kind of Truth way.

Got an email from Jon, the guy doing Stuff Christians Like blog. I had sent him several suggestions and he is going to use one for sure or maybe two that I submitted. I am kind of excited about that.

Roy begins his first step in his medical journey tomorrow by peeing in a jug for 24 hours. Well, now they won't let you pee in the jug, you have to use another container, then pour it in the jug. So, we have been looking for something we no longer use for him to be able to do this. He also had all his medical records from the past few years sent to the DR. He has a couple of other more "complex" tests coming up in the next few weeks. Of course, to me, nothing is more complex than peeing into a container. Frankly, I don't know how females can do this test practically. To tell you the truth, I am not that talented. God is good and His mercies are new every morning. He is my source of strength and He surrounds us with songs of deliverance. My mind and prayers are here at the start of the transition and I have only had to rope them into Christ a couple of times today and I have successfully stayed away from Googling a diagnoses from the scant details we have right now. Thank you Facebook. I mean thank you Lord...for Facebook...uh, for your goodness. His kindness has truly been extended to us.

Roy is in from his walk and he watched the last of Now Voyager with me. He doesn't like the movie much, but we watched together to hear one of the best lines of all times to end a movie, "why ask for the moon when we have the stars." I don't know what that means, but it sounds romantic.


The Powell Family said...

Hey Nancy-we'll be praying for you guys through all the medical junk-we love you!
See you on facebook...
Lori P

Profbaugh said...

Wow! What a post, chalked with information. First, let me say I'll be praying for you and Roy. Testing and ambiguity are never fun things to go through. Second, I'm excited you're on facebook. I've put in an "add" request for you. . . another internet obsession, huh?? Finally, I so wish I were in Houston to go to the Nord with you. Sounds like a fun time and that we have the same taste!!

Much love,

Courtney said...

facebook... really... you? this should be fun!!!

you and roy are in my prayers... let us know how everything goes


Anonymous said...

i agree on last line in now, voyager....i love it too without a firm grasp of the intent...afterall the stars are pretty cool....what is mdo? and do you need any types to complete the 11? also am glad to hear you still have time for your journeying journal! ps....don't let facebook take you away from monablog without telling me how to do facebook and keep that rope tightly tied!

Lauren said...

Hey Nancy,
I haven't visited your blog in a while, and I see I've missed some good posts! I especially love this one, because it's about lots of things that I love--Courtney & Amanda and their tots, for one, a lunch with the girls for another, and Rice baseball for another.
I love the view from Reckling Park. By the way, you should know that my husband was THE best looking Rice baseball player ever. So the view looking at him in those tight baseball pants was even better. (I can say that! He's my husband!) I always loved how on any given lovely spring day, you could hear the balls hitting those aluminum bats from anywhere on campus.