Thursday, September 21, 2017

Do You Remember?

Buddy is on the front porch checking out the birds or sleeping through the antics of birds and bunnies in the yard. She has come in several times and sat on my lap...till the call of the wild stirred her from purring slumber. I wish the call of nature would get through to her and that today she can, uh, take care of business. She is acting normal in everything but that. I will call the vet office in a little bit because she might have to have help in getting everything up and running again.

Just talked to Roy and he will be heading back from Ruston in a little bit. He and two coworkers have been at Louisiana Tech recruiting in the accounting dept. They'll go back next week for career day and schedule interviews with candidates they would like to talk with. Roy doesn't talk much and he was so hoarse last night from all day conversations and presentations.

Yesterday, I got out to run some errands. It is that time of year for buying candy for our church's fall festival. That is always fun. So a Target run was in order. Somehow, I came home with much more than candy yesterday. I also stopped in at Home Goods and at Barnes and Noble to get my free Starbucks drink for the month of September. My choice, lemonade ice tea. It was a very warm day.

Today I watched two funerals online. Both people servants of the Lord and they both have left a legacy. This is the third funeral I have watched online this week.

The good news is that today Buddy did her business and I could not be happier about that. The Dr had told me to call her if Buddy didn't begin eating and doing her business. So, eating began yesterday and business was taken care of today. So now I will remember that it was the 21st of September...a little Earth, Wind and Fire for the day. Roy and crew were on their way back home when I texted him the good news. Since he was driving, he had John read the text to him. They had a good laugh and when a friend from the office called him with a serious question Roy greeted him with the salutations of, Buddy pooped. His co-worker had no idea what any of that was about.

I read a really great blog yesterday or maybe it was a newsletter, I don't remember. What I do know is it spoke to me in this season of life. How appropriate for this last day of summer. This would not be how I would choose it just like I wouldn't have chosen heart issues that began a huge restorative work in me nine years ago. I also think the Lord is using this season with Buddy to refine me. It has been good to slow down even more and to ponder. I wrote about this a little the other day and the words still don't come easily trying to mush through emotions but I know I will come through this. I have the wonderful therapist Cheryl Simmons to thank for that all those years ago and all the hard work we did then. Eugene Peterson's newest book is also a wonderful guide in scriptures as I adjust. I think the thought of maybe loosing Buddy tied in because that little gray kitty had a huge role in my getting well. Buddy is not out of the woods and neither am I, but we are both close to wrapping this season up. Health issues are becoming good health again. Back to my workouts too. I should have noticed in April when I broke a tooth that maybe heart things would follow along cause that is how stuff began back when.

So today I'm feeling the Earth Wind and Fire...remembering the 21st day of September.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Holding Onto Hope

The trees are beginning to change color. Mainly yellows but a few red and orange leaves peek through. Although it feels like the last gasp of summer, there is a feel to the air, that the temps are going to be changing soon. We were spoiled last week with October like temps but our area is back into the 80's which if fall in Houston but here...still feeling like summer. There is a wild onion fragrance in the air and it mingles in with the fragrance of fresh hay and grass being cut. The mowers have been working the roads around here and the huge heavy equipment to cut down small trees that sprout up overnight along the bigger highways are working at a faster pace because fall then winter will soon appear. A parcel of land nearby the post office was cleared out this summer. Wooden stakes and yellow and orange construction tape dotted the land. Then in just a few weeks time it seemed, that cleared land was once again overgrown and unrecognizable as having previously been cleared. A couple of weeks ago, they must have cleared it again, everything cut back. Seems to be a lot of activity along the river road of houses being renovated and property for sale. Houses aren't on the market too long these days and it makes me wonder when I look on Zillow or what's the matter with houses that drop their price on a regular basis, even if it is just $100.00. Knowing what I know now about the area, I think some of these houses are surrounded by sketchy neighbors or areas. Shocks of shocks, some of these homes are so overpriced to begin with especially if one needs to tear out all the 1960's touches. While we were looking for a home to buy I saw some of the wildest colors and wallpaper. Thankfully this home and the home we put an offer on didn't have any wild colors or wallpaper that needed to be replaced.

The vet called this morning concerning Buddy's blood and lab work. All in all it was a pretty good report. Not diabetic, no kidney problems have shown up but she needs to eat something. The Dr said even though she did a good amount of, uh, business, yesterday, she needs to do more "business" before Buddy is considered out of the woods. Buddy has drank a lot of water and nibbled at some treats but not interested in her food. She is such a finicky eater. She doesn't like wet food or soft treats. She will play a little and I am trying to have her do that to maybe help her out. I know when I would have knee surgery and come back to tennis I would remember the pain when I moved a certain way on my knees. It took a while to convince myself that the pain wasn't going to be there like before. Even with the knee replacements last year, in rehab I thought the same thing. The pain was surgical pain and when that was more night, no more pain. I am too much of a realist though to think that Buddy is going to go back to the cat she was. In cat years she is 64. There is still a hint of sadness in my spirit that these days are few and need to be cherished and enjoyed with her. I hope my spirit is wrong on this one but as Roy said, we have been given more days with her and that is a gift.

There is a ton of stuff I need to get done but writing these past few days has been so therapeutic. There are several ideas running through my mind and I have put those to paper, yes really wrote them out, not on the computer. Another coping mechanism is reading. Every once in a while a book review grabs me and grabs me out of the usual genre that I find myself reading. So this morning there was a review on a book about Bette Davis, written by her ten year assistant who worked for her until Bette passed away. So, after reading the review, it was off to the Google and there I read several interesting articles about her life, about her tumultuous life. Much of that tumult was self induced and because of these wild, dramatic mood swings, she was persona non grata  in many places around Hollywood including studios. I watched a few episodes of Feud, the story between she and Joan Crawford and a Vanity Fair article this morning gave a little more background to that story.
As per Monablog habit, many times one days post goes into the next day. It was a rough night and I was so happy to see the morning's light and have Buddy still with us. She took a downhill journey yesterday afternoon and evening. So weak, won't eat, hasn't pooped, has some tremors and being strange. She couldn't be found in familiar places. Her reactions and actions were not Buddy-like. Last night on TCM Good Morning Miss Dove was on. I remember reading that book in my grandmother's Reader Digest Condensed book one summer. Then I saw the movie years later. So it set a nostalgic tone for me while watching. When it was over I went to our bedroom and Buddy was sitting in the spot where she sleeps on our bed. It was like she was waiting for me. She has NEVER EVER done this. I thought she knows...her time is limited...she laid her head down immediately on my arm, which NEVER happens and I sobbed. She had those little tremors going on which doesn't seem like it is a good thing. But then during the night she did something she hasn't done since last Thursday, she got up and left. She did this several times during the night and I chose on the side of hope that this was a good thing and not a she's going to hide thing....  This morning, she was not by my side. She didn't come greet me like she normally does in the mornings when she hears me stirring. While coming down the stairs I heard a little weak meow. As I came toward her she moved into the kitchen, where her food and water reside for her dining pleasure. She had eaten half the food in her dish. PTL! Hurriedly, I made my way to her litter box hoping to find poop, not yet but I have hope. She has asked for treats and she is back to drinking a lot of water.

I felt good about her prospects today so I even left for a bit to run a couple of errands. Now it is evening and she still hasn't done her business, but I am holding hope.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Loving That Little Gray Kitty

Throughout this morning I have thought, wow, this time yesterday.... Glad to be twenty four hours away from yesterday. Yesterday began around 4:00 am when Buddy woke me up...she was in pain and she had trouble with her back legs. We came downstairs and she laid so quietly on my lap while I cried, no sobbed. The whole weak back leg thing reminded me of our dog Tiff's last day on earth and I began to think that this would be Buddy's. The crying must have bothered her because she slowly took the steps upstairs and hid. When she hid, that made my sobbing more intense. This was not good and I waited to call the vet once their office opened. Meanwhile, I found her hiding spot and I began to get cleaned up and ready for the morning ahead. The time passed slowly...I found myself out on the front porch praying and thinking while watching the fog gently roll away.

This whole adventure began Friday night when I gave Buddy a stool softener that leaked a bit into her mouth instead of going down her throat. This caused her to foam at the mouth and run. She ran into the bathroom and I was able to clean her up a bit as she settled down. Buddy was not happy and neither was I. Early, middle of the night early, Buddy woke me up. She threw up several times. There was a bit of a tremor going on but she settled and then slept most of the day Saturday. She didn't eat much but she was drinking water and went to the litter box once. Sunday, she seemed a bit better. I could tell because when I carried her and put her someplace, she didn't stay there but moved. Then came 4:00 am Monday morning.

I was beating myself up emotionally over the whole Friday night incident. Out there on the porch I felt I heard the gentle whisper that things would be fine. I couldn't see how that was even possible. I texted Roy and then cried on the phone when we talked. I texted Peggy and Lisa asking them to pray for our situation here. Finally, 7:30 came and I called the vet. You see I had vacillated on whether to call our regular vet or try someplace new. Buddy has been having issues for over a year and most visits, if she takes a swipe at them, they are done with her. Yet, a new vet might not be so quick to help her....I felt in my heart that I should call our regular office and pray that we see the right vet for Buddy. The Lord answered that prayer.

So I told the office the situation, through tears. I am ready to whisk Buddy up and get there as soon as possible. They had an opening at 9:30. Two hours more to wait. Because of the dense fog I left a little earlier than normal. Good thing because we were slowed down by a tractor on the road and then a truck pulling a loaded down trailer.  It was the quietest ride with Buddy ever.

We were called back to the little waiting room and the tech asked questions about Buddy etc. The Dr came in and from the get go, she was proactive on getting some answers. She looked at Buddy's records and stated this had been going on without any real progress. I told her I had not given Buddy a chill pill cause it felt like that would be too stressful on her. They made their first attempt to touch Buddy, strike one...she said we are going to have to sedate her to do anything and I agreed. I might have suggested a nail trim and maybe a few weeks early on her shots so that another stressful visit wouldn't be in order. The Dr agreed. So the reinforcements came to hold Buddy down and the good Doc got that shot in the first attempt. After a little wait she returned with Buddy's x-rays. Quite a bit of arthritis especially in her left hip which is causing lower back pain and it is painful for her to poop. So she is holding onto it as long as possible. They said when they got her ready for the exam, she pooped big time but still had trapped gas which caused the throw ups. The Dr explained the course of treatment and then told me to go run some errands and return around noon to pick her up. They were going to do blood work and let her wake up before releasing her.

I made a quick trip to the grocery store and home. I kept Roy in the loop, Peggy and Lisa kept me entertained with texts. That helped. On the way back to pick up Buddy, just down the road a small fawn had run onto the road and had been hit. Several people stopped to move it and I lost it once again, tears. Buddy received a huge amount of steroids and will have to have a shot every six weeks or so. Another option is to give her steroids in a liquid dose here at home. The steroids need to do their work because this is the only option to help her have a comfortable life.

Buddy so glad to home went upstairs directly and fell asleep. I did likewise.

Buddy is slowly but surely returning to the land of the living. I re-introduced her to water and food last night. She's not much interested in the food just the water and treats. The Dr should call today with the results of lab work to rule out pancreatitis and something else that I don't even know how to spell or say. Buddy, well she
pretty much didn't want to have anything to do with me yesterday but thankfully she timed it perfectly after I had fallen to sleep, to join me, sleeping on my arm just like the past few days hadn't even happened.

I know this post is long but I will wrap it up with this....that Friday night incident that I felt had been such a mistake and that I was so mad at myself over...if it hadn't happened...I think it would have been too late. This sped up the timeline and as Roy said last night bought us some more time with her. I tell y'all...I love that little gray kitty!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

No Box Living For Me, Please

The foggiest of foggy days is happening in our area. When you glance out the window upon first waking up and all you see if fog, dense know it will hang around a little longer than most early morning fog. I like watching the familiar trees, houses and scenes reappear slowly but surely in such a haze. We can hear the birds, we just can't see them.

Our long time pastor of Houston's First Baptist Church, Brother John's wife passed away this week. The outpouring of memories on FB to the family are heart-felt and deep. Oh and numerous... The memories almost down to each one remembers her laugh and how she could light up a room upon entering it. So many have shared their recent Celebration memory. The end scene of Jesus resurrected and welcoming all those dressed in they come running to him. And so many wrote about the expression on Uldine's face as she truly lived out her part as she had in life, running to Him in full worship. My path didn't cross hers many times during the years but she did ask Peggy and I to be a part of an evening extra skit for a church women's retreat. I think that is where our parody of Love Lifted Me came from...I don't remember but I do remember we had fun. So many times we read or hear people use very measured words for one who has just passed away. Trying to say something nice or trying to overlook a quirk that got on everyone's nerves but not so with Uldine. The feelings of people expressed are just the truth and not the truth as they are trying to convey. She touched so many lives with kindness.

I know this will make everyone jealous, but I went to the dump yesterday with several flattened cardboard boxes and two bags of filler from said boxes. This year I have tried to cut back on my ordering thus cutting back on the disposal of cardboard in an ecological way. But there was a few weeks when the sales were too good especially things for the home that just couldn't be resisted.

This morning I read the last in a series of blog articles on the different seasons women find themselves in. This has been a good read because the seasons named weren't the usual ones we see in this kind of series and each of the women, both young and not so young, gave great contemplation to the subject they were given. Today's post on stewarding what God has given you in this season, was exceptional. It didn't go the predictable path. Now is there is something that gets my admiration, when one chooses not to do the predictable thing. I have spent a majority of life trying not to walk the predictable. Although, there are many things predictable about me. We all have that but mainly when others are trying to put us in a box, so that they can understand or manipulate their interactions with us...the size of the box has to change, cause I'm not going in the one you've prepared. These past few months as I have wrangled with a few emotions and thoughts and plans, I have realized the first five years of life and the last five years are the seasons that I experienced the least amount of being manipulated and fighting so hard against it. Now it has brought about a hyper sense of that when it feels like someone or something is trying to extract a response that is not organic or generated out of my free will. The fear of being dominated and cajoled into an image that is not me is absolutely terrifying. Thus one of the constant themes of this life, don't fence me in, don't try to make me into something I'm not and don't try to define me by a box. It is funny that throughout the weeks of out patient therapy this year, the PT said almost every time, don't over think this. But, after working with Taylor these past months, the overthinking came in out patient therapy because it didn't feel like all the information and the cause and effects hadn't been was's from the book of's what everybody does...but the lack of background info triggered the overthinking on my part. So maybe this season...see I didn't forget the beginning of this long one of eradicating overthinking...refining responses...walking in love and kindness...and yes, not fitting or adjusting to any box kind of living.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fall Back To Summer And Strange Dreams

Another coolish beginning of the day. Sun is out and all about is bright with the changing colors of the soon to be fall season. The trees of our far down the road neighbor are the first to display the changes in the fall and in the spring. This year more of his trees are showing signs of fall instead of the one tree that in the past few years announced the end of summer. They all are joining in that chorus.

One closet has been worked on and others are awaiting and wait they will cause today holds more than closet cleaning. I did get more things ready to take to Salvation Army. And two flannel shirts that I bought at a deep discount at the end of winter are hanging in my closet ready for another burst of cool temps. Our nights remain in the 50's but the days ahead hold 70's and 80's.

I see another friend is starting a blog and like most blogs will probably be abandoned in a short time. The season of writing to be discovered, well writing a blog, has moved on. It is best to be tweetable in 140 characters or less these days if one is looking for discovery. And the mystery factor of why the blog is being written is for tomorrow's reading. I don't know if that is a design to build up readership in the short term or what. Like I have written before, I write this blog for me but if others enjoy it, for this I am thankful. Writing is an outlet and something I enjoy. Believe me, there is nothing I stay at for long, short attention span, but Monablog is ten years old. I don't write as often as in the beginning but some of that is due to a better control of a filter on my thoughts and things don't get put out there like back in the day. Don't have too many ponies in the show anymore but I still observe a lot of situations that I wish to heaven I could write about, give an opinion and then add grow up to the end...but you know, filter. No, I did not write this for you to tune in tomorrow to see what I am observing and giving thought to.
Well, it is tomorrow. I had a few errands to take care of in Weaverville and then in Woodfin. Seems like there should be a ville on the end of Woodfin since so many towns and cities in this area are a ville. Once home all the cold stuff got put away and then these happy feet were prone to wander, so wander I did. It was feeling like a Blue Rooster fried chicken type of day, so that's where I went for a late lunch. Delicious as always. Wasn't feeling like an orchard stop but did go to Belk and then to Blue Ridge Books. I have had some books to bring them for the longest time and finally remembered. They have a used books section. Since I was giving them the books and not wanting any credit they took them. They are in the process of moving over to the Hazelwood area. That makes me really happy because Blue Ridge is one of my favorite bookstores but it is difficult to get to and parking limited. I perused the store then headed over to Mast. Fortunately, a truck pulled out of a prime parking space and I was there for that moment of claiming it for SequishShawn. Waynesville gets rain when no one else around the area does. It seems more times than not, it rains on me in Waynesville.

For the rest of the evening I read and relaxed. Knew I needed to go to sleep early cause the gutter man could be here at 8:00 am. Of course, he didn't come at 8:00 and I am still waiting and I am feeling a nap coming on for this afternoon.

I woke up this morning laughing because I had a similar dream to one my mother had years ago. This is one of my favorite stories my mom told on herself. In real life my mom was pretty darn funny but she tended toward the introvert side of life. She didn't like being called upon in Sunday School favoring answering or reading when it was her choice. She had a dream she was in Sunday School and her teacher asked her if she knew where they had left off reading a verse from the Bible. In her dream she responded, how in the hell would I know?! Now that is humorous because she didn't cuss. Once she called me a jackass and it broke my heart. I probably was acting like a jackass but when you are 15 why would you want to take your younger brother to AstroWorld while being with your friends?  My dream fortunately, didn't take place in church but I was with friends. When asked a question I responded back in part by using the f word. In my dream I was mortified that I had responded with such a word but my friends acted like I used that word in conversation all the time. In the dream they told me, everybody uses the word, we just don't like everyone to know. What? In my defense I didn't eat anything weird before going to bed last night.

Well, the gutter guy is here and starting to work. Buddy has gone upstairs to continue her nap in peace and quiet.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Which Way Does The Wind Blow?

The past few mornings the view from the front porch our home has been quite breathtaking. The combination of fog, shadows and sun, with some of the trees in the distance beginning to change to fall colors makes me stop and take in the loveliness of creation. This morning the skies to the west are a bit ominous with the last remaining bits of Irma in the area. No school today due to downed power lines, trees down and the last little bit of wind. Our area did not experience a full brunt or even much of a side hug from Irma but most of the overcast day contained light to steady rain. I had put up all things that could become flying objects in a gust of wind. The birds seemed a little confused only being able to find one feeder and one birdbath with water. The squirrels are totally disoriented because their play area no longer has furniture for them to chew or relax on. With our plans to have the back deck rebuilt, covered and screened in, we no longer had real use for our fire pit group and we found a great home for that set and our backyard swing to go to. We don't have the plans drawn up for the back as of yet but this helps with storage and not having to give up precious real estate in the garage for cushion storage this winter.

I finally broke down last night and turned on the heater. It was so cold in the house. Now that is an unusual statement from me because I am hardly ever cold. It took the edge off and this morning the downstairs is warming up cause I turned on the heater down here. Cinnamon coffee is helping take the edge off too.

Almost every September 11th on the good ol' Monablog, I share the story of two different years where the miraculous happened. Days that held life changing moments and appreciation. Yesterday was no different, I remembered and gave thanks.

The wind we were supposed to get yesterday has seemed to show up today. I just went outside to feed the birds and add back the other feeder and birdbath. It is more protected from the wind back there so I haven't felt like I could return everything in the front yard yet. Lots of wind whipping through the trees. Alert after alert comes through texts of trees and power lines down around the area. I still haven't perfected knowing where streets and roads are but I am getting better in that knowledge. This morning I told Roy it felt like a stick close to home kind of day with all the wind, downed trees and power lines.

To keep combating the chill, I made some decaf coffee. That is not a usual thing for me to do. I still think the blood transfusions I received with bilateral knee replacements were from a petite, freezing, decaf drinking kind of gal.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Going For More, Happy 40th Anniversary Sweetie

Forty years ago today, wow that makes me feel old writing this, Roy and I were married. We met at Pennzoil, he worked in audit and I in treasury. He asked if we could go out to lunch when he returned from his trip to Brussels. So six weeks later we went out for lunch and he took me to Charlie's 517. That was a fancy restaurant back in the day. Lunch that day didn't go as planned as he found me to be the shallowest  person he'd ever met and I found him the most arrogant. It came as a surprise when he asked me out for a date to a concert and I told him I already had a date for that concert. He asked me out again and I had plans with family welcoming a much beloved pastor of my grandparents for dinner but I nixed doing that and went out with Roy instead. My life was forever changed from that moment. We fell in love.

Because he was scheduled for another long business trip to Brussels, we set the date for our wedding to September instead of May as we originally planned. So on September 9th, two total opposites got married and lived happily ever after....well...that wouldn't totally be true cause we argued a lot, disagreed a lot but through all that ticky tacky we continued to love each other. I don't know how people who don't know the Lord make it cause marriage is hard, especially in the beginning. Most couples, like us, come into the deal with our own matching sets of baggage and by hard work, love and prayer, through the years hopefully all that baggage can be discarded and maybe all that you have left is a small carry on and a personal bag.

We have walked through wonderful and carefree times and difficult, chaotic times. Times of abundance and times of managing resources. We have made some dumb decisions and we have made good decisions.

Last night after I got home from a choir party, we talked for the longest time. About all kinds of things, from trivial to pressing issues..i.e. Irma... We laughed and cracked each other up. We made plans for the coming weeks. He asked about concerns I have and then we prayed. I love him so much!

Yep, forty years ago today neither one of us knew exactly what we were doing...but today, forty years later I'm glad we began this wild adventure together...and not that we exactly know what we are doing still but we have the best companion/spouse for the rest of our journey together.

Friday, September 8, 2017

And So It Goes

This cool, foggy morning Buddy and I are ensconced but that will not be for the whole day. This has pretty much been an ensconced week, keeping to myself and staying close to home. Of course the addition of potential gas shortages and being conservative might have contributed to feeling the need to just settle down for a week. It might be getting ill from supper the other night too. No, this week being one of those times when nothing in particular is scheduled in pen but in pencil. At the beginning on next week Irma is to skirt or have an impact upon our area. Being no stranger to tropical storms and hurricanes, I have finished up any prep that needed to be taken care of...except one thing. I have been procrastinating getting the gutters cleaned out. So clearly, my mind has not been in the gutter. Waiting on some return calls but I'm miffed with myself that this chore was procrastinated on being scheduled by me.

Being home quite a bit this week has made me notice something else. Buddy is really feeling her age. Oh, we played this week and she has spent a lot of time in my lap. She follows me around the house just as if she were a dog but something jolts her to remember, she ain't no dog but a cat. With the past few nights being cooler, she has resumed her fall to winter behavior of needing to sleep near or on top of me. Oh, the purring does not disguise that she is just using me for warmth. I also have resorted to lacing Buddy's water with a clear, tasteless laxative to help her with any issues. It is a joy to report said lacing is working.

In my quest of retaining the title of Crazy Squirrel Lady of Buncombe County, I resorted to putting Vicks Vapo Rub not only on the bird feeder pole but along the top of the deck railing and parts of the tree used for easy exits. This week I discovered a portable rocking chair had the arms chewed upon by the squirrels. Out to the road with it and someone picked it up and gave it a good home. The other morning I heard a grinding metal sound...the squirrel was biting the iron, heavy iron of one of the chairs around the fire pit. So chairs got vapo rubbed too. I used latex gloves but the slight aroma of Vicks stayed with me throughout the day. Since I was out in the yard and I have seen ticks this year, I also used some tick repellent spray that really smells good because it is made with essential oils. As the work needing to be done wore down the thought crossed my mind that maybe I should apply more fox urine in the area. Ah the trifecta of fragrance layering, Vicks, No Ticks and Fox Urine. That Roy, he is such a fortunate man to be married to the Crazy Squirrel Lady of Buncombe County.

Roy and his group continue working on the time they'll spend at Louisiana Tech later this month. They are speaking in three accounting classes, participating in a meet and greet social and then returning the next week for interviews with the graduating class. Being all math like and everything I keep giving him titles for the classroom talks, like...Accounting, Don't Let This Happen To You, Accounting, Somebody Has To Do It, Why Not You and a few other choice titles. None of them have appealed to Accounting, Gets Rid of Humor or Accounting, The Introverts Dream Job. My favorite title I have offered is this, Find A Million Dollar Exception At The Beginning Of The Week So You Can Take The Rest Of The Week Off. (my accounting claim to fame) To end the talk, the whole class could join in singing What's Sarbane Oxley Got To Do Got To Do With It, the much loved rewritten song of Tina Turner's, What's Love Got To Do With It. I started giving him these titles when Roy called at an ungodly time of the morning yesterday and thankfully for him, Buddy had just started waking me up a minute before his call.

Yesterday was a very good day for bunny sightings. The youngest bunny foo foo is adept at staying camouflaged by ground cover till it gets down here for the bird seed on the ground. The now teenager bunny foo foo still comes on a regular basis but I believe I have seen some eye rolling in my direction. Think granny bunny is preggers again but she still has the moves and can hop and run with the best of them.

I made a trip over to Ingle's to get some cilantro yesterday. Made a quick run through the store to see if there might be anything else I am missing or on sale. There was an older couple in the store, probably from New York by the way of Florida and now in WNC. He would say something and the wife would respond, what? I can't hear you! He would talk louder and she would respond again, I can't hear you! It finally got to the point he is yelling something about picking up bread and she responds, well you don't have to yell, I'm not deaf! I had to get away cause I was laughing. Next stop was Publix to pick up some of their soup. It is so good and yes, the same couple was there in Publix and did a repeat of their Ingle's conversation. Then like all good North Carolinian, I topped off my tank right after news of the governor's press conference. I beat the rush by two minutes. The Shell station was packed with lines.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Projects and Rain

There is a definite shift in temps with a rainstorm just north of us. The wind picked up and I have heard a bit of thunder but I don't know that we will get any rain out of this. Ooh, there was a big thunder! The sky behind us is dark and foreboding and the sky in front of the house is cloudy with the sun peeking through the clouds a bit.

Mike the mower man just left which makes the birds rather happy because there be worms in that there grass. Mike trimmed the back for me and even picked up limbs I was going to take care of today. It seemed it would be good to let them dry out a bit and make for easier cutting.

Yesterday I had a delightful myself, ensconced. I had a lunch invitation but I respectfully so declined the generous invite. It seemed the farthest I would go was down to the road to pick up the trash receptacle. It was a wonderful day of doing projects and feeling pretty accomplished with the drill. No schedule...nothing required...just lots of music helping me along the way. Finished up with setting out fall decor. A little time to read...and to think and to write. And I made sloppy joes for lunch. Delicious and today's lunch was a reprise and maybe even a little tastier than yesterday.

Sunday, after church, I went to Ace Hardware for their big September sale. While there, I got some instructions on how to hang the flag kit and how to hang the holders for hanging plants. The first two projects yesterday kind of went without a hitch, but the third project presented some problems that only a trip to Lowe's or Walmart could solve. To save time the choice was Walmart because there were a few things I wanted to get if they had them...Ingle's and Publix were out. Found what I needed for the project and found what the other stores were out of....then I found a few other things. Lisa P and Roy must have some kind of alert system letting them know I am in Walmart. Both of them were texting me while there. There weren't too many people at Walmart but I might have done some nonchalant scanning of grocery carts seeing if people were doing regular grocery shopping or if they might be stocking up on non-perishables just in case some part of Hurricane Irma might come our way. There have been a few Tweets that our area should stay aware of the Hurricane Irma situation.
This morning the traces of rain throughout the night cover the landscape. One of the trees in a distant neighbor's yard is ever so slightly beginning to turn from green into fallish colors. Clouds drape themselves over the mountains.

I did something so stupid last night. It seems under the guise of I am an adult and can eat whatever I want to for supper. Just guacamole and chips for supper is not a good idea. All throughout the evening there was that lingering feeling inside that all was not well. I went to bed early only to awaken after thirty minutes of sleep to have to make that mad dash to the bathroom to throw up. Ugh! Still being under the no straw, no spit, no blow your nose edict until Friday, one has to be very careful in the approach and aftermath, so to speak. I did feel a little better and headed back to bed. I don't feel a 100% this morning and it seems like a good morning to read or write or maybe even attempt another never-ending project.

The stories on FB concerning traffic nightmares in Houston tell the stories of people negotiating travel to work without some of the major north to south routes not open yet because the streets are still under water. Roy said it could be this way for three months. Wow! Some spent hours just going a few miles.

The third phase of outdoor projects on the front porch have been completed. The screws I found at Walmart did the job. So now there are three hanging basket hooks that might see some usage this fall but more likely in the spring. Told a friend I am getting so good with a drill, I might go to dental school. Yea well, no. I hate looking into my mouth much less someone else's.

Friday, September 1, 2017

ThurFri Catch-up

We are having a gentle rainy afternoon here in the mountains. It seems like we don't have these too often. The sound of raindrops hitting the metal roof is a great lullaby. We needed the rain. Plants and gardens were drying out. It doesn't take much for water to evaporate here. It will make pulling out the rest of the dead sunflower plants easier this weekend.

I had an early morning dental appointment and my friend Brenda volunteered to ride along with me. The appointment was at 7:50 am. Ugh, that is early. Brenda is an early riser and she has taken me to my two appointments where I needed sedation. Everything is looking good with the healing from dental surgery last Friday and Praise the Lord, he took out the stitches. They have been rubbing a few raw spots that are painful. Removal has prompted a little more pain and swelling but that should go down by this evening. After the appointment, we had breakfast at the Corner Kitchen. I love it when I can take a local to a restaurant they haven't been to before. Corner Kitchen has some of the best breakfasts going or coming or standing still. I had worked up quite an appetite after the snipping of stitches so a pancake was added to my regular choice, Biltmore Breakfast. We left and went to Home Goods, for good measure because this is the time that all the fall decor comes out. Not that I need any new fall decor but I did find two cute rustic metal pumpkins for the front porch.

Roy went into downtown Houston this morning and is in the office today. I really didn't want him to take the chance but he has had a pretty bad case of cabin fever for the past two days. He couldn't go volunteer because he needed to be working from home. Now, I hope he gets home ok. He called me while I was at the dentist to tell me that Colonial Pipeline was shutting down today and to get gas. Colonial supplies most of the petroleum products along the southeast and east coast. I also got a frantic text from him this afternoon telling me to top off the tank because prices are going to be sky high. I had already beat him to the punch by going to the Gulf station and filling up the rest of the way after dropping off Brenda. Usually I would go to Shell or Exxon but I hated to make the farther trip and not be able to get fuel. When I arrived at the station all the pumps but one were being used. In this area it pays to have a husband who stays in the know about these things.
The removal of stitches turned out to be a little more painful than removal of staples from knees. By last evening I had some swelling and pain. I wrote about this last night but the pain didn't go away as quickly as hoped. I had to take a pain pill to resolve the issue. I thought I would sleep really well with that in my system, but it wasn't to be. It was a kind of toss and turn night. Even with a huge lack of sleep I awoke this morning rested and my mouth feeling much better. As a precaution, I cancelled with Taylor today. We will return to the normal appointments after next week.

Talked with Roy this morning as he began his drive into downtown. First he wanted to see if the donut shop he likes was was. Every Friday he brings donuts to the office. And he made it into the office. EPD has opened up parking in the building for those able to drive in. I think Tuesday is the target date for park and ride options to return.

It is unreal to be watching the updates from Houston. So many affected, so many working to ease by helping with the needed tasks. The different styles of "reporting" is varied. One pastor keeps on point and keeps it short while the other, packs as much info in as possible in the short time period he has chosen via social media. One is just this is what's happening, here's what we need while the other has a marketing ring to the info. Both are good, both are doing the job, both honoring Jesus...just different styles. That's good because if marketing isn't your thing, you'll be drawn to other updates. If marketing speaks to your being, there is a place to go help, serve and be the hands and feet of Jesus. I love how God uses everything to speak to us.

A much needed work day is in order around here. Dena left last Thursday and I have only done a little picking up and cleaning. Mainly, I was too tired to do it and then the days this week have been busy, so today is the day. We had a little rain this morning and a breeze is blowing. A good breakfast and I'll be on the way to working around here.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Doing The Hard Things

This will be the understatement of the week with everything going on in Houston and watching from afar as they go through these trying times, but we all find ourselves gutting it up and doing the thing we don't want to do. Last week when Doug and Dena were here I went down to the bird feeder in the front yard and there in front of the swing lay a female cardinal with a broken neck. She must have flown into the stand. The temptation is to let nature takes it course and those hungry, hungry ants would be upon her soon enough. I went back to the garage and got the big shovel out and dug a hole in the backyard to bury this bird that has done nothing but give me pleasure with her singing and presence. Once that had been accomplished, back down to the front to scoop up the bird and take her to a final resting place. I stood still in silence for a minute while a cardinal from a distant tree sang a beautiful song. When it finished I picked her up and took her to the back. I placed her gently into the ground, covered her and said a few words of thankfulness for her. I marked the spot with some small rocks. It was an emotionally hard thing in that moment. Today, once again, I had to do something I didn't want to do. The dryer sounded an alarm that it was getting too hot, probably because I had too many clothes in it. So, to the backyard once again,  first with a step ladder that was too short to do the job and then with a ladder to clean out the dryer vent as good as possible. I took my Norwex long cleaner/duster with me and pulled out a lot of lint. Because I didn't think I could move the dryer that well, I cleaned out the lint trap really well with the dryer brush, put a smaller load in the dryer and continued on with those pesky laundry duties. I left the ladder out there for a bit just in case...but soon enough I was able to take the ladder back to the garage. Like I said these are small dislikes compared to the daunting task that lies ahead for many people in Texas. On a phone call with Roy this afternoon as he told me about the water feature draining so well that the sidewalks and going under the street to continue on to Spring Lake was water! Good news. We also discussed his planned trip for next week and we both knew the correct decision was to cancel those plans because by next week, they should be able to return to their downtown office building. Which, by the way, the barriers erected for such a thing...a flood, did their job and no water, not even in tunnel that connects with other buildings underground was not wet. This particular trip is poignant in that we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary next week. Only, maybe, not in the way we had planned. And in those forty years I have come to love and appreciate Roy's steadfastness and loyalty, to do the right thing. We know this is the right thing...we may dislike it but we are emotionally gutting it up being thankful he has a good, no a great job that he loves and our celebration will just get postponed until later in the month. He doesn't love his job more than me, whew, but it is the correct and right thing to do. Now I can attend a choir party and the big sale at Robin Blu....not that I think those are more important, but they sure sound fun.
It is official. Roy cancelled his flight reservations this morning and we both have peace about this decision If he can, he will go into the office tomorrow. Prays appreciated for that trip.

The stories I am hearing from Houston is truly a Houston and Texas thing, although I believe North Carolina is a close sibling to Texas heart and desire. Thinking what a great man Jim McInvale, better known as Mattress Mac to Houstonians. He owns Gallery Furniture. This man began his business under a large tent, selling furniture in Houston. So many considered him a joke from his commercials but through the years his business succeeded. Now he has several locations. We bought a recliner from them last year when I first came back to Houston to prepare for bilateral knee replacements. They were so helpful online and in person.

This morning when I had to show my ID for my echo cardiogram, everyone asked do you know anyone whose home was flooded? Sadly, I know too many yet there are many who did not have flooding and are volunteering. I think Roy would be doing that but he is at work at home. I asked him tonight if he likes the commute time. He went to Kroger and picked up an odd assortment of groceries.

I will say I liked my echo cardiogram here better than in Houston. First of all, I never get those three piece gowns on without ripping them because they are paper. Had to wear an old fashioned hospital gown and I liked it. Easy to put on. For the first time ever in my history of echo cardiogram, a young woman administered the scan. The man who does it at my Houston cardiologist is rather creepy and always wants to clean up the gel on you. Megan, the nurse who administered it today said, gross, no one wants someone all up in their business. Yes, words to live by that are so true.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Praying and Watching

It is difficult to read Facebook and Twitter and see so many friends effected by Harvey. So many have held on with no water but the uncertainty of water being released from Addicks and Barker Reservoirs, again makes the decision for them, get to higher ground while possible.  It is not difficult to see, while dreading the journey, where friends and acquaintances have put their faith as they trudge through these dark and murky waters.

As I watched the Weather Channel with friends yesterday, they asked as different camera shots from different areas around Houston were shown if I recognized these places. Some yes, many too ubiquitous to define cause so many of the shopping strips looks so much alike. Streets and freeways that I have driven since a teenager are unrecognizable yet at the same time this isn't the first time to see freeways that look like tributaries or rivers. Social media is now filled with reports and status updates of friends who have lost so much or could lose so much. Although tears aren't helpful I have shed many these past few days.

After the floods that affected Louisiana last year around Baton Rouge, the company that Roy works for took donations for employees who had lost everything. They made it a 501 C status and we donate to it every paycheck. We are looking now at where we can direct other giving and these two links are where we will be contributing. This one  Houston's First Baptist doing. The other one is Bayou City Fellowship.

Finally, I had to pull away from the Houston newscasts and get some stuff done here. Like, get out the ladder and clean the dryer vent cause the dryer sent out a signal that the vent needed to be cleared. The birds have not been fed and there is just so many things to do. While I work around here, I pray for the Houston area. Join me in doing that please...the praying, you don't need to come over here and work...unless you want to. Nah, just pray.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Houston's Harvey

I watched a spider trap an ant today and not only did the ant get wrapped up neatly in the web, but the spider must have been hungry, cause it ate that ant likity split. The ant had been foraging for food on a sunflower head before I cut it off the plant and put it in the garage....where the spider lurked in the recesses of the bag of potting soil. Kind of reminded me of my hometown and Harvey. Houston got wrapped up in the rain, is still wrapped up in the rain but hope lingers there on the horizon but there is no hope for the ant.

It is difficult to watch such devastation to the city you grew up in, got married in and generally lived most of your life in. Roy has been fortunate that the area of Katy where he is currently has had hard rain but has also had breaks from the rain, giving the water feature and lake time to drain into the nearby bayous. I've checked on friends via text and Facebook. I've watched the Weather Channel and sometimes I forget that I am not there and when I think of going someplace, I hesitate....because of the rain...that isn't here. My heart and mind are so much in Houston.

Today, I saw that a friend once again has experienced her home being flooded. She has just recovered from a knee replacement and now, once again...her home floods. She isn't there but a neighbor is keeping her updated. When I saw her comment, I sat here and cried for her. Then in the midst of tears I remembered I cannot blow my nose for two weeks after it was interesting to take care of the excess....well, you know. I also have to sneeze a particular way and if I don't my eye could swell shut. Of course I haven't sneezed so much as I have in the past few days. The worst part of the bone grafting and sinus lift prior to implants was being allergic to the pain meds they gave me. That made yesterday a terrible day but the headache and throwing up tipped me off that I was allergic. So, I am not supposed to spit for two weeks...I really tried to be gentle in my upchucking.

This morning on Channel 13, Houston, I watched a Catholic priest being interviewed. He was in a kayak. He had been in his truck all night stranded on the freeway and happened to have his kayak with him. He watched from his truck as people gathered on high ground. That's when he pulled out his kayak and paddled to the convenience store to buy wine so he could offer communion to the group. But it was before noon and he wasn't able to buy the wine due to the Sunday alcohol laws. He kind of laughed about that since he wasn't used to buying wine on Sunday mornings. He gave a great testimony of his love of the Lord, he is a charismatic catholic priest. The news guy just let him talk and testify. It was one of those moments that makes you proud of being a believer from Texas.

I have many more thoughts but I am oh so tired. Just talked with Dena, so she and her mother and mother's friend are all safe and sound at Dena's home. Roy was going to bed early. We have talked so many times and in the middle of the night. Lisa P has power once again.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Good Eclipse Morning!

Good Eclipse Morning! Already the alerts are rolling in keeping our area informed on traffic. There are a whole lot of extra people around here. There are reports that some of the small towns in the total eclipse zone, while enjoying the financial harvest, might not be enjoying the onslaught of people and their demands. I have two here during this eclipse season and they are a joy to host, my brother and Dena.

Dena arrived on Wednesday and we did what fried chicken loving people do, we headed over to The Blue Rooster after picking her up in Charlotte. We have had a blast doing and going and being. It is so relaxing in the evenings sharing the front porch with friends and family. Thursday we had a change in our plans because of the high threat of rain in the higher elevations. We went to Marshall, Burnsville and Hot Springs. Friday we had a leisurely breakfast and made a trip out to Barber's Orchard and Duckett Produce.

On Saturday, Doug arrived on time just as he said he would. It didn't take us long to get moving out the door to go to the Leicester Studio Tour. First stop, Addison Vineyards because that is where the blacksmith shows his wares. Oh my goodness, his work never disappoints and we all made purchases with him. We went inside the wine tasting building to see the other artist displaying their work. We made our way toward the Big Sandy Mush where the man who makes brooms has his workshop in an old general store. While out that way we stopped at the pottery guy's studio and the wood working studio. The wood one was a little disappointing. We decided lunch was in order so we stopped at one of the sponsoring restaurants and it was closed until further notice. That doesn't bode well for its future. Dena had never eaten at Stoney Knob but Doug had before and liked it. So, it was Weaverville for lunch. Delicious as always and then it was back at it on the tour where we made stops at several other places. Exhausted from laughing and shopping, we came back to the house. Retired to the front porch and enjoyed snacks for supper.

Dena and I went to Sunday School and Doug joined us for church. The ladies in our class love Dena and so we all got caught up with one another. Our Sunday School class is aptly named, The Joy Class. We certainly are filled with joy and enthusiasm. Our pastor is teaching a mini series and stopped in our class to strongly encourage us to stay for his sermon. He looked at me the whole time which didn't bother me at all because I am probably the most guilty of not staying for the service or leaving early before the preaching. But, these last few weeks my absences have been health related. Even with the new A/C it is so hot in the worship center. I was sweating like a pig, although pigs don't sweat, in the choir loft yesterday and the beginning of that light-headed feeling slowly encroached my well being. Doug, Dena and I had made plans to stay for the service yesterday, so being there wasn't as a result of a personal exhortation. Some Sundays I have to choose coming home and tuning into the webcast of First Baptist Houston as my church service. This is all a part of changes I am having to make to keep out of afib which has the risk of a stroke always involved. After church we came home, changed our clothes and headed over to The Fireplace Restaurant for lunch, It did not disappoint! Then onward to The Biltmore Estate where we took in the beauty that envelopes one there. We stopped in at the Inn for a glass of iced tea on the Veranda to conclude our afternoon.

Once we got home it is back onto the porch. Brenda called and asked if she could come over. Of course! She came bearing gifts of jalapeno poppers, a salty candy treat and a birthday cake for Dena. It was all good! And we were blessed that she was able to stay a bit and visit. More laughter that of course ensured a good night's rest, well that and all the fat calories we consumed.

There are details of our days that I will come back to when they have returned to their homes. We have had so much fun!

Today, we are sticking close to home because of all the eclipse traffic. I better get moving and onto the store. We are grilling steaks tonight.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Early to Bed, No Sleep And Early To Rise Makes One Tired

There is a beautiful stone church off of I 40. It seems like it should be an Episcopal church by the architecture but when I found myself at that exit several weeks ago I was surprised to find that it is a Baptist Church. This morning as I took a different route to The Fresh Market there was another stone church and yes, this time, it was an Episcopal church with a red door. I went to the website and read that the church was built in 1905 and then I explored the pictures of the interior and the stained glass , wooden pews and stones creates a warm worship space. From the pictures on their website it must have a pumpkin patch in the fall. I'll have to keep a watch for that and maybe a Christmas program. I would love to go inside that church. These stone churches remind me of Gail Godwin, one of my favorite southern authors because several of her novels take place in just such a type of church and score the stories take place in the mountains of NC.

It has been a morning. It began with very little sleep and a short night. The alarm for 5:30 am was just too early. I got up and ready to be at the Toyota dealership at 7:30 to have SequishShawn's 5000 mile service appointment. Since the dealership has been bought by another owner, I am not as pleased with the service appointments. Last time they said I declined fuel injector cleaning and how can one decline if one is never told. I would have said yes. They wanted to do the bumper work that is a recall today but I didn't have the extra time to give. I really don't know if they did the 21 point or 18 point inspection cause I got a lot less paperwork and just the word that everything checked out ok. It feels like they didn't do all they said they did...who knows but as much as I love my truck I might find a different vehicle or maybe go to the Toyota dealership in Johnson City. It looks like they have cut back on service reps as well. I think Phillip, the rep I liked so well, didn't make the transition.

So I stopped at The Fresh Market and they are changing the recipe for their tuna fish salad. I went there specifically for the tuna salad because I like it so well. Disappointed, I put up the cart and headed toward Weaverville to go to the bank. Then a breakfast burrito from Sonic and on home.

Right by the Post Office a large gaggle of geese were gathered on the lawn but one of those geese had been hit by a car and laid out on the road dead with blood everywhere. The other geese seemed to be preoccupied with food and not so much as a goodbye to their feathered friend. I was still thinking of that poor goose while going down the stone steps to put some birdseed in the feeder. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a snake. So still...I thought it might be dead but I ran back up the stairs as quickly as I could carry myself. It was not dead and I think maybe I have found his little hidey hole. That is for another day....

This morning on the way to the dealership I saw three dear, a mama and two babies. Beautiful in looks and in motion. Today I have seen all my Bunny Foo Foos. From granny all the way down to newest baby bunny foo foo. I watched baby scare away cardinals and then saw teenage bunny, chase off baby...just like what had happened to it several weeks ago by a bigger bunny.

My dentist called this morning with the news they need to do some work on an old implant before they can do the surgery. He is hoping to contour the crown and not have to put on a new one. But, if he does, dental surgery is postponed until that gets taken care of. So I go early in the morning to see him which kind of changes up morning plans, but that's okay. It is good to be flexible and it is good to be able to see a dentist on such short notice.

I made a second batch of green sauce and I think it is pretty good. Trying to be kind to the dentist and not have too bad of breath. I also worked on a gallon of blackberries brought to me by Inez last night. I didn't hear her knocking at the porch door so she came around back and knocked. Scared Buddy off upstairs but she returned rather quickly.

For a day that began with me feeling overwhelmed, scared (snake) and tired...I worked in the kitchen..the day has ended on a rather nice note.

Monday, August 14, 2017

What's Not To Love About Ninfa's Green Sauce

It is looking like the rain and storms are passing by us. I would take rain but not a fan of the storms. As the skies darken I am mesmerized by all that is going on in the backyard. I don't get much done when there is so much to take in. There must be at least 8-10 young cardinals in and around the trees. The hummingbirds are busy coming to their feeder but good grief, they are territorial and chase off any bird that dare come and drink of the nectar. Well, here comes the rain after all. It was brief but at least some rain. Although I am thinking I will need to go out and reapply Vick's Vapo Rub to the pole that holds the bird feeders. This could be the deterrent I have been looking for. I put the Mentholatum all over and applied a thick coating. It has been interesting to see the squirrels jump onto the pole and jump off just as quickly. Then work at getting the rub and the fragrance off. We will see how this develops.
Good foggy morning. The birds are out and Buddy is on the front porch...mostly. It is one of those mornings where she is in and out. I have my breakfast and will need to get ready to go to workout with Taylor. This is my last workout for a while because of my schedule. I had considered cancelling today's session but I need to get in and do some work since I am once again playing regain stamina.

As it goes on many Saturday nights, I had a horrible night trying to sleep. Buddy would not settle and those times she tried, she was back up and gone for a bit. Finally around 4:00 am she was able to settle and go to sleep which meant the same for me. I don't think she was feeling good but has seemed to snap out of that once Sunday arrived. I contemplated the thought of having a sabbatical Sunday but decided to get up and get ready. I woke up with a sore throat which is a sign unto me I have been pushing it and the good ol' immune system is telling me to slow down. I went to Sunday School but not church. Came home, rested and ate a salad. Then I made a quick run to the store to pick up a few things I had ordered. Rested upon returning and then went over to Vivian's to give her birthday giftings. I also came home with giftings, supper for today, green beans and some homemade peach ice cream. Also, I took her some Ninfa's green sauce I made on Saturday and I think I made a green sauce convert.

Brenda called later in the early evening to see if she could bring back the dolly we had put the trunk on to take to her home. Sure thing, come on over. She brought some homemade cookies and I shared green sauce. Another convert!

Inez just dropped by with some berries and some peppers. I'm eating green beans made by the one and only Vivian. They are heirloom green beans and they are really, really good! Gave some green sauce to Inez and yes, another convert. I am happy to make something for my friends that they've never had before and they like it. What's not to love about Ninfa's green sauce?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Happenings Of The Week

Having the front porch screened in has made a change in our morning routine. It used to be that Buddy wanted me downstairs to be the supplier of treats to start the day. Now, when she rushes past me on the stairs her destination is the front door, not the kitchen. She goes out for a bit and then wants her treat. Most mornings after porch time and treats, she wants to spend some pre-nap time on my lap. This morning I made the huge strategic mistake of not having my coffee mug there by the chair. But that's love, sacrificing the morning joe for a happy kitty cat. She is back to her bird watching and I'm happily drinking my first cup of coffee. All is well, all is peaceful for this morning.

I am working on all the little last minute things that need to be done before Dena arrives on Wednesday and Doug on Saturday morning. Part of that is working on getting my stacks of books and magazines down to a manageable level. I do not consider stacks of books clutter but decor'.

This next paragraph will date me but I felt like, once again, living a Seinfeld episode. Lifeway did the reveal of Living Proof Live events for 2018. One of the event locations is in Boone. So I thought, that would be fun to attend there in that mountain town and decided to buy two tickets and if for some reason I couldn't go, I could gift them to someone. Well, that plan came to a screeching halt when I could not remember my password or user name from when I bought tickets in 2008...LP in San Antonio. So I went through the list of user names and passwords that I am prone to dice. Now usually, the website asks for your email and they send a link for you to reset your password. Lifeway, you have to call Customer Service to get that info. Well, I was not going to call Lifeway...and that is where it got a little Seinfeld like...remembering the episode where Alec Berg, great John Houseman name, gave Jerry tickets to the hockey game and tells Jerry he might be able to give him tickets for another game...think these were playoff tickets. Kramer asks Jerry if he has called Alec for the day after thank you for the tickets and Jerry says, I thanked him when he gave them to me...that should be enough. So, when I was talking to Lisa P on the phone I told her the whole password/user name debacle of 2017 and said in my best high pitched voice, a little Seinfeldish, "I'm not calling Lifeway!" I then told Lisa P that I had tried using Roy's name and different user names, no dice. In a conversation with Roy he mentioned that Living Proof would be in Boone next year and he thought I should get tickets and go. I told him that the Baptist Book Store, Lifeway, was not in the 21st century in resetting passwords and again, in a high pitched Jerry voice told him, I am not calling Lifeway! Well my friends, just like Jerry I ended up making the call, only my story line turns out better than his, sitting in the nosebleed seats for the game. No wait time and the nicest woman helped me rediscover my password after answering a few questions to establish, that I am who I say I am. I asked if she would stay on the line while I tried logging in...first attempt, nothing...asked on capitalization, and proceeded for a second attempt...and as George Castanza would say, I was in, baby! Now, before I actually made the call, I procured a hotel room in Boone. Cause tickets for a LPM event with no hotel room would not be good. Success! Two tickets purchased for cold, cold Boone in the later part of winter. I am positive though, I'll get to wear boots, stylish flannel shirts and jeans to the conference.

You can hear the funniest or the strangest things in grocery store parking lots. On Thursday I had just pulled into the Publix lot parking space when...of course...a mini van pulls in beside me and parks. I was heading into the store when I remembered my gym lock was in my pocket, so I went back to the truck to put it into its spot and at that same time the mini van people had finally removed themselves from their vehicle. It wasn't a young mom with thousands of children, no it was an elderly couple, an elderly couple that weren't happy with one another. They stood behind my truck and argued. I felt like it was being between a rock and a hard place...trying to go into the store without passing this unhappy couple. I didn't want to be one of those she was at the wrong place at the wrong time kind of things. Yet, I could not just stand there and act like I can't hear a word they are saying...because they were using their outside voices. Bottom line, they were arguing over the fact he drove too slow and although she didn't use a bus reference, I could have given that to her but you know, being at the wrong place at the wrong type thing. She ended their whole "conversation" reminding him that buying a mini van had been one of the worst decisions they had ever made and she wanted to get rid of it and have a fun car. I was never so proud of a moment....I almost wanted to fist pump her...they moved on into the store. I too made my way in but seriously considered high fiving her if we found ourselves on the same aisle.

And I am retaining the title of Crazy Squirrel Lady of Buncombe County. My supply of bad lemons and limes is exhausted, so I have gone to chunking ice at the squirrels that jump into the bird feeders. I also may or may not have used expired Pam spray on the pole that holds the bird feeders.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday But It Feels Like A Wednesday

We enjoyed a lovely summer day yesterday. Cool enough for opening windows and letting the breeze in. I went out early but not early enough to put the picket fencing around half of the sunflowers. The bees had already staked their claim to those flowers and the buzzing so close to my head, deterred my work. I went to The Google to see if and when bees take a break. They are the hardest working insects in the business...well, maybe ants work harder, I'm not sure. Google assured me that cool mornings and evenings are not bees favorite times to pollinate. Last night I was able to finish unrolling the fencing and get it around the sunflowers to hold them up better.

Before getting out and about for the day I received a text that my new glasses were ready. So a little change in plans and over to Weaverville to pick them up. My prescription had significant changes after holding steady for several years. My eyes are adjusting and this morning I realized how hard they worked yesterday with new glasses. Gee, I see things much better too! These glasses are lighter than the last pair but once I get adjusted I think I will have new lenses put in the frames from last year. I still like them a lot and hadn't planned on getting new glasses.

With new vision I headed over to Walmart and make the dreaded Walmart trip. I have to admit this time it wasn't too bad. They have rearranged the store, updated the checkout lanes and with school just a couple of weeks away up here, it wasn't too crowded. I got what I went for and maybe a few more things that just jumped into the cart. The plan was to make a Lowe's stop but I decided to make that trip on another day and came on home for lunch. I realized too those purple hull peas were not going to shell themselves, so yesterday I sat out on the front porch with two big enamel bowls and shelled purple hull peas. Feeling kind of domestic, I cooked those babies up with some onion and ham all afternoon. Then went on and finished up the blackberries for freezing.

We've had a bit of rain. I was able to get over to the Post Office. Picked up a package from Peggy and it is a beautiful bird feeder. Now, I am trying to decide if I will hang it now or will I wait for next year when we redo the back deck and make it more of a screened in porch. I have been contemplating a quick run over to Duckett's before heavier rain is supposed to move in later this afternoon. If I don't go today I'll hang around here and get things ready for upcoming guests.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Tuesday

Just by happenstance, I read an email sent out by Margaret Feinberg this morning. She writes books and Bible studies for Lifeway and one of my all time favorite reads has been Scouting The Divine. Margaret took a year to look with shepherd's eyes, beekeeper eyes and vintner eyes spending time with people who raised sheep, kept bees and had vineyards. One of the most interesting books I have read. In the great book purge of 2011, that book went to a new home but since we live in an agrarian community now, I have a vested interest. So before knee replacement surgery last year I bought the book and the workbook and like how many good intentions go, I did not do any of the work in the workbook. But I think that good intention was just too soon for its time. I didn't realize that I'd be so tired from working so hard with therapy so all the books I planned to read didn't get read. Nap time called out to me a lot and so did early bedtime.

Last night I made my first steak in a cast iron skillet and it was good! Of course steak rub from Taste of Texas makes everything taste great. I cooked the steak on a cast iron grill pan so not only was it tasty but it looked good. Add a few sliced tomatoes and call it supper.

So I saw Taylor yesterday morning for my first workout post cardioversion. Because his DMS machine that I love so much has an electrical current aspect to it, for right now, no more DMS while my heart settles back into normalcy. We are looking at everything that contributed to these recent flare ups, but probably the real culprits are the usual suspects, heat and stress. It felt good to workout again and as predicted, my arms and shoulders are a little sore from the TRX work.

We are experiencing some rainy days with the rain tapering off today. The flowers and trees are certainly happy for the thirst quenching drink. As a bird nerd, I had a delightful time with a singing sparrow yesterday. It sang among the forsythias and I on the front porch with the bird call app. The cardinals are getting their colors now and I hope they remain around here. I have gotten use to seeing them so often in the backyard. Last night baby bunny foo foo came down into the yard. I was so happy to see it because I had missed its morning visits and as I have written before I get too emotionally involved with these animals. There is a cow across the way with a slight limp and I am keeping my eye on her.

After a couple of errands and dropping off a trunk, I am home. A little tired but not too much. Thinking it will be a salad kind of night and fruit for dessert. The sun has come out. I began a little fence project this morning but will have to continue this evening or in the morning. Have to find times when the bees aren't buzzing around the flowers.

I just saw on Twitter that Glenn Campbell passed away today. In junior high I was friends with his niece and she made such an impression on me I cannot even remember her name. She was nice...actually I think we shared a friendship with a mutual friend and that's how I knew her. He had such a beautiful voice.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Good Birthday

Yesterday morning I got the sweetest birthday gift. With eyes filled with wonder and awe I watched a new crop of little baby bunny foo foo's frolic and play in the tall grass near the gravel road. It was a special moment. With an errand to run in Tennessee I was up early and trying to get out of the house by 8:30 am but it was closer to 9:00. The Amish store had received blackberries from Michigan and they were available as first come first served. It is a beautiful drive and I enjoyed the trip. Once I got there I got the blackberries and a few other things, then hit the road to head toward home. Filled up with some cheaper gasoline in Tennessee while there too. I made a quick stop at home, put up the blackberries, and let Buddy sit on my lap for a few minutes. Then it was off to Waynesville. Because of construction I chose the Canton way with a stop at Duckett's. They had purple hull peas which makes me especially happy. I had missed the first day opening at Barber's and I needed my first mixed drink of the apple and peach slushie. Bought some corn on the cob as well as a few apple cider donuts. I headed toward Hazelwood district and went to a couple of shops there and then headed to downtown Waynesville. Thankfully, a close parking spot opened up just as I turned the corner, so I was able to get in and out of Mast General Store. The last stop was Main Street Mercantile and I did a quick look see and began my way home. Once again took the longer but more scenic way home. Off and on during the day friends called to wish me a happy birthday and it was fun checking on FB to see greetings.

When I got home I opened my very fun gift and card from Lisa P. Roy called and we got caught up on the day's activities. Then I talked with Dena and then Brenda came over. She and some of her family had gone to the Burnsville Craft Show and when she got home she made me a cake. A delicious strawberry cake. After Brenda left Roy and I once again caught up but I was so dang tired from such a fun, full day....I watched a little TV and then fell asleep till 1:00 am. Buddy was being a little pesty and it seemed she didn't feel well. So up and downstairs to check the litter box, and since I was checking it...I might as well take care of it. Came back upstairs to a feisty Buddy...but she calmed down finally and we were able to get back to the business of rest.

Morning came early and I had a brunch to attend for our new mentoring ministry at church. We had delicious food and a great time. I especially loved hearing the stories from Karen's mom. She needs to record these stories, as a preacher's wife in the mountains of North Carolina...a traveling pastor for the Methodist Church. Great stories of another time but the same great God who though times change, He never changes.

After brunch I headed over to The Fresh Market for a few things and then returned home. I have tons of things to do but a nap is calling my name. Then I take care of veggies and fruit.

Heart beat is holding its own and staying in rhythm. I cancelled with Taylor yesterday for the chance to ease back into workout things. Thankful stamina is returning. I'm taking each day in step working toward the goal of being back in full tilt. I am still feeling the effect of two weeks of afib and flutter. As the nurse at the hospital said as my heart rate bounced around so fast and so quickly, she said her heart is in afib on crack. Wow, glad to be back to the regular syncopation.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

5000 Mile Checkup

What a difference a little Chaka Khan makes in the morning. The morning came very early today as it was the big shock a heart day. It was foggy, so I need to mark it down on my calendar. Brenda was here at 6:00 am on the dot and we headed to Mission Hospital. She has spent some time there of late with her aunt, so she knew the ropes and where to go. Got to the heat cath lab, checked in and it wasn't too much of a wait and I was taken back to my Chaka Khan room. The nurse got me all wired up and all the water drinking paid off with no rolled veins. There were two nurses from cardiac ICU/Care that are learning to cardioversion so that their area can do them quicker for patients and not have a long wait for patients in need. While we waited my afib was setting off alarms and it was unsettling to watch how the numbers vacillated all over the heart beat spectrum. Soon, they let Brenda come back to visit with me while we waited. At 8:05, they began to mark time by giving me the Michael Jackson drug and I resisted the urge to sing, Don't Stop Until I Get Enough. But after asking me for the 100th time my birthday, the last thing I remember saying is aren't y'all going to wish me an early Happy Birthday? Next thing it is 8:25, pulse rate is 66, BP a little on the low side and no afib! I already felt better. They watched me for a bit, gave me a Diet Coke, and then took me on a walk around the area to see how I did...and I did well. Got dressed and wheeled out to valet parking where Brenda was waiting. We decided on a Cracker Barrel breakfast and then headed back home cause the sleepies were taking over. And I have taken several naps since coming home. It's an afib hangover because for almost two weeks my heart has been running a marathon with no rest. It will take a couple of days to regain stamina and strength. The Doctor's orders for me today is, be a couch potato and believe me, I have been following those orders. Buddy keeps me company for some of the naps and she has just returned from her latest nap upstairs.

You get asked some really strange questions on the phone and then at the hospital. The question, do you feel safe in your home is probably to detect abuse...well, there is no probably about it. So, they asked me that question this morning and then when they put the big electrode patch on my back she asked me where the bruises on my shoulder blade came from. I was tempted to report Buddy but she has made up for her whole Saturday night thing by being so sweet and by my side since Sunday. No, it is from the deep tissue machine that Taylor uses on my shoulders. He did extra work there on Monday and taking a blood thinner makes for easy bruising. I'm also very happy to say no when they ask have you fallen in the past three months.....nope, nada!

I'll have a follow up appointment and EKG in a few weeks. I would like to get an echo cardiogram on the schedule. If not here I will make the trek back to Houston for that and to see if the monitor in me should be replaced. It has been very helpful of late and the battery is just about out.

This morning at 5:30, Roy called to pray with me. His prayers of faith are so encouraging and helps me believe and have faith too. I am looking forward to getting back with NC life, which means produce stands and orchards. It means ease of feeding the birds and watching bunnies and throwing bad lemons and limes at squirrels. I have written before I had been feeling a little off, not 100% and that translated into quiet days. These quiet days have been so welcomed. These days have made me so grateful and thankful. In these quiet days the Word has come alive in my spirit.

So guess today has been my 5000 mile tune up before the next birthday coming soon.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Beginning Of Apple Orchard Season

The last day of July in 2017 feels like a fall morning with temps in the mid 50's. Tomorrow begins the counting of foggy mornings because mountain lore says the number of foggy mornings in August is the number of snow showers we will have in the winter. Now I know it doesn't surprise you that this is an inexact science. Because it is foggier toward water and in valleys. Nevertheless, it is fun to wake up each morning and mark the calendar. Yes, I am easily entertained.

Our church had a fellowship/cookout at one of our member's homes last night...a 120 acre farm with gorgeous views. I had been looking forward to going but knew that if I did I was pushing myself way beyond my limited physical parameters when I am out of sync. Buddy and I were sitting on the front porch when my phone rang. It was Brenda and she had gone to the cookout. She was dropping her mom off at home and then Brenda was coming here bringing me a to go plate from the cookout. Mr. Jarrett served steak sandwiches provided by three of his cattle in his herd. I ate a slice of the meat and it was so good. Brenda also brought a smattering of small bites from the dessert table. So, I have my supper for tonight.

Digger, the groundhog, came very close to the house today. He was by the deck checking out some delicious weeds. I scared him off, twice. The bunnies have been around today along with a whole bunch of cardinals.

I am so glad I decided to stop by the house after meeting with Taylor. There were a couple of bills that needed to be paid and I also decided to grab a quick sandwich before heading to the grocery store. The hospital called while I was here needing some information and I was able to use the opportunity to ask a few of my many questions. I don't like droning on that in Houston I had a lot more info before going into the procedure but it sure is helpful to have.
The temps aren't as cool this morning but we are on the clock to count morning fog now that we are in August. Wow, this year has certainly gone by fast. Today one of my favorite apple orchards and produce stand opens and while I entertained thoughts of going today, it is best I don't. One I would be too tempted to eat apple cider donuts and I also saw that road work begins today on the Smokey Mountain Expressway...which is the way to go to the orchard. I do know a back way though. No, it is better to stick around the house and enjoy a quiet day.

Really, I have had a lot of quiet days even before the diagnosis. In hindsight, I think I knew I wasn't 100%. Other than a few trips to Johnson City and the one day I took along the Parkway, I pretty much am sticking around the house, working out and my regular errands. I've done some reading, nothing new there, and have been writing...for my own enjoyment and process. I started a couple of projects and I completed some but others have gone by the wayside because it seems that I need professionals to actually implement what needs to be done. I have spent lots of time on the front porch with Buddy.

One book I am re-reading is Wendell Berry's, A World Lost. Reading Berry is so helpful in my word formation of thoughts I am having trouble expressing on, well not paper but on tablet would be the correct usage. Roy and I were talking the other night about being a place of contentment in our lives. View points from our age vantage has certainly shown us that we pursued a lot of things that just don't matter. We've received unexpected blessings from unexpected places. I wish I hadn't spent so much time on trying to make things happen when I was younger. There is a lot of well meaning advice that just doesn't fit circumstances and situations. Competition  when you're just starting out should be avoided, but that is almost impossible to do. I know a lot of busyness in years past was mainly done to avoid issues or to alleviate boredom. The same can be applied to procrastination which I have done my fair share of. Yep, Wendell Berry fiction and essays surely can get one to thinking.

I can't help but hope that by this time tomorrow my heart will be back in rhythm and I can return home to sleep off the anesthesia.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sleepy Sunday

This morning after a particularly rough night, I am staying home. I estimate the total amount of sleep last night was less than three hours. When your heart is out of rhythm falling asleep can be tough. You feel the pounding in your chest or the sloshing about that sometimes produces a drowning kind of feel. The skipped beat is also alarming. Couple this with a cat who could not settle either...which makes for a long, long sleepless night. I have been fortunate that many nights I only experience the flutter effect but here on the countdown to cardioversion, it is feeling more like afib at times. No matter it is all out of sync and I'm looking forward to syncopation.

Buddy also had a temper tantrum this morning and took a couple of good swipes at my arm. It has been a long time since she has done that. Roy said her actions were probably a result of me sleeping later and her desire for treats and porch time. I wasn't following her schedule. I admit, I started crying cause it hurts and it hurts emotionally. Sometimes crying comes not so much of the action but because of frustrations that have built up. It is disheartening to have worked so hard these past few months, eating right, exercising and taking better care to have this rhythm thing crop up. Since this began in 2008 I think I internalize more often than before. Periodic outbursts from frustration kept things in check, but I can't have periodic outbursts anymore and that is not a bad thing. It has been a helpful thing. I'd like to be all spiritual and say I have given everything over to the Lord....I try to but not always successful. I saw this quote on FB yesterday, "Over thinking is a special form of fear. This fear becomes worse when adding anticipation, memory, imagination and emotion together." Many times I have been told I over think things. It's true yet I can go to the other end of the spectrum of "it doesn't matter." I used to say that I didn't care but really it doesn't matter seems to be the better description. So this morning I sit in front of this computer, probably overthinking the coming week, internalizing fears and feeling like I am walking on a tightrope. Not that I have ever walked on a tightrope, but I have seen movies where it has been done.

I ventured over to the Fresh Market yesterday. They are advertising more prepared meals and that includes better selection. It is true. The deli is better than before. The spring blend coffee had been marked down 50%, so I bought a few more packages. The spring blend is one of Roy's favorites, but he is off caffeine right now after a dental appointment and before a Dr appointment. Sometimes it seems one person in a store becomes the bane of existence while trying to traverse the aisles. One lady seemed to be filling that role yesterday for several of us. She should have gotten a cart to hold all her purchases. She fumbled about tying up cart traffic throughout the store. I tried my best to stay out of her way but we met up in produce, deli and bakery.

Well, Buddy just now got her porch privilege. It is still coolish outside. On my FB feed this morning two posts were in line and it seemed ironic, both about endings to new beginnings. A long time member of HFBC passed away from pancreatic cancer yesterday morning. It seemed like he passed so quickly after receiving the diagnosis. There was such hope because it had been discovered in stage 2. He was a member of the choir and his now grown daughters were with him in the Christmas Pageant each year. He was the smiling Roman soldier, although Roman soldiers weren't supposed to be smiling. He had a great passion for life, his family and his God. The numerous no overwhelming response to his family on FB is unbelievable. Such kind words for such a kind man. His almost life long friend wrote a moving tribute this morning about Bill and included his quirkiness, which good friends are required and wont to do. The very next post is about a woman who is retiring after 35 years of employment and ministry at HFBC. The last 13 years she has been Pastor Gregg's executive assistant. She now passes the torch to CourtneyS who will do a fabulous job. It won't seem the same without Mary on staff but she now joins the retired and will wonder how she did everything when she had her job.

The baby bunny has been out in the back off and on all day. The grandma rabbit was around last night. Even the groundhog got in on a visit and even though he was eating weeds, I chased him off. Last night Buddy and I were treated to a wonderful display of birds. It is intoxicating to take it all in. The sun was setting and covered the field across the way that brought out all the different hues of green. It is sad that beyond the trees, the land has been surveyed and perked. Soon the building of more houses will begin. I saw the cows from that pasture loaded up into trailers the other morning on my way to workout. It made me sad to hear their cries.

My heart didn't race as much yesterday as it is today. I have taken my meds and hope the slow down will kick in. A nap is crossing my mind and my eyelids are feeling a bit heavy. It dawned on me the other day that this week I have eaten Mexican food more often than ever here. Kind of like being in Houston. No Turkey Creek lunch today since I stayed home from church but my tuna salad sandwich hit the spot.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Rain+Cooler Temps=Birds And Other Observations

With cooler temps and a gentle rain, I ate lunch on the front porch Friday. Both the front and backyard are filled with cardinals in all shapes, sizes and coloring. Baby Foo Foo is in the backyard eating bird seed that the birds have dropped or scooted off because it is not their choice or favorite seed. The doves are the worst with this.

Thursday evening our Sunday School class had a party. Gale opened up her beautiful home for a Mexican Fiesta. Everything was delicious and it was such fun.

I saw Taylor yesterday and he did restorative work on me and I did core work. I will be so relaxed and stretched for my cardioversion. Instead of the usual of running errands, I came on home and enjoyed the rainy afternoon. After a really busy Thursday, it seemed I needed a day of rest. I had my yearly eye exam at Optix on Thursday and all is well, except my vision prescription has I needed to order new frames and lenses. I went with a blue frame this time. I still like the frames I am wearing and I think I'll have the lenses changed over in this pair after I get the new glasses.

It is interesting to watch things from afar. Not be in close to the action or in the know about things happening or movement within organizations. If you want to, you can watch and draw your own conclusions as things move forward or backward or even stagnate. You can take what little that is known about the situation and draw all kinds of conclusions. You can watch social media and pick up the insults and put downs that are crafted in a not in a too obvious way to express dissatisfaction or anger.  You can watch a not so surprising ending to a season for several and could they not see the direction life was taking or did they see it and decide not to express their fear or view. I hope for happy endings. Watching from a distance can either amuse or it can become a focus that consumes way too much time and energy. Right now, I watch amused and wonder how it will all turn out. I don't have a pony in the show, so no vested interest other than knowing I used to be smack dab in the middle of stuff going on and relish the fact, I don't have to participate anymore. Many times I end up praying for the ones that are going to hurt the most from the changes but there have been many that have gone through the same type thing and their stories of victory can encourage tremendously.

Last night I talked with Roy about a conversation I had Wednesday at the hair has bothered me somewhat. The Wednesday conversation, not talking with Roy about it. Without going into details, I had to beg off from the discussion because of an already elevated heart rate and it wasn't so much the topic but the actions and attitude expressed before the "topic" was broached. This is something that I experience every other visit at the salon and maybe just maybe, it is time to find another salon and stylist. It's not that my hair is that complicated, but I stuck around because  in a pinch I could buy hair product there...but thanks be to God Nordstrom carries the product and no shipping charge and all the while earning points toward Nordstrom Notes. It's all good in the product arena of life.

Our area is enjoying a bit of a respite from summer this weekend with lower temps and less humidity. the flowers and trees in the front yard were needing a bit of water, so I am thankful for the rain we had. The birds are hanging out probably waiting for a new delivery to the feeder, so I must move on.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Smattering Of Thoughts

Sunday night in choir practice began with the song No More Night. An oldie but goody. No More Night, one of the first songs I learned in choir at Houston's First Baptist so many years ago. The choir sang without sheet music and there weren't any prompter screens with words. I checked out the music to memorize the words for my first Sunday in the loft. Nervous...but thankfully the choir wasn't depending on me for my sure, strong voice. Brought back some good memories as we practiced the song for a later date.

It is looking very probable that I won't be having a cardioversion tomorrow. Fell through the cracks there at Asheville Cardiology but encouraged with the conversation I had with a scheduler this morning. In fact, she just called back and the procedure is scheduled for next week. Once again kindness was the chosen path when feeling so frustrated and uneasy. Proverb reading is helping those anxious thoughts not translate into angry words and attitude. Also telling her the relief of not cancelling a hard to get hair appointment and she laughed and said we must go to the same salon. I'm feeling more at ease now and the valet tradition continues...With all the construction at Mission, valet parking at the heart center is complimentary, which is hospital talk for free! Whoo hoo! Valet parking was the deal maker years ago for me going to the Med Center in Houston.
Ah Wednesday morning....I slept really well. In fact I think it could have been the best night's sleep in a while. Buddy's cooperation is always key for a good night. Also with atrial flutter you don't have the heavy booming feel that robs one of rest. My hair appointment isn't until later so I have the morning to ease into the day.

So far the most taxing thing has been taking the garbage can down to the road. Well, that part wasn't hard, it was just getting me back up our road to the driveway that took a lot out of me and created a rather good sweat. On the way back from a quick grocery store trip, I got the trash can and slid it into the back of the truck. That robs me of the use of the backup camera. So, I had to do it the old fashioned way like I did when I was a kid, backing up five miles in the snow only using side mirrors and rear view mirror. I carefully backed down the driveway and stopped midway to pull the can out, place it to the side and then complete the backup with a camera in full use. Yes, it has come to this, I am writing poetic about trash can delivery and removal. Bet you can't wait for yard waste removal postings.

Talked with Peggy yesterday and we exchanged recipes. No, really, we did. Doesn't happen often but it does take us by surprise when our conversations go in that direction. Lisa P and I were texting all things bird and bird related. She has a feeder now and has a cardinal sighting which can be really special in her part of Texas. I'm enjoying these young cardinals hanging around here. They are beginning to get their coloring now so flashes of red streak across the sky. I have another baby bunny foo foo coming to the backyard. There is a rotation of five rabbits it seems and last night I noticed a mama bunny spending a lot of time in an indentation part of the yard and with the binoculars I can see the tops of the baby bunnies ears moving about in the tall grass.

Well....the day awaits and the sun is peeking through the overcast sky. I have become the kind of believer I thought less of when I was a teenager when it comes to parking in Biltmore Village. Yes, a prayer for a close enough parking spot, not to wear me out getting to my hair appointment, has been included in my morning prayers.