Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Evening Begins to Fade

I should be studying for Thursday night. December 2 is the Christmas Celebration in the women's ministry. It is a dine by design event. Kelly Matte is talking about joy, I'm talking about peace and Wanda Jean Hickey is talking on hope. The toughest thing? Getting the huge topic of peace into 15-20 minutes. I've been culling and sharpening and tightening this up for about a week. This is hard work!

Roy is at BSF. He had to take Mustang Sally back to the Shell station before class and pick up the other car because she is making too much noise. Something about the muffler and add a couple more hundred dollars to a bill that includes a tune up and other sundry things. Sadly, Mustang Sally will be leaving the Monarchs sometime in December. She has been a ton of fun and brought so much joy to Christmas but we are at the point where I need a car that is easier to get into and Roy doesn't like how hot it is in the car during the summer and for that matter fall and winter. She has been with us since 2003 and only has 51,000 miles.

Roy and I went Nook shopping after lunch yesterday. We have been reading up on all the readers and iPads but the Color Nook seems to fit what I need. So this is either my late birthday gift or early Christmas. I forget. Now I just need to order a book or two. Unfortunately, I have the actual books to read. So I have officially come into the twenty first century in reading. Last night I was talking with Peggy and I told her now it will be much easier to surround me with books as I lay dying...see John Kennedy Jr telling the press about how his mother died...surrounded by friends, family and her books. Peggy said who would want to be surrounded by books and I sheepishly

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Pictures

Here are the pictures from our Thanksgiving morning at the zoo. As you can tell the animals were really out and about. Concession stands were open and so was the main gift shop. It wasn't a bad way to spend Thanksgiving morning.

You know Roy and I. We had to see it in writing or we would so have been over those barriers and fences. Uh, no not really.

The photographer but I also took some of these pictures. The butterfly, bear and lions are the ones I took with the hand me down camera I got from Roy when he upgraded. It is not a bad hand me down at all.

The mighty photographer has spotted birds and turtles that need to be photographed. He was also trying to find something to do while I recovered from my little heart episode. I didn't want him just standing and staring at me.

Onto new photo conquests.

Looks like fall in Houston.

A better looking fall in Houston.

No one was getting baptized when Roy took this picture. Of course it was a dove that descended from heaven not a pigeon.

Christmas at the gift shop.

My parents probably have some pictures of me as a child with this very same lion.

Sea lion. They have little ears that show whereas a seal does not. Free education right here on the blog.

A itchy eye on a pink flamingo so dear.

This one is sound asleep. That is quite a feat or feet, sleeping with one leg raised.

Ah, a distant Monarch cousin.

When we first came across this bear, I thought it was dead. Look at the back paw that is slightly askew. Teeth bared. The warm weather probably was confusing to the bear. It seems like hibernation should be taking place, but it is too warm.

Someone needs to brush and floss. I wonder what lucky trainer gets to take care of the bear's hygiene? Probably someone new and hasn't qualified for medical benefits yet.

And I thought I was due for a mani-pedi!

The happy victor. This lioness just defeated her female rival for the attention of the male lion. Of course the male lion didn't even wake up to see that he was being fought over.

The crouching lioness was the winner of this match.

She was enjoying a bloody bone before the "cat fight."

The only elephant that was outside on Thanksgiving morning.

Roy the elephant trainer.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Thanksgiving Day by Nancy Mon

My Thanksgiving Day
By Nancy Mon
Roy and I did Thanksgiving differently this year. Roy has been talking to me for weeks about going to the Houston Zoo on Thanksgiving Day. Believe me I have been less than enthused and tried to use every opportunity to discourage the idea. First the weather men gave me great hope that the morning would be rainy and overcast. Then they changed their forecast to overcast, warm and rain free. Roy was making reservations for his staff Christmas lunch with McCormick and Schmidt downtown yesterday and they tempted him with the offer of an 11:30 opening for Thanksgiving lunch. Well, I hesitated to tell him, there wasn't anyway we could do the zoo, then be ready for an early lunch. Roy thought we could come straight from the zoo and eat because they told him dress was casual. I had to break the news to him that they didn't mean zoo casual more like business casual or casual chic...whatever that may look like. We couldn't traipse in with camo shorts and workout capris. Then as we began discussing the whole thing, which by the way in Roy's sweet way he was trying to make the day fun for me, we decided there wasn't any reason to go eat all those extra calories when we had planned a perfectly fine lunch. The fine, fine folks of the Play Grocery , and God bless the hands that prepared the meal, had a fine array of dishes to order and seeing that I am all about the economy, ordered several things to go along with a delicious smoked brisket that was in the freezer. We talked through options for the day and then came the brilliant plan of going out to breakfast first and then going to the Houston Zoo.
So we went to Mimi's in Pearland and had delicious pumpkin pancakes. I had heard they were awesome and so instead of getting my usual, Belgium waffles which are so good, we ordered pancakes. We were not disappointed! It took breakfast at Mimi's to get me out and about so early in the morning. I repeatedly pointed out to Roy how overcast the sky was and the probability of staying at the zoo for more than an hour was imminent. Roy joined the zoo society, nothing but socializing with monkeys for us, and admittance is free for us upper crust zoo types so leaving so quickly wasn't a problem. We headed down 288 and were at the zoo in no time. We even parked on the front row...which is nearly impossible most days. Much to my surprise there were several others who had this insane idea of going to the zoo on Thanksgiving Day.
So here in pictures is our Thanksgiving Day at the Houston Zoo

This is all too familiar to me now. Roy constantly takes pictures of me while I am doing mundane things know...picking my teeth or making a face or rubbing my nose. No I don't rub my teeth and pick my nose. Honestly I don't pick my teeth but that sounded funny to me at this moment.
This is a dead plant that is located in the elephant area.

The elephants weren't out because they wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving indoors inside their cages.

Here is some more space of where the elephants would be if they were out.

This is the empty giraffe area. The giraffe's have been moved to African Forest section of the Houston Zoo, which isn't open yet. When I was a little girl this very same giraffe house was painted green. I don't have any idea why I felt like that had to be shared.

Oh boy! Time for some refreshing dippin dots to relieve us from the humidity and warmth. Oh, not open...closed for Thanksgiving...

Nothing like the combination of nachos and cotton candy. That would hit the spot. Oh, I see closed for Thanksgiving. The zoo is open...for business, no eating.

Maybe perchance a quick trip through a gift store. This one is located near the carousel which was open for business.

Oh, never mind, the shop is closed for the Thanksgiving holidays. By now I was getting nervous to even checking into whether the restrooms were open...

Here is the stage where the sea lions would be performing and also educating us in the ways of the lions of the sea. Oh, I see, Thanksgiving...they are eating their fish inside with their trainers.

Nothings says I've been to the zoo like sausage on a stick! Protein in abundance...oh, let me guess, closed for Thanksgiving, but the zoo is open.

OK, I intentionally did this to aggravate Roy while we were at the zoo. I told him I thought I would share our fun but closed day at the zoo. Actually, there were some concession areas open for business. And we got to see the new baby elephant, but through glass. We got some great pictures of lions, no tigers and a sleeping bear...oh my! I will share those in another blog post.
We did have a few scary moments though. Taking in the sights at the zoo and being constantly on the move was probably more excitement, don't laugh, and activity I've done since they zapped my heart. Since then my pulse rate has ranged from 39-54. Right there in lion country I had several moments where I thought I was going to faint. Of course Roy's answer to feeling faint has always been keep walking...till we found a bench. I really felt bad and thought I might have to flag down one of those golf carts that kept whizzing past us to get me back to the entrance of the zoo. The heart monitor watch said my pulse was 43. We had been there for almost 2 hours and I kept telling Roy I'm not faking anything just to be able to leave. Because, to tell you the truth, I was really having a good time. We got to the front and we bought some water. That helped and then I had the miracle moments to recover and have enough energy to go to the gift shop where Roy purchased some very cute gifts for me. I also showed him a couple of things I wouldn't mind seeing in my Christmas stocking. They really have some cute things there besides stuffed zoo animals.
The train wasn't running which I would have really liked to ride, so we walked a little bit around the duck pond and then headed home. We fixed a delicious Thanksgiving meal, thanked God for all His blessings and grace to us, ate, and then I took a long Thanksgiving nap with Godfather I and II in the background. And we didn't even have turkey.
I will probably post the "fun" pictures from the zoo tomorrow. I am so thankful to the Lord for all of you, known and unknown who read my blog. Thank you and God Bless!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All Who Wander Are Not Lost

Wednesday morning, the calm before the storm. Well, not so much in a Thanksgiving way but in the big picture of holidays or to some the hell-i-days. Time will rush by in the next few weeks if we don't take some time to stop, wonder, wander and ponder these days. The culturally relevant buzz word these days is margin. We have to have margin. Last night as I watched To Kill a Mockingbird, I thought of margin. Not so much in the slower pace of life in the time of the movie but that the movie made me slow down and watch and remember to not get in so much of a rush. This morning I have been debating with myself whether I should head over to the Galleria or not. Eddie Bauer's and Macy's are both running specials but the fact is, I don't think there is anything in either store that we need or need to purchase for gifts. It's just the fact of good sale prices and discounts. So instead of getting all wrapped up in the hype, I'm sticking around home this morning and taking care of things that need to be done around here. For today the only people, traffic and rush situation I should encounter is at the Play Grocery Store. We've ordered some side dishes for surprise there. Roy's office closes early today, so I should have him with me to help navigate the crowd and split up the duties of what we need to pick up.

Our Bunko group got together on Monday night to discuss the ways we can do Bunko or get together for 2011. I love that group of women. We had such fun sitting around Betty's dining room table discussing all our options. One good thing that we decided, not to get together in the months that have first Monday holidays since that is the Monday we usually get together. We also came up with the idea of only playing Bunko the max amount of 6 times and 2 normally busy months to just getting together for dinner. Love that as life changes, especially for the young moms in our group, we can figure out how to acclimate and still be able to do life together. I'm really excited about the fact we host with another person. That takes some of the pressure off, for sure it does for me.

Hope each and everyone of y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm so thankful to God for so many blessings this year. If I can grab the computer from Roy over the weekend I'll post more. Or guess I could commandeer the lap top. Then I might be so engrossed in several good books waiting to be read, I forget all about the blog. Also, I think I have decided on getting a Nook. Think that might just be my Christmas present.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday NIght Check In

Roy has gone to church for the Thy Will Be Done seminar. I'm wondering why a CPA and an attorney needs to attend except to brush up on a few things that I'm sure he learned in law school and in his continuing education classes he takes to keep his licenses current. Why did we spend thousands of dollars for law school? Could this be tied to his sudden interest in my having a living will? I do know he upped my life insurance that he has on me from work... No, I don't feel that it has anything to do with that. It has to do with me asking him to go in order to get papers and the like in order. Not that I think anything is going to happen in the near future, but this is stuff we should have taken care of a long time ago. Like when Roy was in law school and all this was fresh to him.

Really, I should get back to cleaning around our home but needed to take a break. After I clean I'm going to go over my peace talk. I read something interesting today that I would like to include but will have to take something else out to stay in the time frame.

That is it. Short and sweet.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


It isn't even Thanksgiving yet but our Christmas catalogue collection is growing rampant and out of control. Seems as if I get one stack thrown away with all info on them shredded and in the mail comes twice as many as before. For several years I have kept count but I'm not going to do that this year mainly due the tremendous amount of mail we now receive that Roy's mother received. We think she is on every one's mailing list. I'm also getting a lot more mail because the Cowboy and Indian magazine I subscribe to has sold my name to every cowboy, cowpoke, tribe and western store. If I get another dream catcher...I'm going to use them for Christmas gifts. Or maybe I will make up some kind of hoop game with them. Note to self, let that subscription go once it runs out.

This morning hopefully was my last visit to Target until after the holidays. There were so many people and the check out lines were very long. People and traffic are getting into that crazy holiday funk. Mine, mine, mine and give me, give me, give me... "There is no peace on earth I said. Tho hate is strong and mocks the song of peace on earth goodwill to men." Thank you Longfellow for that sentiment written back during the war between the states that is still true today. "Then pealed the bells" bells pealed, just tires squealed.

Several have asked how my heart is behaving since the Cardioversion thing. Well, in the evening it works really hard to try and go out of rhythm but so far so good. "Give me the beat" to quote Janet Jackson. Since my pulse now ranges from 39 to 56 beats, they are trying to adjust my medicine. I think everything is too strong for my heart now but they will make the major adjustments on December 1. Sometimes, especially in the morning, I feel light-headed and feel like fainting, but ever so happy to report, I haven't. Just a confirmation that I'm not a morning person. The low blood pressure and pulse thing kind of wear me down, but I still feel like I have more energy than before the heart zap.

Yesterday I completed typing out my deal for my part of the December 2 dinner which is peace. Pretty big subject to cover in 15 minutes but I like the direction God has been leading me all along this journey. Now to trim and tighten up thoughts and points.

There are so many things demanding my attention right now and hopefully have the brain power to learn each and every one. The December 2 deal, Christmas music for Celebration, and a brief appearance of Mildred and Gertrude, which we are working on adding some relevant laughs for the group we are performing for. Like the topic of peace, the group we are doing this for only wants 15 minutes of our subject matter. That is fine with me and I want to respect their time limits, now Peggy...that's a whole nother subject.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ode to a Sunday School Teacher

Monday is a little more difficult than usual. I think the extra tiredness is from singing in all three services yesterday, but frankly, what a wonderful way to be tired. After leaving the evening service I ran by a friends for just a bit and I think that helped me to relax faster. Otherwise I would have just returned home wired and sleep would have been a long time in coming.

I heard some sad news this weekend. One of my favorite Sunday School teachers I had as a child went home to be with the Lord last week. Her name is Dorthy Gandy. I learned so much from her but one of the greatest and best lessons I learned from her life is, being a Christian doesn't mean living a life void of fun and laughter. Her lessons were spot on biblically but her personality added a bit of humor to each and every lesson. She truly lived life in a joyful, spirit filled and abundant life. Back in the day Sunday School wasn't ever intended to be fun, that is what Training Union on Sunday nights was all about. I had Mrs. Gandy as a teacher when I was in the fifth grade and when I was in those unlovely eighth grade, junior high filled angst year. She loved us in both, in our fifth grade innocence and in our know it all, insecure and awkward eighth grade year. She was genuine. She was loving. She shared Jesus and taught us how to live with Him in an abundant filled life. She showed us how to share the Gospel with our friends. She had genuine compassion and love for us. She lived her life in a fun and laughter filled way and influenced me to do the same. Those childhood years were some dark and difficult times in my life and she always gave me hope that better times would come in the journey. She helped me hang in there and believe that I was not abandoned by God. Mrs. Gandy, you were so right! Thanks for everything and I'll see you in heaven. I cannot thank you enough for your godly, loving and fun-filled influence your life had on mine.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wuest Fest...It's Greek to Me

I'm just sitting here reading Wuest's Word Studies, emphasis on Philippians and the expanded translation from the Greek for the book of Acts. You just thought I eat out and shop at The Nord all the time. There is a bit of a scholar in me. There would be more of one but I always have to spell check scholar and for that matter rhythm and restaurant. You'll notice when I am in a hurry I use synonyms for the above words, excluding scholar because that's a word I don't use very regularly on the blog. Once again I digress.

I had a very fun morning meeting Lisa P at Buffalo Grille for breakfast. We closed down the breakfast crowd and almost sat there for the early lunch crowd. What fun catching up on all the happenings.

March Buchanan's new book...Spiritual Rhythms...there's that word again, is so good. I've had a difficult time putting it down. His book The Rest of God is one of my most marked and underlined books that I possess and his new book is of that caliber.

Roy should be home in a little bit from working out. Then I will have to vacate the office so he can "work" on the computer. I really don't have anything insightful to share or anything that's funny, but couldn't let the opportunity pass by without reporting in on the books I am studying out of.

Happy Tuesday evening everyone!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Praise You (Anthem)

We, Houston's First Baptist Church Choir and Orchestra sang this song Sunday morning. Since I don't have a video of us singing, I thought I would post this one from Indiana Bible College. They seem to be enjoying the song and worshipping God as much as we did. After seeing California Baptist University sing and all the girls have to curl their hair and wear red lipstick, these choir girls seem to have gone the opposite direction. Makes me wonder if IBC might not be a Pentecostal college. Anyway, here is the dynamic and worshipful song Praise You.

Dena, A Woman of Excellence and Influence

Friday evening was the 10 year of the Inspire Women Conference. It has been several years since I have attended, but when one of your best friends is being honored, you attend. Dena was honored as a woman of excellence and influence. She surely possesses both of those qualities.

Can you find Waldo? I mean can you find Dena?

Two of Dena's friends and co-workers.

OK, I was talking in this picture and I'm sure that doesn't surprise anyone. The other group picture is too blurry to use.

Just a few of Dena's fans. Many of her other fans were roaming the lobby while on break.

Anita Carmen, founder and presenter of the Inspire Women awards.

Dena looking for her award. No not really...

Ah, she's been presented and given her award.

Here it is a little closer.

Another look.
Dena is one of the best teachers of the Bible I have ever heard. She has heart for bringing Christ into the workplace and being His light at Mustang. My life is richer for knowing her. Some of the most interesting and fun times have been traveling, shopping or eating with Dena. She says she is a dork, but I say she is good people.
There is just one drawback from attending the Inspire Women's Conference. After taking several years to get off the devotional email from them, I am now back on it and they have the correct name. I don't know I kind of liked being Sally and John to them. Have you ever??? I've already begun the unsubscribe process.
Congrats and blessings to Dena! Dayspring Bible study class is proud of you! I'm so proud of you too dear friend. You're good people.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Feeling Alright

It is so good to be on this side of Cardioversion! If I could I would have written on Thursday but the post would probably look something like this:

Finishedaaaaaaaat Stttt Luuuuuukes and nrw going t get soomeethinggg to ealthelkkethildkriel.

We arrived around 6:15 am, found the Admitting and Discharge desk. That didn't take a whole lot of time since I had pre-paid our portion the day before. Although I was asked if I had a living will or a medical power of attorney with me. I looked back at Roy and he just smiled. After signing a bunch of stuff we were on our way to do lab work. Well, we weren't doing the lab work but it was just them taking blood. I've decided this might be the new way to lose weight just have blood taken all the time. We finished there and they sent us to the third floor via the purple elevator into the heart medicine and surgery area. By now it is 6:45 am and the nurse at the desk told us that the procedure group didn't roll into work until 7:30. So we had a little time to kill. Roy was absorbed in the Wall Street Journal. I was absorbed in all the people watching. It was obvious in the waiting room those who had done this before. They were prepared to spend time there. Igloo coolers, a pillow, a throw, and lots of stuff to keep one occupied for a long period of time. The group that had my attention was a group of people there from the country. The deep, deep country. I heard expressions that I have never heard before and their accents sometimes made them difficult to understand. A man in that group stopped a man in surgical scrubs and asked him where the bathroom was. I barely understood the man and the man in the scrubs was clearly not from around here and struggling to decipher the words. He had an accent as well and as they both repeated themselves to each other several times, it was clean neither one of them understood one another until the scrub man said, "it's my first day here." Somehow I don't think that was true but trying to translate the question had lost all its appeal. They were characters right out of Greater Tuna. I was a bit sad when they left the waiting room to go to another waiting room and that waiting room wasn't for day surgery or procedures, it was for the serious heart issues. Even though their conversation had been entertaining, I didn't envy the day that was ahead of them. It wasn't too much later that I heard my name being called and then given a clipboard full of paperwork to fill out and sign and date. It almost felt like a closing on a house, sign here, here, initial here... After turning in the paperwork which I actually read because my attorney was still absorbed in the Wall Street Journal, it wasn't too much longer that they came for me to begin everything. Roy was able to come back with me and stay right until they started the procedure. While making small talk with the nurse we found out we had a mutual friend, Linda Wadsworth. He also had a prayer taped to a cabinet door which comforted me when I read it, but I don't remember what it said now. They put the electrodes on me, hooked me up to some machine, put a blood pressure cuff on me and inserted the sleepy time drugs on my wrist. They had me roll onto my left side and they would say, roll over. I told them I will roll over but I didn't want to play dead. Once they had numbed my throat for the probe I began to feel woozy. I remember the Dr patting me and I thought oh if this was Lisa P she wouldn't like this. They told me that sometimes people begin singing when they go under and I told them I probably would sing Christmas music since we have been working so hard on music in choir. No one told me or if they did I don't remember if they did that I sang. Hopefully, my singing didn't detract them from getting tickets to Celebration. I kind of remember coming to but there is a whole lot that I have no recollection of. I called Peggy and Dena and even tried texting Peggy. I read the text later and apologized, see above reference about typing. The next thing I know we are at Buffalo Grille. Think I had a pancake and coffee and then we came home and I slept it off. On Friday morning I found instructions from the hospital on my desk. When they had handed them to Roy, he put them in his briefcase. Uh, we kind of didn't do as we were instructed.

Good news, they got my heart into rhythm on the first zap. The TEE they did before the zapping looked good and I don't have any blockages in or around my heart.

I can honestly say the Lord's peace covered me all week. There were times I thought what if??? But those thoughts were few and God's Word gave me great comfort and victory. Even Thursday morning I never had nerves or heighten anticipation, I felt, All is Well.

Yesterday and today I feel more energized. Until yesterday I didn't realize how tired I had been. Now our prayers are for this zap to hold and my heart stay in rhythm. It is a major building block to the journey back to normal. OK, no sarcastic comments about back to normal, but writing that did open me up to that.

Thank you friends for praying and for your love and concern.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today Could Be the Best Day of Your Life

I read the above title in an email this morning. No, it wasn't from a devotional nor was it encouragement by a friend. It is from a guy who wants to sell me stickers and scrapbook supplies. Odd source on so many levels but there is much to ponder in that sentence. He was interviewing a woman for an article and she shared how that sentence is the first thing she remembers as she is waking up. He decided he wanted to make that sentence a part of his life and now I'm making it a part of mine.

Every day can be the best day, you just to have ears to hear and eyes that see the hand of Almighty God in the details of everyday, mundane errand running existence. I came across this interesting verse yesterday;
"Because of God's tender mercy, the morning light from heaven is about to break upon us (or visit us),
to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, and guide us to the path of peace." Luke 1:79

The path of peace. Peace, is hard fought for and not easily acquired. We cannot generate peace on our own. We have to trust the One who is the Prince of Peace and realize peace is a fruit of the Spirit, so peace, true, real peace, comes only from God. He is the guide for our path of peace.

This morning I had a Doctor appointment with my GP. Got a flu shot and a tetanus shot. Had some blood drawn and had my heart listened to. She was so good to help me understand what to expect from my procedure in the morning. She mentioned that I shouldn't put my hope into this procedure and that by having it done might not will turn my life around, because it might not be the panacea that it's all cracked up to be. I told her, hey it is part of my journey and my hope is in God because He is the only reason I am here today. She just kind of looked at me, so I added, it's been a good journey. She offered her thoughts that this has been a great journey with great results for me. Yep, how great is our God. Don't sing with me because I'm not singing this I am writing this. Although when I hear that song on the radio I hear, How gray is our guy... I've written about this before but it always cracks me up.

So instead of stopping in at Buffalo Grille after the appointment, I headed straight to the Half Yearly Sale. I just got some hair product and make up...and some socks. Oh, and there was a black faux leather jacket that seemed to have my name on it...but that's all! OK, some workout clothes on sale, but I left, came straight home for lunch. Today could be the best day of my life and it's been a good day and I thank God for it, but not the best. I'm holding out the prayer that tomorrow could be the best day of my life.*

*Of course I know the day I accepted Jesus as my Savior and the day I married Roy were two of the best days of my life, but I love what Cecilla Talley once told us in Sunday School...we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into on both those days. I know what I'm getting into at the Half Yearly Sale...double points!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Can't Believe We Are in the Month of November

It is election night and the TV is off. Oh, it will be on soon enough after Roy returns home from working out. Just felt like I needed the silence tonight. The past two days have been busy and a whole lot of fun. I met Cassi for lunch yesterday and we had a blast catching up. There is so much new happening for her and I'm pleased beyond anything for the blessings God is raining down on Cassi and Dustin.

And speaking of rain, we actually had a thunder storm last night. How can it be the minute the electricity goes off, we wake up? Must be the fan noise that keeps me slumbering, no noise, I'm awake. It wasn't off too long but Roy had to get up and unplug the computer deal that beeps when the electricity is nonexistent. We were fortunate that the electricity came on after about five minutes.

Today I had lunch with Laurie Mounce at the Bistro. We had a blast too. We were able to score the booth by the window. Not that there is such great views, because there isn't. It is just a great booth and my favorite place to sit. I had gone a little early to peruse the offerings that will be available tomorrow with double points. Really, I don't need any clothes but there is some hair product and make up that I need. Saw a pair of really cute pajamas but I do not need another pair.

In the morning I have an appointment with my GP. We are going to go over all my recent lab work. She is so great to talk to and I have a few questions about the cardioversion procedure on Thursday morning. I have gained back a couple of pounds, she isn't going to be very happy with that. I'm not happy about that either and I need to find the right mindset to lose the twenty plus pounds that they would like for me to lose. Of course I am thinking about stopping at Buffalo Grille for breakfast afterwards... Really, I should start back on track on Monday. These days are the farthest from my next appointment. I had asked a friend if she wanted to meet for dinner tonight but the rarest of rare things happened, I begged off. That doesn't happen very often. Felt I needed to eat My Fit Food tonight and get rested up for the next few days. I'll need to teach Roy how to text or update FB from my phone for Thursday updates.

In advance I thank you for your prayers and I am so sure there will be something funny or wild from the whole Chaka Khan experience on Thursday.