Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Pictures

Here are the pictures from our Thanksgiving morning at the zoo. As you can tell the animals were really out and about. Concession stands were open and so was the main gift shop. It wasn't a bad way to spend Thanksgiving morning.

You know Roy and I. We had to see it in writing or we would so have been over those barriers and fences. Uh, no not really.

The photographer but I also took some of these pictures. The butterfly, bear and lions are the ones I took with the hand me down camera I got from Roy when he upgraded. It is not a bad hand me down at all.

The mighty photographer has spotted birds and turtles that need to be photographed. He was also trying to find something to do while I recovered from my little heart episode. I didn't want him just standing and staring at me.

Onto new photo conquests.

Looks like fall in Houston.

A better looking fall in Houston.

No one was getting baptized when Roy took this picture. Of course it was a dove that descended from heaven not a pigeon.

Christmas at the gift shop.

My parents probably have some pictures of me as a child with this very same lion.

Sea lion. They have little ears that show whereas a seal does not. Free education right here on the blog.

A itchy eye on a pink flamingo so dear.

This one is sound asleep. That is quite a feat or feet, sleeping with one leg raised.

Ah, a distant Monarch cousin.

When we first came across this bear, I thought it was dead. Look at the back paw that is slightly askew. Teeth bared. The warm weather probably was confusing to the bear. It seems like hibernation should be taking place, but it is too warm.

Someone needs to brush and floss. I wonder what lucky trainer gets to take care of the bear's hygiene? Probably someone new and hasn't qualified for medical benefits yet.

And I thought I was due for a mani-pedi!

The happy victor. This lioness just defeated her female rival for the attention of the male lion. Of course the male lion didn't even wake up to see that he was being fought over.

The crouching lioness was the winner of this match.

She was enjoying a bloody bone before the "cat fight."

The only elephant that was outside on Thanksgiving morning.

Roy the elephant trainer.

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