Thursday, September 30, 2010

On and Off Task, A Disaster in Time Mapping

Sometimes it is absolutely comical getting ready on Thursday mornings, to leave at a decent time and not be too late for Bible study. Of course I had time mapped the morning last night. Ha, I shouldn't have even thought that planning a smooth morning equals smooth morning. I got up in plenty of time but I read the paper while eating breakfast and eased into the morning. Then the outfit that I had pictured to be perfect in my minds eye turned out to be simply horrible from every conceivable concept. Plan B was implemented but it took time. I suddenly remembered that I needed to get a bill taken care of and other various administrative tasks, that took time. I am not a good administrater. In fact I always got a - in elementary school for using time and materials wisely. Just as I thought I would be getting out of the door somewhat on time, both phones began ringing. I answered the call from Roy and his voice overflowed with a languished ease instead of his usual on task conversations. Of course it didn't take him long to realize I was talking to him using my stressed, staccato and overwhelmed voice. Amazon had called him because the UPS driver couldn't find where we lived and he was wondering if I had ordered anything from Amazon. Yes, mainly books that I was preordering by authors I love like Fannie Flagg but Travis Cottrell's book had been released and most probably that is the delivery I said as I licked the envelope and looked for one of those return address labels. I was also trying to respond to a friend about a t-shirt and search for my name tag for Bible study. Just this week I put it someplace so it wouldn't get lost. Ugh! To minimize time I took the EZ Tag Lane on I-10. Watching the news last night I found out that during HOV and EZ Tag shared times, you are never ever to leave the EZ Tag lane even if it is to pass a slowpoke. Fortunately, the Lexus Lane was free of any slow vehicles, so that was one worry off the list. I did use the time wisely to listen to the CD that Lisa P gave me for two songs at the retreat. Of course am I listening to the background vocals, known as BGV in the music world? No, I find myself every time singing with the lead. Think I'll be doing a lot of lip synching. I missed the devotion time but made it in time for core group. I have come to this conclusion after 4 weeks of homework in Daniel. King Neb was on a roof when he praised himself on building such a beautiful city and being a powerful monarch. I'm just a monarch, I have no power or subjects to rule. Anyway, that is when God, after giving him a warning from Daniel and a year to repent lets him go nuts thinking he was a cow. We learned there really is a psychological condition called bovinothogy or something like that. That's when people believe they are bovine in nature. I whispered to Peggy, ah that's the disease all our UT friends have. Or it could be foot and mouth, but I digress... Of course King Neb got in trouble on a roof and so did King David. So Old Testament Roof=bad result. Being on a roof in the New Testament=good. Remember the friends who tore through the roof to get their friend to Jesus? So the New Testament and James Taylor have it right, Up on the Roof.

After Bible study Peggy and I had lunch al fresco at Potbellies, keeping with the animal theme of the day. Then I stopped in at La Centerra outdoor mall and found a couple of good deals. Even began my Christmas shopping today. Had a little yogurt from Berri Pop and I headed back into Houston. Stopped at the bank and then church. I renewed my membership with the Fitness and Recreation Center, the place formally known as the CLC and then went to visit a friend(s).

I came home and was royally welcomed by Buddy. She has missed me today in between her 17 naps. Speaking of naps, I sure could use one but if I fall asleep now I won't be able to go to sleep tonight. Have a morning in the Land of Sugar tomorrow.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Freshly Fall

Fall came a calling today and Houston has responded with a sigh of relief and with arms wide open to embrace this change in temperatures. I didn't see anyone decked out in wool and sweaters but lots of us had sweatshirts on, but just for the morning. By afternoon it was too warm. Of all days for Roy to drive to work and he took Mustang Sally. I've asked him to take the Camry tomorrow so I can run errands with the top down and take it all in.

I actually got up early enough to go workout before meeting Marsha at Buffalo Grille. I had a flustering moment on my way to the gym. An unfamiliar dashboard light was on. So I'm trying to find the book in the glove compartment that interprets what exactly the heck is going on. I turn off into a neighborhood so I can look at the warning signs descriptions. I think the SUV behind me thought I was casing the neighborhood and followed me for the longest time. I finally was able to pull to the side of the street. (those are awfully narrow streets) It was the tire pressure light. I called Roy. Was a trip to Discount Tires needed? He said no, just go to full service at the Shell station and have them top off the tank and have them check the tires. Best $16.00 bucks I spent today. A back tire was a little low. Got that taken care of and I was off to Lifetime.

Tonight I met with a small group of women from Summit. We will meet several more times this semester. I already love them! I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store in the coming months for us.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Celebrating Monalblog's 750th Post and I Got Nothin'

It is a quiet Saturday afternoon. Roy should be getting home from photography class soon. The instructor selected five of his photos to enter into some contest. I'm pretty proud of him and the hard work he's put into his new hobby. I am also proud of him going to the men's prayer deal at church this morning and foregoing pecan pancakes at Pappasita's. He's so strong! I'm already dreading the Saturday morning I'm at the women's retreat and won't be able to get my weekly fix. So while he was praying this morning, I was preying on some pecan pancakes at Pappasita's, just me and my book. It was a very enjoyable breakfast. Afterwards, I went and worked out. Hello Lifetime, it has been awhile. I just got the OK to go back to working out from the Dr. Not too strenuous, so not to worry, I took it really easy. I rode the bike and listened to the alto parts of Christmas music for Celebration. It was difficult not to sing out loud with all the great songs. In the big picture I'm glad I was able to restrain. I'm sure the people around me would thank me if they knew that I wanted to sing.

Of course a workout isn't a workout unless I stop by Anthropologie that is located next door. They had puppies and the cutest kittens that the SPCA or someone was trying to get people to purchase and take home for their very own pet. There were two of the cutest calicos and I was so tempted to call Roy and see what he thought about having another cat at home with us. Wisdom prevailed and I didn't make the call. I stood there a long time and contemplated it though. This would have been the perfect opportunity to buy some ghastly amount of clothes and then defend the action by saying, well I could have brought home a kitten, a sweet, cuddly but feisty kitten. Of course that plan wouldn't have worked because I am too old for the clothes at Anthropologie, but not too old for the accessories, books, journals and candles one can find there.

So, I came home with a book about writers from Anthropologie and proceeded straight to bed to take a nap. The non-strenuous workout just about knocked me out. I'm sure 3 pecan pancakes had nothing to do with it. I happily slept with reruns of the Andy Griffith playing softly in the background. I'm glad I didn't nap as long as I did yesterday. Roy and I had a late lunch and then ran a ton of errands. We put everything up upon returning home and I told him I was going to take about a 20 minute nap that turned into a 2 hour nap. I'm surprised I was able to fall asleep last night but it did take several episodes of Locked Down New Mexico State Prison to do the trick. I do not know why these prison shows interest me so.

So there you have it, the 750th post on the ol' Monablog and I got nothing really to share. No insights, biblical truths, no lessons learned, no not one...thing. Just this I guess, a peace that passes any understanding that is guarding my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Well, now that I think about it, that is a whole lot. Happy 750!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just Another Day in the World of Fashion

It is kind of a tradition that I break my fast at Buffalo Grille after doing fasting blood work. So after having my blood taken I headed that way. It was a happening place for a Wednesday morning. Tables were a premium but I found one next to some staff members from another church and no they weren't from the sister church located across the street from Buffalo Grille. I recognized one of them because I had heard him speak several years ago. I'm sitting there with my book, sipping toasted cinnamon coffee and eating a scrambled egg and I'm trying desperately not to listen to the conversation. These guys were not using their inside voices so it was difficult not to overhear. They were complaining, ragging and half way making fun of some of their church members. Now that didn't surprise me. There are some people who just push every button and get on every last nerve and when you're on staff you have to treat them nicely and kindly as unto the Lord. I'm not so removed from my church staff days. No what shocked me was how loud they were venting the latest adventures with those who try man's patience. They need to learn a little tidbit from women. Always use the hushed holy voice like some use when giving a prayer request if you're going to gossip. And a former staff member and friend suggested men should add "bless their hearts" to the end of the sentence like women because it makes it all legit. Too legit to quit! (MC Hammer shout out this afternoon)

Of course after a delicious BG breakfast I headed to The Nord because it is triple point time. I found some things on sale, thank you very much. I also went to Macy's and wasn't disappointed.

I had a little time before my next appointment so I stopped in at The Rack. I was feeling adventurous this morning and decided that today was as good as any to tackle jeans that are sized like 31, 32, 33 and so on. I find those sizes to be intimidating but I pressed on and found a pair of True Religion and some other fancy smancy brand to try on. Good Night Nurse! One pair fit but they were sized to be low riders. The other pair, too small. As most stores do Nordstrom Rack lets you know that Nord employees are monitoring the dressing rooms. I gave them quite a show this morning trying to pull up the too small size jeans. As I returned them to the woman working the dressing room area, she mentioned I might like CJ, Cookie Johnson jeans. She was trying to be so politically correct and diplomatic trying to say, they'll fit your older body better than these other brands. She told me where to find them and I found two pairs and tried them on. Wow, they fit so well! And they are long, like 35 and 36 inches inseam.

On a health note, the new medicine I'm on is not helping. It ain't fixing my broken heart. :) I have an appointment in the first of October to see what the next step is. My heart is working really hard but not efficently. That means I'm retaining fluids a little more. Yeah, that's what I like to do, weigh everyday. I'd appreciate any prayers if I come to mind.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some Pictures From Last Week

Roy hasn't loaded all his pictures on the computer but I thought I would post some pictures from the past week. He loves his photography class and he and Peggy were talking shop on Sunday at lunch. I was impressed. After the Astros game, we drove around a bit for him to practice his new found hobby. It was a rather nice night temp wise, so we put the top down on Mustang Sally.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Foghorn Leg Hair

Tuesday after my massage and a quick look see at Anthropologie, I returned to the outside table and chairs at Life Time. I was feeling the need for a respite and a Diet Coke made the resting all the more refreshing. A slight breeze was gently blowing with the hint of less humidity that announces that maybe, just maybe, cooler weather is on the way. Ah, what a moment. But something little was disturbing my peace and rest. At first I thought it was a gnat or small fly buzzing around my ankles that was distracting me from this appointed rest. Man I swatted like mad at invisible bugs for a few minutes. I wondered if anyone looking out their window at that moment might think that some crazy lady was outside making all kinds of crazy gestures and whacking the heck out of an ankle. So of course I stopped to see if all my motions had done any good. The breeze welcomed me again and that annoying feeling of something moving just the slightest bit on my leg and ankle continued right along with the breeze. So I decided to investigate further. Could it be I was sitting near an ant bed? No, no...I'm allergic to ant bites and I'd be swollen up so fast one would think my 127 pounds had returned. And then I saw it. I saw what tormenting me... Now before revealing the culprit(s) I need to remind you oh gentle reader of my postmenopausal problem of not seeing well while saving my legs. Mainly that is due to it being performed sans glasses. I have shared how sometimes my legs look like I have some kind of crop rotation going on with rows of smooth skin and right next to that smooth skin a fine, fine row crop of hair. I have also shared that when I played softball we would do side burn checks around the ankles in between games at tournaments when we were bored. Sometimes it is difficult to get to that pesky area behind the ankle bone near the Achilles tendon. If we found long leg hair there because one had not done their due diligence on hair removal, we would loudly proclaim ___________ has sideburns. I didn't have sideburns on Tuesday but just one long, lonely leg hair that looked more like a comb over. The breeze had that hair flying out in the wind just like an American flag totally unfurled and distinctly seen stars and stripes. Somebody needed to be singing, "Oh say can you see, that long leg hair on me!" I couldn't believe it! How long had I missed that one strand of hair? This hair must have had a two year growth span going. It seemed I felt like some kind of lesson was trying to get my attention. That if on a bright, sunny, breezy day, after a massage, totally relaxed and laid back, a leg hair got my attention...could it be the answer my friend was blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind. Oops, little shout out to Peter, Paul and Mary. Could I be as sensitive to knowing God's presence in my daily, ordinary life as I had been to that long, flowing leg hair flapping in the breeze? God knows the hair on my head, so surely that means He knows the very numbered hairs of my legs!
Luke 12:7
Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

What's flapping around in my life that is keeping me from the complete and total rest and peace that God has for me? I sat there a while contemplating this deep thought, being still and knowing He is God and to be truthful, thinking about the soon coming quick and swift chopping down of the comb over leg hair. I left with peace in my heart and the determination to get on to Target before out of school moms and kids hit the aisles. I shopped, checked out and pushed the cart out to the car. I had scored a primo parking place, front row! As I pushed my purchases out to said car, I noticed a guy kind of loitering and sauntering around the parking lot, but I soon took him off the radar because he was sauntering away from where I parked. Loaded the trunk and I was just about to tie the tops of two bags that had vitamin waters in them so they wouldn't roll around in the trunk on the drive home. I had this feeling on the inside of me that something was wrong... it was just like that little annoyance of beginning to swat at a bug that turned out to be the longest leg hair in the world. I looked up and that guy was making a beeline toward me. Suddenly I didn't care if vitamin waters would be rollin' on the river in my trunk, I closed the trunk and secured a firmer grip on my purse. I walked away from my car, which was locked and took the basket to the receptacle a few spaces down from my car. A woman was standing there and asked me, do you know what was about to happen to you? I said yes, I had an idea that the guy was going to grab my purse sitting there on the edge of the bumper while I loaded the car. She said I am going to watch you go back to your car and if anything happens I have my finger on speed dial for 911. I turned around, the guy had stopped in his tracks and when he knew I had seen him, he sauntered down another row, waiting for another opportunity. I flagged down the security officer and told him what happened. As I drove out of the parking lot and my heart was beating 90 to nothing, I knew that noticing leg hair had just been an opportunity to see if I am listening and aware of God's presence out and about in daily life.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weekend, Yesterday and Today

I have fallen hard for Ice Breaker's Orangeade and Limeade sugar free candy. The only place I have found them are at Target at the checkouts. They take the edge off wanting something sweet in the late afternoon and right before bed. The sugar -free Sours are good too but the orange and the lime have my attention.

Monday found me at an unexpected Doctor appointment. Sunday morning I had a heart episode in the choir loft. Since I was sitting on the front row with nothing but French horns in front of me, I decided to leave before falling headfirst into the horns. Several told me I should just sit down but I think the reaction of those around me is so distracting to the service rather than just getting out of there. The diagnosis, my heart is all over the place and the new meds are not helping. Now they have upped other meds and told me to stay as stress free as possible, not to over tax my heart and keep taking my readings to see if anything unusual shows up. The cardiologist is reviewing everything and I should be hearing from him today or tomorrow. I think I can guess what the next step will be. Stress free is kind of funny. Sunday afternoon while at choir Christmas rehearsal, I get a message from Roy that Mustang Sally has been stolen and to come pick him up. Then I listen to the second message to call him back so he will know I am coming to get him from the grocery store. So with my heart racing, I call him only to find out he was two rows off from where he parked. I know it happens and I can't make fun of him because he was doing the shopping so I could rest. And I once did the very same thing years ago at Baybrook Mall. I was more than a couple of rows off, I was in a completely different section of the parking lot.

Monday night was Bunko. I really wanted to have it here at home but the stark reality of no room in the inn for 12 fun and loud women hit about a month ago. So Peggy graciously let us come out there and play. We had a good time although probably the distance kept a few from coming and getting subs instead. No matter, we had a great time. I ordered a pan of Rice Epicurean chicken pot pie. Delicious! We also had rosemary bread and fruit salad. After playing Peggy made everyone a milkshake from their soda fountain. After helping Peggy get everything cleaned up and back in place I headed home.

Tuesday brought a much needed massage. Denise has really worked out all the junk that caused my shoulder to be in so much pain for so many years. She is awesome! I miss Stacey though. Her massages are a bit more relaxing.

Today I have been running errands and working around here. I have new books that are calling out to me for a reading, but I need to take care of the other stuff. A nap is calling out to me too and that is a call I will take.

Monday, September 13, 2010


  • Thankful that we didn't go to NYC nine years ago
  • Thankful for those who saved my life two years ago
  • Thankful for a wonderful and loving husband
  • Thankful for good friends
  • Thankful that I got out of the choir loft before fainting and falling head first into the French horns yesterday morning. Thankful for friend leaving the loft and coming to find me.
  • Thankful for an EKG this afternoon
  • Thankful that I get to host Bunko tonight at Peggy's and I think I have remembered everything. Thankful for friends who will forgive me if I didn't.
  • Thankful that the Monarch house in Shreveport sold and closing was on Friday. Thankful that Roy made the trip up and back safely in one day.
  • Thankful that Roy went to his first photography class on Saturday and he is so excited to begin learning everything that goes into taking good pictures.
  • Thankful for CBS Bible study beginning and the new friends I have made there
  • Thankful that Buddy the cat has calmed down and almost always sleeps through the night without getting a case of the ya ya's.
  • Thankful to God for His goodness and kindness to us. Thankful for His faithfulness and that everything is under His control and in His plans. He isn't surprised at anything!

Happy Monday morning!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Anniversary, 33 Years and Counting

September 9, 1977
  • We both had brown hair.
  • Today one of us is blonder and one of us is grayer.
  • Both of us wear glasses now. Roy has cut his eye wear in half but big lenses were all the rage in 1977
  • I'm skinnier now than when we married. Roy is back down to his wedding weight.
  • I'm about an inch shorter now
  • We just thought we were in love with each other back then. Today we know we are in love with each other

Here is our attendants. Looking from left to right back row, Jack (Roy's older brother), Gus, Phil, Bob (my boss at Pennzoil and good friend of Roy's), Mike (Roy's younger brother), and Doug (my brother)
Bridesmaids: Karen, Mary Madeline, Debbie (not crazy friend Debbie but my roommate), Jackie B (friend whose mother held up the cup and saucer to shake her head no. Like we wouldn't see that), Nancy (friend from Pennzoil days) and Donna. Fall colors and it was like 95 degrees outside. The day began with rain but it ended in the afternoon.

Ah, the blushing bride.

Tomorrow is our anniversary. Roy and I have been married for 33 years. The time has gone by so quickly! He was 25 and I had just turned 23 when we were married way back in 1977. I loved Roy then, but I love him even more today. He is one of the kindest, most generous, loving, and patient men that God ever created. He loves me. He even loves me when I am cranky in the morning or before taking a much needed nap in the afternoons. We have walked through some difficult circumstances together but we have had many more good times than bad. I love our conversations, now. There was a time when I didn't look forward to any lengthy talk with him because it usually ended in his asking me about my goals both long term and short term. I found the perfect answer, to have fun, to be popular and have lots of money. My short term goals were to get him off any goal type discussion. When he took me out to lunch all those years ago to Charlie's 517, we both came back a little disappointed. Oh, not in the food but when my friends asked well how was your lunch with Roy? I sadly reported he was the most arrogant man I had ever met! When his friends asked about lunch, he said, she is the shallowest person I have ever met. So, we didn't have a good first impression foundation to build upon. We went out again and purposely overlooked each other's shortcomings. And it was true then as it is today, Roy is much more fun away from work. Our first date was in October, we dated 3 months, were engaged in January and married in September.
On Sunday after church and lunch, we went to The Amish Craftsman. We found a chair that we both loved, it was on sale, it was a floor model so I didn't have to be patient for the Amish to build and it was delivered today. Remember those anniversary gift guides, what you give each other depending on how many years you've been married? Well, 33 falls in between 30, pearls or diamonds, and 35, jade or coral. So we decided oak is what you give one another for a 33 year anniversary. Roy just wished me a Happy Anniversary because I just emailed him to let him know it had been delivered.

Our new chair.

Picture me reading here. I can see me there in the cold, I mean cool winter months with a hot cup of tea or coffee, a book and Buddy on my lap.

I'm sitting here re-reading this post. I wish I could be all mushy, gushy but that's not me. I'm a sentimental type that treasures things in my heart. I treasure and cherish Roy. I love him! He made me a Monarch and there ain't nothing wrong at all with that.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

All in All, It Was a Good Labor Day Weekend

Celebrating Labor Day weekend began on Thursday for me. Thursday morning CBS Bible Study started. We are studying Daniel this fall. I've already done the homework, always a shock to Roy since homework hasn't been one of my favorite things in the past about Bible study, and I'm looking forward to and excited to get to know those in our core group. Peggy and I requested to be in the same group and CBS actually honored our request. Bless them! She and I grabbed a quick lunch afterwards and I headed home to pack for Diva Night in Huntsville, TX. Dena had heard about it several weeks ago when she was there with her mom and sister. So she bought tickets and made a reservation for us at a hotel. We were on the road by 2:45. There was some traffic to contend with, but we made it in time to drop our things at the hotel and grab dinner before the Diva shopping event.

We ate at a great place, the name escapes me right now. It is in an old house and it is on TX Road 30. Awesome food and awesome conversation. Of course upon leaving we made the required bathroom stop and we got more than we bargained for in laughter. Old house, old bathroom with room for two, but stall seating for one. I went first while Dena was refreshing her eye make up. We had laughed a lot during dinner and as is her custom left most of her eye make up on the white cloth napkin. Anyway, when I flushed there immediately came this high pitched soprano scream. Hm mm...never even heard Dena hit any kind of note like that and being the low voiced alto that I am, I've never even dreamed of hitting such a high note. When I opened the door I, and this is going to be such a weird description, but I lip synced the high pitch note as if it was me. About this time any eye make up that had been refreshed was exiting quickly because we were laughing so hard. That toilet had some range. Maybe I should invite it to choir, Mission 250. Dena's turn but as is my habit, I didn't do anything to refresh my make up. It's kind of like once it is on that's it. I might reapply lipstick but rarely do. The question, would the toilet make the same high pitched scream again...? Flush, just the sound of rushing water, but then came the delayed scream and we were all over ourselves laughing upon exiting the miniature hallway that housed the office and restrooms. Ah, that was just a sign of the good times to come we thought.

We drove out to Magnolia Lake where this shindig was being held. There were women everywhere...E V E R Y W H E R E!!! Parking was a premium and as I waited for a woman to leave her spot, some Huntsville Hillbilly Diva in her big silver suburban stole my place. Now there was a day and it wasn't too long ago, I would have pulled in behind her and would have probably initiated a conversation about the rudeness of said act. Chances are, I'm taller than she is and when I am rilled up, I can be a tad, no a lot scary. But dang it, I had my Sunday School teacher and friend in the car and didn't want to be used as a "Debbie Don't" example in her lesson. Also, because of my heart and stress issues I cannot allow myself to be that angry and if I am going to be credible in December when I speak on "peace" I can't be doing that kind of stuff. Now this all ran through my mind in a couple of seconds, much less time than it has taken to write or read this and choose joy. I parked in the grass and hoped not to get stuck. Did I mention that it was pouring down rain? Dena and I shared our one umbrella and made it over to the building. The line to enter was out the door, beyond the covered porch and entrance way. We finally made it inside to become the group that was wall to wall crowded. I bet every fire code violation was broken that night. The celebrity waiters, I thought maybe they would be some death row inmates or something, did a great job keeping the food coming. Guess they thought the only worse thing about women wearing pink boas, ready to shop with some disposable income and dressed to kill (neither Dena and I were dressed to kill, we dressed to bore) would be if they were all that and hungry. Smart men, wouldn't have been a pretty sight. We hung in there and the crowd began diminishing, so we were finally able to shop and actually get past people to touch the merchandise. We bought a few things and decided to call it an event. We drove back into Huntsville and went through the drive through at the Dairy Queen for dessert and iced tea. I could tell you about trying to use the drive through order box, but that is another story for another time.

The night at the hotel was rather uneventful except for being able to hear the man one floor below snoring, the trash dumpster being emptied at the What a Burger and the motorcycle noise that came a little before sunrise. If hotels weren't trying to be so "green" all that would have normally been drowned out by the ubiquitous hotel A/C that one runs all night. Now, those units cut off and are silent for long periods of time no matter how low you set them. Dena got up around 2:00 am with her flashlight to lower the temperature even more to make the darn thing kick on. You know somethings wrong when we both think the room is hot. I always choose the bed closest to the A/C vent.

After a lovely breakfast at the hotel, we hit the road to see the sights. I love that the prison, downtown Huntsville and Sam Houston State University are within blocks of one another. We went to some awesome shops. Dena also took a picture of the brick they had put in the SHSU Alumni Garden to honor her father. We ate lunch at The Farm House. Whoa, that was some great home cooked comfort food and we got our dessert to go. The shop across the way and owned by the people who own the Farm House was closed, but we met the owner when we were leaving. His wife was in Canton and she ran the shop. He unlocked the doors and said to look around and he would send someone over later to check us out if we found anything we wanted to purchase. That would never happen in Houston! We both found some clothes we liked, so unlocking that door was a profitable endeavor. We did some shopping on the town square and headed back to Houston. We discussed stopping for Mexican food once we got into Houston, but we were stuffed from lunch. We had such a good time and experienced such a fun shopping trip.

Saturday, Roy and I started the morning at Pappasita's for breakfast. We ran a couple of errands and then came home to sort through and organized our guest bedroom which right now goes by the name of the beverage barn. Gatorade and Power Aid have been on sale, along with Diet Cokes and bottled water. That guest bedroom which doesn't have a bed in it right now becomes the beverage depository. There isn't room in the inn for it to be anywhere else right now.
Sunday, we went to church. After lunch we went to The Amish Craftsman because they are having a sale. We were looking to get another glider/rocking chair but instead bought a floor model chair and ottoman. Love getting Amish furniture and this time I don't have to be patient for it. Usually it takes months because the piece is built when ordered. Roy announced Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! I will take a picture of the chair after it arrives tomorrow for the old blog. Upon arriving home Sunday, I took a much needed nap, then we were off downtown to Roy's office. He needed to scan and get a contract back to the real estate agent for his mother's house. Looks like closing will be on Friday. Needless to say, the whole family is glad to have sold the house and the soon closing of the estate.

On Monday we went back to our cleaning and got several things ready for Goodwill. We moved the glider/rocking chair to our bedroom and will put the new chair in the living room. Roy brought home a pizza and we had that and watermelon for dinner. Neither one of those things are on my diet but they ended our weekend in a good way. Oh that and the I Love Lucy marathon that was on the Hallmark channel last night.