Friday, September 30, 2011

Finally Friday

I am so glad to be back among the land of the living.  I've never had a reaction to flu shots before but there is always the first time and that time was mine yesterday.  On the drive home from the Dr I felt really woozy and as the evening progressed I felt worse and began running a fever, why don't we walk fevers?  Anyway, it was one long rough night.  First I couldn't get warm, then I got too hot and this is not to be confused with being a smoking hot wife.  I was so tired but I couldn't sleep.  I moved from our bed to the couch.  Didn't help.  But they say there is good in uncomfortable experiences...and this holds true to this story. Roy never missed me in the middle of the night and had no clue how badly I was feeling.  This morning I was telling him about my nomadic night after having wicked weather earlier in the evening, always about alliteration, and I mentioned that Buddy took the opportunity at night to use the furniture as her personal nail sharpening posts.  So this morning, Roy took Buddy for a mani/pedi in Fulshear.  We are happy about shorter nails but Buddy doesn't seem to be appreciative at all.  She is sulking under the bed.

We got rain in Katy yesterday!  Lots and lots of lightning, two power interruptions and precious rain.  How appropriate because when I returned home yesterday, there were guys planting a shrub and an ornamental tree in our front yard.  I don't recognize what kind of ornamental tree it is but that's ok, I'm still trying to figure out the 14/15 bedding plants fiasco.  We are almost compliant.

Yesterday, after Bible study I drove to the Galleria to meet some tennis friends for lunch.  We lunched at the posh spot frequented by plastic surgery dilettantes, 5115.  It looked like every table had at least one extreme face lift.  I arrived a few minutes early, told the hostess the name the reservation was under and she escorted me to a long table of women, aging from late 20's to early 80's, most dressed in the newest collection of St John Knits and I didn't recognize one person.  I told the hostess, I don't know any of those women.  Can I go back and wait until someone I recognize shows up?  Well the mix up came because the last name on the reservations were similar.  I was thinking these women were Eva's socialite friends who were there to celebrate her birthday.  It was interesting that several well heeled recognizable women came over to the table to pay homage to our friend.  Actually, I had a better time than I thought I would.  One of my favorite tennis partners was there.  She has been fighting non Hodgkin's Lymphoma for 11 years and for the first time in all those years, she is in remission.  Lunch was enjoyable but there isn't any appeal to that world anymore and it's funny I lived and died for that world for way too long.  I was telling my friends about the seating faux paux that nearly happened and they all said, you should have set down there anyway and start talking to all of them, then when you saw us, just get up and move to our table.  Regrets...that would have made a good story. 

As of Wednesday, we have window treatments in our living room and most of our breakfast nook.  Just in time because work has started on a house being built behind us. One measurement was transposed, so they'll have to return with the last shade.  And guess what window?  Yep, the one that set us back weeks of waiting on it to be installed.  We went with Roman shades and they look beautiful.  Once Roy gets back from getting his hair cut and making a HEB run, I'll have him take some pictures. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordfull Wednesday...Can't Do Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday, I met Cassi for lunch at our usual meeting place.  I always look forward to our lunches and quick catch up on life.  We move through the latest happenings and then settle in for any in depth conversation that might arise.  Time goes by too quickly and she has to head back to the office.  Before meeting Cassi, a stop needed to be made at The Container Store.  The main reason for the stop, to buy replacement mop heads but as always there is way much more, great grammar, to peruse and place in the cart.  I ran into my tennis friend Mary on one of the aisles.  We don't see each other too often anymore but what a special serendipity to see her.  There was a schedule to keep, so I checked out with much more than I had planned on buying and then headed over to Whole Earth for a quick look see at the selection of Flax.  Not seeds or anything but the line of clothes.  They have about the best selection around.  Wasn't planning on that stop and once again left with more and I can't even say of what I planned for, because the Whole Earth stop was totally unplanned.  After lunch with Cassi I made the obligatory stop at Pottery Barn.  Originally, I had planned to go on over to Crate and Barrel but I was tired and decided to head back out west.  In that little bit of time on the freeway and a Dr Pepper Bold to pick me up, I made one more unscheduled stop, Lifeway to pick up Travis Cottrell's new CD.  Wouldn't you know it, I found a couple of books just sitting there waiting to be brought home. 

Last night it looked like we were going to get a good drenching.  The skies were dark, the lightning frequent and the weather report indicated hail.  We have never put both of our cars into the garage.  That is until last night.  Good thing we got the garage, I say we and of course I mean Roy, got the garage a little more organized and maneuverable.  With a quick rearrangement of garbage cans and bikes we were able to get both cars in...ooh, it is such a tight squeeze.  Just that one act of putting the cars into the garage probably jeopardized any chance of rain falling on our yard.  Only a few drops.  The storms which means the rain died out before getting south of Katy.  At least we know it can be done. 

Late Monday night Roy had to make a run to the 24 hour pharmacy to pick up some medicine for me.  Totally unplanned.  I sat here and worked on the blog to keep me occupied until he returned.  Once he got home and I took the meds, he went to bed, but I stayed up.  You never know with stuff if you'll have a reaction or not.  When I couldn't stay away any longer, I made my way to bed.  This was my first trek in making my way from his study to the bedroom in total darkness.  Even in the dark, you have some sense of where things are, that is if you have lived someplace long enough to remember where everything is.  So I made my way very carefully but somewhere in the living room I panicked.  Knowing that Roy would not be of any help if I awoke him from dead sleep, I maintained my cool and proceeded hoping not to crash into anything. I couldn't find the door way or the light switch to the bedroom entrance and somehow I found myself near the end of our bed but I couldn't feel anything, not the foot board, not the bed, nothing but air.  The thought went through my mind, am I dead?  Am I really touching something but can't feel it since obviously my hand is going right through it?  We have an ornamental iron bed, yet we still haven't an ornamental tree in our front yard, so instead of hitting any of the iron my hand was going through the scroll work.  I finally found the end of the bed when my toe hit the bed post.  Not dead, yahoo! 

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with several friends from tennis days.  I am looking forward to seeing them but fear has crept in, that all too familiar feeling from those days, who I am, what I have and what I wear will never measure up to these tennis ladies.  I am overly concerned about what to wear tomorrow...which is really stupid because even if I had that kind of money, I don't think I would wear designer clothes.  Some of these friends are regularly in the society section of the newspaper.  Well, there is something to be positive about, at least we can afford to buy a newspaper and see them at all the galas and fund raisers.  I am trying to be ever so laid back about tomorrow's lunch and have even prayed.  Maybe I should just pull out some old tennis togs...nah, I don't own tennis togs anymore. 

We are still discussing Sunday's sermon by Curtis.  His talk reminded me that before we moved I had started a book by Chip Ingram, Living on the Edge.  The book is based on Romans 12 thus there is a whole lot on what transformation looks like.  Picked it up last night and began reading.  Love this quote and definition of total commitment.  "Total commitment; when I come to realize what God has done for me, who He is, and what He has prepared for me in this new life (that I cannot see I eagerly abandon anything and everything to obey this fabulous, rich, rewarding eternal life He is offering.  It's not a matter of renunciation but one of reevaluation."

Monday, September 26, 2011

Late Night Ramblings

This afternoon I started a blog post and when I wanted to add pictures I got all kind of static.  Basically I could not retrieve my work or add pictures, so the whole post was lost.  It kind of bummed me out because the post was several paragraphs long. 

Buddy was out of her normal routine this morning and it had me a little concerned.  She was very interested in something under our bed and she was in her attack posture.  The imagination began to run wild, was there something under the bed like a big bug, snake or mouse?  Or could it be just one of her toys.  Being a firm believer in what I don't know won't hurt me, I never investigated and spent quite a bit of time being elsewhere all day.  By the afternoon, Buddy was back in her regular routine.  I don't want her to bring mommy a little surprise showing off her hunting skills in the middle of the night. 

Friday was work and repair men de jour.  Round two will begin next Friday, at least Roy will be home.  Saturday morning we went to Otto's for breakfast and afterwards walked around the farmer's market in La Centerra.  With the drought, it is more like farmer's products.  Only two booths actually had any kind of produce.  Everyone else had jams, jellies, gluten free products, candles and the like.  One booth in particular, Indian cuisine, was a hard sell.  The couple wanted us to try and sample all these products.  I didn't want to because we had just had pancakes.  The gentleman offered me a cracker with some chicken curry on it.  I politely refused because I don't like curry.  "Try it, try it, you will see.  Taste it, taste it, you'll believe.  Try the chicken curry."  No, no, I will not eat it I'm in a hurry,  I don't like it, green eggs, oops I mean chicken curry."  He offered me a refund if I could find better curry anywhere in a 50 mile radius.  Oh yes, I am going to burn gallons of gas looking for a better curry...which in my world is an oxymoron.  I tasted the curry and confirmed what I know to be true, I don't like curry.  There must have been papaya in one of the many sauces I sampled and I am highly allergic to papaya because the all too familiar red bumps, difficulty breathing and eyes hurting hit me quickly.  We headed home for Benedryl. 

Roy worked in the garage for most of the day.  He assembled storage shelves and the like.  I helped by holding the pieces he would need.  Bill came by with the pew he had found and the two ladders Dani bought for the house in April.  He had been to Round Top.  While he was here, I asked him about an oak medicine cabinet that had been my great grandparents.  It was warped and had a whole lot of mileage on it.  He took it apart and explained what we needed to do.  Then he volunteered to take it home and work on it.  Only an hour or so type of job.   Good!  Because it would be a month or two kind of thing if we did it and the process may or may not have a few heated discussions on how to do something.  He and Peggy brought it by last night along with a kneeler to go with the pew and he even hung a few pictures.  It is so nice to have a friend who knows about all this kind of stuff.  Roy and I haven't a clue.  

This is the apple picking ladder that Dani found.  Along with it is a primitive art piece which just happens to be a longhorn.  I don't support UT nor do I support UTI's but that is a whole nother subject.  The long metal skinny thing was used to draw water out of wells that didn't have buckets. 

The entry way with everything arranged.  The ladder will probably be hung on the wall, but it does fit nicely into the little niche area. 

The pew.  You can worship the Lord and be comforted by pillows from the Nord.  Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord, we will wait upon the Lord and then go into the Nord...
Speaking of that song, it was the first song in the worship set at BCF.  It was a perfect Sunday for us to visit, Sunday School, oops Sunday Bible study, ahem...Life Bible Studies...teachers were absent and the choir wasn't singing a special.  Roy wanted to go because the intials BCF reminded him of the BCS.  Roy loves him some LSU football.   We really enjoyed the Lord, the service, the people and the message Curtis Jones taught.  John 21 is a theme chapter for me and God has used it mightily in my life.  I always sit up and take notice when someone teaches or quotes from it.  Here are a few tidbits from my notes;
John 21 is giving Peter a fresh vision for his life complete with restoration.  True transformation in us ministers to someone else, it spills over into other lives.  Transformation is supernatural change, new life, new creation.  Transformation doesn't come by trying harder or rearranging the old to look new.  I love how what I heard on Sunday reinforced some things from the homework in Revelation Bible study.  Love how God fills in the gaps and blanks and gives ample opportunity to see what He is trying to get through to me from different sources and in His Word. 

We were out in time to get to Pappasito's before all the church goers and the hung over or hung over church goers, got there.  We were able to sit in our favorite waiter's section, Nathan.  He was working a large group table and the children from that table were so entertaining.  In between laughing at the antics, we compared our sermon notes.  Lunch was very good. 

The maid gave me a list of cleaning products she liked to use, so I made a trip to Target this morning.  Then to HEB.  I still haven't unloaded everything.  Tonight was a serendipity, I met Dena for dinner.  Miss getting to do that on a regular basis.  We really have to plan and make it a priority to eat together now since the distance mileage wise is greater, but not greater than our friendship. 

It is past my bedtime but I needed something to occupy me while Roy made a trip for me to the 24 hour Walgreen's.  He is a special man, loves unconditionally and takes such good care of me. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Living Large in the Burbs

For the next few months life is going to contain, men in the backyard.  What an adventure never knowing what one will encounter just by leaving the window treatment protected bedroom into the bold and bright light of the family room.  This week in anticipation of workmen I have been sporting a lovely robe.  This morning, I threw caution to the wind and didn't wear my shabby chic.  After checking on the dryer, picking up a Diet Coke on the way to the bedroom, I was surprised to see a man's head looking over the back fence.  Ahh....!  A little later that head now complete with body and Centerpoint identifying patches was at the front door letting me know he would be in the backyard and probably sometime around lunch, our power would be off for 20 minutes.  He is hooking up electricity for the homes that will be built behind us.  Hope our window treatments get here soon for the back of the house.  I also think it is going to be awhile before I can go outside and sit in the courtyard in my jammies with a cup of coffee to have my quiet time.  Too much foot traffic happening in this season. 

I now have a maid coming every two weeks!  It's exciting!  Peggy's maid had an opening yesterday morning.  She began working here at 8:00 am and was still here when I arrived home a little after 1:00.  Before leaving she asked if I would like her to come on a regular basis...YES, PLEASE!  We agreed on a price and then she gave me a list of supplies I need to have for her next visit.  Roy came home last night to a gleaming, clean, home relatively free from dust.  I think until all the construction is finished around here, dust will be an issue. 

After Bible study yesterday several of us went out to lunch to Lupe's.  Such fun and such a delicious lunch.  I also went out for breakfast because I didn't want to hang around the house and be in the way.  It gave me a chance to finish up my homework.  Our last day of homework this week was to write a letter to ourselves from Jesus, like the letters we have been studying of the seven churches in Revelation.  I usually don't like to do things like that but this year I am trying to tackle the homework with a different attitude.  Previously it has just been, just get the questions answered, but for this study, I am taking my time and really giving thought to my responses to the questions.  Amazing, but not amazing, amazing, that I am getting so much more out of the study.  The lecture time has been really good as well.  Learning the history of the cities that the seven churches were located in.  The hot, cold and lukewarm reference means so much more to me now. 

Last night Bill Bain texted me a picture of a church pew he found to see if I was interested in it.  Yes, it is not a big pew, it's decorative, has the curved back and it is a really good price. 

No big plans for the weekend, which is really just fine.  Today the light in the guest bedroom is going to be repaired and I think Roy is going to finish up his sealing and staining on the fence.  Then we have a lot of little fine tuning projects to take care of around here.  Each week we feel more settled and at home here.  Several times a week we say to one another, this was a good decision to move out to the burbs.  We still have condo thinking at times, mainly about washing clothes and vacuuming after 9:00 pm.  There are some things we miss about being closer into town but we find more things here from week to week that lessens some of the pain of missing inner loop living.  Don't know which there are more of out here, churches or Mexican restaurants? 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A True, Non Embellished Story, Only Names and Facts Changed

The blog post you are about to read is true.  Only the names and specific details have been changed or left out to protect the innocent. 

We love living out here in the burbs for many reasons but one of my all time favorite reasons is the spontaneity fun factor that occurs out here much more often than when we lived near the loop.  There are meals to be grabbed with friends at the last minute, fun people popping in and day time schedules that can be adjusted at the drop of a hat.  Now I'm not saying that those things didn't happen when we lived closer in, but the frequency of those things happening here are more likely.

Like this morning, Peggy texted and called to let me know her housekeeper had an opening in the morning and did I want it.  Why yes, I responded, that would be ever so lovely.  Nah, my reply was not that dignified.  Just think, this afternoon I faced household chores and now with the maid coming in the morning, I'm still faced with household chores.  I believe in predustination, which is cleaning before the maid comes.  So, I have picked up things.  A little later Peggy called to see if I had the correct supplies for cleaning.  You know these aren't ever conversations that Peggy and I have ever even dreamed of having.  Just to make sure I had the correct cleaning supplies, we met up at the local HEB, NOT the one on Fry which I really dislike. 

So we both arrived and got a cart. We are both dressed in our finest to shop, me in camo capris and she with freshly cut hair and a Baylor Championship T shirt.  She had other groceries she needed to get and I just needed to pick up the aforementioned cleaning products.  I did need quite a few.  What fun, two ADD addled brains pushing a cart around a store neither one of us are too familiar with, the store not the cart.  Although I don't believe either one of us had ever met that particular cart before.   So nothing was purchased in an efficient and timely manner.  We were haphazard all over the place laughing ourselves silly looking for cereal, fruit and milk.  And that's when we came across two other shoppers, that seemed a lot like us.  Let's just call them Mildred and Gertrude.  And let's just say that these two, began having a conversation about...uh...things...stuff while looking at things and stuff.  It is too embarrassing to even mention in a blog post what these two were even discussing but maybe it could be told to just a few, very few good friends, girlfriends known in real life.   It dawned on Mildred and Gertrude that if store security were watching us, I mean them through secret store cameras, you know up in the ceiling to help eliminate shoplifting, that they just might wonder what was going on.  The myriad trips up and down aisles and now this, two women bent over double laughing themselves into a fit or maybe even a puddle if we, they, weren't careful.  Two women dressed to the nines in camo and a championship t shirt reading instructions on things and stuff. Then putting things and stuff back on the shelf and then picking up another brand of thing and stuff.   It was suggested that if a purchase was to be made, that it might be best to put "it" in the middle of all the other groceries.  That way one can be preoccupied about unloading the cart and not looking into the face of the checker and sacker when thing and stuff pass by.  As Mildred stood there waiting for Gertrude, the thought entered her mind, that got Millie laughing out loud.  What could have made this even worse or a better story depending on how you look at it, at least the checker and sacker weren't former students and a call out for a price check wasn't needed. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, Thoughts Run Amuck!

The number of workmen in our yard today has been somewhat surprising.  The yard is getting re-marked around the transformer as street lights on our block come on line.  Me thinks we had the sprinkler heads fixed a little too soon.  The brick and mortar guys are here now fixing a couple of places on the stone and on a windowsill in the back.  Tomorrow is HOA inspection tour, so I hope when they invade our backyard, the yellow and orange paint marking power and cable lines isn't a non compliant offense.  We still haven't done anything about our first write up as of yet...except that the grass is getting greener.

What a joy to awaken to the sound of thunder and rain.  Now the wind...was a bit troubling, but we had great thankfulness in our hearts to the Lord for sending rain.  On Saturday and Sunday all the rain showers around us went west, south or east of was a little discouraging.  All the trees around here look happy and actually are clapping their limbs, but they need more rain.  Our drain in the courtyard performed admirably as it hadn't in the other rain shower we had a couple of weeks ago.  When I went to the grocery store around 9:30 there was barely any standing water in the ditches along the side of the road.  Everything is getting soaked right up. 

There are way too many crock pot recipes for roast beef.  Think I have finally settled on one and I think I have all the ingredients.  Now to find where I stored the crock pot.  It could be anywhere in that kitchen. 

We have a new neighbor.  They just moved in over the weekend.  Rumor mill is, that one of them might be a little strange and odd.  Hmm...I elect them to be block captain to represent us to the HOA.  Which reminds me, the rain caused little mushrooms to grow in the mulch around the trees.  Something tells me those aren't considered bedding plants.  Better have Roy look into this once he comes home from his long commute and day at the office. 

I am beginning to think that Pottery Barn just might be a cult.  I'm drawn back to PB weekly, even becoming a fan on Facebook.  They sent out a little hint for the upcoming holiday season...
Isn't it beautiful!  Not in a baseball sense either, just the beautiful cardinal on pillow shams and duvet cover.  They also had some pictures of tableware and decorations, but it is hard for me to get over this bed.  Believe me, I better get over it because there are other things that we need more than this beautiful and seasonal bedding. 

Crate and Barrel might be a cult too...  There is a rocker/glider on sale that would look so cozy, which is designer talk for fitting into a small space, in the casita bedroom.  I've gone back and forth on pulling the trigger on this item.  Roy moved the project table for me so it will fit better in the scheme of the room.  I checked other websites and while there are a few cheaper, it is not the right color of blue and the one at C&B is smaller than the others I priced.  The sale is on till October 16.  I'm also considering the Bremond chest for the living room. 

On a totally different subject, the homework for CBS Bible study has been so powerful and has gotten my attention.  I sense that the Lord is telling me just like He did to the churches, there are some things I am doing right and to His glory and then there are some attitudes and indifference that frankly need to be shown the door.  Today's homework had us look at Rev 3:20 which is used as a salvation verse, but Jesus was talking to the church...not unbelievers.  The last day of homework, we are to write a letter to ourselves, seal it and give it to our core group leader.  She will give it back to us at the end of our study.  We are to write what we think the Lord would like to see changed in us and we are to write of how we can experience His presence in a more intentional way.  To tell you the truth, I usually hate these kinds of exercises...they seem like busy work and I meet it with lots of indifference.  But Jesus addressed indifference in the 3rd chapter...vs 19b, so be diligent and turn from your indifference.  Ouch!  That hurts more than my bruises from falling off the bike yesterday.  I do have another chance at the bike thing tonight, though.  The doctor wants me to get back up on that horse, oops bicycle and try riding again.  The balance and falling thing, not falling off the bike, has him a bit concerned.  I'm concerned to but my idea of looking younger isn't scraped knees and elbows.  But I might recover ever so nicely in a bed surrounded by Christmas cardinals...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Watch Out for That Left Turn, It's a Dilly!

I woke up this morning with a really bad sore throat.  It is a warning sign from the immune systems that I have pushed in more life than my system is able to handle.  You better believe at the first sign of a sore throat, I stop and reign myself in.  So, this morning, I stayed home from church, reluctantly.  Don't think I pushed myself too much physically, I think stress levels were at a high point this week.  Several times this week I'm reminded of one of my favorite authors, Ellen Douglas.  She's written a book, Truth, Four Stories I'm Finally Old Enough to Tell.  She was in her 70's or 80's when she wrote the book.  One of these days, I think I just might write the same kind of book.  She had to wait till everyone in the stories had died.  With the drama and stress of the week, I've been outlining the chapter that happens to be going on at this time of life. 

Here is a truth that I can tell you right now.  I am going to go buy a girl's bicycle, maybe this week.  You see, one of my Doctors is encouraging me to test out my balance because it is so bad.  I've been doing my prescribed exercises and he told me when you feel confident in your balance, go ride a bike.  I will never use the phrase, "it's just like riding a bike" to mean piece of cake.  Years and years ago when mountain bikes first came out, I got one from Roy for my birthday.  In all these years, I have never wanted to get rid of it...toting it from townhouse to condo to house.  They make lighter bikes with better gear shifts but my red boy's bike has held me in such fond and fun memories of all my biking adventures.  Yesterday, Roy put air in the tires and today we decided to test it.  A million years ago, getting on a boy's bike was, in the here and now, it is downright comical.  The bad right knee doesn't want to bend properly.  Lots of slanting the bike at an angle just to get my right leg over the seat and bar.   Roy wanted to hit the trails right off, but I felt more comfortable on the streets.  It wasn't pretty but we did get around the neighborhood once.  When my attention wasn't so focused on balance, I tried to grab a glance at other houses to see if the required ornamental tree and three shrubs were present.  No way I could count bedding plants.  There are a lot of homes without ornamental trees in front of them.  Feeling a little braver after our neighborhood jaunt, we headed to the trails and right into the sprinklers.  We were going to have to turn back and that's when my accident occurred.  A steep banked left turn and bike and girl were separated.  Thank goodness no one other than Roy was there to witness my fall and sprawl.  Again, I am thankful for all my volleyball training because at least I know how to fall properly.  No major cuts, but lots of bruises, grass stained shorts and I'm feeling a tad sore even now.  We turned back toward home, we weren't that far away and I successfully navigated all the rest of the turns.  Roy has forbidden me to ride by myself.  Believe me, not even thinking about it.  Now to report to the Doctor in the morning...still need lots of work to improve my balance.  Honestly in life, balance hasn't ever been my best thing. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Repairs, DIY and Extra Credit

I'm starting to get a little paranoid after getting written up by the HOA.  Looking at the message boards, the HOA and the message board quote calling them, "thugs" don't seem to have a lot of love and support from those whom they serve, I mean regulate...or enforce, police???  Roy thinks that maybe we are supposed to paint the Comcast and transformer box in our house colors because we aren't too sure what they are talking about in our write up.  Roy, the brave one, is calling the HOA today to get clarification on this. The compliance person has a last name that ends with a you know me and my vast viewing of The Sopranos (on A&E), Mob Wives, I Married a Mobster and all those types of shows has me wondering if the compliance person is Italian?  Hey, I'm not going to rock the boat. Don't want Roy to get a delivery of pond scum with the message Nancy sleeps with the fishes.  I was out front today putting a soaker hose on one of the flower beds that may or may not be compliant with 15 plants, and would notice from time to time cars circling our cul d sac.  Oh my is that the HOA Po Po?  But from the message boards I learned they do their inspections on Tuesdays.  We have a nearly dead plant, which may or may not be one of the 15 and we anticipate another letter arriving soon informing us of being the non compliant neighbors.  The irony, Roy's job involves a lot of enforcing compliance...and we have a record of non compliance in our permanent records. 

The workmen hooking up the street lights were out early this morning.  I'm so glad I was dressed when they rang the doorbell letting me know that they would be in the back yard today.  Now the sprinkler guys are here fixing all the sprinkler heads that the light and Comcast guys broke.  It seems this is going to be a vicious cycle for a while. 

I started another DIY project today.  The white bar stool we ordered looked yellow against the white project table, so the chair is getting a fresh coat of periwinkle blue to contrast with the table.  Those paint fumes get to you after a while.  Yes, even a well ventilated area with a fan blowing.  Chair looks pretty good but it does have the look of a ADD person who just wants to get the thing painted.  Ah, my signature look.  There is a space between the project table and the wall with the TV on it.  Thinking of putting a small glider/rocker in that space.  Crate and Barrel has furniture on sale. 

Today is the first day of triple reward points at the Nord.  At one point I considered going in town, having breakfast and then spend the morning at the Nord.  I also planned to have a balance and equilibrium check up on me, not my tires because my sense of balance is off and I have nearly or really falled or fell.  Had to reschedule.  So, I opted for online shopping at the Nord.  Got the stuff I had planned on buying and maybe found a few things I hadn't planned on buying.  That's the beauty of having a plan but not one done in concrete. 

Concrete, that reminds me, I better go check on the sidewalks in front of our house.  It is our responsibility to keep the weeds out of the cracks that break your mother's back.  One person on the message board said they coat the wood in the sidewalk in front of their house with linseed oil to keep it from bowing and cracking.  Sounds like a job for Roy who should be getting extra credit from the HOA for sealing our fence. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Written Up and Now in Our Permanent Record

On my way out to run some errands, I stopped and picked up our mail.  A bunch of letters from Comcast confirming our changes, a refund check, a couple of welcome to the neighborhood coupons, our mortgage payment coupon and shock of all shock...a letter from our HOA.  We've been written up!  Not only did they list out all our infractions, they had taken pictures for proof.  Some of those pictures were of our back yard, so now I have another intruder to watch out for in early mornings.  This post could certainly go under Nobody Told Us, Part 2.  None of our infractions are anything huge and they referred us to sub section C, Part B, article 12.1-13.2 of the infractionary code with reference to sub set K.  We have all that paperwork with rules because they were given to us in a huge three ring binder at closing and I'm thinking no guidelines but who wants to sit down and read the whole thing?  I have looked at bits and pieces of it and I did notice the list of approved plants and for our information the plants are listed out seasonally.  Good grief.  Our infractions are as follows, we only have 2 shrubs and we are supposed to have 3, we only have 14 bedding plants and we are supposed to have 15, the phone/electrical box is not painted to match our house color and we do not have an ornamental tree at least 2" with multiple trunks.  I would hate to have the job of counting bedding plants.  I drove around our neighborhood and it seems several have not addressed their ornamental tree situation.  I notice that magnolias seem to be the ornamental tree of choice and with this drought none of them look healthy at all.  I noticed Trendmaker across the street put in a Crepe Myrtle and that is probably what I would lean toward.  We have such a small front yard, I have no clue where this puppy is going to go.  Our other admonishment was to get our grass in green order.  I knew that one was coming and the sprinkler system has helped.  Now the inspection was done on August 16th, eight days after we had moved in.  Where is the grace?  Apparently HOA's all over this land hold a pretty high estimation of their responsibilities.  I'm glad we have a strong one but I might add that on our cul d sac area, they have let 2 trees die and almost all the shrubs are hanging on by a thread.  It has just been in the past few weeks that they've addressed the park area near our home...hey, I am giving them some grace, but whatever.  I hope they didn't catch our newest neighbor with their trash out on Monday instead of Tuesday.  Roy is calling the HOA tomorrow and get a better perspective of the timeline etc.  They sent a copy to David Weekley Homes, so maybe they will add the missing botanical elements since landscaping is included in our home package.  I noticed that a copy of the letter complete with pictures has been placed in our permanent record.  I thought we were done with permanent records at the end of our formal 12 years of schooling.  Now, that doesn't upset me too much because my file from my school years is filled to overflowing with infractions, rules broken and smart alecky banter...along with less than stellar grades and I won't even address conduct write ups.  No, this permanent record thing is going to upset Roy.  His school records are pristine.  In fact the first C he ever made was in law school.  I thought he was going to cry when he saw that grade.  Yep, we might be the neighbors that need improvement, doesn't use time and materials wisely and doesn't do neat work, but the nice thing about this, all our infractions are out source able...thank goodness!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Celebrations in the Midst of Remembering

I'm taking my chances this morning.  It is usually not a good idea to ease into the morning around here in your jammies.  Last week the Comcast and electricians were in the back yard when I came bounding into the family room and had to make a quick dash back into the bedroom.  Workman come and go as things are shaping up around here.  Last Thursday like clockwork, Abel and his crew were here cutting the grass.  The glass door on our outdoor fireplace has been repaired and corbels were installed last week.  So everything is waiting to be stained.  Roy has even gotten into the whole working around the house thing this weekend.  He continued his sealing and staining the fence.  He just has a little more to go.  Anyway, it is a Monday morning made for lounging. 

Roy and I went to Taste of Texas on Friday afternoon to celebrate our 34th anniversary.  We went with all the Momo's and Popo's, senior adult hour, but there were quite a few young couples with newborns and small babies there at that time too.  Of course our whole meal was delicious and we didn't even do steak.  I had the boiled shrimp and Roy has the herb chicken.  Of course with any celebration at Taste of Texas, there is complimentary dessert at the end of the meal.  We both wanted something different, so we did two desserts.  That was our undoing.  Pecan pie and cinnamon ice cream for Roy and key lime pie for me.  Then our exciting evening continued as we stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It was like we were newlyweds again, picking out kitchen, bathroom and home accessories.  Only thing that wasn't like being newlyweds, we were paying for the whole shabang.  Oh well, at least I won't have to write us a thank you note.  It was our joy to run into Dean Dash Na there.  She was buying a shower gift.  I loved the anniversary card he gave me.  The front of the card had some old man smoking a pipe and the inside said, to my smokin' hot wife.  What a great card because he knows how I question all these ministers who always refer to their wives as smoking hot.  I question because after all the talk of women wearing modest clothes and I am all for that, so men can have pure thoughts, these ministers refer to their wives as smoking hot and it makes me wonder if men in the congregation who are trying to have pure thoughts all of the sudden start thinking about that minister's wife and realizing...hmmm...she is smoking hot.  I am smoking hot only due to some lingering hot flashes that like to revisit me from time to time. 

Saturday morning I met Peggy and her crew to get pedicures.  Her sister, nieces and daughters were having a girl's weekend at Lake Bain.  After our pedi's, we went to Ooh, La La for a mid morning snack.  Delicious!  Everyone came over to see our house and I even got a pro bono family room rearrangement.  Looks so much better!  Thanks Jenny!  They were all going into Houston for shopping but I knew I didn't have the stamina to do that, so I stayed around here.  While Roy went and bought salt for the water softener machine and more fence sealant, I stayed here waiting for another work on the house appointment.  Later on in the afternoon I went back to Fulshear to explore a little shop we had seen on Thursday night.  The name of the shop is Gabby's and she had such cute things.  So you know I am all about helping the local economy, so I bought a few things.  Even got a pair of shoes on sale to wear next spring and summer.  Although, I might sneak in a wear in or two in the coming weeks. 

Sunday morning, I didn't go to church.  There are several reasons why.  One, I didn't feel great and didn't know if I would be able to stand in the loft as much as the choir would be standing.  I also broke or really bruised a toe Saturday night.  And two, even though our 9/11 experience ten years ago turned out good, it is very hard for me.  Like I have written about before, sometimes I find myself thinking too much of the what if's.  It has been ten years since I have seen those horrifying pictures of the twin towers on fire with people jumping out of the buildings to their deaths.   I saw one of those pictures accidentally this weekend and that kind of put me over.  I watched the Houston's First service on the web cast and cried like a baby.  Tears of sadness for all the lives lost, tears of the what if''s and tears of thankfulness to the Lord for sparring our lives.  Grateful that He is our Hope and our Solid Rock. 

It was Roy's prayer Sunday...he prays more often than that but it is his designated Sunday to lead the early morning prayer in the worship center and then he prays with others during the 9:30 service.  He came home after his volunteering in the Connection Center and we went out to lunch.  We barely beat the church people into Fuddrucker's.  After we ate Roy wanted to go to the Bass Pro Shop in Katy Mills Mall.  He is interested in kayaks because he has seen several people out on the lakes around here and finds it intriguing.  Who knew that the Bass Pro Shop had so much other stuff than fishing, hunting and camping stuff.  It was a fun store and Roy could have probably spent a lot more time there but once again my stamina was ebbing and we needed to go.  Think Bass Pro Shop is right up there with the Tractor Store n his estimation.  I'm envisioning a lot of Christmas presents from him...from those stores. 

Sunday evening I met Dena at Goode Company Seafood for dinner and life catch up.  It has been quite sometime since we've caught up with each other's lives.  We also took the opportunity to exchange our birthday gifts for one another.  I came home full and with an armload of wonderful gifts. 

While I was gone Roy had emptied the dishwasher, folded towels, figured out how to change our sprinkler system to water on odd days, picked up the trash in the front yard from all the work going on next door and touched up a few places on the fence. Hmmm....I need to go out in the evenings more often.

Roy realized last night he hadn't taken any pictures of the house since July.  So here are a few from what he took. 


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nobody Told Us

We are a month into being new home owners.  It was a month ago today that we officially moved in.  To say that we are thrilled with our decision to move from almost inside the loop to the ends of the earth, well almost to the ends of Katy, would be an understatement.  Although in this month I have realized that sometimes one is not given the full picture of the latest and greatest service or equipment.  Early on we realized we would need a sprinkler systems after we in error thought that we could get by watering on our own since we have such a small yard.  What they didn't tell us was some of the info on upkeep of a sprinkler system.  We bought the line, this thing waters itself. Yea right...  Our warranty guy from DW came  out last Friday to give us the info on the home we bought.  He gave us much more information than we had been given previously on the "guarantee" of our electric bill and added this piece of information that no one had told us, to get the rebate, we needed to have Reliant Energy as our electricity provider.  We did not go with Reliant.  Then came the explanation of changing out air filters.   Gone are the days of changing one filter.  We have four to change, one is located in a rather precarious location and Roy is having great fun at the top of an 8' ladder.  Also twice a year Roy has to go into the attic with a bottle of bleach and empty it in some PVC pipes located in front of the a/c unit.  No...glad you told us...we had no clue.  Oh by the way, had we registered our appliances? one told us that we needed to...well yes, if you want them to be covered by a warranty, they have to be registered.  Uh, will we need to get them shots and have a meet the warranty registry night?  Our greatest surprise of late has been our soft water system.  Not once in all the time intensive visits that these people made to our house, did anyone ever say, you have to buy salt and put it in every couple of months.  What the heck?!?  What happened to the, we install it and you never have to think about it again...except every two months when you load up the thing with salt. 

Don't get me wrong, we knew there are added responsibilities to being home owners...I think we thought we could outsource most of those responsibilities...but once you've signed on the dotted line, well here are a few more things that you need to know. 

There isn't too much of a difference of finding out these little things after you've signed on the dotted line, made a public commitment in front of friends and family...and no one stood up at the appointed time to protest the marriage and then forever held their peace, when you fall in love and get married.  Oh most churches provide counseling and mentoring and maybe even offer a weekend retreat for Pimp My Bride, but there are just some things that no one tells you until after you've honeymooned, set up housekeeping and are adjusting to one another.  Or maybe people do tell you but you and your honey are so going to be "not that couple."  It will never happen to us, we are so in love...more in love with one another than anyone else in the whole entire world. 

Well, I am happy to report that even after finding out things we didn't bargain for when we fell in love and got married, Roy and I celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary tomorrow.  It seems just like yesterday we had our friends dress in rented tuxes and bridesmaid dresses that could never be worn again except for maybe a skit or Halloween...I mean Fall Festival costume.  Two opposites if there ever where.  Two people who were carrying their own set of matching and monogrammed baggage and maybe thought the other one might like to carry the other one's baggage or extra loads...forever...

I love Roy!  I'm so glad that we found one another!  I'm glad we have lived a full and wonderful life with one another.  I even love that Roy is can I say this...too careful of a driver which translates into scary driver...I love that he knows this and handed over the keys when we left on our honeymoon.  I love that he is a plan man.  I love that he takes care of tedious details and has such great patience.  He is a wonderful provider, although I cannot even tell you what his job is....I've written before when he says hedge, I'm thinking shrubbery, journal entries...I'm thinking of a personal book written with all your angst and joys...You get the picture.  I love that we laugh, a lot.  I love to hear him pray especially when I'm mentioned in his short but powerful prayers.  I love that he is my one and only...the love of my life...and he can still perform those husbandly duties...he takes out the trash.  Happy Anniversary Roy!  May we celebrate many more years together!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Let it never be said that Roy doesn't shake it up everyonce in a while.  Although I am about this close to restricting his alarm remote privledges in the house.  Last night the water system guys came back for a follow up appointment.  Since those kind of discussions totally bore me,  I asked Roy if I could not participate except for any random questions that I would need to answer.  Not a problem with him.  I only had to be a part of the water circle when determining where to put the dang thing.  Come to find out, the guy who owns this business goes to Second Baptist and we had a great time visiting and ribbing each other.  He loves the choir at the Woodway location.  We invited him to come a few miles farther east and visit our 9:30 service if he loves him some choir....  I think he and his wife might actually come.  So the water guys finally left around 10:00 and Roy began packing up his stuff for today.  I was settling down for a long summer/fall nap whenI hear the sound of the alarm blasting.  Has movies taught me nothing, don't go in there...I ran from the bedroom to find Roy...well ran is not really the term, limped quickly is more like it, to find Roy madly punching a series of numbers into the alarm pad.  He gets it to stop alarming but all we hear is this monontonious beep.  He calls the alarm company...they ask the safe WORD...he gives them numbers...WORD...oh yea, he tells them.  So, a techncal guy is supposed to call but before he can, Roy finally figures out how to get the thing to stop beeping.  Roy thinks the remote on his keep chain hit the edge of the counter dead on and thus the whole wake up the neighborhood thing happened.  I think that we should designate any descrinary income to an alarm fine fund.  It took me a while to calm down and get back into that sleepy before bed mode.  This morning Roy emailed me from the office.  He has decided to stop wearing the remote on his key chain and put it in a safer location.  Good, I think we will all sleep better knowing this.  Roy's new alarm nick name...Paul Revere.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Remembering Our Personal 9/11 Stories

Many of you know our 9/11 story.  You can read about it here.  Then in 2008 9/11 had another story for us.  You can read about it here.  This year is the 10th anniversary of 9/11/2001.  Already in the past few weeks there have been a lot of documentaries and shows revisiting that horrible day in September.  It has been difficult sometimes to watch these shows because in the back of my mind I am thinking about all the "what ifs."  What if we had gone?  Roy would have died for sure because his conference was in the World Trade Center.  Sometimes I can let my imagination run wild especially since I would have been one of those people wandering the street with a picture of Roy...asking have you seen him?  To be perfectly honest it would have to be a crayon crafted stick picture of him because I don't carry a picture of him in my wallet.  Note to self... 

Thankfully, most of the time I stop myself from wallowing in the what ifs and walk right into the thankfulness to God but there are those times I catch myself lingering a little too the unknowing.  Tonight while doing my homework for Community Bible Study, the opportunity to walk right into the thankfulness and gratefulness to God happened while answering the homework questions.  This year we are studying Revelation.  It is exciting for sure, but there in the midst of homework was a personal reminder of the Lord when He walks through the fear filled times with us.  In Revelation 1, when John falls down as dead at the feet of Jesus after hearing the voice that sounds like great many waters, Jesus reaches out and touches John and tells him not to be afraid.  This is glorified Jesus with feet like brass, eyes like fire, with the great voice...touching and comforting John the Revelator.  Now this is not the first time that John experienced this.  In Matthew 17:1-7 on the mount of transfiguration, Peter, James and John are afraid and have fallen to the ground after hearing the voice of God.  Jesus goes over to them, touches them and tells them not to be afraid.  

Sometimes we think we are afraid of stuff...happenings...circumstances but we need to be honest, sometimes we are fearful when we sense the Spirit's leading and that voice that speaks to us in our innermost being.  His voice... 

Several times I have thought...especially since we are now in our new home, will 9/11 have any personal bearing on us this year?  I kind of have thought maybe it is in a 7 year pattern for us.  I don't know but I am so thankful that God still has us here and He has a purpose for us.  I like that our church service on 9/11 focuses on the HOPE of God...the hope that only comes through and with Him. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

To the Land of Sugar and Back

When we last left me yesterday, I was pondering the what ifs from the dryer fire.  Hair dryer that is.  After I had finished that post Buddy left me a wonderful present...let's just say she regurgitated her treats on the kitchen floor.  Not that cat vomit is a joy to clean up but I was so thankful she hadn't wandered over to oh say a new rug, couch or bed covering. 

Roy and I had both had "days" yesterday, so we went to bed early.  He had an early morning wake up to take the trash out and wait for the A/C man today.  I got to sleep in just a bit but I needed to get up and going because of the hair appointment in the Land of Sugar.  The plan was to leave early enough to make it to Target before getting highlighted and cut.  Well, it's always good to have a plan and thank the Lord I am not a perfectionist, so I wasn't beating myself up as I drove over to the Land of Sugar.  For the life of us, we cannot figure out how to get our back seats in the upright position in case we would have passengers that might need to de-car after we come to a full and complete stop.  The guys laying bricks on the house next door got quite a show as we read the instructions and then proceeded to not being successful at all.  Roy said he is taking Sequisha to the closest dealership and have them show him how to get those seats back in the upright position. 

So, highlights and haircut went really well.  I stopped at Super Target across the street from them.  I think that is my all time very favorite Target.  They seem to have different merch, notice I have taken up professional retail talk, and always a good selection.  While I had to be really, really good before we bought the house, I didn't even go into that Target before or after a hair appointment.  I knew it would be too tempting.  Then praise be, the Family Christian Bookstore did not have a line today.  I did observe 3 people working at the check outs, but only one was waiting on customers.  Found the book that sounded so interesting that Pete Wilson wrote about on his blog this morning.  Totally forgot that there is a Lowe's in the very next shopping center.  Found the lamp shades I have been looking for.  Skipped going to Academy and instead opted for Joann's.  Not the upscale clothes store but the fabric store.  It's an interesting visit especially for one such as me that is so craft-sewing-artsy fartsy challenged.  Most of my energy had been expended and I began the drive back to Katyland.   While I was gone Roy had the cabinet guy, TV installer guy, a/c guy and warranty explainer guy to deal with.  He told me when the last one left, he was peopled out.  I got home for the last of the warranty explanation guy...who...used a Sharpie to write with while sitting on a new couch...and he kept resting his writing hand...with said Sharpie on the cushion of the couch.  Each time my eyes followed that downward motion.  He seemed to pick up on my intense nervousness of using a Sharpie and increased his hand resting on the cushion.  Heck, I would be doing the same thing if I had to say the same thing over and over day after day....  Wait, I do!  Neither Buddy nor Roy listen to me the first time... 

After warranty guy left, Roy and I starving not to death but close to crankiness, went to Las Almedes for a late lunch.  Delicious.  And being inspired by my list making, calendar keeping newlywed friend Paige, we went to Get Personal Katy in La Centerra and I got a Vera Bradley agenda/calendar book.  Maybe now I will keep better track of my social whirlwind life.  Let's see, DVD Dance Moms, DVD Toddler and Tiara marathon...keep track of when I Married a Mobster is know important engagements.   When Roy saw the store I wanted to go into, he politely declined going in and went to get a menu from Fit and Fresh.  Praise the Lord, he is looking to outsource dinner prep.  I didn't raise the bar too high when I actually cooked dinner this week...once...but he loved the leftovers.  And score a pair of 30% off on Yellow Box I need another pair of flip flops...but hey...such a deal, I couldn't pass it up.  Rumor has it when La Centerra expands this year, Anthropologie is one of the stores that will be in the center. 

We are taking it easy tonight.  I am trying to stay awake.  Roy is thrilled that college football is on TV tonight...  Buddy is sound asleep so that she might wander all night through the house and wake us up on the hour. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just Another Thrusday in the Burbs

This has been one odd Thursday.  The day has been complete with a veritable potpourri of happenings.  The day started with a small electrical fire.  I was drying my hair...and I heard this clicking sound.  Never noticed this before and just wrote it off that it was due to the fact my bracelet was hitting my watch.  The clicking was getting louder and faster and the hair dryer was in my right hand...the non bearing bracelet and watch combination wrist..  I looked at my hair dryer and there was fire coming out of the end.  Not being a Girl Scout as a child, my ever ready Camp Fire Girl knowledge came into play. No, not selling candy door to door.  WOHELO!  Work, health and love...of course this has nothing to do with fire either, but the middle name of the group is fire.  So unplugged the dryer and smothered the flames with a heavy towel soaked in water...  Can I just tell you I was more than happy that said fire had not lighted up the morning and most importantly not my hair.  And I was fortunate that most of my hair was dry.  I was wary of the flat iron for a few seconds, but it all worked out. 

Being the almost month old Katy resident, I ventured to Bible study on 99 the back way I have only driven once and it was coming not going that direction.  I got so lost.  I called Roy because he had driven this way a couple of times in his attempt to find the shortest distance to the Metro Lot.  He was of no help whatsoever.  I called Peggy...unavailable.  So, I finally got there in the most round about way...I was late...but I arrived in time for all the important stuff.  Bible study was really good this morning and it will be exciting to study the book of Revelation.  The questions surely will be challenging.  Honestly, I had difficulty with the time line of Daniel...this can't be any easier.  Afterwards as I was walking to my car Mary R met up with me.  She was in my group last year.  She has the wildest stories...she owns a working ranch in the area.  This is the first time I have ever seen her without cowboy boots.  She kept me in the hot sun a little too long and I barely had the energy to go to Target and buy a new hair dryer.  I came home and went to bed. 

There wasn't too much rest for the weary because I got another panicked call from a loved one.  It was a week ago that I got almost the same type of call at 6:00 am.  I will spare you the details, but it is hard, very hard, extremely exhausting to help this one think through things...and help them make wise, good decisions.  Another crisis averted, for now.  It is not that I don't think the issue is serious, because I do.  It is all the drama, unnecessary drama that comes with it...and the unnecessary mess that has to be cleaned up afterwards.  I feel like I have a well funded teenager on my hands.. 

So after the two phone calls from loved one and the second call was much better than the first because there seems to be a plan in place, I'm sitting here trying to get my heart back in rhythm and reading peace filled verses from Psalms.  In the background I can hear mowers, weed eaters and leaf blower things going full blast.  Lucky people who can get a hold of a lawn service, so thought I.  The noise level increased and I went to the window and saw these guys were working in our yard.  I called Roy and asked if he was able to get ahold of Abel.  No...  Roy told me to go out there and see who was mowing our yard.  Quickly I reviewed my limited remembrance of high school Spanish.  Somehow the question of, "would you like to play Chinese checkers and have some bread and butter" wasn't going to come in handy for communication purposes.  Hallelujah!  It was Abel and his guys.  They did a great job and we are extremely happy we aren't going to have to buy a lawn mower after all this Saturday.  He and his crew are coming every Thursday.  If I had the energy, I would do a happy dance. 

Roy had to drive into downtown yesterday, so we met for dinner at La Fiesta.  I drove in a little early to look at Pier One on Bunker Hill before meeting Roy and then heading onto choir.  We needed a chair for our closet.  Found just the thing and had the nicest girl helping me.  She made the whole experience a lot of fun.  The chair is a dining room chair, with a very 50's retro look.  It looks great and it doesn't take up a whole lot of room.  Score one for Pier One and for the chair...and for Roy who needs someplace to put on his sock and shoes. 

Roy is stopping to pick up Chinese food for dinner on his way home tonight.  I am hoping I can talk him into putting together the bar stool for the project desk in the casita bedroom, which is going to be my crime labette.  Peggy has a crime lab.  Roy is taking off tomorrow because we have TV installation happening, another A/C visit, cabinet replacement and warranty meeting.  It is more than I can handle besides this hair needs to be cut and highlighted.  So thankful that the fire from this morning didn't burn and singe my hair and make me have to cancel the appointment with less than 24 hours notice...cause my hair would probably look like some of my styles of childhood, you know getting a stinky permanent and usually it ruined a third of your hair.  Makes for lovely school pictures.  That and not too good of impression with my new core group in Bible study.  Maybe I could have made up some great story of having a Patmos experience like John.  Nah, no one would ever believe it.