Thursday, June 30, 2011

Give Me A Beat, But Hold the Heat

The old ADD has kicked in.  Can't seem to focus on any one thing.  Right now there are several projects that have been started yet none of them finished.  If I go to another room, I just begin something there and leave it in midpoint when I move onto another room.  So the closet is a mess, the kitchen throw away extravaganza is at critical mass, the shredder has papers stacked on top of it and yet, here I am in front of the computer blogging away.  It's not that I am trying to keep anyone informed, but rather to have a record of the days leading up to closing and moving into a new house.

That my friends is an encouraging statement.  We go back tomorrow to once again, resign loan papers because the loan officer we were working with quit.  So our official papers have to have the name of the person we are working with now.  They sent us a copy of the appraisal which is rather interesting reading.  The projected closing date is now the end of July into the first few weeks of August.  That news is welcomed.  Now we know a better time frame to take care of some details. 
that would be in Roy's realm of influence.  We have learned a few lesson from this journey and we aren't banking on any type of accuracy to give official notices etc...but there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.  After we resign the papers and sign some other junk, Roy and I are heading off to breakfast, then a trip out to Katy to check progress and if need be talk with our sales consultant. 

I finished up my leftover errands from yesterday.  This weekend Roy and I are making our big TO DO and TO BE DONE list.  If you see some unofficial fireworks in our area of town, it might not be the illegal kind but the sparks that could fly as we decide the importance of timely TO DO and what can be left on the list for awhile.  Of course most of my decisions have emotional pull to them, such as furnishings, window treatments, outdoor furniture and the like.  I'm not that frivolous to what needs to be taken care of first; meaning once we close on the house we will go pay for the choices we've made in regard to refrigerator, washer and dryer.  Probably the last thing we will have on that list is big screen TV.  We both want one but are willing to wait closer to football least college football season. 

Update on Buddy and the collar...the collar is still on but she tries in earnest to remove it.  We have had a couple of annoying moments in the middle of the night but nothing too disastrous.  Last night it didn't matter, I hardly slept at all.  Roy and I talked about the house before going to bed and of course that set my mind off into a gazillion directions of things that need to be done and making note of some things we've seen that we'll purchase.  Also my heart seems to be trying its best to go out of rhythm.  I would like to be able to be very proactive and involved in our move.  The Dr is adjusting my meds constantly to help me deal with the beat and the heat. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Errands and a Flat Iron

It is stupid hot.  Just like the Bible says, we go from strength to strength, I went from A/C to A/C.  The in between times outdoors, almost unbearable.  Happy to have run all my errands and return home before noon.  There were several to do's on my list today.  To guarantee an early start I decided breakfast out would be just the thing.  After a leisurely breakfast I went next door to Tanglewood Gifts and dropped off  the mail.  Then I went to Nord.  Yesterday, while going through things I found some items that didn't fit into the clothing picture of the present and near future.  Why I keep thinking I'm a little cardigan girl, I don't know.  Anyway, did that, then picked up a  golf gift card for a birthday gift and then went to Nord Rack.  Found Roy some shirts and I bought another set of sheets.  Stopped at the bank and then went to the Walgreen's to pick up a prescription.  If Walgreen's had cold Diet Cokes I would have continued on with a couple more things, but their Cokes are always headed home and will do the other stuff later in the week. 

We went out to see if there was any progress on the house last night.  Yes!  No window, but bricking has started and all the Sheetrock has been floated.  Everything looked so different now that the rooms are defined.  We go next week and pick out the slab of granite for the kitchen. 

I almost forgot to tell of an earth shattering moment...she says in jest...that happened last Friday night.  Dena and I went to the Bistro for dinner.  And of course, it was delicious.  The nice thing about the Bistro at night, you don't have to fight crowd noise to be heard.  We did a little look see in a couple of depts and then decided to call it a night.  We encountered a lot of construction going on in the area and just as we had cleared it, I said you know if it wasn't a Friday night and knowing the parking lot will be jammed at the Rack, I would go and get a flat iron.  Who knew that small sentence would add life for two otherwise worn out and ready to pack it in girls.  Dena came alive!  What?  I was going to start using a flat iron!  She is the flat iron queen and told me I shouldn't buy a cheap one but instead should buy a Chi brand.  It was then she offered to let me borrow one out of her vast collection and I was up for it, but then I remembered parking at her place is now a premium.  Nah, so we turned around and went to Ulta and got in right under the 9:00 closing time.  A few minutes later, I had purchased a flat iron that passed Dena's seal of approval.  I used it for the first time on Sunday morning.  I even got up early just in case the whole hair thing went south.  I think I did pretty good.  So I flat ironed this morning, but didn't do such a hot job.  Guess it will just take practice.  But I needed to announce to the world I have finally bought into using a flat iron. 

Here are a few pictures Roy took last night.

 The dinning room ceiling. This is really going to be a sitting room. 

The kitchen

The fireplace and the TV nook

Sunset over Cinco

View from a bridge too far

Nite, nite to the sun.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shifting and Shredding

So a new thing has started here at home with Buddy.  Buddy has never worn any kind of collar and since we will be moving to a house where the odds of her getting out the door increase if we fail to be vigilant, she needs to have a tag on in order to be returned to us.  That is if a hawk doesn't get her.  That image is burnt into my consciousness after hearing a story about hawks in Katy and the untimely end to small animals.  Even now tears are in the corner of my eyes because that end is just unthinkable.  Buddy has had her new collar on, which I might add is very stylish and attractive, for about thirty minutes.  She doesn't like it.  I'm trying to encourage her with play but she stops every few steps and attempts removal of the collar.  In the middle of the night I might not be thinking this collar complete with small bell is a good idea.  But it will be a warning when Buddy sneaks up to me in the night and meows, thus signaling she would like for me to turn onto my right side in order to curl up on my arm.  Tonight, she might be seeking out Roy for company instead of me.  Dang, I should have had Roy put the collar on her. 

Today, I'm going through little places where junk piles up.  I have come across warranties and information on appliances that have come and gone.  Found some funny pictures, some poignant cards and interesting things like that.  Getting ready to fire up old shreddy is just a moment. 

Once we really hit Roy's office stuff and some clothes can could maybe head to Goodwill I will feel like we are in a good place packed up wise.  We are getting to the point that the things not packed are the things we are using. 

I'm going to check on Buddy.  She has given up for now but once she has had her mid afternoon nap, she will intently give her attention to removing her collar. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Waiting and Failing at It

I took the picture of this sign in Alaska back in 2008 and yes I realize it says trail of time not trial of time.  Either way right now would work in life.  I'm failing miserably at waiting.  Last Thursday, three times on Facebook:

 Isaiah 40:28-31

Amplified Bible (AMP)
28Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, does not faint or grow weary; there is no searching of His understanding.
29He gives power to the faint and weary, and to him who has no might He increases strength [causing it to multiply and making it to abound].(A)
30Even youths shall faint and be weary, and [selected] young men shall feebly stumble and fall exhausted;
31But those who wait for the Lord [who expect, look for, and hope in Him] shall change and renew their strength and power; they shall lift their wings and mount up [close to God] as eagles [mount up to the sun]; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint or become tired.(B)

Noticing and thanking God in advance that He is preparing you and strengthening you are two different things.  I noticed...  Even knowing that this particular passage is the one the Lord gave to me for this year, I noticed and even said to this a message to pay particular attention to?  Dismissed it...

On Thursday our sales consultant from David Weekley Homes emailed us to let us know the windows that have not been installed were boarded up to protect the inside of the house from rain and that insulation and sheet rock would be going up, even though the house is missing two windows.  So on a whim Thursday evening after dinner, Roy and I went out to the house...NOTHING... NO NOT ONE THING that he said would be done, had been done.  That irritated the fire out of me.  On our way out of the subdivision, we made a special jaunt to a house, same floor plan, being built around the way.  Dang it!  They had in all their windows and the majority of their house had been bricked!  This house started three weeks after ours.  What the heck?  This is where I so wish I could report that I let the power of Christ rule over my flesh, but I deed-nt.  Nope, I got angry, raised my voice and generally acted like an idiot.  You know, I'm saying to them..tell me, what do you think is going you think this is a conspiracy?  The last statement comes from watching too much ID TV, where every story they show has conspiracy intertwined all through it.  Roy is the spiritual one that night and refuses to buy into my anger.  I could not go to sleep that was well past 2:30 am when sleep finally came.  The next morning after a slow sizzle, he wasn't happy about the house situation and he made some phone calls.  He got the ball rolling again.  We went out there last night, insulation in, partly sheet rocked, but no windows.  While we were there several trucks and cars pulled up.  Construction workers, doing the overtime thing, working on the rest of the sheet rock.  We thanked them in English and espanol.  According to our David Weekley home page, all sheet rock is up. 

I've got to stop watching Mob Wives on VH1.  The show is addicting, kind of like Toddlers and Tiaras.  Only T&T doesn't have as much if any cussing but just like MW, it bleeps it out.  Sometimes on MW you can't even follow the sentence because it is one long string of bleeps.  No, I haven't started talking that way but you know, if that is what I am filling my head with instead of hiding the Word in my heart when I encounter moments where I should be relying on the power of the Holy might just slip out.  In fact, I was being funny with Roy on our drive home Thursday and I was bleeping myself out and talking about loyalty and disrespect...(which are two major subject matters on MW)

I got to stop watching this show and I just learned it is being renewed for another season and July 10 is the reunion show... 

Yesterday, awesome sermon at church...Heavenomics...dying to self and ego...thinking when things don't go according to our schedule, we have rights....  As you can tell the sermon hit a sensitive spot and yes, up there in the choir loft I asked the Lord to forgive me and help me live life like Jesus taught us.  Even in Sunday School, Dena gave extensive attention to, you guessed it, Isaiah 40: 28-31.  I said in my spirit, I am doing more than noticing this, I'm looking for what the Lord wants me to learn.  That was all fine and good for yesterday, but today... I failed miserably again, at Academy.  Why stores don't have enough people for check out is beyond me.  One line was open, the line was long and the manager and assistant manager stood there...watching...doing nothing...but (and this is my interpretation of it) "giving leadership."  Come on, open up another lane, maybe even the manager could check out some customers.  So after waiting in line for significant time, one of my items doesn't have a bar code on it...only the price.  The clerk calls someone...nothing...some other employee walks by and says, that is the last one...nothing.  Meanwhile the line is growing longer and longer.  So I volunteer to go back and get another item, with the bar code, because it wasn't the last one.  But the clerk says, yes you can pay for this and go back and get the merchandise and get in line to pay for again.  I've already given a lot of time to this purchase, so I said and then apologized to all those in line, then I will just stand here until you get it figured out.  And being the ever helpful one, I would say every few minutes, I would have already returned and you could be checking out the next person.  Finally, the girl says, OK, go get it and I will hold the line.  Back in nothing flat, paid for the purchase and went out the door.  Of course when I was telling Roy about it I said, at least I didn't go Mob Wives mad.  He said, you've got to stop watching that show...  I think he said it to me several times.  Really, it doesn't matter if I was just a little mad or a lot mad, I failed.  Once again, I confessed and prayed.

Kroger...long lines...but they are moving along.  Getting groceries rung up, lady in front of me won't move because she is reading over her receipt.  She didn't get credited for BOGO.  I was miffed but still didn't go MW angry.  Doesn't matter, I failed.

Funny, but I bought a new book the other day, breaking my vow of no new books until after we move, Living on the Edge.  Great reading so far and guess what it is all about, Romans 12...which goes right along with Isiah 40.  The good news is even though I have failed, I've been forgiven and it is only by God's grace that I can live life that is pleasing and glorifying to Him.  Hey, I'm loyal, I'm His girl and I won't go around disrespecting they say on MW.  Better yet, "She's got no spades, so she might as well throw in her hand"  which only means in MW talk, I'm giving it all to Him.  Well, until I take it back.  I hope I don't, but anyway, these are the struggles of the moment.  Really rather shallow. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23, 1971

It was the summer of Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World", the Stones, "Brown Sugar," Carole King, " I Feel the Earth Move" and "It's Too Late Baby."  It was the summer I went to youth camp in Palacios, TX.  Our church plus a couple of churches from San Antonio converged on the old vested Baptist camp grounds for a week of sun, fun, bad food, quiet times, late nights and making new friends.  Oh yes and getting closer to the Lord.  I was on a spiritual high since I had just become a Christian in January 1971.  I was looking for God's presence to be even more real in my life.  To tell you the truth, I don't remember very much from that week at camp, but I do remember June 23, 1971.  It was the Wednesday that I took the little blue booklet on the Holy Spirit, done by Campus Crusade...  I am reminded that this was the year of the 4 Spiritual Laws booklet taking off in a big way.  One of my friends gave me the little blue booklet at the beginning of the week.  We talked about what it all meant usually at the end of a very busy and fun day.  Those words in that booklet were burning a hole into my heart.  God was using His Word to get my attention.  Since the camp is located right off the Gulf of Mexico, there was a sea wall or something that surrounded the camp or maybe it just seems like that in my memory.  But I sat there with my Bible and blue booklet...and read...and let God speak...  Right there the perfect picture of taking my sins and casting them into the sea played into the reality of my life.  Even though I was saved, this was the next major big step in my walk with the Lord.  All I know is this, I came home a changed person.  Even my parents noticed some of the rough edges that were major structures of my personality, were gone.  The results of that week even led my dad to fund a camp scholarship fund for kids from single parent homes to go to camp each summer. That fund is still sending kids to camp.   When I was older and more familiar with this scholarship I had my dad add spending money along with the paid way.  That has always been his short sight,spending money.  Once you're at camp, ya need a little pocket money rolling around in your hand crafted wallet you've made during camp craft time. 

For several years after that week at camp, a friend and I sent each other cards on June 23 celebrating the day that our fledgling faith became sight.  After 10 or so years, June 23 didn't hold the same place in my friend's heart and calendar.  We stopped sending cards to one another.  But each year since 1971 I take a portion of the day, re think and relive that time and then relax and resound my thankfulness to God for His faithfulness and love...yes, even the work He did in me that hot summer day in Texas. 

June 23, 1971...Wednesday evening...a milestone on my journey.

Last Sunday while getting ready for church I heard one of my favorite songs from that time.  Our youth choir did the musical, Natural High.  I don't remember many of the songs, but this one has traveled with me,  When I hear it, I am back in high school, remembering those early days when spiritual is all new and wondrous.  A time where I was looking for signs of God in everything I did.  Don't get me wrong, I still look and keep a watch for His presence, but not with the wonder I had at the age of 16.  Here are the lyrics...

My Little World

Oh God of the stars, the sun and the moon

Oh God of the wind and the sea

Though You’re everywhere

How amazing it is

That You can be here with me

The uncharted craters of planets beyond

You know like the palm of your hand

And yet You’re concerned

With my little world

Oh, help me to understand

I know that miracles happen to people like me

The moment we dare to believe

For we are the objects of God’s mighty love

Far greater than our little minds can conceive

The stars could collide

The sun could grow dim

The whole universe pass away

Still nothing can change the promise He made

And Christ in my heart will stay.

(repeat chorus)

Yes, Christ in my heart will stay.

Written by Ralph Carmichael. © Bud John Songs, Inc.

All rights reserved. Used by permission.

 to show up

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taking a Break...A Lunch Break

Lunch today is a delicious pimento cheese sandwich and cantaloupe.  Guess I have gone with an orange-esk color in my dinning choices today. 

Yesterday, I began going through kitchen cabinets.  I think we have not only cornered the market on camisoles and sunscreen found on previous packing days, we also have cornered the market on travel mugs.  More specifically, coffee travel mugs.  Throughout the years we have mainly acquired them as give a ways, some came as gifts and I think only one out of the large group was bought by us.  I know we went through our collection about a year and a half ago and got rid of a bunch of them.  Seems like in those dark, corner cabinet recesses, those travel mugs have been taking seriously the command of being fruitful and multiple.  I'm embarrassed to admit that also stuck back in that corner cabinet were several packages of DIY dry cleaning kits.  I don't think they even make them anymore.  Obviously, we can't do away with clothes that need to be dry cleaned for Roy, but I have been on a quest of not purchasing clothes that need dry cleaning for me.  This kit was for my clothes as I would rather a professional take care of Roy's.  Apparently, my quest for non dry clean clothes was successful, thus the unused kits. 

We heard from our builder that the one remaining window should be installed this week.  They are still predicting that the house will be finished by the end of July.  The new setting for our master bathroom bathtub should be installed this week as well.  They cut for a 5' tub and we had ordered a 6'. 

After dinner last night, Roy and I made a Costco run.  We only needed a few things and we stuck with our list pretty much.  The temptation is great in Costco.  We saw a patio dinning table that we loved, a slate top.  I don't know, but for me slate is my new favorite stone.  But reality of moving the thing hit when we tried to lift it up.  Not that we would be trying to move it all the time, but you have to take into account you know, hurricane force winds.  While going through the kitchen, I've decided we need glass storage dishes and get rid of all the plastic.  We looked at what Costco had and kept on rolling. 

Well, my lunch break is over.  I need to continue on with the work at hand. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Whirl Wind Weekend

What a fun but busy weekend!  It might take me all week to recoup.  I loaded the pictures in the wrong order so...we shall start with Sunday and roll backwards.

Sunday afternoon we dropped by my parents for Father's Day.  This is my sweet little mama.  Even though we don't understand a whole lot of what she says, she still has her funny little laugh.

 Mama and me sitting on the couch.  When she was able the backyard, which you see behind us, was ablaze with color.  She has a green thumb and could grow and grow successfully just about anything she planted.  I did not inherit this gift.
 My Dad, me and Mom in front of the usual picture taking spot.
 Mom, Dad and Roy...  I actually used Roy's camera to take the picture.  His camera overwhelms me but he had set it on auto focus, thankfully.
We drove out to Katy afterwards.  We took 90 to 99.  It has been years since we've been on 90 and couldn't believe all the changes.  We passed by the old Imperial Sugar building in Sugar Land.  That is where we turned to go to the farm where we kept my horse way back in the day.  Of course that land has been built on and no horse farm remains.  Even the little road that ran beside the refinery has disappeared.  Now Regal Ranch, that place is still open.  That was surprising. 

This is the one and only window that needs to be installed and progress will resume on the house.  With this delay, we are probably now looking at August for the closing date. 
 Side view...with missing window

Saturday at 2:00 was the wedding shower for Paige and John.  It was a blast,  It was a display shower and that way they were able to visit with their guests. 

The living room display

The garage display

The bedroom display

Friends on display.

John's family on display

Paige's Dad, Mom and sister (bottom corner) on display

Friday night fun on the lake

Paige's dad, Billy, skiing

The fishies waiting to be fed

Chris and Ben the Interns having a little fun in between all their hard work

It was a snap....for Shea, her first time on a wake board

Peggy in her summer element

Friday, June 17, 2011

Step Back, Prepare and a Poem

For some reason my blog has stopped importing into my Facebook notes.  So techie that I am, I went to the help area on Facebook.  I was instructed to send some information, which I did.  Now I am getting more instructions that this addled, not tech, low attention span brain that cannot comprehend.  So here's to I hope it all works out. 

It is so good to have an ease into the day kind of morning.  This week has been full and I've been busier than usual.  Of course when I do this, my body sends me a HUGE message that I need to take a couple steps back and build in more down time.  So it felt really good to sleep in this morning because the next few days might prove to be hectic.  Last night we did our prep work for John and Paige's wedding shower on Saturday.  The group that I am so happy to be a part of who are putting on this shindig is reasonably balanced into those who are good at taking charge and getting things accomplished and those that are there and happy to be apart of it and await instructions.  You know a group of Baptists, especially Baptist women cannot have any type of gathering without the communal gathering and feasting of snacks.  There were some really good snacks to be had in the midst of the prep and fun.  I seemed to find myself more drawn to the fun.  John and Paige were a hoot and so cute to watch as they went through the gifts.  Paige's parents and younger sister had just gotten into town and so they were able to be there to be a part of the festivities.  The shower on Saturday will be a blast.  Roy will be taking pictures for them, so I will have something to post on the blog and on Facebook. 

We have met a milestone here at the condo, all our books have been boxed.  Oh, there are a few exceptions of some notebooks that Roy needs to look through.  The non necessary kitchen items are next of my list.  Of course that last sentence would be an oxymoron here, so I should probably be more definitive by saying, kitchen items in the cabinet that never see the light of day.  That would include things like Pyrex dishes, cookie sheets, cake pans and all the utensils that accompany them.  Once we move I think I will get a hand mixer and a few other kitchen things because maybe the "new" will inspire me.  That and the fact that I won't have a play grocery store just down the street. 

My two favorite pairs of flip flops this summer create so many shoe farts.  These shoes are great support and have that negative heel action that will help me have shapelier calf's and thighs.  Ha!  I really love the support much better than regular flip flops.  So for the most part I don't mind the shoe farts but it is a tad embarrassing when one walks through relative quiet spots in life.  The other evening the loud talker and the obsessive dog walker were sitting by the pool and as I walked passed them, my shoes went to town making all kinds of disgusting noises.  The loud talker even heard them over her loud, booming voice.  For a minute I contemplated turning back to tell them that it was my shoes making that noise, not me.  But what the heck, we're moving.  Besides it will give them something to remember me by when we have moved.  Shoe farts in the bookstore, church, and other places....I usually warn friends and people with me that the noise they are about to hear did not eminate from me, but rather from my shoes. 

This week while packing things in Roy's office I came across my Amplified Bible that I bought in 1974.  I have written about this Bible before.  I had saved money and had Christmas money from my grandparents and after Christmas I headed down to the Baptist Book Store on Main Street to buy my red leather Amplified Bible.  I had priced it earlier and had just that amount of money with me.  Much to my surprise the cost of that Bible went up several dollars in the interim.  That news broke my heart.  The saleslady said, we have a red leather Amplified Bible that we are sending back because two pages in Jeremiah has lighter print.  She would sell me that Bible for the money I had.  I looked at the two pages, they were readable and at the time I thought, who reads Jeremiah?  I think I was in my being all spiritual mode by only receiving great wisdom from the minor prophets at that time.   I notice that I do have several verses highlighted on those two pages, so apparently my thought pattern toward the book of Jeremiah changed.  Because the Lord provided His Word that day, I wrote a poem of thankfulness to Him in my Bible.  So here it is; poetry on a Friday.  Maybe I should add bad poetry on a Friday, but it was written from my 20 year old mind and heart. 

Clap your hands, dance and leap!
For the seeds have been sown
and now it's time to harvest and reap.
The hills and the mountains break forth into singing
with glad hosannas and praises ringing.
The trees of the field clap their hands, they are over joyed.
Because the Word never returns to Him, void.
As the rains from heaven cause flowers to sprout
So is the Word of God that brings souls out.
For the Word of God is full of power and sharper than any two edged sword.
And when it pierces the heart, a person will acknowledge Jesus as Lord!
It is the Word of God that is the power to save and refresh
Not us at all, for nothing dwells good in our flesh.
No matter how good we try to be at any length
the principle still stands, in quietness and confidence is our strength.
So through every valley, brook and rill
Let the seeds be planted!  Cultivate and till.
Because the opportunity we may not always seize
But the Word of God will go out and accomplish
What He would please.

Nancy Doss 1974

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In the Multitude....

It is just difficult to stay focused on the things at hand when one is out and about in this spirit breaking, sweat producing, oppressive heat and it is not even August yet.  With all these high temperatures I try to run errands in the mornings or into the evening and try to stay cool indoors at home in the afternoons.  So it was an eventful morning, nothing earth shattering, but more things crossed off the list and a new learning experience.

Today the water is scheduled to be off in order for repairs for various condos.  This must be a season of bad water line breakage because the water is still off here in the late afternoon.  So, I headed out this morning, had breakfast, bought stamps and decided to use the ATM at another bank.  Breakfast good, postage line long, and ATM?  Just another adventure and maybe soon all my experiences at the ATM will be on You Tube.  So, this bank is before all the places I needed to stop this morning.  We rarely stop in at this bank but in my quest to get out of comfortable ruts, I ventured onward to use their ATM.  At least I put the card in correctly and then it asked all these questions to set up what I later learned to be a user profile and when I requested said funds, all I got was a receipt...with no balance...and no money.  Apparently I must lift a little lid to find the cash.  Lid didn't move.  Nothing worked... I'm out of the car trying to pry open the lid which in hindsight wasn't even where the cash comes out. I am looking for a button to talk to someone on the inside...nothing..   Of course I am in a panic cause no bank is going to believe that you only got this little nothing of a receipt and no cash.  So, I park and go into the bank...trying to act all reasonable and not menopausal.  I didn't want them to think that this little receipt I was showing to the receptionist as sweat is dripping down my face to be misinterpreted as a "give me all your cash" kind of thing.  The receptionist man...yep it was a man...  looked at my little receipt and asked, "have you ever used our ATM before?"  No...I usually just use this for groceries and junk like that.  He let me know that I had set up a quick cash thing and I could now go over to the inside the bank ATM and see if everything worked out correctly for me.  Word is probably out about all the faces and gyrations I can go through while using a machine.  He left his desk and I am almost sure he went over to the tellers that weren't busy as said, get the video from outside on her and let's see what happens when she uses the inside machine.  Fortunately, it all worked out and I didn't give another show.  I should have announced no flash photography please as it will cause distraction and miss punching of numbers.  After getting some cash, I headed out the door to Town and Country to see if my stop at that Pottery Barn would make rain happen.  No, but I did find what I was looking for.

Here is the new word of the week that Peggy introduced me to, matelasse.  I think that is French for coverlet.  Anyway, I bought a cream king size matelasse on Monday and today I found a sage blue matelasse for the guest bedroom.  This word matelasse is almost becoming a favorite word right up there with porte corchre.  Since I was so close to Barnes and Noble and I had my Nook, I wander over to sample some interesting reads and bought a book whose title now escapes me.  I never can remember titles.  Made a couple more stops on the way home and now here I am.  I remembered to RSVP for the HFBC wedding of the century and now I am trying to find another RSVP card to returnl for another event we social Monarch butterflies have been invited to. 

That's the hard part about moving.  Everything is getting packed.  Last night as Roy assembled all the info the mortgage company wants to know about us, we couldn't find an April bank statement.  They come in the mail and I put them on Roy's desk so that he can keep them in our little notebook.  He wanted to accuse me of not giving it to him and I wanted to think he probably accidentally shredded it during his marathon shedding a couple of weekends ago.  The later is probably what happened but we were able to get another copy.  Stuff like this overwhelms me.  I got so worked up over not being able to locate it, that it took me longer to settle down so I could go to sleep.  Yea, that sets well with Roy who has to get up much earlier than me but he was very understanding, probably in hopes that I will be as understanding when it comes time to move and he hasn't packed up one thing. 

PSALM 94:19 in the Amplified Bible is becoming a life verse for this season of life, "In the multitude of my (anxious) thoughts within me, Your comforts cheer and delight my soul."  Verse 13 too, "that You may give him power to hold himself calm in the days of adversity."  Funny, never thought of buying a house under the category of adversity and truthfully there are a few background dramas going on in our lives that has nothing to do with building a house but are present never the less.  Anyway, amidst the multitude of anxious thoughts...the Lord's comforts cheer me.  We don't have to do this in our own strength, we rest in the Lord.  The Lord is strong and mighty, He protects and as we are studying in Adult Sunday Bible Study this summer, the Name of the Lord is a STRONG TOWER, the righteous run into it and they are safe. 

Getting ready for round two of going through the boxes in my closet to see if anything is Goodwill worthy now that I didn't think I could part with a couple of months ago. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trying Not to be Overwhelmed

I swear we could open a Lifeway Store with all the reference books, Bible studies, Bibles, and cards I have found this morning while cleaning out Roy's office.  By cleaning out, I mean packing and making another Goodwill box that will be out the door soon, I hope. 

It has been an exciting morning because we received an email from our mortgage company asking for all kinds of recent information.  So that means things are on the move.  As I read the list of everything that Roy needs to gather, I became overwhelmed.  Just like Roy becomes overwhelmed when faced with packing boxes.  It is a really good thing that we are so opposite and can take care of the stuff we have more of an affinity for. 

Part of me wants to begin packing up some stuff in the kitchen because, well you know, it probably won't get used in the next month or so.  I was in Highland Village yesterday because I meet Cassi for lunch.  I went a little early to be able to run into a couple of stores.  I even went to Pottery Barn hoping that my presence would produce rain.  I even went twice!  First visit in a long time that didn't end with me getting wet, well from rain.  Sweat, that is a whole nother thing.  I enjoy browsing Williams Sonoma because they have stuff that makes me think if I owned it, I would cook.  Although, I did take a little longer with some items that I probably will get once we have moved in and settled down.  Anthropologie had lots of cute things on sale but cute kitchen items will just have to wait.  Interesting side note to the Pottery Barn trip.  I think I was being set up for a purse snatching in the parking lot.  Hey, still have some street sense from our days living in Fondren Southwest.  Living, not a good term, existing until we could get out is more like it.  Anyway, I turned back and kind of bowed up and made the evil eye at the two following me.  The one who probably was the chosen one to grab my purse was caught by surprise and the one heading to the get a way car, hurried their steps a little more.  Who knows, God may have put some big ol' angels around me and that shook them up.  But just by the way they reacted makes me think, they weren't up to any good. 

Just one more window to be installed and then an inspection and then drywall can be hung and the bricks and stones will start on the outside.  Once that happens I think everything begins to speed up, trim and door work, cabinets, counter tops, paint, and then flooring. 

Here are a couple of pictures from Saturday. 

All the windows are in on this side, except for the bathroom window which will be glass block.
 A courtyard view.  Well, what will be the courtyard.
 A view from across the street.
 Me hanging out on the back porch. 
All my creativity is going into thinking about this house.  I have to make sure not to think about the house before going to bed, because my brain starts running and I can't go to sleep.  It has been neat to walk through the house and see all the verses we wrote on the frame.  I'm thinking on our next trip out that way, I might write a few verses and such on the floor. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm Back!

After two long weeks we finally have the Internet back in our casa. Actually, it is usually I who has fits over no connection, but this time it affected Roy more so than me.  It became quite the fiasco yesterday.  We got the confirmation call that someone would be here before 5:00 and no one showed, much less called.  Until 9:00 last night, Roy called Comcast every 45 minutes and heard a different story or excuse.  In the midst of all this one of the Comcast voices gave us HBO free for 6 months.  Really, that is probably a waste but I did get to see the McEnroe/Borg special and it was very good.  In the past two weeks we have had a lot going on that being connected to the Internet here at home would have made life a little easier.  But, it is great to be back!

So much has been happening but now that I have a chance to write about it, nothing is coming to mind.  The heat in Houston has been almost unbearable.  With the heat has come a small relapse with heart events.  Think things might be under control now, but I don't feel confident enough to be in the choir loft tomorrow morning.  It has been quite some time since I have felt like this. 

I broke my toe on Tuesday.  Quite funny, my toe got caught in the hem of my jammies and with the next step, I tumbled.  I can only wonder what the people who live below us thought.  I was pretty bruised up and sore on Wednesday.  At least I broke my toe in the top joint and not in the middle like I've done before.  It is not as painful to get around when it is a high break.

New challenge for me...  Our bank finally got rid of its 1990 version of ATM and installed one with touch screen.  My first attempt at using it was just sad.  I know the employees had to be so happy to watch the video of me trying to use the ding, dong thing.  After a few futile attempts, success was mine. 

We almost have windows!  Ours have been on back order because the INS raided the window makers and most of the workers were here illegally.  So production went down from 200 windows a day, to about 20.  We only have one window left to be put in.  They have started some of the outside trim work on our entrance.  Bricks and stones should be happening soon.

This is all I've got for now....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

No Internet...No Posting

It has been almost a week without the Internet to our home. Comcast is coming out on Saturday morning. So I am writing this on my cell phone. Thus, this will be a very short post and not my usual litany of words.

Work continues on our home. We had the pre-drywall meeting Tuesday morning. Our windows are on back-order. They should be delivered and maybe even installed. We won't know until we get out that way this weekend. If the windows are in, then the drywalling has begun. Roy and I went back to Bassett and bought the sectional couch for the sitting room which is really the room formerly known as the dining room.

I continue my focused packing up of things. I feel like I have gone through a myriad of emotions as I come across mementos stored and put away. Some are making the move and some will be finding themselves in new homes.

Well, my index finger is getting tired. I have lots more on my mind but don't have the pointer finger strength.