Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Might as Well Face it I'm Addicted to........

The evening started so innocently. Really it did. Roy needs some thick socks for outdoors walking. I volunteered to go to Sports Authority to get him a couple of pairs tonight while he is at the Astro's game with a friend. So after I made the purchase instead of leaving and coming straight home, I wandered to the end of the shopping center thinking that I would just check things out. DSW did not lure me, neither did Pier One, but I had no strength what so ever to resist especially when there is a sale going on. Two cars pulled out in front of me almost hitting Mustang Sally, but I was not deterred. I parked and went inside. I didn't start with a shopping cart, but time was short before I procured one for usage. There were things that we really need and dang it, they are on sale. So after picking up a few things I headed to the check out but not before going down my very favorite aisle. My weakness stared me in the face and I succumbed to the notebooks especially since I noticed that there were only a few left of the type I like. Three sounded like a good and holy number, so that is what I picked up.

Hi, my name is Nancy. It had been 3 months since I had been to

I'll begin anew tomorrow from abstaining from the dream of organization After all tomorrow is another day.

Cue Gone With the Wind music....ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhh.....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Blast From the Past

Saturday night was so much fun! A reunion of the youth group when Johnny D was here. I was not a youth, but a youth worker. Camps cemented my friendship with Gerti and I became friends with so many others that I still call friend today. It is hard to believe that all those young ones are now grown up, have kids of their own, and lead adult lives with adult type responsibilities. A lot of the guys were balding, others looked just the same. The women seemed to have faired better through the years. If someone can tell me how to save the DVD of pictures to my computer, I will upload it onto my blog. You'll be happy to see a very young CourtneyS. I am in the DVD but I don'[think you will recognize me. I have shorter curlier hair, no glasses and I am much, much skinnier. Although at the time I thought I was fat. Looking back now, I wasn't. Oh well...

The following are some pictures that Roy took from the program part of the evening. Of course there is Johnny, but the other pictures are of the Clean Cabin Girls. We were singing Clean It to the tune of Beat It. I heard through the grapevine that Michael Jackson may sue us.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Object de Arte at HFBC

Seriously, we have some of the strangest pictures and object de art at HFBC. In light of our Worship Center being renovated and the ensuing changes that will be taking place across the building, I feel it is my duty and obligation to show you some of our strange artistic wonders before they see the dark of a storage room.

The above is a picture you see as you get off the second floor elevator by the Worship/Music suite. I use this picture as a navigational device. I always know by this picture what floor I'm on when the elevator door opens or sometimes in my case does not open. Isn't this scenic and pastoral as a grandfather or maybe even a father if he has a trophy wife, reading to the children. Or it could be Moses come back for a quick story and eyewitness account of the Exodus. Anyway, all seems well here.

We have been members of HFBC since 1982 and I have seen this picture a hundred times, but it wasn't until recently as I waited a long time for an elevator (somebody stuck and frantically pushing the open door button) that I noticed something unusual. The tall girl's hand.
She ain't really got no thumb. How does she use a mug or pour hot water without a thumb? She has five fingers. She is either an alien, as in space, or she is flashing gang. Or she could be the trophy wife telling hubs that five children is the limit.
Here she is again in closer focus for your contemplation. If you have any idea why she is all fingers as opposed to all thumbs, I would like to know.

Now on to one of our statues and maybe the only statue at HFBC. You don't see too many statues whether they be the saints of old or a benevolent benefactor in a Baptist church. Oh maybe one day there could one of Billy Graham or if a nostalgic feel happens, Pat Neff. I have no idea who Pat Neff is, but he is a statue and a dorm at Baylor.
The statue below is in the Kate Bell Prayer Garden right outside of the CLC. The garden is located near the highest concentration of children, athletes and weekend warriors. I believe this is why the statue has had a lot of problems keeping her hand connected to the wrist bone.

Maybe white duct tape exists to strap on that pesky hand. It was the Apostle Paul who said I wish that men everywhere would lift holy hands and I assume this means women too. But she is being bibilically incorrect in that she is only lifting one holy hand by the hair of her chinny chin chin and Elmer's Glue All.

Guess she can't lift her other hand cause she has a tambourine that the goat or lamb is eating. Maybe this is Mary, no not mother of Jesus, no not other Mary, but Mary who had a little lamb. Who knows? Notice the FEBO. Is that the name of the lamb or the artist? I don't know, but I do know that everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go.

Next up on our tour of art at HFBC, Prom Hair Jesus and Jesus with really big hands. Join us won't you?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Goes Up Must Come Down

It's something about the elevators today. It started this morning. I rushed out the door and grabbed the elevator then remembered my phone.... when I came back in the electricity did the flutters. Never quite going off but off long enough for me to be so very thankful I was not in the elevator. I took the stairs.

Came into church and the strong aroma of glue or epoxy hit me dead on. I kind of held my breath while waiting til the elevator came. The man getting off said, hope you don't get stuck like I did. Just keep pushing "door open" and eventually you'll get out. I took the stairs.

When I left for lunch, I took the stairs.

When I came back from lunch, I forgot about the elevator issues. Sure enough I got in...punched the button. No movement. Push 2 again...nothing. Madly I push open door, open door, open door...a whole lot more times than I care to write. The doors groaned and made a slight movement. Finally, after several minutes the door slowly opens. I believe I escaped through a door open 3 inches wide. I took the stairs.

Today, I had an exciting lunch with Annette. Her blog is Annie's Eyes. We connected through blog land. She is a Siesta from Beth Moore's blog. Time flew by as we talked, laughed and of course ate lunch. You've heard it before, it was as if we had known each other for a long time. Hope you go to the link and read her blog. She has depth and insight into the scriptures and has a great sense of humor and fun.

It is nice to have a rainy day now and then. It has been so long since we have really had one. It felt fallish. Oh no, fall fever is hitting me sooner this year.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Week 2 in the Pew

Last week I wrote about my pew experience and quickly I will report on this Sunday's experience. This Sunday was new all the way around. The past three Sundays, I have felt dizzy and faint coming into church. Each week it lessens and I think I have determined what I do differently on Sunday than all the other days of the week. I did ask Roy if he thought I was under spiritual attack. He looks at me like, what in the world? He thoughtfully answered, why would the enemy be attacking you? You don't do anything of importance on Sunday mornings. Well, thank you Roy. (I am smiling as I write this...no surprise in his answer, it is such a Royism) This morning Roy drove us to church and dropped me off at the, here is one of my all time favorite words, porta cache. I went in and got us a seat and Roy parked the car. Roy usually doesn't drive. On our honeymoon he handed me the keys to the car and said, I don't care if I ever drive again. Now he drives, but if it is the two of us, he prefers me to drive. After riding with him through the years, I am of the same opinion. I am not alone in this, his friends share the same opinion. Friends don't let Roy think and drive. I don't let him stink and drive...see yesterday's post.

OK, off task. Back to the story. I sit on the row that Roy likes to sit on. I couldn't help but look over in the direction of where I sat last week...and there were people in the seats and the row. Not the people from last week who gave me a difficult time. So note to preferred pew people, you should get to church on time to get your seats. I am waiting on Roy when a man comes up to me. I am thinking , oh no whose seats are we in now? Not to be! He says, welcome to the section. Loved it, not welcome to church, welcome to the section. Love it! Hope you have a good Sunday. Are you a guest or member here at HFBC? We had a pleasant conversation and he went back to his chair. Praise Him! He came over and greeted Roy during the welcome time.

When Roy came in to sit, he didn't have his Bible and notebook. I asked him about that and just then he realized he left them in the car. He would have to go after the service to get them for Sunday School. Roy had post tramatic stress disorder from parking the car in the tini tiny spaces in the South parking lot. Thankfully, after church we went out to lunch with Dena and we all rode in her car. Roy was concerned we would never be able to get in the car due to the close proximity of being between two trucks.

Had a funny text message from Peggy this morning and she left me a voice mail to listen to after church. They are in Waco for the day but she wanted to let me know I was a Clean Cabin Girl for the Blast from the Past deal for Johnny. No dance moves or costumes, just need to know the words. Less than a week out and working on this, I say we are really planning too far in advance!

This week I am going to post some of Dena's pictures from Buchart Gardens. Her pictures are much better than mine.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Things I Like

This is the second Saturday in a row Roy has not gone into the office to get caught up. Oh, there is still stuff waiting on him, but he has come to a quality decision he needs to get away from the office, especially on Saturday. I like this.

He met with the walk/run club from HFBC this morning. So, he did his walking in Memorial Park and did his cool down in the CLC. I was sleeping in this morning, so he came home quietly as not to wake me. I like that. When I finally woke up and began making my way to the kitchen, my sense of smell was assaulted by this HORRIBLE odor. For a moment I thought our neighbors next door were cooking one of their wild connoctions. Sometimes when that happens, the scent of it drifts into our home. Out come candles and room spray to take the odor away. After some quick detective work I pinpointed the guilty odorfender...it was stinky Roy. He got in the shower and I put his clothes in the washing machine. Both he and the clothes came out spring fresh. I like that.

Last night we decided to tackle part of his closet. We went through his dress shirts. The Mission Training Center is now the proud giver away-er of the 75 dress shirts he took over there this morning. I like that. What I didn't like is to find out a lot of the shirts I thought he loved, he hated. He doesn't shop and I do and all these years of buying shirts and he told me he liked them. Then to find out he didn't...I have to be honest, my feelings got hurt. Very hurt. So, as we would go through the keep or give away shirts, a pattern developed and I could pick out the shirts he wasn't going to keep. My feelings aren't hurt anymore. We don't go to bed miffed, annoyed or mad at each other. In our early years of marriage there were many nights we stayed up all night. Last night it was easy to get over and I had to take back the remark that he could buy his own shirts from now on. We both agree that would be scary. I like that.

Roy took on his den/closet today. I LOVE that. If Poweraid or Gator Aid is on sale, Roy buys it, a lot of it and in mass quantities. Then he stacks it in his den/closet. Today we cleaned out what was left of our spice cabinet. I think some of those spices would have qualified as antiques. Anyway, our spice cabinet is now our sports drink cabinet. He also cleaned out some other stuff he has stacked in there and now we are able to walk in without an obstacle course. I like that.

We went to the cleaners, the gas station and the Kroger. He carried in the dry cleaning, filled up my car and carried in all the groceries. I like that.

I really like that Bunko begins in August and I get to spend time with friends I love to be around. I am growing out my nails. I will have to be at The Midsummer Night's Thing on July 30. So I will do Bunko, Babes and Burgers to hone my skills. That is going to be a fun night for the fam. Splash night for the toddies, New Groove Night for the kiddos, Bunko for the women and a game night for the guys. Burgers and hot dogs are $5.00 bucks. What a deal!

I like the books I have been reading. All of them are keeping my attention. Peggy tells the story when she and I took a girls trip in 1999. It was about the time that John Kennedy died and that was all the news. The clip of him announcing his mother's death was played over and over. He said that his mother died peacefully in the company of family, friends and her books. Peggy said who would want to die with their books and I said, I would! She gives me grief over that. There was a time when Roy and I traveled about 60 % of the year. And when we were gone, I missed family and friends...but I really missed my books the most. I could not wait to get home to them. I am not that attached to them now, but I am not beyond the fact I could miss my books.

Yesterday, at the Anniversary Sale, I noticed that we women were so helpful with one another. One lady asked me who cut my hair and before I knew it a whole group of women were around me, touching and commenting on my hair. We all began to give hair product tips to each other...
I bought some makeup and a woman was debating what moisturizer to use and I happily gave my endorsement of the product. We had a wonderful conversation. A couple of women helped me make the decision of which watch to buy. When I was in the men's dept, not one man made a comment as we all dug through the pile of size 16neck, sleeve 35 shirts. Not one man said that shade of blue would look great to another man. Not one man helped the other when you heard a guy say, I am looking for a blue stripe shirt. No one said, what sleeve length or here's one! It was sadly silent in the men's dept. So I quickly purchased Roy's shirts and went to pick up some clothes that I had pre-ordered at the pre-sale. I like that women will help one another when one is without a friend who would be helping with these decisions. I like that.

You would probably like for me to wrap up what I like at this moment, so I shall. I like that.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Of These Things I Like

I am going to do a post very similar to CourtneyS, Things I Like at the Moment. Of course she always refers to delicious menus and dishes she's created. There will be nothing of the sort here in this post, unless the food being referred to has been prepared by someone other than me.

1. I like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that began today. The store opened at 8:00, but I didn't arrive until 8:30. I didn't even make it off the first floor until after 10:00. Found lots of beautiful jewelry and another watch, which I really don't need, but it was on sale and so very, very cute. Roy usually doesn't fare too well on the opening day of the sale, that is until this year. I found 7 shirts for him.

2. I really like very much the friends God has brought in my life. Emily made me crack up laughing with her Facebook note to me of which I read while shopping today. She knew where I was this morning. Lisa and I talked a couple of times before and after my arrival at the store. We tried to make lunch plans, but my massage appointment messed those plans up. On the way home today I passed by a small store and saw Dena's car. Gave her a bippity boppity boo call and then went on my way to the play grocery store. I got to have lunch with Peggy, Jenny and Stephanie on Wednesday...at the Nord. We laughed so much and so hard. I didn't want to go back to work, but I did. CourtneyS and I had a TBD moment this week after she worked out. This will not mean much to anyone else but us, but the Christmas song, In the Bleak Mid Winter has brought much joy to us. Why wouldn't it? Isn't this one of the songs you look forward to singing every Christmas?

In the bleak midwinter, frost wind made moan, earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone; snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow, in the bleak midwinter, long ago.

On my trip to Alaska I learned that glaciers are made by snow on snow. Now the song makes a bit of sense. I will miss this holiday season CourtneyS at the office answering snow on snow when I called. Then I have all my blogging friends, known and unknown. A new world opened.

3. Cherry turnovers. I am really liking them lately.

4.Coming home for lunch during the week. I get some things taken care of around home and not everything is waiting for me when I get home. Being home at lunch is taking care of that desire to be around home more.

5. Naps. Enough said. Just the mention of naps makes me want to have one right now. So, I will post more later on what I like at the moment.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Meet a Friend and Some Other Stuff

I would like to introduce you to a friend. Her name is Amy and she has started blogging. Check hers out. You will not be disappointed. She writes about a devotion we heard in Ministries Staff Meeting last week. I too have been contemplating and thinking about Doug's words. She put it together in a great way. So be blessed by Amy. I am for sure.

Other than that, I really have nothing to blog about. But if you are a reader of Monablog, you know that has never stopped me. Today seemed like a long, long day. We were without the Internet for most of our work day. Jason had given me quite a bit to research and I was stymied in my work. We only had intra office email and we were sick of emailing only each other by the end of the day.

This is merely an observation, not a complaint. We have a Lunch and Learn coming up. I don't know, but if it is really that important...maybe the learning should be done on work time...not lunch time. I'm just saying. Free lunch just doesn't entice me. It has to be a pretty good lunch for me to totally get excited over the whole lunch and learn concept. The next one we have coming up, I won't be there. Since it is during my birthday week, Roy and I have plans for a long weekend. So, I will probably have to take part in a cake and cliftnote session.

Friday is the official beginning of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It is a good one, so if you are by the Galleria, take a look. The sale goes till August 3, but sometimes the best stuff is gone in the first week.

Roy has been getting home at a decent time this week. It has been so refreshing to have dinner with him and stay up for a while for everything to digest instead of wolfing something down at 9:00 ish. He would really like me to come walk with him at the CLC, but it is hard to go back to the workplace, even when that section of the church has nothing to do with my job.

I am reading the Ann Rice book, Christ Our Lord, Out of Egypt. I love this book. I will close with something I read in it the other night. Jesus' uncle is talking to him about Roman rule. He says, it is best to be under the rule of those who have a full cup. Interesting thought. Of course we know being ruled and led by Jesus, He has a full cup and the blessings overflow onto our lives. But thinking about the people we work for, spend time with, are family with and friends with. It is a good thing to be around people whose lives are a full cup. They are not insecure, grabbing at everything for security. They know who they are in Christ Jesus, so they don't have to micromanage or be Holy Spirit, Jr in other's lives. Full cup people are generous with their time, resources, thoughts and prayers.

Just some of the thoughts both nonsencial and serious from Monablog.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Not Even in a Pew

While our church's Worship Center is under renovation we are meeting in the CLC, Fellowship Center, and Chapel. I went to the 9:10 service this morning and sat near the front. Traditionally, this service has more of the older crowd but that is changing each and every week. What happened this morning would happen more often in 9:10 but never in my wildest imagination did I think it would happen in the CLC.

Unlike the past few weeks, I got to church early enough to sit up front. I moved up a couple of rows more than normal because I don't like sitting in front of this group that talks throughout most of the service until Gregg begins to speak and sometimes even then they continue to talk. So I am sitting there, enjoying the music when three older ones come up to me and say, "Excuse me, you are sitting on OUR row." On the inside of me I was perplexed at what I had just heard. In our Worship Center, I had heard stories of people claiming seats by virtue of them being willed to them from Deacons of long ago, but in the gym? So, I just moved to the side to let them in and said, "Welcome to your row." They looked as perplexed as I felt. The gentleman says to me, we know this is our row because of where the tape is. (the temporary mat that goes over the gym floor) I just said something like, it is always good to know where you are going. They moved onto and farther down the row. I could feel the look of disapproval directed my way during the first part of the service. At some point, they moved back toward me leaving one seat in between us. I looked over in that direction once and only one of the three brought a Bible. For a moment I felt really smug, like...if you were at all spiritual like me you would have a Bible and a notebook. Of course that was sinking to a level and if you read my previous post, I did not have a t-shirt on to constrain me, though something better, the love of God.

After the service I said to the three, "you have a very good row here. I enjoyed my time sitting on your row, but don't worry, I won't tell any of my friends about this row. Thank you for letting me sit here today." Their stone like faces melted into a smile.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Wonder of it All

I wanted you all to see the actual whales we were watching in Alaska. As I have written before my best whale pictures were of the splash at the end. Bill, Dena's brother in law, was able to get some great pictures of the whale actually above water.
This morning I made the trek out to Sugarland to get my haircut. Afterwards, I went across the street to the Super Target clutching a ten percent off of everything card in my hand. Well, actually it was in my wallet, but you get the picture I am after. I stocked up on all kinds of stuff. Even bought a flat brush since that is what Veronica uses on my hair. Surely it is not her talent but the brush that gets my hair to do what she wants it to do. My hair knows when a professional is not messing with it at home cause it doesn't do one thing that is so easily done in the salon. It's gotta to be the brush!
Rae gave me two children's camp t-shirts yesterday. I wore last years today. It says "Need Directions?" On the back it says be Word Wise and a couple of snappy sayings along with verses to go with it. If the love of Christ constrains me, a Christian t-shirt does it even more. When the lady in the mafia Chrysler cut me off on Highway 6 and 59 and then cut in front of me to get on the freeway, I remembered, drat... Christian t-shirt. Not that she could see it from her car, but you know my imagination took us off to the shoulder of the road where we get out of our cars and yell at each other...there I am in the constraining t-shirt. Not that I have ever pulled onto the shoulder of the road and confronted anyone. Then I was in the Lafayette building parking lot trying to mail a letter. That parking lot was full and the cars they were a circling, looking for a spot. When I backed up to make the turn to leave after putting my mail in the mailbox, I didn't quite make the turn, so I needed to back up again. Impatient woman behind me thinks I have seen a spot and she cuts me off to score the delusional space. Ticked me off, then I laughed and wanted to follow her around and continue to laugh...except I have on a t-shirt... I asked forgiveness from the Lord and exited onto Post Oak Road and went home before I could get into any more trouble. Although I officially did not get in trouble except with my conscience and with Jesus cause you know He looks at the heart.
The only thing I can blame this on is the news that our Bunko group begins August 4. That is Buddy's and my birthday, but I don't think either one of us is taking the other one out to celebrate that night. On Wednesday night Roy and I went to dinner at Buffalo Grille. In the course of conversation I mention Bunko and that I am not a sub, so I will probably be hosting one month in our home. That made me think of the den/closet. And instead of rejoicing in the joy of Bunko and getting to be with fun friends, I began talking about my dislike of Roy's den/closet and how it seems to be getting worse as time goes by. So by the time we get home, I am in the mood to make an attempt at conquering the mess. We went through one shelf of stuff and I convinced Roy to let the magazines go, cause he is never going to read them. We threw out a bunch of stuff and now have several boxes of books to go to the Mission Training Center. I found out from Scotty they have a library there and are always looking for Christian books to fill it. We are taking baby steps in whipping this room into shape. The den and our guest bedroom are the most under utilized rooms in our home and I want to change that. We are contemplating a day bed in that room and taking out the queen bed. Thank you Ultram ER 200 for making me so focused on the pressing need of under utilization of space.
Buddy is going through a kitten stage or something. When she was a kitten, she would sit on my leg at breakfast or when I was on the computer. She is too big to do that, but the past few days she is making that attempt. Just now she jumped and hoped to grab onto the sleeve of my Christian t-shirt to swing herself onto my lap. Mission failed. I picked her up and put her on my leg. She stay a long time. At night she has been trying to sleep under my chin and around my neck like she did when she was little. The end result, literally, is her hind end right at my nose. That isn't working.
Roy just called. He is stopping on his way home to get a hair cut. Then tomorrow he is going to Bible study, drop the books off at the MTC, walk in the CLC and then come home to work some more on the den/closet. Working in the den/closet wasn't even prompted by anything I said. He also knows I am going out to dinner tomorrow night and while I'm out I am sure he wants to look through things a little more carefully instead of watching them hit the trash can as we bulldoze our way through the den.
Let me confess, I hate unloading the dishwasher and putting everything up. Sometimes Roy and I have "let's see who gives in first" contests of unloading. Today, I actually unloaded and put everything up but I left the dirty glasses in the sink. He'll say something about me being allergic to unloading the dishwasher and then when he opens it...SURPRISE!!!! Come on, ya gots to keep the mystery in marriage. We are quickly heading toward year 31. Which is longer than some of you have been alive... See whale pictures, I am officially an old person cause I have made the cruise to Alaska. And would go again in a heartbeat!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursdays Are So Nice

Something occurred last night that hasn't happened in a long time. I woke up around 2:00 am...okay that happens just about every night, but this time instead of going right back to sleep, I thought about work. Wow, that came out of nowhere. It has been several years since I have done this. And I began pondering what I needed to do today and the timing of everything. As I pondered I realized there was something in the process that had not occurred before and we hadn't taken account of that fact. I reworked the logistics, thanked God for the answer and laid there letting my mind drift into thoughtless sleep. It was a good while before I drifted off to sleep only to dream that a tooth came loose and the tooth looked like a diamond.

Two surprises this week, lunch with CourtneyS on Tuesday and lunch with LMS on Wednesday. CourtneyS and I ate at Potbelly's and then wandered over to Crave. I bought some cupcakes to bring back to the office and one for Roy and me for later. One flavor we tried is choc mint....love, LOVE, LOVE it. The vanilla and the cinnamon were delicious as well. Linda and I went to Los Cucos on Wednesday.

I hope to have "guest blogger" back on the blog soon. In Dayspring we had a special speaker and I don't believe my words would do justice to the impact he had in our class and in our lives. So stay tuned for that.

Tuesday night I went to see the presale items at The Nord. Picked out a few winter and fall things, but not too much. We'll see if I keep what I picked out.

Tomorrow is an outsourcing day, haircut. I hope to post some new pictures that Janet and Bill took on our Alaska trip. They actually got very good pictures of the whales. My specialty was the splash of the whale going back under water.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Where would Jesus eat? I would have named several places before Saturday, but after having cupcakes from Crave, I believe I know what and where Jesus would eat. These cupcakes are heavenly, divine and dare I say sacred? Yes, I dare so to say... Y'all there is a piece of heaven on earth and it is in Uptown Park!
Remember how I was writing about Saturday stuff. Content to laze around the house and read? Sometime after 2:00 Dena called and asked us to meet her and the fam for dinner at McCormick... Put a call into Roy and we were soon there to meet the Lees for din din. We also planned a field trip to check out the cupcake heaven in this part of town, Crave. Actually, every time I see the name Crave I think of a Sunday School class in the Summit Singles. The name of the class, Crave. They might want to rethink and rename their class Crave again.
Roy and I met the Lee fam and had a great time. Mr. Lee might not have because Dena and her mom kept telling him how to eat his shrimp. Roy was totally on his side saying, let him alone to eat his shrimp how he wants to. I don't know if our waiter quite knew what to do with us. We were laughing at everything, wolfing down our fried shrimp, telling others how to eat the shrimp and then right back to laughter. The crowning moment was the cole slaw. Dena had let her plate go but her dad hadn't touched his slaw and he let her have his. So, she got it to go. The to go box looked like a dessert box and how all that cole slaw juice didn't run out of the bottom of the container, I will never know. That thing got turned upside down, waved through the air and knocked about on the table. Roy bemoaned the fact that if that was our box, it wouldn't even make it into the car. He has a thing about leftovers. I am happy to report that Dena had that slaw as a part of her lunch today.
We declined dessert at McCormicks and headed over to Crave. Apparently the word is out cause that place was hopping! Starbucks was empty, cupcake place had people waiting outside the door. You can watch them make the cupcakes but we were more interested in getting them. I can recommend the Red Velvet cupcakes. Roy got Carrot and he said they were to die for. OK, Roy would never say that. I just wanted to see if you are really reading or now dreaming about iced, delicious cupcakes. He loved the Carrot. Everyone else got chocolate and reported they are most delicious. It is a good sign when vanilla is sold out. I think I will need to make another field trip. The iced coffee looked wonderful. I can't fool you, I am going for another cupcake(s).

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday Stuff on July 5th

I just finished a delicious breakfast of scones and Kerrygold Irish Butter. What a nice way to start a Saturday. July 5, three years ago today I surgery. My how time flies. None of this is related and so may go the direction of this post.

On Thursday morning we were treated to the FBA Primary kids (preschoolers) 4th of July parade. It is colorful, noisy and fun. We stood by the office suite door waving and greeting the kids who were adorned with anything and everything red, white and blue. The parades at holidays by the preschoolers is one of my favorite perks of working at a church.

This week we had to upgrade our Internet connection at home. It had all the makings of frustrations, but it went rather well. At that time we were offered a $70.00 credit to continue using our data card for the next two years. Roy balked at the offer thinking we will do a wireless so we can both be on computers at the same time. He said, your plans were to take your laptop away from home to do your writing and you've never even done that. For one, every time I say I am going to do that, he gets the hebbie jebbies about me and a laptop away from home. Secondly, I HATE the laptop case he bought. It is too boyish. So, Levenger's is having a summer sale and I bought a girly laptop case. So now I am ready to get away and do some writing other than from home. His mention of me not writing anywhere but at home struck a nerve with me and I am going to do this, get out and about with laptop in hand.

Peggy invited us out to celebrate the holiday. We didn't make it. Roy was late getting home and I was ensconced with a book, "The Red Leather Diary, Reclaiming a Life Through the Pages of a Lost Journal." I finished it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Basically it reads like fiction, but it isn't. A New York Times reporter sees a dumpster full of trunks that have been thrown away as the result of a cleaning sweep of the building's storage area. The steamer trunks are mainly from the 1920's and 30's. The reporter gets in the dumpster and then calls for a photographer to come, so she can do a story for the Times. She finds many treasures, one in particular a red leather diary of Florence Wolfson. Florence wrote every day from her 14th to her 19th birthday about the state of her appearance, and soul, and 1930's New York. The reporter eventually finds Florence, who is 90 years old and thus the end result is the book. It is one of the best books I have read in a long time and frankly there were things in the book that shocked me. We tend to think of back in the day as more innocent and naive times.

I had a massage yesterday morning. How good it was to be back at The Nord Spa. Only Stacy let me know she will be leaving The Nord in August. She will still be working but now in the Town and Country area. Well, I will just follow her there. She is awesome. I have booked several more appointments while she is still at The Nord. I did find out something funny yesterday as she was working on my knees. She told me that since my injections my knees feel like the implanted and enhanced butt checks of another client. Well, the substance injected makes my knees feel like the other. I was in shock that someone had implants put in their rear end. I would gladly donate all my extra "baby got back" to those who feel like they have been cheated somehow.

On a side note, anonymous...I am sorry about your loss and will be praying for you. Your comments the past few months have been so thought provoking and encouraging. I have especially liked your framing comments. I look forward to the day when you reveal your true identity.

Lisa texted me about the Nordstrom Anniversary catalogue. I have not received mine yet.... I hope it comes today. Ali, Google Nordstrom on images. You'll get a looksee at The Nord. The picture I use on my blog is of a Nordstrom shoe dept. I also hope my DR or his nurse have approved my refill on my anti-inflammatory. In reality, it will probably be Monday.

Have a good Saturday. Enjoy the time.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Winners....

The winners of the Nordstrom Gift Cards are:

$50.00 Jessica
$25.00 Laurie M
$15.00 Becky Kiser
$10.00 Cheryl "Profbaugh"

Congrats! I will do another drawing soon.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

For the Beauty

Fresh in my mind is a conversation Lisa P and I had on Sunday. We talked about so much cause we had a whole bunch to get caught up on but as we talked about the beauty of Alaska she said, we need to find beauty here in Houston, right where we live. I remember thinking that on my last return from Jackson Hole and for a while I searched it out and tried to be focused on beauty here in flat, hot Houston. This morning I pulled into the North parking lot and got one of the last shaded spots. On the lawn next to my car is this long legged bird. It was beautiful and I thanked God for sending the bird my way. I took about 10 minutes trying to get a picture with my camera on my phone. I could not get in close enough, but you can see it there in the pictures. My heart overflows with a good theme as I address my praises to the King.

There is always beauty in leaving early for a holiday weekend. I came in this morning and took care of few items that needed attention. Then I was out the door only to run errands, go to the Kroger and come home to do laundry. It is the best! Roy came home early and we went out to eat. He has gone over to the CLC to walk which I should do, but sometimes as much as I love my church I feel like I am going back to work. So I opted for freedom at home. Once he hits the door the TV will be on Fox News or something like that. I have the TV off as is my usual choice. I have enough background noise in my life not to add more.

Met a friend for dinner last night. Lively conversation! That brings me much joy. Loved the Pastor's sermon on Sunday. It was on friendship and it was very good. How appropriate to be sitting next to Peggy. That doesn't happen often on Sundays because she is in choir but she didn't make it that morning. Let me encourage y'all tonight with this, always make and take the time for friendships. Especially when you are young or as young couples. Doing life together through all the seasons is most joyous and rewarding. God has blessed us with such wonderful friends. I can't imagine ever doing life without Beth Rees, Peggy, Dena and Lisa. What a difference they have made in me.

I haven't mentioned Buddy in awhile. Buddy was a little cool to me upon my return from Alaska. Well, for all of about 3 minutes. She has been my gray shadow even more so than usual. Last night Buddy went to bed at the same time Roy and I did. It would be wonderful for Buddy to always do that. She sleeps at the end of the bed on the comforter. At some point in the middle of the night she comes over to me and if I am not facing inward to the bed, she meows until I turn over and stick out my arm. She gets close to my face for me to rub her head. If I don't do it enough, she takes her paw and only using the pad of it, pats my face until I rub her head again. Then she settles in on my arm and goes to sleep. My arm goes to sleep as well. Only now I am building up resistance and can sleep longer this way. So, that is the news with Buddy.

Happy Independence Day! Have a safe and wonderful 4th!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Praise Him!!! Roy's Tests=Benign!!!!

Psalm 105
1O GIVE thanks unto the Lord, call upon His name, make known His doings among the peoples!
2Sing to Him, sing praises to Him; meditate on and talk of all His marvelous deeds and devoutly praise them.
3Glory in His holy name; let the hearts of those rejoice who seek and require the Lord [as their indispensable necessity].
4Seek, inquire of and for the Lord, and crave Him and His strength (His might and inflexibility to temptation); seek and require His face and His presence [continually] evermore.
5[Earnestly] remember the marvelous deeds that He has done, His miracles and wonders,

We received good news today! Roy has monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance Yes, I know easy for us to say. The name sounds horrible and serious, but all of Roy’s test were benign.
The above is a link that can explain it much better than I can. Basically at this point Roy will have to go in every 6 months to have his blood work done to watch the level of the abnormal protein.

I cannot express our thanks enough for your prayers, love, encouragement and concern. We are blessed to have such wonderful friends who have been so supportive.

We came out of that office running and leaping and praising God! And celebrated God at Goode Company Seafood.

I Have Not Forgotten

I said I would do the drawing for the Nordstrom gift cards on the 27th. Time got away from me, so we will do the drawing sometime this week. Look for the winners soon!