Thursday, September 25, 2008


I got word that an old friend came to the neighborhood last night. My friend had been at other homes and businesses and I was beginning to doubt if my friend and I had ever had that strong of relationship in the first place. You know I was beginning to feel snubbed. Of course over the years I have to admit I have taken our relationship for granted. Looking over the years, I have certainly been the one taking and never appreciating their generosity and presence of always being there and me expecting them to be. Welcome home electricity! I have missed you and I hope you always feel right at home with us.

Yesterday, I hit bottom. I was so discouraged seeing the tree trimmers arrive in mass and then just like the cavalry, the linemen trucks charge in and begin to do the good work. Roy had talked to the older ladies of the condo and they told him of the massive destruction down the street. All the work that needed to be done was going to delay our power returning. And according to the all knowing ladies, we are hooked up and ready to roll except know down the street. I stayed around here till 1:00 and realized I needed to get out. So I loaded up the lap top and several books and I went out the door. I began to think through my options of where to go. I decided to take my chances at The Nord. I had remembered to bring my $40.00 in Nordstrom Notes with me. I had a delicious and quiet lunch. Then I went to the spa just to see if there were any openings for a pedi. It seems like I would feel more human if my feet felt and looked good. Opening at 3:15. I wanted to have a pedi long before this, but cold water leg shaving isn't that effective. Then I remembered the Bliss hot lather I had and was able to get the job done. There was a woman in the other pedi chair that was really getting on my nerves. She texted the whole time and she probably has no clue that the sound can be turned off of the key pad. Then she complained she couldn't read, not enough light. So she puts her magazine under the light Lilly is using to work on her nails. She had such an attitude and she was downright rude. I was just about to say something when I remembered my t shirt I was wearing. Has the new logo and website for Houston's First on it. Drat...the power of Christ and a t-shirt kept me from opening my big mouth and stooping to her level.

Dena called as I left the Nord checking to see the status of power. Roy had a meeting at Fulbright and Jaworski and wouldn't be home until 9:00. So, Dena and I decided to meet for dinner and while she was getting everything done at the office, I would go hide out at church. I stayed in the Reception Room which was formerly the room known as Green Room. Worked away on the laptop and got to visit with friends as they passed by. I met Dena at On the Border. Definitely on the "return to" list. Table side guacamole was awesome! I was going to leave a message with Roy that I was going over to Dena's till he came home when I saw the text from Aimee... "6:52 heard shouting in courtyard. A/C just kicked on." I could not get home quick enough. I told Dena I would call and confirm power inside our condo... there is the possibility everyone else could have power except us. Elevator turned off, but I think that is the quickest I have done the stairs all week. Opened the door and there was light! I laughed with joy and then cried for joy. Called Roy to let him know of the news and then called Dena. She said, I know, I had to drive down your street on my way home to see.

Got the A/C turned on, ran the dishwasher and started a load of towels. Then just sat there relieved. Of course return of coolness woke Buddy up from her lethargic hot cat self. She wanted to play.

There is a lot I learned from the past 12 days. I've been journaling those thoughts. I also know that we can exist with two coolers. The light exposed the floors that need to be mopped and the carpet that needs to be vacuumed. Since I am to take it easy, I am pacing myself with clean up. My ankles and feet aren't nearly as swollen this morning. I love that I can stay home now and recover properly.

Sometimes we become reactive to less than pleasant situations. I was beginning to hatch this wonderful plot of buying up shares of Centerpoint and become a share holder of note. Then proceed to wreck havoc as pay back...I told Roy last night of my plan. He had been thinking the same thing...

Next on the list, hot shower.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Very Quickly

Hey y'all. Please pray for me. I am so dang discouraged over the power thing. Looks like Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.... Thanks!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dr Appointment and Update

Ah, sweet cooled A/C air...too bad not at our home. Once again I am enjoying the hospitality of Dena and Sassy. I am camped out on her couch for the afternoon. We have seen linemen on our street and fixing the poles around us. One item of info we learned yesterday is, the linemen only work from dawn to dusk. There isn't any of this working at night like Center Point would have you believe. Dawn to dusk is a long day and I am thankful for their willingness to keep on restoring power, but I don't appreciate CP and their media campaign. Roy has a way with the older ladies of our condos and they keep him supplied with the scuttlebutt and happenings of the return to electrified lives.

This morning I had my appointment with the cardiologist. It went well and I have made some progress. I have lost 18 pounds, I have responded well to the meds, and for not having power I have kept calm in the midst of the storm. He said I am not ready to go back to work... Praise Him! As they increase the milligrams of the meds, he wants that done in optimal conditions. Also, he would like to see the fluid reduced around my feet and ankles. That will not happen sitting at a desk. No heavy lifting, no fast walking...prescription of reading, resting and relaxing, the 3 R's. The best part of the appointment, confirmation that I do actually have a brain... My brain is telling my heart to beat harder and faster... 50/50 chance I will have surgery, so I am believing God for the 50% chance of no surgery. Blood work not back yet.

Thank you for your continued prayer and thoughts. They mean so much to me. Yesterday morning, I was awake around 4:00 am. Being tired of talk radio and sports, I tuned into KHCB 105.7. Of all the Christian stations, it was the only one that came in static free. I listened to Unshackled, by the Pacific Garden Mission. I listened to hymns, devo thoughts and Charles Stanley. Of course with power, this wouldn't be anything that I would normally do. One of the short devo thoughts was on John 20, Jesus appearing to Mary. It got me to thinking about the times that Jesus revealed Himself after the resurrection. Alone to Mary, behind the closed doors of the scared disciples, another appearance to let Thomas in on His presence, the two on the road to Emmaus and He taught the Word to them, and then John 21 when the disciples didn't have a clue what to do and followed Peter into returning to the world of fishing. How inclusive and God of the little things that Jesus would cover so many situations that we find ourselves in, alone afraid, scared with others behind locked physical, emotional and spiritual doors, when one can feel left out like Thomas, He comes again with the reassurance of His presence, those who were walking on the road and didn't know until in God's timing they had been personally taught by the resurrected Jesus, and when we have no clue what to do and find ourselves just doing what we new best, He comes and rescues, delivers and guides into His Will. I have experienced His presence in all the above and yesterday morning He was there speaking to my heart and spirit.

In the coolness of the room and with the comfortable couch, I feel a nap coming on... I wanted to update y'all. Soon I hope to update with the good news of the return of our electricity. After my nap, I will call Jason and let him know the schedule of my return. He is getting ancy that I may not return... I came in late yesterday and he was still in the office. Now I know things are really bad cause the boy high tails it out around 4:30 every day. He said are you here to pack up your office and steal away like a thief in the night? Nah, I would pack up my stuff in front of him to watch him cry.... Joking!!! (maybe) joking!!!! I don't think he has any clue how ill I have been. He even asked if I was coming to staff meeting before my appointment....No, I am not released by the Dr yet to return to work! Oh Jason..... Maybe y'all should pray for him too.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Well, I have hunkered down, to use my hurricane vocab word, at Dena's this afternoon. It is so nice to be in A/C even if it is borrowed A/C and only for the afternoon. Roy and I are still in Centerpoint's cone of uncertainy of restored power. According to the website it should be tomorrow. According to our eyewitness observations, we would be surprised.

We went to the 9:10 service this morning and I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the Worship Center. More so I was overwhelmed by the beauty of friends. It was so good to see so many after the storm. Everyone has exciting stories to tell and in those exciting stories are the stories of friends helping one another. Ya got to love those kind of stories. I know I do.

After church Roy, Dena and I went to the Nord for lunch. Then Roy and I came over here. Roy says she is babysitting this afternoon. He has gone to the washateria and to run errands. I took a wonderfully cool nap. We split the lemon angel food cake we brought home from lunch and now I blog while Dena works on office stuff. You know you have a great friend when you can spend an afternoon like this and have a great time. I did bring plenty of things to keep me entertained. I have learned that if Dena doesn't think I have enough to keep me occuipied, she makes me take a spirititual gift test. Believe me, I don't want to take another one of those. I know my gifts but the same questions make me stumble through it. I want to answer it with the correct churchy le femme answer, but then there isn't a correct reading or testing of the exam.

Pastor Gregg's sermon was awesome! The words that we needed to hear. I am so glad we have a pastor who listens to the Lord.

I am Nancy Mon and I approve this post.

Friday, September 19, 2008

September 19 Update

Strength will rise when I go into the Nord, I will go into the Nord, I will go into the Nord. Strength will rise when I go into the Nord, I will go into the Nord, I will go into the Nord. The store a stress reliever, and shop, customer service it delivers....You are the fantastic Nord, the wonderful Nord....

Today I ventured out all by myself, carefully, taking it easy and not getting stressed to go the Galleria to shop at the Nord. Triple points...piano...lemon peach smoothie...returning a pair of shoes...getting my brows done...lunch... It is all good. I totally had a relaxing time. In fact, Emily had a cancellation, so I was able to get all my brow work outsourced. I miss Charles though. The Trend Show is October 18 so I got my tickets. Ran into Mary Ann, Kay and Jayk. It is always good to see friends at the Nord.

Now I am at church. Came in to take care of a few odds and ends. I am also waiting for Roy to finish up at the office. We'll grab some dinner and we are making a trip to Lowe's.

Last night we met Dena at Ninfa's to take care of a hankering for Mexican food. We had a great time laughing and visiting. It has been awhile since we all have been together. Roy was being helpful with all his hurricane preparedness and hurricane aftermath hints. After dinner Roy and I found a working ATM without fees but didn't find a gas station open with fuel.

It has been a week since Ike invaded and somewhat disrupted our lives. In many ways I am thankful for the storm in that I was able to get on the fast track for medical attention. Living without power has not been that bad. It is all about making the necessary adjustments to expectations and how to live. Last night there were stories after stories about marriages saved, people who used this time to stop smoking, those who are getting a handle on their lives and many who have seen for the first time how busyness can demand attention and we don't even see it.

I cannot tell you how the wind blew, other than it did. It was worse the on the backside. Our windows shook and rattled, but they held. Our building is built out of cinder blocks and I felt our building shake and sway. I understand darkness and how unsettling it can be. I also understand light and just the smallest beam can make a difference. This summer I've been drawn to Luke 6 and the story of building a house upon the rock and a house built on the sand. What comfort and strength those verses have been in the past week.

  • Don't underestimate a hot meal
  • Be thankful for the little things
  • My little Gaither flashlight has been a godsend, as well as my small reading lights
  • love a battery operated fan with water spray capabilities
  • A hubby who is gifted with attention to details.
  • running water, even if it is cold. A cold shower is better than no shower at all

I don't think Roy will make fun of me again over my compulsion to have lots and lots of underwear. His supply low, mine plentiful... I would hope we will have power before he has to resort to my Jockey for Her... I would give him solid blue and white...nothing girly for the man.

Thank you for all the offers of hot showers, laundry, a cool place to stay...thank you for your prayers. I'd ask for those to continue. I am thankful and grateful to a loving Father who has blessed me with every spiritual blessing. He has brought into our lives some of the best friends. Here of late my best friend has been a shower radio. It gets great reception and has an easy carry handle. I didn't even remember we owned this radio until I went searching for our battery operated TV.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It is a race right now. To get something posted before the laptop is tapped out. Still powerless in the world's way, but full of the power of the Holy Ghost. Yep, tough times = Holy Ghost instead of writing Holy Spirit. We are doing well. God's A/C has been awesome. I enjoyed a slow start to they day and it felt so familiar. Then I remembered why, this was the way my days would begin at my Grandma Brownlow's house in the summer. Wake up, grab my book, read and then fall back to sleep. Even the fragrance of the air reminded me of summers long, long ago.

Think I pushed it too hard the past few days. You know how it is, you feel sooo good. So today I slept and rested a whole bunch. I finished a great book, Whispers of the Bayou. It is Christian fiction, which seems like an oxymoron to me, but it wasn't contrived or preachy. Great story! It really held my interest the past few days.

Roy went back to work yesterday. He brings ice home every night and tonight a hamburger for me. While we were out and about last night, we stopped at Panera Bread. Only way to know a hurricane has been this way, lots more girls in baseball caps and pony tails. Heard the Play Grocery store is up and running again.

We are so thankful and grateful to God's for provision and His goodness.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Checking in from HFBC

I have just a few moments. Actually Roy and I are at HFBC. Since I had not been out and about since last Thursday, we decided to get out for a bit. China Love is open and we enjoyed our first hot meal in a long time. We may go back tomorrow. We drove by the Kroger to see if it is open yet, it is and then we came by here to cool off and charge cell phones and lap tops. I was feeling particularly good and did a couple of things so they aren't hanging over Jason when everyone finally returns to work. Lots of volunteers here today cleaning up branches and limbs all around the church. On the way out I was able to see why we don't have power, the down lines on Memorial that have yet to be picked up. Carports at the south end of our complex are ripped apart. Roy and I marvel everyday at the goodness of the Lord. He truly is our refuge and our strength. Tomorrow Roy's office officially goes back to work.

Some have expressed concern about staying in Houston without power. Our condo never was warmer than 78 degrees. We are enjoying early fall temperatures this week. Roy could not leave Houston as he is considered essential. I am not supposed to drive, so therefore no long road trips for me. Today as we walked to the car Roy could not believe how well I was handling the distance. Believe me, I stop and rest when the old ticker begins to beat too fast. We ran into Jerrell as we came in to church today. I told him he didn't know how close he was to doing my service this week. Peggy and I were talking the other day and I look back at the Siesta Fiesta and just how bad I felt and how weak I was. I kept thinking it was my knee that was causing all the stopping. That weekend is one of the times my Dr thinks I had the heart attack. Wow!

I am so appreciative of the FB notes and comments here on the blog. My next appointment with the cardiologist is on the 23rd. I should know more then. Thanks for all the prayer and continue to do so as you feel led.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Quick Check In

Greetings from back in the day land. Night is coming quickly and it get dark, really dark without any lights glowing in the distance. Houston is enjoying tonight a touch of fall in the air and it should feel this way all week. Praise Him!!!

Still no A/C and just enough water pressure to fill the toilets. We have been eating granola bars, cheese, crackers, yogurt and things like that. They tried to get the power fired up here last night but there are too many branches and trees on the wires.

Roy has been out exploring. He found an outlet outside a building with power so he charged the laptop and cell phones today. Dena got a care package from College Station and we benefited with two bags of ice. Please pray for Dena and her family. Her parents have been staying with her and today she had to call 911 for her mom. She is in the hospital and I am waiting to get the latest updates. Her mom's name is Jean.

I am feeling pretty good. I need to stay calm to keep my heart from racing. I am so understanding what be still and know that I am God means. My next appointment is the 23. I have known such an extraordinary peace from God.

Houston is not the place you want to be. No more ice, no gas, no batteries...lots of frustrated people. No one evens knows the extent of the devastation in Galveston. The media has been tight lipped. Continue to pray for all of us in on the Gulf Coast. I am so craving Mexican food....

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fine for Now

Whew, we made it. Only lost a little corner of a pane of glass in our guest bedroom which we got covered. No power. I thought the wind might not ever stop blowing, but now the sun is out. Trees down everywhere. We made it. Please continue to pray. Would love to have some A/C. But God in His goodness is sending a cool front for next week. Praise Him!!! Been praying for all my friends here in Houston that they made it through.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Waiting for Ike, Ike, Baby...

So we are just hanging out waiting for Ike. It is surreal to watch all the coverage in Galveston and then keep in mind that there is a storm on the way. And we are sitting here in the path. The time has been productive in that we are getting a lot of things taken care of around here that have needed attention for a bit. Well, Roy is is taking care of a lot of stuff. One thing he did this morning is write out our disaster recovery plan. Got to love a plan man and one who does this type a thing in the daily course of his work.

I am still trying to get my brain around the past 48 hours. Yet the past 48 hours has made sense of the whole summer and how I have felt. It seems things began happening right about the time I went on the Alaska cruise. Roy thinks the stress of making the ship connection and then the stress of getting through the Seattle airport on our way home effected me. Add to this the Sundays that I nearly fainted getting into church. This led to a general weakness that overtook a little bit of me everyday. I kept thinking it was the pain killer medicine I am on for my knees. It has made my ADD life much better yet I felt there was something seriously going on in my personality and outlook. Let's face it I was exhausted, not very social, and getting quieter and quieter by the day, all contrary to who I am naturally. I was so sensitive to comments or actions by others. That is not my normal way of reacting.

So the past few weeks with the mis-diagnoses of pleurisy and the wait for my health to turn the corner, conditions deteriorated and my cone of uncertainty spread out. OK, way too much coverage talk. When my Dr called me yesterday morning to let me know she had found a cardiology practice that would run a echo gram on me, but I needed to be there by 10:00. There was an urgency in her voice that stopped me from saying, oh I'll just get this done after the storm and I heard in my spirit at that same time, if you make that decision, it will be the last decision you ever make. So the adventure began that I wrote about yesterday. I have thankfully pondered how the Lord moved people, circumstances and situations. Just getting a hold of Roy is a miracle. When he came to get me there was an ambulance waiting to take a patient to an appointment. I almost laid down on the gurney and said take me to Memorial City Hospital. The struggle to breath was unbelievable and I kept saying over and over, let everything that has breath praise the Lord! As we went to Dr. Riley's to pick up the order, I asked Roy to pray...out loud. He began quoting scripture to encourage me and held my hand. He called the cardiologist's office to see about a wheel chair. I am telling y'all right now if he hadn't done that, there is no way I could have made it up to the office.

It will be an interesting journey in the upcoming months. I know there is much more to come other than taking 3 pills a day. The Dr told me I will be seeing him every two weeks for quite some time ahead. The news that I had a heart attack sometime during the past few weeks and didn't know it. The last words spoken to me by Chris the technician, ring in my ears. If you hadn't come in today, you would have not made it through the weekend.

Last night was some of the best rest I have had in a long time. Today is the first day I have an appetite and kept food down.

Makes me think of my prayers and questions to God this summer and seems like I am sensing direction and leading. I am thankful although that hadn't really happened until today, about God's timing.

It is 6:13 pm, the wind has picked up, but no rain yet. Roy is restless and is outside walking in the parking lot. He doesn't have anything else to repair or prepare. I've been trying to talk him into ironing a few things for me... It ain't working. Buddy has been especially clingy today. She took a long nap with me and then sat with me for a bit. So her unexpected attack on my legs under the table was a big surprise. She's nuts...

Again, thank you for the prayers and thoughts for me and for us.

I've decided if I want to be interviewed by the media about the storm, I need to black out a couple of my teeth and add some pink curlers in my hair.

this just in! Sheila Jackson Lee has made her first speaking TV appearance. Last night night she stood at the press conference with the mayor etc and you could tell by the look of her face, she wanted to say something, but no one let her say a word.

I've checked in with friends throughout the day. Seems like we are all just hanging around waiting for the inevitable. I'll post again after the storm or when the power comes back on. They are saying it could be two weeks...oh...that's not something I am looking forward to.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nancy, September 11, 2008 is a Life Altering Day for You

Last year I shared our 9/11 story and seven years later we have another life altering story to share. If you read Monablog, you know that I have not been feeling well lately. Yesterday, I went to a different Dr and came knowing tests would be scheduled for me in the coming weeks. I felt good in the knowledge that I seemed to be on the right road with the right Dr in finding some answers. At 9:06 this morning, the Dr called, told me to get to her office and pick up an order for an echo gram. She wanted to know what we are dealing with before the storm hit. The thought of rushing out of the house and looking for the cardiologist made my stress level rise. My heart racing, gasping for breath I did the basics to be seen in public. It is a miracle I got ahold of Roy and I gave our code word for emergency... He was on a conference call and I heard him say, I have to go and he hung up. He came home to get me. There wasn't anyway I could do this on my own. He got a wheelchair and that helped tremendously get me around the parking garage.

The whole process seems like a whirlwind. Filled out paperwork and rushed to an exam room. Chris, whose scrubs bore Texas A&M on the pocket (whoop), was my tech. When he saw my heartbeat at 180, he told me, we need to do an EKG and you need to see one of the Dr's. My heart is only beating at 10%. As I laid on the table and he did the ultrasound he told me I am the one who took the call from your Dr and said for you to come on in. He said saying yes was something I felt like I should do. Now this guy cussed up a storm as he did my tests, so he didn't seem like a spiritual man, but I am glad God uses all different types of vessels. So, I am home now with 3 new prescriptions to regulate my heart and I go back on September 23. I will see him every two weeks for quite some time. Now this did my heart good...all 10% working overtime-no work, no housework, no cooking and no driving. OK, y'all are going to have to pray because Roy is not the best driver in the world. I am supposed to take it easy, take naps, visit with friends and read books. Stress needs to be kept at a minimum. During the visit with the Dr he shocked me with the news that I probably had a heart attack this summer and I didn't know it. What?????????????? Now this explains all the dizziness and fatigue. I am still trying to get my brain around that one.

During the tests Chris said to me, Nancy, September 11, 2008 is a life altering day for you. Little did he know how true this had already been. I am thankful for Carolyn giving me the name of a different Dr, I am thankful for Dr. Riley and her attention to detail, I am grateful for a husband that dropped everything for me and has taken such great care of me, I am thankful for friend's encouragement and prayers during this time, but I am most thankful for God who is in all the details, orchestrated favor, moved people, His new mercies to me every morning, and whose presence was with me all the way. I love Him so and grateful for His grace and peace.

I know this is getting long, so I will stop. Now to turn my prayer attention to Ike. On my way out today Chris said, you might have died this weekend. I am glad we got you in. Chris, you have no idea!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ike, Peace and a Myriad of Symptoms

It has been an interesting and informative afternoon. Yesterday at this time, it looked like Ike was going into South Texas. Sing with me...rolling on the river...Ike left a mess in Cuba, been on a track that at time looked like New Orleans... Don't like the development of this.

Also, I went to a different DR today. The initial diagnosis of pleurisy is probably not right. So, I have several tests coming up to determine the cause of my 2 week health ordeal. Could be my kidneys, could be my heart, or as the DR said, a myriad of things. She stopped the prescription of Advere or whatever it is called. We did some lab work today and so I wait. I think whatever tests are needed, they will be done quickly. That also means I need to stay around home and not venture to work or into any stressful situations.

There is God's peace surrounding me and grace filling my heart. But I have to tell you, I am scared of the unknown. Just a bit nervous. You know how it is, you've been traveling one road and now being directed to a bumpier road. This could be something, could be nothing. And yes once again I went and scared myself by Googling what was said to me today. Ya would have thought I would have learned when Roy had the unknown diagnosis.

This I know, you have to know I am not feeling well when I don't go to Bunko, especially when it is at Peggy's. We have a fun group and the laughter is contagious and wonderful. Good friends and special people.

As I know stuff, I will let you all know. I know you all will be praying for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy 31 Dear Hubby, Dear Hubby....

Today is our 31st wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Roy! That Friday so many years ago, threatened by rain all day but clearing just in time for the arrival of our guests still stands out in my mind. I look back at our wedding pictures and it seems like we were just babies. Roy 25 and I had just turned 23. If ever there were two opposites at the beginning, it was us. Roy quiet, reserved and slow to speak. Me, loud, sanguine and giving voice to my opinions, not a problem. It took time for us to even understand how the other one worked. At the center always was our love for the Lord and our love for each other. I love that even when we had some of the most heated disagreements, we vowed not to go to bed angry. There were too many all nighters in those early years. Now through the years the "has to be right" is nearly gone and we don't loose many nights of sleep.

Roy is a quiet man of strength. He loves me and prays for me. He makes me laugh and he makes up songs...and he can't carry a tune, but the songs are so cute. Roy hasn't always been a cat person, but he loves Buddy! Sometimes I come home to find them engrossed in cat games of chase the feather or cat soccer. Sometimes Roy puts Buddy in his arms and sings my darling little gray kitten, an original composition.

So many tell me that Roy is such a compassionate and sweet man. He is! He is thoughtful and considerate. He has a gentleness about him that makes him so strong. Roy is not a macho he man and many think him to be a pushover, but like he says, he uses the power of being a nerd to make his voice heard over the others in business, crisis or decisions. He speaks softly but carries a strong lap top.

A couple of months ago, we were at the Nord looking at watches. He saw one that he really liked. I knew he would not buy it then and there, but think on the pros and cons of owning such a fine watch. I went back the next day and bought the watch for him. I gave it to him last night for our anniversary. He was pleasantly surprised and anxious to go back to have the band fitted. He left me the sweetest card this morning. He usually sends me roses to the office, but with all that goes on in his business world, he had not had a chance to order them. Good thing, because I am still at home with the dregs of pleurisy. If I have the stamina tonight, we will go out for a quick anniversary dinner, but as Roy left this morning he said, if you don't, I'll just bring dinner home for you.

Happy Anniversary Roy! I love you so much and don't ever want to consider what my life would have been like without you.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Things One Can Learn Early in the Morning in the Middle of the Night

I am not at the Worship Center dedication today. I would love to be and have it in my sights to get there tomorrow for the 9:10 service. My quick update would be, breathing is becoming easier and not so painful, cough has turned nasty, made it two nights not throwing up, but I threw up this morning. My stamina is low and to top it all off I could not fall asleep last night. I rarely suffer from any type of insomnia and fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, but that has not been the case lately. Partly this is due to the fact that I am coming off non narcotic pain meds although it feels like I am.

Had this great idea, take the feather beds off our bed and put them on the bed in the guest room. Not bad, but got dust stirred up. Roy is a trooper helping me, well actually doing all the things I can't do right now. We also put on clean sheets, but this set is my least favorite and that contributed to my sleeplessness too.

So, last night here is what I learned. There ain't one good program on TV in the middle of the night. I could have bought several life changing products though. In fact I had just cancelled my monthly order of Dr. Franks, Stop Pain Now yesterday. I ordered that the last time I stayed up late and that was during the Christmas holidays. I read for a while. Thought about breaking out the Leave it to Beaver DVD's but decided that would just make me want to stay up and watch. Thought about posting on the blog, but writing invigorates me.

Pleurisy gives the opportunity to make all kinds of noises one never thought in their wildest dreams they could make. I was in the kitchen leaning on the counter when I heard the loveliest chirping of birds in the middle of the night. I soon came to realize it was just a weird whistle sound coming out of my nose. There are times the wheezing seems so bad, that I thought Buddy was lying by my side. Only then to realize that sound is coming out of my throat and not Buddy. There are times when both the whistle and the wheez come at the same time. Kind of reminds me of choir, whistle is soprano like and wheez is more like alto. This past week I have awakened me out of deep, deep sleep with all this noise. Combine that with Roy's snoring, no wonder Buddy has been sleeping in the living room of late.

Last night I learned you should never put Vick's Vapo Rub up your nose. Well, that is what the package says. Vick's has been my fragrance of choice the past few days.

A re-write of the words to a song came to me early in the morning in the middle of the night. Need to tell my friends I have the jest of the song, now need to fine tune it.

I got desperate... I remembered the story of Peter, James and John not being able to stay awake. That is when I decided I would pray and that being biblical and all, I would fall asleep. Actually, if you read this blog and I know your name, you were prayed for last night. If you read this blog and I don't know your name, you were prayed for last night. People kept coming to mind and I just kept bringing them to the Lord. I laid out my own heart last night with Him and gave Him my questions and my heartfelt desire for His answers. Finally, at 3:50 am when I laid my head down, I knew this time I would fall asleep.

At 5:15 am Roy wakes me up with a thank you. What???? My nose whistle woke him up better than any alarm clock. He was meeting his walking group at 6:00 am and had almost overslept. Glad to be of help dear...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

This is the Air I Breathe

Thought I would throw this one in from our objects de arte on the second floor. This is Jesus with His back to you talking to a couple of guys. They have broke bread and one of them has even peeled an orange. What is funny about this picture is....

This close up shows a butter knife or an appetizer knife right there in biblical times. The white bowl looks a little too pristine for biblical pottery. Anyway, I think I like this faux paux the best out of all the pictures on the second floor.

Since last Thursday I have really been struggling health wise. Found out I have pleurisy and several factors led to this. I think all the fumes from the Worship Center reconstruction finally got to me. Really, I can't be around when walls are painted I am that sensitive to the smell. So for most of the Labor Day weekend, I had labored breathing. I was able to do a few things like celebrate birthdays but it was only cause Dena dropped me off at the doors of places. On Tuesday I struggled to get to work. I mean really when I am having trouble catching my breath only after getting inside and then resting to make the rest of the trip up to my office, you know it is bad. I went to Retreat Staff meeting on the 3rd floor and that was about the extent of my travels for the day except to leave for home. Christen went and picked up my lunch and I cut off the liquids only having to make one trip to the nessitarium once.

Last night Roy and I thought he was going to have to take me to the emergency room. The pleurisy needing the inflammation to go away compounded with meds I am already taking make the nights rough. Mostly I just go in the bathroom and throw up...nothing cause the thought of food turns my stomach, but I have to eat something to take the anti-inflammatories. Last night I had forgotten I took some cough medicine before going to bed. Around midnight when I went to throw up, there was pink... Of course I think it is blood or the lining of my stomach or something totally strange and odd. Then I remembered the cough syrup.

None of this helps that I am so busy and now behind at work. I tried to go in yesterday but once I had driven to the pharmacy I knew to come back home. Because my pain med can complicate and cause dizziness, coughing, nausea, and shortness of breath, I am being weaned off of it to see if that helps. So much fun here this weekend with Nancy coming down from pain meds... I will welcome the ADD though. I was really boring myself and hated that the social part of me was drifting further and further away.

Here is my exciting event of the day...whether to go down to the mailbox or not. Three days of mail piling up. It was a hard trip and I was totally out of breath when I got back in. But the difference being, no drowning feeling.

So, here I am with an old person's disease. Must have heard I did the Alaska cruise thing this summer. One time a friend told me she had pleurisy and I told her I didn't believe her. Where was the Katherine Hepburn shake? Oh, yea, I was getting pleurisy and palsy mixed up.

If you think of me in the coming days, please pray for me. I so want to be at the Saturday prayer and dedication of the new Worship Center and be there Sunday for our first official Sunday service. This will tell you how serious I am, I wrote Jason in an email today that I would rather be at work than at home feeling the way I do. Now you know I am not like the John 5 guy making excuses...I want to be well. I need to take a picture of the painting of the woman at the well with Jesus in our second floor art hall. Girl, she had had 7 husbands but she must have received a great settlement. Her manicure is awesome!!!! Of course, she owned a bread knife that helped her with all her domestic duties which in turn keeps the nails long and beautiful.

Singing, let everything that has breath praise the Lord,

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

To sit here and watch coverage, to pray for those in the midst of the storm, and be concerned for those looking for the barge that got loose in the Industrial Canal in New Orleans has been the most of my morning's activities on my last day off of this long weekend. Roy is at the office working on a conversion his company is going through and keeping his eye on the oil and gas infrastructure that is being assaulted along the coast.

We have had a good Labor Day weekend for the most part. Roy was able to go to Rice's football game on Friday night with friends from work. He was up early on Saturday to walk with his training group and then on into the office. The time has been good for me as I am recovering from some inflammation in my lungs from the "non toxic" fumes that have come as a result of the remodeling project of the Worship Center at church. I have always been extra sensitive to fumes and I should have tried to work from home. Until the inflammation clears up I am short of breath, coughing and hoarse. The recovery process could take up to two weeks. It could have been worse if I hadn't already been on a pain killer and anti-inflamatories.

On Saturday, Dena and I were finally able to celebrate our August birthdays. We went to one of our favorite places, Goode Company Seafood. The food was awesome, but we had a swarmy waiter. He was often puzzled or surprised by some of our requests and would respond, no one has ever asked for that! All our culinary requests were granted by the kitchen though. We were able to get caught up on all our happenings. We stopped at a shop whose name has escaped me. I think Dena has found a piece of furniture and I am still contemplating a painting. I think it is a rather new decorative store and they were offering some good deals. We were feeling so good from that visit, we decided to make a stop at Crave Cupcakes and of course we were not disappointed by our purchases. When we pulled up in front of our place, we realized neither one of us had taken any pictures. So we did a quick photo op to document our celebration.

This was our last Sunday meeting in the CLC. These 5 months have gone by quickly. Next Sunday we'll be meeting in our newly renovated and hopefully fume free Worship Center. The new colors are beautiful. After church Roy and I went out to lunch with our friends Emily and Dave. Good conversation, good food, and laughter, what more is needed. In my case a nap afterwards.
I have a couple of Meme's to do and I will get to them, but for now I will continue to keep up with coverage and enjoy this day off for as long as possible.