Friday, November 30, 2012

Tis the Season

Tis the season for piped in Christmas music in stores, shops and salons.  I loved getting my pedicure to the sounds of the season instead of the usual spa-like soothing music that is ubiquitous to spas and the like.  In fact the lady sitting next to me began to hum along with O Come O Come Emmanuel and since it is a song I've sung in choir over the years, I know the alto part without having to hear someone else and so we had quite a good time humming next to each other in our pedicure chairs.  We didn't exchange names or ask each other when our next appointments are scheduled.  We had a moment.  It was fun.  Too bad she didn't know Still, Still, Still cause it was the next song up. Yesterday, several of us on the cereal aisle had a moment with Jingle Bell Rock because all of us were singing it softly and that is not to be confused with Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack, and when we realized all of us pushing carts were singing, we took it up a notch.  I guess it would be like a flash mob, without the flash and no mob.  Just four women in the grocery store looking at cereal.  There is something in the music of Christmas that gets almost everyone humming or singing.  Although the holidays from Thanksgiving to New Years isn't my favorite time of year, the music by far, is. 

And I have come to another conclusion, I no longer have to dislike the holidays.  It seems I have been set free from the drama and histrionics that come with some people.  I did have the occasion today to encounter the convoluted ideas and schemes of the biggest drama king I've known via a conversational text and I shake my head.  Not in disgust but in sadness that this person continues to make the same choices again and again and getting the same results, again and again.  This is when if in conversation I was telling you about this I would add, bless his heart.  Three words just about sum it up.

Roy has gone to get his pedicure so that he will have lovely toes in the biblical portion of Celebration.  I told Lisa, she does both of our nails, to put a snowflake on his big toe so that we can be just alike.  Yea, that's not going to happen. 

I'm reading the best book and if you have read Monablog for any amount of time you know I love the book but can't remember titles.  The Bookstore in Big Stone Gap might be the title or close enough to it.  Fascinating read about who a couple who started a used bookstore in a small rural area of Virginia and the growth and lessons learned through their experiences.  I love how she tells stories of books marking milestones in our lives.  She can go through bookshelves and tell you the journey of your life.  Now, since I have gotten rid of so many books because of our move, I don't know if she would get a true read.  I think she would discover rather quickly that most of my fiction reading takes place in the south. 

A new addition to our outdoor Christmas decor is two lit trees by the front door.  I cannot tell you how many times I have jumped thinking there is someone lurking the shadows of the front door during the day.  Buddy has bristled a time or two when she is in the study. And I guess at Christmas the UPS guy can't bring packages up to the front door like the rest of the year.  We have a gate that leads to the front door and today I heard someone yelling and I got up to check it out.  Only when I saw the boxes outside the gate did I realize he had yelled UPS.  And, I might add, he placed them where I could not open to gate to bring them in without a lot of finagling.  He sat in his truck and watched but got away before I could get to him and ask why he can't bring them to the front door anymore. 

Maybe I should pipe some Christmas music outside and let it work it's mysterious effects of making everyone want to hum and sing.  Maybe he and I could sing a chorus of Joy to the World the package has come.  Please deliver at the front door.  . 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It Feels Good to Laugh....

Roy is on his way home from the car dealership.  His car is finally repaired.  He had a minor accident on October 25.  We never thought it would take over 30 days for it to be taken care of.  I have busied myself with Christmas lights.  Definitely, we are going the outsource route next year.  Last year after Christmas we stopped at an Ace Hardware store and got great deals on Christmas lights and decorations.  Tonight I was just trying to put the snowflakes in the trees.  I shouldn't be doing this kind of stuff because my balance has never returned after all my health issues.  It is depressing because my mind thinks I can still do all this kind of stuff and my body resists.  I kind of hung onto the shrubs for balance. Oh yes, those little bitty limbs would keep me upright and sustain me.  I've rethought this whole snowflake thing.  Really, the tacky decorations across the street include these type of snowflakes and I am trying to go for a more tasteful look.  Well, at least I am trying.  One of the set of snowflakes has a short or something.  It won't turn off.  They are battery operated and kind of tedious to open the battery box, so I'll let it burn itself out. 

After leadership meeting today I headed over to Target to get an outdoor extension cord for the lit trees by our front door.  Of course I found all kinds of stuff that really needed to come home with me.  I went into Home Goods and looked around.  I saw some cute things but the line to check out was so very long, that I decided to go back one day this week much earlier in the day.  The parking lot was a zoo and holiday tempers are already showing themselves.  It has been my practice to swear off visiting Target between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Let me share with you the discovery of peppermint white chocolate M&M's.  They are addictive...they are candy crack.  We took a bag with us on our trip and we really had to practice portion control. 

It is now Wednesday and Christmas decorating is almost complete.  I have storage tubs to go through to decide what I want to put out and what to put away.  It is always fun to put out and drudgery to put away.  Roy promised me we would get a storage unit this year and not have to do the attic thing again.  

This morning I had somewhat of a scare, no it wasn't my reflection in the mirror.  I'm kind of over that as I gracefully age...uh hum...anyway, I couldn't find the little gifts I had brought back for my core group and I had this sinking feeling that when I was throwing away Biltmore bags, I had accidentally thrown them away.  My other little panic had to do with our coupon thing to send in for our first house payment to the new lender.  Roy had given it to me yesterday but I couldn't for the life of me remember where I put it.  These situations weren't worth the anxiety.  Happy, happy. happy (salute to Duck Dynasty) I found both a little bit after praying.  I read an article on how we can sleep walk throughout the day and I find myself in that position a lot and have to be very determined to keep present in each and every moment.

Roy and I realized on our trip home we could have done a reality TV tour of all the shows we love to watch.  We could have stopped in Houma, LA for Cajun Justice, Alexandria for Cajun Pawn Stars, Swamp People in Butte La Rose and Duck Dynasty in West Monroe.  It was a dilemma when we were on I 20 if we would make that southern turn to 55 or would we stay on 20?  We made the 55 south turn but we were tempted. 

Roy got home safely with his  repaired car.  Think he is a happy camper.  He loved driving the Jeep Patriot but not so much the Sonata.  I think Roy regretted his promise of helping me move some furniture last night.  Since moving a heavy chair up some stairs with my crazy friend Debbie and her mother, I am useless when it comes to moving furniture.  I start laughing and can't seem to stop.  So last night when we were rearranging some tables and we were carrying the heaviest one, the laughing bug was all over me.  When Roy carries something heavy he makes these little bitty side steps and it cracks me up every time.  He knows when I start that wheezing kind of laughing it's because of those funny little steps.  If that chest was going to be moved 3 more feet I had to suck it up and not look at him but dang it, he looks so funny.  I thought maybe some of those dance steps for Celebration had finally kicked in for him.   It does seem like I find something to laugh at or with of my least favorite statements to hear is when someone solemnly and probably guiltily says, "sometimes it feels good to laugh."  Heck yea, it's biblical.  Most people who say this are hopelessly lost in the sad and pessimistic outlook on life.  And here is another thing that comes with that outlook, almost always to a T most of these people will tell you they have the gift of discernment.  Well, the gift is actually discerning of spirits but why be biblical?  One time I heard Beth Moore say if someone says they have the gift of discernment and they never discern anything good or positive, they actually have the gift of judgement.  The gift of judgement is not biblical.

These Christmas decorations aren't going to get in the house on their own, so I better finish up now.  I thought it might be difficult to go through everything because so much of my Christmas decorations are from my mom.  She made me a bunch of fabric wreaths and ornaments.  She brought me home an ornament from every trip she went on.  Have lots and lots of Branson ornaments because she and my dad would go there twice a year.  And now thinking about it all, we are no different in that we go to the Biltmore once or twice a year...but as a friend said, our choice is much better.  It hasn't been difficult at all because I remember her love of Christmas.  She put the tree up earlier and earlier over the years because she loved to sit in their dimmed family room and watch all the brilliant lights twinkle.  She made beautiful Christmas stockings and she was ahead of her time.  When we were little and money was hard to come by, she bought pipe cleaners, felt and little Styrofoam balls to make elves.  They sat on the built in shelves in the den.  So we had early elves on the shelf. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Morning Hangover-The Tired From a Trip Kind

There has been a little less blogging in the past few weeks.  We just returned yesterday from a trip to Asheville, NC by the way of Nashville and Chattanooga.  We spent five days at the Inn on the Biltmore Estate and we relaxed, hiked (OK not me but Roy), shopped (that would be me) and had lots of fun together.  Friday both going and coming, were our hard days of driving.  We left home around 3:30 am and spent the night in Athens, AL.  Coming home we got a later start on Friday but an early one considering we were at the Biltmore and we also went back through Nashville to pick up what we had bought the previous Friday at City Farmhouse.  The route home was a bit different as we tried to avoid being on I 10 for a long time.  The east/west corridor driving is much harder on you than the south/north driving.  We criss crossed across Alabama and Mississippi.  Our stop Friday night was McComb Mississippi.  There is a story there let me tell ya and we got up early to hit the road, stop at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast in Hammond, LA and be on our way.  We got in around 1:00 pm and went straight to kitty camp to pick up Buddy.  At least we know she plays well with others because she got to have free time in the big kitty room with other cats.  She also had a cat condo where she slept and ate.  I always refer to this as camp but reading these past few sentences, exercise yard and small enclosure and I know this from many late nights of watching Lock Down, it sounds less like camp and more like prison.  I told a friend Buddy came home singing Nobody Knows the Trouble I Seen and not Kum Buh Yah. 

We have unloaded our suitcases and even done some laundry.  Roy has gone to the grocery store this morning (yes, we are playing sabbatical from church) and then we are going out for a Mexican food fix before all the churches let out in Katy. 

Buddy has been a tad needy and clingy since arriving home.  Most cats are mad and won't have anything to do with you for a long time, to teach you a lesson never put me in prison again.  Buddy has rarely left my side and kept me awake most of the night trying to sleep as close as she could to me.  She even is letting Roy pet and carry her around. 

Roy is going to bring Christmas decorations down from the attic later this afternoon.  After seeing our neighborhood last night, we seem very behind. 

I have lots of stories and thoughts to share, but those will come later...complete with pictures.  We had a wonderful time but it is always good to come home, to the mess you left but didn't realize it was a mess when leaving.  The birds have probably missed us as well.  Maybe the doves and mockingbirds will come back. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Thoughts for a Monday

First off let me say congrats to all my Aggie friends for beating Alabama.  Although, I have to think LSU had a part in your victory.  LSU kind of played the role of John the Baptist last week, you know, preparing the way.  I think the weakness, if there are very many, in Alabama's game plan were somewhat exposed by the way LSU played against them.  But a win against Alabama is a win and this was a tremendous kind of game that will become folk lore, I was at the game (but really at home) and Johnny Football will never have to worry about having a job when his football playing days are over, type of game.  Even Roy who rarely ever cheers for A&M was dare I say, whooping and yelling throughout the game.  I think he might have wanted to wear his LSU t-shirt to church on Sunday that says, "Imagine a World Without Alabama."  I also learned something about Aggie tradition or whatever it is called.  You see my greatest concern for A&M for years is their whole lack of parking on campus but I asked my friend Dena, Aggie grad, about that song that in my head plays out as The Old Gray Goose is Dead.  I didn't ever know that what I thought was swaying to the music is actually them sawing off t.u. horns.  Then I asked her why the sudden stop in the song.  Do you know when to stop or how do you know when to stop, abruptly...not even finishing the song?  They stop because the horns have been sawed off.  Who knew?  Well Aggies do, but I have lived in Texas since I was four and never knew this.  To be truthful, I really had never thought about it.  Well done A&M!  Now you all must come up with a song about taking tusks off an elephant or scaring the elephant with a mouse to complete your entrance into the SEC.  I read on Twitter that last week was a bad week for elephants...election loss and football loss.

I am having toast this morning for breakfast, but just not any toast.  Opened my first pumpkin pecan butter from William's Sonoma of the season this morning. Mmm...deliciousness!

We have been discussing over the past few weeks if we should increase my life insurance.  Now right there ID TV fans could be the beginning of  a made for TV story.  Except there isn't a story.  You know most of these shows reveal either an increase in life insurance or sudden strange behavior...stuff like that.  Nope, just an opportunity to increase without much hassle. 

A big shout out and thank you to veterans who have served our country and keep our freedom for us.  On Saturday there was a thirty minute or so segment of patriotic and military songs.  Yes, I got my Sousa on.  One of the songs brought back a great memory.  Some years ago we would sing snippets of the armed forces songs.  So there were always people who stood for the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines but hardly ever did anyone stand when we sang the Coast Guard song.  So in rehearsal Peggy and I would stand during the Coast Guard anthem just to give a little respect and so they wouldn't be left out.  We were never brave enough to stand during the actual church service but then we were already standing because we were in the choir. 

Saturday I finished up the guest room closet project.  If you hadn't seen the before the after wouldn't have too big of an effect on you.  Lots of stuff re-boxed, lot more thrown away, and greater more given away.  But with almost any project done by an ADD brain, there is a lot of stopping and starting.  Actually, this project started in our closet and our closet remains in its original state.  I came across some lovely pictures and had to post a few of my finds on Facebook.  We have decided we need to get a small storage unit to keep a few of these memory boxes that I can't part with yet and Christmas decorations.  Just getting luggage out of the attic yesterday is a tremendous undertaking. 

This morning about twelve doves are huddling together in our yard.  They are not the smartest of birds but I find them lovely to look at.  So does Buddy, but I think her intentions of bird watching isn't to behold God's beautiful creation but to eat freshly caught dinner or in this case breakfast. 

The house across the water feature has the roof completed and the turret that was merely framework is now enclosed.  I believe in early morning light against the backdrop of the eastern sky, that turret will look more like a mountain top.  At least that is what I will think on these early mornings on the prairie. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wonderstruck and Wonders of Wonderful

The evening has a nice breeze to it.  The distant sky has the look of cold but it is in the 70's.  We are obsessed with weather around these parts especially when there is a good chance that next week will be downright cool, maybe even cold.  The framing of a new house across our "water feature" has been an interesting prism.  I know wood doesn't reflect but viewing sunrises and moon rises through the timber has been entertaining and some days down right awe inspiring.  Margaret Fineberg, one of my favorite authors, has a new book that is released on Christmas Day.  The title, Wonderstruck.  I actually have the first three chapters of the book and I am deliberately going slowly through the words, taking in all that she shares about the wonders of God.  I am totally excited that I will be downloading the whole book on Christmas morn, or after or eve onto my Nook.  I cannot think of any other book I would rather have with me on my trip to Israel, two days after the release.  With exception of the Bible but that is a given.  Margaret Fineberg's book, Scouting the Divine is one of my all time favorites.  You'll love her style, you'll love her observations and you will love how she teaches the Bible and God in her writing.  Here is the link to Amazon and you can read all about her newest book.

Another wonder is the Orchestra and Choir of Houston's First Baptist Church.  They are doing a preview in all three services of the upcoming performances of Celebration.  If you aren't able to attend, go to at 9:15, 11:00 or 5:30 this Sunday...and join in on the web cast.  Also has lots of interesting info.  The Spirit, The Songs, The Story. 

We had wonderful discussion and laughter this morning in CBS core group study.  We are studying the book of Hebrews and just finished up the 3rd chapter.  It was also brunch day but instead of bringing food or rather a covered dish, we opted to go across the street to eat at Ruthie's Mexican.  We had a great time together.  We actually were supposed to discuss the last question for our brunch topic, but we really answered the question in our group time.  We talked and shared so many things that have happened or are happening in our lives.  We may or may not have discussed Duck Dynasty.  Hey, they're believers! 

It has also been a wonderful day remembering my mom.  I have to admit I got a little teary this morning thinking back to last year and the phone call from Roy letting me know my mom had passed away.  But one thing we talked about in leadership meeting and Jennifer mentioned in teaching time was the story of David.  He and Bathsheba's first born son died, but while he was still alive David cried out to the Lord in sackcloth and in ashes.  Once he learned of his son's death, he arose, got cleaned up and had dinner.  The time for sadness had passed and he went about serving the Lord.  So today I have honored my mom by remembering her joy and love of life.  Her laughter.  She loved a good card both sending and receiving.  She loved her friends.  Her love of the Bible and Southern Living.  Although she loved to bake, I didn't honor her memory by making up a batch of cookies or banana nut bread.  I honored her another way too...we were invited to go to Le Mis tonight but frankly, I am physically and emotionally worn out.  Because I know I need to stay in my parameters to function, I knew even as much as I would have loved to go tonight, it wasn't the smart thing to do.  And I laughed thinking about my mom and how she really didn't care for musicals, especially the musical Oklahoma.  She probably hadn't even heard of Le Mis but I can hear her saying, "why they were having a perfectly good conversation and then they had to go into singing about the conversation."  Yep, she wasn't a fan of the musical. 

My last wonder of the day is, Roy is bringing home dinner.  I am a huge fan, in spirit hopefully not in size, of the Fuddrucker's salad with chicken.  Oh my, I think I could eat it everyday.  And that's what's for dinner. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


It hardly seems possible that my mom has been gone for almost a year.  She passed away last November 8.  I think about her almost everyday.  When I look at the flower gardens, the bird feeders and birdbath outside, I think of her.  We planted pink roses several months ago.  Pink roses were her favorite.  I just went back and read my blog from last November and I am so glad I put my thoughts and feelings down even if they are so raw and swayed by emotion.  One thing I never put in my posts last year is the way I found out my mom was ill and in the hospital.  I was at the cardiologist and back behind the partition of general waiting room and back in one of the individual rooms where I read about my mom.  My dad had asked my brother not to tell me, so in reality he didn't but he felt confident that I would see his status update on Facebook.  Later on in the day my sister in law called me and said she didn't feel right in keeping this information from me.  Believe me, I was reeling and when the nurses and Doctors came in that day to look at me, my heartbeat was all over the place.  So they had me wear a heart monitor for a month.  I couldn't decide whether to tell the nurses what had happened or not. I didn't want to be that old woman who tells her story to anyone who will listen.  Kind of like now only I am writing it and if you are making a face, I can't see you.  I sat there watching my ankles and hands begin to swell and retain water from the sudden stress.  My heart was working overtime.   It had been a long time since that had happened.  This withholding information from us came about from a phone conversation that Roy had with my dad several weeks previously and in that conversation Roy asked my dad to contact him if anything needed to be done because my dad was wearing me down with his unreasonable demands and his hate filled and hurtful words he had toward me.  I called my dad that night letting him know that I knew about mom and the next day we were with him at the hospital with my mother.  We were there helping him with decisions, well at least as much as he was going to let us have input, and trying to help him because it was obvious her time on this earth was quickly coming to a close. 

It seems ironic to me now thinking through these thoughts because my dad over the course of years told me numerous times that my mom had died.  He would call and say, just wanted you to know your mom is dead.  OK, it unnerved me the first few times and got the reaction he wanted when he did it, but as time went on I would tell him to just let me speak to mom when I called.  Yes, he is that twisted.  When my brother and I were small children, he would tell us that he and my mom were leaving us to live and fend for ourselves.  There would be the dramatic scene of pulling out suitcases and packing clothes.  I really don't think my mom wanted to participate in this but he has a way of controlling and cooperating with him has a way of making life much easier in having to live with him.  When he first started this my brother and I would cry and wail and hold onto them, not wanting them to go out the door.  My father would push us back and close the door.  I don't remember how long they would be gone but it was long enough to watch them drive away and be convinced that they were gone.  Being strong willed and having a survivor mentality it got to the point when he would pull this trick out of his hat, that I would ask my mom to leave us some signed checks so that we could pay bills.  I stopped crying and only tried to deal with what had been dealt to me.  This all happened beginning around the age of 6. 

Last year in CBS we studied Revelation.  When my mom died and her sweet presence went to be with the Lord, I kind of thought back to Revelation, when God removes His church and the Holy Spirit from this world.  All kinds of heartache, meanness and evil take place.  When we finally had her service, when family returned to their homes and once the shock wore off, it became apparent even with Alzheimer's, how much her presence brought good among us.  How much good she brought to my father.  His health and state of mind has diminished but still present is a mean spirited, vindictive and bitter person and I am saddened that he chose to live his life this way.  He has missed a lot of happiness and joy. 

Several weeks ago I read in Ann Landers about the phenomenon of 'pennies from heaven.'  I had never heard of this but many testify that after a loved one passes away, they began to see pennies in the oddest places.  The general thought is that your loved one is communicating to you that all is well.  Now I don't hold great stock in those kind of things but within the past few days I have found a penny in the strangest places.  On Saturday, on a whim, I decided to put the extra leaf in our dinning room table.  We had the section under a couch and when I pulled it out, there was a penny on top of it.  Hmm....  Then yesterday I was changing out the days on a magnetic calendar and I opened a drawer to get out the box that holds the month magnets, there bright as day was a shinny brand new penny.  It was kind of nice to see the pennies, but I now from the Bible that all is well with my mother. 

I am not a big crier by nature but I have cried more this week than I have in a long time.  Missing my mom, thinking about her, how funny she was, how loving and kind she was and her whimsical view of life even when she worried and fretted over trivial things.  These tears are mixed mostly with joy but there are those from missing my mom.  I am embarrassed to tell you what else brought me to tears this week...I watched a video of the Baylor halftime show from last weekend.  I don't know why but when I saw the creative program saluting Baylor champions I sat here and wept.  Lest you think it was emotionally packed, no it was the band as a stick person on a horse and a stick person bouncing a basketball and shooting it through a hoop.  Impressive but why did that make me cry? 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Remember, Ponder, Laugh and Holler..OK No One Hollered

Funny, we can blow through life not stopping to see anything.  We are intent of getting everything on our to do list checked off because you know we have to add more things to the list all the time.  Now that we have switched to fall back time I'm realizing that some things like yard work and bike rides will now have to happen in the mornings.  I noticed that the two trees out front were looking a little wilted and with the forecast of rain and the likelihood that the rain will go east and west of us, I decided to deep water the trees.  I kept reminding myself remember the remember the, in remembrance of, remember that the water is on.  OK, I was so good on the time for the second tree.  I would rather not discuss the watering time of the first tree. 

I've been pondering my homework for Hebrews.  Like I have written about before, I don't ask myself too many questions and that is probably to my detriment.  There are several thought provoking questions this week and instead of hastily writing down what could do as an answer, I've been thinking them through all day.  We are studying the rest of God and encouraging one another.  We are learning about not hardening our hearts and obeying the Word.  Interesting parallel from the Old Testament that pertain to us today.  A hardened heart is not a pretty thing.  Really, we all have issues or circumstances that we can have a hard heart toward but there are those people whose whole lives are a testament to hardened hearts and bitterness.  They are the people who seem to only discern the negative and a generous life they do not lead.  It is like they are on a team but their hard heart, bitterness and insecurities have relegated them to the second string.  They are dressed for the game but aren't prepared to play.  Their attitude reflects the deep down issue of lack of trust and control.  If they have no faith in the coach, they will not play according to the game plan but perform how 'they' think it should be done.  We can find ourselves in those same kind of circumstances but it isn't a coach we don't obey, but God.  It's kind of like articles and blogs where the present day person wants to go back and talk with their 16 year old self.  Lots of wisdom that has come through life but I don't think even if we could go back and talk some sense into our 16 year old selves, it wouldn't do a bit of good.  You know, cause when you are 16 you know everything!  Humankind just has that bent toward rebellion.   I was talking with a friend several weeks ago.  She is in ministry and her immediate boss ministers out of his insecurities.  He is afraid someone with good ideas is out to replace him.  Uh, no.  He can't delegate big responsibilities to anyone on his staff that might outshine him with their work ethic and gifts.  There are half truths and talking behind other's backs to make him look good, even if only to himself.  He is one of those people who constantly say he doesn't hold a grudge but his life and words say something totally different.  My friend finds herself in a position of knowing she is called but wondering if her call should be totally away from the insecure and hard hearted minister.  So she waits, she is still and she is looking for God's direction in her next few steps.  Maybe I will email her Hebrews 3 and encourage her.  Meanwhile, I need to answer those last few questions. 

We had such a fun lunch after church yesterday.  Dena met us at La Fiesta.  Oh my, my stomach still hurts today from all the laughter.  Roy even said this morning that he couldn't remember us laughing that much in quite sometime.  Of course it is still funny to us today but if I even tried to write about it, something would get lost in the translation. 

I only discovered today that Duck Dynasty has a book out, Reverend Fowl, How Faith, Family and Ducks Built a Dynasty.  Ordered up that sucker and it should be here by Wednesday.  Maybe I could write a book on Buddy and her budding shepherd career.  She is trying to help me right now which makes it difficult to type. 

Roy has all his legal and CPA continuous education hours taken care of for the year.  He got the final 3 1/2 hours in on Saturday for his law license requirement.  Good to have that taken care of.  When he got home he helped me with the last of the weeding that needed to be done in the back flower bed.  He can never lose his good knees and the ability to bend down on them. 

Well, I better go finish up the project I started this morning in our guest bedroom.  Then think about dinner...which means Roy is bringing home dinner and I am thinking about the deliciousness of it all. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

An Amazing Thing...No Not Really

It was an ease into the day Saturday.  Roy left early for Bible study and then went to church for a Celebration cast meeting.  His travels were not over because he went downtown for the See You in Court legal thing that helps you get enough hours for this year's CLE.  He needed three hours with ethics thrown in and he is just about done.  He is making a few stops on his way back to the prairie and then we're grilling hamburgers tonight. 

Roy was in the land of sugar yesterday for a haircut and stopped in at Whole Foods for organic grapes that were on sale.  He also brought home some of their biscuits.  So my not so healthy breakfast this morning was biscuits and apple butter.  Then I went to Roy's Nord, Tractor Supply Store.  Not for anything manly or farmy or anything like that, but for candles they had on sale.  Love, Love, Love the scents.  Then I came back home and dead headed roses and cleaned out the bird bath.  And yes, I got little splatters of bleach on my favorite LSU t-shirt.  I no more had clean out the bird bath on my list of things to take care of today but you know with ADD, look a squirrel.  Things change constantly.  I have an email started to Roy because I thought of one more thing for him to pick up.  Funny, as soon as I started the email, I forgot what it was.  So I am waiting for that thought to return. 

Had a huge scare this morning.  I looked out the window and saw a gray cat stretched out on the outdoor fireplace ledge.  I freaked for just a moment because I thought it was Buddy.  No, it is the neighborhood cat and he must have been looking for bird breakfast this morning.  He didn't get a bird, at least not in our yard.  So he probably had to go back home for yucky oatmeal. 

This morning I read that the word "amazing" was voted the most overused word of the year.  Awesome came in second.  We have made the word "amazing" so pedestrian.  It is used to describe the mundane which really is not amazing.  Sometimes Roy and I play a drinking game at home when we watch our church's web cast.  Every time someone uses the word amazing in the service, we have to take a big drink of Diet Coke or coffee or Dr Pepper Bold.  Double drink score if the word is used twice, as in "it is an amazing, amazing thing."  Of course it gets complicated if we sing songs that have the word amazing in them.  On singing we are singing about, God's grace and that dear friends  is certainly an amazing, amazing thing to the tenth power. So that doesn't count in our game.  We need to start pop a peppermint game with amazing when we are at church in person.  We would probably have the burn of the mint and it would be too much from so many mints in our mouth in a 15 minute period, we would have to run out of the service for some water. 

Thursday was an amazing day.  Ha!  Just kidding!  But it was a fun and welcomed day.  Although early Thursday morning gave me quite a scare.  I woke up around 3:15 with my heart trying to go out of rhythm and pain in my chest.  I kind of thought the chest pain had more to do with eating hot dogs rather late on Halloween or Fall Festival Night.  I was prepared to call for an ambulance because the middle of the night is not Roy's finest hour.  The chest pains dissipated and haven't returned so it was a rare case of indigestion.  Bible study was full of lively discussion and bunny trails.  Four of our group served as Love Ladies in the children's ministry and we had a couple out on vacation.  We were lower in number but just as feisty as ever.  Peggy was much welcomed in her return to core group because she will jump right in and start the conversation on our questions.  After core group time I headed home because Cassi and I were finally getting together.  We have been working on this for about a year with our schedules.  We went to Kay's Tea Room and had a wonderful surprise of seeing Jennifer S.  The chicken pot pie ranks right up there with Rice Epicurean's in my book.  Delicious!  We also had a chance to go over to Bill's antique mall and look around.  We had taken so much time sitting there and visiting we were right on time for Girl's Night Out which began at 3:00.  The story of Cassi and me is a great God story.  Both of our lives have been changed on that chance encounter one night at Beth's Bible study.  I am so thankful for she and Dustin. 

Yesterday, I finally got to get a pedi.  I was long overdue.  Found a fallish color and relaxed.  Then I went over to the Celebration Market.  Usually, it is at Second Baptist but this year it was at a Baptist church that begins with a W.  It is across the street from Church of the Holy Apostles.  Lots of booths, lots of ubiquitous Christmas decorations, tons of jewelry, well, I thought it was pretty good.  Must have been because I bought a few things.  Found a couple of tops at the Enchanted Urn booth.  They have a shop in Fulshear.  I had never been to it because I wasn't quite sure if it was a head shop or a cremation urn shop.  Neitheron of those, thankfully but, cute clothes and shoes.  Now I will stop while out Fulshear way.   Got a few gifts taken care of for Christmas. 

For a second week in a row, we found ourselves at Lupe's Tortilla on a Friday.  Love their veggie quesadias.  And once again we found that Duck Dynasty was having a marathon on Friday night.  So were pretty much set for the weekend. 

Well, whatever I thought was so important for Roy to stop for must not have been that important.  The thought has not returned.  That's OK, I just saw something that I want to do for the dinning room table.  Better run with that thought while I still have it. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's 3:16 am and I Would Rather Be Asleep

It is 3:16 am and it is all quiet out here on the prairie.  The greater part of the evening was spent outside handing out candy to all the littles that came by.  And the were really littles because most of the families here have little kids and not teenagers.  Teenagers would have been welcomed too.  Talked to several of the neighbors as they came by with their candy picker outers.  With all the new houses in our neighborhood I really thought there would be more kids this year and thus we prepared but I think we had a bit fewer.  Oh well. 

Buddy has discovered the sheep nativity.  Dang, I thought putting it out while she was sound asleep would insure lack of discovery.  Setting it up on top of a bookcase seemed like such a good idea.  Yet, I just found her on the top with a sheep in her mouth.   Yes, I know it is early to have Christmas decorations out but these sheep are the cutest things.  Soft and fluffy they be.  It a shepherd sheep with three regular type sheep and Baby Jesus.  At first I thought Mary was missing because I thought the shepherd sheep was Joseph. 

Last night was Katy Bunco.  Love having it so nearby home.  Broke even, came with five dollars and left with five dollars. 

We will be down in numbers later this morning in Bible study.  It is our turn to help with the kiddos, have several on vacation and a couple who have things they need to take care of.   The first week of homework seemed rather difficult.  Maybe it was the way they asked questions but this week didn't seem to be quite as confusing.  Maybe it is making the transition from I John to Hebrews. 

I read an interesting blog entry by one of my favorite authors this week.
I read it early before many commented and I returned later to see the comments since then are insightful and some are downright sad in the stories of why people left church in their 40's.  I remember discussing this very thing with others when I was on staff at a church.  There is usually a generation that gets left out of leadership.  In the case of our church the 70 somethings who controlled most of the committees and the like when they were in their late 40's and 50's didn't relinquish any leadership to those of us in our late twenties and early 30's.  Then when we might have finally paid our dues and have some leadership, drastic cultural changes took place in church and most everything skipped over us and onto the younger generation coming on up.  We didn't leave church in our 40's but we did for a time in our early 30's.  I think there for a while the thought in many churches was, we don't need you or it could have been we don't know what to do with you when it came to the older generation in church.  I think a lot of that has passed and everyone is realizing we are the Body of Christ and we need each other.  I love the time I spend with my young friends, they keep me in the cultural and technical loop.  I love spending time with those who are much older than me and even though I know very few, it is great spending time with others who are my age. 

Well, I am going to try and go back to sleep.  If not, I will have no excuse for running late to Bible study later on in the morning.