Monday, November 5, 2012

Remember, Ponder, Laugh and Holler..OK No One Hollered

Funny, we can blow through life not stopping to see anything.  We are intent of getting everything on our to do list checked off because you know we have to add more things to the list all the time.  Now that we have switched to fall back time I'm realizing that some things like yard work and bike rides will now have to happen in the mornings.  I noticed that the two trees out front were looking a little wilted and with the forecast of rain and the likelihood that the rain will go east and west of us, I decided to deep water the trees.  I kept reminding myself remember the remember the, in remembrance of, remember that the water is on.  OK, I was so good on the time for the second tree.  I would rather not discuss the watering time of the first tree. 

I've been pondering my homework for Hebrews.  Like I have written about before, I don't ask myself too many questions and that is probably to my detriment.  There are several thought provoking questions this week and instead of hastily writing down what could do as an answer, I've been thinking them through all day.  We are studying the rest of God and encouraging one another.  We are learning about not hardening our hearts and obeying the Word.  Interesting parallel from the Old Testament that pertain to us today.  A hardened heart is not a pretty thing.  Really, we all have issues or circumstances that we can have a hard heart toward but there are those people whose whole lives are a testament to hardened hearts and bitterness.  They are the people who seem to only discern the negative and a generous life they do not lead.  It is like they are on a team but their hard heart, bitterness and insecurities have relegated them to the second string.  They are dressed for the game but aren't prepared to play.  Their attitude reflects the deep down issue of lack of trust and control.  If they have no faith in the coach, they will not play according to the game plan but perform how 'they' think it should be done.  We can find ourselves in those same kind of circumstances but it isn't a coach we don't obey, but God.  It's kind of like articles and blogs where the present day person wants to go back and talk with their 16 year old self.  Lots of wisdom that has come through life but I don't think even if we could go back and talk some sense into our 16 year old selves, it wouldn't do a bit of good.  You know, cause when you are 16 you know everything!  Humankind just has that bent toward rebellion.   I was talking with a friend several weeks ago.  She is in ministry and her immediate boss ministers out of his insecurities.  He is afraid someone with good ideas is out to replace him.  Uh, no.  He can't delegate big responsibilities to anyone on his staff that might outshine him with their work ethic and gifts.  There are half truths and talking behind other's backs to make him look good, even if only to himself.  He is one of those people who constantly say he doesn't hold a grudge but his life and words say something totally different.  My friend finds herself in a position of knowing she is called but wondering if her call should be totally away from the insecure and hard hearted minister.  So she waits, she is still and she is looking for God's direction in her next few steps.  Maybe I will email her Hebrews 3 and encourage her.  Meanwhile, I need to answer those last few questions. 

We had such a fun lunch after church yesterday.  Dena met us at La Fiesta.  Oh my, my stomach still hurts today from all the laughter.  Roy even said this morning that he couldn't remember us laughing that much in quite sometime.  Of course it is still funny to us today but if I even tried to write about it, something would get lost in the translation. 

I only discovered today that Duck Dynasty has a book out, Reverend Fowl, How Faith, Family and Ducks Built a Dynasty.  Ordered up that sucker and it should be here by Wednesday.  Maybe I could write a book on Buddy and her budding shepherd career.  She is trying to help me right now which makes it difficult to type. 

Roy has all his legal and CPA continuous education hours taken care of for the year.  He got the final 3 1/2 hours in on Saturday for his law license requirement.  Good to have that taken care of.  When he got home he helped me with the last of the weeding that needed to be done in the back flower bed.  He can never lose his good knees and the ability to bend down on them. 

Well, I better go finish up the project I started this morning in our guest bedroom.  Then think about dinner...which means Roy is bringing home dinner and I am thinking about the deliciousness of it all. 

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