Saturday, November 3, 2012

An Amazing Thing...No Not Really

It was an ease into the day Saturday.  Roy left early for Bible study and then went to church for a Celebration cast meeting.  His travels were not over because he went downtown for the See You in Court legal thing that helps you get enough hours for this year's CLE.  He needed three hours with ethics thrown in and he is just about done.  He is making a few stops on his way back to the prairie and then we're grilling hamburgers tonight. 

Roy was in the land of sugar yesterday for a haircut and stopped in at Whole Foods for organic grapes that were on sale.  He also brought home some of their biscuits.  So my not so healthy breakfast this morning was biscuits and apple butter.  Then I went to Roy's Nord, Tractor Supply Store.  Not for anything manly or farmy or anything like that, but for candles they had on sale.  Love, Love, Love the scents.  Then I came back home and dead headed roses and cleaned out the bird bath.  And yes, I got little splatters of bleach on my favorite LSU t-shirt.  I no more had clean out the bird bath on my list of things to take care of today but you know with ADD, look a squirrel.  Things change constantly.  I have an email started to Roy because I thought of one more thing for him to pick up.  Funny, as soon as I started the email, I forgot what it was.  So I am waiting for that thought to return. 

Had a huge scare this morning.  I looked out the window and saw a gray cat stretched out on the outdoor fireplace ledge.  I freaked for just a moment because I thought it was Buddy.  No, it is the neighborhood cat and he must have been looking for bird breakfast this morning.  He didn't get a bird, at least not in our yard.  So he probably had to go back home for yucky oatmeal. 

This morning I read that the word "amazing" was voted the most overused word of the year.  Awesome came in second.  We have made the word "amazing" so pedestrian.  It is used to describe the mundane which really is not amazing.  Sometimes Roy and I play a drinking game at home when we watch our church's web cast.  Every time someone uses the word amazing in the service, we have to take a big drink of Diet Coke or coffee or Dr Pepper Bold.  Double drink score if the word is used twice, as in "it is an amazing, amazing thing."  Of course it gets complicated if we sing songs that have the word amazing in them.  On singing we are singing about, God's grace and that dear friends  is certainly an amazing, amazing thing to the tenth power. So that doesn't count in our game.  We need to start pop a peppermint game with amazing when we are at church in person.  We would probably have the burn of the mint and it would be too much from so many mints in our mouth in a 15 minute period, we would have to run out of the service for some water. 

Thursday was an amazing day.  Ha!  Just kidding!  But it was a fun and welcomed day.  Although early Thursday morning gave me quite a scare.  I woke up around 3:15 with my heart trying to go out of rhythm and pain in my chest.  I kind of thought the chest pain had more to do with eating hot dogs rather late on Halloween or Fall Festival Night.  I was prepared to call for an ambulance because the middle of the night is not Roy's finest hour.  The chest pains dissipated and haven't returned so it was a rare case of indigestion.  Bible study was full of lively discussion and bunny trails.  Four of our group served as Love Ladies in the children's ministry and we had a couple out on vacation.  We were lower in number but just as feisty as ever.  Peggy was much welcomed in her return to core group because she will jump right in and start the conversation on our questions.  After core group time I headed home because Cassi and I were finally getting together.  We have been working on this for about a year with our schedules.  We went to Kay's Tea Room and had a wonderful surprise of seeing Jennifer S.  The chicken pot pie ranks right up there with Rice Epicurean's in my book.  Delicious!  We also had a chance to go over to Bill's antique mall and look around.  We had taken so much time sitting there and visiting we were right on time for Girl's Night Out which began at 3:00.  The story of Cassi and me is a great God story.  Both of our lives have been changed on that chance encounter one night at Beth's Bible study.  I am so thankful for she and Dustin. 

Yesterday, I finally got to get a pedi.  I was long overdue.  Found a fallish color and relaxed.  Then I went over to the Celebration Market.  Usually, it is at Second Baptist but this year it was at a Baptist church that begins with a W.  It is across the street from Church of the Holy Apostles.  Lots of booths, lots of ubiquitous Christmas decorations, tons of jewelry, well, I thought it was pretty good.  Must have been because I bought a few things.  Found a couple of tops at the Enchanted Urn booth.  They have a shop in Fulshear.  I had never been to it because I wasn't quite sure if it was a head shop or a cremation urn shop.  Neitheron of those, thankfully but, cute clothes and shoes.  Now I will stop while out Fulshear way.   Got a few gifts taken care of for Christmas. 

For a second week in a row, we found ourselves at Lupe's Tortilla on a Friday.  Love their veggie quesadias.  And once again we found that Duck Dynasty was having a marathon on Friday night.  So were pretty much set for the weekend. 

Well, whatever I thought was so important for Roy to stop for must not have been that important.  The thought has not returned.  That's OK, I just saw something that I want to do for the dinning room table.  Better run with that thought while I still have it. 

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