Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Morning Hangover-The Tired From a Trip Kind

There has been a little less blogging in the past few weeks.  We just returned yesterday from a trip to Asheville, NC by the way of Nashville and Chattanooga.  We spent five days at the Inn on the Biltmore Estate and we relaxed, hiked (OK not me but Roy), shopped (that would be me) and had lots of fun together.  Friday both going and coming, were our hard days of driving.  We left home around 3:30 am and spent the night in Athens, AL.  Coming home we got a later start on Friday but an early one considering we were at the Biltmore and we also went back through Nashville to pick up what we had bought the previous Friday at City Farmhouse.  The route home was a bit different as we tried to avoid being on I 10 for a long time.  The east/west corridor driving is much harder on you than the south/north driving.  We criss crossed across Alabama and Mississippi.  Our stop Friday night was McComb Mississippi.  There is a story there let me tell ya and we got up early to hit the road, stop at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast in Hammond, LA and be on our way.  We got in around 1:00 pm and went straight to kitty camp to pick up Buddy.  At least we know she plays well with others because she got to have free time in the big kitty room with other cats.  She also had a cat condo where she slept and ate.  I always refer to this as camp but reading these past few sentences, exercise yard and small enclosure and I know this from many late nights of watching Lock Down, it sounds less like camp and more like prison.  I told a friend Buddy came home singing Nobody Knows the Trouble I Seen and not Kum Buh Yah. 

We have unloaded our suitcases and even done some laundry.  Roy has gone to the grocery store this morning (yes, we are playing sabbatical from church) and then we are going out for a Mexican food fix before all the churches let out in Katy. 

Buddy has been a tad needy and clingy since arriving home.  Most cats are mad and won't have anything to do with you for a long time, to teach you a lesson never put me in prison again.  Buddy has rarely left my side and kept me awake most of the night trying to sleep as close as she could to me.  She even is letting Roy pet and carry her around. 

Roy is going to bring Christmas decorations down from the attic later this afternoon.  After seeing our neighborhood last night, we seem very behind. 

I have lots of stories and thoughts to share, but those will come later...complete with pictures.  We had a wonderful time but it is always good to come home, to the mess you left but didn't realize it was a mess when leaving.  The birds have probably missed us as well.  Maybe the doves and mockingbirds will come back. 

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