Monday, November 12, 2012

Thoughts for a Monday

First off let me say congrats to all my Aggie friends for beating Alabama.  Although, I have to think LSU had a part in your victory.  LSU kind of played the role of John the Baptist last week, you know, preparing the way.  I think the weakness, if there are very many, in Alabama's game plan were somewhat exposed by the way LSU played against them.  But a win against Alabama is a win and this was a tremendous kind of game that will become folk lore, I was at the game (but really at home) and Johnny Football will never have to worry about having a job when his football playing days are over, type of game.  Even Roy who rarely ever cheers for A&M was dare I say, whooping and yelling throughout the game.  I think he might have wanted to wear his LSU t-shirt to church on Sunday that says, "Imagine a World Without Alabama."  I also learned something about Aggie tradition or whatever it is called.  You see my greatest concern for A&M for years is their whole lack of parking on campus but I asked my friend Dena, Aggie grad, about that song that in my head plays out as The Old Gray Goose is Dead.  I didn't ever know that what I thought was swaying to the music is actually them sawing off t.u. horns.  Then I asked her why the sudden stop in the song.  Do you know when to stop or how do you know when to stop, abruptly...not even finishing the song?  They stop because the horns have been sawed off.  Who knew?  Well Aggies do, but I have lived in Texas since I was four and never knew this.  To be truthful, I really had never thought about it.  Well done A&M!  Now you all must come up with a song about taking tusks off an elephant or scaring the elephant with a mouse to complete your entrance into the SEC.  I read on Twitter that last week was a bad week for elephants...election loss and football loss.

I am having toast this morning for breakfast, but just not any toast.  Opened my first pumpkin pecan butter from William's Sonoma of the season this morning. Mmm...deliciousness!

We have been discussing over the past few weeks if we should increase my life insurance.  Now right there ID TV fans could be the beginning of  a made for TV story.  Except there isn't a story.  You know most of these shows reveal either an increase in life insurance or sudden strange behavior...stuff like that.  Nope, just an opportunity to increase without much hassle. 

A big shout out and thank you to veterans who have served our country and keep our freedom for us.  On Saturday there was a thirty minute or so segment of patriotic and military songs.  Yes, I got my Sousa on.  One of the songs brought back a great memory.  Some years ago we would sing snippets of the armed forces songs.  So there were always people who stood for the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines but hardly ever did anyone stand when we sang the Coast Guard song.  So in rehearsal Peggy and I would stand during the Coast Guard anthem just to give a little respect and so they wouldn't be left out.  We were never brave enough to stand during the actual church service but then we were already standing because we were in the choir. 

Saturday I finished up the guest room closet project.  If you hadn't seen the before the after wouldn't have too big of an effect on you.  Lots of stuff re-boxed, lot more thrown away, and greater more given away.  But with almost any project done by an ADD brain, there is a lot of stopping and starting.  Actually, this project started in our closet and our closet remains in its original state.  I came across some lovely pictures and had to post a few of my finds on Facebook.  We have decided we need to get a small storage unit to keep a few of these memory boxes that I can't part with yet and Christmas decorations.  Just getting luggage out of the attic yesterday is a tremendous undertaking. 

This morning about twelve doves are huddling together in our yard.  They are not the smartest of birds but I find them lovely to look at.  So does Buddy, but I think her intentions of bird watching isn't to behold God's beautiful creation but to eat freshly caught dinner or in this case breakfast. 

The house across the water feature has the roof completed and the turret that was merely framework is now enclosed.  I believe in early morning light against the backdrop of the eastern sky, that turret will look more like a mountain top.  At least that is what I will think on these early mornings on the prairie. 

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