Monday, April 30, 2007

I Love This Pen

I LOVE this pen!!!! This pen is being given away at the OTC by Mustang Engineering and Dena gave me one Friday. When you press the top it laughs the greatest laugh. I told her I need about four more. For sure I can bring one to the office so when Jason says something that is nearly impossible to be done, I could press the pen and laughter would fill my office. This is one of those fun things that will just make you happy. I love stuff like this. Hmm...maybe I will take this pen with me to our staff retreat tomorrow. No, better not. The result could be like many from my past, confiscated and given back to me at the end of the semester. Some semesters it was like Christmas all the odds and ends that were returned to me. CourtneyS and Michelle I cannot tell you how much I am going to miss y'all. Staff Retreat won't be the same without you.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Scenic Pics

One Totally Fine and Fun Saturday

We are officially up and running with our camera now. So we took a few pictures from yesterday. Roy and I had one of those totally fun days from the start to the finish. We got to sleep in which is a rarity for us. Roy got up and went walking while Buddy and I eased into the day. Update on my eye, Buddy scratched my eyelid in the perfect place, the bruising is a perfect eyeliner bruise. Smokey eyes are in so I am a one eye smoke eye. We left for Brenham around 12:15 and arrived at the ranch around 1:45. It is a gorgeous piece of land with all the accoutrement's of fine living in the country. Stocked lake, paddle boats, kayaks, four wheelers, horseback riding, hay ride, swimming pool, rocking chairs, and some down home catered barbecue with all the fixin's completed with peach cobbler. No Blue Bell...shucks! Our favorite was the rocking chairs with the view of a valley spread out like God had set his best table yet. I wonder how many there thanked God for His splendor and majesty. It is like most corporate events...great setting, great food, great amenities, but not much relationship. Everyone invited was Director level and above which obviously means most of these people are used to being in competition with one another or opposed to one another...with a some good natured camaraderie in between. We left, put the top down on Mustang Sally and went about to explore the countryside. The fragrance of clover and fresh mowed hay enveloped us with nary a sneeze or any congestion. We stopped at Baylor's first site but decided against going through the Texas Baptist Museum. It was too pretty of a day to be trapped up looking at Baptist history. We stopped at a roadside truck farmer's set up. Roy picked out a huge watermelon and I picked out tomatoes and sweet potatoes. We took our time and came back into Houston on the country roads and once we hit I-10 we hit the Grand Parkway and took the Westpark Toll Road right into the Galleria area. We went to the Nord where they had an Over/Under shoe event. If your shoe size is 5 or smaller and 10.5 or larger there were racks and racks of shoes of all types but in your size. Most of you all probably don't know how much fun this was for me. Size 11 is not always easy to find or at least not to have so many options. While I perused the shoes Roy was in the men's shoe area watching the NFL Draft. They have 4 flat screen TVs for the guys to keep up with all the sporting events. Once I had finally selected some shoes, I called Roy over for his opinion. Had three pairs, red open toed slip on shoes, comfortable blue and green Priva! shoes, and a pair of cute ugly kind of shoes. Came home with the first two pair, men don't understand cute ugly kind of shoes. Then we ate at the Bistro and having regained our strength went to Borders Bookstore (I had a coupon), Apple, Eddie Bauers and Macy's. We returned home worn out and tired, but nourished. The day was such a needed break from our routine. We loved just talking through stuff, major and minor. It was fun to have a convertible to take it all in. Roy didn't go into the office like most Saturdays and I am sure my Sunday School lesson tonight will suffer just a bit and hopefully the class will cut me a little grace.
Wow, what a great day!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Morning

This morning I awoke a brand new way. Roy had left for the office and I was still in bed dozing. Buddy was anxious for me to get up and play. She had already eased into her morning because she got up with Roy around 5:00 am. I felt her jump onto the bed and then she jumped onto my head. In that playful moment her claw accidentally scratched my eyelid. When I opened my eyes all I saw was blood. The pain was sharp and I immediately just started eyes out...couldn't resist. I ran into the bathroom and applied pressure and cold water to my eyelid. Finally I got the bleeding stopped. Finally got my crying stopped. Buddy knew something was wrong. She sheepishly sat beside my feet. The bleeding was profuse because of skin being so thin in the eye area. When I was able to assess the damage it is big scrape across my eyelid and claw marks in my eyebrows and a few on my forehead. I am asking the Lord for no swelling cause tomorrow I have a Mrs. Mon thing. That is what I call stuff we attend for Roy's job. The President of his company is throwing a barbecue at his ranch in Brenham and we are attending. I am already intimidated about it because we don't look or act like a "corporate couple." I am the old wife of 30 years in the land of trophy wives and fashionistas. I really don't want to be there with a black eye and scratches on my forehead. I have hope this morning after reading Tammie's blog about God being at barbecues. Lord, I know you will show yourself huge tomorrow at the barbecue...let me have both eyes open to see You.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Buddy and I are waiting for Roy to leave the office. Buddy is full of energy the kind that gets her in trouble. She is so interested in my desk. It is a recurring theme. She gets on the desk, gets squirted with water. I think that is how she keeps her shiny and manageable coat. The desk only interests her when I get home from work and when Roy and I go to sleep. Most nights Buddy is banished from the bedroom because of the desk issue. We are waiting for Roy so that we can go out to dinner , Roy and I not Buddy. This morning I took the Admins on the Ministries Staff for breakfast at the Houstonian to celebrate Administrative Professional week. It was different than doing the lunch thing and we had a lot of fun. We were vying for the available couches in the office suite for nap time when we returned. Last night I met Dena at Buffalo Grille. Had breakfast for dinner. The pancakes are awesome at the Grille. Tuesday night I met my friends who are on the praise team that lead worship at Tuesday night Bible study. I am like the mascot for them. We ate at The Grand Lux. It was my first time to eat there and it was sooooo good! I cheated and looked online at the menu and saw banana cream pie. Yep, I had it and let me just say it was so good it made ya want to slap your mama. Sunday Roy and I did the Los Cucos thing...chips and salsa, I am sure they will be at the wedding supper of the Lamb. Saturday night Dena and I went shopping so of course we ate at the Bistro at the Nord. I love eating dinner with Dena cause we split our orders a lot. Here is what we split last Saturday: Asparagus Tempura, pear and blue cheese salad, portabella mushroom pizza, and an order of fries. The fries at the Bistro are the best around. The waiter was puzzled by our order and we let him know that we weren't getting enough fried food in our diet. As much as I love eating dinner with Roy he just doesn't get the split thing. He is missing out on a whole new dining experience. We will probably go to Sweet Tomatoes tonight. He loves that place. Now tomorrow, I will be eating at Massa's Grill. I will not be sharing any of my fried shrimp. It is the best in town, they fry it in cornmeal. Well, that is all for now. Think I will call Roy and see if he is getting any closer to leaving the office before 6:00.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Here are a few of my time tested hints for living. You will either have more time or more fun. These hints for living have come to me from various sources, but mainly I learned these truths when I was in my 20's from older and wiser women. Now that I find myself on the older but not too sure of the wiser side of life, I feel it is my duty to share these precious nuggets with you.
  • If you have run out of time and not prepared anything for the salad luncheon or pot luck supper at the church here is a tip that takes a step out of preparation. Take your serving bowl to the store's deli. Choose the salad, veggie, fruit, etc... they will weigh it on the scale then transfer it to your dish and wrap it up with plastic wrap. Pay and go straight to the party.
  • If you have friends who like to pop in and you haven't cleaned the house, before answering the door prominently display the vacuum cleaner where your guests can see it as they enter your house. Look them straight in the eye and with the most serious voice tone let them know they just caught you in the middle of cleaning house. They will return that serious news with an all knowing acknowledging head bob. Of course they may think they have caught you at the beginning of your cleaning.
  • I learned this from my 4th grade Sunday School teacher. If someone has stolen the parking place you patiently waited for, go find another spot. Come back to their car with Vicks Vapor Rub. Rub some under the door handle so that when the person returns and opens their car door something gooey and stinky is on their fingers. Even after several hand washing the lingering fragrance of Vicks stays with them most of the day. (buy it in the tube so you only have to squeeze it in place and not get any on your hands)
  • This next suggestion is something you should not really do, but the last time I did it was at an event at Second Baptist. George Bush was the governor of Texas then and spoke at Second one Saturday evening. The place was packed and parking a premium. We had to park across the street in a parking garage. I was getting ready to back into a spot when this guy pulls in and snags it. I was not very happy cause he laughed and said... "to the quick comes the parking spot." Long story short I dogged his steps all the way into the church where we were instructed to go to overflow seating in the gym. This guy paid no attention to the usher and dragged his girlfriend into the sanctuary. Roy and I decided not to stay, but on our way back to the car I was searching my purse. Roy said, "you didn't bring Vicks did you?" Drat it,no. But I did have gum. I chewed all the gum I had and returned to this guys car. I took a very little piece and applied it to the tips of his windshield wiper. Not enough to impede his vision but enough to be irritating when it rained. This causes some of the best streaking. Of course I put it under the door handles. I asked Roy if he had seen my handiwork and he replied no cause someone was going to have to defend me in a court of law. I would not choose Roy for that...need a good lawyer letter he is the guy, but in the courtroom, he has no poker face.

Well, these are just a few of my hints. The last two I don't think I would do anymore cause people have lost their sense of practical pranks, but I have to tell you they are a lot of fun. The first two hints are lifesavers.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Easy Like Sunday Morning

I love Sunday mornings! For the most part of my life with the exception of those turbulent years between the age of 13-15, I have loved going to church. Loved getting dressed up and arriving at church to be with my friends. Loved Sunday School and the opening part of the worship service and tolerated the sermon time. It was hard for me to sit still and of course not knowing anything back in the day about ADD just made it look like I had a discipline problem. Today I love Sunday morning for another reason, I got to sleep in and ease into the day. Roy and I had breakfast, read the paper and he just went out the door for his morning walk. I am going over last minute preparation for my Sunday School lesson tonight. Once for a Mildred and Gertrude deal, I rewrote the words to Leaning on the Everlasting Arms. The whole premise was if we volunteered a lot at church couldn't those hours be counted as time served? It would be like a Baptist Buck program and you could turn those bucks in so that you could take a Sunday off and not feel guilty. Here is part of the rewritten song.

Don't need a fellowship
Don't need a quiet time
I'm not setting my clock alarm.
Oh what joy I have, what a peace is mine
sleeping like a sinner till half past nine.

We love attending the Ascend service. We go to Sunday School at 5:15 and service is at 6:30. Love having the extra time to prepare the lesson. I am teaching on Authentic Relationships. It has been a good study for me and a reminder that we need friends... Yesterday, and thanks for praying for us, Peggy and I did a M&G deal at a church that has seen much better days. They are struggling to hold onto tradition yet slowly deal with the contemporary way of church styles these days. I loved seeing how the ladies interacted with one another and surprisingly there was a good mix of ages. They were warm, inviting and friendly. Sometimes when it comes right down to it, we go to things at church because we are with our friends. It wasn't until I started working at church that I ever noticed presentation and decorations. For me the beauty was sitting and laughing with my friends. We could have met in a barn for all I cared. I feel that way about studying the Word too. When God's presence is so palatable and He is so there, when the worship leads to His throne and the teaching penetrates the bone and marrow of my soul...I would go to a barn, a park, or some old building to be with Him. In class tonight we are continuing our study of Jonathan and David. We are at my favorite part; God molded and made Jonathan for a transforming and defining moment in David's life. This moment is found in I Samuel 23:16. David is at one of the lowest points of his life and Jonathan comes to him and encourages him in God. He gets David to focus on God, not the enemy and when David is feeling overwhelmed in his circumstances, Jonathan reminds him that God is in control of everything, even Saul. Jonathan encouraged David that the wilderness was God's timing and way and just Jonathan being there was comforting, renewing and refreshing to David. Jonathan reminded David of God's promise, the anointing on his life, God's presence was with him and God's continual goodness toward David. Wow, what a great friend, he strengthened him for action. Then in I Samuel 30:6 it is a critical time and the verse says that David encouraged himself or as one translation put it, strengthened his hand in God. David remembered how Jonathan had lived that out for him. Acts 13:36 says that David served the purposes of God in his generation. I think Jonathan helped serve that purpose by being David's friend. With this lesson on encouraging one another, comforting one another and stimulating one another to love and good deeds, I can't help but think over these past few days of the wonderful husband, friends, family and co-workers that God has brought into my life. God has used them all to transform and mold me for the purpose He has for me in my generation. Of course if it is with Peggy while doing M&G I need to remember I am always on her right.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

M&G Continued

Here we are with Lisa P when she helped us at Grace Methodist's Retreat. Had a blast! We had the supreme privilege of singing Ain't No Mountain with her to close out our portion of the program. Note to self, add this to my resume, again I sang with Lisa P.
Peggy and I talked briefly this morning about lines and we will arrive early today to go over them several times before we are called upon. I got to thinking of another funny time. Several years ago we were asked by a small church out in the deep, deep country to come and do something for their women's day at church. Seems like we drove forever and finally arrived. I was waiting for our portion of the program in the church lobby, or foyer or narthex...whatever they called it, dressed pretty much like this picture and a woman comes up and begins talking with me. Her first question was, "how long your people lived in these parts?" Of course my thoughts are racing, she thinks I attend here, we don't look any different than most of the women sitting in that sanctuary. I told her I was just visiting for the day and she said, "hope you come back and I love your dress!" For this particular performance, Peggy and I had decided to do some new material about how much stuff that needs to be brought with a child to church, a play date or just to the store. Of course we went over the topidy with it, but the material did not match the audience whatsoever. We are looking at older women dressed much like we were. For this particular script Peggy has her fox fur attached to the rear end of her dress and has sticks, limbs and leaves coming out of the neck and armholes of the dress. The reason, because in the script she had to ride on top of Jenny's suburban cause there wasn't room for her and her train case in the car with all of Allie and Kate's junk. On the ride home I told Peggy about the conversation with the woman in the lobby...she begins howling and says I can top that. She was waiting in the bathroom because we didn't want to spoil the surprise of her coming in with all that stuff on her. Peggy said she had several conversations in the restroom and no one was at all surprised to see sticks and a fox hanging from the back end of her dress.
I am beginning to realize there is so much ministry in laughter and the Lord lets me know that He can work through our silly ideas and scripts. At one particular performance the Lord drove that point home with me. We were at a church here in Houston doing our was actually for an Adult Sunday School class. I had almost turned down the invite but felt a prompting in my spirit to do it. After we had performed and people were standing around and visiting with us an elderly gentleman came up to me and told me the tears on his cheeks were the first tears of joy he had cried since his wife died about 6 weeks previously. In fact he wasn't even going to come because this dinner was one of his wife's favorite things to attend. In my heart I was praising and thanking God for using us to help people laugh. I take it for granted that people laugh and have as much fun as I am blessed to have. Sometimes I hear people speak or teach or read blogs of deep thought and direction and I feel pressure to go and do likewise. It is not that I don't think or experience deep thought or serious moments, I don't always express them. Yet I can only express God's love and joy in how He created me. I read in a Ken Gire book a poem written by a young woman who was funny and the clown. Her poem stated she never got the luxury of being in a bad mood, everyone expected her to be funny all the time. I read that and it pierced my heart because many a time I have felt the same feelings. For a moment I thought, yeah, it doesn't matter what is going on in my life and how mad I may be about somethings, no one lets me be in a bad mood...but I know I am better off than being mired and trapped in the rut of sadness like so many are. OK, I would have put the poem in the blog, but I would have to find the book. If you have ever been to our home you know there are books strewn everywhere...Once again I should be looking at lines, but I would rather write about stuff. OK, off to sing the rewritten song of 'So Long Farewell' from the Sound of Music.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Mildred and Gertrude

I thought it was about time to add Mildred and Gertrude to the blog. Peggy and I have been doing this for over 20 years. In the 1986 Christmas Pageant at First Baptist we got our beginnings as a time filler in order for the choir to be able to change into concert clothes. So, we were two old ladies on the way to an Oilers game in the Astrodome when we encountered a bunch of traffic, thought we were at the Dome and came in. Of course we walk right on stage and we are looking for our seats only to be told we are at the Christmas Pageant. We decide to stay but before we go to our seats we were going to get nachos and a beer. Shocked the Baptists so Gertrude (Peggy) says you can't say beer in a Baptist church, I don't think you can even say nachos in a Baptist church. And thus we began our careers as M&G. Our first non Pageant gig was Trevelyn Rays 50th birthday party. Since then we have done many events all around the state of Texas. M&G are going national with two gigs this summer in Alabama. Peggy loves costumes and has many options to chose from when we perform. I don't like wearing costumes at all, but once I am Millie, it is OK. By the way I am the tall one. It freaks me out when I have the whole gear going because I look like my grandmother. My cousins confirmed that I had the whole Grandma Doss look going on. When Peggy and I started neither of us needed glasses. Now if we didn't highlight our hair we wouldn't even need wigs. We hate to say our lines in practice with each other. In fact, we have a deal tomorrow and instead of studying my lines I am writing about us instead. Our two most embarrassing moments as M&G would be the time we were M&G for Super Ministry Night at First Baptist and we were the warm up act before Marge Caldwell spoke. We wear latex gloves as we make our Spam turkey. Gerti makes the latex pop as she put on the gloves and said, "girls don't we love to hear that sound at the Dr. office." The room went wild with laughter...we turned our backs we were laughing so hard. For a moment we thought we would have to look for a new church home. The second funniest thing that happened was at Jersey Village Baptist Church. We were doing a new script about not fitting into any type of women's ministry. Mistakenly Millie thinks that the Spring Fling is a lunch fling. Finally something for the athletic woman to participate in. We build the whole thing by telling our misadventures in women's the conclusion we have brought somethings to fling our lunch...thong panties, a pair of my long panty hose and finally a water balloon launcher...(used at youth camps a lot). We begin our practice launching with ping pong balls and nerf balls. We are doing this to Cheryl Lynn's song, Got To Be Real. Now here is the deal, we never rehearsed the fling thing...we just figured it would all work just how we imagined it. Thong fling good, panty hose launch, works...water balloon launch...well... for starters two people should be holding it for launching purposes. Peggy is standing in front of me holding both ends. I pull back the launcher complete with nerf ball, way back to be able to shoot this sucker across the large room. I let it go and instead of launching the ball across the room it shoots right into the back of Peggy's head. Her wig and hat flies into the second row onto a table full of women. She turns and looks at me and we start laughing hard that she says, "I am wetting my pants on stage." I told her, "why do you think I am dancing around cause I am wetting my pants as well!" We ran off the stage to a standing ovation but we were in hot pursuit of the ladies room. Well, guess I had better work on lines. I re-wrote the much loved song over sung "Friends are Friends Forever" and need to work on the words. Thanks for reading and I will let you know how tomorrow goes. If you think of us between 2 and 4 tomorrow, say a prayer.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Buddy Lee Beardsly

This is Buddy Lee our cat. You can see by the pictures as a kitten why we fell in love with him. OK, when we saw the pictures as a kitten everyone thought he was a he. I took Buddy to the vet to be neutered. I left him for his surgery and then sat in the car and cried. I had fallen hard for that kitten. I prayed for the Dr. and for the surgery to go well. The receptionist told me the Dr. will call about 1:00 to give a report. So off to Buffalo Grille to comfort myself with some eggs and grits. Got home and around 11:00 the Dr. called. My heart was in my throat and it was way too soon for a call. When he said, I have news for you concerning Buddy of course my thoughts go straight to Buddy died in surgery. I sat down to take the news... tissue in hand. Dr. Hopper reported Buddy is a Budette. What? He is a she. Did I want to continue with the surgery? Of course. I sat there in shock and then called Roy. I told him Buddy is a girl, which he said oh surgery went well? No...he is a she...a female. He wasn't shocked at all by this news, he said "Buddy never acted like a male cat." Like Roy has been around a lot of cats. But, we love Buddy and she brings us great joy and happiness. She follows me from room to room when I am at home. She sleeps at the end of our bed but sometime in the night she moves up and sleeps right under my chin. Just thought I would share my Buddy or Buddie Leigh with you all.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Legacy of The Nord

One generation shall commend your works to another and shall declare your mighty acts. Psalm 145:4
This picture is from my nieces Megan and Erin. They took it while shopping in Atlanta on spring break. They are declaring what they have learned from their Aunt, the Nord is good! My brother says that we have been a good influence on the girls. I always hear a little sarcasm when he says that. Aunts and Uncles are to spoil and then send home with fond good wishes. When I played tennis we belonged to an indoor club and the girls would come each summer for tennis camp. When they went back home they didn't want to play outdoors, they wanted to be indoors like their Aunt Foo Foo. One of my favorite stories about Megan is when she was scheduled for some surgery in Atlanta. Doug took her and Nancy and Erin were to follow the next day. Staying at a Courtyard Marriott the night before checking in, Doug and Megan pulled up to unload luggage and Megan asked, "where's the guy?" Doug replied, "what guy?" Megan said, "The one who comes and takes your luggage to the room." Totally Aunt Foo Foo'd. Because of some mix-up they had to switch to the Marriott (complete with doorman) and when they pulled up and the bellmen opened the doors, Megan said, "now this is more like it." She must have been 9 or 10 at the time.
When the girls come to Houston the must to-do is to go to the Galleria. For sure we go to Abercrombies, Urban Outfitters, Dylan's Candy store and of course lunch, shopping and a pedicure at SPA Nordstrom. On their next visit Uncle Fancy Pants has agreed to get a pedicure with them. Only Megan and Erin could get him to agree to do that. As Erin and I like to say when we are doing something fun and making a memory, you close your eyes and say...moment...frame your you have it? What color is the frame...? My frame's color is ______. it in the frame, do you see it? Then when the moment and memory have been properly framed and mentally treasured, you put your index finger to your lips (still with eyes closed) and say hmmmmmmmm. Megan hates when we do this but probably that's because Erin and I are obnoxious about it. We make everything a moment, memory, hmmmmm.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Me and Lisa P

This is me and Lisa P. No, I am not getting ready to hit her. We were posing and squishing in together as close as possible. Lisa and I cannot tell you when we became friends cause we don't know. We knew each other and then one day it was as if we had never been without each other. Our husbands like each other and have stuff they can talk about without us leading the convo for them. Malcolm and Roy are going to look at Hummers next week. Hip Hop Roy needs a new ride. There is so much I love about Lisa P and I will leave that for another time, but we both love all things Nord. We were glad when they said to us let us go to the house of the Nord. If you are looking for us, start in the Bistro cause there is where we like to lunch, snack or have din din. Better yet we could be at SPA Nord. I don't have my camera yet so I am using a picture that Lisa sent me and I am learning to upload on the blog. Thanks Lisa P from your friend Chekinah Marie.

Friday, April 13, 2007

What to do on a rainy day

What to do on a rainy day? On an overcast, humid, misting day like today I love to stay in and read. With some of my Nordstrom Notes I bought one of those soft throws like SPA Nordstrom uses. It is warm and soft and I love to get wrapped up in it and get into reading a book, preferrably Southern fiction. Soon Buddy, our long haired gray kitten is sitting beside me sleeping. Buddy will have to be another day. She has certainly led an interesting life so far. Oh, by the way... we ordered a digital camera yesterday and it should be here next week and then I will be able to add some pics to the blog. The Mon's are coming into the 21st century at home. Which reminds me that with all the 21st century tech why does it take 19th century time to get everything up and running? Yet again another comment for another day. Guess you can tell by now that I am ADD, so I will get back on task. This particular rainy day I went to Mrs. B's. I have been keeping up with her correspondence and checks writing for about 10 years. Then Roy and I went to Mustang Engineering's Herofest. Roy's company is a client of Mustang so we go to this happening most every year. It is Mustang's 20th Anniversary and they are doing it up in style. Roy and I had our picture taken with a blue horse. This blue horse can even shake hands and rub your shoulders. That Mustang horse has everything on Mr. Ed. Mr. Ed was a talking horse and who needs convo when there is some shoulder rubbing to be had. We celebrated with boiled shrimp, dirty rice, corn, and birthday cake and came home with cool t-shirts and caps. In my book that is a great way to spend a rainy day. The only thing that could have put it over the topidy is Mustang notebooks and pens. They are the best, but then I am crazy for notebooks and pens...well, any cool office supplies, but that is yet another topic for another day. Anyone else out there with tons of journals that have yet to be written in?

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I got to thinking today that I have a lot of nic-names. Some I really like and others...not too much.
Becky-she calls me Mom. I work with her and she's kind of adopted us. We never had children so it is nice to hear.
CourtneyS- Mon. Cause that is what comes up on our work caller id. Thus Nancy Mon
Lisa P- she calls me Nancy Marie or Chekinah Marie.
Peggy-she calls me Millie. We have been doing a comedy deal at churches for over 20 years and we are called Mildred and Gertrude. She calls me Millie all the time so that she can remember that she is Gerti.
Dena-sometimes she calls me Vera or Yogi.
Our nieces call me Aunt Foo Foo. That is because when I can't remember someone's name I just call them Foo Foo. The ladies at Inspire address most everything to me as Sally. I even have Anita's book signed, To Sally, thanks for all you have done. "" Hope there really isn't a Sally Mon out there doing great things and she isn't getting her props. Once a lady called at church and asked to talk to tall Mary. The call was for me... The guy at Texas Java called last week and left me a message about Spring Loaded and my voice mail says this is Nancy, but he kept calling me Susan. I was doing sign-ups for our new Spanish Speaking Sunday Bible Study several Sunday nights ago frightened that my high school Spanish would be called upon and was continually called Linda. I've been called Linda a lot in my life, so I must look like one. In one of our Christmas programs I played Santa, so there are several that still call me Santa from time to time. One of my friend's dads called me High Pockets when I was in high school. A college roommate called me Nanner...hate it...or Nan...don't like that at all. I am sure I can think of many more, but I would rather you think of some you might like to share that you have been named or called at some point in your life.

My First Post

My first post and I am speechless. That doesn't happen to me very often. So thank you to all my friends who encouraged me.