Friday, June 29, 2007

Checking in with the Staff, Part Two

OK, I am going to try this again. I wrote in a post last month about my last trip to SPA Nordstrom. A Little Trip to the Nord Changes It All and how Stacy told me to free up my lower back, she needed to work on my glutes. So, all month I have been preparing myself for this. Now, to understand why I had to gut it up so to speak is this, I have irrational fears. It has been this way since I was a kid. So, before I can go onwards with my story of the SPA Nord Night, I have to let you know about these fears and the deliverance therein.

I have irrational fears and have had them since I was little. I use the letters IF in my journal for irrational fear. Last year I led a staff devotion on John 11. There are a lot of ifs in that chapter. The disciples have ifs, the crowd has ifs, Martha had an if and even her holy and saintly sister Mary who always is found at Jesus' feet had an if. But Jesus had a bigger If to theirs. His is, if you believe. They were iffing on if you had been here, if he is asleep that is good, and if He is the Son of God. Jesus' If has to be bigger than our what ifs or ifs...we have to put our ifs into His capable and strong will for our lives. So the question is, whose if is bigger in our lives?

So, IF...irrational fear came early on in my life. When I was 2 and 3 my dad would take me on snow walks in the winter. No, not in Houston, but we lived in the burbs of Chicago. We would walk around the school across the street from our home and he would make noises like someone is trapped in the school. I wanted to help the person and the story always was the janitor was locked in and if we helped him he would hurt us. Yea, that makes sense, but I believed it. So, I began to have the irrational fear of being locked in and of schools. Couple this with my grandmother reciting Little Orphan Annie to me at night with the phrase, "and the goblins are gonna git you if you don't watch out" and I was a feared little girl. When my brother came along and we would get into arguments and fights, our parents would fake pack and leave us at home thinking that would stop us from fighting. In fact, my dad kept the phone number of an orphanage by the phone to call if we could not behave and the orphanage could come and pick us up. So with these kind of things and some much worse, my brother and I have had life long issues with being left. So as adults any outing or event, I would always volunteer to drive, that way I could not be left. When I didn't drive and had no control, I would carry around hundreds of dollars just in case I needed to get home. Thankfully the Lord and therapy has delivered me from that irrational fear.

Most children think there are monsters under their beds, I thought my monster was Mary Todd Lincoln. We were in Springfield, IL at a museum and I said to my mom, "Mary Todd Lincoln is fat." I also found out on the tour she was crazy. My mom told me not to speak ill of the dead. In my head two and two meant crazy Mary Todd Lincoln was under my bed at night. If my arm or leg slipped off the edge of the bed, she was waiting there to sweep me under. I know that Mary does not live under our bed now. There is too much junk underneath it for her to be there, (see Mary Todd Lincoln is fat) and Buddy goes under our bed all the time and she comes out alive. :) Forgive me Lisa, but I had to put a smiley face there.

Here is the one irrational fear I have not let go of, mammograms during bad weather and storms. When I was 35 I went to have a baseline mammogram and I heard some of the tecs teasing each other. They said, what if the electricity went out or there was a fire, guess we would have to run and leave these ladies hooked up to the machine. So out of their teasing I developed this irrational fear of having a mammogram during bad weather. Just this month, can I tell you how many times I have canceled appointments? I mean really if you think about it, when your "girls" are smushed in the machine and electricity gone, how do they get you out and if there was a fire, you know "every woman for herself "is going to take over rational minds. I told the nurse the other day I would make an appointment in a season of less volatile weather.

So, how does irrational fear play a part in the SPA story? In my irrational fear mind, one should never be naked in a store. Even when you are trying on a swimsuit, you still wear underwear. At any other SPA, this thought doesn't even cross my mind, cause this is what you do at a SPA, but when the SPA is in the store...I have struggled. If there was a fire would I have the presence of mind to stop by the locker and get all my clothes. I would be standing there in a robe and in my irrational thinking, I would feel better if I had on some panties with the robe. Here is another thing that just gets me. In the relaxation room where everyone is sitting there in a robe, I have had conversations with men who are complete strangers, but I had the protection of undies on. As I was relaxing yesterday, the new massage therapist, who is a man, was there with his client. I was a little more undie protection. I am glad that most of the time it is all ladies. When a man is there in the middle of the day, I want to say, go to your JOB! Yesterday, while I got ready for my appointment, I paid attention to know this would be a "first" and I wanted to look good not have an embarrassing moment. Kind of reminded me of how we get ready for first dates, but to use that example you might get the wrong impression of my single life. No, I am just saying, after things become old hat, you don't give the detailed attention... I am going to move on, so, I did it. At one point my irrational fear told me I was being paged in the store. In addition to the new sans experience, I had also arranged for an hour and half massage. I had 40.00 in Nord Notes and being a good steward of money and a cheerful giver, I used the notes for an extra special treat. After the massage was over Stacy said, "it will be hard for you to go back on both accounts...sans panties and back to an hour massage. She was right. As a side note, when you get a massage you should always ask if they will massage your head and ears. That ear massage will make one go all Peggy Hill, "Oh Yea!"

So, last night I decided to do a little visitation to the congregation there at The Nord. Since I am now The Reverend Nancy of the Nord, to do so is the call on my life. Yesterday, I stayed home from work because of the trip/fall in my last post, a groggy fever kind of headache and a sore throat. I knew my visit to the SPA would work wonders on my body and my spirit. Stacy even used essential oil on my back for my congestion. She told me I would sleep well and deep. She was right, best night sleep in a long time, but it could also have been from all the carbs in the Greek Pizza and orange chicken lettuce wraps I had at CPK afterwards. I met Dena for din din.

I left refreshed and encouraged. I was anointed with fresh oil (Psalm 92:10b) and I am planted in the house of the Nord flourishing...Psalm 92:13.

Several have asked about membership in First Nording... it is easy, when you hear the piano playing -come... I'll be there to welcome you. Some have asked if they can serve as a deacon or deaconess...yes!!! But, I guess I should have some guidelines...guess it would be Love the Nord. If you have never been to the Nord, it is not too late to go.

I will be at the House of the Nord tomorrow. I would have gone today for lunch, but I had been there on Sunday, Wednesday and last night. I need to pace myself.

A Visit with my Staff Last Night

Since I am now the Reverend Nancy of the Nord, which has a nice ring to it like St. Francis of Assisi, I went to visit my flock at SPA Nordstrom last night. I came in limping and feeling the new onslaught of a cold. I was limping because Wednesday night I was putting up the laptop and tripped over a box that Buddy loves to play with. Well, come to think of it, more like a fall than a trip. All I could think of was "save the laptop!" Roy said, the laptop is insured and I can get another one, but I can't replace you. Thought that was really sweet. Anyway, the fall shook me up quite a bit, probably damaged my pride more than anything. I have always been athletic and at this point of my life, I am the least athletically involved I've ever been. Athletes don't trip and fall over a little box. I am also fighting off the third cold since January. I hardly ever get sick, but this year has been a different story. I stayed home yesterday from work because I woke up aching from the fall, with a groggy fever type of headache and a sore throat. So like all good Rev's, I went to the congregation for encouragement and healing...I so found it there at The Fellowship of the Nord or Nordpointe or how about Nordyback or Nordycreek or maybe the best of all Nordwoood.

I just lost my post about everything that happened last night. I saved it and now it is gone. I don't have it in me right now to rewrite the whole thing. Maybe I will have the energy to do it later. It was dang funny if I say so myself. I gotta take a nap, this has exhausted me.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Good Wife Guide

This is too small to read, but it is one of my favorites. This actually went around while I was still playing tennis, so that seems like eons ago. The one I read at that time said, put a ribbon in your hair and act happy. This is from a magazine in oh my how times have changed, but the desire in my heart is to be a good wife. Now by 1955 standards I am horrid, but I am glad it is 2007 and things have changed somewhat. Although, it will always be difficult to be a good wife because the culture standards change. Really, it is all cyclical. When I was little, one thing I didn't want to do was go to the beauty parlor once a week to get my hair done. I can remember worrying and fretting over the fact that I would need to sleep with my hair wrapped and sleep on a satin pillowcase. I just didn't think I could give the time and energy into maintaining a do. I was happy for the 70's, you don't hear that too often, when hairstyles became much more free and less weekly upkeep. It went to monthly hair cuts.

I am glad I am married to a man who isn't picky about dinner options. Preparing a meal and having everything be done at the same time overwhelms me.

Another thing in this article is don't complain if he is not home for dinner or if he stays out all night... uh, there is something wrong in 1955 if the husband stays out all night... actually it doesn't matter what year, if your husband is staying out all night, it is probably for the same reason no matter what the year. You cannot be alright with that.

Another thing that bothered me when I was little was thinking I could be having a totally fun day by the pool or working outside and then have to get all dressed up right before hubby came home. Again I don't think I had the attention span or the desire to maintain this five days a week. Don't get me wrong I try to look nice when Roy gets home, but sometimes it just isn't going to happen.

I love Roy's thinking in marriage. He says, what blesses me is going to bless him. So, if I go to an Astro's game with girlfriends and come home with stories of fun and laughter, that blesses him. Of course with the Astro's loosing like they are, that blesses no one! Maybe this is easier to maintain because we never had children and it is much easier to arrange a yes to do something when there are no little ones to think about.

Just a few thoughts...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Reverend Nancy Mon

Tonight was a monumental night for me, I became a Reverend and this title and honor was not bestowed upon me by the Baptist Church, cause we know that ain't ever going to happen, or a liberal Episcopal or Methodist was done at a very fitting place by someone with an official church name. This all happenened in the men's suit dept at.....The Nord. Yes, it has finally happened, all my praise and love for the Nord got me a Reverendship. It happened like this, Roy needs a new suit for his September gig. When I was at The Nord on Sunday night I looked through the suits that were on sale and I was helped by a very lovely Nord Associate, Toni. I told her I would be back tonight with Roy. While we were waiting for her to finish up with her customer we were assisted in the suits by the manager of the Men's Dept. We found a suit and I have to say Roy looks absolutley hot in this suit... So, I sit in the dressing room while they measured and marked for alterations. We come out and Toni is waiting for us at the draft board with a suit just like we picked out and begins to put ties and shirts together for us to see all the different looks. Then she let me in on what would be on sale for the Anniversary Sale so I can wait to get double points. As we were paying for the suit, the manager is changing my name to Roy's name in his personal book. He begins to laugh and said, well, I just made you a Reverend So now you are Reverernd Nancy to Nordstrom's. He meant to change it to Mr. Roy Mon... Roy and I started laughing really hard and Roy tells them that I work at a church...a Baptist church...and that what the Bapts won't do, The Nord did. I knew the Nord was holy ground for me and since I am the Reverend Nancy Mon I am feeling compelled to spend more time there, shepherding the flock and encouraging those in my fold.

In the words of Whitney Houston,

I love the Nord,

they heard my cry

and made me a Reverend

long as I live

and Anniversary Sales come....

I hasten tooooo,the Nord..... (From the Preacher's Wife)

Oh and the last name of the man who made me a Rev tonight???? Cross. How fitting is that?

The Reverend Nancy Mon...sounds good...hey, wait a minute, I didn't get my ministerial discount!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


What a wonderful welcome home after work today. A little love note from Nordy announcing the Anniversary Sale in July and that I get to come early and pick out sale items before the sale begins. This brings back a good memory of last summer. I went with Lisa P to Chicago for a WOF conference. We each had brought our catalogues to do some of our early shopping in Chicago and it would be shipped to us once the sale began. We even began circling items that we thought would be good for other people...these were just suggestions. We were not treating. On the plane ride back to Houston we didn't read or nap, we talked about the catalogue. Looks like I need to schedule a long lunch on the 11th.

American Express. I just said American Express like it was a cuss word. For the most part I love em, but from time to time they just aggravate the tar out of me. My new card came last week and I came home at lunch to get it activated and I was asking a few questions that did not compromise any kind of knowledge and they told me since I am not the account holder, they could not tell me when or where something was mailed to us...they would have to tell Roy. I you ever notice who pays the bills and redeems reward points???'s me. I know they are going to say that, but aggravates the dickens out of me.

Someone gave me some home grown tomatoes, so I came home at lunch and had a tomato and mayonnaise sandwich. That was some good eatin'.

We have check in at 8:10 in the Ministries Suite most mornings. Today, our new Minister to Adults/Assistant Education Minister was in unloading some boxes. So, we moved check in to his office and had a great time. Of course we scattered when he asked if we would like to help him unload boxes...we were immediately about the Lord's work at our own desks. I have been hard at work on a promotional piece about him and it has been a long arduous but joyful process. Along with quotes Jason has asked for signatures to go with the makes for a really nice look. Getting the signatures, adjusting the piece to new postal regulations, and just getting the finishing touches on this deal has taken much longer than usual.

The Astro's...sigh...what is going on? Like Courtney said...they are killing us. Kind of like Roberta Flack's song Killing Us Softly.

I made reservations for Roy and me at La Cantera in San Antonio today...we won't be going until November, but we got a great deal. Now, I just need to make some SPA appointment time there. I hear the stone massage there is really, really good.

When it rains hard I begin to crave Shipley Donut's. The cake kind. Last night, we even stopped at at Shipley's right before closing to see if they still had some. None, other people must crave them in bad weather too. This tradition comes from my crazy friend Debbie. When Roy and I first were married, he traveled a lot coming home every other weekend or so. Debbie lived by Hobby Airport but worked right down the street from our apt. So, a lot of times she would spend the night during the week and had her own set up in our guest bedroom. So, when it would rain, we would go over to the Duncan donuts on Westheimer and get a dozen. In our thinking if we were flooded in, ya got to have something sweet. We justified this by taking an exercise class at the Post Oak Y. That adventure is a whole nother story. I miss crazy Debbie. I have no idea where she is, but she pops into my life about every 10 years and I am due for a pop in.

Nothing earth shattering happening in our world..except I would love to have this welcome the new dude piece done and off my desk... Good thing I can multi task cause I am spinning about 7 plates right now.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Note to Self part 2

This is Roy stopping long enough to pose for a quick pic before taking the first load of books to the car. Yes, today June 23rd we went to Half Price Books. In all we had four boxes filled to the brim of books and Southern Literary journals. Just loading these four boxes made a huge dent in promoting egress to all areas of the den/closet. We sold all four boxes of books for $15.00. Wow, what a deal! We promptly took our earnings and went to Little Pappasita's for lunch and that covered about half the price. It was almost as good as a gift card.

Note to Self-the next time we decide to sell books at the Half Price Books on Montrose, we will check the calendar for the Gay Pride Parade. Yes, it is today. I naively thought at first that it was the Greek Festival. We were in the wrong lane and could not turn on Westheimer, so we had to go down several streets to circle back to Westheimer. We passed the Greek church and then noticed streets being blocked. That is when I said, oh it must be the Greek festival, but thought to myself that seemed like a fall event. Once we were on Westheimer and saw all the Pride signs and the rainbow signs...and bleachers set up for a parade, it wasn't Greek to us anymore. We pulled into the parking lot of Half Price Books and the security guard asked if we had business in the shopping center or were we just trying to find a place to park? We told him we are going to Half Price Books and he said well, you better not try to stay in there till the parade cause your car will be towed. OK...that upset me. Since I had been cleaning this morning and filling boxes with books, I wasn't exactly dressed like June Cleaver. See Kitchen Konnection pics... I am in jean capris and a man's stripe work shirt with the cutest blue t shirt underneath, accessorized with blue dangly earrings and a silver and blue beaded necklace. I had on makeup and my lipstick was the cutest shade of pink. I could hardly think in the store. I didn't know if I was more upset that the guard might tow away our car or that we thought we were trying to score a primo parking place for the parade tonight. Then a co-worker Pam and her family came in and we saw each other and compared parking notes. The guard told them the same thing they responded they were just going to the bookstore and not trying to park for the parade and he responded, I could tell that. He could have told us that! Oh well. Roy said the guard was casting aspersions on him as well.

Note to Self-if we ever sell books again at Half Price I am not going to go. We almost came out of the store with more books...and they had a great selection of journals.

Buddy is fast asleep and I could not resist taking this picture of her. I was chasing her with the camera this morning and she wasn't the least bit interested in posing. Attacking my toes was her top priority.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Note to Self

I saw this on another person's blog site...yes, I was lurking...and thought this was interesting. I am a realist, but I knew that before taking the quiz. I don't see the glass half empty or full, I just wonder why in the world is the glass out in the first place. It is a short little quiz.

Note to Self- if I ever get to the point in life that I have to wear Depends...remember this little tidbit, white pants, old lady rear end and Depends are not a good look. Saw a vision of that in the Play Grocery Store last week and I wish I hadn't.

Note to Self- buy orange safety cones. I think if I kept a few of these in the trunk of my car, I could park anywhere in the city of Houston. I mean think of it when you see an orange cone blocking a parking place or a place on the street, it's official. No one questions the cone. So, I can park, haul out the cones and be on my way. This would come in handy for Christmas time parking fiascos. Make your own space...mark it with the cones...go shopping.

Note to Self- churches should never get rid of hymnals. No this is not a tradition verses contemporary debate, it merely a practical suggestion. No one carries a ton of Bibles with them every Sunday....well most don't, so if you do away with hymnals, how are you going to save seats? Isn't the ubiquitous hymnal on a seat or pew the universal "this is saved" sign? The only exception I have seen to this is Tuesday night Bible study. It has to be a personal item on a seat or people just put the hymnal in the rack and sit down.

Note to Self-I can't go out every night and wake up refreshed and ready for work. This has been one of those weeks and although everything I did this week was pretty much fun, it was tough when the alarm went off at 6:00 am. This morning I slept til 8:45 and loved it! I will probably take a nap this afternoon.

Note to Self-when comfort has become too much of a verb in my life, I need someone to speak a word to me. It seems like when you get into the late 40's comfort takes over. I can no longer wear three inch heels, but that is not a reason to begin to wear SAS shoes. Just because I can't find my waist anymore, comfort is not a reason to wear Donkenny elastic waistband pants. Of course if I wore those...I would be Sally O'Malley and I'd be 50! 50 years old. I am 52, but I do like to kick....stretch and kick!!!!! If someone sees me wear a polyester floral sleeveless shirt with a short sleeve polyester J C Penney Cabin Creek to me...get in my face! I took the quiz, I'm a realist, slap me back into reality.

Note to Self-if I spend too much time talking about back in the day...I need to be stopped. Retro and vintage thoughts are fine, but if they determine my mindset...that is not good. I am not talking about Jeremiah 6 and the ancient markers and going that way, I am talking about just stuff kind of things. Note to self...keep learning new things and spend time with younger people...they keep things fresh and fun. Actually, there are people my age who are just too old for me.

Note to self- I better get moving and go over to Mrs. Baker's.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Still More Talk About Food and Cooking

I was reading Amanda's blog and she was tagged about favorite places to eat. I know a lot of you read her blog too, but there are some "lurkers" and you know who you are that read my blog and so here is a non threatening environment to comment in, where you love to go out to eat
  1. 1. Ruth Chris Steak House- a great place to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays etc. I don't get to eat there very often, but so look forward to it when I do.

  2. 2. Massa's Grille-there are two Massa's but the one I like the best is the one across the street from the Four Season's downtown. If you love fried shrimp done the old fashioned way, you will love this place. They fry the shrimp in cornmeal. Everything there is good,but not the desserts. Go someplace else for that.
  3. Josephine's-small Italian place just a few blocks from Massa's. Actually they have wonderful dessert, so go there especially for the orange cake.
  4. Molina's and Pappasita's tie for Mexican food
  5. The Cafe Bistro at The Nord- side note...OEG did not know what The Nord was. Good thing I was sitting down when he asked me cause I might have fainted dead away. It is all good at The Nord. Love the crab stack, asparagus tempura and the crab bisque...I loves it ALL. I don't think there a bad thing there...well sometimes the soup du jour is not that good of a choice. White Chocolate Bread will make you slap ya mamma.

Carolyn was happy to report that no one called her today complaining of sickness or died from our cooking adventure last night. We had a blast doing it but I had to go into work a little later than usual, all that cooking wore me out. We made the 1950's fave Pear Cheese Salad with the dollop of mayo. Then for 1960's we made the very Baptist Jello jello with fruit cocktail and pecans top with miniature marshmallows. Peggy dubbed it Salvation Salad. 1970's was the rebellious Pistachio Jello Salad and the 1980's was Peggy's famous potato salad. For the 90's we made my Nancy's Amuse' Salad...mixed greens and spinach with craisins, feta cheese, and praline pecans with balsamic dressing. For dessert we served spaghetti ice cream.

Courtneys has posted about what she loves in her kitchen.

  1. I love it when anyone is in my kitchen and they are cooking.
  2. I love my refrigerator cause it keeps my Diet Cokes cold
  3. I love my paper towel holder
  4. I love the small deep freeze we have that is filled with ice cream, Lean Cuisines, frozen veggies and biscuits.

Yep, that is about it.

Well, this has been a long day. I stayed late for COC, I take the minutes for them. Roy and I ran by Collina's for a small pizza.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Kitchen Pics

Someone was in the Kitchen Tonight and Last Night

Peggy and I did a Kitchen Konnection tonight and we had a blast. It is late, for me, and I wanted to post a picture or two. It might be a couple of days before I am able to have time to post.

We wore pearls just like June Cleaver and I put together a recipe booklet of all we were making. We did salads of the decades.

I loved this tonight because there were women of all ages attending and it is always fun to make new friends, but it is always special to remember and appreciate your long time friends.

Everyone is still alive after eating the meal we prepared. After reading CourtneyS blog about things in her kitchen that she loves and her wish list of things she wants for her kitchen, I need to think of what I love in my kitchen. I love not being in it...most accidents that happen in the home happen in the kitchen, so I stay out of it for safety reasons.

I will post more later, but wanted to get a couple of pictures up.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sacred Pathways

This is a link if you would like to see which of the nine types you are in how you relate the best way to God. I am a naturalist and enthusiast. If you care to share please let me know which type you are.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


I love Saturday mornings when nothing is scheduled and it is possible just to ease into the morning. Buddy is asleep in a chair. She doesn't ease into mornings, she charges into the day. Now that she has expended her energy, she will sleep into mid afternoon. I was reading the paper this morning about a little half starved kitten that was tied to railroad tracks and if it hadn't been for some observant security guards, the little kitten would have been pulverized by the train. They rescued it and named it Tracks. After reading that I went right over to Buddy and petted her for just a bit. I appreciated and loved her even more, although she had a planned attack on my head last night and the attack was stopped by calling out Roy's name. OK, this is going to be a rabbit trail, but I thought this; when I am almost asleep Buddy has the sudden interest in my desk or seeing if she can climb from the dresser onto the top of the mirror. I am in bed and take into account my bad knees and also the feather bed factor...hard to get out of quickly so it is faster to have Roy come, get Buddy and thwart her adventure. Buddy knows when I call Roy's name he is coming and she jumps to the middle of our bed and sits there like, what did I do? Or she runs under the bed or down the hall. Since I am a visual learner, I began to understand this is a great picture of what happens when I call on Jesus and what the enemy does when the Name above every name comes onto the scene. * Disclaimer, I no way think my cat is Satan or that my husband is God. It is just a word picture for me to understand what is happening in the unseen world.
Back to my original thought... I cannot believe that people can be so cruel to animals, it breaks my heart and I know that people are cruel to people and that breaks my heart. I'll be right back, I need to go love on Buddy again for just a moment.

OK, I'm back. Yesterday, I went to Mrs. Baker's and Frankie showed me where two huge trees in her side yard had been toppled by the wind of Thursday night's storm. Incredible! Those trees missed the side of her house by just a few feet. This makes 3 huge trees that have fallen this year in her yard alone due to storms. If I get a chance today I am going to go over and take a picture of the scene if clean up has not already begun.

I went to Crate and Barrel yesterday. Love that store! They are having a big sale but couldn't find anything that I really wanted. I am looking for a small computer desk for our laptop. I envision this desk being behind the couch in the living room. Nothing there would work, but I thought of the Amish Furniture store on Washington. I went over there and saw two desks that would work. So, I brought home the pictures and description of the desks for Roy to look at. I think we will go with the one that has more of a shaker influence than the straight mission style. Now, I need to take a picture of one of our bookcases to match the stain. Then get all the info back to the store so that an Amish guy can begin the work. It will take 2-4 months before we get it...Gallery Furniture it's not, but all hand made and solid wood. Dena and I have some very funny stories about our visit to Amish country in Tennessee but that will have to wait for another day.

Last night Roy and I went to Buffalo Grille for dinner. Remember from last Friday I am not a fan of pineapple month and Roy's preference for dinner would almost always be Sweet Tomatoes. Anyway, we had ordered and sat down when Roy recognized the attorney he had clerked for Peter and his wife Ruth. Peter no longer practices law, but teaches in a private school. For years he hadn't found a passion or joy in practicing law but he loved instructing young attorneys, so he felt this connection for instructing might mean he needed to teach. He loves the teaching profession. We had a few moments to catch up with each other before returning to our own dinners. Peter had been so instrumental in helping Roy while he was in law school and continued on employing Roy right out of law school. It was there Roy knew he did not want to practice law, but use law in his already chosen profession. I have been reading a book by Jennifer Kennedy Dean, Riches Stored in Secret Places. I have not been able to get past the chapter entitled A Heart Like His based on the verse Ezek. 36: 22-32. She writes that all that is required of us is to be yielded to God and relinquish control of own lives. We become alert to God's nudges and the seemingly coincidences of every day and see that God is in every detail of our lives.
"Even the most ordinary idea, thought or activity is often Him moving us to do His will. When we act on what seems to be a random choice, we will often find ourselves right in the middle of "good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do" Ephesians 2:10." I remember Roy going to the board where jobs were posted at U of H. Roy was older and really no one wanted to take a chance on him. When Roy showed up, Peter's job was getting ready to be posted and the woman doing that handed it to Roy and said maybe you should follow up on this. It just came in and as they say...the rest is history. In turn Roy and I were able to give Peter support when Ruth went through cancer treatments. Our lives had gone in different directions, but for that one moment of time, we were happy to see one another and catch up. Of course we all said, we need to get together etc... I really don't see that happening, I don't think any of us see it happening, but it gave Roy and I chance to again thank God for His goodness and faithfulness in a very tough time of our lives and we remembered His goodness toward us. We remember how He used Peter in Roy's life.

One of the books I ordered last weekend is Buck Naked Faith, A Brutally Honest Look at Stunded Christianity by Eric Sandress, PH.D. So, right off the bat he uses Jeremiah 17... do you want to be like the bush or the tree planted by water? He calls beautiful outwardly, but stunted spiritually, bonsaihood. You know the art of taking a seed and letting it grow to a certain point, then keeping the tree at ornamental growth. A thought provoking and action taking book if I ever read one.

When Roy and I got home from dinner and Target last night we watched TCM. It was Nancy Drew movies all night long. They were enjoyable, but I could only take so much. Roy was much more interested, but then he had not grown up reading Nancy Drew books and for that I am thankful.

Just a thought...but we are right in the middle of a "Why" series at why believe, why is a man contemplating. This week is why suffering and it is a woman contemplating the question. Hmm....just an observation.

I am glad my friend OEG loved my observations of he and Boz the Bear. He and I do a lot of good natured joking about him being Episcopalian now or maybe he will soon be Anglican if things keeps going the way they are going over there in liturgical land.

Last night Buddy stopped in at our bed during her nocturnal wanderings. She was purring so I knew a cat attack was not in the works. She settled in right under my chin. She took her paw and put it on my jaw. She moved the pads of her paw across my jawline several claws. Uh, that was totally sweet not unlike earlier in the evening when she was more like, "when cats attack."

Well, I have randomed and wandered too I will close for now.

Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

Was anyone else out in the storm tonight? Wow, what a display of lightning and wind. I met Dena at The Nord for dinner tonight. She was coming from West Houston and the sky was bright and sunny. She finally hit the rain around Gessner and I sat on Sage in major traffic with the wind blowing and the lightning streaking through the sky. That is the bad thing about a is not a safe place to be like in a regular car during a storm. The downpour hit just as I turned into the parking garage. I went inside bought a gift card and then returned to my car to get a book. As I was coming back into the Nord my skin began to tingle and the hair on my arms and yes I have to admit since one of my last posts let you know I don't always do a good job on the legs....let's just say I knew from prior experience lightning was getting ready to strike very close. That thought had just come through my mind when a huge flash nearly blinded me and then the immediate thunder. My insides where still shaking all through dinner which was delicious. Had the shrimp pasta special.

This is my friend OEG with Boz the Bear. OEG stands for Official Episcopal Guy. You see Lee, that is his real name, is a lapsed Baptist. He went all liturgical on us. If you look closely at this picture it looks like OEG has a green do rag on his head or his turban has slipped back off his head. Please do not be is just a part of the whole Boz experience. What does concern me is this, look closely at the sign it says Hell Bo... OEG, this could be a message from God telling you if you continue in your Episcopal might be Hell Bound or maybe it says Hell Boy... oh...never mind.... Looking closer it is just the sign being blocked by OEG's do rag, but it says Hello Boz... Correct placement of the head is always paramount for picture posing. Thanks OEG for being a good sport concerning all things dyalysis, liturgical and Episcopal.

It is getting closer to Tuesday and the Culinary adventure of Burnt Offerings with Peggy and me. We aren't making a pie, but we will be preparing some wonderful offerings, not burnt. For dessert we will be making spaghetti ice cream. It is wonderful and I think everyone will love it.

Jason saw the beetle that had been in his chair today. Kind of gives you a creepy feeling to finally see something you've been sitting on for several years. It was a bad day for chairs in the office...Jason broke one of the secretary chairs. Guess that is confirmation that he is really called to be a Minister.

Thankyou for all the encouraging comments about the changes on the blog.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What a Wednesday!

First of thank you Dana for helping me get my blogging friends and links up. She also gave me some other helpful hints and I appreciate her taking the time to show me. So to The Dana I say thank you.

Dana's husband Jesse also works at church had some interesting news for me today. He had taken Jason's desk chair to repair the arm on it. It kept coming loose. Jesse told me that when he was taking the chair apart there was all this sawdust inside the chair and when he flipped the cushion there was a wood eating beetle! He said the bug was big. Later in the morning he brought the bug up in a baggy complete with some of the wood for him to munch on. Of course we all needed to look at it... and if you click the What a Wednesday link you can see what one looks like. When I called Jason to give him the news of the chair eating bug he didn't believe me at first but I finally convinced him. Then he told me to go to the website where he bought the chair and see if there was one on sale. WHAT???????????? From what I read this afternoon this can happen in any piece of furniture or paneling put in houses. So if you hear the crunching of wood, see little holes and find sawdust on the might have a wood eating beetle.

No, this is no the beetle found in the chair. It is Becky wearing her Boz the Bear ears upside down.
Here is a much better picture of Becky. Becky is a great Admin for the Preschool Ministry and Becky has a heart for ministry. And she is a lot of fun. Roy and I have "adopted" her and she gave me a great Mother's Day gift...5 boxes of single serving Koolaid. Ah, it is a great summer so far.
This is Rae and Nikki. Rae is taking a picture of Nikki's eye but I took the picture just so I could look on Nikki's screen. No not really, we were having a little fun this morning. But, there are those people who are peepers. No I am not talking about those of you who read blogs but never comment, but I am talking about people who are so obviously trying to read what is on your computer screen. It is generally not nice and not good manners or at least that is my take on the whole thing.

I had lunch with Dani and Carolyn today. Carolyn is supposed to email me the pics we took at Red Robin. Dani and I were trying to do our best impression of having botox injected in our lips. I hadn't seen Dani in a long time, she's been busy. She is a designer and has several projects that are taking a lot of her attention. She has taught me so much about presentation and how to arrange things just so. She is a fabulous artist and I have an original sheep watercolor that she did for me and I treasure it. Roy and Scott get along really well and Scott has been mentoring Roy on the fine of art getting the most soft serve ice cream in a bowl. Talk about presentation! We love to eat pizza together on Sundays after church.

I feel like I am just writing a letter, but it was such a fun day today. Lots of laughs and giggles. I think it was partly due to the fact I stayed up too late last night. Bible study was awesome and only one person had done their homework. I love it when we wing it on the answers.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I think it is time for a new font. Come new font of Tuesday writing.

Today went by so quickly. We had a Ministries Staff meeting this morning and I actually had a ministry item to share. That doesn't happen too often. I mean who gets great joy out of the report, I reconciled the AM EX bill today and I am getting ready to do culinary services requests. Don't get me wrong, I know that is ministry but I am more comfortable and better at relationships. I was able to share about Cafe Ascend on Sunday night. There were more people than usually come and seemed like people slowed down their exit just a bit. We had the regular iced coffee and lemonade with the additional flavored coffees by Micah. I don't think there was a drop left of any beverage. I also met several Former Students, that is an Aggie who has graduated as opposed to Ex Students who claim the burnt orange for the Alma mater, for those of you who don't live in Texas.

When I got out of the meeting around 11:00 I was off to a lunch meeting with Lisa, Jenn and Laurie. We had a blast! Laurie so aptly noted we were being observed by two different who wanted us to be quieter and the other table that wanted to come on over and join in the fun. We shared laughter and some bread pudding... all of us got the Cilantro Lime Shrimp Salad and Laurie and I could not resist the crab bisque. I love that we are four women of four different ages, but we share in common our love of the one true God. I think He was having a good time right there with us. Laurie had to leave right after lunch and well so did I. I mean really you don't want your tithe dollars at work at The Nord...or do you?

My cousin Becky left the rank of blog reader and made a comment. Thank you Becky, bloggers love to read comments and know who is making them. My cousin Becky is so talented and gifted musically. She went to Moody Bible College. I don't know if there is an instrument she doesn't know how to play. I of course am gifted with musical ability of the rhythm sticks and I can clang a mean triangle. So now I am calling out my cousin Lois who may or may not be as good as me on the rhythm sticks. :)

I love reading the LProof blog but especially love it when Beth refers to a store as the Walgreen's or the Kroger. Especially love THE KROGER! Peggy and I started using"the" in front of stores for M&G, then Lisa and I started referring to stores with THE... it blesses me, I don't know why, but it does.

This afternoon I took the time to thank God for my friends. I have been so blessed and fortunate to have such wonderful friends. My buddy CM brings me great joy and laughter...he laughs at all my jokes and yet thinks there is some spiritual depth to me. I love discussing books with him and when he comes down from the third floor to our is pure joy. One of my favorite things we ever did was play catch in the choir room. He is right, throwing a baseball does help you think and come up with ideas.

Well, I am off to Bible study. Of course the consistent thing about me and Bible study is...I did not do the homework. Something about homework takes me back to my school days...didn't like it back then either, but it was for grades not spiritual growth.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Monday Catch Up

Right off, I need to say thanks to anonymous and letting me know the biblical references to the trees especially the comment that had to do with Esther. I really appreciate your obsession. It blessed me today

I would also like to give a little shout out to my cousin Becky. Hey, I got your email today and I checked with Roy, his schedule is clear and I just need to look at my work calendar to see if we can make it to Atlanta.

I love Courtney's blog vomit blog. It is where all the thoughts converge and there really isn't any rhyme nor reason, but just the flow of happenings under one post. So that is what I am going to do today.

Yesterday, I went to Grace United Methodist Church in Katy for their prayer conference. Lisa led the praise and worship for both services and then the conference in the afternoon. Gary Thomas was the speaker and then we were able to go to two breakout sessions. I went to hear Susan K. for my first session. Susan brought it! She was awesome in leading and teaching us. It was so obvious that she had put in a lot of time, prayer, study and resources for us and I have thought often on her teaching today. Then I heard Karen S. teach, how to hear a Word from God. I had to leave early but Lisa gave me the rest of the lesson as she drove home. I had to leave because I needed to be at First for Cafe Ascend. We are doing that just once a month now. Had live music and additional coffees. Great turnout to visit with Gregg and to do the meet and greet with others.

OK, the blog I could not post had this little insight...catharsis is from the Greek and cathinki is the Greek word for bedpan. I am glad I got over the cynic Friday. The post was on things I am tired of and can't do anything about. Here are a couple of the printable observations.

  • I am tired of shaving my legs and I am not going to stop, but really I would love to give it up. Maybe I will give that up for Lent, Susan. Here is a word, if you are going to be around small children and you wear shorts or capris, make sure those legs are shaved. You know kids, they will yell out...ouch...something stuck me on your leg. Anyway, one of the reasons I'm sick of it is, I don't see as well as I used to and so shaving is a hit or miss operation for me. When I get a pedicure or a massage or have a Dr visit and get the funny look like you missed a spot, I have several responses. My favorite one for the long row that did not get shaved...I tell them I am into crop rotation. Yesterday, when I got out of Lisa's car I looked at the back of my leg and noticed that the back 40 did not get mowed. Man, I thought I had done such a good job...oh well. I figure no one but Roy should be that close to my leg anyway.

  • I am tired of it taking a million years for my clothes to dry. We live on the third floor of a condo and the vent for the dryer goes up. We have had it cleaned out but it doesn't make a difference. It takes so long for anything to dry. We have a system but I feel like the Beverly Hillbillies doing it. We have this hanger type deal so we can hang up jeans and things, but there are times our kitchen looks like the cement pond where Granny did her clothes washing and drying.

  • I am tired of fishing expeditions. Not the kind with a pole and hook, but the conversational kind where someone wants info and thinks if they ask enough questions out of care and concern, you won't notice the fact they want you to spill your guts.

This picture is from VBS. This is Heidi and she came and spoke to the assembly. The Disney movie Double Team is about she and her twin sister playing basketball. I loved standing next to her because I got to feel short. That does not happen too often.

I have good news and bad news on the book addiction situation. On Saturday, I unloaded several bookshelves of Southern Literary Journals. So they are boxed and ready to go onto their next destination. Roy put his Bibles and reference books in their place and freed up some room in the den/closet. Now the bad news, I ordered 3 books from Amazon on Saturday and bought one on Sunday. Roy bought a book on Sunday as well. Our book addiction is not under control yet and I don't know that it every will be... but I thought I would let you know the happenings with that.

This will have to be all for now. I need to warm up dinner. We went to Costco the other night and got some prepared dinners. I am all about helping people who go to so much trouble to prepare food. Bless those hands.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday I did a catharsis post and was almost going to hit publish when I realized I needed to take 24 hours before pushing that little button. Oh, I am so glad that good sense overruled my visit in the the cynicism world. Seems like I have spent most of my life there. I was one of those children who grew into a teenager and then into an adult that sees through most of the shall I put this? Oh yes the biblical word, dung. I saw through most of the dung and what I didn't know to do is not say anything. I was very verbal and in most cases correct in seeing the lies, the wrong, and the just not right of life. Thankfully, the Lord is in the transformation work and because of Him I don't live in that world anymore...but yesterday I stopped in the neighborhood for a visit. In my post I even alluded to knowing I was there and really just didn't care. Even talking with Lisa yesterday I told her I need to lay low today cause I am so close to my fearless zone and the fearless zone resides in the cynical world. I do think I will take out of that post the stuff that doesn't need to be published but written in my journal. Although writing in a journal is not nearly as fun as blogging. A lot of what I wrote yesterday can stay. I was writing about things I am so tired of, but really can't do anything about. I didn't take the high road on most of that post....

Note to anonymous about grafting the tree... we live in a condo, so we don't have a yard or anyplace to plant it. Believe me I have thought about it though. I will take a picture of where it grows. It is between a fence and cement. Guess kind of like a rock and a hard place.

Last night I did the sacrificial thing and went to Sweet Tomatoes with Roy during pineapple month. I love pineapple but not in food. To me it is a mixing of food groups. Like biscuits and gravy. Love biscuits, love gravy, but not together. It is a total waste of a biscuit not to have butter, jam, or honey on it. Gravy is for meat and potatoes. Anyway, it is pineapple month so there is pineapple in the salads, muffins, pasta and dessert. Apparently I am in the minority over the pineapple month because that place was packed last night. We always sit at a booth but there weren't any available. The background noise was so loud that we gave up trying to have any conversation, so we looked like a lot of couples who just eat in what I call the discipline of silence. Afterwards, Roy and I went to Costco. We are such an exciting couple. But they had apricots and peaches for a really good price. Now if you have ever watched the Bad Seed you know that apricot juice is so good, you don't even need ice. So with that train of thought, apricots are so good they don't even need to be cold. The best apricots I ever had was in Israel, but I digress. Think I will slice up some apricots, peaches and strawberries and make a fruit salad.

Speaking of salad, on June 19th Peggy and I are doing a Kitchen Konnection for the Women's Ministry. We are calling it Burnt Offerings. Neither one of us really like to cook, but we are good at what we do cook. I think we are going to do all salads and do salads of the decades and I need to see if for dessert if we can make spaghetti ice cream. If you haven't had it you will love it! When we do Mildred and Gertrude, which this isn't, but when we do we have a new script about never feeling like we fit into women's ministry and we go through all our blunders and mistakes, but we mistakenly think we are at an athletic event for women. Other than a church softball team or if you are lucky a volleyball league, there is not much in the way for women who enjoy sports or being active in women's ministry. I think this is a whole untapped area. I know there is aerobics etc and believe me I did all that and worked out with a personal trainer when I played tennis, but not much of that came through ministry. Although, when I played softball I worked out with Bill Colley. He has gone on to be with the Lord, but he was in his 70's had been a boxer and he worked with me for several years while I played softball. He was the sweetest and kindest man, but he could be a bear when it came time to lift weights. I will always be grateful to him for helping me train.

Well, I am all over the place in this post. Speaking of women's ministry and food, I have noticed that if someone is going to speak on an eating disorder it is usually going to be some skinny recovering anorexic woman. No one ever has a fat woman up there to talk. I could talk about eating disorders. I have ADD and I am an emotional by looking at my pictures you can see I am quite emotional. I don't usually binge, I just eat the wrong stuff, but I could say with my ADD I eat and then get off task and forget to purge.

In my review this week, Jason asked me about my prayer life. I told him I was using a book by Jennifer Kennedy Dean and answering the questions in it and then praying using the verses I looked at that day. It has given me some structure to my otherwise random prayer life. I also have my journal that I use to pray for family, friends and requests. He told me that was great because being so random I was letting God organize me. I thought heck, I am just lazy and glad someone came up with a structure for me.

If you use blogspot for your blog have you noticed the save now button and then it will say saved when auto saved. For those of you who did Psalms of Ascent, I see that SAVE NOW and think or sometimes yell Hosanna! Cause that is what it means.

Yes, I am glad I left the hood behind me yesterday. Mary Mary has a great song called Yesterday. Listen to it if you get a chance. When I was young and the Beatles Yesterday was released... I think it was the first song I ever changed the words to.

Suddenly, I'm not half the girl I used to be

seems like somethings eaten all of me

oh I leprosy what's become of me.

Why I had to go, I don't know it didn't say

I know

somethings wrong' I'm all gone

oh leprosy.......

Well, with that out of the way, guess I should be on my way. Today, I am cleaning out the closet/den while Roy is at the office. I am going to give away all my southern literary journals to whom? I don't know. Where? Maybe Half Price Books. If I get disgusted with the whole process the recycling bins at church.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Things I'm Tired of but Can't Do Anything About

OK, I really wanted to get these two in. I know a lot of good can happen in small groups and I have changed over the years, but I think I have changed because some people in leadership really began to look at this whole thing and made questions a little more reasonable. Many times in small groups you are asked your greatest fear and I answer small groups. I don't like weird prayer time either. Every time I have been involved in weird prayer time I start laughing. If you are with a legalistic group you have to use that laughter to sound like fake crying. That is the only way you can get compassion from them. Years ago when I lived more as a cynic, I went to a women's retreat and once again they put me at a table with people who didn't know each other. We did our prayer time all wrong and when the leaders found out, they made us re-do our prayer time. God must have thought I just heard that from y'all and I told Him while we were in our re-do we were expressing the same prayer in a different form.

  • Forced small group discussion- this usually happens at a women's event where you are put at a table with people you don't know and then are asked to answer questions that you haven't ever discussed with your BFF. A couple of months ago I was put in this situation and I entered in with a good attitude. I think we were supposed to find a picture that said something about how we wanted our life to look. We went around the table and you know the odds are there will be at least two weird answers to the question that makes everyone uncomfortable. You just hope to God that there is someone sitting there who has the gift of mercy and can smooth over the rough places. So we had our obligatory crier...which meant I never understood a thing she said cause she tried to cry and talk it. And the other is what I call a whooooo glory type person. I love whoooo glory types, they bring an interesting slant on things...but sometimes they are tooo whooo glory and over the topidy. We had one of those. I shared that my life would look like a tree, rooted and grounded in love, roots deep by the streams of water etc... Well, the whooo glory girl had something to share with me, a verse about a tree, but she couldn't find the verse. I named all my favorite tree verses in the not any of I thought oh wow, she probably has found some obscure reference to the cedars of Lebanon or an olive tree... and then she finally finds it and begins reading it to me. It was Psalm 1... I named that Psalm when she could not find the verse. And she read it to me with a pause at the end of the sentence for effect. Now I have to tell you, I wanted to say, everyone knows that Psalm. Don't be acting all spiritual and reading like I have never heard the Psalm...but I didn't... I just sat there and looked at her with my interpretation of acting all wowed over something spiritual and told her I received that Word. I looked at some of my fellow forced small group discussers and it was all they could do to muffle their laughter.

  • The Holy Voice- this is the voice used when the conversation can and is not limited to these words, Lord, quiet time, heard, read, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit... The person is talking in their normal voice and suddenly the inflection changes.The holy voice comes in mid sentence or paragraph and it goes like this

Me- Hey, what did you do yesterday?

HVP (holy voice person)- I went to Target and then the grocery store but then I came home and had my quiet time with the Lord and I read my daily devotion and prayed. Then we went swimming.

You do not have to soften the voice if the conversation turns spiritual. Please talk in your normal voice. Don't make others lean in and tell you that they can't understand a word you are saying. Now I know there are times for the Holy voice, but don't do it to sound all spiritual.

We are funny people. We do so much by rote and we miss out on so much fun and joy that the Lord has for us. He knows our hearts. We are so easily annoyed when we think we are going to have to do something out of our ordinary routines or that our plans are going to get messed up if we stop a moment to do a kindness. I am guessed it a book that says, don't be like the Israelites and make the journey that God has meant as life for us into a death march like the Hebrew children did in the wildereness. There is so much that God has for us in the moments and in between the moments. It is up to us when we see a "burning bush" to turn aside from where we were going to investigate. That is when God speaks.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Little Tree Grows

I knew when I got home yesterday I should have taken a picture of this small oak sapling that grows underneath the wooden fence in front of my parking space. By this morning the landscaping crew had cut it down. I'm not too sad about it because it won't be too long and I will see it sprout again. I have been watching this little oak sapling for several years grow and get cut down. It's not a bad little tree, it just happens to be planted where it will never get to grow to full height. That little tree's presence and determination gives me hope. I watch it begin the whole cycle over and over because on the other side of the fence the hedge surrounding it chokes out all the sunlight. So that determined tree grows to the light and come to our side of the fence for life. Sometimes I wish I could speak to that tree and that it would understand me. I want to tell it, you are never going to have the life that God intended for you. You are never going to get to grow into a mighty oak like the oak trees that shade our entire street. It's silly but I when I see that little tree I begin to feel sorry for it cause I know the inevitable is coming. Yet there are other times when I see the first glimpse of a tiny leaf I want to shout with joy over that little tree because it has fought back once again after experiencing this recurring set back.

I wish I had taken the picture yesterday because the little tree had grown it's tallest in all these years. No this proud tree had several offshoots and it had gotten to be at least two feet tall...then it was visable no more this morning. Why am I lamenting the temporary loss of a tree? Because I love the tree verses in the Bible. I love Psalm 1, Psalm 92, Ezekial 47 and I especially love Jeremiah 17: 7-8

But blessed is the man who

trusts the Lord,

whose confidence is in him.

He will be like a tree planted by the water

that sends out its roots by the stream.

It does not fear when heat comes;

its leaves are always green.

It has no worries in a year of drought

and never fails to bear fruit.

The past few months I have held on tightly to these words...there has been some heat...the fiery trials of life that have come hard against me. There has been some HEAT and at times I almost gave myself over to the heat and let the trials consume me. I almost gave into the fear of the heat...and you know it is going to come because that is life and living. Green leaves... because I trust in confidence is in Him.

What no worries??? I can worry in a year of plenty. I can worry in a year of abundance and the Word says no worries in a year of drought and never fail to bear fruit???? Trust in Lord baby, with all your heart...Lean not to your own all your ways...acknowledge him and he, the Lord, will surely direct your paths...and I surely love the Lord!
I started this on my lunch hour and now it is full into the evening. When I pulled in tonight I began looking for the hint of a sprout, to know this latest set back has already started into a growth cycle. Didn't see anything, but I will let you know when I do.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Half Yearly Sale at The Nord for Women and Children

June 6, Half Yearly Sale at The Nord. I called Lisa and she was on her way this morning. I of course was at work... I was so tempted to take the long extendomatic lunch hour, but I didn't. Several at the office asked why I didn't take a day of maybe for the Anniversary sale in July I will. This evening I went and found several wonderful things, the best being a large woven wood box with a clasp. I think all the stuff on my desk that tempts Buddy will fit in the box and it will look neat and attractive. Racks of shoes, but didn't see anything that I couldn't live without.

When there are racks of shoes a sista tells a sista. I called Dena to let her know some of the shoes she was looking at last week are on sale.

Had my review yesterday at work and I it went well. Praise the Lord!!!

It has been so much fun being Coach Nancy at VBS. I wish I had a picture but I stood with Heidi Burge and Sarah Williams today. So what's the big deal...I was the shortest woman in that trio. I don't think that has ever happened to me in my whole entire life. Lisa Taylor took a picture of Heidi and me. If she sends it to me I will post it on the blog.

I called Roy on my way home from The Nord to see if he wanted to go to Sonic for a drink...his choice usually being the Poweraid Slush and mine the Diet Cherry Limeade.

Get to the Nord! Go to the EBar and get the 25.00 gift card and get an extra 5.00 added onto the card. Check it all out and even if you don't want to shop, go listen to the pianist and find some peace. Oh Nord, how excellent is your name in all of the Galleria!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Random Monday Thoughts

It is not my birthday, but I have received three gifts in the past week. Christmas in June, I will take it. Lisa gave me a night shirt last week at our well memorialized baseball game in the monablog. It is all about books and you know me and well Roy as well, we are all about books. It is so cute! Love it!Then the same evening Dena gave me a necklace with pink sparkly stones...I love pink and I love necklaces. In the years of our friendship I am much better accessorized because of Dena and Dena has great taste in jewelry and friends... :) Today Kelly gave me a beautiful porcelain lamb. It is so cute and it is right at home on my shelve with all things lambs. I am fortunate and blessed beyond measure to have such wonderful and thoughtful friends.

Today was the first day of VBS. The halls were alive with sounds of children and adults trying to corral them. After months of planning and preparing the big day arrives. I have been fortunate the past few years to participate in the ending assembly. This year I am a coach with our recreation minister Bill. It is a lot of fun and I am looking forward to the rest of the week. One thing about those VBS songs...they get in your head and you can't get them out, especially at night. I love the motions with the theme song this year...tons of fun and all the kids were having a blast. Back in the day when I went to VBS we didn't get to have near this much fun. We went to an opening assembly right off the bat and walking in a straight line with our class to the classic VBS march song. If we were well behaved maybe by the end of the week we would get to sing a "fun" song complete with know Deep and Wide, Hallelu Hallelu Hallelujah, Praise Ye the Lord. Our VBS director for all the years I attended and years before and years afterwards was Mrs. Love. So every morning she would say, "good morning children." We would respond, "Good Morning Mrs. Love." I have met people who went to Westbury Baptist during that time and that is the most memorable moment from all those years. I cannot tell you how many wonderful crafts I made with macaroni, like the macaroni tambourine completed with glitter. Now that is a praise instrument. Loved the metal crafts and making a piggy bank from a Clorox bottle. I remember memorizing verses that I can still quote in the KJV. If it was a good summer, I went to VBS with my cousins in Illinois. I can hear the clacking of our heels on the steps that led to the basement where our classes were and taking a week to memorize Psalm 23 on my own in the afternoon and evenings. Back then there was a service on Friday night that our parents came to. They watched us march in to the VBS song and then came to our rooms where all our crafts were on display and it was only then we were able to take them home. Maybe it was in VBS that I got my love for Koolaid and maybe that is why I only drink it in the summer. Koolaid and cookies now that was some good eatin' in the good ol' days.

Friday, June 1, 2007

It is All Rubbish!!!

What is more I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Jesus Christ my Lord for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them RUBBISH, that I may gain Christ. Phil 3: 8
Yep, we were four messy girls at the ballgame. But, we had so much fun making such a big mess!

Little Lost Lambs Found a Home

I collect lambs and these little sheep and shepherd boy are a part of a Willow Tree Nativity set, but here's the deal, I didn't want Mary holding baby Jesus, Joseph or the donkey. Just wanted the boy and the sheep. You can ask OEG but I dedicated myself to getting these lambs. I tried bringing them to the counter and saying there's not a price on these lambs, do you know how much? OEG, who is known for his long suffering patience with me, responded they are a part of the set, so $55.00. I explained to him I didn't want the other pieces couldn't he see fit to just sell me the pieces I wanted. Now don't get me wrong I love the Holy Family, it's just that I have Nativity sets, but I collect lambs. Several agreed with me since I needed to be in my office working, I could not stand down at the bookstore to find someone who would either buy the set then give me the lambs or go in halvies with me and OEG has total access to customers and he could oh so very politely ask them if there was any interest in my proposal. He refused! I almost called his Dialysis Pastor Dr. Rector Father guy to report him, but you know he would be ambivalent about the whole thing. So like a good Baptist I took matters into my own hands. I surveyed almost every person who came into the store, 1. Don't you think OEG should sell me those lambs. I had almost complete agreement except from his boss. Then the eNewsletter came out and there was a 25% off coupon. Girl, I am all about coupons. That brought the price of the set down to $41.25. At lunch on Wednesday I was talking about the set and Kelly, Girl on a Mission, needed just Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. She said she would split the cost so that she would get what she wanted and the little lambs could come home with me. Kelly and I together make a pretty convincing team, so then we tried to get every available discount, employee discount, maybe even senior citizen, but he would only take the 25%. With OEG he is consistent. Then I got to feeling guilty for breaking up the family, but Kelly said when were the shepherds and sheep a part of Mary and Josephs family? Well, Jesus is the Lamb of God and the sheep are probably cousins. He was probably never so happy to get a Nativity out the door. He even put them in the brown paper bags with handles. He freely gives those to everyone but me. He schleps my stuff into a plastic bag, even if I am making a big purchase. It is our joke and it is all done in fun. I was happy I did not even have to coax him to do the right thing by the brown bag. Like the parable of the lost sheep, I kept at it till I found a way to get them home. Welcome home my little lambs.