Sunday, October 28, 2007

Peggy Conversations Part II

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about Sunday conversations with Peggy we had a few laughs. This is kind of like that post but a little different. Peggy and I met up in Sunday School, oops I mean Sunday Bible Study, this morning. I think the last time we were both in class together was our last conversation in the above. Anyway, I finally got to class after checking things out in the Welcome Center. Peggy had our back table and was in the process of getting snacks for us to munch on in class. Carolyn came up to Peggy and asked her if she could lead the singing. No offense to Peggy, but ya have to be desperate to ask Peggy to lead the singing when Peggy hasn't picked the song. I can't remember even what song it was, but it was in the key of high. So Peggy, with her deep bass voice due to coaching volleyball tries to sing the song in the key of high and it sent me into uncontrollable laughter. I was crying and laughing that wheeze kind of laugh. So Peggy sees me and starts singing in the high tone again which by this time laughter is all over me and I cannot stop. So Peggy stops the music and says, Nancy, you better stop laughing or you'll be singing a solo. With that I began to laugh out loud and tears were running faster than ever. Then she encouraged me to come to the front and help her. No way, I am weak with laughter and wouldn't even be able to walk. I just kept laughing with my head down. So, Peggy picks another song and it is too high as well. I worshiped the Lord with my little bit of song, a whole lot of laughter and gave Him a whole bunch of tears to keep in my bottle. And of course when Carolyn comes back up to make announcements and says, "sometimes it's just good to laugh", we started in again. I crack up every time I hear her say that...cause I am thinking sometimes, SOMETIMES, SOMETIMES??? The Bible says laughter and a merry heart is a good medicine and believe me I almost overdosed on good medicine this morning.

After church Roy and I ate leftovers from Goode Company and then I was off to Memorial City. I had the top down and the music cranked up when a Buick Century pulls out in front of me going about 50 miles and hour and then once in front of me slows to a crawl of 15 mph. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to shout and become impatient. Taking a further look, it was two little old white haired ladies pulling out from Southwells. They were dressed up from church, so I cut them some grace. Others were tired of their slow pace and the driver rolls down her window and motions empathically, well then go around me... I stayed behind them because I saw Peggy and I as those old ladies years down the road. They pulled into the mall as well, but beat me inside to Macy's. Remember the top was down on my car so I had some added time in the parking lot. I saw them looking at purses and came close by to listen in on their conversation. The short one said to her taller friend, "you about broke my neck the way you drive. You go too fast turning and accelerate too fast at the light. You had traffic backed up cause then you drive so slow." The taller one said, "If you don't like my driving, then you drive to church, lunch and shopping next week!" Then they began to move toward the perfume area. I left them and went on about my shopping. To my great surprise and joy I saw them when I got back into Macy's. They were sitting in the shoe dept laughing their heads off. They both had wadded up tissues that had to come from the bottoms of their purses dabbing their eyes. They would just about quit laughing, then look at one another and they started again. I so wanted to go over to them and ask what was so funny and explain to them that I knew them from a far and their demeanor reckoned to me my future shopping trips with Peggy when we are old and gray. I didn't, but they brought me additional joy today. I should have walked up to them and say, sometimes it's just good to laugh. They probably would have kicked me in the butt and said, well tell us something we don't know.

It was a good day for people watching at the mall. I ended up going to the Galleria and had a whole different kind of people watching there. When did men get to caring about being so pretty and stylish? And these weren't gay men, they were just regular guys who seemed a bit too polished and poised and so pretty. By pretty I mean, with it, knowing all the Italian styles that are out their right now. Having a look on their face that says...I'm in, I'm hip and gosh darn it, people like me.

Peggy and I are going to be doing a Mildred and Gertrude thing December 1st at Foundry Methodist Church. We have been there before so we will not do our cookies, gingerbread house and delicious Spam Turkey. We are going to do our Christmas Dance and I am writing the script now. It will be based on Dancing with the Scars and maybe a little American Idol thrown in. Of course Millie will totally misunderstand the whole thing and that is the beauty of M&G. It seems like we have found something that many women feel, they don't think they fit in anywhere in women's ministry and we will probably follow along that train of thought again. I mean really we can dance there in the Methodist church, but frowned upon and not encouraged in the Baptist Church. Although, the other night at Bunko no one seemed to see the irony of rolling dice in the church and wanting to roll 3 sixes which is the mark of the beast number. If this stuff didn't happen, I wouldn't have anything to use in our scripts.

Well, if you thought I was going to savor my 150th post, so wrong. Sometimes it's just good to blog. I have a couple other thoughts rolling around in my head and hopefully I will get those down this week. Writing today is just the thing I needed to energized me and get me focused. Now I just need to take that focus and go pay bills.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

150th Posting on Monablog

Autumn has arrived! At the office this week seemed like everyone pulled out their festive fall hues and enjoyed the cool mornings and the pleasant afternoons. Then as the sun went beyond the horizon again the cool of the evening was so enjoyable. It has been wonderful convertible weather and I have run as many errands as possible to to take it all in. Last night and tonight, we even had to run the heater while we drove around. Love it! I knew Autumn would come, I was just so impatient for it to arrive. This past week has been glorious. We have waited, prayed and not beyond the bribing of cooking, non shaving of legs and the threat of wearing pantyhose, I think it has been worth it all.

I didn't give any thought to my 100th post but I thought I would take the moment and try to do say or do something special to celebrate this milestone. I have been giving this much thought for several days and nothing new or creative came, so you will be getting the same Monablog, not new and improved, but yet you'll get the same Monablog buttery goodness.
Steve Knox did our devo for Ministries staff on Tuesday morning. Interactive and thought provoking. He asked for sayings that were said in our homes growing up. Nothing that I heard as a child rang true to what others were saying but I was able to give this one, "when you're smiling the whole world smiles with you, but when you're pouting, the whole world dances on your lips." If you are making a puzzled face right now, don't worry that is what everyone else did as well. Then he asked what encouraging statements did we hear as children. Nancy you idiot, you'll be the death of me" isn't really an encouraging statement, so I did not share. Then he asked us what God was speaking to us right now and we were to take that and tear it out of the construction paper in front of us. So I thought. This is where my creativity breaks down, anything artistic. For some strange reason I have been struggling of late in how different I am from most and I have been beating myself up over that. It is strange because I have always liked not being able to be categorized or put in a box. I fight that kind of thing with vigor. My mindset is, don't label me. While I have wrestled with this, God has been speaking over me...that is how He made me. See Psalm 139 for any type of reminder. Nancy, my Word doesn't return void, so get over your different self and know I am God. Brilliant, I tore out a snowflake because no two snowflakes are alike. I did not share my work of art with the group but afterwards someone came up to me and said, "did you make a snowflake?" Yes. "Did you do that because (add a sneer to the next words) you are so different? It took a moment to stop my emotions from reeling and I anchored myself on the Word of God in Psalm 139. I said, "yes, I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I am different and unique. My husband and friends love me this way. My name is Nancy and I have been different for 53 years." I got the standard reply of this person when they have no clue, mmm....uh huh...yes... yes...yes.... Steve left us with a quote, “Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive…because what the world needs is people who are alive.”
Wild at Heart, John Eldridge
That might also include the hills, because we all know the Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music. Tee hee...
Dena went to Colorado a couple of weeks ago and heard David McCullough (author of Truman and John Adams and other books) speak at the conference she attended. He said that people don't write enough anymore. That writing is thinking and we need to write to help process our thoughts. The more we write, the better able we are to think through a process. I love to write and that prompted all kinds of images and words to construct into sentences, but I remembered that at times our words to those we love are some of the most important words we can write, think through and process. I am guilty of saying this and know others are as well, but when we can't find the words to express appreciation or thankfulness, we say, you'll never know what this means to me. And we are right, they will never know because we have not taken the time to process our thoughts of their kindness and love extended to us. It is so important to tell those we love, our family and friends, that we do and then take the time to write out why. If you are not used do doing this, it will take some effort at first, but when it becomes a part of you, the words flow seamlessly and effortlessly, because the time has been taken at some point to process.
I read an article in the New Yoker by Steve Martin. Finding out what funny is, is the subtitle. Very interesting to me how he worked on his comedy routines and finally came to the conclusion he had to stop using tired old jokes, worn out lines and other people's material. He needed to write and perform from his own unique viewpoint. Something I did not know, he and Stormie Omartian worked at Knot Berry Farm in California and they had a "thing" going on.
So I am trying this new schedule to wash my hair. Now I am washing my hair before going to sleep at night. I get at least 15 more minutes to sleep in the morning. But I am getting too confused and I think I should have washed my hair last night instead of tonight. Oh, it will get washed tonight, but why I am finding this so confusing, I don't know.
On Monday I am going to put fresh green beans and ham in the crock pot. I am going to add some field peas toward the end of the process. That will be some good Southern cooking.
Dang, I thought I would write 150 paragraphs for my 150th post.... Oh well... Instead I think I will go read the 150th Psalm, then wash my hair...then try to figure out when I have to wash it again... Yep, I am different and wonderfully made... but I am not a wonderful maid. I am still trying to get all happy over the housework thing, but haven't found the happy yet.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Funny and Sweet Man

I was tagged by Jessica to answer questions about my man. So here we go.

  1. Who is your man? Roy (sweetie, hunny bunny)

  2. How long have you been together? 30 years married (one year dating, see below)

  3. How long dated? We dated 3 months before we became engaged

  4. How old is your man? OK, he doesn't like me to say, so I will just let you know he is the same age as the old speed limit, you know the double nickel.

  5. Who eats more? That's hard to say because it depends on the food. If it is Chex Mix, ice cream or candy, he can eat the whole bag or carton in one sitting. But then I eat more if it is something I like, oh let's see, like white cake with white icing or chips and salsa.

  6. Who said "I love you" first? Roy did, but I had to ask him last night. I couldn't remember. I know that is so sad, but I remember other good stuff.

  7. Who is taller? Roy

  8. Who sings better? By default, it would be me. Roy is tone deaf.

  9. Who is smarter? Definitely Roy. He graduated from LSU, has a MBA in Finance from U of H, he is a CPA, he is an attorney, CIA ( Certified Internal Auditor), APA (Accredited Petroleum Accountant) and a certified SCCE (Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics)

  10. Whose temper is worse? It had to be mine early on, but now we are a tie, although I am more vocal with my temper than he is.

  11. Who does the laundry? We both do.

  12. Who takes out the garbage? Roy

  13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? What, is there a wrong side? If you are facing the bed I do. If we are in the bed, he does.

  14. Who pays the bills? Me

  15. Who is better with the computer? Roy

  16. Who mows the lawn? Uh, I don't know their names but they are on staff at the condo we live in.

  17. Who cooks dinner? The fine, fine folks at Rice Epicurean, Pizza Inn, Goode Company Bar B Que, other wonderful take out places and sometimes me and sometimes Roy.

  18. Who drives when you are together? Me. We were leaving for our honeymoon the day after our wedding and Roy handed me the keys to the car and said, I don't ever care if I drive again. He drove us once to church and we were in an accident and he drove me home after my hysterectomy and he hit every bump in the road. The man needs an engraved invitation to change lanes. It is a good thing he asked me to drive cause I would have to be on drugs if he drove most of the time.

  19. Who pays when you go out? Whoever has money or the Am Ex card.

  20. Who is the most stubborn? Roy

  21. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Me

  22. Whose parents do you see the most? Other peoples... no not really, mine.

  23. Who kissed who first? Roy kissed me first, but it was on my To Do list, he just got there sooner than me.

  24. Who asked who out? Roy asked me out for a concert and I already had a date to it. Then he asked me to go to a football game and I really had other plans, but changed them and I am so glad I did. We worked together at Pennzoil and before he asked me out on a date, he told me he would like to take me out to lunch when he got back from Brussels. He did and I thought he was an arrogant so in so and he thought I was the shallow person he had ever met. I was surprised when he asked me out and truthfully I was surprised when I changed plans to go out with him.

  25. Who proposed? Roy did or rather he wanted to on New Year's Eve 1976. We went out, but I had year end closing and had worked late. I was so tired. We went to a New Year's church service and afterwards he wanted to go get coffee, I was too tired. So he asked if he could come in the house. I told him I was too tired. Again he asked if I would like to get something to eat...nope, just take me home, I am too tired. On January 3rd we were talking on the phone and he says, "Nancy, I want to marry you!" I was stunned, he is asking me, no telling me over the phone? Then Roy says, "I would have asked you on New Year's Eve, but you were too tired."

  26. Who is more sensitive? Me

  27. Who has more friends? That would be me as well.

  28. Who has more siblings? That would be Roy. He has 4 brothers.

  29. Who wears the pants in the family? The one who should and that would be Roy. Most people might think it is me...but no, I trust him and his decisions completely.

OK, I tag Lisa P.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Reflections on condo mania

I woke up this morning nauseous. No, not a late in life pregnancy because I don't carry the equipment anymore. It was that kind of feeling that if I let myself think about it, I would be running to the bathroom to throw up. Only I knew there was nothing to upchuck and I HATE the dry heaves. So, I prayed' Bless the Lord Oh my soul and ALL that is WITHIN me, bless His Holy Name. Went back to sleep and awoke with that same nauseous feeling. So, I called Jason and left a message and went back to sleep. With the exception of a checking on you phone call from Roy and a couple of text messages I didn't respond to, I slept until 11:10. Woke up kind of queasy, but not like before. Around noon I ventured into the food world...sipped Coke and had a piece of dry toast. So far so good but I still have that unsettled feeling like I may get to see my toast again. So, a hot shower seemed in order, but you know how it is when you don't feel well, you have to take a nap for the strength to shower and towel off, then nap for the strength to get dressed. So, here I sit in my favorite gray sweatshirt and a pair of warm up pants, queasy and I know it is cool outside. The condo office called and Roy's package had arrived. So, I went to the office via the courtyard to experience Autumn. On the way, I passed by a neighbor who is always so complementary. He greets me with, "Hello miss!" He continues, "you look great today, ready to experience Fall." I know what I look like today and it is not great, but he made me feel good for a couple of seconds. I held onto the hope of looking good when I know the mirror has told me otherwise and went into the office to get Roy's Cd's he ordered. Everyone in the office said, oh my you look horrible. Are you sick? Balloon bust and back to reality. Buddy has been good company, sleeping right beside me all morning.

We love living in our condos. Types of people are cyclical. When we first moved in, we were some of the youngest people living here. While our movers were bringing in our furniture we got the once over by old ladies with the look of, don't play your music too loud. Then we went through a time where all the oldies but goodies were moving to assisted living. I officially knew I was old when someone at church inquired if any condos were for sale, that their young nephew wanted to look in this direction and I responded...why, yes and there are a lot of young people living in our condos now. I aged myself by using young people in a sentence and being serious about it. Living over the pool gives great demographics. If it is a year of young people, the pool area is crowded with tanners...little if any swimming. If it is a year of old people, they are out there in the cool of the early morning and then evening laughing and talking with one another around the tables. If it is a year of families, the pool is in constant use and is especially noisy on Sunday afternoons, just about the time I need my Sunday afternoon nap. With all the rain this summer it was hard to get a read, but I think it is families this year. There was a significant move downstairs. I never knew the guy's name, but we nick named him the Republican. He is a fundraiser for them and he was always on his cell phone and always in a hurry. Guess he was in a hurry to move on up cause his one bedroom condo went on the market and now I don't quite know who lives there. It seems to be this one man who lives there, but there are always a ton of people there. It is a small floor plan, so they spill out into the courtyard and breezeway. All of them are on cell phones having some of the strangest conversations, well those that are in English. I wonder if he runs some kind of phone sex deal because that seems to be the main topic of every one's conversation and it seems pretty much business as usual on this end because the women are usually reading magazines or the paper while they say things that most don't say while they are reading, unless they are reading a Danielle Steel novel or something like that out loud. Then there is a woman who lives here who is 101 years old. She dresses up everyday and is a lady who lunches. Her young 80 year old friends pick her up everyday. She still plays bridge and the only thing that slows her down is a bum knee from tennis. She played until she was almost 90. Pool season is over so Fern is back into hibernation. Then there are the two gay men who have been together for years. One looks to be really sick and not getting around too well. In their prime you wouldn't even think they were gay cause they are such bad dressers. They loved to give me a difficult time about being Baptist, so there was a lot of fun barbs traded between us. We invited them to the Christmas program one year, they loved it and it was a part of their Christmas tradition to come each year. One year, I was a big angel behind the scrim. They were having a Christmas come and go party before one of our performances. So Roy and I dropped in to say a quick hello and then on our way. One of the guys said he was going to yell out during the scene I was in, she drank scotch and water right before the show. Let me assure you I had not had one drop of liquor. I had a Diet Coke that I brought from home with me. I told him, you do that and I will yell from the stage that you all are gay. They'll be on you all like a sick kitten to a hot rock. He was speechless cause he thought that just might be true. We are a diverse group who live here, widows, a psychic business owner (reading cards is her specialty), retired professors, a former owner of a bridal shop who once retired, realized she missed work and went to work for Saks. We must have some good cooks that live on our floor because at dinner time the hallways are filled with a bouquet of flavorful aromas. No one is too loud at night and everyone seems respectful of our shared spaces. There are rules for when you can run your washer and dryer, dishwasher and no vacuuming after 9:00pm (no problem). You have to be moved in by 4:00 on the weekdays and by 1:30 on the weekends. Over the years there have been a few bad apples, but not enough to spoil the bunch. Guess I am thinking through all this because of being home not feeling well and the quiet I have been able to enjoy.

Well, all this writing has made me sleepy. Guess I better go lay down and rest for a bit. I see that Buddy is played out, so she should be joining me for our little nap.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Buddy Lee Beardsly Thoughts

I know you are going to think I am crazy, no comments from those who already hold that opinion, but I cannot get enough of Buddy Lee lately. Even this weekend as I have been going through one of our big bookcases weeding out books...those weeded out have been few and far between, never the less I am making progress, I came across a book by Willie Morris. Willie Morris wrote the book and then came the movie based on the book, My Dog Skip. He also wrote a lesser known book about his cat, Spit McGee. As is my custom, I bought the Spit book but never read it. Willie passed away in 1999 and I think that year as Roy and I drove through Mississippi and stopped in Oxford, MS at Square Books. I bought it because Willie had just passed on. To think that the man who changed the journalistic and literary scene post World War II as an editor at Harper's is most known to many as the man who gave us My Dog Skip.

So, last night before bed and this afternoon I have been reading how Willie who was a cat hater from the get go became affectionately associated with kittens and cats in his later years. It helped that his soon to be wife and whom he fondly referred to as Cat Woman, because of her love of cats, helped develop this love and relationship with the felines of the species. As is my usual place to read either in my big blue chair or on the bed, Buddy is right there with me. She follows me from room to room. She doesn't always sit on my lap, but she is never more than 3 feet away. So as I read this afternoon, she curled up for a nap at the end of the bed on the comforter and it wasn't too long afterwards that I was at the end of the bed trying to keep my feet warm when I laid beside her to take a know it is nap. Just as I was dozing off, I felt her paw on top of my hand and we both nodded off to dreamland paw and hand.

This morning as Roy and I made the bed, she played her game of getting underneath the sheets just to be placed on top of the covers and as we pull the blankets and quilt up, she makes a game of it because she wants to be flipped off her feet. We all enjoy this game so we do one blanket at a time. Of course she cannot show that much interest in the whole thing, so as soon as the bed is made, she sits there and takes her leisurely bath.

When we go to bed, Buddy wants to play one last game. She knows that a toy is in the second dresser drawer. She sits at the dresser and meows loudly, because like any child, she wants just one more thing before we go to sleep. She sleeps all day so most nights she is not ready for sleep when we are. I get the toy and we play as long as both of us have the energy to do so. Sometimes we vary this game with chase the laser light.

Roy has come to love Buddy, he was never much of a cat person. We have kept Josey and Sassy for Dena when she traveled so we indoctrinated him slowly to cats. Tiff, our miniature Schnauzer worshiped the ground Roy walked on and I was OK in a pinch. Tiff would sit outside of Roy's bathroom door every morning and waited for him while he took his shower. She and Roy would have their morning banana (Tiff loved bananas and she could hear the slight crack of the bunch when you pulled off one banana and would be at your feet barking until you gave her some) and she sat with him while he had his quiet time. She waited at the door for him to come home in the evenings. Buddy does the same, except for banana, she has no interest, with me. She waits outside of any closed door for me and before I leave for work when I have my quiet time, she is either on my lap or very near by. Roy keeps trying to win her over, but her heart belongs to me. Buddy does come when he whistles for her and I don't know of very many cats who respond to a whistle like that.

We have louvered doors on our den and one afternoon, Roy had accidentally closed them and Buddy was in there. I kept hearing this scratchy noise and I opened up the doors to the den to be eye to eye with Buddy. She had climbed almost to the top to get the door open. Buddy sits in Roy's dinning room chair and attacks us when we walk by. Always a playful attack, not with claws. She does have a temper, mainly in the mornings. Guess that is why we get along so well. I have learned not to try and hold her in the mornings, cause she will attack your head when you lay back down. A sign to know when she is not playing is, she opens her mouth just a little bit and makes her eyes real big. You can almost guarantee a swipe at you when you see these signs.

Early in the morning, she came to bed and made room for herself right beside me. She likes to sleep on my arm. She purred us back to sleep. Right now she is on her little stool watching me. She just had her din din.

I've been thinking of canceling our reservations at La Cantera. I could not abide thinking of Buddy being at the vet's for several days. I finally asked Dena if she could look after Buddy. She said yes and we just need for Sassy and Buddy to meet before doing this. Cats are so territorial, I hope it works out. I need to take Buddy for her shots in the next couple of weeks and I will need to brace myself to put her in the carrier and make the short trip to the vet. She always gets this nervous look. The first time we made that trip she cried all the way and the only thing that stopped her crying was my singing to her. I am used to the opposite, crying when I am singing. Dena better brace herself for the couple of frantic phone calls I will make just to see how things are going, when I am really calling to hear good Buddy reports. I hope that Dena doesn't get too attached to Buddy cause she is a lap cat where as Sassy is a wild living East Texas orphaned kitten who loves having her own space.

So, I don't know if it is the book that is drawing these feelings out of me or it is the fact that Buddy brings me so much happiness. I had to write about it. Yep, this is really something for the journal, but I had to share about Buddy Lee Beardsley and the joy and comfort we get from the pleasure of her company.

Weekend Warrior

It is a beautiful Sunday morning. No, I am not blogging from the worship center or from Bible Study, although that it is an interesting thought and something that might be fun to do. Probably too distracting though. According to the weather people, this next week looks to be our first full week of fall. Daytime temps in the 70's and in the 50's at night.
This has been a great weekend. So, I will do a little recap complete with pictures.
Friday morning Lisa picked me up for a trip to the Woodlands for lunch at Jasper's. While we are wildly talking and catching up, I wondered out loud if we were close to Gulf Bank cause that is where Lisa had an pedicure adventure several years ago with Pam. Good timing cause we were one exit away. We were laughing hysterically. Why? If you haven't ever had Lisa tell you the story of Pam the have missed a wildly funny story. It doesn't translate well in the written word, you've got to hear it and watch Lisa go through all the actions and facial features of having a pedi by Pammy.

If you look closely, there are bars on the door and window. Not exactly a safe feeling. Lisa wanted us to go inside, but I was too nervous. You know Pam has a blade... and since I was wearing sandals, she might just like to whack off the two big callouses on my big toes. I need to get to The Nord for a pedicure sooner than later.

We got back onto the I-45 North and headed to the Woodlands. It was a wonderful day temp wise and it was perfect for walking around the outdoor mall. We headed straight to Jasper's to beat the lunch bunch. First ones there and we sat in a booth that looked out onto one of the streets. I took a few pictures but they do not do justice to the beauty and clean lines of the place.

The difficulty of making a choice from the menu is difficult. So many wonderful items. The ice tea is a nectarine/lavender combo. Outstanding! Lisa had the Grouper sandwich and I did the cheeseburger with jack cheese. The fries? Let's just say they are right up there with Nord fries. Great place, great friend, great conversation, great food and a great waiter make a GREAT DAY. But there is more to come. We asked to see the dessert menu, just, now mind you, just to see what they offered. WOW! They even have this mini trio where you can pick three of the desserts, full size, to try. Better deal than buying 3...we did not do that, but we were tempted. Both our waiter and the manager told us, get the vanilla toast and our waiter added, we would not be able to finish it. Now them there are some fighting words and we were going to spite him by finishing the whole thing. Well, he's right, it can't be done too much french toast infused with creme brulee, in a maple brown sugar sauce with candied pecans, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and candied bananas. Slap your mama good! It was slap yourself good. I didn't even realize I had begun rocking back and forth as I partook of paradise. Lisa was giving silent, fist pounding praise. Y' was soooo good!!!

Our stride and gate was noticeably diminished as we left Jasper's. So we did a little walking, very little, and did a little shopping before making our trek back into Houston. We are making plans for a return jaunt to the Woodlands. It is so much more than a bunch of trees.

Friday evening, Dena and I went to The Nord for dinner and a little shopping. She had not been there since the menu change and we haven't had time to catch up with each other. What I love about dinner with Dena is we usually split several items. Roy is not a splitter and he can't understand why you would even want to do such a thing. Anyway, we each had the crab bisque, then split the lettuce cups with shrimp tempura and a margartia pizza.

Saturday morning bright and early at 8:30 am, I was back at The Nord for the Trend Show. Lots of trends to keep up with. One brand said do away with the eye brush curler, then told by another cosmetic company, to have a eye brush curler. Since Lisa and I are doing the Esther Bible Study on Tuesday nights, the theme of beauty treatments was a recurring one for us. I wish we would have counted how many times we heard that a product would change our lives. We would be transformed. I once heard someone say that if your faith is the substance of lotions, creams and ointments, it isn't faith, but merely hope. And nearly at everyone of these type of shows is the statement, it just takes minutes a day. Unfortunately, they are usually the first or last moments of the day and I can only think of waking up or going to sleep. Here are the trends, smokey eyes, that was a trend last year and matte foundation. Eyeliners and eyebrow gel is all the rage. My favorite part is then going down to the cosmetic area of the store with hundreds of my new best friends. I had prebought at Laura Mercier and I used my 15.00 off on Angel Innocent perfume set. Then I went clothes shopping and met back up with Lisa. We then went to Lupe's to meet CourtneyS and Moriah for lunch. After lunch, I came on home and rested from such an early morning.
When Roy got home later in the afternoon, we both conked out for a nap. Waking up refreshed, but not wanting to cook or eat out, we did the next best thing and got take out from Goode Company Bar B Que. We ate dinner and cheered on the LSU tigers to a close won victory over Auburn. OK, I can't sit that long and watch TV, so I changed out summer to winter clothes from deep storage in my closet. Cleaned out and made ready some blouses and t shirts I no longer wear for the Mission Training Center and hit the pillow around 11:00.
This morning was Capt. Wayne's last time on the radio. He is retiring to hunt and fish. You can read about him here. I slept through most of the program but I heard three things, Capt Benny won 100,00.00 this weekend at a fishing tournament, a woman called in and told Capt Wayne how much she enjoyed the program and she wasn't the least bit interested in fishing or hunting (I kind of thought maybe I was making the call in my sleep, but it wasn't me) and I heard Capt Wayne sign off for the last time.

So as you can see, I have had an outstanding weekend and tomorrow I am going back on my diet cause I was all over the place food wise. Each weekend I give myself little goals and my goal to clean off my desk was taken care of Thursday night. As good as the weekend has been, sometimes there is something that can try to rob me of my joy and I had that happen in a phone conversation with loved ones who would rather sit and worry over things that cannot be changed than to get out and do some living. They pride themselves on how they don't reveal a confidence or an opinion of situations, but they can't even see that they lie to themselves on this. It is their parenthesis comments that destroy and are so transparent. The need to control destroys most of their relationships and they are grasping for what little control they think maybe, just maybe, they can manuver. The opportunity is available for them to reconcile and rebuild with someone and they would rather complain and lament than to restore. They are like the invalid in John 5, when Jesus asked, "do you want to be well?" and the guy gave every excuse why he couldn't be well and they claim those same reasons. They probably think I am hard hearted and not caring over these situations where worry isn't going to do a thing or talking about it over and over and over, yet the end result never changes. It is frustrating to talk with them and see them finish out their days in frustration, mean spiritedness and without joy. There is still so much life left to be lived in God's love, peace and joy for them, He is waiting for them to partake.
My hope and trust is in the Lord and in Him do I put my confidence. I look to the Lord and am radiant, my face shall never be ashamed. I will bless the Lord at all times and His praise shall continually be on my lips.
Sorry this has been so long, but it all just had to be said.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

Signs of the Times

It was the first thing I noticed when I pulled into my parking spot last night. My little tree had been cut down. It was doing so good and had sprouted so many green leaves. I anticipated being able to watch those leaves turn from green to fall colors, but little tree didn't make it. So now, I will begin my watch for it to begin growing to the surface again. That little tree pictures hope and brings me such great joy when it pushes through the ground and under the fence to find life giving light.

I didn't get home until 9:30 last night. I take the minutes for the Committee on Committees and October and November meetings always go long. Afterwards one of the committee members who hasn't been able to attend due to work obligations out of town, began asking questions of how things work and the criteria for committees. Thus, I am going in later this morning. It is tough winding down in the evening after a full day of work. Since I knew it would be a very long day, I ran errands at lunch. Made it over to Target to pick up a few things I needed and then a whole lot that I didn't even know I needed. Right now the dollar section of Target rules!

On Sunday I read in the paper about SPRING fashions. The article is on the trends for the spring. It ain't right to do me this way Houston Chronicle and fashion designers of the world. We haven't even had a hint of being able to wear our brownish hues or any fall accessories with the hint of paprika and forest greens. So in case you are already planning on your spring wardrobe just about now, here are the 2008 top Spring trends. I write this knowing I haven't even had a chance to pull my winter clothes out of storage and replace them with my spring and summer clothes.
Here are the trends:
  1. Bold color-technicolor shades
  2. stars and dots
  3. tuxedo
  4. ruffles
  5. floral

Safari is making a comeback as well as high waisted trousers. Now who looks foolish for hanging onto her mom jeans from Eddie Bauer's. I also just put in the give a way bag a Ralph Lauren safari vest. Think I will pull out that baby and keep it for Spring.

One of my favorite authors is Ellen Douglas. She is a Southern author from back in the day. She is in her late 70's or 80's. She is still invited to speak for all manner of author's dinners and conferences on Southern Literature. Her first novel is based on some in her family. She had been offered a contract to complete what was then just a short story which won her a publishing contract. She could not in good faith complete the work without her family member's permission. It was given, but with the codicil that she write under a pseudonym. And as it is said, the rest is history. One of her recent books is, Truth, Four Stories I am Finally Old Enough to Tell. It is a great read and I can see why she needed for people to die off in order to tell these stories without upsetting those involved in these stories. After reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls and reading Truth, I think I will have some interesting stories to write about on down the line.

Well, I better move on and get ready for work. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read my blog. I really appreciate it.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday, Monday

Tonight is my book club and because of the rain and just the hassle of getting across town, I have punted and decided to stay home. Roy just got in and it is nearly 7:30. This is always a tough week because all my evenings are taken up with good things, but never the less, things. So many nights that means I am getting home around 9:00 and have just about an hour to get ready for the next day before bed. To me that was so much fun when I was younger and now... I am looking for moments, for solitude, and for quiet. It has taken a long time for me to learn and accept the need for some quiet time. For much too long, I have not disengaged myself from the activities that make up life lived out in the world. I am not talking about worldly, I am talking about being intentionally and on demand. To remain sane, or whatever sanity I possess, times of quiet is now RDA, recommended daily activity. I was reading in The Atlantic Monthly that we are wiring our brains for too much multi tasking and in the long term of brain usage, it is not a good thing. Several months ago when I was speaking on a subject near and dear to my heart, Vital Friendship, I learned that we are all programed and made by God to have a musical theme to our lives. An article I read for reserarch was, what type of Muzak do you live by. We each have a natural cadence and beat to our actions and activities. I believe I am wired for Kirk Franklin and CeCe Winnans when I need a beat and instrumental and classical tunes for when I need to bring it down a little. Really, we are too dependant on noise and activity to make us feel useful and purposeful. We are used to controlling our world around us and we get anxious if we are not moving all the time. Well, I have certainly taken up a lot of space just to say, take some time, sometimes it is as little as 20 minutes. Putting margin in our lives is important. Thomas Merton says " It is deep solitude that I find the gentleness with which I can truly love [others]. The more solitary I am, the more affection I have for them. It is pure affection and filled with reverence for the solitude of others."

One of the exercises that I have been working through with Cheryl is milestone moments in my life and whether or not the decisions I have made from those milestones have been helpful or detrimental in my journey. I will probably blog about this a little later down the line, but this exercise has been so helpful in seeing how I have come to different conclusions whether they have been right or wrong. I don't call them defining moments, because there are a lot of moments in my life that I did not let define me. We all know people who have continued living but not growing from moments they let themselves be defined by. I see people everyday who have settled for sadness and they feel guilty for any fun times they allow themselves to have.

OK, I will stop waxing (not one of my favorite words) serious. Sometime on Sunday afternoons I go lurking on blogs that are done by artsy fartsy people. Oh man, I wish I could be like them. They see everyday stuff and turn that stuff into art or create something so useful out of so very little. They are so organized ( at least by the pictures they post) and everything has a place. I believe that it is not anything that you come by naturally, but it looks to be that if you live in the Northwest part of the country it comes naturally to you. OK, I know that is not true, but I kind of believe it like I believe I will be somebody different on trips and actually use the lounging pajamas I buy, pack and never unpack for those hours between daytime touring and nighttime dinner and dancing. OK, no dancing because Roy doesn't know how to, but you know...out on the town type stuff.

While continuing my quest for decluttering my life, this weekend I realized I have an annoying hobby that I didn't even realize I had, I collect buttons and sometimes shoulder pads. I have extra buttons that come with every blouse, jacket or pants I have ever bought. Oh, the clothes are long gone, but I have all the buttons in the plastic bags. Not only do I have tons of buttons, but I found shoulder pads from blouses I owned in the 80's that have long gone to other good homes or in a rag pile and I have kept the stupid shoulder pads. So, I am trying to think creatively about making something artful or useful out of these components. You are probably thinking, have had too much solitude and quiet time if you are contemplating such an odd thing. Maybe so, but if I do create something, I will take a picture and post it to the blog.

Now another reference to the Bunko night...I danced in the Fellowship Center in a Baptist Church and I am still alive. You have to bust a move when Lisa P is singing Kirk Franklin's, "Looking for You." Actually there were several of us busting our moves, I just happen to lead one of the Conga lines.

So far I love 'The Year of Living Biblically'. He is finding it very hard, but hey that's what is supposed to happen. We can't follow the rules in our flesh.

I had ordered Sweet Potato Quesadas as appetizers for book club, but instead it was our delicious dinner.

For all of you who are bosses, Happy Boss Day tomorrow!!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Biblical, Books, Burgers, and Bunko

I read a review of this book in the New York Times Book Review yesterday and this morning in the Chronicle's Religion section was another review. It looks to be an interesting read and with a 30% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket, I think a trip to Border's Bookstore is in my morning plans. From the review articles A. J. Jacobs reads through the Bible and finds 700 commands. He was raised Jewish, so he felt more comfortable with the Old Testament, but did make trips to Amish Country, snake handling churches and Liberty Road Baptist church. The fact that both reviews said he did not start this out to make fun of religion or believers whether Jewish or Christian is more appealing to me as a reader. He started out as an agnostic but his friend said he emerged a reverent agnostic which delighted Jacobs. When I finish reading the book, I will let you all know what I think of it.

I loved my book club read this time, "The Glass Castle". It is a memoir, but none like you've ever read. I think there will be lively discussion this time, which was not the case with our last read. Not many enjoyed the Amy Tan book.

"It Never Rains in Tiger Stadium" is interesting merely for the fact that the author knew he needed to make the transition from football into real life and he did, but to the other extreme. This book is about the long transition and coming to terms just recently with his life.

Last night the Women's Ministry at church had an event, Bunko, Babes and Burgers. It was a total hit and a ton of fun. After eating burgers that had been grilled outside, I would have come for the burgers alone. Lisa P, Dena and I ate ours at tables in the great out of doors. Although we were laughing and cutting up, we sat like prisoners with our arms and posture guarding our burgers. If anyone came too close, they would draw back a nub. I did OK at Bunko, but met a lot of people which is the beauty of the game. That and the fact it fuels my ADD is fine with me. You don't need much of an attention span. I learned how to play Bunko with one of my tennis teams, which happened to be made up of mainly Catholic girls. Let me tell you this, it was highly competitive and more often than not blood was drawn. Even as a sub for the group at HFBC was a competitive group that took no prisoners and very aggressive. Last night, I played with the nicest players that encouraged you when you rolled 6's and were sad when you rolled triple ones and lost all your team's points. It was nice, but dang I was looking you know that killer, to God's glory, spirit of winning and moving up a table. I always want to yell mark of the beast or Antichrist when I roll a Bunko, so I guess that is why I didn't roll one last night. But in the spirit of Bunko and maybe the a little feel of Boggle, I went all Peggy Hill when I rolled the dice by yelling her patented, "oh yea!" Others would yell, "praise Him" or "Thank you Jesus." He probably didn't care about the games, but I am glad that the Lord is all about burden lifting and many times that just comes through plain ol' fun. That did help the 6's keep on coming. The evening was closed out by fun songs led by Lisa Pierre. Although Jason had told Carolyn he didn't think there should be any type of organized dancing like the Cha Cha Slide, one cannot help when the Spirit moves the group to get up and Praise Him. (nothing said about throwing dice) Especially when there is some Kirk Franklin or Nicole C Mullens in the house. Then to bring it down a little, you end with Circle of Friends by Point of Grace. Awesome fun evening and I hope Carolyn does it again. Women of all ages were there and once the newbies learned Bunko, they were hooked. Even Dena who didn't want to play or learn admitted at the end of the evening, Bunko is pretty dang stinkin' fun!

Today I am making Tortilla Soup. Roy did the cilantro last night so I am ready to go... It is gonna be good. Looks like summer comes back tomorrow, but this small reprieve has been wonderful and I look forward to our next 48 to 72 hours of Autumn.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Is It Just Me?

Have you all seen the new Dodge minivan commercial? The one with the kid and the test crash dummy in the car playing cards and bobbing it's head to the music? It creeps me out! I mean really, the subliminal message being sent to me is, this minivan is going to crash...cause the dummy is in it. I know they are trying to give the message that the van is safe, but it is an creepy sight to see it in the car. Oh course you all know how I feel about minivans, but I just wondered if this commercial has made you pause for a moment when you see it and think how strange and odd.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Democracy in Action...and some other stuff too

If you are a tax payer in Harris County, I would like to tell you the $6.00 worth of service you got from my time of jury duty, I read my book club book on your time. This was a long day, longer than most serve if not picked for a jury. It was interesting though and I thought you all might get some of my observations. This is what I learned.
  • you don't have to be early or even on time to the jury room. They run the same set of instructions and take up the papers three times. I noticed that people who showed up at the same time as me waited for the last pass to turn theirs in. I thought maybe there is something to this and they think they won't get picked for a panel. That did not seem to make any difference.
  • the lady, who I will add didn't know how to use her inside voice or what I like to call her SPA voice, sitting behind me who had an opinion on everything and everyone was totally annoying and so wrong. She became best friends who ever sat near her. Many moved. Guess they were not looking for a new best friend.
  • when the judge says be back in 50 minutes, he means it. Juror 55 did not heed those instructions and while things continued on, a bailiff was sent looking for our little lost juror. She found him and she wasn't a very happy camper about the whole thing. Once the jury was seated and the rest of us were dismissed, the judge said, but not juror 55. He will be staying for a while.
  • your leadership skills or lack there of show in navigating the criminal court house. There was one woman in particular that would have not made it if this had been a competition today. My prayer was we wouldn't serve on a jury together. I could see her holding up the whole judicial process. You are only as strong as your slowest person.
  • not everyone in the cafeteria are bored killing time jurors. The table right in front of me had a couple, he was nicely dressed meeting with their attorney or soon to be attorney. They were going over all the charges and the lawyer tells the guy, this is going to cost you $3000.00 for me to represent you or you can be left in the hand of a court appointed attorney. A little later, I rode in the elevator with this same couple, only now the shirt was off and a gray tank top was the attire. Tattoos everywhere on this guy and I am thinking, oh my, I am riding in an elevator with a criminal, his woman and posse. I didn't feel all that safe at the moment.
  • most court appointed and criminal defense attorneys sport beards. It seems to be an older man's profession. This is not a true observation of the whole criminal attorney team, but it was so today.
  • lots of deals are cut in the hall, with no privacy. Interesting to see the justice system work that way.

The whole time we listened to the attorneys, I hoped my working at a church and Roy being an attorney would buy me my freedom from being on the jury. You fill out this information on the form. I called Roy on one of our numerous breaks and told him I would not make eye contact with either attorney and choose my bored face to be my mask of the day. Would this help me not get picked? He didn't know and I held out my fist lamented, "drat you, you letter/contract writing attorney!"

What helped me get through a lot of my down time, other than my book, was texting with Lisa P. She had me laughing and thoroughly entertained. She was asking me about fall and winter shoes and if I had bought any boots or booties. Nope, not yet. She texts back, well maybe you can take that $6.00 you've earned today over to Macy's and buy yourself a pair. That my friend is a friend. A BFF friend... who even texted the words for Friends are Friends Forever to me. One who keeps you company while wishing you were somewhere else, even work. Really, there are two set of prisoners in the building, jurors and people on trial.

Now, this has nothing to do with the above, but wanted to tell you about this. Yesterday at lunch I had an appointment to get my brows done at the Anastasia Salon in The Nord. Charles did my brows and then asked if I would like the area around my lips waxed. Of course, my first thought was of CourtneyS and her fear of getting a mustache when she is older. So, I said yes, please. I am clean and smooth around my lips. I am glad I have a high tolerance to pain cause I found it to be a tad painful. When I got The Nord, I ran up to the Bistro for a quick bowl of soup. As I was wolfing it down, Missy from the OKC was there. She and her friend who fly in for Tuesday Night Bible study were waiting for their 1:30 massages at The Nord Spa. I wish I could have had a leisurely lunch with them, but I was doing all of this during lunch. Then I had some family business to take care of before returning to work. Back to Charles, the brow guy. He was very cute and rugged looking for a brow man in The Nord. I am just saying, instead of closing my eyes, I watched him. Of course he was very blurry cause I didn't have on my glasses. I made a Dec appointment so that I will have great brows and be clean shaven for all the Christmas celebrations.

One another thing, if you have not had a Honey Crisp apple, get to your store and buy one. They are awesome and so crisp. They cost a little more than regular apples, but you will be glad you tried one.

Did you feel it this morning? Less humidity and fall like temps this morning at 7:00 am. It is right nice outside this afternoon. I should have put the top down and driven home basking in the sunshine and being thankful for freedom. I am making Tortilla soup this weekend. I think all our autumnal offerings are finally paying off. Thanks to all who made the sacrifice from cooking, to sock wearing, to the non shaving of legs...and just plain old denial... it is feeling a little frisky fallish out there.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Catch Up, Ketchep, or Catsup?

There haven't been too many minutes for me to steal away and write a few thoughts, but I have found writing energizes me and my spirit finds life in putting down a few words here and there. This morning I have nothing profound or funny to expound upon. So many times when we find ourselves overwhelmed, busy and our time budgeted for us and in order we think, to be able to meet all the demands, we stop doing those things that bring us energy and life. We cut out the fun and refreshing, for the immediate and mundane. That is so wrong. We nix what brings us life. So, for the sake of my spirit, energy and passion for the day I am going to write a few minutes this morning.

On Saturday, Dena and I went to a late lunch/early dinner. We caught up with each other at Lupe's. Rocked our world, the chips, salsa and queso. I mean it. Ever since Lisa P and I went to Lupes about a month ago, I have been craving the jalapeno, cilantro chicken she ordered. Oh my friends, it was every bit as good as I remember from the little taste I took from Lisa's plate. The week leading up to our meal, I really watched my calories cause I knew it would be Katy bar the door. Oh my, I went away fully satisfied and even later in the evening when I reminded myself how good the meal was and how much we ate, I told myself, I would do it again. There is just something about their salsa. It is healing.

Pulled out the crock pot again on Monday and made another roast. This of course being done in the name of all things autumnal. I had bought everything at the grocery store to make Tortilla Soup, but never was home long enough to make it and let it simmer for several hours. So it is on the agenda for this weekend. Looks like all our autumnal offerings might be working, I see that the low is 59 and the high 84 on Friday. Oh Father, let it be! My worn but comfortable gray sweatshirt is calling out from the closet to be officially worn in honor of cooler temps.

Last night, God's presence was so real in Bible study. If you were there and didn't get a word, you must be dead. That's all I have say. Sometimes it is so hard to write and listen. You don't want to miss a word. We are settled in at the table and taking in the Word. Every study or lesson I have heard taught on Esther never really moved me. Lot of people get stuck on "for such a time as this" or in the beauty of Esther. Nothing wrong with that and in my life I have heard a lot of lessons on Esther, but none every got down to the bones of- dang it, she made a choice and was brave and courageous in doing so. Beth taught on fear last night and I came away with some ammo to fight the enemy with over the fears that can immobilize me in a heartbeat.

Ugh.... I have jury duty tomorrow. I do not want to be picked for a jury. Lots of reasons, but mainly due to the fact that I have a hair appointment of Friday. On Saturday I drove the route to the Jury Assembly room and at least know where to park.

Dena asked me if I could write a poem for Mustang California's Anniversary using different song titles about California and San Fran. Could I? It would be my joy and pleasure. So after work and before Bible study last night I knocked that thing out. Once again, my spirit was energized and loved the creative challenge.

Well, I better get ready for work. Wednesday is a long day for me. Jason is speaking for WNBS tonight and I am endeavoring to emphasize the importance to different classes of keeping a roll. Not every been asked for on Wednesdays but in the spirit of Spiritual Milestones we are asking them to do a new thing.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Ordinary Sacred

What a week! Too much stuff to take care of, so much to think about, needing more sleep than usual since I was sick last week, needing God and knowing His presence more than ever and not forgetting my prayer that I began praying in January to see the sacred in the ordinary. I want to be so alert and aware of God's gifts He gives on any given day and decrease the loss of gifts that remain unopened and unobserved.

  • Abraham Heschel said, " There is a unique kind of transparence about things and events. The world is seen through, and no veil can conceal God completely. So the pious man is ever alert to see behind the appearance of things a trace of the divine, and thus his attitude toward life is one of expectant reverence."

  • Ken Gire says that each new morning that God's mercies dawn on us that we have been given the gift of another day, we should greet the day with expectant reverence and reverence the day just like we reverence the Lord's Supper or communion.

So today in the midst of errands and grocery shopping, my ears, eyes and heart stayed open to God's presence. I thought of a conversation that Roy and I had at dinner last night. He was talking about Lot and Abraham. His question to me was, "What did Abraham give when he went to war and rescued Lot?" My answer he told me was straight from the commentaries, that Abraham was in covenant relationship with God, so God is blessing Abraham because of His covenant. We talked through all the possibilities and I came to the conclusion that Abraham gave his time, patience, and surely he had to pay his army combat pay to go to war and being totally outnumbered. Sometimes time and patience is more costly than money. It is my time that I guard and hoard. So this morning paying and mailing bills, Luke 6: 38 kept going through my mind. I mainly associate this verse with money because that is the context I usually hear it in, but today it opened up to me so differently. I went to and looked up Luke 6:38 in all different versions and The Message paraphrase puts it this way:

  • 37-38"Don't pick on people, jump on their failures, criticize their faults— unless, of course, you want the same treatment. Don't condemn those who are down; that hardness can boomerang. Be easy on people; you'll find life a lot easier. Give away your life; you'll find life given back, but not merely given back—given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity."

Erwin McManus says that being thankful and expressing thankfulness to God and to others cannot help contain the generosity that explodes and permeate our lives. I think that is how the journey has started for me to see sacred in ordinary. God used an ordinary bush, He just made sure it didn't catch fire and burn. He used spit and clay to heal a blind man. Jesus seeing the faith of friends, healed a paralyzed man. So I am on the watch for as Ken Gire puts it, "something from heaven offered to us through earthly hands...Letting us know that we are looked after and that we are loved."

We all know someone who is letting life pass them by. We all know there are people who are fearful of giving and being transparent and live rather dull and mundane lives even though they are a part of some type of exciting life, job, or experiences. No sense of adventure in the God realm. Be an ordinary someone to bring the sacred and gift to them. They might balk at first and if you hear no, you go on and do the ordinary thing to see sacred. Maybe just maybe they will catch on and have joyful moments in everyday life.

Even though Dana thinks that my recent interest in cooking is a sign of the apocalypse, it is just an ordinary way for me to help bring in Autumn. Laurie has joined in and CourtneyS encourages Autumn celebrations as well. Love what she just wrote on "Moments." CourtneyS suggested that last Monday night we all make our own Autumnal Feasts. I made Kelly's Pot Roast in my crock pot. It was delicious!

Today I actually saw that the trees think Autumn should be happening. There is a row of trees by Memorial City whose leaves are turning golden and with a little hint of a reddish hue.

An ordinary conversation after Bible study a couple of Tuesdays ago has welcomed Cassi into our lives. She is now working part time for Jason and me and for Ben and Shelley. She is a bright ray of sunshine, not only because of her competence and professionalism, but because she is joy to know.

Today, as I did ordinary grocery shopping the thought of Tortilla Soup entered my mind thus ingredients entered the cart. So sometime over the weekend I am going to make my version of Tortilla Soup. CourtneyS and I compared our recipes over Potbelly Sandwiches at lunch on Thursday. Mine has more veggies. If you would like the recipe...just let me know.

Well, this is some blog thoughts and blog happenings that happened during the week.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Hallelujah is the Highest Praise!

I got the phone call from Lisa this afternoon.... I was looking at the phone and thinking why hasn't Lisa called? Phone starts ringing and I see it is her number... To hear joy and laughter and Malcolm on his cell phone in the background... I knew it was good news... NO CANCER!!! Not a trace found and as Lisa put it, the Dr. is perplexed. But we are not! Praise to the King for favor and blessing and freedom from the curse of the law. Malcolm had a biopsy about a week ago and we have been standing and believing with them for a good report. Praise Him! New Mercies, New Mercies, New Mercies....