Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's 3:16 am and I Would Rather Be Asleep

It is 3:16 am and it is all quiet out here on the prairie.  The greater part of the evening was spent outside handing out candy to all the littles that came by.  And the were really littles because most of the families here have little kids and not teenagers.  Teenagers would have been welcomed too.  Talked to several of the neighbors as they came by with their candy picker outers.  With all the new houses in our neighborhood I really thought there would be more kids this year and thus we prepared but I think we had a bit fewer.  Oh well. 

Buddy has discovered the sheep nativity.  Dang, I thought putting it out while she was sound asleep would insure lack of discovery.  Setting it up on top of a bookcase seemed like such a good idea.  Yet, I just found her on the top with a sheep in her mouth.   Yes, I know it is early to have Christmas decorations out but these sheep are the cutest things.  Soft and fluffy they be.  It a shepherd sheep with three regular type sheep and Baby Jesus.  At first I thought Mary was missing because I thought the shepherd sheep was Joseph. 

Last night was Katy Bunco.  Love having it so nearby home.  Broke even, came with five dollars and left with five dollars. 

We will be down in numbers later this morning in Bible study.  It is our turn to help with the kiddos, have several on vacation and a couple who have things they need to take care of.   The first week of homework seemed rather difficult.  Maybe it was the way they asked questions but this week didn't seem to be quite as confusing.  Maybe it is making the transition from I John to Hebrews. 

I read an interesting blog entry by one of my favorite authors this week.
I read it early before many commented and I returned later to see the comments since then are insightful and some are downright sad in the stories of why people left church in their 40's.  I remember discussing this very thing with others when I was on staff at a church.  There is usually a generation that gets left out of leadership.  In the case of our church the 70 somethings who controlled most of the committees and the like when they were in their late 40's and 50's didn't relinquish any leadership to those of us in our late twenties and early 30's.  Then when we might have finally paid our dues and have some leadership, drastic cultural changes took place in church and most everything skipped over us and onto the younger generation coming on up.  We didn't leave church in our 40's but we did for a time in our early 30's.  I think there for a while the thought in many churches was, we don't need you or it could have been we don't know what to do with you when it came to the older generation in church.  I think a lot of that has passed and everyone is realizing we are the Body of Christ and we need each other.  I love the time I spend with my young friends, they keep me in the cultural and technical loop.  I love spending time with those who are much older than me and even though I know very few, it is great spending time with others who are my age. 

Well, I am going to try and go back to sleep.  If not, I will have no excuse for running late to Bible study later on in the morning. 

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