Friday, October 26, 2012

Even There, He Loves Us

It isn't even noon yet and it has been a full day just in the span of morning hours.  I'm waiting to hear from Roy.  He is at the car dealership with his banged up, been in an accident car.  Roy took today off because we have the closing on our house this afternoon.  Being the dedicated worker outer that he is, he went early to Lifetime.  The hours were getting long because he should have been home.  And then it comes, one of those type of phone calls that is dreaded.  Roy had rear ended someone and they were exchanging info.  Everyone was alright but he Roy's car wasn't able to be driven. He asked me to get some phone numbers for him and call our insurance man to see what the process is.  So that total feeling of being overwhelmed came upon me and my level headed ability to remain calm, kind of took flight...but only for a short time.  While Roy tends to hyperbole sometimes, I tend for the dramatic because when he called I had my hair up in Velcro rollers.  I had to decide whether to go to him with rollers in my hair because you know if there was a camera recording everything, the reporter always goes for the lady in the curlers or they guy wearing jeans and suspenders but no shirt.  By the way, Roy was nicely dressed.  Roy told me not to come down there that everything was fine.  Took my hair out of the rollers and went down to check on him anyway.  He was fine, pacing up and down the sidewalk while he talked with different ones.  I took his stuff and put it in my car.  He sent me home because the tow truck was on its way.  He called just a while ago and told me he would let me know when he started home.  A couple of minutes later I called him back to remind him he won't have an EZ tag on his rental car and he is going to have to come home the old fashioned long way.  It is a good thing our closing got rescheduled for the afternoon.

Yesterday was a long, fun and then kind of aggravating kind of day.  My hair appointment had to be rescheduled from Monday to Wednesday morning.  Since I would be in the land of sugar for that I would also take care of some errands that way.  Only thing, the housekeeper was coming in the afternoon so I had to decide whether to cut short the errands and return home for a bit or just stay out and about for most of the day.  I chose the later.  By 4:00ish I was really ready to come home but I just get in the way when I am here and since I was so tired, I wasn't feeling very social.  The thought of small talk wore me out.  So finally, since I usually have something to read by my side I headed over to the park on Spring Green.  There was a nice breeze and I amused myself by taking pictures and posting them to Facebook along with the intermittent bouts of reading.  Finally at 5:40 I headed toward home...and she was still here.  I was beside myself with the desire to crash on my couch in total and complete silence. 

Yea, these things are right up there with my semi meltdown over lost Tic Tacs last week.  In the midst of the above, I remembered God's will, in everything give thanks.  To be honest it was not a remembrance right away and it was probably about the 40th thought I had.  But I am so happy that it was finally sinking in, be thankful. 

Now it is officially Friday.  All went well.  Roy has a rental car, a Jeep Patriot.  The process of repair has started, at least paperwork wise.  We closed on time yesterday.  Roy found a $1300.00 error in our favor.  I was a little disappointed that our house payment didn't go down as much as Roy anticipated.  Believe me, I anticipated too but my anticipation is based on feeling not fact.  So I'm thinking a $600-700 reduction would have made it worth it all, but the fact and Roy is, they increased the amount of escrow payment each month thus our payment didn't go down as much.  We would have seen the increase in January anyway. 

To celebrate reacquiring our home at a much better interest rate, we went to Chuy's.  This closing wasn't as painful as last years because, we didn't have to face moving.  Yea!  Our dinner was interrupted by several emails and phone calls from the office.  So that meant Roy went outside a few times to take care of business.  As we finished up dinner Roy and I continued being thankful.  We had started this topic in the waiting room of Stewart Title.  You have to love a place that informs you to help yourself to the kitchen while you wait. This is just an observation, not a complaint but both times we have been at Stewart the waiting room has one family with a million kids.  Granted the people and children were different yesterday but what remained the same is, even after signing the magna carta and Potsdam Accord, as we left the reception area the same family was still there with the 1000 children, lots of paperwork and a mortgage rep.  We had the same rep that is how I know. 

OK. enough time indoors this morning.  The outside temps are calling out to me; as deep calls to deep  or as cool calls to cool or as God calls and even loves this whinny complainer with first world problems that really in the grand picture don't amount to much.  But the comfort is this, even in the little mundane things of daily life, God loves us.  So thankful for that truth. 

Hope you are reading this outdoors in the autumnal day.

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marty h said...

Not outdoors but the windows are open. Does that count, Mon Ami? A little french not from google translate!