Friday, October 19, 2012

My Goal: To Be a Proverbs 32 KInd of Woman

One thing about the post the other day, I re-thought what I had written about my parents not giving out of abundance but giving what they no longer needed.  I need to modify that statement just a bit.  My mom was a loving, caring and giving person.  She made tons of cookies, had people to dinner and she would make small silly things for family and friends.  I think once she began to have the onset of Alzheimer's, it was easier to adjust to my father' structure of what he thought giving meant, than to use what was left of her precious brain capacity and cells for good and positive rather than be locked into a battle of wills with him.  Since he pretty much controlled everything she was rather limited in what she could give, but she found creative and fun ways to be generous with her time and talent. 

There... much better.  Roy is standing me up for our lunch date today.  I am totally fine with that because I have the morning to ease into the day.  Although I have quite a few things taken care of already.  When the lawn guys come at 8:30 and most of the windows don't have blinds, you hi-tail it back to the bedroom to not get stuck being seen in your jammies.  I've been outside working with a few plants that are barely holding onto life due to my neglect and cleaned up around the bird feeders.  Birds are not the neatest and tidiest of God's creation.  Roy had to drive to the office today and he got an invitation to lunch by one of his best friends (do guys have best friends? I guess I mean do they have a correct title for that?  I have no clue) today.  I'm kind of glad because Roy wanted barbecue for lunch today and frankly I just wasn't feeling that. 

I cannot tell y'all how much I enjoy CBS this year.  I have the best core group and we have fun yet know how to slow down and minister to one another, when one another is in need.  I've written before that I think there are some days when completing all the questions from the homework needs to take a backseat for opportunities to encourage one another.  Yesterday, we got to do both, abide by the guidelines of getting all the questions covered and taking the time to listen to the hearts of our sisters in Christ.  Proverbs tells us he or she that refresh others will be refreshed themselves.  It was quite late when several of us finished up conversations and I decided to go on home because my cough meds were making me just a tad drowsy instead of staying for teaching time.  Peggy hadn't been able to come yesterday because she took Cami to her appointments at TCH.  She had texted and called asking if I wanted to meet them at Chicky.  Of course, nap time can be delayed for a little bit.  She and Cami were already there when I arrived.  Great fun being with the two of them.  Peggy said she was so disappointed that she couldn't make it to Bible study because she said I really like and enjoy our group and I so agree with her.  It's not only that but I also am energized by being able to use the gifts God has given me and I hadn't noticed that in the past few years how disenfranchised I'd been and with drawn with the frustration of not serving on a one to one basis. 

Several things that I have taken note of as of late.  As much as I hate to be put in a box by others, I am putting myself in the old proverbial box with my hair.  Seems that once you hit your mid to late 50's we all have no clue what to do with our hair.  Long hair drags the face down, short hair...personally, I'm trying to stay away from doing that right now and that just leaves one mid hair style, with or without bangs.  I wore my hair short for so many years and even at the length of my hair now, I can still barely put it in a tiny ponytail and wear a baseball cap when I don't have the time to stop and wash my hair.  Of course you know, I wouldn't wear a cap to church or anything....although it would be biblical with all those cover your hair verses in the NT.  When you have short hair you really can't do the baseball cap thing.  The other thing I have taken notice of is when you tell other women you went to a women's retreat over the weekend, they all make this face
 :-/ and utter, ugh....  I mean I am in that group too but it seems to be a universal reaction no matter what denomination you happen to be a part of.  I think the secret to a good retreat is only 2 to a room.  My 4 to a room days are behind me.  I also think retreats are speaker driven.  If you like the speaker you don't mind losing sleep, having to participate in table that would still irritate me...and having someone else's schedule for about 18 hours.  One thing that hasn't changed in my suburban observations, most still drive a mini van like a bus.  My arch nemesis is still the mini van.

Well, guess the laundry isn't going to fold itself, so I am off to be a Proverbs 31 woman.  Heck, I even cooked dinner last night.  I'm getting so good that I will soon be a Proverbs 32 woman.  Ah you say, there is no Proverbs 32 woman...yep I will be that one will have ever seen me...who has seen a Proverbs 32 woman my child?  No one.  They don't exist.  Exactly....

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