Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesdays Wanderings...

Two things that happened already this morning.  After living dangerously for over a year of never being caught in my jammies by workmen, finally came to an end today.  I got caught and of course I stealthily moved from the study into the kitchen.  My idea of stealth when it come to my movement is, I limped rather quickly into the kitchen and then onto the bedroom.  The other thing is my "Celebrate Small Victories" bracelet broke off my wrist.  I have worn that bracelet everyday for the past three years.  It was only a matter of time before the bracelet wore out.  So glad I was home when it happened. 

It was another good morning of Bible study for the leaders of CBS.  A regional director was there and she just happens to go to our church.  She said I know you because I see you on Sundays in the choir loft.  We had a great conversation.  This week's homework questions are good but they did not ignite spirited discussion like last weeks.  I think that is only because we are so moved, overwhelmed and taken in by God's love and that is what the homework mainly concentrates on this week.  We also got some prayer training.  After class Peggy, Kathleen and I met up and headed out to Marburger Farm.  I have wanted to go the past few years but physically wasn't up to it.  We had a blast!  We only were able to get through 2 tents, well 2 for me anyway.  I still have work to do on my stamina.  I rested about the last 20 or so minutes while they hit a few more vendors.  Brought home some small but cute things.  We each bought a vintage sock monkey with a story.  We tried to eat dinner at Royer's but the only reservation they had was at 9:30 pm, so we went to the little bake shop owned by Royer's and had pie for dinner.  It was very delicious.  We took the back way home and were treated to some beautiful displays of God's handiwork. 

I just finished two autobiographies.  Actually the two are brother and sister and as they tell their life story, each one has chosen a particular way to share their lives.  One had more loyalty or feelings of closeness with their growing up family and the other one sensed a feeling of being thought of as the black sheep and that stigma and intense criticism they received tells a somewhat different story than of the sibling.  I do like that they both extend to others, "giving someone a life."  That meant they would offer opportunities to people for work to help them transition out of their situation and have the ability to make so much more of their life, only if they would be given a chance.   I like that.  One of them has pretty much walked the straight and narrow throughout life, the other one...not so much.  Great contrasts and I am fortunate to read them one right after the other. 

So guess it is time to read the commentary for tomorrow's lesson.  I just refilled the bird feeders, so business will jumping.  Maybe I should wake up Buddy. 

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marty h said...

So what is with the snow pictures on your FB page? Is it wishing for snow?