Thursday, October 11, 2012

Routines, Patterns and Not Missing Out on God's Glory

I love Thursday afternoons.  I catch up on reading and rest.  We had a great core group time this morning.  It felt like a field trip day because it was our first brunch day. We could hardly settle down or get started.   Let me say this, all the women in my group are good, no excellent cooks.  That includes Peggy.  We had to drag over another table to lay out the spread.  Everything was fabulous and delicious.  Our discussion of chapter five of First John was so insightful and deep.  We didn't finish up the last day, but sometimes I think that the discussion and the answers that help one another in our walk with Christ is more important than checking off the box that we completed all five days of homework. 

This morning as I prepared to come to Bible study I kept meditating on a song we practiced in choir last night, " Don't Let Me Miss the Glory."  I love it when John stops rehearsal to talk about the meaning or words in a song we're working on.  His emphasis last night; are we missing the glory?  He gave awesome examples, great word pictures.  He shared his experiences in Yellowstone viewing God and His creation and the wonder of the park.  John asked for a show of hands of anyone who has ever been there.  Many of us had but I thought about my trip to Wyoming and Yellowstone.  Roy and I were finally selling our townhouse in the hood, but I had to call the title company every day to let them know I was alive.  They were taking fraud precautions.  Yea, that big sum of money and I am being very, very sarcastic.  It was also one of the lowest times of my life and I was in such deep depression. I saw the sites but I missed the glory.   Are we so wrapped up in life and the chaos of the mundane to really see God's glory?  In the past few months I have had to really set a pattern for routine matters of the day.  Things like not locking the door every time I go outside and carrying my keys with me just in case I do or taking medicine or setting the house alarm, things which I do so often but has almost become like I was sleep walking only being fully awake.  Actually, it is considered a form of sleep walking but I digress.  So whether alone or with Roy I dutifully go through my routine fully engaged in the process.  It's really not because the routines are so memorable but I am seeing little things that I might have missed.  This morning we might have missed some of the glory if we had rushed through the questions. 

Yesterday I had to clear out of the house because it was Chris' day to come make everything clean and look great.  I had several errands to run and I decided to work my way into town doing them.  Sometimes there are days when it costs more for me to be out of the house and yesterday was one of those days.  Although, everything I purchased was needed not wanted...OK...a jacket I bought was wanted, not needed.  Picked up my friend's mail and had dinner at Collina's before choir.  I try to unwind on the drive home after choir in order to go to bed and to get enough rest for Thursday morning.  And I so had that working for me until I watched Duck Dynasty.  Oh my, I was laughing so hard.  The laughter actually did good like a medicine cause I fell asleep rather quickly but it was hard not to watch just one more episode.

Today started with a little bit of a scare.  On Thursday I get up at dark thirty and it usually takes me about 30 minutes to fully wake up.  I was in the study emailing Roy that he didn't need to call to wake me up, I was up.  In the darkness of morning, in the quiet of a new day and the only palatable knowledge so far in the day; the truth of God's new mercies every morning.  When I heard this horrible non explainable noise.  The sound of maybe someone trying to break into the house or the sound of something major being amiss.  I cautiously began my investigation in the dark to find the source of the sound.  In my head I can hear all those things we say in scary movies, don't go in there, for goodness sake use a flashlight, and of course ID TV's marketing, "if I hadn't looked in that room" kind of thing.  I am happy to report I found the source of the sound and it involved Buddy.  She was playing with a flexible door stopper in the hallway.  Maybe that is how she wakes up her sheep.  I don't know, but I cannot tell you how relieved I was for it to be something so anti climatic.  I don't think there is any glory in the sound of a reverberating flexible door stopper and that is one sound I could have missed out on this morning.  Gee, I hadn't even taken any of my heart meds yet. 

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