Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall For Just a Few Days. Hey, We'll Take It!

I love, love, love these days of cooler temps and just a bit overcast sky.  I know that we will be back in the 90s by the end of the week, but I am drinking it in.  We had our first sit by the outside fireplace this afternoon.  Peggy, Jaime and Keely came over.  Hopefully this will be the first of many evenings out on the courtyard and soon we will be making s'mores. 

On Friday afternoon I took my friend to the airport for her business trip to London.  It was quite eventful even before we left for Bush.  I had arrived a tad early so we were doing our best to do the quick catch up and then head out the door.  Before we left, the fire alarms were going off in another part of the building.  Even so they were still loud.  The building next door had so much dust and smoke coming from all the construction and I think that is what set it off.  But we couldn't get out of the parking lot because a delivery truck and a fire truck blocked the exit.  A guy who works there told us to go to the other gate and he would send someone to open it.  We were very patient but no one ever came.  So, by the time we turned around to see if the other exit was cleared, we were a few minutes behind schedule.  Nothing like a little excitement to send you off overseas. 

Meanwhile, back on the prairie, Roy had the A/C guy and the house appraiser guy here at the same time.  Our A/C and heater checked out just fine and we got bonus points in the appraisal for upgrades and for having a view of our water feature.  In fact the guy said it was equivalent to a view off a golf course.  Score!  Not fore!  Everything timed out right for an early dinner at Las Almedas.  They have the best salsa.  Of course when you go there, you have a dinning experience and it takes longer than say Lupe's or El Rancho. 

Roy cooked pancakes for his Bible study group Saturday morning and there were hardly any leftovers.  Saturday afternoon we made a plant run to Brookwood and then finished out our latest flower bed with more knock out roses and snap dragons.  Most importantly our marriage survived another assembly project.  This time it is a table for the courtyard and the product reviews all said, easy to put together.  I'm thinking people say that kind of stuff just to give a false confidence that the two of us can handle it or they are married to engineers.  The temps were just starting to cool while we worked on our project and gave us great hope for the cool Sunday ahead.  We were not disappointed this morning.  Although, it does set one into a dilemma of finding fallish clothes to wear to church.  I didn't pull out the boots but I did wear closed toe shoes.  My toes were not all that happy about being fenced in.  But I am looking forward to the soon coming days that my legs can take the Nazerite vow and no razor comes near till spring.  Oh don't get too grossed out.  When you get older you have a lot of bald patches on your legs. 

My friend has emailed several times telling me about the sights of London.  She went to a cathedral this morning for church and has done the Tower of London thing too.  She also emailed because she heard the weather had turned cooler and I exclaimed the great good news but then had to give the bad news that it will be hot by the time she gets home.  On the way to church this morning I broke out in song singing In the Bleak Mid-Winter.  It just seemed to be that kind of day. 

I didn't sing in choir this morning because even in the car my beautiful melodious voice was interrupted by bouts of coughing up a lung. 

LSU lost yesterday but we could see it coming.  They didn't look great against Towson last week.  With South Carolina coming to Death Valley next Saturday and put on a whopping on Georgia, it could be two losses for the Tigers.  I have already been wearing the game day Alabama shirt because it is cute and I probably won't want to wear it after the Tide Rolls.  We are still true blue fans, we left our LSU sign up in the yard.

Big news on the HOA front.  The Cinco Ranch HOA is being looked into for some unlawful practices when it comes to enforcing deed restrictions.  Part One came out this week in the local online site.  Also CR changed to the Constables patrolling the neighborhoods for extra security  instead of the sheriff dept.  Guess the FB sheriff kind of made the insinuation that maybe they wouldn't respond to calls from CR quickly...he then retreated on that position.  Wow, sounds like they don't have time to count for proper plant placement these days. 

Enjoy these next few days! 

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marty h said...

Though I missed you in choir on Sunday, was glad to check you in at your perch seating in the loft!