Monday, October 22, 2012

Organized LIfe...Well I Can Dream Can't I?

In the quest to stay in parameters for optimal energy, health and mental well-being I try to have one day a week to just stay home.  Not to stay home and laze about, although I have been known to grab a day every few months to do just that, but to take care of things around home that have been somewhat neglected.  I tend to really press into this the week that Chris comes to clean because I don't want her thinking, that jar was in the same place as it was two weeks ago.  Or will she ever clean off that pew.  Yes, my faith may have found a resting place, but too many times it is more of, my purse, Roy's gym bag and various bags from stores and boxes not yet opened that were delivered by UPS or FedEx finding a resting place.  Our church pew is conveniently located in the entrance of our home.  There is also a prayer rail located in the front room that holds a wooden tool box full of magazines and books.  Prayer changes things and prayer rails display things. 

Today I have been rearranging things in our closet and going through drawers.  We took a bunch of things on Saturday to KCM, remember that doesn't stand for Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and it looks like there will be several more bags to go sometime this week.  While going through drawers I came across one that was a treasure trove of mementos that brought such wonderful memories to my recollection.  So you know, I had to stop being somewhat efficient and focused to stop and look through everything.  There in the midst of letters, little gift books, pictures and the like was a New Year's picture card from our friends who returned to France this year and that left their American friends so very, very sad.  Every Sunday since they left it never fails that I go about looking for them and then have to remind myself they are on the other side of the world.  Well, maybe not the other side but across the ocean a piece.  Anyway, I put their picture on our wall of honor in the laundry room.  Really, I spend a great deal of time in there much more than in the kitchen.  I am just a bright, slow, flash of movement when it comes to be near or in the kitchen area.  In my minds eye I am a brilliant flash of speed.  Back to the memories...I had to post on FB what I found and then I have sent several emails to friends so thankful for these meaningful, fulfilling, loving and fun people who mean so very much to me.  If you have not received an email from me...give me some time.  :) 

It was so good to have Dena back teaching in...Sun...oops Life Bible Study.  She is such a gifted and talented teacher.  Guess that makes her a GTT.  Not only is she a great teacher but she is a great friend.  Roy, Dena and I went out to lunch after church.  Nothing like Willie G's gumbo.  She brought some little goodies home from her trip to London.  Dena is the bomb diggity when it comes to gift giving.  The three of us always have such a good time laughing.  We did have one scary moment when we thought we were going to have to do the hymleck maneuver on Dena because some bread went down the wrong way. I am not good in a chocking crisis.  Long ago my crazy friend Debbie and I went out to dinner.  She choked on a piece of meat and I thought she was being funny.  The man at the next table came over and did the maneuver on her and that rib meat flew across the room.  It was like she didn't even take a breath before saying to me, I was chocking and all you did was laugh.  So see, I don't seem to know the difference between chocking and being funny.  Roy and I came home via the Westpark Tollroad because a big section of I-10 was shut down in the name of progress.  The connector ramps for 99 N are being installed.  Soon it will be just a parkway away from 290.  Peggy didn't think this would happen in her lifetime, but it is slated to open at the end of 2013.  She has to stick around for that and the fact that she says all the time, "John Bolin can't leave until I die."  That is also her seven word testimony that we are doing in choir. 

Since the Texans had quite a lead, I felt that I could watch the end of the game without causing them to lose.  That was rather exciting!  Roy took LSU candy to Sunday School to give to all his Texas A&M friends.  Hope he is as gracious when the Aggies beat LSU sometime in the future. 

In the next few weeks I get to have lunch with friends I haven't seen in a while.  Last week Lisa P and I had lunch.  It was so good to see her!  We ran the gammut of topics in our conversations but I think my favorite part of our visit was taking apart The Bad Seed (one of our favorite movies) and analyzing it once again.  Each time you see it, there is the great contrast of good verses evil and the conflicting voices that surround these people. Evil is masked by the cuteness of a little girl who has everyone fooled.  Most think it is some kind of horrible movie (blood and guts) and rightly so because of the title.  In its day in 1956 it was a shocking premise.  I also like the movie because it was filmed as if it was a play, which it was on Broadway.  Most of the original cast are featured in the movie and they act in it as if it is a play.  Over exaggerated moves and lines.  Anyway, we loved discussing it once again. 

Guess I have had enough rest for now.  Onward and upward to organized life...or at least what I call organized life. 

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marty h said...

Your church pew is my piano (or should I say Josh's piano as he is the only one who plays it). I will have to find another junk gathering location when he moves home as he will want to play! Can I borrow your pew? :) We do miss Ria and family but are thankful for Facebook.