Monday, October 1, 2012

And That's a Weekend Wrap

The next time someone says to me, they eat like a bird, I'm going to assume said person who eats like a bird is messy and hasn't any manners.  Because the birds that visit our feeder and bath are messy bessies!  Birds do eat a lot.  I have learned that mockingbirds rule the roost because when they fly in, all the other birds scatter.  Guess that is why the mockingbird is the state bird of Texas...Don't Mess With Texas.  My friend Ali was so disappointed while visiting here from Ireland, that Don't Mess With Texas originated as a litter campaign. 

We had a great weekend.  Well, if you consider a great weekend getting a lot of to do's crossed off the list.  Out here on the prairie, that is a pretty darn good weekend.  We got the A/C filters changed because we have our spring/fall check up on Friday.  It is kind of like flossing your teeth a bunch before a dentist visit.  While Roy perched precariously on the ladder he also put our latest Monarch Tea Company tin on top of the cabinet with the other tins but we forgot to change out the burnt light outside on the courtyard.  We got the courtyard cleared of furniture and plants and we took care of several other minor projects that aren't even worth typing about.  Roy also read our new contract for refinancing our home.  As much as we are more alike now than ever before, we still have a few things that we are totally opposite about.  Like last night, I was in the front room totally engrossed in a book that is hard to put down.  I noticed he had paced a bit several times in and out of his study but I had no clue he was trying to get my attention.  Using his voice would have been the best approach and that's what he finally did.  Roy announced he would like me to sign the contracts at 8:00 pm, sharp.  Uh, OK, I can sign them now if you'd like was my response.  It seems he was a little disappointed in my lack of enthusiasm about signing my name, date or initials a thousand times and getting writer's cramp.  He thought I would be head over heels excited, ah no, you must have me confused with someone who gives great attention to details.  So as I signed and dated the contract, Roy kind of lamented over the fact that we can be so opposite.  Just to show him I was paying attention and slightly enthused to have this just about done, I pointed out a mistake in his job title on the paperwork and also pointed out a couple of times where he forgot to date his signature.  That kind of cheered him up.  I think he was just tired Sunday night from contract reading, hauling dirt, climbing ladders and sweating out the lackluster LSU victory Saturday night.  I'm thinking that A&M and Alabama might beat LSU if LSU doesn't get it together. 

Saturday afternoon we went to Roy's Nord, Tractor Supply.  He had a coupon and a gift card.  We both found several things.  TSS has a great selection of candles this time of year.  Like we need one more candle around here, but they're seasonal candles.  They had the best deal on bird feed and since we are feeding all the neighborhood birds and then some, it comes in handy.  Actually the feed is geared toward doves.  So I put a little of the new food out to see what happened and new feed is a hit with all the birds.  Roy got a little scare this weekend.  He had gone out to our big flowerbed in the corner of the yard to help me pull weeds.  When I came out the back door, he was kind of laughing.  As he pulled weeds a big ol' cat jumped out of the flowerbed.  It was a cat but it was one of those cats that look like a miniature bob cat.  The kitty cat which I was calling Bernie because it goes with Buddy, sat on the gate top of our front yard watching us.  I kept telling Roy something looks like it has been sleeping in the flowers cause some of them are crushed down.  Now I know.  I have seen this cat around the neighborhood so I don't think it is a feral cat or a bob cat, but one never knows.  I am glad it wasn't me that got scared, first thought for me would be rat not cat and it is best I keep scares and surprises at bay not as to stimulate my heart in a wild beating session.  Ironic that the Lion King was on last night?  I think not. 

The yard of the month guy came today.  Not that we won the yard of the month, that is what his company is called that fertilizes and kills the weeds in our yard.  He is the nicest young man.  He always lets me know when he will be in the backyard unlike the guy that just walked into the courtyard and is breaking up the stamped concrete.  They poured it wrong, so they are fixing it.

We overslept Sunday morning so no churchie for us.  Besides I have been fighting off the beginnings of a cold and didn't need to be around lots and lots of germs.  Church people are known for going to churchie sicky. 

Well, the quiet of the afternoon has been broken up by the loud sound of drills.  So guess I will move into the kitchen and unload the dishwasher.  Jealous of me?  I bet!

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The Rabe's said...

We DVR'd Lion King last night for our son. He loves him some lions. That is all.