Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sunrise, Complaining and Realizing the Importance of Gratitude and Generosity

There were so many pictures of the sunrise yesterday on Facebook.  When I first saw the horizon it was a more brilliant red and by the time I got my phone and back to the window, the red had dimmed just a bit.  Such a beautiful sight.  I'm not much of a morning person but I was thrilled to be able to witness the beauty of God's creation. 

I didn't watch any of the debates last night.  My choice of candidate isn't in doubt.  In fact I was in bed asleep by 9:00.  I've been fighting off a sore throat and cough since Sunday and truth is I was plumb tuckered out. 

This morning I spent a great part of my quiet time reflecting on gratitude and generosity.  I pulled out my faithful copy of Stand Against the Wind by  Erwin McManus.  He writes so beautifully of gratitude and generosity walking together hand in hand.  Funny Kelly Matte spoke on generosity at the retreat and Gregg talked about generosity on Sunday morning.  So after a morning of contemplation as I went about getting stuff done, I had to go to HEB for a few things, stuff like cough medicine.  The guy who sacked my groceries did a horrible job.  I had asked him to put all the cold things together and Diet Cokes and birdseed both need to be bagged.  He didn't do any of that and the bag with the cough medicine and Tic Tacs had been put in the cart upside down.  I didn't realize a few things had dropped out of the basket while going to the car.  I was not grateful for being able to buy groceries.  I was not being very generous in my forgiveness and thoughts toward the sacker.  I called Roy to complain and as I heard myself telling him the whole story, I realized just how shallow it all sounded.  I prayed right then and there and asked the Lord to forgive me of my bad attitude and lack of gratitude.  That's what I like about the book Stand Against the Wind.  He teaches generosity is more than giving things or money.  That generosity is not giving others extras of stuff we have.  My parents didn't give out of abundance too often.  Many times when they were looking for a way to get rid of things they didn't want anymore, they were rather generous to those who truly needed a handout, any kind of old towels and such.  I am convinced that as the 'church' we give and minister traditionally to the down and out and the poor. God Bless those ministries.  So many times there are people in the congregation and they are there every Sunday in such great need.  We have no clue what they are going through and what the need might be.  They may be worried about paying bills and the like...  That is a group that is under ministered to.  I need to ask the Lord to open my eyes to genuine need and then be proactive.   Oops, didn't mean to go on about all this, but God has my attention on the gratitude that Kelly taught and the generosity that Erwin writes about. 

I need to go over tomorrow's lesson for Bible study.  We start Hebrews next week.  God is doing some exciting things out here in Katy. 

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