Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Organization, Kitchens, Food and the Like....

So last week I was feeling oh so organized.  Got several things done in our closet and there is still a little ways to go until that job is completed.  So while I was feeling the organizational vibe I broke down and bought a utensil organizer for a kitchen drawer.  We are both tired of scrounging through the drawer to find the one knife that we like or slotted spoon or ladle.  At Home Goods last Wednesday while I was trying to be out of the house for Chris, I came across this expandable drawer divide and thought eureka, no I didn't think eureka, but maybe wowsers....this fits the bill.  This afternoon I began operation utensil drawer and it is a bigger operation than I thought it would be.  I mean how many spatulas does one need, especially this one who tries her hardest to keep away from the most dangerous room and where the most domestic accidents take place, the kitchen.  So, I'm starting a little pile of gently used kitchen utensils and helpers for Katy Christian Ministries.  I always want to write KCM, but I'm afraid that some might view that as Kenneth Copeland Ministries and think that the prosperity message has quit working for them if they are taking in kitchen gear hand offs. 

In the same vein I got an exclusive invitation to Williams Sonoma special shopping night that is only for their best customers.  So you see, that whole premise is built on falsehood.  I go in about once a year, mainly in the fall for butternut squash soup mix or junk like that.  While in the store they always want to demonstrate for me the easy usage of ___________ (fill in the kitchen blank) and I have to tell them that I am not really of their ilk because I am more interested in the winter fir fragrance of soap and lotion than just about anything else.  Along the same lines I get more than enough catalogs from every company in the free world.  Most go straight to the recycling box without me really looking at them except for the inner insert that may have our name and address on it.  Who mails in catalog orders anymore?  This is what I love...."This could be your last catalog with us if you don't order soon."   Good, happy am I.  But those catalog companies lie because they keep on sending their catalogs with the empty threats on the front.  Some days my dearly departed mother in law gets more mail than either one of us. 

If you have not tried Tic Tacs Strawberry Fields, you are missing out on a blessing.  Since they are so difficult to find, maybe I should say ooh, don't eat them.  They're horrible.  I stopped at CVS, out.  So I went to the Shell station down the street and scored six of those babies and get this...they were cheaper than CVS.  I think Neiman Marcus is cheaper on a lot of things more so than at CVS. 

I've been reading quite a few articles and blogs about the Lifeway vs Rachel Helms Evans today.  I have read her blog from time to time and enjoy her insights, which frighten many and embolden others.  Depends on what type of equipment you own, if you get my drift.  I have no horse in the race here, but I hope Rachel sells a whole lot of books even if Lifeway won't carry them.  We own tons of ebooks and the old fashioned kind of Christian living or fiction books...Christian fiction=oxymoron.  Anyway, we have bought very little from Lifeway throughout the years.  I go and buy there when you can't get a book or workbook anyplace else of Lifeway sponsored authors.  Or like last week when the special with the Christian only items coupon deeply discounts the purchase.  Really, there are a lot of other choices to shop and get a discount and order from the privacy of your own home, in pajamas, without make-up.  That goes for both men and women...no make-up.  Hahahaha.....  By the way the book is called A Year of Biblical Womanhood. 

Looks like this whole post could be filed under biblical womanhood.  I've written about home organization, kitchen utensils, and Williams-Sonoma.  Guess I have a few demerits coming because Roy is picking up Chinese food for dinner tonight.

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