Saturday, October 20, 2012


Another bird just hit the window.  At least 3-4 birds do that everyday.  So far the run in with the window has just stunned them, not hurt or killed them.  I got up this morning when Roy left for Bible study...yes...on a Saturday I was awake and moving at 6:30 am.  Last week I was talking to one of the other core leaders at leadership meeting and as we talked about early mornings and how mornings aren't really my best time of the day, she asked me what I considered early...anything around the 6:00 am hour.  She was taken back because to her 6:00 am is considered sleeping in. 

The sunrise was beautiful this morning and right around 7:20 work began in earnest on the new houses being built.  Glad we only hear that in the distance, not up close and personal like last year.  Those construction sounds became strangely silent around 7:30 though.  The direction all the noise was coming from is across and kaddy cornered from us i.e. the gated community of big, ginormous homes.  Somebody with some pull must have put an end to the sound of progress at least until later in the morning.  Sad to say no one over here ever had that kind of pull to put a stop to early morning hammering, drilling and sawing.  As the sun came up I read Hebrews.  We are starting our study this week and it will be challenging.  This morning several things just popped out of the page for me that I hadn't seen before. 

Last night Roy grilled steaks for dinner.  Actually, a steak.  He is not a big red meat person and although I love red meat, I have to limit how much I eat.  So I opted for a thick boneless rib eye that we could split.  I marinated it in Biltmore Estate red wine...ah Biltmore...  We had a sweet potato as a side.  It was almost like we were playing Taste of Texas without the salad bar and cinnamon coffee.  And a waiter, cause we bussed our own island.  No sitting at the table for us... 

Roy has the LSU/A&M game set on the DVR.  I'm too nervous to watch.  In fact I am helping the Tigers by not watching.  The Texans won every game that I didn't really watch, but lost the game I did.  Yes, we all do what we can to help our teams. 

The above paragraphs were written much earlier in the day.  Thankfully the defense of LSU clicked in and shut things down.  A&M was winning when I didn't watch so I went opposite day and watched LSU take the head into halftime.  I don't think LSU is a morning team.  This is the earliest they have played in four years.

Roy is in the other room yelling at Baylor and I think at Texas as well.  I was trying to get homework questions answered but it is hard to prayerfully answer questions when one's husband is yelling constantly at the TV.  Only Buddy and I can hear him.  Since we are El Rancho during the fourth quarter of the LSU game and he really couldn't cheer and yell, he has it all saved up for tonight's game. 

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