Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Can't Stay Too Focused Today...Who Am I Kidding, Not Just Today but Everyday

Peggy brought me back a t-shirt from Aspen and she bought one for herself that sums up our attention spans and thinking processes... "I don't have A.D.D it's just that.....oh look a squirrel!" I started in on a project in our guest room closet yesterday morning.  And believe it or not, I got distracted and interested in a whole lot of other things never giving another thought to the first project of the morning.  When Roy got home last night he asked me why everything was piled out of the closet...oh yea, I totally forgot I started working in there.  Now on Tuesday afternoon I just completed it.  It might have sat there a couple of more days but Chris comes tomorrow to clean, so you know I had to get things put up. 

Lifeway has a chronological Bible on sale.  Oh not just any chronological Bible, but one with study notes and in the NLT, which happens to be my choice of Bible types.  We are using the ESV in CBS and several years ago I would have been thrilled with the ESV choice, but it's not my favorite translation.  Not only was the Bible on sale but I had a $5.00 coupon.  Almost every Lifeway coupon says, 'can be used for any Christian item in store.'  One day I think I will ask to see the non Christian area of the store because with Bibles, books, commentaries, music and the latest fad of Jesus junk and home decor, I mean really....where is this non Christian stuff located?  It's kind of like when an older friend of mine, in all seriousness, said she would leave me some of her Precious Moments statues or nick knacks or whatever those things are called, if I would live my life on the straight and narrow.  You know, I thought I was going to have to go all rebellious not to be "gifted" with those things.  Fortunately, we drifted apart many years ago and I doubt if any of her Precious Moments are coming to me.  Thankfully, I did not go too rebellious to get out of receiving those things. 

After leadership meeting this morning we had brunch.  When we got our plates we looked at the bottom of the plate to see the number and we were to sit at the corresponding table.  This way we don't sit with the people that we naturally sit by.  I usually don't like these kind of things but today was the exception.  We have more in common than meets the eye.  A lot of our homework focused on the relationship of being a family in the faith.  God orchestrated lunch mates to make that come more alive and relevant to me. 

Well, I'll wrap up.  I don't want to bore you any longer.  Oh, for those of you who love Precious Moments don't hate.  It's just not my thing and would have been a total waste to have them. 


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

You make me laugh

marty h said...

I like some of the Precious Moments stuff but won't hold it against you. :) also the Lifeway coupons never work for the Beth Moore Studies - major bummer! I guess they seem non-Christian - just kidding! See ya tonight, hopefully.