Saturday, September 29, 2012

Big Picture/Small View

It's a rainy morning out here on the prairie.  With the overcast skies I am thinking of those days ahead, all three of them, when this kind of overcast sky means it is cold outside.  Today, I am grateful for rain.  Roy was out the door early to go to Bible study.  Next Saturday he is making his pecan pancakes again for the men.  I slept till 8:30 and just easing into the day with a cup of Butter Toffee Coffee.  I read somewhere that today is National Coffee Day.  I'm taking in all the quiet mornings because sometime next week our courtyard is going to be torn up and repaired.  The people who did the stamped concrete did it wrong.  I had noticed some cracks and the David Weekley warranty guy came and looked at them.  We have loved having a Weekley home.  They are built well and the customer service is sterling. 

We have several projects to check off the list this weekend.  One of which is changing out air filters.  That is always loads of fun and I am so thankful for Roy who climbs up that tall ladder and changes them out.  I merely assist in handing him a new filter and disposing of the old filter. 

Last night I skimmed through a book on Roy's Kindle that was free to download this week.  Since I have a Nook, he kindly downloaded it Wednesday.  I'm glad it was free because I think I would have been slightly disappointed if I had bought it.  The book started out well but I think the author had enough material for a blog post only and repeated his same points in varying degrees over and over again, you know just like I used over and over earlier in the sentence.  I guess I was disappointed because the subject matter is a favorite interest in Christian life.  The book that I am reading on my Nook, Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley has me riveted to the screen.  His book is really directed to those who want to plant churches or start a new church campus.  It also writes in the direction of being on a church staff.   Believe me, I am not any of those things but I love the understanding it gives to those who want to encourage and pray for those whom or who (not too sure on the correct grammar here)  the church plant or added locations is a fresh vision and passion.  On a completely different reading matter, the Garry Marshall autobiography that I have enjoyed is almost coming to an end.  His viewpoint on life, TV and the movies is so different than what we normally hear reported from Hollywood.  His love of humor, friends and family is so rich and inspiring.

Roy finally ditched his old, very old, ancient, antique Blackberry and now has a iPhone 5.  I get the impression that he is kicking himself for waiting so long.  His iPhone came in handy yesterday when he was at the mortgage banker's office and he could actually read his spreadsheets that he had prepared on his phone.  I cannot tell y'all HOW MUCH I appreciate Roy's natural bent and gift to handle tedious paperwork and drawn out processes.  That kind of stuff totally overwhelms me.  We are refinancing our home and getting a great rate, although last year we thought we had scored with our time and economy changes that view.  I can see the big picture of how great of savings this is going to be but the immediate picture demands my attention and it gets all over me.  Since we went with the mortgage company that originally handled our closing etc last year, it has not been as tedious because they have most of our paperwork and it will save us some in closing costs.  My real contribution to this process is, well I guess it is my signature.  The only other thing I can think of is, Roy really looks nice whether he goes to the office or to the mortgage banker cause I shop and pick out most of his clothes.  I would say outfits, but I don't think men like their attire referred to as outfits. 

So while Roy is joining the smart phone generation, I am going retro.  The radio I ordered several weeks ago came yesterday.  Great sound of today but the look of yesterday.  It is small and it has output that can be attached to the speakers of the iPod thingy.  Actually, the radio has a great sound without the extra speakers, but you never know when you want to get all jiggy or in my case jiggly with it and play Mandisa and Toby Mac's Good Morning at optimum volume. 

We just had a rousing discussion again about big picture verses small picture of this whole home refinancing thing.  I am getting tripped up by the small details of today, the math doesn't seem to add up to me.  Now that statement has to be taken with a grain of salt because you know, math ain't my thing and of course one of Roy's favorite things is to discuss math with me she said sarcastically.  Finally, and I know this to be true and that he is right, it dawned on me; this is a great picture for me to see in my relationship with the Lord.  He sees the whole stinkin' thing while I get mired in the flotsam of daily happenings and circumstances.  I have to trust the Lord and remind myself of Romans 8:28 that He is working all things together for my good.  I have to trust Roy that all this upfront money outflow is really going to turn into major savings over the long haul.

Well, in the big picture if I don't get moving the small picture will be that nothing got done but this blog post. 

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love reading your posts....Your way of describing things always leaves me laughing...