Friday, September 21, 2012

A Friday in September...Do You Remember?

It has been an especially busy Friday, not so much for me but for Roy.  Sometimes I wonder if he thinks that he might have been more rested by going into the office rather than taking care of things around here.  He got up early to go work out and returned home to take care of a few things for the office and paperwork for us.  Yard guys came and he went out to visit with Abel and get some extra work done on our yard.  He took Buddy for her mani/pedi.  Then he headed over to the land of sugar to get some paperwork from our stock broker and then a haircut.  He then drove into Houston with all our paperwork and instead of cutting through on the Beltway he took 59 to 610 and got in horrendous traffic due to an accident.  He dropped off the paperwork, came home, changed into his sandals and headed over to get his pedicure.  I got a pedicure this morning, so the family that pedicures together have beautiful feet together...or something like that. Today I had the spa pedicure and it was fabulous!  After his pedi he is picking up salads from Fuddruckers.  I am hooked on salads this week and the best one has been the Fuddrucker one with Southern fried chicken.  Tomorrow the pizza place opens and we'll have another dinner option. 

Some books I ordered from Amazon came today.  They all look good and I'm trying to decide which one to start.  The Garry Marshall book has won out.  Buddy has been by my side while I've been reading.  She really wants to nap but all the birds are feasting just outside the window.  The antics of birds is really quite interesting to watch.  I've been witness to some really good bird fights and witness to the persistent spirit.  This afternoon it is one dove and a myriad of all kind of smallish type birds.  When the dove moves among them, she seems rather clumsy and not well suited to the feeding frenzy around the bird feeders.  Yet when a noise rattles and scatters the small feisty birds, the dove remains.  She looks downright regal and confident when the den of fluttering wings have escaped to the far trees down by the water feature.  Crazy, but I identify with that big bird among the smaller, more agile birds looking clumsy and dumb while in the midst of them, yet in solitude the caricature changes immensely. 

Looking forward to a relaxing, no plans kind of weekend.  We have a few projects to muddle through and hopefully they'll be completed by Sunday evening. 

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marty h said...

Praying for no garage door problems tomorrow :)