Tuesday, September 11, 2012

There I Was Sleeping on the Bathroom Floor

I would have despaired if I hadn't believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  Psalm 27...?  I forgot the rest of the address.  Besides someone always knowing the correct address of a verse and then kind of brags about it is one of my pet peeves.  The Bible says to study to SHOW yourself approved unto God.  It's more about showing and living the verse than impressing with vasts amount of Bible address knowledge.  I think the above verse might be in I Timothy.  I forget.  I'm already on a bunny trail and not even into the first paragraph of this post.  Because I know everyone is hanging on for dear life to know the outcome of my brush with illness. I thought I would catch you up on that riveting piece of news.  I have no clue what got a hold of me.  At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to food, then I thought it might be from a change in dosage of medicine, then being true to my upbringing by my mother who tended to be a hypercondriact.  I must have West Nile virus or that other thing from taking in the scent of mice feces.  Only we don't have mice and hadn't been around places where mice hang around, you know like Disney World.  Who knows but whatever this thing is, it has kicked my butt from there and back.  On Monday I was kind of feeling a little better but by Monday afternoon I was down for the count.  I couldn't get warm and had a fever of 101.  The thought of food made me ill.  I had eaten some fruit and crackers around lunch time but nothing since then.  I didn't leave our bed and slept through all of Pawn Stars and American Pickers.  I got up to take my meds and hit the bed again.  I didn't even put on jammies, I slept in my clothes.  I have written before about my concerns of anything serious happening to me in the middle of the night since Roy is a hard sleeper and last night didn't allay my fears.  I got the title of being the first person to throw up in our new home.  We went a year and a month and wish the record could have gone on a little longer.  I thought that lovely sound even though I am rather quiet about the whole throw up thing would at least get Roy's attention.  Ha, I live to laugh!  Afterwards, I was burning up hot, so I did the next best thing, I went to the center of our bathroom, laid down on the round rug and put my face and arms out on the cool tile floor.  I hadn't laid or lied on the floor for very long and I felt this little nudge from a cold nose.  Not Roy, but Buddy.  My dear, sweet Buddy was coming along side me in my time of need.  I told Buddy, be like Lassie!  Go and get some help girl!  She merely sniffed my toes and left, not returning to the end of our bed or even trying to wake up Roy, she left the room.  I thought about staying there on the floor until Roy woke up to make a trek to the bathroom, but then I remembered how he isn't very awake and could only see him stepping on my head or something.  So finally I cried out for Roy because I can get down to the floor, getting up off the floor is another thing.  Roy held onto the back of my shirt and kind of pulled me up.  I also thought about my "drinking" years.  I never had a hangover and so I never had to grab onto the porcelain throne to steady myself or cool off.  This was the first time I had ever been laid out on the bathroom floor. 

This morning I thought I was going to have to call someone and tell them I won't be at leadership meeting but I trudged on getting ready.  I kept singing We are More Than Conquerors to help my mindset.  When I felt like I could drive without keeling over, I made my way to our meeting.  I was trusting the Lord with my devo for the morning.  He showed up real big, thank you Lord!  In fact, they have asked me to share on Thursday in our large group meeting before we are dismissed to our core groups. 

So, I've been thinking about being married for 35 years to Roy.  We didn't have the vows in sickness or in health because the minister doing our ceremony thought we wanted to say our own vows.  I have no clue what I said because I was in the state of shock.  But there he was, my love, my strong hubs helping me and letting me use his legs and torso as a quasi ladder to get up off the bathroom floor last night.  I don't think you can put that kind of stuff in wedding ceremony vows.  Really it is hard to even grasp the concept of real life when you first get engaged, then marry and then try to figure out what the heck was I thinking?  We all bring our special baggage into a the two shall become one thing.  I know this will be hard to believe but we were both a little ragged around the edges when we first began this trip. 

I came home this afternoon and crashed.  Funny thing, when I woke up the thought of eating didn't make me feel sick.  All the sudden Chinese take out sounded pretty good, so I hurriedly emailed Roy that I felt like I could take him up on his kind offer of stopping to pick up dinner. 


Ria said...

hi sweet friend ... while I was reading I just thought ': That's why she need to move over so sometimes I can take care of her and she will fill my life of happiness! " Love you friend, missing you so much !!

courtney said...

Mon...you take care. Goodness gracious!

marty h said...

You don't do sickness halfway, do you! Hope you are all better now.