Saturday, September 1, 2012

Earlier Than I Planned

It is an early morning out here on the prairie.  The early birds aren't even out getting worms and they haven't gathered at the bird feeder yet.  Buddy patiently waits for their return.  Bird watching must have worn her out yesterday because she was asleep earlier than usual and she pretty much slept through the night. 

Today is Roy's turn to cook for the men's Bible study he attends.  He is making caramel pecan pancakes accompanied by fruit salad and sausage.  He was up and moving early this morning and when he was packed up and heading out the door, I got up and helped distract Buddy from being so interested in the front door. 

Roy took yesterday off.  I met him at Black Walnut for breakfast.  Then he ran some errands and got his hair cut.  We also had the media guy come by and do something with some outside wires that were unprotected.  I spent most of the day calling my core group, reading and resting.  The past week has been particularly hard on my stamina and immune system. 

There is extra joy in our household because it is finally college football season.  Roy flipped in between games while making his pancake batter.  The LSU yard sign that Roy ordered arrived yesterday and we put it out in the yard last night.  I expect to hear from the HOA.  They must be falling down on the job.  We haven't heard from them in a while and numerous yards now have solar garden lights.  The garden lights add a lot to the front yard but according to the by laws, they are illegal to have displayed. 

Just saw an early bird do a fly by our feeder.  The sun is coming up and soon the feeder will be the happening place.  I will finish my coffee now and watch the sunrise.  Soon the rays of light will flood the study and make it almost impossible to see.  It is a favorite moment of the day. 

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marty h said...

Have a great Labor Day. Praying for you as you begin your leadership in CBS. you will do great.