Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monday Holidays Throw Me Off

Monday holidays throw me off.  I have been thinking all day that if I can just be patient for tomorrow because on the 4th several books I want to read are being released.  It didn't even register until just about an hour ago when I looked at my phone that today is the 4th. 

We had very nice Labor Day weekend.  We had just enough "planned" times and had an equal amount of down time which was welcomed.  We knocked off a couple of projects on the to do list.  Roy's turn to cook breakfast for his Bible study group went without a hitch and was well received. 

This morning we had Community Bible Study leadership meeting.  I am feeling overwhelmed by so much info that is up to me to pass onto my core group.  Thank goodness I am not a perfectionist or I would be going bonkers.  Last Thursday when we were in training so many talked about the spiritual warfare that they were experiencing.  I was kind of worried because I had not sensed any attack.  Now, when I was praying about being a leader, yes I felt the warfare, so I thought well, I'm done.  Hahaha....Thursday evening  the phone rang and we don't usually answer unless we know who is calling, but thinking it could be someone from Bible study, I answered the phone.  It was a member from my father's posse, the group of people he has surrounded himself with.  He wanted to give me some info on my father's situation and I believe he thought the outcome of the conversation would produce results he anticipated but I think the whole conversation became awkward to him.  Hey I haven't spent thousands of dollars on therapy not to practice what I have learned.  My father is still deceived.  While some have asked me if I think it is dementia talking, I really don't think it is.  He is able to still manipulate and control his circumstances and it sounds like he is doing a bang up job.  My father has added a few new accusations to the mix and truthfully I think some of his posse are beginning to question the validity of his statements concerning us and there are others that are still drinking his Kool Aid.  This weekend I read something in The Oprah Magazine (don't judge) that got my attention because fretting and worrying about every move or hurtful action doesn't help anything.  This month the topic is on transformation and even Oprah touches on transformation by renewing our minds but I digress.  In the magazine is a snippet from a book by Rev. Ed Bacon.  Let it go...holding a grudge won't make a person change their behavior-we don't have that much power over someone else.  To move on, repeat this mantra, His/Her actions take up too much real estate in my brain.  If I move them out, I can live freely."  Well, we live freely because of Christ but I have noticed some real estate opening up in the old brain the past few months. 

It may feel like really, really hot summer still but the inside of our home looks like fall.  Oh come oh come autumnal bliss.  I didn't have my French pot rack last fall so I need to find a few fallish type goodies to display.  I went to K T Antiques today because last year I found some really neat fallish type items but I guess I am rushing fall when Halloween hasn't even taken place.  I did find another Monarch tea tin. 

That's it for now.  I need to go order my ebooks. 

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