Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week One, Done!

Week one of Bible study, done.  Wow, it was an exciting morning with all the expectation of the new and the anxiety of all that needed to be done.  I arrived just a little early, found my room and said some more prayers.  At 9:00 we had leadership prayer and then out to the foyer to meet and greet.  It was so fun catching up with friends from past groups and then to officially meet my core group for this year.  Already it seems like we have a fun group and not a shy group.  I love that the ages of these women span the gambit.  In fact one of the younger ones told Peggy she had been her PE teacher.  We will officially begin our study of I John.  I turned down a lunch invite because I needed to go to the grocery store and then I wanted to come home and crash.  I successfully did both of those things.  Homework is still in the car but I will get that later.  Peggy left after core group to go to Ft Worth.  I called her to thank her for being herself and helping the group bond and laugh.  She gave me a home run status for today.  PTL!  I needed to hear that and believe me we are good enough friends that she could tell me the whole time was simply horiblious. 

I needed yesterday to be a down day. Probably most people do not know this but I require a lot of alone time without all kinds of appointments or places to be.  The only thing that I needed to do yesterday was to mail our tax form.  Bonus, since I was in Fulshear, I headed over to Brookwood by the way of The Retreat.  I am practicing when the time comes to add The Retreat to The Loop, Downtown, At the Lake, In the City, On the Farm...wherever we add locations.  Hey, I am hip to the study of Acts...  :)  Almost stopped at the location now known as Hunt Retreat to take a couple of pictures of the progress they are making.  Looks like it is going to be a great place to retreat to.  Brookwood was fabulous as usual because the timing of Halloween, Fall and Christmas decorations all being on display.  I stuck to the fall genre and found a lot of cute things.  I bought some glass acorns and pine cones and they needed ribbon or something to hang them on my little "for all seasons" metal tree.  On the way home I stopped in at Hobby Lobby and debated on what kind of ribbon or yarn or string or whatever to hang these things with.  A wonderful employee and quite knowledgeable in the art of display helped me find what I needed.  Believe me I would have never found this on my own.  The ubiquitous 40% off fall items signs were everywhere so I picked up a few more autumnal decorations.  Who care if some of them fit more into a Thanksgiving theme.  I want to get the most bang for my buck until it is time to haul out the holly.  Got home and stayed on or near the couch for the rest of the day.  Worked some on homework and caught up on some reading.  I played hookie from choir because I could not even fathom having to stop and get ready to go.  The sound of football was our background noise and a few times I did have to check on Honey Boo Boo Child much to the vocal disgust of Roy.  Hey, they were doing a marathon last night. 

Our bird feeder has gotten very popular again now that I am serving seed that the birds like.  Feeding goes in shifts.  The doves, who should stay near by because it is dove season, have the early morning feeding time.  Then smaller birds come around lunch time.  Now little blackbirds are feeding and soon it will be time for the doves to return for their early evening time.  This all keeps Buddy delighted and ever vigilant.  The Vet was a little concerned that she has lost 3 ounces but I told Roy she isn't eating as much or crying for treats because she is busy watching the tweets. 

On Sunday Roy and I will celebrate our 35th anniversary.  Wow, where has the time gone?  Also, we have never had an argument..... AHHHHH!  What was that?  A stray lighting strike close by here in the Rancho de Five.  Oh, yea, ok, so maybe we have had a few arguments in our time. 

Well, I need to put up the rest of the groceries.  Oh and maybe take a little power nap.  I need my strength, because I think we are going out to dinner tonight.  Which by the way I just read what's coming in the new development off I-10.  We do not need any more dentists, nail salons, storage places, Mexican restaurants or cleaners.  More restaurants would really, really be nice.  Not another McDonald's please. 

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