Saturday, September 15, 2012

4:06 AM

I wish I was sleepy.  Some of the meds I am on makes me have very restless sleeping patterns.  You know the kind of patterns that makes you lie on a cool tile floor and then when the floor is too hard and too much to bear, one can't get up without a little help?  I am also waiting on a med to kick in...almost all day.  I want it to kick in because Saturday is going to be a fun day. 

So, got through the first really official day of CBS on Thursday.  Don't think we went off on too many bunny trails and we had lively discussion.  I also gave my 9/11 testimony to the large group.  God blessed His story.  Because whatever I have is lingering, it is taking much more time to get ready.  My energy level is low.  That is probably due to the fact that I haven't hardly eaten much since last Saturday night.  I barely made it to leadership prayer on time.  There was a little confusion to where my class had been assigned.  It finally had been straightened out when the lady who thought this was her class area told me she had rearranged and prayed over the chairs.  That certainly made me happy because, you know the late arrival.  I helped her carry some of her stuff to her new location.  OK, what she said to me struck me kind of funny..."why didn't I go back to my area and spend some time with the chairs.  Uh, cause I have a mic check and really I have been praying for my group all week long.  This week's homework was especially thought provoking.  When I got home from Bible study, I crashed.  In fact on Wednesday when the maid was here I spent the whole time in the casista bedroom.  I brought all kinds of stuff to keep me busy but I slept the whole afternoon.  Chris told me when she was leaving that she had tried to talk with me three times, but I was sound asleep.  Found out from Peggy, we both have Chris come and keep us clean and neat, that there was some concern about Windex.  Believe me I would not have been able to help her.  The usual conversation about needing cleaning product refill is to leave the empty bottle on the dryer and that way I know to buy more.  There wasn't any empty Windex bottle to behold after she left. 

It has been several hours since I wrote the above paragraphs and the meds kicked in, not on time, but in the middle of the night.  I would rather be asleep.  Don't get me wrong, that it might seem like I am not grateful for the relief, it's just that I am wide awake now and won't be later when I need to be.  Good thing I know where the insurance papers are, that might lull me into rest. 

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marty h said...

Missed you yesterday. Hope your body regains strength soon. Loved your thoughts on not needing to spend more time with the chairs as you had bathed your ladies in prayer all week. That is what is needed!