Thursday, September 20, 2012


Wow, long time no blog.  The last time I was able to sit down and write was early Saturday morning.  I think I finally came to a turning point Saturday afternoon.  A friend said it was like God had to shut down all the systems and reboot you.  I think that is a great description of last week.  Usually a week like last week is a precursor for my heart to go out of rhythm or have some other kind of issue with my heart.  So glad that nothing happened and this has been a good week. 

I'm starting to finally feel in the groove when it come to Tuesday and Thursday Bible study.  I'm just talking timing not at ease and depending on my own strength.  I am learning so much from both leadership meetings and my core group.  I love hearing the deep thoughts shared by others.  I also love how the servant team leads out in totally dependency on God and doesn't minister out of insecurity.  Totally refreshing.  I love that the propensity for Sunday School answers diminishes with women from all denominations and stages of life coming together to study the Bible.  One of the best things in my walk with the Lord has been Community Bible Study. 

Saturday I slept in.  I texted Lisa P to let her know there wasn't any way I could get over to the conference at her church after being up for most of the night.  Later in the afternoon several friends from choir met up for lunch and then back here to watch Bernie.  It was a great afternoon. 

On Monday I made a quick trip without even any shopping to the land of sugar.  My appointment for a haircut and highlights snuck up on me.  Then on Monday evening Dena and I met for dinner and a wonderful night of conversation and catching up.  This being done over Mexican food just made it all the much better. 

Wednesday was a full day of solitude.  I require solitude maybe even more than I like being around lots of people.  I've been having a great run of good books here lately.  I finished up Dirty Little Secrets.  I'm familiar with the story since first reading about it in Texas Monthly,  It is the story of the Baylor preacher boy who was finally convicted of killing his wife.  What I found particularly interesting is how he manipulated conversation, perceptions and people.  Even when he was caught in the lies he continued trying to change the facts to be more desirable to his "plight."  In every instance he was always the victim when clearly he had made others his victim.  Women weren't very safe around him and his first known incident took place on the Baylor campus and the last incident in Kerrville. 

Wednesday evening it was good to be back in choir since I have had to miss the past two weeks. 

Today after Bible study several of us went to Lupe Tortilla's for lunch.  What fun!  I got a really good surprise.  There was a text on my phone from my crazy friend Debbie.  She was remembering the day 32 years ago.  It was her wedding day and I was helping her make sure everything was ready and that she was ready.  She was moving to Oklahoma after the honeymoon and it was on the way to the church that we stopped at the bank so that she could close her account.  We had several long, reliving the memories texts all afternoon.  We both admitted to several outbursts of laughter.  Of course I was at home and she is at work.  After years of looking for her I finally got the brilliant idea to see if her son was on FB and if he could help me contact her.  The rest is history.  We aren't the best at keeping up with each other but our infrequent texts and laughter is always welcomed. 

Roy is on his way home with dinner.  If it's Thursday it must be Chinese take out night.  I cannot tell you how much I look forward to the Pepperoni Pizza place opening.  Another international option for dinner. 

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marty h said...

Glad you are enjoying your leadership position in CBS. I too love those non-denomination (multi -denominational) bible studies where you just study the Bible instead of debating differences. I figure we better learn to love each other soon because we will be together for eternity! Keep up the good work and glad you are feeling better. It was good to see you in choir last night. (At least the back of you!)