Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last Night I Didn't Get to Sleep At All, No No...

Last night I think I had a total of 2 hours of sleep.  As always I came home energized and wired from choir but settled down to watch the season finale of Honey Boo Boo Child.  Afterwards a new show Down South Dance came on.  The rest of the country must think everyone that lives south of the Mason Dixon line is nuts.  It is about competitive clogging.  A southern version of river dancing.  Who doesn't like a little clogging now and then but when you think about it, reality shows have been based on a lot less. 

Maybe I couldn't sleep because I experienced a major disappointment yesterday.  I needed to get out and about because the maid came yesterday afternoon.  I decided to get some things done as I made my way into Houston.  I stopped at Barnes and Noble then headed over to my Dr's office to see if I could do a walk in flu shot.  Got in and out in a flash.  Next stop Nordstrom.  It has been quite some time since I have last visited the store.  Imagine to my surprise when I saw the piano gone and replaced by fine jewelry.  I asked about that at customer service and the guy told me, they had discontinued the piano playing but had given the piano to a school.  Well, who cares?  I loved that Nordstrom was different from Macy's and Dillards, different than Saks or Neiman's.  There were some troubling days that I would go to Nordstrom to listen to the music that calmed my nerves and brought such a peaceful feeling.  Several newspaper articles indicate that shoppers liked piped in music better than the piano.  Somehow I doubt that.  I had a late lunch at The Nord and the Bistro N was less than crowded and the hostess still wanted to seat me at one of those small tables for 2 right next to another person.  She was a little incensed that I asked to be seated at a normal table. I don't really want to eat there at night since they have made it very high end and high priced in the evenings.  Since I mainly shop Nord online anymore it has not bothered me too much that the service and style that made Nordstrom, Nordstrom has been somewhat lacking.  For sure, I will still shop the Nord but how the mighty have fallen. 

Difficulty in sleeping because of the reported shortage of bacon next year???  No, now don't get me wrong I do love me some bacon but not very often at all. 

I was kind of afraid I would have the ear worm of Moon River going through my head all night since Andy Williams died.  Never was a fan of that song, but no sing song in my brain, so that didn't keep me awake. 

So this morning I pulled myself out of bed to get ready for CBS.  I had the radio beside the bed on and the song that woke me out of my 20 minute sleep was, Put Jesus First in Your Life sung by Dave Boyer.  Wow, I can remember when he came to our church in the 70's to sing.  He sounds a lot like Frank Sinatra.  Along with the thought of those words I also downed several cups of coffee to wake up.  Oh, I didn't mention I had the worst headache that began around 2:30 am.  I also drank a couple of Diet Cokes.  Much to my surprise I was early to Bible study.  Our core group had the best discussion today.  Studying First John has really been thought provoking and convicting.  Afterwards Peggy and I went to lunch.  Then I came home and crashed and took a power nap.  I don't think it is going to affect being sleepy tonight. 

I am reading Andy Stanley's newest book, Deep and Wide.  Even though I'm not on a church staff and I think that who it is geared towards, I am finding it very interesting. 

I'm going to go watch the birds.  Have a lovely Thursday evening. 

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